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Entered at the Post-office at P'ickensA Z.
U,, as becond Class .Matter,
The Farmers' Publislung Company,
Editor and Business Maiager.,
Advertsoeuts Iuserted at sevctty ilve
cents per squiare of one ich or less.
Liberal discounts to merclants amid
others advertising for thice, six inmilis
or by the year.
To get your paper changed, always give
the name of (he post-ollive It now goes
to, as well a,; the one to which you
want it cuanged,
All anoisynuous articles will be rejetvil.
To insire iublication in tiue, all coi.
munleatlion should be sent to this oille
on Or before Moncday.
Notices of Marriages and Deaths pnh.
ilished free, blit Obittalres will be charged
for at advert ising ratea.
-d ..-0-. -
All letters and other mail
matter for T x1 m Picorrutc 's JouI
NAL should be directed to
Pickens, C. II. S. C.
"A Gleam of ijiglt.
"Wo have been trying for some
time past to ilduee our frimnd
of the 'JOURNAL' to give us ligh t
on the subject of 'natural advan
'tages' in publish ing a Ilewspaper
-at a court house town, but so far
(our offorts have all been in vain.
* * * * -* * * * * *
But When we read the above
In our conitorflnpo)r1ary w1 e l'cried,
*Eilureka. It is ' (tuit (I o/icial m
'verisementts' thatl .('O)Stitute the
""natural aIvantagex' inl publih
fing a niew.sper at acut os
tt wn. At last we have (iscov
ered the secret, 'Tr our brother
iin an unguarded monent gave
lhis secret aw ay ' -Demoeat
'We cannot see wly the diMtor.
OTu'tho .Democrat will leap at I"
monclusion 'and faney the sa:id
wonclusion to be an undisputed
amil settled fact. 'Thetre is a line
Ef demarcation hetwetii a fact.
and a;prodLuct of a fc.vi rish im
'That ve had a .m'or'et aned
fguv.-it away in n inguardel
rioment to our v'igilmit.1,eighi.bor.
aa thing that has n ever --xis ted,.
except in the fertile imagx' ina
thinn of our friend.
A~.summug 'ie attiu(a f~ a1I
kon~tcher, lie dlemandedi o'f us to
agila iu .the n at ural :uLdAt nitages
di ta court house 1emVn,, inl t he
KIawsphpore businiess. N ot r'e
cOgn'1ifng 'his rig'lfi to' L. oh anl
attiitude, we decl ine L a an
sw~er-'and wvas ov'er ai'ld in
Miiig him to auswver -lor .hds
*llhd we' attempilt' e t nn ior
t*e~ tuhose ad]rmages mul had
aiilled~ .to rmunle the <-mi fir .At in.
I i tioughts, 'we termM.i not, have
r i'Jtipated.iil ( the mesuil:t. oA' my I
f aillwi~te, H o w ever .as ' ie d id not
rtiem~pt the ardl:om. task, my
c stetrined precepor~ 'has kindly
a weried for uiet a ul('luis let
V' 'e yablic know th' e princeipal
a Ivantage as hie ce .nsi141ered it.
Wle have no4t --gr'a"ifiedl our
-n 3ighbor' e urios3it i n answer
in g his, questioni.*, rmdi~ really
t\ tought that he was asking
th emi, for the pmT ime3 of show
ing his4Owni supe)':.ior- knowledge
of journalism.
N'ow this thin g <> public andl~
oflicial adverti',e nets is one of
the pleasures of memCUory to our
friend, and -we cani 'excuse his
* over chiildish C turiosit y about it,
~f he wvill e ly~ hold us respon
Bible for V.hnvt we have actually
said onhi ~ISl~easant subject and
1will not try- t o ngake us accolint
for his own fanciful .idea of
what we said.'
This advantage,, unlike my
friend's telegraph monopoly,
was neveor neglected by him in
his palmiy days of journalismn,
but was exclusively enjoyed by
him and 'was protectedl by his,
theni constitutional right, to wit:
t'To the victor bolongs the
AL the Court of Sessions held in
Pickens last week, Judge Wallace sen
tenced. William Miles, colored, to be
hanged on the 24th of April, next, for
the murder of Jako Griflin, coloredl.
