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t0- -RODBONt EzD1rou
iaerptiio Vne.Dolltar a Year.
teawt at theoeh9nce at PIoeiu, S. 0. as
sWeea-e1as mbter.
*ATO*R jany.
On the fourth page is published
Senator Irby's answer to Treasurer
Bates' letter, making enquiry
about holding a factional convon
ton. The letter is written in
strong, terse language, and clearly
Aefines the position of our junior
Senator. - While there may be
more candor and spirit in it, than
are palatable to some, yet it will
will impress every disinterested
and honest mind that Senator Irby
is a friend to, the peoplo and will
not allow them to be iiposod upon
by the artifnces of slick politicians.
While his suggestions may not
be adopted in detail, yet the wis
domn, contained in them, can not
be denied and the voice of the
trusted leader will put tho peopl
on their guard. Woo be to the
self-appointed loader who will y
to use the Reform m i ut for
his own ambiti
It is the improssion among
many who claim to be in a position
to know, that all the appointineits
to be made by Collector Towns
will be bestowed upon individunls
wholare expected to uso their in
fluence for the promotion of Son
ator Butler's candidacy. Whilk
there may be some plausibility foi
such a theory, yet we cannot with
out more evidence concur in it.
In fact, we have boon informed
that Collector Towns has stated
that he will make his appointmnont
without regard to past factional
differeuces or promise of future
partisan service.
We cannot see how Collector
Towns, who expects to reflect crod
it on the management of his office
and to make a financial success of
governmont, could afford
into a political machine
Governor Tillman, in his
the United States Sonator
ship. .'Governor Tillman is in a
position to retaliato and seriously
cripple the receipts of revenue
from. distilleries, by declining to
patronize them in supplying the
dispensaries throughout the State.
We trust that the influence of
ex-Bpeaker Rood, Boss McKinley,
the Columbia Rtegister and the
People's Journ.-l will not bo fatal
to the Wilson Eill.--Sentmnel.
Tumz JOURNAL will not resent the
sneer of the Soutinol, con tainedl in
the above chipping, but it does not
permit the charge of being int s.~yr
pathy with "Ada%'~flood and
R,.oA9#dKiiiiey" to pass unnoticed.
SThe Sentinbi, as it often does,
speaks without consideration in
this instance. The position of
Tax JounWAIL on tariff issues is
trell known to its readers and the
Sentinel could have known as
much had it referred to its copies
of .TME JOURNAL, thereby saving
itsolf from the awkward situathiin
of ignorantly making unfounded
charges against Tuxm JouRNA L. TI HlE
JoURNAL? reiterates for the benefit
of the Sentinel, that it is niot in
favor of McKinleyiurm and that its
objection to the Wilson bill is on
account of the protective tariff in
it and its similarity to the McKin
ley law. TaE JOURNAL ventures
the assertion that it is farther from
McKinleyism tpan the Sentinel,
notwithstanding the fact that the
Sentinel has not expressed its
views on the tariff question. It
might be in favor of the Wilson
bil, but it has not given the reas
on of its faith, having contented
itself with sneering At the position
of other papers, but artfully keep
lng its own counsel in the prem
An exchange suggests that we
are not as bad off as they are in
Arkansas, whore an editor offers to
take greens on subsoriptionet
.Ex-Judge T. 3. Mackey is writ..
ing syndicate letters for the news
papers. They are very readable
and oharacteristic.
Miss -Lucy Pattie, of Frankfort,
Ky., was the defnooratio nominee
for school coiniissioner at the
et election. and~ went in without
Qtenwood is to have a pew pa
/ petr the Greenwood .Loader, which
11il begin publication about Fob'
#44~t Arst, y$th-P, E. Rowell as
D. E Ditt: I went i to my
old friend John Hagoods on the
t1th inst., with a little 'hunting
party and mot a few others there;
we had a pack of about twenty
dogs. Reynard was put on the run
at once, after the style that ar'ous
es the soul of the hunter. After
the chase was run for two and ono
half hours, rain commonced fall
ing so we could not hoar, and it
soon drove us to sholtor. We do
not know what become of the race.
