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The Beaver Herald
Official Co. Paper.
MAUDE 0. THOMAS, - - Publisher.
KittreditthnpoitotllMftt ItanTor, Oklahoma,
at aecood elnia moll mait.r.
Advertising rates tnndo known UKn
application. Prices reasonable.
Subscription Price, $1.00 a Ycnr
Official Directory
Dlst.Judgo II. II. Loofbourrow.
Co. Treasurer Jolm Sims,
Co. Clerk (Jen. II. Wright.
Co. Judge Geo. II. Henly,
Co. Supt. John IS. Swnlm.
Olork of Dist. Court O. V, Pruott.
Slier Id J. M. JoneK.
Clerk of Co. Court 0. C. DeGrnw.
Co. Atty. Claude T. Smith.
Reg. ofDeedi II. M. Uullck.
Surveyor Oscar Gardner.
Cum. lit Dist. R. Hngan, Ivnnlioe.
Com. 2d Dist. A. A. Haskell, Klmwood.
Coin, fid Dist. Thos. Mel.aln, Uray.
Kiowa Plash Light.
Our somewhat balmy days of spring
tlrno received u sudden Jolt, Thursda)
by way of a real winter composed ol
snow and sleet.
Tho Valentino party Friday night at
tlio Scott Ranch, gotten up by Miss
Arian Scott and Miss Florence Gonne
was a most enjoyable ulTalr. To siij
that they I mil a good time, lit n mild
way of expressing It, for only thuio
who were there, can tell tho real fun
that evoryono seemed to enjoy.
A. N. Monro went to May on n busi
ness trip Monday.
Some men am homoluss and some
men are home less timn they should be
Soma men think they nro earning i.
living when thuy uro only beating tin
world out of onO.
A. D. McGulru took a load of broom
corn to La Verne Wednesday for 0. M
Smith, he having s6ld his crop of brum
for fIS.OO per ton.
D. T. Dullard braved tho storm
Thursday and went to Mudlson.
Tho Individual who leaves Oklahoma
to llnd abetter cllnutu makes a mU
tuko, as is proveu yo.tr after yunr
True, we do have some rougn winter
now and then, und soma warm days i
summer, but when wo get down ti
"brass tacks," nnd llguru out resul s
It Is always found that Oklahoma beat
all other portions of the country by mv
oral million tulles, and that surely i
going somo. If one ulili.a toching
locations In order to scuuro uhoapoi
and ntoro land, that's all right, hut noi
for better land or butter clinutu eon
ditiom In general. Thin Is all that if
necessary to say on tho subject.
Thoro nro a great many people win
think themselves employed nil daj,
but who, If they wore to oust up tlici
accounts nt night would llnd that the)
had dono Just nothing.
The bigness of the llttlo thlngs-and
tho littleness of tho big things the
ability to properly gauge their relative
values -aru determining factors In the
llfo of every man. Tho man who Ig
nores tho smill In his histe to gr.np
the large, and tho m tn who hue him
self in the small thing, Indifferent to
his largor possibilities, nro on opposite
sides of the see-tav. Both are duo for
the bumps.
A. D. McGuire nnd Robert Ridonour
wore calling on Mat Funk Friday.
S. Rldenour, who lias been having a
harJ time with the grippe, win so thai
he could go to Laverne Monday.
Mrs. Ripple and Mrs. MuGulro were
among tho many who wore trading at
Madison Monday.
Tho green Km and weeds have
mado their appearance, which denotes
that sprlng-tfino Is near.
The wrath of tho irate father, of the
eloping daughter and prospective son-in-law,
who eloped with a team of the
girl's father, remains unchanged. It
was no surprise to many, but a sudden
Jolt to the girl's parents. Full partic
ular.) later.
Mr, and Mrs. McQuI-a visited and
took dinner with Mr, and Mrs. Ripplo
Sunday. l
Ora Smith, ai. old time, Beaver coun
ty boy who has been traveling around
a great deal and who recently came
back from Canada, has decided that
old Beaver county looks mighty good
to him. So now Ora is fixing up tho
old homo place hero on tho Kiowa and
buckled on his belt of "go getter" und I
ho will try his IncV at tilling tho soil
again. Well, here is lunk to you Ora,
but plant plonty of broom corn.
Alfalfa I'kte.
No Need To Stop Work.
When the doctor orders you to stop
work It staggers you. I can't, you any.
You know you nro weak, run down and
falling in health day by day, but you
must work nu long as you can stand.
What you need is Electric Dittcrs to
give you tonp, strength nnd vigor to
yon' system, to prevent break-down
nnd build you up. Don't be weak,
sickly or ailing hen Electric Bitters
will benellt you from tho llrst dose.