'rigy foll onut over a game of cards
Mat detober. TIhiis will be the first
case oQf '1t'igh.g that has ever occurred
- Dr. Joe~l Wi Boweni returned home
lst, feturday froxn Chuarleston, wherei
hie hasi beexn attenudinig the Me~dia#l Col
lege. Ite has aoimpleted one obree ln
mnedicine, and .ode moroesoaason 'will
'Mke hiia a 'full-fledgod dooltor
ProBw and Bamer.
Last week was an unfortunate one
for us, in the way of inisconstriing our
contemporaries. What we understood
to be irony and 'self glorification on
the part of the Easloy Democrat, was
.actuflly stIict and literal truth, with
out any figu.re of speech.
Then on the other hand, when we
accepted the statoinnts of the Press
mid Banner as cold, solid facta, we
find in its last issue that w(o were mis
taken. Still we have the consolation
to know that we were not alone, for
the I:orJI:'s ADVOCATE: (ommhlitted
the samue error is to our Abbeville
IHad the Press and Banner defined
its p1ositiol as ely t hen as it has
this week, there would have been no
clash, for there is no issue lietween us,
as it is evideit. from the fdlowing ex
plahlation of the I.,'ess an1 Banner:
"That. is ill that we nmeant to say
naaey: That the n1w papers mightI
have fou61n1d it (1heiper to buly the old
ones, than it is to est :li.ih new pa
Ifavin - g bought 1ih M...eng,-r, tile
Jo uNA 1. r s lone igreqble to the
op)inionl Of ourm. igh-Obor.
We have trieate. Ile ahove stat,
menIlt as free Iromi honiy, and.will <.)n
Siderl the reimaii iler, thomgh. wit ml .
doubt., as lilow iso i o, that objqq.
IC ngresstri n (I eorp. .ohnto
tly ~slit'e ite I b W ilt i t ( 4it''
[le I Vmji oft' t Ste1 11a11411 r1( t d i iieu,:
W1. sil \01 -. s , 111l )w |
WI .t Collgieis(. . li 1 vois. th e ( it'.4
hi llI al Is h i nl :10..)p inl wht
nAnyresde of t hn nmeset :Nei hor
Tigsuc wirtion from Wthe prgo
sedins as willov be oseur him artno-:
Af cconing to a oueat iitt uIis
ltly recetliltvdi by Adjet i lwrailt.'(
Pr~o-l trom th 1 Oeitl- S ta-tryo War
let ih Caroumg stmalitour ith of ith 1
L'he toos laeaof~ ur the Stateyare ilt-e
nt al y , 1,-i113;~ei ati ll ry. :iu 32;c id
.nfa snt,3ltS. Troopsr of Newh Ytork,
:huet ts,,20
ills 'r t Cos a Sreti>E.---While m r.
Dwst the yuu sheju til nq Lb d brom
hret eare inow, jsteod wtheI Sau-~
wascmaking heravy ohe n rivhn
he waps ugh bei thet lliad o m-r
ere aton te Ayum i. There had
A corrk espondent ofs the Net York
Timsd byrit i fro O Wahntonv
teak se follows of our i Goeno:
ln. t has benerin thepilvetile
lpresentate. whaih wis a prtiihI
com to t hle.Gvros fSae
lie ds oungpe toong l manouwih
tmoobe a c e:' and lierk, grimy cm
pleook lie s Grtr orl and e slende
andit somewha. awkwa S in hs moe k
Is handvesareiou;:h ~t.I n, markodi
lavkith tht (scarsiftoi, andm to brani,
wits ar cnoetlt foted Lul h1( ett.
ieetry inof which denotes frmess
enAt anyu Pime y r a smile. oe
a btLlnns aboutgr his LTnnban(e.
caued tboith absece or an eye.
thel socker afd histle-yis anmpty.
Hcae :aofl au selighte fai'y. rem.
blante wok hil brtegi, Representtiv
I a~r to th .80u li. M h i~io
a o fthe ahustling anpd y Wes.
