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$1I A
SOne Dollar a Year
441.04'44 0b9yool-oce at PIoken, S. 0.,I
ke Irby is out in a strong
- *tic card in regard to the
1p of the statq Demo
itte and the Laurons
t nce resolutions. He
is respect to Mr. Kohn, of
4jwo a&ad Courier, in terms
lhd iigorous. He gives
derstand, as well as oth
r i ted parties, that he pro
.osos to remain State chairman to
ho end of. his term and will not
arrerider It for reasons that are of
atorest to tho Democratic party.
_for Ithy's vigilance has on
i-Qons saved the reform
and treachery in.
1 it would doubt
ess,. dch to be desirod
,y some . a less watchful
.nd less faithitl guard on duty.
Senator Irby defends the resolu
ions of the Laurens county .alli
- .eftxand very clearly shows the
visdom of the suggestions therein
sontained. He indicates very sig
iificantly that he is familiar with
,he ways and acts of politicians
kbout the State house and in a do
ided manner lots them know, that
;he farmers shall have a faii
)hane in this deal. Senator Irby
has proven his loyalty and dovo
tion toroform and the principlei
of the alliance, and his letter al
this time will carry consternatior
intQfthe hearts of the schemini
politicians. A fair and sqiunr
deal is all he asks and the tru<
Reformers will stand by him it
this matter.
Our good friend Robinson, the
able editor of the "rofawm" Poo.
ple's Journal, had a short editorial
in his paper last week on the Wil
soi tariff bill, which we road with
a great heal of interest, and we
tried to unravel it, straighten it
out, and make head or tail of it,
but it was a nut too hard for us to
crack. If anyone with no more
sense than we have read the arti,
ole, we are sure they were not abe
to tell whether the good editor it
- favor of the Wilson hill or any
'" hill. Our friend cor
-knodge of hii
properly .undtoi. yo
stand' a the tariff quesL&.. .1tas
ley Democrat.
We are sorry that our noighbo
in Easloy should fall into that ir
vein of wit, in trying to p~alm ol
second hand purns onl intelligen
readers, when he speaks of this pn
0 per,as~~lhe "refawm PEoPLE's Jouzi
NeAL." It is often the misfortuno c
__ i.tat'ors, to ovarlook the virtue
of their models and to copy oni;
their faults. We wore, however
surprised at the go~od nature of ou
friend, in calling us to task abou
his pet measure, for weoexpectrt
rough treatment at his hands ir
thMt instan'ce. What has subdue<
his spirit? Whoat has softono<
his tone and filled his mouth witl
peaceful words? Is the batti
ovor with him?
We are asked to re-writo and re
publish our editorial on the tarifi
in order to make it clear and un
mistakable. We have read it ovo:
again and find it as plain as w<
can make it, except one sentence
which was changed by the printer
through mistake, when correcting
the proof sheet.
We still hold to our opinion 01
the Wilson bill and wvill accept it
in proference to McKinleyismi, ii
being the. lesser of the two evils.
At the annual meeting of the
trustees of Clemson College last
week, the resignation of Prof.
*J. 8. Newman, which was asked
for, was accepted. The faculty
was authorized to employ two
tutors ,if their services were re
gdr -as requisie. Several
~ovements will be made on
(ie grounds and buildings,
atn g them, it is dosired to
cont at a dyke along Seneca
rivew 14 a railroad from Cal
Jne EoTee, a Scotchmian was
9c44 in~ Beaufort, 8. 0., on the
- h. 8]patapt by Edward Washing.
acolored carpenter. Wash.
made his escape and hai
'k istll engaged in thE
Mion othe tariff bill
S~ *I .con 'nue utilil ngi
Sa V )tQ will be taken
La.mer was I
gross lAst Satui and
the domodfate on thl
I. Thefeople's Journal
' ave to haul him over tht
The .Aboe squib does not give
Congressman Latimer full justice
and conveys a wrong idea of the
position of the JOURNAL. It 'is
true that Congressman Latimor
was at his post and voted with the
democrats to bring up the Wilson
bill for consideration, but that
does not mean that he is in favor
of the Wilson bill, neither is it a
thing to be wondered at, because he
voted with the Domocrats. He is
a Democrat, was nominated by the
Democrats in the primaries and
was olocted as a Democrat in the
general oloction, his opponent, Mr.
Johnstone, acknowledging him i as
ono by voting for him in tho -gen
oral olection.
