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A ~Ak
4 -'V ,
PIC EN 8 .
- trUA'
Mens, .Boys andl Ch
great. Variety
The GreeLnvine C
until this h'ecial H m i
The latest style [
Wear. Tihe latest ty
my stoek will besw
and get first choice,
* . ~ aroii~ffo oac t
4 8 8 0 c F\
El . 0,I47 re
S . w N..I- H .. - . O ,'
-mikn, A 0
Oc 10 3.
A.0 RALweGenilgg
380 rote n l ors s
matnto g'ent.Pces out
. $.. Wd0(OD Dentist, D r. p,
K0. MWC. Nbwon As stntOm ,
Ci n treet, Geenvill B. O.
- , '9W & ttny s t. aw
. J.0P. ARNS, Dwenst Greene - I
vi, S. C. Oraco I ortdson &
~8O~ .CJrnia7, , )u
MAcsee's DrugOStore.
n'tlyH J Poct. CatLL Pienti, -nd Y
hsPoessinal Services to ilhe I'eo~
flo anid realdence aut the Gifimi Iloose.~~J lA'IA
eOt. 2*-3m . itpjai
-if Exchange Hot'- ?o uuh.Io
GREiENV1LL~E, B. C. ~ *
0 . W. HENDERBON, Proprietor. -----
e. Merpu Xmpr6mente. Large B'~omsw.Vtrm
'aealteni: oComnaercial Travel an 'L'1,teti
- ine. Clmate' 'tl,'gar rounid. A p. 7, '92 Mmurran, in all
-I offer my sei
C ~ Will treat enti
'4 . ~O1'inar'y dlisa
- SIRON BITT'' i ]
4 ~ 0'Anp~P Aoa I M
N Clothing
ikdren' L L THING in
3othing man' offers noW
closed at ruinous prices
) Suits.
Over Coats.
Children Suits,
3 Pair Iauts.
Thg,< latest style Neck
Shits. 7 Everything in
very cheap. Come early
H. I1iNDE L,
83 Main .Street, Greenville, S. C.
- * - C
* Fe*,S ./
s, ag S~udle loiss, a
. O10. orRBM[ Snu.
SlXN eptR..1 , 1.P
ry urge. .
me110 d ases on OF KY.
Hytm Jn ko~tadosuffering witn any
I u.nly 1P.eoerouGRIa.~o.torluiiIitilQi
n s any. TY e.Wt i r anos Tltaph .p ialI
?4 ttn T - t n n at gMI T., it
(a~. .~ co~.n; WIL.3UR R. SMITH , LEMlMOTON,0 g(Y7
~i~ntg 6~i~en~,- Scientific Americanf
of oo1.ydescipti~. .Agency for
tCOPVR..NT9, etc.
Pick~res, . TR0.MrAS
To Buy the best DR'US, It the
lowest prices.
Full lino of'3LAN K BO)KS, STA
Closing oult our PAI HTS, A'T
A full line of AITIST'S MATE.
D. T. BACOT & CO.,
WVest Greouville, S. d.
-Oct. 5, 1893.----1.
80ota. and
One cent a dose.
THIS GREAT COUGH Cui promptly ctre
Whero All others fall Coughs, Crotip Bore
Throat. Honrseness, Whoopny Cough and
Aathma. For Consumption it [inn no .vv *
has cured thousandemiln will cutn on U
takenin timo. Sold by Druttgisto cn t guar
atoo. For a Lamno Unek or 116u1
aveyou aurr h ? TI0s roenj -..
tcodtoouroyoth PricoG3,69cl".
Fs the iu a
ISpli t Bot k.
adi . V j
Te'"(leone Nos. GI anii ...
Night calls will be answered by Tle.
phon!e No. 38.
63 -and 5v .
Drugs Drugs!Z
T., H E on h a nId(l al uiI?aun
LETYL AlIlTICl.l>s, FA NCY ( 0 0 D .
