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ibscriptiori One Dollar a Year.
te jre at b Post-oflee at Iekens, R. U., as
ond-othi Miatter.
Governor Tillmnan returned to
lumbia from Washington on the
ith instant and was immediately
und by the reporters for the pur
>we of an' interview, which our
adore will find on the fourth
Governor Tilhaan thows light
i several points, which had been
ystified by statements in the anti
tpers. His visit to Washington
shown to hiavo been one of an
Acial nature and was not for the
irpose of his engaging m tholfac
>nal controversy concerning the
oposed March convention. While
Washington Governor Tilliman
At leaders of the reform movo
int and the situation was dis
seed from every stand>o'
is concluded, thia
lie calling of
early convention was unwise.
this we mnost heartily concur
d have held that opinion from
) first. agitation of the quoetion
(I WO believe that the peoplO will
o. a ree. to the samie. Indeed
, peop;Ip hae not been anximIs
)"t the natter., it has boon more
mi agitatioll aiong politicians
k anything eise. Governor
inan, after giving the mattor
inaus thought and oondsidoring
argments both in favor of
I against a conventiou, arrives
the conclusion, that it is best to
d no convention at all, and
as up the result in the follow
characteristic languago:
If after four years discussion
I agitation and another canvass
pople shall not have become
"Alv-ntind to mako a
:on L b%....
ich Jave been inaugurateu um~
e ny ineumbency being elected
as gothing, compared to the dani
-oi' the pe'ople fooling that they
ye been betrayed and that office
the ~ aramnount object rather
in the welfare of the common
This is wise, this is patriotic,
d even -the enemics of reform
a find no escape from thme force
thme argument and the fairness
d justice of the suggestion.
>wernor Tillman and the friends
reform (lid not intend to do
ore than .adviso the peole,9 and,
ouf jidgment, t~he adv ice is good
a it wig)I he to. the advanecemeont
the i'eform moveuient for it te
-accepted by themn to the spirit
yas mntended, regardless of por
pal foings or the candidacy oi
y ma,
The people know that Governos
timan is their friond and his ap
aranco, as couhsellor, at this
ae, when greed for offic( and
achery threaten discord and
in, will be hailed with delighi
d his prophetic words will be
iclomed like a rift in the clouds1
The quetion as to the time of
Iding a convention will bo easily
1pesed of, by adopting Govern
Tillman's suggestion not to hold
y convention at all. While th<
URtNAL has favored a late convon
in, -so as to give the people
anue to see and hear the candi
a for state honors, yet for the
' me reason, it is willing to leave
* field open to any man andl let
I 0 people select their standard
*arers by a majority vote in a
aneral primary. The JOURlNAL~
'not afraid to trust the people
aldwirll' heartily support their
a ominees. The conservatives canm
'mt ask more and the Reformers
e nnot.fford to grant less.
The JoURNAL was the first, or
nong the first reform papers, to
ietrate the plot of the enemies
a &-to heedl the warning of Sona
L rb TAll the impartial pa
p4% sa a alng ~n hne and endorB
pourse ef the true and vig
II f1W~tonan, who has again ex
pb t acsheme of the political
~ ~ ta~.esnap judgment.
~ 'tbpReform Congress
Ster help to prevent
.ph amorg the Re
h4e good
Oongrer is still at work On t1
Wilson bill and the income tai
aniendhlent. Friday is set for t
debate on Hawaii, in the house.