The JOURNAL has no cause to
haul Congressman Latimor ovor
the coals, his courso on the Wilson
bill is right and should he com
monded. While the Wilson bill
falls far short of the Democratic
idea of tariff for revenuo only, yet
there is loss protectivo tariff in it
than the Mci niley bill and should
bo accel)ted by the South. The
bill should ho amondod so as to cut
the rate of protoetion down to the
minimum figuro, but it is not like
ly that much more will he done
with it. Th l)rinciple of the wholt
business is wrong, but of two ovih
we ought to acco)t the lessor and
b thankful that wo got that much
from tho Clovoland crowd.
Tho nogroos in Arkan jas have
contracted the omigration fovor
and thoro is an exodus of the blacl
lion to A fricia. Ono car load ha
passed through Brinkley en route
to Now York, from whenco they
intend to sail for thoir ultimato
From Liberty.
LIBERTY, S. C., Jan. 15th, 1894.
Mosdamos Winnie Bruce and
John M. lliendricks returnod to
their lionies in Sherman, Toxas,
last wook. Two other parties left
hore for their homes noar Sherman,
Texas, yesterday.
G. L. Boggs, of Piko county Ark.
loft for his home, at that-pilaec
Conaidorablo sickness among the
clhild ren iln tis nieigh borhood.
The GJrippe is still prevaleni
Mrs. W. L. Bloggs op~ened a pub
lie school hiere last week.
J. A. Boggs, one of our aged ani
y respeted citizens died on the l00l
e instant after ai lingering illness o
.. several months. Ho was able t<
.. be up and( about unitil a few day
f before his death. lie was 69 year
a old amnd leavos a host of friends ii
this andl Anderson county, wh
will mourn his taking off
r It is well for p)Oop'To to mingI
b with friends of. anothoer Stato,n
I the interchange of idleas is bonofi
cil, as well as explanationls of th
working and effect of differon
laws. For instance, in Arkanls.s
they have thle Australial bal1lo
3 system, and like it. Then, in or
der to vote they must pa poll1 tax
- and must show their tax receip
,before they can dopoOsit their bal
lot. They have school districti
and are allowed to supplement a
mill school tax, which they vote
,and thus they run an eight mont~h
free school. Still they lack a fov
things. One is thlat they are no
allowed to say in what school thiu
surplus appropriation shall b)4
used. They also have the consti
tutional 2 mill school tax, as somi
of the other States.
Missouri also has the Australiar
ballot system, and likes it. C.
A German 35atrImnst Advertise
"A lady, young, pretty, bright,
and poor, desires to make the ac
quaintance of a man with the op
posito qualities, with a view to a
happy marriage."
Whsat She Could Know.
"Gran'mna," said little four-year
old Austin as lhe twined his arms
lovingly about his grandmother's
neck, "gran'ma, you'll never know
how nuth I loveo you tilli you have
a child of- your own 1"
Two cOnfetsonp.
Mre: Nuwed.~I want to confess
s~otling to you, dearest. I de
ceived- you about my ago; it is
moreothan I told you..
Mr. Nuwed.-.Then I may as well
reciprocate, darling. I deceived
you about my incomoe;.-it Is less
thaira told yoan
[continged from first pq*4.]
or beoauiOait is no longer leavened
with a sed0o of injustice."
Fello.w Denocrats, it is of the
first importinco for us to know,
and to know as spoodily as possible
wfhother 'wo have a Democratic
party, ho mgouaous and'strong, as
In the day of the sage and horo,
whoso momory we celebrato this
nighte-a party whose lines are laid
in fixed principles, honest money,
lino rule and free trade, with
power to compel disciplino overy
whoro-or whethor we are a more
agglomeration of factions, thrown
togotheor by tho uphoaval of the
timos. My own olfort is, and al
ways shall bo, for straight politics
and squaro issues. I want to know
i spade when I oo it, and to call
it a spado. I don't want to do
coivo, to mislead anybody. - I love
no noighbor loss because he 0does
not agroo with .me. lIo may be
right and I may he wrong. But
lot us at least bo honest. Lot us
say what wo moan and moan what
wo say. -That is the road to good
government. It is also the road to
univesal patriotism, which found
od in freo thu.ght and free spech
and sipported by the virtue and
intelligence of the people, is to
procedo that period of poco on
oarth, good will to men, to which
th Christian world looks as confi
dontly as to the coming of its Ro
doomer. I (o not dopair of its ro
alization. I do not despair of the
Doiocratic party. Tho immedi
ato outlook may not, be all that wo
woutid havo it; but tho futuro is
always ours. Lot us cling to it.
Lot, u1s fight for th bost that it has
to givo.
Oentral Dols.