A\ larg!e Eflockit (' CO Il S lUC i U i 'i~
will cure' your(nll Cuh:unl hs
A full Iine of1 D~iinnta 1BY lB C :\ I' \S
and SPI'.CTA\ Ihi>m for your m'e. I n~i:
fIt you up no t hat it. witi b a' puu.' ore '
As it is now I ini, to 'go to ( I..Ue ain;~
enmiie ando see abt 11
WVill keep afutl. line' onl hand.
'Thein there are PA INTS and OfiU ; in
full line-...and every thlint iuual ly found a
ai first-classu Driug St ore.
[email protected]' Phyiiansu~' Preseriptdions carefIul ly
compoundo:), day or night.
When you come to.Easley give mc aI call.
Ji o n iiin'sOdEn
0 Fk j ' E,: ;N.7 !EJach.
(LT> Please ive w:\ aI~ (all when you
nieeld~ili B ing M ria!
T. 0. 00Y R & SN
10! \\ hinton N reet,
Aro broken d(I )'V (3 n-.' .( - ne hoilehold
Cfar .. ...a .: (~t f ..t * .
flie Rnevi e Dispen aa (y.
T]Ill?1-A N I VIDENT'lIUI)lJ.,'aN 'r11,14
ClllNK Il- ]lEty .I[IL. TillOT.'
WnHCil iIQl.'0I MAY FLOW IN (1
1. AN)SP'olrTA''ION ,o1I PAN I iCS AN]
SE';Alteli AND) SU,;zVUH WyNor'11
T IC117T.
'Theck imiost important points 0
tho now disponsIry law aro as fol
Section 1. That tlio imnufact
ure, saile, bartor or oxclaingo, ro
eOipt, acceptance, delivery, stor
ing anid kooping inl possession,
wiUhini this Stato, of any spiritll'
011:4, 1all, V i ol uS, forniited.
brewed (whot.hor lager or rico ber)
or other liquors or anly Compound
or m1ixture thereof, by whatoVoi
nam1 called or known, which Col
(I ill. lecliol alnd is used i1s a bov
lrago by ally person, IIrimi o1 co1
po ral 10)11 teIo tralisportllatiO)re
niOVaF, thw talking froml tho depot.
0r' oier p1lleo by colisignivo or oIll
1r poersoll, Mr t-he ptyillint of
figiht& or exIprss (or other Cllarges
-Iss, i oca, tss4elulioll o!
Upo ally Spirilliol.ls
(n h e. riorothe her
Il' 44 ']' lq o (14 a1' 41111 C 0 114po 4lli4d
Iil ". 11 4j1144ti'4,id .. 4 N .1 1 ,\ '1( 4 (
-w 1m W\'Ii. Wlilh Con
In '.11 r i i") 111l f ll va hI (1,'d t'll .
1 (In I Ii - () l rI* il
A 1- 4 ' i d Ii4 < V I II tiiW
:111d IllaV ho Se.ized( \\ lierover foundit
w oit loti W a rralt. and I iiflod ovei
t() the l-hIto etl llIllll~ e l r
S-eetioii 2 C0 I( til It.(i 1114e g111 el(
or, tl ori' gell 111l111 anid eolip oll
(11' g'l111111 t oSt. k-tato board (.f coll
SeetiIi .3 prVid( s for Iltv- 1p
p') llill ol1 li' t e goVernor fil i
IS 1a(1o et2mii1SSi1n11 to SOivo t\W)Io
yeairl, to Iho paid $01,000 a1 year Iild
(4ii Ve a book k l- at $1,200 a
V"'11 8 1111 Such (I)le ( l (I4i1a at
l4i 11 Xjb 4 < t1 h p ovit-ft a.)ir t he etYl'
m'4i' iolners' earets foal i
1u1 sh4ipped ando says:in od((4 n '
Ag l(I W liol sl( C i lOl carriolca11
ally C4)el'il o coinptillilllileri
MM hal beshipe 144) of(( th<
il ac4ti)hi he4a4 r Als
I d 4 11 (I 41 e .O(igli 14(1 ( a14 ll ri' I
ri1r sh berearde as414 contrai'
a1 I pealt o f11vo hun(4 dollar:)1. I
foreac offnc, tio ( ) hi'rocoorti
(114)' by14 Hlm1llh(is alid01 clllp11ll111t
proi.4 e1dings( I to 111( insut ituted d h
whomt 01 1vd)e may))'(1) ho4 thded b;
a nyOiitllUr or' .14 itizenhavili kinrw1
Cdg 411 t i' l fr la ln ft eVil
S o." l7'ae 0113clllg
llTho e'd ro this ecion . dprid
i eQ' I umoist h to ' 111) l -lt is e1nt
1hs 1)Llen providav .- glutIrr
uts never boon et
ting the liquor laws, "ana b,
'"wpor of a rostaurant or placo of
public aiusomient, and that ho i
- not addicted to tho use of intox
icating liquoks as a boverage.'
