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PCN A -. M
MACI 2,181
' Columbia, Dartmouth and Williais,
Colleges have dispensed with the coin
moncement orations.
The cultivation of oysters 'promises to
be as great an industry as that of can
sung tomatoes.
Railroad statistics show that more
people are killed while walking on the
track than from any other cause, which
Is an argument, thinks the Mai and 14
press, for enforcing the laws forbidding
this practice.
A new law in Missouri provides that
the. fees of no exegutivo or nministerial
effleer of .any county, O 1i W of . the
salar1d ftotualle paed .Jcort
deputies, shall exceed e sum of $5000
for any one year.
The cedulas-or dovernment loans of
money on land mortgages-first precipi
tated financial disaster in the Argentine
Republic, asserts the Philadelphis
Record, and they contimue to play an ii
portant part in the affairs of that-unfor
itunate country.
Baron lothschild has umrged English
'high schools to pay more attention to the
'teaching ot living languages. lie claims
that English clerks qualified to corre
spond in French and English are great
rarities, and that English merchants are
obliged to emiploy foreigners to attend to
their foreign business.
"If you are going to kill a man," says
an English surgeon of renown, "and
want to do it quickly and without suffer
ig, hang him. If the lingnian knows
his uusiness, the victim does not feel as
much pain as if shot through the heart
or brain. It's all over in the tenth of a
Two hundred thousand dollars a year
ire s1;ent by the London (E'nglnand)
School Board in enforcing the attel(danco
of children. They are advised, by tihe
Boston Transcript, to try the French
plan of getting children to school by
good lunches.
The discovery of the full text of Aris.
tottle's "Treatise on thu Constitution of
Athens" among a lot of Egyptian papy
rus recently receivel by th Brit ish
donihaards t ha n U
cisco ConAide'&, will be oreat. Interest
to all classical scIolarS. l0rhap; 'ItO Iext
lucky find will bo the lost books of
Great anxiety is felt in Switzerland
concerning the decadence of the watch
making industry, which, next to the tex
tile industry, is the mainstay of the in
habitants of the country. Tho prollts
are dwindling down, as the United
States and England are every year be
coming more powerful rivals in this
field. The demand, too, for Swiss
watches is falling ofi considerably in cer
tain countries, notably in this' country
and in France.
Pennsylvania is taking an important
step) in the dlirection of better roads; -
step that, in the opinion of the New
York Tribune, every State should take.
Rlailroad traveling has become so general
and so perfect that the com.non high
ways of the land are largely overlooked.
Yet on thenm is the vast bulk of traveling
and transporting done, after all, and
upon their condition depenat to an in
calculable extent the comfort and con
venience andi prosperity of the vast bulk
of the peolie. Thle implrovement of
county roads is a topic that should standl
well towvardl the hieadl of the list in every
legislative assembly, until we have
brought ourselves at least to an equality
with the Romnans of two thousand years
ago. ________
The 1?hiaway Ago recently published
a clever article by Joseph 0. Kerbert,
United States Consul at Para, Brazil.
The subject of the article is "Railroad
ing in Brazil," but its objbet relates
more particularly to that vast alluring
phantasy of ebullient statesmanship
known as the "Pan-American Railroad."
This might better be tormed the Tright
R~opo Air Line, for it is proposed to
bridge the valleys and tunnel the peaksa
of the Andes, traversing the great water.
shed of South America by balancing the
road-bed on the knife-edge of mountain
tops. Aside from the facts that such a
railroad would cost a thousand times
more than an ordinary road simply to
lay the rails, that an ocean steamship can
carry freight faster and cheaper than a
freight train, that the major p~ortion of
the country to be traveled has no p~opu
lation worth the name, Mr. Korbort
gives as a peculiar obstacle to railroads
in Brazil that they must tunnel the
forests and a new p~athi must be opened
after every train, because "the dense
growth of vegetation is so rapid that a
p~ath cut in the morning is overgrown In
the night." Thh~i last fact settles the
Pain-American railroad scheme, declares
the Chicago Neros. No self-respecting
locomotive engineer wvill hamndle the
lever of an engine which is obliged to
.. shovo a lawn-mower ahead of it.
Strong * Breezes Waft These News
Notes To Us,
From Many Points In the Progressive
Southland, InterestingWo
Are Sure. '
Tliere is an inticreased deiatud for ini
afactiured tobacco in Danville and the
factories are ill runninu g.
Although the Benate has failed to coi
tit the nioinaiiittion of James Mchaughi
linl, posiltmister of LTyniclbirg, il is be
lieved that he will till that ofllee.
Itio eidiracow of te log-boat "I H11
-Wrk...aa L ' W' aTife-ssaiv
Stati io, o6 wh Iw0,er sqI I ITO ffse(I -to ha nve be)
ro have arrived ait Norfolk.
'The burned electric pliit of thte Dain
ville Street CAr Comlipimlty will be rebiilt
it 01ce.
Itoantolke will soon bo-'it of ai postoflice
buihling costruicted at it cost. of $75,
000 by lie gi'iienrd governmiet. A bill
or'deriniig this lts nassed lotli houses of
Conreiss and beeni approved by tile lies.
Timliberville is a iew town oil the line
of the li-nadway & Vest Virgpinia
Itailioald talit is voon to be construictied.
It. is tle ientre of tle gireit, foioSt, regions
of Norith mountain aind Brock's Gap.