MRZ. EDITOR:-It has rained s
much since Christmas, that th
farmors have not had time t
break their land preparatory t
plant a crop; therefore a word o
advice might not be out of orde
Already wo see some farier
plowing their land when it i
too wet, I think it is much het
tor to w'ait until the land is dr
enough not to injure the laml
then break all the land you cai
Until the time of the year come
to phllt corn. -Then, if you ar
not done break tig, take a foiu
inchI bull tongue plow and ]a,
off the rows as deep i a you cain
drop the corn, then cover witl
sainme plow, puttilig a small ridg<
oil it, runil Close and deep, so a:
to break the latid thorougiyi
around the corn. As soon w
you get throiglh with your work
don't walit for your corn to comm
up, but go back and plow th
middles ,elos and deep with th<o
Saine 'plow. Notice the 111111
that is liable to get hard, and
plow it first, or while thero i.
a "ood season in the ground. I
have tried this plan and think it
better-thanm to take tille to break
your land and be late in the sea
son plaiting corn, especially
upland cori.
As to cotton land it is too latt
now to take ti nie to broak it.,
so rni olf yu'r rows, double fur
rowing thern whelA nmeessary tc
imake a good furrow, put in thet
manulire anIld rid'go on it. Oi
sonie land it may be necessary
to runill twice in ridging, 10 as
to break the hu inmore thorough
,it s , ron the liaSt furrow
n ith a plow that will not throw
the clay ol top,
Well, Mr. Editor, we are glad
to o so m1any Spicy commu
ivntions aunI oditorials in your
nainable paper.
What ahotit "Allliance Boy ?''
bet's give him a stick of candy.
IulTH' iN .M IHm.
AN. El'nw: -y-VV(-eg oll
'(1ry side, three (he1ebrs for Honm.
V. Tl. Howen, for the vaY ill
vlich ho hl lled om' lleighbor,
he lIdlitor of the DMemocrat for
ainug the plre'slmtunpionl to aisk,
birough hlis papler, for informa
onll ill regardii to thle reimoval oif
al po'r v iser of Regi~s tu~rt ion. \vTe
athler* ebxlpI*uzm, b ou bi(t as to
Ile hNok agenlt wll) is no0w ill
Nort h Calbiiln, can'lt say whe'thI
(btter to thme /kmnocrat het appr~love's
>f e*very wordV~ of thle Editor
e'let 11ak ilng, themi ouLt an~d kill
know~ if the N\orlthI "Calrolinian"
R.~est iasy, Esrtx. and m Iak e all t hei
satles yoni (e1n, our oflicerb1s wvii
mak (bver y~ iofTor t. to d(o LI- Counb
On r~ A Ilianle hield its last meet
inmg iln thle A llianie WYarehouse,
iluil (elect~ed Wml). El Iis President.
Thos t5'Ihat wereI pre&senl t see'imedl
de~termllinied to h rvi v the m mn'i bers
nlotwVihtshulng it had gone
Iow (considlera. b for the laist
it. will eeni regain its formeri'
sit renlgth1 an;l be a shmininig light
to the organlization.
inr. Editor, we suggest that
Lvery' sulbscribler to Ithe JouHNAL
12o' righlt to work with thleir
ne(.ighlbors who are not subscri
hers, and ha ve thiemi subscribe
for the paper ,that is pulhishedl
for the goodl of the whole people,
we are sat ified thlat it has nmot
4 subscriber but what could get
anoi her One with -but littk(
trouble I.