Carlible Will issue the -bonds, if he
has the authority under law, with
out regard to the interests of the
MR. EDITOR: I will -undertake
to give a point or two on the much
hated (from a certain quartor) die
pensary law. I think all admit it
has caused loss drinking, - Though
I have not a shadow of a doubt.
that the bar men sold more whis
key, on time, when thoy closed
shop, than has been thus sold with
in any five years. To get as much
as possible in the wiay of the now
law many m1en, doubtless, took a
barrel oil time. I do not bjeliOvo a
man could afford to paty a thous
and dollar tax and do an honest
business, but Wouldl haive to drug
or water his wvhisker. I bhliove
that impuro whisk(ey w-ill causo
mioro thirst for whiskey than the
puro article. This, I suppose, the
mon who nike it living by the
trade, would like. Bit. is it best
for tile wvorld? It sopnis to
thu~~J A)~ oWho 11780 itaril
woild much profer' the pure. I
w'oild order it from Massachusetts
:)r California, if I knew I could get
it pure, rather than buty tho adul
Loratod stuff. It is my opinion
LhatC other states will adopt
oiur systom, or we will sell
them a great deal of their drink
ing miaterial. I have bought a
bott.le of tihe Pal motto stamped
articlo and bolieve I n'ever bought
so much geiuine whiskoy in a hot
tib, this making it cheap in the
ond. You mu11st wator it, take
small drinks, or 0lso get drunk.
It. is surprising how persistontly
the anti press fight this 1law, and
nearly all the acts of the Logisla
tors (Tillimans slaves as I bolievo
they suppose t hem to 1)0.)
It is miy religion to allow lierty
of conlocienceo an1(d Spoech so fllr as
consistont with go;)d morals and
'lut how countrymnonl
apatronizo (.ho fol
Ahing beyond my coi
-they pay vory dearly
stle. AiuR10olr. I
r IBefore the ispreuue
CoLUMmIA, 8. C., JIan. 29.-The
Darlington anod Col umbia dispen
sariy cases caino up in tihe supreme
court today. Attorn1ey Gleneral
Buohanani reoad a suggestion to the
offect, that there wans no utility in
deciding on the conatitution ality
of the law at the time the cases
woro brought to trial, as the law
had been changed, hut indicatod
that he was willing to have a do
cisionu as to theoconst itutionalityv of
the whole matter.
AI~ W. Boyd7(, of D~ar'lingt on, was
hoar d for blholS~to and1( C. A. W~oods
and1( C. S. Nettles for the other side.
The on tiroe teor of the dlebates
was on the constituitional ity ot the
dispensary law principal ly oin the
righ t. of the State to establish a
revouue limopoly.
Tlomor)irow Judmge 8. Wi. Molton)1
andl J. P. 1K. Ilryan will b~e lhear d
against thel conistit.utionality of' t ho
I aw anid At I ourtm~v 4eneraI hiellan
an for t~ it.
Onsuupbell f~ or Pri'441en ui.
('oMut'n, 0., J an. 29.-l-(i-v
ornor01 Campbemll's fiendsi~l have sta1 t
0(d that he will be anii active canm
didiato for governor ini '95 with am
v'iew of securing the pr'esidbentiaul
nomination ini I89(j. It is olainmed
by his friends that thme maeb inury
mlovamentii and t1hine that.C(amnp
boll dictated all of the federal ap
piomntments in) Ohio is quoted in
support of this claim.
Dehnaonstrative Facts.
"Birudder Johnsing, (do0s you
beliebe dat good lace whut we
readls about am (de land (dat flows
with milk and1( honey?"
"Co'rso I does, Brudder Wil
liams ; dlon't you see that 'milky
way' up dar tollin' us do old, old
"Yos, but whar's (de honey?"
"Go 'long wid you now I Dat
big dipper an' dat little dipp)er
bofe plum full d dat h~oney an' I
spec' dat great bear done git his
hivin' off dat swoot stuff."
When you are looking out for raini
Just watch the weather clear I
And whenm we may: '"''Twill snow
The violets appear I.
From December unto December
This thing may be truthfully
The joke we can never remember
Is the one that we think of in
Aired Her llnowledge.
She was a Vassar graduate an
didn't know a little bit aboi
housekeeping when she marric
her last beau and settled down 1
domestic life.