ThI'o bond is *3,000, and is liable
to civil action for damagos caused
by violation of tho law or tho dis
Spensary rules and rogulations.
Section 8. Thoro may bo ono or
moro county disponsors appointed
for each county, the placo of busi
noss of each of Whom shall be dos
ignated by the county board, but
tho State board must givo consent
boforo more than ono disponsor
can ho appointed in any county;
and when the county board desig
natos a locality for a disponsary,
ton days' public notico of which
shall bo givon, it shall be compo
tent for a majority of tho voters
of the township in Which such
dispeIsary is to be locatod to pro
vont its location in such township
by signing potitions addressed to
the county board requesting that
no0 dispensary bo established in
th at towinship, whoroupon somo
other placo may be dosignated.
The county board may in its dis
cret.ioni locate at disponsary olso
where thani in an incorporated
twni in th cointios of BIeaufort
m111d Ilorry and others. Provided,
lmwvewr, tihat any county, town or
-itywh erelin the silo of alcoholic
i iqIr wa;s proinbited by law prior
to Jly 1, 1893, nu1V secure thw es
uhlAishmen(.t. (f It dispensary- wit
inl 'ts borders in tho following
nmer w: E pont pt it.ion signeod by
onc-fcuirthI thel qualified voters of
i luc ihIy, town or city wislhing
Sdispenary Iterein, being iled
w-itli ith.e oun ty com il n ssiongrs or
tok)wni or City COilcil, rspetively,
I ilwy - Sl.111 orera election suib
mittin g thw qeistion or dispenisTy
Or t dispensary to tho .quitlifiod
voters of such county, town or city
and shall prescribo tho rulos, rog
ulationts, returns, hallots and no
tice of such election and sliall do
claro the rcsult; and if a imajority
of tho ballots Cast bo found and
declared to bo for a dispenslry,
lisled in such cunt~y, town or
city : Provided, thil, displlsaries
um:ay lhe established inl (le coniitios
of \ illiamsburg and Marion with
Oit such elvetion ill coIplialco
with the other requiremonts of
of this Act, and that nothting in
Ithis Act Conttainted shall be so con
st rued as to pirohtibi t porons res
iden t in other coun Lies whiich shall
elect to have nto dlispensary from
pr cuinig l iquors from (lispontsar
ies in othe~r countties, or counht y
dispopuscrs from shippiig same0 to
-1 I)wir places udflnloco uinder
- prop('r labels or cortificatos.
Section 9 contains the dispon
ser's oath which intcludes a pledge
ntict to soll to anty minor, intoxicat
edi prsonui or person wvho is in the
habit of becoming intoxicated. It
also provides that the dispenser
nmay at any time be removed by
the county board of control.
