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Oldest Oklahoma Newspaper ReDubllcan for Principle
No. 37
The Denver County Abstract Office
Best Abstracts.
Promptly Made.
Low Interest. No Commission.
Liberal Amounts.
Real Estate
Bonded Abstracters
Beaver, OKlahoma.
Special Temperance Service.
TlmY. IS C. E. held a special
Temperance Service Sunday evening,
at tho Christian church A program
was prepared for the occasion which
was both entertaining nnd Instructive.
A large congregation attended the
service. The Beaver Orchestra fur
nished soma excellent music and Miss
Cleo Miller sang beautifully A read
ing by Mlas Enid Miller wait also a
pedal feature and was much enjoyed.
The president. Mrs P. L. Thomas,
had charge of the meeting.
Aleese Stood Pat
Justice!! D Mecse deserves a great
deal of credit for the mannnr In which
he conducted the gambling cases tried
beforo him tho pan week Notwith
standing the uttempts that may have
been made to appeal to his sympathy,
feeling or fraternal connections, he
stood pat and adhered strict ly to the
law, and was Just and prudent in alf
his rulings. All Beaver county needs
to rid her of crime Is utile, lionet offi
cials whoso business It Is to enforce
the law, and it looks like we hav a
few, at loast. The people will stand
behind llif man who is square
Miss Dott Chllcntt has been quite
sick the past week but is Improved at
this time.
E. 0. Rlpplo.'nf Madisnti, was a Hea
ver caller Wednesday, coming up to
make final proof on his homestead
Cil W. L Mason, the auctioneer,
went nut to Balko last week to assist
Auctioneer Steffen with a salo.
Mrs. Mary F Morris Ecoleston
Thrnpp wa horn in Liuislnna, Decem
ber 25th, 1828.
She wiib married to John Ecolestun
in 1811, and to thU union seven chil
dren were born Her husband died in
third year of tho Civil War, In rim
State of Missouri, lifter which die
moved tu Iowu and in 1809 was mar
ried to Charley Thrapp, and to this
union one child was burn. She woo
the mother of eight children, all girls,
of whom five are living and three dead.
She had forty-three grand-children
and fifty-four great-graud-cliildren,
She moved to Beaver county with
her daughter two months ago In her
early life she Joined tho United Breth
ren church and was faithful unto
death She led February 14lh, 1013
being 81 jcar. 1 month and 20 days
old. Funeral services wore conducted
by Rev. A. J Hater, Saturday nnd in
terment made in the Forgan cemeten.
Smith Buys Paper
County Attorney C T Smith nnd J.
W. Gambs, of Knowles, have purohas
cd the Farmers' Nows, nt Knowles,
and will conduct it as a Domocratlo
Mrs. J. It. Quinn returned Wednes
day of last week from Metis, Missouri,
where she was called on account of the
serious Illness nf her father, E. B
Wevand. who Is suffering from a
stroke (if paralysis. He was Improved
upon her departure but is still in a
feeble condition
Geo. DeCow and wife, of near Hutch
inson, Kansas, formerly residents of
Meade county and well-known pioneers
of the southwest, were Beaver callers
Monday They were guests at the
ranch homo ot Mr, and Mrs It, A Ma
ple and drove over to Beaver in their
car in company with the latter. Mes
dames Dccow and Maple were pleasant
callers at the Han. u office while in
the city
Mrs, Rachel Bogue Is suffering from
blood poison In her foot as a result of a
slight injury caused from a tack in her
shoo piercing hr foot. Tho injury
occurred some time ago and being only
slight very little attention was paid v to
it but later Inflammation set In and
blood poison developed. Wm are glad
to report an improvement at this time.
Mrs, Bogue is at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. II D. Peckham in Beaver
Forgan has been visited with another
calamity as reported by the Enterprise
last week. Several of her citizens are
afflicted with "phneumonin " Don't
know what it is and the medical com
mentaries do nut uive a record of the
mnlaily but It must be something aw
ful Sounds "turrlble " A short time
ng, the Enterprise reported a cite of
"tomalne" poisoning Wonder what
that Is? We are no M I), hut we'd
prescribe Webster's Unabridged In
broken deses for the editor of tho En
terprise untill ho learns to spell at
least the common words.