The post master is about well
again. We aro glad to soo Law
ronco out again. lo is Oo of the
best P. M's. in the country, so
they sa1y.
Joo Wat on, who has boon so ill,
has suflioieintly rocovered as to be
able to come down town again.
J. W. IHopkins has haid an attack
of the grippo, but is about well
Contral can boast of a good
schoolI again. For the first time
in a long time, thle citizens have
found thaiit t horo can never be a
success ut any thing unless they
pull! 1 ogeth~er, and1( thoy) are no0W
tightoniing tho line a little. Now
come lot it be a lo)ng steady pull.
Trhoiro is some talk of getting up
a debatinig socioty hero, 01pon to all
who wish to take a p)art. it would
be amusing and1( instructive. Try
it, b~oys.
Tomei Rowland has the brag hog
Sof the township. My I but it is a
Ifine one.
' Mr. Gaines, the blacksimijth, has
a new "hitter" this year. Gehorge
Shas decided to till the soil.
John Phillips is getting to be ai
-regular duddo; lie dressoes up iln the.
-~woek as8 hie (des onl Sulnday. Oine
wouIld never haoe thought that he.
aspired( to lie au "dowd."
Our Druggist onitortaintj his
friends noWV with vocal music.
Hius favoit hang is "Maid of Ath
-ens, ore We part, give, oh give me.
back niy hieart.."
We undlerstand1 that Jack Hlop
kins is going to farm this year.
We are afr'aid that he is going to
"spilO" a muighuty good shoemaker,
Clint R~wland is glad that it
has every promise of being a miild
wvintor. Ciontral is a good wood
Mr. Lewis is getting up p)ationts
for Dr. Leo. . Hie is going to send
Ione of our most promineont citi
zens over as soon1 as Mr. Martin
will agree to go along to son that
the dloctor does not "houd(1oo" h im.
Trho firm of D. Fricks has hoon1
dissolved by mutual consent. Da
vid1 is clerking for Morgan Bros.
anad is a good1 salesman.
T. L. \Vatkins has movedI to his
new residence in the fork of tho
Pondloton arid Fort Hill roads.
.Joff. Qapsalvay has just returned
from Tontiessoe with a drove of
fine mules. I must say lie is 13
natural born horse tradei'. Go it
Jeff, success to you.
Knights of Pythias gave an oys
teri supper a fowv nights since and
the whole affair was a complete
success, especially the speaking by
Falls, Rowland and Allon. It is
hard to say'- 1o is ahead, brit we
think thyat Jim ientitled to the
n fi6ir home. We
welco* . Walter, you and
Joo, g9 9ikewise.
CeiUral needs a barber who will
stay at his' shop. Then we will
have a town that is on the move.
Dick is wearing-diamonds. Did
you buy thein, Dick, or wore they
a presoiit? -
Joe looks as solonn as au owl.
Hopng' tlesefo4 iies will find
you onjoying. tlhQ m blessing1 I
am, as over, .rour - A08STANT.
"A Meot Answer."
Conductor-Now, thon, why did
you flag this train?
Nativo-I wantod t' ask yo', sab,
ef yo' knew enny gomman on boa'd
dat wanted t' buy a good coon dog.
Specimen csses.
J If. Clifford, New Caussel, Wis., wit
troubled with Neuralgia and Rhieiinatisumi,
his stomach was dikordered, his Liver
was affeeted to an alarning degree, appe.
I lit fdl awa1y, aini h)le was terribly red.
ed iII flesh 'd -stroangthb. Three bottleis
of Electric Bitters cured hin).
Edward Shepherd,ilarisbumrgi', Ill.. had
a runiniing sore on liA hig of eight years'
standing. Used three bottles of.Electrie
Biitters Oud seve:o ,)oxet of flucklen's Aril
en Salv.. and hislie g s sonfiId anl)d well.
John Speaker, aitawba. .. had live large
Fever sores on his leg. doctors said his
was ictrable. One bottle Electric It
ters and one box linekler's Arnflea Salve
cmed him entirely. Set 1 by Osborne &
Kirkser. alnd W. T. MeFall. Pickens, S.C
A GeuaranUteed cure.
We aihorize our advertis ('dug
gistt o se Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, Coughs and Cods,
upon this condition. If 3 ou are af
flicted with a Cough, Cold or any
Liuing, Throat or Chest trouble, ad
will use this remedy as directed, giv
ing it a fair trial, and expetience no
benefit, you may return the bottle and
have your money refunded. We cou)ld
notmake this offer did we not know
tha Dr. King's New Discovelry coud
be re!ied on. It never disappoint.