Thousands bless them fur their glor
ious health nnd strength. Try them.
Every bottle Is guaranteed to satisfy.
Only M)o nt Fred C. Tracys
Home Creek,
Well, hero wo aru again and more
snow on tho ground, as fast as one
melts nnother one coircs Wo will
have plenty of molsturn If thoy keep
Wo all look for a good crop year for
1013, vet sovoral of our neighbors an
having rales nnd some am going to
South Texas, some to California nnd
somo to Missouri and Arkansas.
C. J. Leisuro, Jim Barker and 0 B
Barker was at the county seat last Sat
urday, Quite a crowd in town.
Claudo Haskell who has been at hl
father's, A. A. Haskell's, at work for
somo time, Is on his road home to Col
orado at this writing.
C. B, Darker has returned from i
short trip to Missour where he linn
boon to ta'm n sick orphan boy to hi
sister and brothers. Many thanks to
tho people of Beaver City and to tin
neighbors fo." helping to send tho bo)
homo Ho was II yoars old and had
consumption nnd was well pleased
when he got home.
John Wilson, Ed. Twentlcr, Jim D.tr
kor and Fred Wilson butchered four
nice fat hogs, a good time for It.
L. A. Hatcher and John Wilson have
been plowing sod since, tho snow.
W. B. Barker made a trip to For Ran
ono day last week with a load of kafllr
There Is a car lotd of Arkansas ap
ples at Forgan on tho track It is n
fine Jhlng to have a railroad close to us
but would llku to seo one nt Beaver
Mr. Swaim had a little bad luck tho
other night, one of Ills horses got Into
the wire and was badly cut.
Blub Ewa
Arc You A Cold Suifercr.
Take Dr. King's New Discovery. Tho
Best Cough, Cold, Throat nnd Lung
medicine made. Money refunded if it
fails to cure ) on. Do not he.ltate
take it at our risk First dose helps.
J R. Wells, Flovdada, Tex.is, writes:
'Dr. King's Nuw Dheovo'y cured my
crrlhle cough and tojd. I gained IG
iuuihIs." Buy it iitFr-dC TraoyV.
Clear Lnko
Rev. Dlnn's preaches his farewell
-ii-rm'Mi March 2ml , instead of Feb
10th Come one and all. We wish on
i lint date to resurrect oue Sunday
In spite of a Democratic ndministra
i inn, Floyd Belts did well on his sale.
Passed the I1R0O mark and a goodly
portion was cash
John Dctts Is to have his salo soon,
and wo hopo ho to will do well. Those
men aro brothers and will noon leave
for Oregon, neither can say Just how
soon they will be back. Well, n hearty
welcome awaits them on their return.
Roy Hopper of near Marengo, Is to
havo a sale, he will remove to a place
near Shnttuck.
Harry and Ed Lano aro putting up a
wolldrillnt T.U. Burns nt Riverside.
J. A. Howe Is ono of the boys who
don't rorgot "daddy." Last week ho
sent over one half-gallon jar of peaoh
E. A. Maoy left for Knowles Feb. 16,
our loss is Knowles' gain.
Geo. Nels-n and Swanson combined
sale and sold out the 10th. Swanson
sold his farm to a Missouri man, price
$2,803 00
It Is reported thatsnmn of the ptr
ties who sold out nnd left for Florida
are cursing the day thoy left Beaver
county and would also curse the person
who talkod them Into going. Now we
have nothing against Florida, but it is
tho oldest slate In tho union, on whose
soil stands tho oldest elt) in Amerieii.
nnd yot people are Just discovering ii
a paradise. Better stay with Beaver
Rev. Riun's is holding a protracted
meeting at tho Sand Creek school
John Leslla was the last ono to
thresh near hero.
It. G. Dunlopls undor the weather,
Wo hopo ho will soon enjoy better
Mr. Gowan camo In Tuesday loadtd
with (lour for IS. Maoy, our grocery
man. Mr. Mullcnex and his eon havo been
vory sick Tor somo tlrno, butarolm
Twin Mounds.
Feb 20 A light snow covers tho
ground with a promise of mora in tho
moist air.
Messrs. Martin and Gumm postponed
a trip they had planned today until
tho weather shall bo more settled.
They Intended going to Knowles, where
Mr. Gumtn would take tho train for
llentonvllle, Arkansas, to visit his sis
ter and family, and look nt tho coun
try. Here's hoping It will not look
good to him.
J. D. Howe moved tho first of the
week to the E, A. Macy farm.