WANTED Young men to handle
mall delivery device In every county
In Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas Good
proposition. Enclose stamp for par
ticulars. References required. Ad
dress Call Box 62. Supply, Okla.
2-20 2-27 2w pd
Pure Blooded Single Comb
Rhode Island Reds
Birds ot Quality, Eggs in Quantity
IB Eggs, $160 80 Eggs, X $2 60
Mrs. H. Poling, Forgan, Okla.
Jas. II. Crabtree made a business
trip to tho Kiowa Sunday, returning
Bright Maddnx, young son of Mr.
and Mrs. II. B Maddnx, Is quite sick
with pneumonia.
J. W Webb left 8unday for Kansas
City and other points east where h
will make spring purchases fur the
Beaver Mercantile Company
Oscar Gardner has his new rooming
house at Forgan completed and moved
over this week and opened up for busi
ness. CLARK
Ool, J. J, Frey, auctioneer and sew
ing machine man, of Logan, was a bus
iness caller in the county scat last
R. G Dunlnp, merohant and a live
wire of Clear Lake, was bustling about
Beaver Tuesday, attending to business
A Valentine dance was given at the
Hall Friday night, .which .was largely
attended and a source of pleasure to
those who enjoy tripping the light fan
tastic. Mrs. F A. Sharon left Saturday for
Gate where she will be Joined by her
husband and together they will go to
Indiana for a visit .with relatives and
on business matters.
Valentine Party. '
Dr and Mrs. I,. L. Long entertained
Friday night February 14th, at a Val
ehtlno Tarty In honor of tho faculty of
the Beaver schools, whom together
With u number f their friends, were
rlost delightfully entertained.
'Progressive Forty-Two was tho fea
ture ot the evening, at which Miss
Lvdla Holm, was awarded the
Ladles' prize and Lcdru Hcaly, the
The house was artistically deooroted
fir the occasion in Hearts and Cupids
u presented a most pleasing curci
A delicious luncheon was served
lie guests were: Misses Lena
Wright, Edna Twecdlc, Virginia Wick
ham, Ora Block, Lydla Holm, Mrs.
deo. 11. Ilealy, Mr. and Mrs. Gljdo
Green, Messrs John Dow, John E
Swaim and Ledru Ilealy.
Another Pioneer Gone.
j Wesley Hlbbs, of Elmwood, and a
resident of the Clear Creek neighbor
h'ooa for more than twenty years,
passed away Friday, February 1-ilh,
lbl3, after an illness of several weeks
duration, brought about by a sovere
attack of pneumonia. Funeral servi
ces were conducted by Rev. It. It. Cuff.
ey and Interment inado In the Beaver
cemetery Sunday, where tho patient
suffer and faithful old father now rests
beside the companion who preceded
him several years ago
"Unelu Wesley" Hibbs lis lie was
affectionately called by nil those who
knew him and were acquainted with
his kind and charitablullfe, was among
the oldest and most respected pioneers
ot Beaver county. He was a man
whose word was as good as hli bond
and ever ready to lond a helping hand
to those io need. He spread the man
tle of charity over the mistakes and
short-comings of his associutes and
lived upon a higher plane than the
mere acquisition ot means and Its at
tendant empty honor and popularity.
' It can be truthful!; ssid of hita that
he lived a useful, helpful life and goes
to his rest with the promlso of the re
ward ot "those who dllligenlly servo
r 4le was a consistent Christian, nnd a
member for years of the Christian
church. His good works and kind
deeds will ever live as a monument to
his memory. His was a long life, well
spent. The Ukrami joins with the
legion of friends of tho family in ex
tending siucore sympathy to those who
sorrow and mourn the loss of the departed.