Thie North fork of tlie Sliinaidoalh river
I tins tlroui.h the town.
Sam Jonies is beeii invited aid will
-oltluict eVag.elistic Services in C(har
lotte sh1ortlyr.C
Tle e'gislature passel the bill appro
priailting $10,000 annually fort a geologi
eal sirivey of tle stite.
Tie vitca nies in tho state bomt of agli
':'ilture were filled bye lie lgisltt re, as fol
lows: First (list riCt. J. It. Collield, foirt i
WV. F. Green, e-~ihth, S. F,. P atter-Isonl.
On u'les(lay ni.t ,Dlavid Jones, of
Cape I.ookouit Saving station, aboit. a
i!le southi of- tle caip, found in tle
wash of tie sea tle dead bod y of it uma31n.
'The bldy was without cloties or -my
kimd. Tle arm,; were otl t thel slooi
ders and le'gs olf at tile iips.
In the state senate ThtisdaY bill to Ip
propriate t25,00 to sicuriit exlhibit. at
Cliiea'o, failed to pass-; this raisel a
gieat howl, anid at night this ict ion was
reconsidi red anId thei bill passed the sen
ate i- ously.
'/he eisu ol l'er an nout nced the pop
iilationi (f Noitlh Carotliia races ats fol
lows: w Iites. I,019.191; v,1.; . ;
I1;0: hol4ians1,, 1,:1 (11 hines", I - 1:,: tol
p rtn Da 1, gi1on 11nd( (,4.111n 111
have beeni sold. Ihey brought .oi,
$.6,500o and $550re-pectively.
Senator Ednis. Miss EdIunds anid
oitlier' distinguiished I oiin!t s were inl Co
lhmbia ThuIrsday en route to Ca amden.
lirancheles of 1he Atlanita Butildinig anld
Loani A ssociatioin have been organized in
Yorkville Ii a Floreiice.
h'ltos. N. Bierry and b. D. Childs, of
Ch lstei. h (ave Iben appointed as dele
gates I roim t hi, State to tile Itight Wor
thy Grand loadge. I. (. 0. T., which
meets in d inburig, Scot land, in May.
1tobert Mill las has prepared plans
for the treet ion of at t'hunrch a t Spartan
burig for the I a pt i-t s to (C t $ 10,000.
Th'le stuidentIs (of the Sotmb i 'arolina
'oltege for ~'wme v'isitedl the Statec
evidently delighted withi their visit.
Th'le (ieretion of thle $1 5.000 sc hoot
bldding h:rs Ibeen commoenced at New
Thel Ander~SOni liiiildinig & Loan As'o
elattioni. w''lhi will windt til its business.
will de< lare a dlividend of about 65 per'
(Gaffney C'ity' has votetd to subscribe
$20),000 t o thle pirt.itrtl(d1 Cp Feari and(
( incitnnti h:Ilrohend.
Wade l lamipto wi ill dleliver' the aid
dress5 at A uigustia, A pril 27, at t he reunion
of his old birigade.
A corresp51onden'tt says that a large p)0r
tion oif t i,- ptleh Iand phniii (erot) has beeni
killed or badly injutred ini the vicinity of
hI )visb oi'o.
Ge'oi'giat's pen'isioni laws wecnt. itito (tYeet.
MI'archl 1, anod from that. (late the widow
of each Confederate solieri will get. an
a'miuitIy of $100. A labaat has also at
last recognized their c'laiims, but, lieir
share will searcely be hal f so liarge.
'The Johnii P. K ig MiauactuinbgCo.
pany, of A igaista, has madt(e a (1irect shi /1
mnt. of (ot toii goods to Manchester,
Gloveinor' Nairthen' hats inst itted a re-.
form ini thle inimagemienit of thle GJeorgia
prison campil that will meet with the
hearty commeinidatloun of hiumanitarians.
ie has ordered that hereatfter' ile and
female coniviets must he kept ini separate
apairtmieiits, andi~ that nio comuntfication
must be allowed hetw~(ein them.
Thle le'gislaturie lots patssed a bill to
build a maomiiueit to J1ohnt Sevier', the
flrst governor of Tieninesee.
'The bill authlorizing the issuance of
$500,000 of bionds by~ Knooxville has pass
ed thle legislatutre and become ai law.
'Three men werec . k illed anid thirteen
wounidedl in ani accident at Witwell, on
the Tlenniessee ('oad Company's i ncli no
A p)riniter Cimployed on 'Thei Clhattano
ga VT s. , Jimn 'ompijtoni, idiot Ilarry I le -
bly it fatail one'.
In the seinste Thularsday the bill creating
a burieaui of labor, statistics andi~ mines,
w it hi a commiissioner- at a salary of $1, 500,
whose (duties are to inispect mines, mills
.taid factories andi~ gather labor statistics,
wais pasd omly two negative votes be
mig re':O'Coe
Naishville hias but few rutnaw~ay Wved'
dIintgs, conset~piently social circles were
stattled by thait, one whlich occurrei'd
'lsl'han, i-n Joh cu-. 'rm----n
a son of ex-Governor Thompson, of South
Carolina was quietly married to Miss Sal
lie Glasgow.
Tarpon Springs has just indulged iii
the luxury of electric lights.
A 'allahassee special says: Gov.
Fleming will leave to the legislature tie
ippointimaent of a United States senator
to succeed Mr. Call.