Trial bottles free at W. T. AlcFaill's
store. Large size i50c. and $1.00.
Electric Bliterm.
This remedy is becoming so vell known
and so popular as to need no special men
tion. All who have used Electric Bitters
bs1g tle same song of praise. A purer
medieine does nlot exist, and it is guaran.
teed to (o all that Is claiied. Electric Bit.
ters will cure till diseases of the liver and
kidneys, will remove pimples, boils. salt
rlheum and other affections caused by im
pure blood. Will orive malaria from the
system and prevelt as well as cure all ma
larial fevers. For cure of headache, con
stipation and indigestion try Electric Bit
ters. Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or
ioncy refunded. Price. 50 cents, and $1.00
per bottle. Sold by W. T. McFall, Pick
us8, B. U.
It S11o11ld Be lo Every House.
J. B. Wilson, 371 Clay St., Sharps
burg, Pia., says he will not be with
out Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumpltion, Coughs and Colds,
that it cured his wifo who was threat
enedl with Pneumonia after an attack
of "La Grippe," when various other
remedies and( several physcians had
done her no0 good. Robert Barber,
of Cooksport, Pa., claims Dr. King's
New Discovery has done him miore
good than anything hie ever used for
Lung Trouble. Nothing like it. Try
it. Free Trial Bottles at W. T. Mc
Fall, Pickens S. 0. Large bottles
50o. and *1.00.
. Many Persons
-Are broken down from overwork or household
carOel Brownm's Iron flitters
rebilids the system. nIa dIgestIon. rem'ovyee ex
cens of bile. nudt cures alartba. Uict the genuine.
Fresh lot of Choso and Macca,
roni, at- LEwis & SoNs.
Sugar 18i to 18;lbs. for $1.00 at
LEwls & SON.
wp YoU1n nAC AcIEEcun
or you are a1l worn ot, reati got for nothing
ano is nrlIo~.v t rys
It will eure yo .and givea good apeite, soi4
Clerk's Sales.
The State of South Carolina,
JTudgment of Foreclosure.
Charles T1. Hutchings, et. al.
J. B. Clyde, et. ali.
In p)urstuarnce of an order of fore.
closure made in t'he above stated cast
by lion. W. 1H. Wallace, on 28d Sep.
tember 1893, I will sell to the highieel
bidder before tho Court House door,
during the legal hours for sale, os
Salesday in February next, the follow
ing described real estate to-wit: All
that piece, parcel or tract of land iy
ing, being, situate in the C:>unty andt
State aforesaid, on head waters of
Rico's Creek, adjoining~ lands of B
F. Lesley, C. L. Hlollingswvorth, M. I.
Ne~vton atnd others, containing .fifty
five (55) acres, more or less.
TERitas-One half .cash, balanCe on
a crediit of twelve months, seoured by
by a bond of the purchaser, and a
mortgage of the premises. Purcha
ser to pay for papers andi for record.
ing the samie.
Jan. 11. Clerk of Coo.
Take your Cotton' fleed to P I.,
Cureton, in Eagloy, who .will buiy
your Cotton Se and pay the high
Cash price for it thein. He is buy.
ng for the 3co th Oarolin& Cotton Oi\
Company Groeptille Mill.
W. L. DOUCLAS Shoes are a
satisfaction at the prices aivertised than any <
vinced. The stamping of V. L. Douglas'
guarantees their value, eaves thousands of do
Dealers who push the sale of W. L. Dougla
Increase the sales on their full line of goods.
and we believe you can save money b~btujnj
Used Weow. catalogue &Gee upon appiem
--For St
F. W. POE & CO.,
erE very thing marked ini
plain flgu es and only ONE
We are offering the follow
ing Goods as SPECIAL BAR
GAINS, and the sale will
continue throughout the sea
Men's good Business Suits, at $5.
$7.50, $10. Better Suits at $12.50,
$13.50, $15.00. Our best Suits at
$18 to $25.
Boy's Long Pants Suits I
13 to 18 Years.
$3.00, $4.00, $7.00, $10.00 $12.50.
Child's Kice Sits,
75c., $1.00, $1.50, $2.00), $2.50, $3.50
0 y eroa~ts
For Men and B3ays-ali pric~es.
For everybody, at all prices.
H ats.
Underwear, Hosiery,Ctoves,
Shirts, Collars. & Cuffs,
Neckwear, Rubber goods,
Mackintoshes, UmbrellaS,
Trunks, and Traveling Bags
Satisfaction guairant ed or
money reCturnedC.
.F. W. POE~ & CO.
Jan. 18-. 94-1rm.