APRIL, 24-25-26. 1913
Henry Kile and wife, of Clear Creek
who have been sojourning In Indiana,
Ohio and Kansas for tho past two
months on a visit to relatives, returned
home Tuesday. They rpport a most
enjoyable visit but like all true ilea
verltes, arc glad to be at'home again
among the best people of the best place
on earth and we are glad to welcome
their return
Woodward, Harper, Ellis and
Beaver Counties.
iWOfSEY READY when papers are signed.
Merl Whltaker and family, who have
a farm near Balko but who rented
their land and have been in Missouri
for some time, returned this week and
havo rented the II. D. Peckham farm
north of the Sand Hills, where they
will reside the coming sea.on
Word comes from Mr'. Harmon Fox,
of Des Moines, New Mexico, formerly
Miss Jonnie Quinn, of Beaver, daugh
ternf Mr. and Mrs. J. R Quinn, and
who has been seriously troubled with a
nervous disorder for soma time, that
she was successfully operated upon for
the malady, February 4th. and is im
proving rapidly. Her many Beaver
friends will be glad to hear nows of her
restoration to health after her long
months of Illness.
See. or write
Manager Beaver OfHrfl-
Mrs. L. L. Shaw and Mrs. W. T.
Quinn went over to Gate, Sunday , to
assist Rev Shnw, who is holding' re
val services at that place. Mrs. W. L.
Beardsley, of Forgan, is also assisting
Mesdames Quinn and Beardsley have
charge of the music They arc each
sweet-voiced singers, and their excel
lent music is adding much to the suc
cess of the meetings A great deal of
interest is being manifested In the
meetings, nnd good Is being accom
$50.00 and Trimmings
The cases against A. M. Burnham,
D, B. Kinder and Abner Rustell, each
of whom were charged with gambling
and which were tried before Justice
II. D. Meese, Saturday on a change ot
venue from Justice Y)gilvle's Court, ot
Forgan. rtsulted In a vardiotof guilty
and the defendants wore lined )60.ti0
each and costs, The cases were ap
peals to tho County Court,
Tho Jurors In the case were : Oliver
Cook, L Anderson, Elmer Schwager,
L, D. Norris, Earnest Slocum and Har
ry Jackson J. W, Culwell, appeared
aB attorney for the defense and Count)
Attorney Smith prosecuted tho case
These are the cases which originated
nt Forgan in January and which were
disposed of at that time in such a
rank manner on n, pretense ot a com
promise but, in fact,, upon terms dic
tated by the defendants, and to which
tho Herald took exception to the
actions of County Attorney Smith in
his lax manner of prosacution follow
ing so closely upod his pre-election
campaign thunder In which he clam
ored for law-enforcement and declared
In siren tones that ho would know no
fear or favor in prosecuting bootleggers
and gamblers.
Following th criticism which ap
peared in the Herald and which was
voiced by the best people in all parts
of the county, County Attorney Smith
re-opened the cases and, whereas they
were formorly dismissed, a conviction
In each case tried, was made.
While the Hkbald possibly engen
dered tho deepest condemnation of the
Honorable Claude T. in presuming to
question his official acts, which he
plainly informed us was none of our
builness nor that of the public, yet,
we'll try to live over that, and at least
give him credit for acting upon our
suggestion, and prosecuting nnd secur
Adjudged Insane.
Jas. Christy, of Madison, was exam
ined beforo the Insanity Board last
week, and was adjudged lnsano and
committed to the Asylum at Supply.
Sheriff Jones took the unfortunato
man over to that place Wednesday,
Waterworks and Electric
W. O. 8wanwlck, of tho Swanwlck
Hydraulic, Sanitary and Electrical
(engineering Company, ot Joplln, Mis
souri, was hero the first of the week
looking up tho feasibility nt an elec
tric light nnd waterworks plant for
Beaver nnd ho oppressed himself as
being very favorably Impressed with
the outlook nnd, that it the proposed
stub lino of railroad was built from
Heaver to Forgan, that his company
would in all probability be able to com
plete plans for the installation ot a
light and water system for Beaver.
Think what It would mean to havo
the convenience and benefit of such a
systom. Laying all other advantages
aildo the matter of fire protection
which such would Insure, should be
enough to cause us to all make a des
perato effort to land tho road and sub
sequently the water system. It is
worth our whllo to bo up and doing.