Ferinandina proposes to have fin as
sociation of ladies to be known as the
City filprovemient society, to siprvis'
the work of keeping the streets clean.
F. It. Urvis, who keeeps a statistical
conpaarison of the Florida seasons, says
that the business of January, 1891, w'as
lIfty per cent. over January, 1890; that
February was sixty per cent. greater anti
that March lproinises a greater increase.
A pri, nay le, wmil buonwnyn. "aIend of lin.
year and, the intications point to a larg
er season,
'lhe Jacksonville and Santa Fe Hard
Hiock Phosphate Co., lately relored as
organivwed, has been incorporated, with :
capt it stock of $500,000.
'he oralnge (rees alonig the Ifatlifax
river fire showing ninerouas buds and on
ly requtire a little rain to burst into full
Monroo High School Burned and
Two Lives Lost.
Tihe Monroe, N. C., Ifigli School Wav
buirned Trhursday~ morn i ng bet ween~i id~
night and day.
TIwo young imlen, T. IJ. 1emberton 0l ic
Albert Bost, were literally roasted in Ihe
The build inlg, together Witlh four flne
piinlos, all the school flrnitunre, a good
library and most of the weiring ipparel
of techi(ers Ind plipili was completelv
Mloniroe Irigl t'cdool, owied and con
ducted by Prof. It. V. Spinimks ami:(1 Maj.
L. ). Andrews, was a large tihn-e-story
brick building situated about a mile froini
the celtre of the town.
It couitailed, at tle t ime of the burn
ing, 25 pupils, male and female, wlo all.
with tle exception of two, ntarr.,wly es
cuiled with tiheir lives. 'The girls occu
pied Ohw grould floor, the boys the thlir
tloor, the smcomi Iloor being used for
n ilaition rvioiomi, tc.
The btildinhg :111d fitt igs were vilied
at $9, 000. hell insurance amiounts to
atbouit $4.000.
Prof. Spinks andh Andrews Will rent a
hall an d contilue tleir school.
A new ant(d hiandsoime building wik
be ereeted in thl pI, 10- t , bor-ned
o Aboishi h . lio st 'di(1 Law.
n b I : -h J1 11:
a (14 enacl: tlreeifthli of each iole
-,nm -r116ng: ,lit0 1
Section 1. 'Tht sacion one I Iw
2,) three (3,) four (4.) live (5) and eight,
8), of article tet (10) of the Constitution
>f this State is repealled and abolished.
Section ?,. 'lis amend miient shall be
mbmatitted at tle next genenl election to
thie qualilled voters of the State, th1o3e
roting in favor of the aiendment to vote
i written or printll ballot., Witl the
words: "For the aienfidient. abolishing
the homestead," ani11 those voting against
it to vote the sainle kind of a ballot with
the m"ds: "Against lie amienidment
lrbolishing the homistead" on it.
Section 3. Thi election shall be hell
and returns made: unt ed and the re
mit annzouceed undi~er the samelt ruiles and
regulations its are now provided for the
election of the governtom andi( other state
'This act shall b1e int force from and af,
ter its ratiient ion.
Cheering a Prayer.
A remarmkabule scene, anid nce that
struck part of the aud ientce as very amuts
inig, ocmred in the Michigan Democrat -
ie State Convent ion at. Lansing, Thuris
ay. After the uisuah prel1iminaries were
goale through wvith, Rev. E. II. (lat-k, a
loc:al preaicheu, was en11led upont for pray
Or', and(, in:(( addre5sing the Most. Iligh,
madle a stumiip SPech''. UTe dlelegates
were wrought ep to a high pitch and
whieii he asked *te Decity "'to guidie thle
footsteps of the conventtin into the track
of that grand obI Demnocrat , TIhomias
Jefferson,"' thle con vent ion broke into, ap
plause, with wihlI yells of delight and
tpproval. Even Mr. (Clark was discon
(ert ed for thle monawat and thm paiyer
had to wait sunt i thle aplplause hid died
Late Jacob Thompson's Widow.
MF.MPHias, TENN., I pecial. j-The will
of Mis. ('at herine A. 'Thompn, eiedit ot
the late .Jacob Tlhoimpson, Secretary ot
the Tireasur'y under l 'resident ltuchiainian,
waR admit ted to proubaitc Tuesday. Thel
bulk of the (estate goes to her groand
daughter, Mr's. K irkmnani. T'c NI as. A out -
gomiery, another graund diaghtir kncown
to the stage as " liay D )oglas," is lbe
qluehathed ia half inte rest ini it hontecl at ()x -
ford, Miss., and abonut $5t0, 01) worthI oif
jewelry and phite c; and( $50, 000 is set
aside to be inivestedc for he r benittt. Thew
estate is valued at $1 .00)0,000.
Queen Vie. and Empress Frederick
At a Horse Show.
Lox i)oN, |C 'ablegrama. - Q uien V iet o
rio, atccomipanicd b l'vimpres tl 'red~aierick.
by thle lattercs's daughter t'''largarat, and
Iby Pincie and h'a incess WaleIs, dmva to-,
laiy iin open~i (arriagcs fromi liuc-k inghami
spenit contisicdernalhe inu vsitinig hoie
shows, mnow itn'crgress at t he Agriciuhul
ral I loll. Quceent and herca party rece ivced
a pe'rfe-'t covat ion as theiy pased ui throuIh
11h4 streets oni ti1r waiy 1 tiand froim thle
horse show.