.-er first order at the grocor
was a crusher, but that good ma
was,'used to all sorts ot people ar
could interpret Vassar as easily I
plail EJnglish.
"I Want ten pounds of paralyze
sugar," she said with a businei
"Yes'ni. Anything elso?"
"Two cans of condornned milk
"Yes'mn." Ho sot down "pulve
ized sugar," "condonsod milk."
"Anything more, mna'am ?"
"A bag of fresh salt-bo sui
that it is fresh."
"Yos'm1. Wha11t neoxt?"
"A pound( of dsecrated codfish.
"Yes'm." lIo wrote glibly "do
sicate-d end."y
"Notihing mo-ro mia'arn? Hforo'
s1110 thico horsoridisih just in."
"No," she said, with a JUM-ivab
blo to her.ggox .-.
binLp to-e,~ "it would
>o Ilo, as we don't. keep v
Tliei tho groeor sat (lown onit I
)it of' mackerel and fanned himl
islf wviti at patont washboard. Vas
ar had talkon tihe cake.
A Consulatory CIsance.
One ovoning, just, about dark,
rodo up to ia cabin in tho Tonnes
Boo mountaitis and askod to sta
all night.
"l'm sorry, mistor," said a w(
man who iatt responddO to my r
quest, "but. yori can't stay hero."
"W'hv not?" I askod. "I'll. pa.
""'ain't i he may I'mi afoard u
mistor," 1ho W id, "but, thor' ain
no mon folks in the houso and y
c11n't. keep you.'
"W\'hat. am I to do?" .1 iskei
"O(i o to fia wext place, rve
"IlowI'm f i. :l "
"Two miLes, -r sitch i iattor
"''ut. it is ..ark,"' [ uirIged;
nW\ er* M a.s heN beforeo-4 anld I'llI
suro to lost, C'ii road."
"I rc-tkoni tirr's at ' ichano -
that," shm said, -.nd the1.n, mor e
arliol ht1iI rad. inistr, that, you
be glad yoIu los; hit, afIore youl'
TIIanslg, Whast ne want'.
byt a1 W itly rlo~t't, wvas lijUoyd t
ot her daiy. as1 i' cr(owd was: sui
inig (.i1t. of' o0t' of t hi theaterg,
uip about, his 'airs.
of' thet party. ''-lIo doesn- It..Iwem'Il
soo us8; 1 guess . 11 wauk' htin iI
s4topp)inig to thi.iniik, he1 stopped f
'ward and hi theri'u imdinllieu
caived t he loe and1 d isclosei'
ihe aistoni ishe' 12 (yes of t he hIim ai
gentionuni t fuieoI of' a to)
hoore the vailm and1( iniquiring gi
ping for)Iar .-( aid:
"' Ili," was1' 11he quiet repiy.
Aua tatpobia OI3IIMsion.
"huto hit re young.*il'( man,"d tr
"And wh'en I aIsignled ilb) .otl
(liy (din't I toll yon I'd work
for thle compali n- twenty year's'?
"I h)t oe s,."
"'And yet this is the kindt of
And lhe had laid the last issj
of the papor on in tab~le and p)0
todl to thie noicio of' his retiroine
which stated that lie "had1( work
the companyl13 for twenty yoars."
Not Asa All-Nighatess.
Even in groi cities careful pi
pie keop early hours.
"We had1( a fine suis~io 1.J
miorning," said( on1e Now Yorker
another. "Did you see it?"
"Sunrise?" sitid the secondl mn
"why, I'mi alwvays in b)0d beft
sunis e."
A PsaNll arnd.
"it's very puzzhing," said a wt
riedl-lookin~g womain to one of bi
"What is that?"
"Ican't tell whiether Willie
corrupting thme parrot or wheth~
the wparot is corrunting Willie."
The' Piaee for Ina.
WhQn the crusty cook opene<
the back door and found a tram
d standing there with his hand stucl
It out, she was not particularly ploas
d ed..