Wie wouldI be gladl to hear0
from the~ correspondent of PeI
zerl soonf, we think ho struck
Mrl. 1F titor: As I seu nothinmgi
you)l helar from1 us. I am Ini men bor o
Cedar' Roc~iik Alliaco t hereforo 1 wi
hamve to brag a lit t le on our~ sub-Alli
an Ice, aIs I bel iebve it. is one0 ohf tho hos
wvorking Alilices iln thei (Jounty. WI
hadve) donie a great. (deal of' good for' on
membr~shi'llp, in the -i wa ofI boin
gulanos anld ofther goods. \\e ha.v
ulsedh th&. exchalnge and( foun ld it to bi
theo farm'l's fr'iendt, no0t. on ly to thl
memibers of t he A lIiince but to ever
farmerW1 inl thet Stato of South1 Car'olia
because the ehanIge has b~roulgh
near1 Ily ever'lything d1(own, the fairmor
ce.s that nre not using the exchtningo
inay-be they havo not got the mnoney
that is a verv good exce. im a
They all re not using it? I say
0 not-th some sub-Alliances in
0 this Co vlioso leading members
0 went inl Allianco to got oflice,
. ad got ipointed. What .is the
result.? ( is this ; Thoy would'nt
s iip the o oflico, and they will
s not life exchlalge, nor let the
cotton-w - weigh tl(ir. cotton, an11d
V the othe bers of their Alliances
thinuik th iders*have found at bit
gart. inl t liianeiS. They becomec
S indiffere nd th Alliance goes
( (loi. ? No oflice, no help inl
the Allia 0 More interest takcetn
il ite A e-ii-1)be until 1892,
Look o - ihiei, brethren0i. V
1 have as y en in our Alliance a
Iiotere is ii County. Tne 1nen
true to th ilaice, true inl every Ie
spect. A as oflice is concernei'
they <li nie ill the lliaice t<
get olice, -fore tliere s 110 discord
Some . ble abou.t the action o
our1 meIml of the Legislat ure. ]
think the . their Whole duty, they
wont for i ires not men. That i:
what we e (do,--Clchu3d or n<
Cleveaud.:-to farmern have go
enough 80sens4 fod the world Ilam
clotlo it, n- the~y have got mIe
with en.o1ighnmise t> know what tho:
want, and i +t for thoem. What d
you say, t'.rOrL fanler-menl or me10a
School Comnsioner, Pickenls ('ount)
DEAR j T:-Tithe Andersoi
County lher's Associatio1
will meet ithe Walker MeEl
mqy Scho house in Gaarvii
Townshipiderson County, o
the 21st inant, at 9 o'clock
he folleiig is thcr progran
Opened ,th song and praye1
I :t. Anr-ticle by a Picken!
County.Tehier to bie sioleotC
by the Seh( Coniissioner <
Pickens Conty, on subjeet <
vriter's h.ch.
2nd. Anmrticle by' Miss Mal
gie Evans e' Anderson Femia
College, on aanguage.
3rd, .Dehto,
Res-%.lved. Ihat the n'
methods of teaching are bettl
thn1- the oh.
One speaker, or, wvriter on ea<
side to be sdected by the Scho
Co 1issiomr of Pickens. I
Newvton wvillreperesent the( affl
miative and1 Prof. (C. W. Moor()
:D~'ud(letew onl .hio niegaxt ivo.
wVorth re'fer~.ece to such stiiI
a.s are' taught, iln the' comm~li
There' wVill be a questionu b
to be opene d jutst aft..er the nie
A t the close of the debate I
suibject will b~e left open ii
timelt will allowv.
it is (earnuestly dlesired, that
manyil (of thle patrons as5 eaui v
attemil thiis meeting. it is a
e (xpected that a basket dimh
wvlill. e served at noon1 recess.
Re-organiization of the Ass(
at ion wvill take place at si
time as may be dleemied mn
T1hie Pickens County Tfean
er's Association, together w
as nmany (of the 1)eople as f
intereCstedl in the cases of edu1
tioni, ar'e rehspectfully invited
meiet with us.
Seh'l CIom. AndIerson Couni
Prof. J. F. Dargan, will
liver an amldross on Relation
tween Parent and T( 'eacheri.
Miss Lida Bowen, wvill as:
Miss Newton, on the aflirmat
and Prof. J1. T. Price, wvill as
Prof. C. WV. Moore, on the ne
tive. ;W. Vf. F. Bummw
I 3eh'1 Vomn. Pickens Coum
-(' ross lhi' Alljince.
WHIERiIAS, God1 in calling
servants home to receive ti
reward, has takeni from
midst, Brother I. C. Garrick.
Resolved, 1st. That we 1
in hu~mble submission to
wvill, knowving that lHe doeth
things well,
Resolved, 2nd. 'hlat ini
(bdath of Brother (Thrrick, the
limnee has lost a true memi
ithe church a bright exam ple,
I his family a dlevotedl head.
