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'a I M~t W.,
E.Q. Mo#jut L. E. C1Lnn .on
A..MORGAN, Lawyer, Greenvile,
. .VO.Practices- in all 004rts. Es
poolel attentiedgiven, to -V6keni Count.)
s -Jan. 7, '92.
DR. 1atQD Denutist, Dr.
W4w ,j.nwoon,:Asistant. O01
88J1t)liis Stjeet- Greenville, 8. 0.
J. P. CARLISLE, Dentist, 0Greon
D W,11e; :. 0. 01oice over Addison &
McGee's Dru Store.
V . F.-WIVILLIAig 8Is Blow pra
-iet1V 1oced at, Plckeniv, .Mod 0i\e, S
hs Proesiina) Horvlcew to the pt'1oule of
thw towni amti sirrotilnllig c-autry. Of.
fle anlid reidence at-tieu Griffi n lvinso,
0Qe-. 8-3nI__________
The Exchange Hotel,
C. W. HENDERSON, Proprietor.
Yr.dern Improvoments. Large IRoons.
Speelal attetitlon.to Coinniercial Travel tit
Tourists. Table Fare Unsurpassed.
Flub'Climate the-year round. Ap. 7, 9'
Livery, feel, Sale I !zhange Stablis,
Easley and Pickens, S. C..
* (Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages. .Buggles, and Saddle Horscs,-at
- reasonable ratcs.
$W Your patronage solicited..
A1, C.AUK. Ono. E. Coor
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers In
Marbe ad~ granite Monuments,
TOMBSTONES, of every descriptio i
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenviilc
8. 0. Sept. 19, '91.
Veterinary Surgeon.
Having an experience. of fifteein
years in treating all diseases of cat
tIe, and having made the discases ol
Murrian, in all its forms a specialty.
I offer my services to the. public.
Will treat cattle suffering with any
ordinary diseaseg'
Sept. 2. Pickens, S. C.
Drugs! Drugs
I IAVE on haiid at all tines a IuIl lie
A large stock of COUGl SYRUJPD that
wIll cure your Uotughls and Colds.
A full line of D)Iam.uta EYE GLASSES
and BPICTIAC[LES fur yvur- eyes. *I will
fit, you up so that-it will1 bft s",pcearefor.
you to read. Irtng
As It Is now time~ to go.to -einn
cumec and see atbout
' ard cll SeedSh,
Will keep a hul, liiiln and.
Then there are PAINTrS and OILS ;In
full lino.--adiei evrory- thinji: -ually. found a
a first-class Drug Store.
g8- Physiclans'' Prearrptionea caiefudly
compoundu]..l ay or aiht. -
Wheeiyou dome to.Eusley give me a call.
Qulllani'is Old Stand
eqasley, 8. 0., Feb. 9. 1393. l y
$100 Reward
For the Merchant that .gives you
more Goods for your money thena I
will. Jast notice the following pri
ces :
Ci o-rlnmo-NRw S-rOCK.
Do o - .7
Men's do 4,75
Do. do 65
Do. .do .7.00
an g $15.00. . . .
aCoffee10 p)OUnds-to thie dollmr
Cotton Checks dIj e. by thee boll.
8:A Shirting 41 a. "
Prints, all styles, frm 4 1-2 to Goa.
all colors 7c.
Good Brogant .Shoes 75. c0et..oj.h.
er Shoes ~in lpriotion
A lot of Shoes, . small and large
Nos, at cost.
Olldns otree s8hoe 12~ cenits
Jeana at 18, 9,0, 24 'and SQ cents,
.Can't be beat at the price.
1-will buy your lhnt tCo'ton, Sood
Cotton, and Cotton. Seed, at market
prices. Also, dr y. o~r greeni Hides.
Mr. C. H; ParliinA and Richard TP.
Halliwn, are now with me, and will
be glad to mee't..tIy-iffiends.
3. I. Brown
bet0,,, e,1, 68
.,Go TO
To Buy tho best DRUGS, at the
lowvest. iprices.
T'OV.ElflY and S C 110 0 1, SUP.
Closing out our PAINT-S, AT
A full line of AlTIST'S MATE.
D. T.' BA( OT & CO.,
Wet (reenuille, S. C.
Oct. 5, 193.-..6w.
Smith & Smith%
Is the Placu for
Split Bottom Chairs,
Cribs, Cradles,
Tables, Wash stands,
Bedsteads, Mattrasses,
Coflins and Caskets,
D ny%:and1Night.
Telephone Nos. 6 1 antl 38.
Night calls will be nnswered by Telc
phonec No. :18.
SMIl & S31III,
63 and 65 MNain.trd G'Urnvilke, S. C.
T1I16 Bost 811d kraost.
6YE E'T, at $1.75i 'Each .
GW Please give us at call when~lyou
needl Buildmig'MAaterial.