Some fivo or six of tho best dogs
did not return to us, they may
have caught the fox. We spont
the night on the hunting ground
in Mr. Payne's house, and as tho
rain had censod by next morning
and we had been joinod by Joss
Davis, colored, with his and sover
al other dogs, the hunt was start(d
again This was one of the very
best morning for a chaso as the
ground was soakod with water and
a dead calm in tho air. Dox struck
a trail within a hundred or two
yards of the houso. Royniard was
got on the run win a few min-I
utos anda'1 rogular sol 1-awakon i rig
,slflf of 1music was sot up and
kopt up for two hours as fast and
a continuous as a fiddler would
make on th( "Dovil's )ream," with
ninotoon dogs for nearly all the
last hour. This is the sort of rac
es that mako men hunters. This
one was run o1 loss than 300 acros
of land and tho last half on loss
than 100 acros and tho fox was
soon often with the pack within
from fifty to sovonty-fivo yards of
his hools.
I think thero is a groat doal of
roligion imparted by a good fox
chase. If a man begins to fool
liko he was tempted to do som)o
thing mean, lot him go on a hunt,
(but unfortunuatoly tho ganio is al
most all gono. May this not ac
count in a largo part for the world's
growing so much worse?) I think
a man just off a successful hunt is
about in the 6am11o happy stato that
the good old doacon is who is just
from the camnpmeeoting.
I wonder if there are not many
who do not know the value of a
good dog. I have had thom that
woro novor known in their whole
lives to suck an egg, kill a shooi,
toll a lie, or do any vicious act. I
had one which was the ancestor of
these 1 no0w have thait livedl to bo
sixteen years old, which''caught
over 100 foxces and several floor,
and1 could not bo called homo until
the game was foundl, caught or
treed. Th'le word fail or (quit was
niot in his vocabulary. Thbis dog
romomnboreod m11 ater four years
soporation, during the wvar, reog
nlizing mo one hundred off on a
pitch-dark night. 'I have known
several men~i anid heard of a few
-fthers who were not so reliably,
nor so industrious.
I had one that would not stand
to oat, if untied, until the hunt
was ovor. I have 01no now that
may be traveled across the coniti
nont at night and will not open
her mouth on anything but a fox
or deer. These are bad times to
think of hunting, etc. But I mis
trust occasionally the v'ery grat
and learnled are engagedl inl worse
things. 'I hopo the good ones will
OXCUSO me a little nionsens5o now
and then is relished by the wisost
of men.' Aoiucous'r.
A motmg of the Aniderson
County F"armner's Associatmni was
hold in the court house last F'ri
day afterniooni after the adjourn
mont of the County Alliance.
lion. J. P. Glenn, the Presidlent,
took the chair and Mr. D,. II. Rus
sell requested to act as Secretary.
On motion of Col. D). K. Norris the
01(1 ollicors were re-elected, name
ly: J. P. Olenn, President; J. B.
R~ussell, Secretary. 'rho following
~esolution was adopted:
Resolved, That the last oxocu
bive committee of the Farmnors'
Association of this State be roques
ted is to issuo a call for a convon
tion to meet in the month of
March and prescribe rules for the
selection of delegates to that con..
vention. On motion the meeting1
adjourned subject to the call of
the president.-People's Advocatoe
Anderson, S. C.
A Ilrother's Theory.
Little Dot-Isn't papa rich?
Little Dick---Yes, everybody
says so..
Little Dot--Then why does he
say he wants me to- learn how to
earn my own living when I grow
Little Dicke.. --ya o- -ml
Oentral 06Us.
CkUTUAL,1S. C., Jan. 22d 1894.
Mr. J. W. Hopkins is seriously
ill. Wo hopo, however, that he
will be bottor oro this is in print.
DJess Hopkins was on a visit to
his parents Saturday and Sunday.
Pickens seonis to be agrooing with
him as he looks very well indeod.
The Sunday schools in our town
are all on a boom, thoro is a prot
ty fair attondanco now at oach of
the 0chools, but still thoro are a
groat many chi(lren (and old folks
too) in the community, that should
attend, as thoro aro a lot of valua
blo lessons to bo learned at Sun
day School.
Right hore lot mo say our poo
plo "cant stand to bo braggod on."
Right in the facq, of o(ir saying
that wo had a poople who wore
going to staid togother, wo have
another school startod almost yn
der tho shadow of the othor. All
we have to say is that some ono
has "ronligged," as that pull we
wore speaking of last wook was for
all to pull in tho saimo diroction,
and not iii opposito diroctions.