.Resolved, 3rd. T1'hat a 1)1
t page in or~ inuates be subse
('(d to his meoroy,
Resolvedl 4.th. That our'
?' retary 1be instructedl to se11
4' copy of these resolutions to
e famnily~ of our dIecealsed brot
e, and thamt the Cotto J'lant
PE~oPLEm's ,JOtINAL4 1e regpe
to putblish;,
* C. if, CanPern
Th'iis world Is like ia crowded bus;
* A few good men01, perhapllS
May ihl ai seat,, bu me no~. of ns
[For the People's journal.]
Mr. EDITOn:-I rogrQt that du
ty requires me to appear in
print again, on the question as
to tho appointment of Supervisor
of Registration for Pickens
County, sprimug by the Editor of
the Democrat, against the Pick
ens Delegation in the Logisla
ture. le claims I did him an
injustice and calls on mue for the
neces-sary correction. If I have
done him an injustice, it was
an error of the head and not of
the heart. I am not accustom
ed to writing for publication,
and I may have varied from the
rules practiced by professional
men in the busincojs. tie (toes
not know why 1, did not send
my commnuica.tion to the De-m
ocrut for publication. I will an
swer by using the samo reasom
that he used for himself in ask
ing curious and puzzling qucs
tions: -"This is a free country.'
In defence of my position ij
becomer, necessary to recall
snch portions of his editorial, af
I used in hearing ny conclu
'He, (Mr. Robinson) Was
brave soldier in the late war
and wien the yoke of alien anm
negro rule was put upon ou:
leec'ks, none fought sooner o:
harder to throw it off than he
But it should be rcmembierei
that such men as C. S. Robin
- son, constitute the O1l guard1
they stood br the brier of th
a lost cause and charged in th
front ranks in regaining of ou
polical freedom. If they are n
longer to be considered worth:
of public ilaces, take them Ou
,-and shoot them. ''-Demoor)a(t.
' In reply to the above I sai
d .that the Editor wishes to in
>f press -n the minds of the read
>f ers of the Democrat that men wl
have proved themselves to l>
r-brave mn an1d true democrat
10 should be3 taiken 011 out anid hiot,
they are not god1' Iified to ill I pos
tions of trust. lie denies emphat
cally as to saying an1y vilulh of
"thing. It the wvordl.3, take thlel
out and)(1 shoot theil, vu ill
waIIV conntiected with the su11bj1
im (ispite out side of the pai
, r 11h wit h whichi sneh wrdils w;
. inu'iinitely conniectedI, I admtiat
oX .IIIl4st1 and c~oreete,; but if eve
pan1Igraph ~''Ui can be t connec twi
one elui s e sed thed
:n'i' miabt'o~ tee wherwe i h
ex igmosed imy wong;uul however,
on( binn wrL I~rV stadi orre~te
lt'i'1caims heiii lse jte wor
her tte them.adsoo h
t'o iailly' Tini is alijl i, I han
wordhii irenically to sthw e 'ei
as'aory 1e i'cepot o tme ofit,'ci
ill .gine'ti M. li oiso
eel being as brav niianot loyaltt' o ii
ofti whi'b t hi e hes0 justy eI
to ued t. A ota ~i
ost im thatright1to aask te re
t or b e remova',cl of theu Superi
(1(1-o eistto. I 111 ie ridoe)s to
be-aderi, s tohe3 gonst on wahich on
tlsedmm him. As01 tiopoi'hat~ pin
sa~5id hatI hold all ats of (1()me
borm ofn the Legitareso sublijetl
y.t be shruiizd byoi their coti
ga ntdoi I san be nr reinessi toi
b- wr ashosmyhte wardsip,~ on
question whenS~f pofol t emo
died.'tti' JItk wheny eito
wi' tionin thepinyere o dvid
0111 they shoud sow thetiri agenc
, sie. le W. 811lT.owyc
formai~ l possessio to the Coo S
ihis teortoy tlMnoml y. The3 aGoo
all is 1made by other paties to worn
t hatt field.
- atd nEs ---1-~4f - lace.
