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Oklahont His Stfelety
Oldest Oklahoma Newspaper Republican for Principle
The Heaver Comity Abstract Office
licst Abstracts. Promptly Made. ,
Charges Reasonable.
Low Interest.
Real Estate
Bonded Abstracters
Beaver, Oklahoma.
Unjustly Criticised.
Tho Hnnnralilo Board of County
Commissioners, nt their regular Feb
ruary session took up tho matter of
tho otHc'ftl printing for tho County for
tho current term nnd thn contract for
same was awarded tho Editor of Tiik
Hkkau), ours being tho lowest and
best bid for the tame. This paper wo
alio designated as the ofllclal organ of
tho County, it being tho only paper
published In tho County Seat; every
where recognized as the leading paper
of the County and widely circulated
and known in all sections.
Without any crounds for complaint,
Tho Forgan Enterprise editor charges
the Hoard of County Commissioners,
unjustly, with showing favoritism to
ward The Herald This is not truo.
Bids, Sax tho County printing wero
called for by "the Board and all bidders
notified to submit samplesof materials
to be furnished Tiik HKfei.m, Forgan
Enterprise and .Farmers News, ,of
Knowles, submitted bids After care
ful comparison Tub Heralu'8 bid was
found to be lower than that of the
other bidders, and wu woro awarded
tho contract accordingly. Tho
Knowles Fanners News failed to Bub
rait any samples of material, although
tho notice- to bidden) plainly called
for same, nnd bid on supplies in
thousand lots, only.
Tho Commissioners had no way of
knowing what material they wouM
fnnt.l. .lit, mtiat rtl.nmea tl.atf tvi.uli i
. , hi, .1.1 t
maUo for supplies In less quantities
tti fin nnri llinnaiwf ami sttrinn nnlv n
few articles are ever ordered in thou
sand lots, they would hardly have
been justified In accepting The
News' bid, to say nothing of the
Inconvenience and unsatisfactory re
sults of ordering printing from a little
shop located thirty miles away and not
equipped to handle the work.
The feo for publ cation of the Com
missioners' proceedings and other
legal notices is provided for by statute
which plainly states what rates shall
bo paid. Tho Board designates the
paper in'whlch such publications are
to he made, and such must be a news
paper nl general circulation and hive
been Issued for Hfty-two consecutive
weeks (one year) without missing n
single publication.
The Herald Is the only paper of
general ciroulative eligible to publish
legal notices Tho Forgan Enter
prise not yet being one year old and
is also tho only nowspaper in tho
County Seat. The tax payers oxpect,
and it (s tho intent of tho law that
Prompt Service.
See m
" See me
Ssg rov write
Opposite'P. 0.
No Commission.
Amounts. v
they should, get tho onicial legal news
in tho County Seat paper and hundreds
of them take it for that purpose. A
great roar would have gone up ,"d
justly had the Commissioners' design
ated some little sheet in a wayidde
community as tho ollicial county
The criticism of The Forgan Enter
prise was wholly unjust and without
foundation Just because it did not
land tho work Is not sufllclent cause
for attacking tho ollicial acts of the
Board of County Commissioner, all
members of which, democrats and
republicans alike, are honest, square,
conscientious men who have the cour
age and tho good common sense and
judgment to do their duty regardless
of political affiliation or personal
aggrandizement. Had Tiik Herald
been unfortunate In submitting a
higher bid, than our 'opponents, we
would surely not have taken the
Board to taste for awarding tho con
tract to another. They called'for tho
"lowest and best bid" for the work;
received it and awarded tho contract
accordingly. Does that look like
"playing politics" or guoa business
judgment? We call it the latter.
Roll of Honor.
The following have remembered the
Hkrald substantially tho past week.
Is your name written there? If not,
why not?
'iotor Cranrnor, Beaver
' -
E. A. Twentter, Beaver
L. MoCabe, Beaver
II. Block, Beaver
8. A. Aaron. Florls . . v
J. L Kolly. Kettle Falls, Wash.
Mrs. B. T HoIT, Dalko, by Miss Lydia
Holm, Beaver
Thos. P. McLaln, Gray
E, R. Lake, Logan
The Peoples' Meat Market received
soma fine tomatoes, lettuce, radishes,
celery and onions the past week which
were eagerly sought by our townsmen.
If the trade will warrant, .Mr. Rush
will supply his customers regularly
with fresh vegetables One dealer can
afford to handle theso porishable
goods and run tho risk of loss but
Beaver's trado is too small for more
than one dealer to handle such stuff to
advantage. Having ice, the moat
market can best keep fresh vegeta.
bles and wo hope it may be arranged
so our wants In this line, may bo reg
ularly supplied.
Liberal Amounts.
w.t; CARSON.
Manager Beaver Office.
Editor L. B. Tooknr, of Forgan, was
a Beaver visitor Tucsdoy.
F. C. IlAworth, of Mocane, spent a
few days in town the past week.
J. W. SteftVn and E. II Oates came
up from LaKcmp on business today.
S. E. Eckles, of Clear Lake, paid
Beaver a call today.
Roy Brown was up from Look wood,
over Sunday returning homo Monday.