Wo understand that Mrs. Priest
will soomi loavo Contral for Atlan
ta. W o opo that it is a misun
dorstanding, as wo canl nlot well
afford to givo up Mrs. PriOst and
her daughter, for they havo a host
of friends iniour little town.
Mrs Weavor, of Kings Mountain
N. C., is oil i visit to hor daugh
tor, Mrs. L. A. Davis. Wo would
be pleased to havo her to docido to
stay in Cointral.
Mrs. W. T. Rowland gavo a
tackoy party oi Friday night hast
which was a very onjoyablo affair to
thoso preseit. Joe Lawrenco took
the prizO as the "tackiost" boy
Will Rocestor, of Spartanburg,
was ot a Visit to his mother Sun
Frank Gary hais boon over to see
the worlds womdor, Dr. Loo, but
Fraik does not have much to say
in regard to the Dr.
Tho tax asSLssor inaugurated a
now phli onl his last visit, hero,
viz., the going arouid to the plaico
of business of each merchant in
town to assess his propurty, but
the plaii is not calculated to in
creaso said atditors popularity,
for whilo ho wati at thW stores
there were s~evral partins at his
stanid wit inig onl hi in. Better
stick to) the old phmtz Mr. B. as you
iinay want to "Audit,"' again.
Alr W. A. lhogors, w1ho occupied
thIe Caubbs~ hiiui.w, has minoved to
Gr ieers, an d t hi I loaves (iuito) a
i co house to rein t. ThIiis is onie of
thoet ti.st places iln town.
Well here's u ishintg for a better
Li me to all, especial lay ouri little
city by the railroad.
inEIiRT Y, S. (.., Jan 20th. 189~4.
The Liberty sub-Alliance held1(
a wvell attvmded and verv inter
esting mecetinig this eveining and
among the varinous suhjects that
was brPouight upi for conisidera
tion was fertilizers. It was.
statedl ilhat ertin gauino~ comI
panies were not favorable to, or
would not deal wvith the Ex
change, wvhiich led to tile follow
ing resolutions by J1. TV. Boggs,
which w'CUoru uaniimiously adopt
Resolved, 1 st. TIhat, whereas
certamn guanlo complaniies arc so
Iicituinig Alliance trade, wh'io wvill
not recognize the Exchiange,
doubtless with the view of (1is
rupting anld confusing outr -
ganizedi trade.
2(1. '1 ho Liberty sub-Alliance
favors buying all our fertilizers
and( as much elso as possible
through the State Exchange,
and1 disal pproves of the' Allianco
giving their trade to any guano
or other complanios who are un
friendly to the Alliance or will
not (deal through the Exchange
when requested to.
24. That all other Alliances
blhroughout the State favoring
bhese resolutions signify thme
iame by simply saying they en
lorse the sanme through their
paper, andI all see to it that the
aompanies they are proposing
to deal with are willing to rec
ogtiize the Exchange before
Placing any orders with them.
4th. That wo fight it out on
these lines if it takes ten years,
for why should we lick the hand
that would smite us. Why
should we build up those n he
wouldl stand by and see our .in
stitutions crushed, yea, help to
crush them.
S. D. STEWART, Pres.
.T.' H. MOORE, Soc.
The EsEs"t Way Out of it.
Mertie-What would you say to
a loVer who would not take "No"
for an answer?
Marie-Tell him "Yes."
Eterything Ineluded.
Waitor-Boofstoak, porksteak,
nutton chops, liver and bacon,
and hash.
Van Pelt--B.rig mosomo hash.
Waitor 4nuy. iieb-doni odd'r
di(es woudd bo botter dan dat.
-Vanl Plte;Yo. but in taking
has I-get thern -fill
Ill tho gardon of acortain noble
man 's country houso thero halp
ponl to bo fixed up at difforont
spots painted boards with this ro
quest: "Ploaso do not pick the
flowers without loavo." Some wag
got a paint brush and added a to
the last word.