Rev. James 0. Furman Dead.
(UnaaNyarLIE, 8. 0. Special.]-iev,
.Jas. C. Fitrnian, D). D., one of thle moc st
-in ent scholars atnd chergymteti of thle
-ouittern lapt1 it church, aand for many
years pre'tsid ent1 of Furmiani Uiiiversity,
lied at his home in Greenville, Wednes
liay. Aged 80 years.
Woman's Progress.
I.\NsINaI, 3Nia-i1.- A bill gaiting: aim.
iiicipIal suffIraget to waomni hats pra ,ed to
tirdni read inta in they seniat .
A Drummer Relates Hitperionce
SIn Graid~Rapids,' gan.
What I like about these iights o
the load" is that thb yI.t fellows
lor secret societies. Mstflie druri
niers belong to everythin is going,
from that of the "Grand i Its of Diia
mtiond Gatter," down to lps of In
teml) perance." 1 11111 (ui hand foi
ill such mysterious ting.serlf, so I
get solid with all the b My old
friend Crookston called o'n'the other
(lay to see if I needed any Is and to
have a visit. We had a lo old tilie.
While we were sittit ,,6.c otive a1
Chap cmin ad w11 / . borrow V
on accoumt of a renmi4' not coming to
h as lie t Iexprected. 41 111ha1 mn $21 kept
to len.d was in now, p smlt inl the
day before by Jolu intyre, but 1
liever lenit. it C!JV lf - h~mmers. lie
said "That's ine." .4 him 'het grand~
hail ing sign of an ( N-llow, which hec
tillied I. Timn ille to the gr-at
*'hair in the ( 'soot" Cof a 'yt1o1nie.
Ile tumbled. Tie ook'gave him 0.
It. of the Sons of A 1. lie was onto
it. Ten I tipped the liar-pokitig
signal of i (G o Tippler. lit'
smniled amd said I. 0." This is a
chemlicall term,11 mm "watter-S." Then
Crook stuck out hi. At aini gave him
Ihe noted 1). 1). Q. . of the Itoyli A rel
Irick Mason. Ile ' t thal" on that.
Tlen ,Crookslou exit ed him 11% 1ollow41,
to 1111ke sure he wa Aruilmer:
"Froml whenice c, . iShou, pard?"l
"Fromili the Lodg if the Hloly St.
.ohns, Michigan."
"Whv'lat seek ye he to do."
"'To 1:a(ei a few o 1s and collect a
bill of Billsonl."
Thuell you arm a ( nnier?"
"I aim so taken al 'weepted by the
"'4Iow iay I kno ou to ble drau
"liy 1mly (cheek 11111 lift y-pouild Famn
ple cast. Try m1e."
"'How will youI he -ied?"
"fly the s(Jl1'."
"Why by t he squa'"
"'Iecause tile squei is it iagistrat
and an em11b(l of st lidity."'
"Where were yol t t led to be a drum
'Al y milul.
lWete next "
In a1 print ing o(li $, adjoinling it rep
11hmr post of dime
"]low were yo p prd"
"Iy being Viest of my last meil
my1V h(ieek Iubb1hed dola with a brick,
htiliol plaster over ej eI eye and a heav
Sililple case ill each Ian1d. Inl this li
I iductled to it door of the post
- m di vwu k.' d
i bihl a
- li t . I i s uit .111i 1t
I I ihlt oI f' it .A t h t k
'i hwti not, buit Ste\ in d o it ("
'flow vere you lreceived ?"
"()n the( sharp tWe of at hoot, applit
to miy nlatuirlto r.
'-Whalt did this teachl you?"
--Not it) fool arouid tot) muell."'
"What happened next?"
*1 was set donV! nill . ('11ee of ice at
aseif I put mly trust inl mlercantile r
"Your answer ?"
"Not if I know mlly-Zelf, I donl't."
"-Iow was youtn-xt hanidtc " n
"I was puit strabdil of a goat1 inade o
oif a~ 9x-, and41 trot~t n'in t11 nes ar1otu1011
I he' loom by3 ~four wiii t hy br'otjhers, m1
thenet trotted in front of t ht li-ftB flw
fw urot her instruc itions."
- llow didU het instruet. voO:"
ig .ht reguiri step . with my bus )10Im
card 4- extem1ed aiIt ighti anlesC' miy ar11
formiing at perfct ispum-:"4
"'Ilowt waa yiou thetn dIisposedt off"
in) fronit of1 a dry goods, andi made
"'., 'harles S. lHobInson(. do hierel
Sthat. I will ne4vert rteveal an alwa iiuui
steal tal the4 trade' secrets 1 ('nn1 f'or ti
uset and)4 benetlit of tih' Miost Augttflat
der'). And I birthe rw swear. Iy tih' I Il
headedi~' . ick of 'lubi i. tht I wiIl ncv
below' tergulir rats. And11 I futhI
gruichnotdher, ol maid1(. :tunt, or1 utn'l
ult1ess they, lhe. shc or' It is soundl~ onil
ttt wasp (r tskedg o.1'11 i hatI ot -eje
\\'hai* t id you in t the(I hldc'to t"tl
" AliIi tchipy of udto.'si reports op<
t,'hapter 'Mskn.' ii 'pn the op<il 0i
hook eteido a pair ' of th'.aln 'Iin o
'eite le, awl initht.e4 othe fat tn
\\1 i'ht dii t hi'mlmsinf?
emblms' repote li-bitie and a
et ozl f bankiupts.