Th 'e late HFeniry War'dfBeechec- c
r)1',meceivecd a lott~er from i young
Lmit who r'ecomen~ided1 hiimself very hit
ask being honest, rand closed with
.ik'equest: 'iGet, me an easy situlat
rib- that honesty may be reade.
whicb Mr. Bleecher ri') ed ; "D)on'
sec- all editLotr. if 30ou would be easy,
Ia nmot try the la w. Keep out of clie
the pilt. Let alone aill si ps, stores, slt
'et', and1( ml~ierhanidise. 1ie not a tfarmc
11nd( ai mechanlliic, nlete aL sotldier or ai<
mted or, don't st udy, don't, think, di
work. None of them aret easy.
n, my13 honest frienld, you ar~e in a'
htard world. I know Qf but ont <
plac~e in it. That is tile grave."
Notice to Adven'isers
A LL Ada'er'isers woill please do io
kuldness to sucuad in chaniees ina alec,
mneuld on? Fridayi or .Satur'day, ,7
vs >would hare thi~an umear dit'rrnany l/u
Th No YoR 8toroV
P LAIN Worsted frout S. to 12 1-2 cents
p11r YarI.,.
Re tad whito Flanel 15 to 35 cents.
Sch .olboy jeans frout t5 to 33 tents pol
Caesimercs srom 30 to 85 cents.
Prits fron 5 to 8 cetis.
Dress Gingimn is 9 1-2 cents per yard.
10.4 Shede ing 20 cents.
Towels fromn 5 to 25 cents.
Ilillkerlhiefs fron I cen tI up.
For 43 cents you can get ia p'.ire silk
E"mbrohlilngl Cottoni 7 cents per dlozen.
I ,ae from 2 Cents to 15e p.r yard.
Yott can get a spool of button-liole twist
for one cent.
Table Datmuak 46 to 85 Cents per yard;
Coat' spool Cotton 4 etits;
For 2 ceiits y.-oil ci get a spool thread;
Kithing threac 21 cmins per lb.
Cor-ets 25 ents to $1.37;
Self fastenit:g lintir-pins 5 (eeits at box;
A pai per of Plls for mnm rnit..
Good bra., Pin for .1 cents;
Ball gilt, hair pis I ceIi;
For 7 cents youi Can get a bottlc of shee
Leal pencils 7 celts per iozen;,
Pipes 2 to '20 cents;
A box of siapl, :1 eake(4s for 5 cents;
Tobacco 5 and 7 ceit- a Iiphig;
Flom. , cheap as the heapest;
K I return1 Ilny thanlks Co. thle ptiblic:
for piast patroniage, aid hope it will be
All Goods soid1 for cash.
Jan. 29- EbsI,-:v, S. C
STT OF (soUTr CARo...IN A.
CoUNTY oF l1'l.cNs.
IN CoMMoN li,FAS Couwr.
Cyruts S.-Stepien';, Andrew C. Stephen
Edward It. Stephens, Mary% K' Mclesky
Eliira L. Ioggs and ,ucicila Carcy,
J. E.. StephetS, Margie MoriE.m o
nefr, P. 1). Mtephens, A. L. Stephens)
Atdie 1'. Stepnis and ( Aaron H rgs, It
Adniniist rattor of G reen Steplins, leieas
ecl, Defetulats.
t To th lie Defethfints :hove namec:
Yoi a re her-ly smtoill d antal retInnl
4.41 t~o anlswer thle mplt. inlOl thi-:l!
which wa s lilh. in the (le rk's (HflIve v
Piekeins Comtr ilouse, S. C., on the 22
Janiuary. 1891. an14l serve a copy if yoll
--aIwe to saidi coinplainlt (), I he sulb .tr
0 bvi- at hli, ollle, at. Pitckens Conn t. ]( s(
S. C., wit hin t.went y clay aft(r Itv seI vic
e h'reof, Xin-l.ive of the <ay of sieh !el
"vie, anl if vou fall to :uner Ihe cen
phlint withinl the timhe tfolrei, Ole yh.0h
itill' inl this actlion will applly to thlt ('oi
for thei' i'il ent ll nill'd( in the complain
Dateil 221 .hii iarv. 1Ull.