Editor Registor: Sinco my name
has boon dravii into the controvor'
sy now ponding in South Carolina
without my consent, I take this
opportunity to say, what I have
always said, who1n this niatter has
has boon mentioned to me, that
roformors aro equal to the omer
goncy an.l will at tho .propor time,
in their own way, solect compotont
mon to manago tho affairs of the
Stto. I have not nor will I at
this time tako ides with any fac.
tion in the Reform movoment, nor
havo I any sympathy with any at
tacks mado upon Roformors thro'
tho pross. A. C. LATIMER.
Or youea all worn ot, real7' gond for nothing
it Is geieral debil ly. lry
i9itOW N'S 11tON ITTERS.
It will ouro you, and e a good appeit, sold
by U.l dealers in iuedictne.
Specimen ases.
. 11. Clifford. New Cassel. Wk., wv
tronbled wi.t I'Neuralga and Blieuimatism
his stomnelb was disordered, his Livei
was aOeetfd 0i, alarmnuhg degree, appe
I te fll tirv, Id. lie was terribly redo
eed in flh ilnl strength. Three' bottle
of Electric Bitters cure( himl.
Edlward Shephlerd,iIairrishnarg, Iii., has
a rminig sore oti ll- leg of eight years
standing. Used three bottles (if Electd
Bi tters aItid seven boxes of Istcklen's ArnI
ca salve, and his leg is souid anld well
Jolhn1 SpealI, CaItavba. 0., had five larg4
Fever sor.es oil his leg. doctors said ll
wats inctirialle. Oie bottle Electric Bit.
ters aid one box lltmckler.s Arnlea Salvn
enred himn entirely. Mr ! by Osborne &
Kirisey and W. 'T. MeFall. Plekens. 9 C
A Guiaransteed cure.
We a'ithorize our adivertis 'di
g'stto se Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consuimption, Coughs and Cods,
upon this condition. If 3oU are af
ilieted withi a Cough, Cold or any
Lung, Throat or Chest trouble, anid
will use this remedy as directed, giv
ing it a fa*ir trial, and experience no
beniefitI, yeu may ret urn the botte alnd
hiave your' monecy r'effinded. We could(
niotimake this offer did we not know
tha Dri. King '-New Discoveiry Cond(
be reliedi on. It never d isapapoint.
TVrial lbottles free at. W. T1. ,\lelall's
store. L~arige size~ 50c. and1( *1.00.
Th'is remiedy is becoing so well known
antd so piopuar as to nieed no0 special muen
tiotn. All who haive usedl Electric Blitters
sing tihe same song of praise. A purer
medicine does not exist, and it is guaran
teed to (14 tall tha~t is climted. Electric flit
ters will cure tall (diseaises of the liver and1(
k(idneIys, will remuove pimuples, boils, salt
rheum and other alfectionis cansed by im
pure bloodl. WVill iive altaria I rom the
systemt antd preventt as well as5 eurte all tm
Itariail fe~vers. F~or elite of heaidachec. con.
ters. Ent'ire stat isfact ion guarianteed. or
tmonley refunaded. Price. 50 cents. andit ja .00
per bottle. Mold by3 WV. TI. McI"ahi, Pick
It Should Be~ inS ETery Ifue
J1. B. Wilson, 371 Clay St., Sharps
bulrg, Pa., says lhe will not be with
out Dr. Kinig's New D)iscovery for
Consumnption, Coughs antd Colds,
that it eurted hits wife who was threat.
ened with Ponmnia after an attack
of ''La Grippe,'' when vatious other
remedies and several phlyscianls had
(lone her no good. Robert Barber,
of Cooksort,.Pa., claims Dr. King's
New D iscovery has done him more
good thtan anything lhe ever usedi for
Lun tg Troulell. Not hing like it. Try
it. Freme Tlrial Bottles at W. T. Mc
hFall, Picketns S. C. L~arge bottles
50c. and( *1.00.
Clerk's Sales.
The Stalte of South Carolina,
Judgment of Foreclosure.
Charles T. Hlutchaings, et. al.
I. B. Clyde, ot. al.
In pursuance of an order of fore
alosur'e made in the above statedl case
b)y lHon. W. 11. VWallace, ont 23d Sep
tomber 1893, I will sell to the highest
bidder before the Couart House (leer,
luring the legal hours for sale, on
Balesdafi in February next, the follow
ng dlescribe3( real estate to-wit: All
hat piece, ptarcel or tract of land ly
ng, being, situate in the County asnd
state aforesaid, on head waters of
~ice's Creek, adjoining~ lands of B.