"DI idvti e.c' ouay'eso?
"'No, h~i I cn orrw oeyen'
"GIve' 'etoi' m et
'"ef di not j)* 'ccile 'em, nhiler v
:ie tihso r' ut t ,14 impart'em.
tidow widll youl dose yof 'em."'C
"i n siixt. as'tm'o wpre
'lajuh , . i O. li-lft." iiilY t
areo~ right Brother Snookvhs htti a vel
Is to :a fell >w whtn l he geti dead broke
am11ong1' St ramgis to have there little tiugs
to fllrbck on .--0rand Rapids Tines.
Failures and Confirmations by the
AABINUToN, 1). V., [Specit11.]1 -The
The following nomtinlations falled to re
ceive coilrmatioi by the senate: Jaines
II. Beatty, 8s distri'et judge of Idaho;
Louis Dermaris, coinier of mint. at New
Orleans; James 11. Youig, collector of
custoiq for the (listrict. of Wiliiington,
N. C. ; Thos. K. Oglesgarde, register of
land Office ait Minlot.
Postmatister G. H. Norris, Brighton, N.
Y. ; G. W. Ferree, Ed(gar, Neb).; John
(Ulinton, lBrowisville, Tenn. ; Ja:. lill.
Vicksbuirg, Miiss.; J. t. MlcLaughlin),
In case of Beittv's nmitioitniot it wias
resiste(l by the Iaho seniators oil the
grouid that Beatty was i nfactive parti
san of Claggett faction, which sought to
invalidate election of sellator-elect. Du.
hois :1id iltitihee senlator Farwel l, at Warm111
frienid of ihois clitaseI faihure of n1om11i
1natioll by delltittl that. it lie over four
lays, which carried it. over March 4.
Yonlig's ioliitt ion was bit terly foug-ht
by faction of his own iparty which sent
dele-gation here to oppo:e it. While inl
c:se of 1ill. I dored m1:an nominaitedi (4i
postiister at Vicksbiurg, Ielitmocitic I
positionl n1tiumtaged to delay actiont I'
enouil1gi to cause faiilure of noti tinition.
To Provent Lynching.
Mr. Chears, of Uniemn couity, has i
riodutced a bill in the Legislituore to '.m1
effectially prevent lynch law inl Not;
Cartoliin. It proviles thatt wheni sich
crime ii committe( inl the perpetrat
ile inknowti, the coututy vommitliissiont
miay emiloy a special ngent or issuE
procimittion olTeritig $400 reward for
apprehension of the perpetrators of
crime. It aklso provi(les that the solici
shall send bills of indictmttent agaitist so
personis as he has reaison to silippose
implicate(d in stuch violation, and
gri11(1 jury fire empowered to llet ll
su(ch hills, and the Superior colurt is gi
jirisd(iction to hear anI Icterminie van
dIictmttent foudI by such grand jury.
furlcther proviles that if lt grudl j
ignores bills as sent ly solicitors, 1 v tn
(move the ais;e to smei ott her couni ty.
:iso) provilecs that lie t urt umiy have
power to com1pel the appwaanuce' of \
iesses finn anly pa:rt of t le Slatet, am I al I
costs shll IiI Ib lom-tn b h e cun-1it. inl
which the oni'incc 1 w't 11n11ilitte(I.
Duping the Colored Mtii.
S GAINESvtlu.L-, 'i':x.-lhriItg the pS1t
y tEln dlays over 300 iegirove have paisse1
x thriugh the city en route to OkIlihomE
o 1ts IttI . Nearly all cvaie from EaIster:
r Texa l a1nd are most i1tress(l and1( cdesti
- - r cmle e tsa
Ic t16yth ._! I a a t') provent1 - :n
I h,41 :111 1 lit I trilig til t ll w lccn lsctc.
n t('lltl181'1.11 0 0 1 't HW la I "t' ':n l'j
S ating- lat -J : t wnlw for( ew
ill the iart f a hof g t)w :sctml
t wuorth $1 0 E"very negro had a (Ied tI
silIc imIIIiguuin-y town lot.
Senator Hearst's Successor.
WAsitINEON, 1). C., I Slpecial. -it i
4 lie iipressiol .iltonlmg tIh fric-ltes of Ex
Goivernor 3Murray0, Cf Califorinia. hiat h
will be the sitccessor- to the late Scuinto
I 1c1rst. (ov. Mutray is i KenhtickiaE
by bir1h, a'd serve in the -F'ledeItl airm
tirinig tie civil w-r, rachinig the ran
it sof brigciset gentteral it tih as'cge of 21
Iu lie was UniitedE Stai4tii nntshalil ini Ker'
El lu-ky, undicer' Pre'sidlen I int, and14 gol
r- srcor of Ut ah unde'r Prsdet Arthmtt
Ii -ing~ frce fr-omi fat citial conn lect ios i
(1aliftorniai, his fr-iendhs -onisider himt
s-si~r cmromit anicdate.
s Hugh T. Inman Made President c
Georgia Central.