J. M . 6TK WA W1 T, C. C. P. 11, s.]
J. It. N IW~TON,
H To T lt 1ANt.Tk Nait ic
T11: t1 he ic.-et 1f Il alb ve :cti-.. i.
l pn-tion the l Eill ta:4 i f (n-n :
~ pa-in. - 4'."'-'h hue of -1dekn, ('.int
:iinl lit. fI ive ililii. -. .;I-(14
die rll.ii ii tuii li is ni il l Sl:i
- lf Solith ( ;olit:. . ' iy f 'ickN en ,
1.41waters (if IS mnile ( 'reek. ;I1ioinling. 1.1111
.it her of yo. J 1 0WtON
as 1 ' h.|.\it 1 --t Ni s l- a Iis 44 t ( i
having O CnEd t 'i-Ens oh
A rse nde othe, r Tniheingfah
. be invte evey. oilye thelioe llrt h'a
11 t~rnn-u C ie hi-h i'Cn-e 4 h pef
re111. Thle hueit I-'awhilne ritv.-d' Ri
-owll.14-t lier of Ced lift3 ltk~ :uli m
D alces, Goodha s, ho
Weinvite Lverybd, Sugr. Chefior
odto aond Cohere oe Potst Dish an
treetaweng PansMasonehubns
Bt ill , fo heux lity &cisol
in ~ Cokry-ocsuha
ro-s Ha.'tsm, ho-sli Jeas, eveothi
t, h aliesy, Gd ighas, Olheapf'c
Alknd Coffe PoUN't, Dish Pani
u.n.iai ehng fons Waoshan
&') , &c.,-3 & c n,
Engne aslieatio G
fla- Thathasee been brogh tnortisp
.d to do havew wil ofl hep fr e
'foe bater. Wn willctiorn on ths
nai- lackW ill selll Wo ood Slic
ken7ZW I hexheng 0sil'. Ye
tk otwr lUNTER & 'ill'AWTtlORN1sae
Janr . 2 W.18 17 O PiWkeO,
no Ii' COM. beg oo , informt
in opub1cc ~li a he. inwle pr.
edto do ay kind_____of__E____g__
noenoteomn nectio with.
n0nBlck ve Smitn Wod Shes
stoi'ors. hen seily o
the ge wr dn .popt..ad.a.sfc
on& N~-ali- -ron
hos Dr tW.tslo M. No rod, Assirstl
sal- jn9-r91-1y kwith rlo~c b o
m'l~i' o&Jtte'8 in
Ofts l over Wstmdcosdrelad B~v i~rs
Riohmond and Dauville Railroad,
A. k V. Air-Line -Divlsion.
In Pff'ect, FOrtiry Ist, 1891.
Eastern Time. Nos. 38 10 12
Lve Atlanta..........1115 716 8 10
Chamblee 7..............7 32 8 43
Noi crois.- ...7 42 8 55
D1uinth .................7 52 9 00.
S %wneo .......... .... 8 01 9 17
Buford............ ..., 8 14 0 31
Flowery raich. ...... 2-1 0 45
Pb m
Oniisiville ...........12 40 8 40 10 05.
Lulta........ ...... 1 00 9 09 1032
lton........ ..........9 12 10 35.
Cornelia.......... ......9 37 11 00,
Mount Airy......... ...9 45 11 05&
P 3t
Toccoa .................. 1 50 1 10 11 35
Wostminster ......... ... ..10 53 12 15,
Seneca. ......... ...... ...... 11 16 12 3Q
11 bt
Central ...........3 06 11 50 1 25,
A Af
Easloy........... ..... 12 19 1 55
G .reenvillo ......... 3 50 12 45 2 21
Q reers. ................1 15 2 65
Welord............ .1 31 3 07
PH5 AM U 1
Sps\rta htibrg ......4 43
C....on.............. ......~
Ga~es ..........:12 3 O
Blacksburg........ 3 11 4 33
ove ... . .... ........ 2 441
Kig'lMou~itain..... ....3 37 02
Gfastoiha.......... ....3 9 5 26
-6. 55 4 40 614
Nog.37 2t 9
Ix1' C('liote ....... .12 40 1 5 1 005
II('Il'ili,0iite ......... ... 2 141 1 213.
wl ... ....2 2 1 33.