0 o WI1.itonI St reet,
O t. 1). *Ggenvilk.. S. ('
D)ealer in
tches, Dimoods & oewen
-DF~A.E-RS I- ,t
All Kinds of StapTe and
IFancy G roceries, G rain,. H ay
and Feed,
We are makig a SPEC..
IALTY of Flour, and can~
certainily lea~so a~s to quality
and price,
Ouir Christne imi oo~ds. ai-o
arriving~ :mi\ w'invite you to
Grecge r I e 0r9uo5s.
Corner Plendleton and (' i r(
G~reenvilie, S.. C,
HIW LtI~ TI _ ~~rONL$2.O
ANYlOG 4 1ffe
##0%040,,800Faimon Av,, Il Ps
The onforcoineit of tho now Dis
pensary law is to begin with a vig
or which will have widoleffect and
which will result in violitors feel
ing t.howroight of justico before a
great ,while.
MlEvory picco of legal machinery
in South Carolina ' must. work to
gother. Thero pust be no lagging.
No'rust will -bo allowed, and the
pieces must movo together for the
honofit of one great whole.
This is what the State Board of
Control says, and the members are
in doad earnest.
Since the new law was passed
the fortiloeninds and vivid iinAgi
mations of its opponents have been
at work to find nea n4 to ovorrido
its provisions; to find loop holos;
to encourage violations by. pieking
it to piocos, but every now scheme
is mot with'a countor movo iwh ioh
is not looked for.
Oine bright hope for violators
was that whon they are brought to
trial they will find Trial Justices
in sympathy with thorn, and that
in tho drawing offjurors it will be
thoir friends who will it in judg
mont on their cases.
Governor Tillman announces
that the Trial..Justice who shows
projudico in any way will bo do
capitated without warning and
that a man will bo put in his place
who will administer the law with
put feeling or friendship.
Tho Governor impressos this
fact on the Trial Justices in the
follow iig important circular of
instiuct-iAms NNiiichu ho' has iailed
to overy.onopf them:
"Columbia. Dec. 30, 1890- .
"Under the Act approved Do
eonLh(,r 23d, a copy of which i'
horowith soit you, the duty will
lavgely devolvo on Trial Justices of
entforcingthe law. Tlio stattito.s,
as construod by the Supreno.Courf,
.rdquire:that criminal cases'cQmin6
withifi, the jurisdictior of * Trial
'IStico *shall b6 tried-b -jury on
.the glemaid of..tithe 'denaiit,oth
orwise .by ,the Trial Justice him
'elf. Jurors'are to be. mamnoned
by tio-cot stable -affot six nimes
hIavo '*bee drawn froin" tho fitt in
Which eighItoen iiannod .iave.. beon
placed h. thto constable. It- will
be tho duty of.Trial Justicos to see
that io waifies are it in tho hat
except' thoso,of' mon wlvho Will fihd
a verdict accordirig to the evidence
and not perju-re themnselve.s through
pjud 01ice2aant.h a..ra
*or to enforce .thelawv .may as well
send - n their resignations, as no
niegligenico" or' favtoritismi will be
"Enclosed will.b1) found a form
of search warrant, as well as a form
for hoegin1ning nuisance proceedmngs
undlir Section $2'6of the Act
"As it is impossible for'Stiig
constables to cqver tile entire .ter
ritory. era utcs are expect
ed t() 'soo thiut Pieir constables
soizo all. con traband liquor andl
mna ke arrests of. .p~ar ties breaking
the law nts provided .,by thoe- Act.
Every seizumro thus mnade must be
reported to thme Stato Commission
er, who will,.sond a .cer tifica te for
the~ shipment to him of the con
t rahanmd Iinjuor. For~ such wvork
'ons~tales will be pid a reasonla
bl0 foo umponm reporting the facts to
"pcal- attontioh is directed to
Section 29, giving'the- 1ight to ex
amno spiio ns81$)I~O1 pack age~s.
"Trial '.Tust icos* v*'..oar cs
airest andI 1ro-coed againlst -express
.ghsad railroad agsnmts, or' oth
-Or' 'lrIi~it01imyfu, whub lag
IhIemlv;O es, 1in6e untdor the provi
ios f t-ho hw..-.,The right to
e"nr''h withiAnut a avarrant -applies
only' ta p)lces of buii'ess or 'ttblio
p llace's. Ini all ca'sos whero liqueo
is believed to be in a p~rivato redi
donce and1( is, being sold1, search
*warrantsIIijgt bo issued. P~ersons
are ny$t allpotved to buy) in other
States and"'bring. into this Stato
any -quantity greater than one gol
I"Trho searches must be confined
]to depots, and no car will be enter
ed to make search, unless by ex*
.press orders of the Governor.
MI3 B Ter4vmAI (QYnuni.