N-: Y'V oint, ISpeciail. 1--Hugh TI. Ti
mani, a brot her- of John 11. 1Inman, of th
Rich:inoind teiinail system, wvill be miad
Pr-esidecnt otf the Gleorg4ia (entral wvithjin
iecogniized ailit iy ini the sou th1, has loin
biIeent iln demainid by Georgiat Centt-al, hi
not toit il Tucesthley was it delini tely k now
that he would daEcEnt thle pos5ition. Th~l
sa.lary~ is $-20, 0001 a yenar.
Results of Reciprocity.
Se'veratl promlin ent mieiriants of Balti
-r simoreI have orgiz'led thle Braz'ilI Tr-adin
mc (Eo., iapital 450,00O0, wvithi poer~. tol it
IIl i rease toi $500,0400. Theli inldcilorpoltoil
r, namedicc in t h'elhart er are-c 'IThcrniton Ito
t ins, Pari iis ('. Pit *, Iturnfts WVoods, IRol
isconi'TayIc lo ai Edlwint W. Leve-rinit
his comniyi expecl.~ts to1 avi itself
the r-eciprnocity re(-ent ly inauitgurated an1 i
to op~eni up~ a lac're trade wvithi lirczil.
City Clork Gone Wrong.
~ I l(iimE)oD, VA. [ Special. J Mr. Ih
u ford Grymetlds, clerk int thle tr1easutrer's (I
I -4lsi iirrecst ed' 4on the chiarge (of t1
.Emezlemnit of ciity funids. It seems 11
hadc c ollectd s omeI gas IIls anod failed I
tiuin in the: iamiount to thl le t reasurer,<
citer thc-m on l his hooks. Theic sum .
(.ifarimissi ng is otnly abou~nt sixty Edo~lhn
er but it is fEaredi a nmuch harger- mntont hv
cchii miis'appriopriatedc.
$400,000 Capital For Oil Merchanti
mt lilcN. i(Cabtlra.| - A numb~her
eli promiinn rollctI14ton sc-ed 4 il meicrc-hants, ii
< ldinig MIE"rs. Itose', Wilson~t andi lbos
'ill ;George f.E'Unis, Son andc Elompanyi i; Bevi
II airis andic (b rrrdi ti aw lilice, Itow~
to1 andi (Co., cf tis < ity-, hanve formed-c ia joil
sto)ck E'ltopany with ai E'apitail of $100t
.Growth of Allianco in Weat Virginia
(!.A 15 lt,~C-, W. YA. (Sp'cial.
Farmeiicrs' Alliaicnce or-gaize/ri hacve h14
wvorking~11 qietly throu )ighouat the Stt cf
ii. sevend wee~c'ks past5. It ha~s nows~ deveoI
edI tha:t thle memberi si inli some4 coun lti
i'4 1:catly ' as great as thlE cominited sit enug
Eof I wo ohld parties. A ncew allianice p 'p
is to b)e s arIte hc Iere t his slpring.
Ho Took French Leave.
on1 . a~csN, Miss ., Spe(il. 1---Govcri
StoEi E' rei ved in forton 41 that W. .
lie Cwar,.E' ex-colctor Elind)4 shif oi(f Maril
iksi couty, had014 abscondi~edl withI ths puls
j icml. jl rcobachto w E)i'E . th.' r stuc '
A Successful One Held at Oharlottes
ville, Va.
The Dologatos Wore Well-Dressed,
Thrifty and Prosperous Looking
as All Farmers Should Be.
CIIARLOTTKav L.L, VA., [Ipecial.1
No oi looking upon the Farmers' As.
sembled in tle I.evy Opera lHouse euild
have received tile impressioi that they
belong to a dow% ;a-troddei aid impover
ished class of our citizenslhi). Tl'hey
were well dressed, thrifty and prosperous
looking and ill thoroughly interested in
the proceedings of the secoid Farmer's
Instituite. The gentlemen who occupid
the stage were especiailly distiigilied
Mr. if. L. Lymuan was chairman, and
nealr him were seated the Hion. Tilomas
L,. Whitehead, the Commissioner of A-,
riuiltre;' Captaiin Vanwater, of the MR
ler Mauua Labor S<;hiol; Col. 11. 11. Ma
gruder and D Char'lnes Ellis, of the Vir
grinia Experimlenlt S-tationl; Captaini Orris
A. ltrown, of Accomae, member of the
Stat'I ird of Agriculure, lillily
-e in wel
sens tilat lint wvii ure Ni Caaa.. - re
pr-oach Its "hlayseed" or- "clodhioppi-1.,
Ile tihought it took just a imuicli sets
aid reiigion to be a good filmlIer 11
goiod lawyer. Ihe imlove of farmers' it
ititts h beeii tried elsewiete ill mue
states as are nlow iuccessful ill tiri agjr
cult uiral eteIlrises. lle blieved that
no rtlern Mieligani had our adllirlibi
climate Virginian wonlid be depoimlat:e<
becaslis tile people of (11nth sectiol lav
Ihi i( wh'ledie and are witing the pro
liT . d n't cihtli thei I y aire il
i it ! uw . . Vtit. n1e
L0 aihla)j4;Il#i. ('LI. tv. t Ii'a
ImaILL t ln ake t ffi rmers'5 e-ha
nrepi ofit abh- un 1 he1ir fam1ilies mlol
mi rovtal ile. ih: Itou hiIt it till (.Ira it i
Sail.uIhI i l iltingiihli thil~ fluiwr'si
their work of edcilatioll.