Ii-Jm are now O pen.
BU(iST'S SEEDf have proven them
solves to be. 'rul nsar niod we gonrautoe
to snIr, No OLD) ?,' [$D.
Mansion House Drug Btor4.
76handle SearCO goods5. Weo have an open
f o.If you Wi t' h*mn
ness ia light and genteel- Men and womean
that are ehrew4 are gettinkribh fast.
If you want'a ohanice to make fAo thous
and 4iolla- for yourself easily during the'
ext t velve months writeus for ont confi
If you win .answer this within the next
10 d a Wq will send you a samuple of our
tia ilbe worth "dollaras" toyo
ddress NtWonce. -
04 and $3.00 Ores 4hidi
$8.00 Polico Shoo, 3 So10
$2.0, 82 for Workingmen.
t2 and $1.70 for Boys.
$8, $2.0o S2, $1.7.
- CAUTION.Ift ny dealer
oat reduced pa ee
o 0 the 6%in. ja lpt
o0 the bottom, put MiM
-o tn s a f P a u d .
ylish, easy fitting, and give better
tther make. Try one pair and be eon
name and price on the bottoin, 'Which
liars annually to those who wear them.
a Shoes gain customers', which helps to
They can aford to sell ata 1" prot*t
all ur footwear of the dealer adver
-W. P oUGAs.A Brhe.k n.w
dIe by
Pickens, 8. C.
Central,, c.
Family Groceries
A Nb
General Merciandise.
N E bave jmt received our STOCK
OF GOODS for t'he present
e:son, which we offer-at the lowest
Irices possible.
We keep constantly on hand' a
(0d su)pply of
D R Y 00() 1) 8,
Also, FARMERS' TOOLS,.and every
d111g needed for Filmiiaalng pirposes1.
EH y S. 2
Don't You Forget
Whleni you come to townVI and nied ally
)f any .kind. to call at my Store aind look
iround. and( thei niote myW prices, and I am
3(11e yu will see someIt hing that you need,
tnd if you will only alilow me a little profit
fee! sure I will be abile t accomnnodate
yon- 11:1 e.ven shou'ld v'cuL not nieed uny'
Goi.ods I would he glad'to seeC all of my
trienads, and have a littl chait with thbeni
it would cost you nothing-hside.s I keep
sonme excellent Cider, wvhich~ y'ou will find
very refreshling these 1)ny1 timeis. I have
not only Groceries but, kead. every thing
else the farmer n)eed:.
And I beg leave to say to my) frienids
fromi the comiity, that if you ha-ve any
Chickenis, lutter, Eggs, Iloney, or any
thing el~se. to dispose of, I will always give
you the highest miarket prices for them.
n~on't torget the phice-I can always be
found at lluaiter & H awthcrne's old standu.
uy W. C. Bramilett.
Dry Goods tu'besokd cheap
~han ever.
Arbuckles Cofice t 25 cts.
You en sav'e n' ntiy by
>uying goo.ds from me."
James E. Brown's,,
Central. 8, (1.. Nov 80 9
'S4Lor't all
por pacag tro
Money is al necessity.to effect
tleme nt and all. thes gOodS Mnust
wit out respect to -cost. "
The line of Drese Goodses be,
ful in'l all grades, and th~e styles
guaranteed, - .
Best grades of 7ring Gin* 1
Outmg X calicoes, rs n
Pereaes. -
A good 40o1C f ti1e huIceai
broidery, E dginigs and Flouncipj
Plaid and PI.ain,.Lawns, Vainst
Pique And all Nelh gd6de as*are r
edSfor sarlySpring Sewing.
This is ur last c ai t o ffe t
gd, flieorrble. Goods abbek
slaughtered. tse oi tipe torl
seletions. First come 1,re
We'-regret to rnake sueli a hav&
prices on aceoun of our good. it
bor in trade, but we are in a
ut-emust get out anid this i,
only road-to the surface.
All goods must go if hlaug
rices ca, move things. And w,
mnust.comne to rnake our dissob 7
McAi a tr A 'ents,
P.uS.-All percsons indes ae t
Twilloblige Us by settling at once
- Greenville, S.
SJantuary, 4, 1894
lll ood R mu o f Sg fbo
Pries anmoS ticgs.Ardn
MChistmas onz
Gl. SHhs prices pidd
G~ivIobe us by trade -t o.c
I renvll(S.
antur, 4-84
Goodristya Flour 8~a
CADY hfrs itmas.
i ogest pries pbefez
GYvoursfor tadMer. hrsn
Dec. 7, 1898. Paut

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