Section 10 providos5 the details
of management of the country
board of control. Momboe are to
,be paid $2 a day for not more thtan
-thirty days in a your and five cents
n mi leago. 1'Toirt clerk is to b)0 paid
.$:2 a day for not nore than- thirty
- 'days. 'Te sect ion onds as follows:
- ''All profits, after patying all ox
pen 1es or -the counlity dlisponstary,
a shall hol pid~ onie-hlfl to the coun
I y trIeatsurly and( 0110-half to
.the mu i c Iial corlporai
tion ini whicht it miay be located,
.. tuch settlemenuits to be( mnao q1uar
tLrly: ProvidU(I, That if: the aut
'thor'i ties of any t ownt ori city which
- in thue jiudIgmonet of the State boardI
of conitrotl (d0 not (.nforcoi this law,
SIho Stato board maty withhold the
r. part goinig to the said~ town 0or city
and uso it to pay State con)sttalos.'
- Section .11 providles the melthod
s of buy ing liquor. b)y application as
s horotof ore.
-Section 12 deals wvith the filint
and keeping of the blanks and ap
0 plications.
Sect5lo 13 provides for tihe re
turns of the county disponusor t<
the county auditor, not later thar
Stho 10th of each mon th, to bie mad'
under onth.
sSeotion 14 provides for the re
a moval of any dispenser failing 44
n0 make his roturn. It- also pro
ing liqu
State or
mixing -liqua1
sociation 0iq~ooram
ufacturo for -sal seIo
salo, excharigeb9 rte'Xor
any liquors containn1Lo
any purpose wlateVer,
than as provided in his ac
ponsers as herein piovide
alone be auithorized to. se,
dispense such liquors, and4
mits must be procured 'as
provided fro'm the county b
control: Provided, That th(
ufacturers of distilled, maltr
ous liquors, who are doing
noss in the State, shall b all
to sell to no person. in this .
except the State eommissionei
to parties outside the State,
the State onimissioner shall
chase his supplies. from b.
and distillers in this State, I
their product reaches the stai
required by this act: Pro,
Such supplies can be purchar
cheaply there as elsewhere.
ry package, barrel or bottlec
liquors shipped beyond tho
of this State shall have 'g
the cortificato of the State cox
sioner allowing the same, 0
wiso it shall be liable to co
tion and the ra.ilraod carri
shall )( pulished as in See
And provided, That any
shall havo the right to mdI
for his or her own use froir
or other fruits.
Section 16 providos thut
pensor shall 3 p ngoui
of a UnitC4.1
dealor or notico
alcoholic liquors
placo priia facie eviden
lation of t1 lawvad
ofinder to $10OT hni 7
ment not more than
Section 18 authorki
druggists to buy of thei
dis)onsors intoxicating liquors
compound medicines, tinctures 1
extracts Which can not be usec
bevorages. Disponsers shall W
chargo more than '10 per cent
profit on such liquors. Drug
must koop) a record of such puroe
sos and the uses of liquors s2a~
chased and make quarterJ
under oath to the c
and county auditor. Any
gist bartering, selling or givl
away or othofwiso disposing of aj
liquors for purposes not authorl,
by this section shall forfeit his
con so and certificate. The. St
commissioner is authoriged to a
to mianufacturing chemikte a
wholesale druggists alcohiol (bt
barrel at cost.
Section 19 provides a fine of$
for obtaining liquor by fale r
Section 20 makes any dispense
or clerk making false retur4e9s
official statement gi
Section 21 is against oWb'fK
says. 2
Scotiong liery
shall directly o iA'
maintain, by himself,
ciating or combining i
:,r who shall in any rni
assist or abet in koepn
taining any club roi
lace(~ in which, an~y $%b
liquors are received o 4~e
barter or sale as aby
distribution or divisiou
momnbers of any club
tion by any moitna who
overy peron'O~ who . shall
bartor, sell, assist or .abet t~
in receiving, bartering .or
any alcoholic liquors no 4~*d'
or kept, shall be deemed 1h4f
a misdemeanor, and upoiaook7
tion thereof shall be punishe )
a flue not to exceed $100 oMMt
days imprisonment: I l1
That the State board d0o~~
shall have the power, upoi~~ a
or showing i6' under asu) 1
as they ma adopt, to
tels where tourists or h '
ersr resort, from .beln5
nuisaflps or yieldt~

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