The first set aldressi Was4 by Dr. C(harl
Ellis, veterinatiiln of the Vii7rilifn Ex per
Ithenlt Statio "I. 'The ilbject, "Ilog Clhe
cIa a11d1 its TeI'atment," was importai
anld evidently deeply interestilig to tl
farmers present. .ile lieves ill the ger
theory of course, bitl does niot believe 11
disease conttagiouni. lie gaV. a i
-teret ing re'sumie of the invest igLtio
wichl thle sc'ienltists ltave mnade of
-subiject. Many inicidents, wh'iichi sholwi
- ill 5vh' way15~'i tile disiies is spread ign(
antly and1( discussed remiiedies att sor
A I tile close of his addrel'ss', ques~atjo
't svere prVolioumtlled andl ia genleraI ldiset
siiniensued, wh'ichi wats followved ve
cloisely by D r. Tut tie of tile Unli versit y
. Virginiaii, d1I~iscusig the very broai~d quc
e hLoin~g to the pro'tectionI of the attnim
a itlhiotry. Youi cLinnot, pre'vet ho~g cia
f lira by Inaws, lie said , unllless somieb ody se
that thle hlaw is enforced . Th'ie ilaw ne
I. is t hat d iseasedl deadl i. imls shall II
ed oterie h cnsalem toit,
counliltry. hie f~sw (evienc~s thatt thle fart
erIs dill not knows oif thi l' xistece1' of th,
slttte. '1lie law sLays11 jnilliR infectt
wit bi ((it agiouts <i sL'Lse, wt bi'eni Lcondem
Lcholeria shou011 ld i b diided by meians
om)Ii arranlgemen(It of thei taLx laws, for
t hmt ('ase eachi Io IiiI woIuld be inlterested
d prevent in~g suchi 1 diseases.
Tih'e <ptestionl whlich elicited thle mel
. wich~l PrIofessor' Th'orntpni, of Ithe Unaivt
sity' of V irgiia,: dieliveItd a very striikiu
best systmI'ls, thle cost of butildling thlel
r. part oif the qelisti on might, he0 best, mat
I aLgedl. lie toLok Ltronig grouiisi ill fav
(If the' Ltate1 dingi tile worik w'ithi ain e
,gincler in chargepi, w ithi hieadquairters
Ithe Capitiul, and~l witlith uorinaiiite engif
('I i t io supem ie the work in pro(gr'ei
11e 11hough~It it Li wa:ste (If time toi bui
rioads thia'. w'uuld lilt last for aIIllt
-ieI was follciweid by (apitainl Vawvtl
whlo thlouight ai giood( deal (If pract ic
n road1 buiblintg couhd be Laccomilplishe~d
L's thle peolhe woutld takePIi to tly inmportfin
it of goodI~ hiighways5, andl place at conteV
* ienlt places rol'k gathIer('d rpm11 the
farmilS, 5lhich Ithe ('ountliy conIl, ushai a:
sprioud onl thle road~s underl1 tile d1irectl
- Captainl 0. A. Broiwu, of Accotme
andl( lot-hers spLo ke oii thle same subiject.
ii. NIGHJT 8J.49PfON.
At.I night 111e bred ig (If hiorsel3
es I discuissed a t lenigth b iy Mr. Folxhiill1,
hi Da)ngertlhld, CJaptaini Jlrown, of Accomi
er aind thle li[on. T1. 8. Mart in, of A ilbemml
Thei( latter maufde at very spirnited de(ft:
of breed~linig and1( racinIgl horses, aigai
whii(hi he coniceivedl there was a y
strinig prejudice'.
it Prof. Atwsood, of lillalsbug, lectu
- on thle app111e iind its inis('t eneieis.
e r.PlyS gi, fLeorN
thdid Monay nhroeude
rho Farmers' Sons Will Have Their
College in 1892.
GnRa.vai.u, S. C., (tpecial.)-Tho
)oardl of trustees of the Clenson Collego
in Session it Pendleton, decided to press
the work in ill the departutents and pre
pare to open the College on leebruary 1,
1892. 'T ie sessions of the College will
be front February 1 to Deceiber I of
every year, making ten iiontlis for stu
dents to study and work. There will bo
to Satturlday lioliday, as in other shloos1,
and the sthool days will be six in every
week. No stdiieit under 15 years of age
will be idmiitted un1lecSS the tuldent t has
ln older brotiher in attendilice. Every
student will ie required to work-two
hiours of each working chay at intnual la
bor, and will ree'-ive such toipensation,
for his work as the board of trustees can
oter anld shall liereafter heutermine upon.
Tie Students will be requiired to live ind
board it the institution, except whierc
thiey live' nea';r enongh tt4 attentd from their
homes. Oird will be furitished It actu
at cost, which will not 1e over seven dol
LaIr a m , and h iks alotld stationery
w% ill b. ilIrnislie at actual colst. ''hie
itllege will bt inl' iiiilitary discipline,
:anl every st utlent will le retp1uired to
wA,411 at tanlli'or-il of ('adfle graty.
AI At'.TrnAI. A.ND TECt'lNOL(oM'AL..
'I'e h 1milso) fixed upo a list of
.tdies, but they(- will le given to tIe
pres!; later. There will be t wo general
departmhents in tit (' ollege, lie agricul
Ituial and te'thnologival. For entralnie
itto tlie ('ollege.' tle( applicant must h:ve'
a knowledge of aritlimtet ic, histoir, -
raply antd graiiIIr. 'I'e agritultural
course will be theorougiih, a.m111l tht Stiltiit
will be given a tcomiiplete edutation inl
practical as well ias scientitic farin iig.