Gamblers Plead Guilty
As a result of the agitation in the
J)2atlvgR(jig.and gambling circles, and
tne succcssiut prosecution anu convic
tion of offenders In Justice Court last
week, Ray Dow, Joo Baker and Fred
tones, other offenders which wero con
nected with th" cases at Forgan and
wero arrested at that time and the
cases subsequently dismissed, but were
again held for tho off-mco, appeared
Wednesday injustice Court and plead
guilty ns charged nnd wero fined In the
sum nf 125 00 each and costs.
This kind of business is whut pleases
tho people of tho county who favor law
enforcement. They like to see tho
guilty ones brought to Justice and some
pretense at punishment inflicted. It
is tho only way to put down tho law
less element nnd It will only tako a
fow good stiff convictions to rid tho
community nf their undeilrablo presence
Christian Churcji Services,
Bible School nt 10:00 o'clock a. m.
Our Motto: Every member of the
Church In the Bible 8chool.
0'15-Chrlstlan Endeavor.
L. L. Shaw, Pastor,
Presbyterian Church.
each Sunday at
Sunday School
o'clock n. m.
Regular morning service at 11 a.m.
Preaching In the evening at 7 :30.
All are Invited ; all are welcome.
CifAt, B. Lxtrxit, Pastor,
Teachers Go To Guymon.
The Beaver Sohnols wore dismissed
at nonn Wednesday and no school was
had Thusday and Friday In order to
allow the teachers to attend the Trl
County Teachers Association, which
will beheld at Guymon, Thursday and
Friday Supt. Swaim. Prof. Green
and Misses Wright and Black left Wed
nesday afternoon to attend the meeting.
Roll of Honor.
0. F. Prjctt, Beaver,
F. J. Birdsall, Madison.
E. E. Wilson, Alma, 111.,
Edith Lonfbourrow, Beaver.
Edith Lnofbourrow, Beaver,
II. F. Ludlum, Beaver.
Uly Wright, Balko. '
J. A, Stains, Riverside.
"Floyd Uloholir-Forganvr j -.
W.T. Haskell, Elinw,ood.
Claud Manlfleld.Falrvlow.
G. E. Mclllallln, Beaver.
L. II Wells, Omega,
II. M. Barnes, Ochiltree, Texas.
E. W Medford, Balko.
George Redemcr, Elmwood.
J. L Byrnes, Lnrenai
Mrs. Debbie Young', Los Angeles,
Callf.,'by Mrs. May Johnson, Logan.
J. W. Cummins, Beaver,
W. F. Evans, Buffalo", Mo.
J. J. York, La Kemp.-
S. L. Crawford, Lipscomb, Texas.
A. W. Foster, Madlsqn.
Jesse W. Shocktoy, . Ssn Francisco,
Calir., by A. M. V. Shobkley, Madison.
Sherman Lane, Ogden, Utah, by R.
J. Ohilcott. Beaver.
Henry Kile, Elmwood,
Pearl North, Ochiltree, Texas.
Subscribe for the Herald,
Y. P. S. C. E. Social.
Tho Christian Endeavor Society, of
the Christian Church, held a Valentine
snmal at tho chureh Friday night, Feb
ruary 14th.
An Interesting program otgames and
other amusements was preparsd and
tho large number of young people who
attended had a most enjoyable time.
Refreshments were served.
Graduate Oklahoma Chiropractic Institute
Office at H. M. Bulicfc's Residence
Beaver, Oklahoma
Forgan to Beaver
Handle Freight, Express and all kinds of
Hauling. Regular Daily Trips both ways.
Ing tho conviction ot law violators In- q e PrntTint QprviA
stead of allowing thorn to go Scott free. 'OCC US) 1UI rl UiHJJl OCIVItC.
Phone No. 64. Forgan,. Okla.
Tho many friends ot Mrs. E II.
Mansfield are delighted to see her able
I to bo about again after her recent
serious Illness
See Havely The Dentist, Beaver, Okla

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