.* Lesley, C. L. Hollingsworth, M. H.
Thwton and others, containing fity
ive (55) acres, more or less.
Tmcas-Ope half cash, balance on
r credit of twelve months, secured by
by a bond of the purchaser and a
raortgage of the apremiseo. Puroba
icr to pay for papers and for record..
ing the same.
F. W. POE & C0.,
S-Everything marked in
plini figures and only O.Np,
We are offering the follow
.ing Goods as SPECIAL BAR
GAINS, and the sale will
continue throughout the sea
Men's goodl Business Suits, at $5.
$7.50, $10. Better Suits at $12.50,
$13.50, 815.00. Our best Suita at
$18 to $25.
Boy's Long Pants Suits i
13 to 18 Years.
$3.00, $4.00, 87.00, $10.00 $12.50.
Childis Knee Suits,
75c., $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.50
C) y ercoats
For Men and Boys-all prices.
For everybody, at all prices.
Underwear, Hoslery,C loves,
Shirts, Collars. & Cuffs,
Neckwear, Rubber goods,
Mackintoshes, UmbrellaS,
Trunks, and Traveling Bags.
Satisfaction guaranteed or
money returned.
F.. W. POE &co.
Jan. 18. 94-1mr.
Assessment Notice,
T1he Auditor's Office~ will bo opo0n
from the first day of Ja~nuary 1894
to the twentioth day of Feb ruairy
1894, to recoiv'o returns of R'i
and Personal Property for TaLxat ion
in Pickons Counity for t11' your*
1894. TPhis is the yoar for tho re
turn of Roal Estato and all part ios
will govorn thomselves aiccordintg
to) this notico.
T1he Auditor or his Deoput.ios will
be at each of t he follo winig Pro
emeits to recoivo ReQturns for said
Calhoun, Tuesday, Jan. 16, 1894.
Contra l, Wed(nosday, aniid Th'lurs
daiy, Jan. 17, and1( 18, 1894..
Libert'Iy, Friday andI Saturday,
,JanI. 19, and3( 20, 18941.
Easloy,' Monday, andi TueCsday,
Janl. 22, and1( 23. 1894.
Cross Plains, W~odnlosd(ay, Jan.
24, 1894.
D~acusvi lle, 'Thursday, Jan. 25,
Fosters Store, Friday, Jan. 26,
Pumpk intown, Saturday, Jani. 27,
Eastatoo, at Kings old Store,
TPuosday', Jan. 80, 1894.
H urricano, Wednosd ay, Jan. 81,
Six Mile, Thursday, February,
1, 1894.
Praters, Friday, Fob. 2, 1894.
Pickens Court H-ouso balance of
All changos in R'oa1 Estate must
be mado and all nlow buildings
orectodl since 1st day of January,
1893, roturned for action of Towvn
ship Assessors who are requiredl by
law to examine all roturns mado.
Ignorance of time of listing is
no0 excuso and a po0nalty of 50 por
cent. for non returns is strictly en
joined upjonI Auditor
All T1ax payers must make their
returns in person or b~y some one
legally authorized to (10 so in case
of sicknoss or absence from the
County. Banks buildings and
Loan Associations, Fire, Life, and
other Insurance Companies are re
quired by law to make returns.
Each and every person will p lease
be prepared to say in what Town
ship and School District they live
at the time they are requir'd to
make their return.
-All Males betwoon 21 and 510
years of age except those excused
by law are liable to Poll Tax.
Nov. 27, 1893. Auditor of P. C.
tsucklents Arnica salve.
r'he oet Salve In the world for cuts
brulses, sores, ulcers, salt rhieum, fever
sores, teiur chapped hiads, chilblaine,
corns, and all skin cruptions, and positive.
ly cures piles, or no pay required. It la
guaranteed to give per fect satisfactin, or
IrAiney s'efunde. Price, 2:s canta per box.
e ~aln try W. T' ~~~ Maa', 18 aan a .
All other stoves have tak
en a back seat.
Call and see our Bargain Counter, in
Crockery &c.
134 Min-Street,
OREENVILLE, - . , c,
-1T. H. STALj, M[anager.
Jai. 26, 94-tf.