Tho usual largo crowd attended the
Hopper salo on Wednesday,
II. II. Martin fills tho place on the
school board mado vacant by tho resig
nation of E. A. Macy, that of district
Mr. and Mrs Martin and son ate Sun
day dinner with the L. I. Girton fam
ily. E. A Macy and family. Rov Hop
per and Mrs. Mini's were guests nt the
Johnson homo after church.
Mrs Thompsin spent Wednesday
with Mrs. T. E. Harford.
H. II. Martin drovo down to Sunset
Mrs. W. L. Hcnson Is suffering a
siege of grip this week.
Miss Grace Wagner of Junction City,
Kansas, Is spending a few days nt Sur
prise with her brother Guy nnd family
M. T. Smith drove to Knowles Tues
day night to meet his sltttcr-ln-law
from St. Joe wlio cmne in on the train
e nesdn) morning
Mrs. Gllger returned Wednerdny
from n visit la Missouri,
Mrs. Langford, the Surprise nurse, Is
earing for Mrs. Hunt, win was opera
ted on for rupture caused by a fall.
Doctors Markley and Buck master per
formed the operation. We learn the
patent is doing well
Russell Martin is the possessor of n
line new bicycle and no thanks to any
body. He bought It himself.
Rev 0. E Blnn's is holding revival
meetings at Sand Creek this week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Herbert Lee and chil
dren were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hen
son Monday evening.
Mothers Can Safely Buy
Dr King's New Discovery and give It
to thn little ones when ailing and suf
fering with colds, coughs, throat or
lung troubles, tastes nice, harmless,
once used, always used. Mrs, Bruce
Urawfnrd, NIacra, Mo. writes: "Dr.
King's Now Discovery changed our
boy from a pale weak sick boy to the
picture of health " Always helps.
Buy it at Fred C. Tracy's.
District No. 151.
Wo are having lovely weather, Just
like spring.
A good deal of broom corn is being
marketed around hero lately, but the
prlco hasn't advanced much. We
think It u shame to sacrifice our crop,
but all we can do is to stop raising it
until thoy can ray us our price or pay
us what wo are actually out for our
labar and expenses-
Frank Gladwell Is building him a
now houso on his farm.
Mrs, Andrew Pierson lias been hav
ing tho grippe lately, but is muoh but
ter now.
The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
L. Main is much better altera long
sicgo of cold and grippe.
A. M. Berry and family are prepar
ing to leave for tho eastern part of the
state to make nn extended visit ninong
rcluttvns and friends.
0. E Bnggerly, II. 0. Gray. A. M.
Berry and others aro nil marketing
their crop of broom torn this week,
Tho "Young People's Christian So
oloty" held their Valentine Social nt
the home of Mr. and Mrs H. C Gray,
on the ovo of the 13th. While th
crowd was gathering to the swee,
strains of graphophone music, they
passed by U. S. mall box and mailed
their valentines. The home was bril
liantly lighted up, showing the bvau I
fulaecorntloiH pertaining to St. Val
entine. After tho"howdy's and the
"hello's" wero said, quite a few feats
were performed, some of which were
"The shooting at matrimony" that
afforded a great deal of ninusciu-nt, n
large white heart was fa-teiied un the
wall and ten small red hearts wero on
this, having wrlten on each, one of
these words: "Bachelor," "Spinster,'
"Many Times Mnrrbd," "Divorced"
"Repent at Leisure,"" Widow,"" Wid
ower," they shot with a bow and ar
row and eaoh tried to lilt th center
heart which is smaller ,than the rest
and Is marked "matrimony "
Tho "Musical Romance" was qulto
interesting as were the many other
games. At 12 o'clock a line oyster
supper was served, after which the
Valentino box was opened, and a few
prizes were awarded to tho lueky ones.
At a lato hour the happy crowd dis
persed for their respective homes,
wishing for another Jolly social in the
near future.
II. A. Spmgua mndea business trip
to Shattuck recently. A Ualleii.
Feb. 23. Wo are having a little more
winter after tho spring days you havo
been hearing about.
Tom Smith Is nut at tho ranch again
but expects to return to Hhattuclc to
morrow. Frank Baker nnd family ot Custer
county have been visiting relatives In
this neighborhood.
It Is reported that Tom Clifford Is to
be married soon.
The M W. A. are drilling and ex
pect to give a free public entertain
ment at their hall soon
Marlon Holm took his wife to Shat
tuck Wednesday where she took the
train for Moffet, Colorado, for a vitlt
with her mother.
Clarcnco Dotson is reported qulto
sick, it Is feared with pneumonia.
There was an error in our last, we
stated that Fred Crofton was going to
meet his father nnd mcthcr, it was
Mrs. Crofton's father and mother.