Tho blank form for a soaich war.
rant, enclosud with the' circular,
will b6 of -interest itiasmuch as it
has been 'prepared by tho best lo
gal talent of the State. Every con
stablo or other officer will arn him
self with one of those warrants be
fore makingisoizuros. Tho follow
ing is the blank form:
-Search Warrant.
To the Sheriff of the above County,
or any Constable:
Whereas, it appears to inc
a Trial Justice ih and for the coun
ty and State above named, by the
information of - that the fol
lowing contrabrand intoxicating
liquors n'ro now' unlawfully in the
possession, storage, and keeping
of, and on the promisos o *ccipied
by in the State and county
above named, the said placo boing
(Horo describo it) in or near the
town or city of -- and that
the said hath probablo cause
to believe and is informed and
doth believe, that tho said contra
band liquors so illegally kept are
in the house (or other placo ap
purtenant thereto) of the said--.
These are, therefore, to author
izo and require you. with necessary
and proper assistants, to enter in
to said -onso (or other plaeo ap
purtenant thoroto) of the said
aforesaid, and there diligently by
day or by night soarch for the said
contraband liquors, and if the
same or any pprt thereof shall bo
found upon soarch, that you bring
the said liquors so found, and also
seize and bring ll vessels, bar fix
tures, scroons, bottles, glasses, and
appurtenancos, apparently used or
suitablo for uso, in or about such
liquors, take a complete inventory
of th' sar.e, and deposit the samie
with tho:Shoriff, which said arti
cles are there to remain, to be dis
posed of as roquirod by the provi
sions of the Dispensary -laws.
Given under my -hand and seal,
this - day of- 189
[ L. S.]
' Drop In- Sugiar.
Philadelphia, Jan. 3.-The recent
doclining tondency.in sugar priccy
culminated yestorday in a cut of
eno-quarter of. a cent a pound in
granulated, which brought tho not
price - below the lowest quotation
on ieoord. * The price was fixed at
4.conts; less a rebate of 3-16 and 2
iper cent. discount to cash buyers,
so that the net cost to jobbers was
3.74 per -pound. The lowest pre
vious clount was '4 cents- less the
cash di-scount, in the fall ..of 1891,
shoi'tly after the removal of the
duties on raw- sugars, and at the
time of the irreckels competition4
withl-the locar refiners of this grade
of sugar. At -tie time,- -howov'jr,
thore was no' robnito, such as is now
allowed under tihe :terms of lwi
agroomon t beotween tihe .refners .andi
the wholesale grocers ; -andi thiecur
rent pr'ico is, therefore, tihe lowest
ever touched on refined. sugar.
* . Iere's Another Crauak.
Ch icago, Jan. 3.--Theore was groat
excitement in .the .office of th.1
oflico of tile Criminal Court cerik
to-da~y when . a big countrymnifi
stalked inl and dIomanllded an'l order
to see Pondergrast, the assassin
"I intend to got hlim out of jail,'
said the visitor calmly. "Ile has
dlone nlothing wrong in killing
Mayor Harrison. I demalind hiis
freedom. If you will not lot him
out you must let m1e( soo him anid
then~ theo Lord wyill helpi me to lib
oralt( him ii " D~.'toct i v RiioanI ' enm
inl j.3st 1choi,1 andlC ilinog a pptIrolI
wagiIon. induced the~ Imn to) ride4 to
his etomrg..
"My name is Fredlerick A. Names,
and. I live in Ottmy~a,. M ich." said
he. "My business is to p~roach theo
gospel and inlduic God to asist the
contrary hearts 'of the rich to 11011
the poor and noedy. I* wap t to ge0t
*Pendergraat out. He 'did right ini
killing Qartor Harrison, It was
for tihe good of the world. I had
been praying about it for soveral
days before ho tvas killed. One
day whlen I was going to Engle
wvood I was told thlat Harrison had
been killed, and I knew my prayer
had beon answorod."
ON, D.A,. --lr,
chairman of 4qrg~iin
affairs Emmittee, offered a resol'6.
tion sotting apart next Friday and
Saturday for consideration of the
Hawaiian reports. Mr. Hitt sec
onded the request but Mr. Boutollo
endonvored to call up his rosolu
tion relative to Havaiian affoirs
off'ored before recess. Turner hold
that Boutollo's rosolution was not
priviloged and made the point of
order against it. The chair, after
hearing Turnor, hold that Boutollo
had the right to call tho matter
The resolution wis then road
and McMillan raised the question
f consideration, stating that he
ished to go ahead with the tariff
4ill. McCreary then made anoth
>r effort to have Friday and Satur
lay set apart for considoration of
0he 1Hawaiian mattor. After some
liscussion a vote was domanded on
Aie question of considoration rais
Id by McMillan. A rising voto
resulted yons 57, nays 126. Bou-!
ollo demanded tollers, pondindl
vhich McCroary demanded the
reas and iiays. Tho latter was
igrood to and tho clerk began the
'ol call. It resulted yons 3, nays
[35, showing that fillibustering
ind bogun. Boutollo mado tho
>oint of "no quorum." McMillan
uovod ia call of the houso. The
-all disclosed the prosonco of 203
nembers, moro than. a quorum,
mt lator it disappeared when it
mamo to voting. The hiouse(, at 2
)'clock, adjournod without taking
ip tho tariff bill.