"I would like to have a bite t<
eat, mum," ho said.
"You can't get it.," sho snapped
n "I haven't had nothin' to eat fo
d five days, mum."
to "Oh, havon't you?" sho saik
scornfully. "Woll, this ain't th<
d placO for you. You bolong in a
dime museum," and sio slammed
the door in his face.
"You don't look like yo'd had
very good luck at that house," said
Plodding Peto.
"I got a cako," repliod Meander
ing Miko.
"])oi what yer lookin' so sour
'Twas or cako o' soap."
"Did the christening of the twins
go off all rig t?"
"Yos; but I djn't liko thohymn
t 1o.choir sang."
"What did they sing?"
"Still there's more to follow."
Speelmieii Cases.
J H. CliWord. New Ctassel. Wis.. wit
trotibled with Neurait a and letint isti,
hIs stoaifelb was di-ordeted. his Liver
was atfeted to an alarsi lng degree, a1ppe.
lite fQll away, 9n Hil)le wa erbly redit.
ce41 Il Iesh at d strengtihi. Three -bot tie.
of Electric ilittCrs Ctired 1111.
Edwaird SIepherd iarrisburIr, Ill., hai
a running sore onl hi. legr of eight y(Irp
standing. Used three bot tles of Electrit
It.ters anti seven boxes of ltincklen's Arnid
ca .1lvtm. and his leg is southnd and VCl
Jo ll Speaker, C'atawba. 0 . hail five larm
F revot. sorle. o hist 14 . doctors saitd hi
was inenrable. Onte botl Eletrile B.t
ters ani one box ltickler's Arnla Salvt
OMIe hin entirely. So, ! br Os:borne -L
Kirksey and W. T. McIall. Piekeiis, (
A Aunraniateed cure.
We aithoi ize our advertised drug
gistto seDr. King's New Discovery
For Consmnption,- Coughs ani Col
, upon this condit.ion. If ,,ou are af
't flted with a Cough, Cold or an
e Ltng, Throa t, or Chest trouble, ail
wvill use this remedy us directed, giv
ing it a Fl~r trial, and11 experience n
belefit., you may ret.urn the bottle an
have your money refunded. We cou'
k- nolmake this offer did we not kno'
itha rI. King's New Discovetry cou
beI rWied on. It iever ilisappoit
Tr'al I)ottles free at W. T. McFall'
store. Large size -50c. and *1.00.
Electric Hlitters.
'i'his remedy is becoming so well know
and so populir as to need no special me;
tion. All who have used Electric Bitte
sing the same song of praise. A pur
n- inedicine does not exist, and it is guara
teed to do atll that Is claimed. Electric Bi
Sters will enre all diseases oif the liver at
'Il kidneys, will remove phnples, b~o1ls, St
rheunm and oilher affections cansed ty hi
Spure blood. Will urive malaria from tl
system anid prevent ais well as cure all mt
Iariail fever~s. For cure of headache, en
stipaltioni and indigestion try Electi ic B
ters. Enitire sat isfact ion guaranteed.
'd money refunded. PrIce. 50 cente, anmd $1.i
pe er bottle. Sold by WV. TI. Mclali, Pic
uts, S. (C.
i I t shaouuld Be in Eu-ery Ifouse.
J. B.r~ Wilson, 3'7l Clay' St., hr
bur, P., says he il o be wit
dout D~r. King's New Discovery f<
Consumnption, C~oughs and CIold
nie that it eured1 his wife who was t hrei
to ented with Pneumonia after tin at ta<
,~ of ''La Grippe,'' wheni variouts oth,
' remtedlies anid several phlyseianst hu
utt done her nto good. Isob~ert Iliarbt
>r- of Cooksport, Pa., chtimns Er. Kino
n. New D iseovery has (done himi me
*~ rod tihan anyvtinmg he e'ver usied jf
hugTrouble. Nothing like it. 'I'
L. Free Trial Blottles at W. TP. M
as50c. anid *1.0)0.