F. 0. Tracy is in St Louis and Chica
go this week in the interest of the B.
M. AE Railway.
E. E. Harlan was up from Logan
this week spending a few days with
his wifo and daughter.
W P. Rogers, cashier of the First
State bank, of Forgan, was a county
seat visiter Tuesday.
Mesdames Healy, Tyler and Culwcll
paid Forgan n visit Monday going ovor
with Attorney Culwell. '
County Attorney Smith returned
Tuesday from a weed's sojourn at the
state capital.
Attorney A. S. Dickson transacted
professional business at Buffalo the
first of tho week.
I, S. Drummond is still fooling much
indisnossd nlthounh his condition is
iminoved from that of last week. (( J
Miss Lola Beaocamp, of Mountain
Grove, 'Missouri, arrived m Beavei
Saturday to take a position In Braid-
wood's abstract office.
Little Miss Vinitu Barnes is able to
be in school again after a week's ab
sence on account of a slight attack of
County Superintendent John E
Swaim spent the foro part of the week
attending to ollicial business in the
The proceedings of the Board of
County Commissioners had at their
regular March session will appear next
Two little daughters of Mr. and Mrs.
E. E. McPherson, of Red Rock, are
hero visiting their grand-parents, J.
R. Hinkioaud wife, arriving Monday.
Tho Honorable Board of County
Commissioners wero in session this
week taking care of tho big amount of
business regularly coming before
them. .
R. 0. Renfrew, of Woodward, was
I n't ne city Wcduesday, Thursday and
Friday of last week. Mr. Renfrew as
very much pleased with the out look
for Beaver County.
Rev, L. h. Shaw returned Mom) ay
from Gate, where ho has ben conduct
ing evangelistic, meetings for two
weeks. He reports a most successful
meeting and the organization of a
church and Bible school at that point
8. A. Aaron and wife, of r'lorls wero
guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. McFarland
Wednesday. Mrs. Aaron has not been
able to walk without tho aid of crutches
since suffering an attack of typhoid
raver two years ago one win .try
chiropractic treatment in Beaver
next week '
Miss Mary Beaver has been seriously
ill the past week with an attack of
pneumonia. She is still in a very
oriticaf condition. A trained nurse
was called from Hutchinson Tuesday
to care for her. News of her improve
ment is nnxlously awaited by hor
many friends.
See lively, The
Wilson Inaugurated
'Woodrow Wilson, of Npw Jersey,
was inaugurated Tuesday, March ltd,
a President of the United Slates and
Thos. R. Marshall, of Indiana, as Yl.ie
Ffesldent. For tho llrst limo in six
teen years the democratic party Is in
p6wcr. Nottfiily Is tho President, but,
both Houses of Congress are safely
democratic. Tho rains of government,
aro squarely in their hands and we
may expect a purely democratlo ad
ministration. Whnt the noxt
four years may bring forth Is,
problematical but, no doubt, great
change will have taken place. It is to
baj hoped that Prcsidont Wilson will
glildo our Grttat Ship of Stato Safely
pAftt tho rocks and shoals and let her
continue on her safe course in which
she has been so faithfully steered for
the past sixteen years oy a republican
5,000 Women in Parade.
The Woman Suffrage Parade in
Washington, 1). O,, March 3rd, was
participated In by fully live thousand
women. Suffrage .leaders from all
over the world wero there and the
pageant wbj ono of the greatest ever
led In the capital city.
A mob of hoodlums sought to break
up the parade and tho pollen wore
poworlcss to control them. U 6 Cav
from Ft. Moyer were rushed in and
restored order. Tho wonderful cour
age nnd self-control exhibited by the
women under sueli trying circum
stances won them many laurels. The
day was counted a great victory for
Boosting the Stub Line.
Jt II. Griffith was in Wichita last
week in the Interest or the B. M ,t E.
Railway and while there was enter
tained by tho Rotary Club nnd ad
dressed that body in tho Interest of
the stub linn project.
Mr Griffith says that much Interest
was manifested In thn project by the
"Ijyo wire!,' of Wichita and that hu
was royally treated by tfiem ana glvon
evory assurance of co-operation In our
interest.- - -. .
"Reds" Entertain "Blues."
As a result'of an Attendance Con
test which was put on by the Christian
Bible school recently and which result
ed in victory for the Blues, a very
pleasant entertainment was given tho
victors by the good losers, Tuesday
night, at the church,
The Beavor Orchestra furnished
musio for the occasion and the largo
crowd in attendance had n royal good
time. Ice cream, cako and coffeo were
A Creditable Edition.
The Forgan Enterprise Issued a
Booster edition last week tvhlch was
no? on'y a creditable piece of work
for tho publisher but a fino adver
tisement for the town and county
Thn edition was well printed, neat
and attractive and filled wjth lots of
good wholesome facts about Beaver
County, hor prosperity and possibilities
and many attractive advertisements
of the wlde-awako business enterprises
of Forgan, Congratulations Brother
Stole a Suit Case.