W As IN N , 1). C., Jan. 3.-When
Ao vico prosident rapped the .
ito to order at 12 o'clock
)aroly a scoro of sonators
Ahoir seats. Immediat'
-eading of the. ju -
Blackburn, of Kentucky, preti a
Led the credentials of Eppa Hun
Ltn as senator elpet from Virginia
Lo fill the unexpired term of the
lato Sonator Barbour, . Hiunton's
service hitherto heiig under the
appoin1tienlt by the govornor. Ti
oath was administerod to the now
A. rosol'ition was offored by Fry:
md laid oii the tablo for the pros
mt declaring that during the in
1estigation as to Hawaiian affairs
horo should be no interferenco on
Ae part of the United States gov
rnmlenlt,.hy moral inluenco or
hysicaul force, .for tihe rostoration
>f tihe queeoqor the .main tinanco
>f the provisional government, andl
~hat our nav'al force thore should(1
ie used only for the protoction of
hie lives anid propoerty. of Amori
mancitizonas. At 12.45 the senate
.)rocodod to tile conlsid(erationl of
xecutivo business, and at 1.20 ad
ouriled until tonmorrow .--Grooni
rille Nows.
O3ostona Olslum Again.
-Nmv YOK Jail. 8.-All advan~ce
n Livorpool and simaller receip1ts
It the counited amId uncounted inl
Ldr ior towns, reports of small stock s
it seome of tho interior townls and~
Llhe covervings of shorts as w'ell as
somo b)uying caused ani advance of
5 to 7 points todlay, .although at
Lhe openling thoero was somo1 (10
prossionl owving to thoe fact that tho'
first new11s fromi Liver pool was dis
asppointing.- It is believed that
thei( rcCipts'at thme interior townS
thIis woek will be comnsiderably
smaller thlan t hose of lat week.
Sales of 175,500 bales. Liverpool
adlvanlcedl 1A to 2 ploinits for future
halos0 and1( thie closing tonmo (ilet
and1( steaidy. IinI Mance'st ei yarnis
donoe at loawer prFices. New Or
r'ecovered1 this and1( advaned( 7 to 9
p)omits. T1hoero was~an adIvanco 01n
the. spot prices of 1-16 ; sales of
133 bales for spinin g and~ (111iv
ories on contracts of 3,100 halos.
There was an adlvance of 1-16 to i
at seven of. the southrnri markets.
-Tho receip~ts at theo ports were 82,.
323 againAt 69,5418 lat. wvook and
18,422 last year. Total thus farn
this~ week 133,445 bales againsi
INS,570 thus far last woeok. -'Ex
p~orts today from p)orts 1 1,696.baioi
to Great Britain, 5,790.ko theo con
tinent. Neow Orleans receipts to.
morrow estimated at 11,000 againsi
12,892 on tile same day last wool
and1 9:107 last year.
tic report bogins by a
,Xy declaration of tariff-for.
Me-only logic, to end in jn w
Atlv:tEfe Protectionist I
A get o~t"Whal
;eed for 1"years7 .p "
Same guaranteed for 20 yearsifri
We also have a large stock of Si
Jewelry and Holiday Goods at red
66 Main Street, Gre
Overcoat Sale
We have a larger numb<
than we want at this
year, and have detern
none of themn over. Col
them today. cheeper t
ever seen teIC sM goods
it you w ant one.
January, 4, 1891.
[Successor to Bates &
Oarriages, Phot
IEHICLES, of all kinds, HARE
Shoe' Findings, Baby 4
Wagons, ciri's
special Agency--Columbus
Vehicles, Kentucky W a
Co's "Old Hickory Wage
factu ring Co's Columbia
Largest Buggy, Wagon and Hain
ri, .~ MARKLEY, Prop'r.E
4.n. ochat
4hirik ~
W of th ~
uced pi i' h
mi Compa
enville , , C,
for Cash,
r of overcoite
season of tho
imiud to carry
no an d look;at
ricca made on
Ian you havo
Bring CASH
Greenvile S. 0.
t I
ons, Surreys,
lESS, Robes, SADDLS.,
eather, Shoe Uppoe,
"|arriages, Coat
Buggy Co's Elegant
g o n Manufacturing
ns," the Pope Manua
oSS Hiouse i the State.
Greenville, S. V. '
C -

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