... . 3 21 4 44
.....e....... ......;...3 17 12 23
3 27 2 23
(Tt1,.............345 2 55.
ArChalotte............4 40 3 22
Clifton ................4 18 3 26
A 5M
-SP111-11111inii'...1 .50 4 33 3 41
GastfO a .......... . . . .07
C ''~. . . 5 18 4 24
K i's ....a2n.13 5 40 2 5
Se ....................6 1 6 20
itkrgI.........3 30 7 05 .. 00
8(Iet .. .... 7 314 6 48
a)!'n I.Ste . .... .. 55 6 2
Cowe...............4 -10 8 3 5 7 20.
oit Airy........9 09' 8 00
C'1-1iL i ............ ...... 9 14- 8 0 5.
leto....... .......) 402 8 29
1 i1,1.1t..... ......5 299.5 8 32
5 50 10 10 8 57
"........O 29 9 15.
............. ..... 10 42 9 31
Siwance........... ...... 10 r) r)9.15
i.............. . .. 14 06 2 '7
11 17 10 10,
- :li lt ...............11 27 10 22.
We' At~llford.......... 20 12 0 11 00
Central.:...rii. N... 17 a 18- 00t.
ieinne ...i...daily exc S7 3464
'I Io vk-, A lan t5.3hI 1. '1., arriives at I'll
. h S. 1W e1 . r ... 1.,a n 1 .....A. 7 5 6rrv e 28
Toccoa.,..............1 . 4iu 401 P 31. 7 2 -
I o utnd~ Ar .M....... .... 9 08 00 _
Cornel ia ........ .....;. . 9 1 14V 8ti 05.
1' .o' (.I 1 . . .1 .m .. ... 0 . . . 1 i 4 i2 8 2
lt, la :S ........... 45 29 91 45 8 32.
' l<i nvery licit ... diy ... p. L29 915.
leaen Ifor...... . .5 . ..... 10i 42 :i 31,
Chn'imbl oee............ .... :ii 7 0 2.
Ni\rAlant . .IO 1. . . ..... 7 20l 12 00 11 00.
- Additional tain No-s. 17go ad -- t Lha
) accooeno~httin.t'l d iai except' wunayi At
idi l l' I. llungiinhi rain La -
-e.t An f. 1 arriived U 1 hint .50 tA M.
lei' e Lhtli fl an~ til he t-o. Ied dal..
ly. xcet Smht, :udVo. iaii lyo, leavCe
Li' L.h L.5 Mu',~ KEYnd1.4 A~. M'1. aie at
4 Albens 11.10l M.1111 an.30P.1
iMt :un G .M, ur- --
lietweenT'ccoa an-I letn--N.
anti (i iIthniy, exce Sm EIlav Ton.
coni 11. Afr .me . 0A '&'I,k UaeJ.
Lg hIer.n3 3 wl' a', and . (45 A M.tti Her
iIi, ost of "eminc ily, la 111 extept una
. laEeto . M.IS1.11 am~wtlilI 3 3 i ..\
arriye iToc 7g 1 lo M pnti70ng Mus. i
Now.l ci' l and 12s carry Pull:1(1 at.epers
blw''e lg.An Wa lehingon an pAtant candbe
os. :17 ~Iato In.-.Washigto and Sotfh
$ OtO 1.3 V erole Whindled between At..
Inni- wornd thho~ii. Odhidran. t
ex talre icaged on1( f~lis-chts W'tike
siorSpea ildedinfortion as tt'alocalawl
31 &c n'onu iheqh-,rts n uh
L. L. M87LESK ACY, U)ic ass. iga.
N RI&0 wSth78 htr,
an 1f1Mfr h WINOOD JS1
t *))EL warranted to 7~dS ite ol
spee, 1e1e q , oprtii, wuslne
Athont cis of ayrs t igha n anyma
chin1. 011as to iNk.6 r13 to~ Sote tee
oprtr ill e, substncia, nce
writin . Any n alintperscan bT

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