Will Ferguson has moved to Laverne
and is buying grain for 0. W Hutch
Beware of Ointments for Ca
tarrh that Contain Mercury
as mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell nnd completely derange
the whole system when entering It
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never bo used except on
prescriptions from reputable physi
cians, ns the damage they will do is ter
fold to the good you enn possibly derive
from 'hem. Hall's Catarrh Cure, man
ufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Tole
do, 0., contains no mercury, nnd Is
taken Internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure
ue sure you get the genuine. It is taken
internally and mado in Toledo, Ohio,
by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonial
free. Sold by Druggists. Price 75c
per bottle.
Take Hall's family Pills for const!
" Vouth Elmwood,
We are having a little winter weath
cr at present. Three inches of snow
on the ground
Grandpa and Grandma Kilo arrived
homo Wednesday after n two inonttit
visit In Indiana, Missouri and Kansas
They report n good time.
Asa Kile and family have moved
back home since tho return of Grand
pa Kile.
The revival at the Mt. Vernon pchoo
house is still in progress.
Rev. Whetsel and family of Forgi-i
spent a few days In this neighborhooi
last week and hrlped In tho reviva
service at Mt. Vernon
Booiih Elexsnn left for dishing,
Okla., a short time ngn.
Sheriff Jones might to get busy li
this part of the county as thu bootleg
gers seem to bo p.cnty.
Miss Lou Maynard has returned
from Forgan and is spending some timi
un the South Flats
Perlej Johnson butchered a beef last
Wesley Hibbs was lorn in Ohio U'
tober 12, 1830, and In early childhooi
moved with Ills parents to the state o
Illinois. Ho was married in 1601 t
Miss Emily Montgomery and to thei
union six children wero born. thre.
sons and three daughters. Two son.
J. Q. Ulbbs of Clear Creek and M. L
Hlbbs alono survive their father
Their mother, who died two yeai
since, and tho remaining brother alio
slstors nit having gone before.
"Uncle Wesle)" as he was familiarly
culled by the many friends who knew
him, moved to Kansas In 1870, when
he remained until the spring of 18Si,
when he brought his family to tho nee
land of Beaver, Okla, Hero they huv
remained for the intervening 20 year.
No family was better known and re
garded with higher erteem, and surelj
there Is none tu take thu pluco of thi.
noble, good man. He died at the houii
of his son J. Q Hiubs, Fiiday February
H, 1013, and was buried by the sid
of his departed wife In Beaver cenn
tery Sunday February 10. R. R Coll
ey conducting the obsequies. Mi
Hlbbs was a man of strong conviction.
As a soldier in the Civil War he wu
loyal to his country nnd fearless In her
service. In the year 18(31 lie gave hh.
heart to Christ, uniting with the Chris
tlan church in which he lived a sinctin
active GhrUtatit llfu until his death, i,
period of 53 yean
And now a good man has gone, but
his Inlluence shall live forever to lean
nnd help his surviving friends to a high
er and better llfo.
Surprise Your Friends.
For four weeks regularly use Dr,
Kinc's New life pills. They stimulate
tho liver, improve digestion, remove
Impurities, pimples nnd eruptions dis
appear from your face and body and
you fell bettor- Begin at once, Buy
at Fnd C, Traov'e.
Beaver, Oklahoma.
We Can Collect your Notes and Accounts.
Our houso Is ono of the BEST in town and first class In overv rennpet
Tables supplied with the be-t the market
every couriesy
M wkWSP!ZSCI3fep40kMktfsM(flHs1sM
m t. W. WK.nn, Prejlilonl JAMES IIAHi:, Vice PrealdaM
S Capital SI 0,000 Surplrr -3,o00 ft
Undivided ProfitsS3.497.S
M Phono Bank No. I lies Idenri. Nn. SI t W
m lames Bare, F.C.Tracy, Jl W. Webb
H Frank Laughrin, S. A. Laughrln, m
W R. II. Loofbourrow
1 Every Courtesy Extended 1
SpecisJ SJ.e!
All Trimmed Hats nt Half Oft Regular Prices.
Sweaters, One-Fourth Off Regular Price.
Underwear, Stocking Caps, Golf Gloves and Wool Mitts,
All at Greatly Reduced Prices.
You will find BARGAINS all over my Store.
Mrs. W. H. Robertson.
Why Not
Buy The Best?
We have the Best in Flour,
Feed, Notions and a full line of
Fancy Md Steeple
And yoi caLn get it from
us for Less Money than you
pa-y others for inferior goods.
J. O. MILES, Beaver, Okla.
Time to Think About
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Howard Heaters
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Barbed and Woven Wire
Good line of Wagons, Buggies and Im
plements, Shelf and Heavy Hard
ware, Windmills, Pumps and
affords nnd rates very reasonable
of Wire

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