Don't You Forget
When you come to town and need any
Of any kind, to call at my Store and look.
around, and then note my prices, and I am
sure you will see something that you need,
and if you will only allow me a little proAt
I feel sure I will be able to accommodate
you-anl even 110111d you not need any
Goods I would he glad to see all of my
friends, and have a little chat with theiml
it would cost you nothing-besides I keep
some excellenti Cider, which you will find
very refreshing these DRY times. I have
not only Groceries but kea, every thing
elso the farmer necd:..
And I beg leave to say to my triends
from the county, that if you h ave any
Chickens, Butter, Eggs, II oney, or any -
thing else. to dispose of, I will always give
you the highest market prices for themn.
Don't forget the place-I can always be
found at Ilunter & Hawthorne's old 11tnd.
W. C. Bramlett.
July fl. 1893.
-NEW CRA 0-1
G-AHI)In N sciEm7~
I U IST'S SE RD1 have proven them.;
.eelt's to ba- 'i ill.: jnxwri :m 'l we glarant~ee
to setl. NoOL ). :I' lND.
Mansion House Drug Store.
';IUNE NVIll!-', 9. C.
Take your Cotton Seed to P. D).
Cureton, in Easley, who will buy
your Cottonl Seed and pay the higi.
Onsh price for it them, Hie is buy.
ng for the South Carolina Cotton Oli
CIomplany Greenville Mill.
-Out. b4ma
Excha-nge a good thing for something
of less value.
Gieup one insurance policy and
take another. Always remember that
anl old policy is of far greater intrinsle
value than a new one.
J1Let the premliuml on your policy
lapse even for a day. You can't
foresee the, events of to-morrow. - It
ma1*y not be possible for you to get
another policy If the present one is
Consider anyother form of insurance
until you have thoroughly Inveeti
gated the plans and policies of the
ceive their advantages at onee.
'W. J. RODDEV, Manager, (
For the Carolinas. Rock Hill, s. c, 6
To handle scarce goods. We have an open
rgfor you. If you wish t' earn money
qlufetly and not work very hard. Tho bua
ness is light and~ gonteel- Men and women
that are shrewd are getting'rlch fast.
If youl wanit a chance to mnake flAo thou.
and dolla for yoursolf eavily during thef
nt twvelve nlonths write uts for our confi
If you i ll answer this within the next
10 days we will seni you a sample of ouar
osthat will be0 worthi "dollars" to you
ddress at once.
Money is a necessity to effe
lement and all these goods o it
Nithout respect to coat.
The line of Dresf Good is 1:
ul in all grades and the 'styl
Best grades of Spring Gia
)utings Calicoes, dress and a
- A good stoek of the ehoites
broidery, Edgings and Flounci
Plaid and plain Lawns, Nan
Pique and all such goods s are
1d for early Spring Sewing.
This is your last chance .1
rood, fashionable Goods as
daughtered. Lose no time t4
;elections. First come firste
We regret to make such a ha'
prices on account of our good
'or8 in trade, but we are in
yut-We must get out and thi,
:nly road to the surface.
All goods must go if Slaug.
prices can move things. Anod
mnust come to make our dies
McAlister & Bent
P. S.-All persons indebtec
will oblige us av a,- ling at on,
A re well pleased winh 1a4 year'
and collectim. They are in a b--t
shiion to serve their cuistomerR tha
before anid p~ropese to make thing~
!or 1894.
New goods artiving (dly!
In stock now~ a large Jot of Stee1~
sheaper than we ever doamnodd f
Low prices 'on all Farm
itnd Supplies.
We are selling Plow Stock sanA U
ng in t he l~orse. and1( a jt-am-boy
o with the otiri. if hee was large eec
seed Oats and Corn!
If you haven't madec your an.nn
lemntt with us oome uip and( -do
hinig about it. Tihe debt doesn1
malle11r by staying away-buet you
L~et us hoar from yotu!
Yours Truly
'atent Flour,
lood Family Flour,
offee, 4 to 5 lbs. for
ug~ar, 16 to 18 for
[ominy. 40 lb.. for
We won't be undersola om &
A new lot of STOVZ8, just
We want to sell you ORA~m
ANDY, &c., for Christasas.
til to get our price. before bt
Yours for a Merry CThristm,.
Doe. 7.,1898. Ph~rre

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