Oily Richardson was arrested last
week at Knowles by Deputy Sheriff
Chas, Wells, charged with stealing a
suit case. He had his preliminary
hearing before Justice Mecse Satur
day and was bound ovor to the DUtrlct
Court. In lien of bond, ho Is in wait,
ing at the county bastdo.
Birthday Surprise. x
Miss Orvota Qulnn was given a pea
sant surprise party by hor school
friends Wednesday night, the occasion
being in honor of bur birthday.
A large number of tho young people
wore present and all had a jolly timo.
II. E. Larson, of Enid, Okla , was
in Beaver last Friday. Mr. Larson is
traveling Inspector for tho Union
Central Llfo Insurance Company in
their farm loan department, and was
hereon business for the Renfrew In
vestment Company, of Woodward.
Mrs. Rachel Bogus is seriously ill
at the home of her daughter, Mrs. II.
D. Peckham. She is in a very feeble
condition and It is feared she cannot
last many days. Her children hnvo
been summoned to her bedside. It is
to be hoped she may yet rally and take
a turn for tho better
Millinery Opening
Pri. and Sat. March 21-22
One of the finest lines of Millinery
Goods ever exhibited in Beaver City is
now ready for the Ladies, Misses and
Childrcns inspection. Call and see them
and get my low prices before purchasing
elsewhere I have added a complete
stock ot ready made dresses for Ladies,
Misses and Little Tots, lilouse Waists
for Boys, 4 to 12, cheaper than you v can
make 'them, also the' latest cloths" for
Dresses and Suits, such as Ratine, Voile,
Crepe, Mull Galatea and Ginghams ' A
Beautiful Silk Waist for $2.00 to $4.75.
Lingerie Waists. Work Skirts. An up
t'o date stock of Jewelry guaranteed. Fan
cy Hair Bands. Come in and make' my
store your headquarters. Any gdods
sent by Parcel Post.
Mrs. W. H. Robertson
Beaver City is Flirting.
Beaver City, Oklahoma, would llko
to miner Itself and fifty squaro miles
of the finest farming territory In Okla
homa to Wichita by mi extension nf
thu Santa Fe Railway's Englewood
llranch, J. II. Griffith of Beaver City
was In Wichita to-day to discuss tho
proposition with the business men
Mr. Griffith addressed the Rotary Club
m the subject this afternoon.
"This terrftorr Ts shot In 'on all sldFs
by the satii hills of the Canadian river
md Beaver en"ok," said Mr. Griffith to
the Beacon today. "The only way far
mers can market their products is to
haul them through ono or the other of
these'oand hill barriers. No railway
crosses tlie.so rand hills to scrvu the
rich farming territory of Beaver comi
ty, Oklahoma, and Ochiltree and Lips
u mb counties in Texas
"It we can build an extension of tho
Englewood Branch from Odee to Bea
ver City practically all tho produce
from this rich valley will be shipped to
Wichita, We havo good hard roads
trading from Beaver City to all parts
of the valloy to tho south. We raise
nn abundance of small grains, includ
ing wheat, kafllr and alfalfa.
"The Santa Fo Company practically
has decided to extend the Englewood
Brunch to Hugoton by tho way of Odee
and Liberal to conneot with tho new
Colmar cut-off To accomodate Bea
ver county a bralich fifteen miles long
from Odee It Beaver City would suffice.
Tho business men and farmers of this
section aro ready to finance the pro
peed branch from Odeo to Beater
City "Beacon, Wichita, KansaB.
Mrs. Harry Peckham and little sou
arrived Monday from Des Moines,
New Moxlco. for a visit with her
parents, D B. Kinder and wife, and
.liter Mrs. Leo Gosney.
Graduate Oklahoma Chiropractic Institute
Office at H. M. Bulick's Residence
Beaver. Oklahoma
Forgan to Beaver
Handle Freight, Express and all kinds of
Hauling. Regular Daily Trips both ways.
See us for Prompt Service. L,
Phone No. 64. Forgan, Okla.
Dentist, Beaver, Okla.
i55i WJB ..... .
Christian Church; Services.
- Servlcr-t-at the-Christkni CtaM?
Sunday1 March Oth, affojtewn
Bible School at 10:00 O'clock a. ra.
Our Motto: Every member of the
Church in thu Biblo Selwol.
Morsino Skrtici llo'olock
Subject, "The Great CommlwW"
This will bo a service of! Joy, of Frlvl.
lego, of Investment. Don't mln It.
0:W-Christlan Endeavor.
Evkninq Skrvick 7M5.
0 Subject. "Modern Ecproky."
' Special Music.
A cordial invitation is extended to '
all. It is our desire that you feel wel
come and at homo In our Father's
L, L. Sir aw. Pastor.
Presbyterian Church.
Sunday School each Sunday at 10
o'clook a. in.
Regular morning service at 11 a.m.
Preaching In the evening at 7:30.
All aro Invited i all aro welcomo.,
Cius. B. Lssi-sn, Pastor,
Mrs Blanch Covert, formorly Miss
Blanch Stcdman, of Beaver, is here
from Wichlt on a visit to her parents,
B. R. Stedman and wife, of Camp
creek. SI'o was a guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Lee Gosney, in Beaver, the latter
part of last week.

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