Tie Ieclinological deiartmentli. will it
as ttoimiplete. as tlnit of any techn1iiological
schiool inl the iticotriv. 'le stamlard will
lie high, and every iacility will be given
for a t liorotugl cti irtse.
i'ml;L'A .\ t\ Disl'.\ TicNTm x'.
Tle boaird has th-tterin aied to provide a
prepar-atory depar-timentl fin are0umt of the(
present coidition of lie pul41Iit selools,
but, the Ha iitation as to agt Will il
ply in t.his departieit.
The ('ollege will be able to accommio
date tlree hundred students. Therie are
already over two huntdred applications oi
ile, and thy itre being received every
Ii 'rU'I'ION No'i iS ')
Th'la board hlas not decidled whlat thle
tulition fees will be. Thle commlittee onl
tile selcetion of professors has been con.
tnuted, and1t tile conunittee will take plen
e ly Of itme before imaking lie selections ini
o1 older to get the best posisibl.
PruOMnuS OF Tu1r14 ntUILmsOS.
it here aire one 'lntdred conviets lt work
. 4 sums.Thle experimlenital Oia
.IV all Vood ui iding tl' i be t
i "p. ln V 'V y IA. Two brick houeis
V hir Ili, u''. ti prtofessors are also liing
int islitd. Iheet are eglt-roomli iuildin gs
i. are em-te- wit I slate. The libtra
r, a thnecitI rick biuilding, )ne
hun-4rd by fifty fet,., i4 now being cov
\\'il'th s1t' ':Il 'ill soon le done.
A new stockade for ihe convicts has bten
buill, and ive dwelling housos, now used
by miieclittiiCs, liavo also been coiple(edl.
The historic old Calhoun house, in
whiich ''homlas ( Cleinson lived an died,
It Qaii been recovered, repaint d kind repii
e ("d inlside and outside. The trustees ale
rn iking their own brick andi hive 400,
Ie000 realy for use and four thlousand corts
of wood on the grountd for blunin more.
38 Ther'e is atlso at large <ptmttity o'(f stn 01 nil
" hand for laying thle foundations tif the11
A titherl buildlings. Wt. WV. P.
a' A New Rto;guo's Dodge.
hIndividuals wvho live by puttinig thecir
15 hands into other pieople's piockets anld
aptlpropr-iatinig for thir owni uses. what
ry they umay happen to hInd in themi aro
ifobliged to invent newt tricks to facilitato
their opierations, and( 0one of the latetst,
ilwhicht is nuiw, at all e'venlts in P'aris,'
seemshi to have answerel'td thie purposPe on~
several occasions. G~enlemnen il Paris lare,
Showever, no0w warned, anid pirobiably ini.
iefut~ure w~ill lie on their guiardl when ai
~,stranlger seeminilgly atccidlentally run~s up
aIlgatinst them, Tihei 1t respectableh-look ing
te stranlger who acts in thlis way mtanages, it
o- appears, to thlrowv the end tof a lighted
is cigair itto the piede(strian'ts gieat cotit
d pocket, andi, after apologiziing for hisi
a- clumismeCs, he goest awa'ly, the wvell
It' dre'ssed piedetr~iant heimg, of course,
a tquite unawaro oif the trick that has becu,
ig playetd 0n him1. A fewv minutes litter ai
af ctiuple of strangers huriry up to him, ex
ni claiming: "'Monsieurl, y'our ovei'coatt isJ
"i ont fire;ii anid, wvith the utmnost polite
ness, they squieez/e and compilre'ss the
burning cloth, proliting, it is nleedless to
sI says by the opiportunity toi relieve the
In po(~ct of whtetver of vahue it may corit
r- Lain. Several per'sonis have, it is stated(,
ig beeni robbed in this way while walkinig.
eC 9n the boulevar'ds, and1 before they dlis
c~ toveredl thp'ir loss the pickpiocketis wero
al lost in the cr'owd. 'ht lint fututre, if
some one stumbics up against a F'rencht
'ir mnargIn the streets of Paris, he wvill prob-1
Ii- ably, if lie has boardl of the trick, lookc
at to see there is no lighted eigatr end left
"- in his coot pocket.-London Staindard.
IdAn Arab water seller who was In
o Tturkey dlurinig the host war with Rlussla
wvas wandering about at the rear of the
albattlcfields with two freshly filled jugs
of water, calling out "'Clear, cool watter,
two plasters a cupful," when a round
shot boundIng alhong smashed one jtug to
ir atoms, aind the Arab wandetred on with
id out pausing, .and changed Is cry to
an "Clear, cool 'Water, four plasters the
cupful1-iTe Jester.
T' Io purify greay smas anu ptpo~s.pouir
down a pailful of boiling water in wh ich
three or four pounds of washing soda1
as love been..jissolved, A good diinfctanit
A. is prepared ina the same way using cop
~'peras. Copperats is a poisont and cannot
h-' be left about. _________
ast American Authors Now Protected.
1'y WVsnrNoToiJ, D). C., [Special.]--The
President has signed the copyright bill.
'-ed All oif regular appr~io priationi h Is havc re
ceived the President.'s signattWe.
21Atig.al musk is now hbeing manufao.
tbired in Germany.

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