ii Veterinary Surgeon.
ut lingVit li t'n xperi.neie of fifteen't yent
i::' in t reanting all diseaseos of catt'Y, tan
h lavinig untiei (te ditse of .Ahtorian,
all of its for~i, ai sitt (init' , I offerm a
servi'elt 1 .h1 publi Wi 'ictkeati,' ~.
i~l 1J.il'. (i Fr IN.
vs lheI:N3 ('. HI., N C., Jatinuary 27, 1 81
To TilE i'sl.n':
IFor~ the beiutl of I hos'' thait aire suirt
01r you a sttemint of imy ('asH.. Aho
L'd threeQt years. lago latst Cjpting I noticel
stai lumn np in my nose atud I tooni bmu~
alatruned atnd coistulted a Dottor ani
a sucth , b'nt nifterwvards it butrstedl. I tltt
consxulted 1).- WXilkitnson at Greenvill
n and he teated't it awhileantd hte pr..niount
ed it. n~ell; buit tin abotut six mnaths
camte back tigaina,::.nd Ott the'30th (liy
i Nove:aber, last.. I ennmenmced thle uise
anid int 'tmTEE'iiN IIAYS the 'Tumonir or' Ca
eter ealne omit leav'ing at stimle k'ore' I
hteal, wvhich hienled utp nicely int a shto
0- limo, and it appteairs nowi to be siotun
antd well . 'PTte Mt.cmeixn is supet.>r t
da (liy. thing I have ever~ used(.
to heli for'egoing statei'mnt r'on.adintg lth
eu re of J1. E. ('ox's tnimor or eanneri'
correct. J1. II Il. .\lI)AN ,1 ., . P. C
ro F'ebi-'9.IIf.
or Notite of~Final Settlement
I herebey give notice that I will apply I
J1. 11. Newlbery, JTudge of Probate for Il'
enis county, H. C., ont salesday in Marel
.1894, for leave to make a final stettlemnent
la tiht est ate of Mason Burdine, deceased, ani
asik to be dismissed as execuntor.
F. W. POE c (30.
xWEverything marked in
plain figmes and only ONE
P' rCei.
We arie offering the follow
ing Goods as SPECa BAR
GAINS, aid the sale will
contiuic throughout the sea
Men's * good Business Suits, at $5.
$7.50, $10. Better Suits at $12.50,
$13.50, $15.00. Our best Suits at
$18 to $25.
Boy's Long Pants Suits 1
13 to 18 Years.
$3.00, 84.00, 87.00, $10.00 $12.50.
Child's Knee Suits,
75c., $1.0I, $1.50. A2.00, $2.50, $3.50
For Me!n and] Boys-all prices.
So ~ hoes!
For everybody, at all prices.
Underwear, Hoslery,Cloves,
Shirts, Collars. & Cuffs,
Neckwear, Rubber goods,
Mackintoshes, UmbrellaS,
Trunks, and Traveling Bags
Sa&tisfact ion gIIAat ed or
V tuoney rettinIed.
F. W. POE & C0.,
Jan. 18. 94.-- 1in.
Clerk's Sales.
.Ihe Stato of Soutl Crolinaf,
a CoL'NTY (3r l'ia-xxES.
hi JTudgmentL of For.eclosureP.
Charles T. Hote i, et.al
kC J.1 B.'ld', 01. al1.
(1 n puir.tlanc O1C an ii old er Of P'Ore
r closur e inade inl th aboveW,. statedcas
.tembelr 1893, I will sewlIl o thi. highe9
>r1 hilcr before thle Comti ..u e door (00
.11dur ig the1I legal hours i for .-eale, oj
Sal eM'day ini Februiiiary nex t, the follo0w
inig deecribed reatl estate to-wit: Al
that piece, p'iareid or tract of lind ly
inig, being, sit.uate ini the Caun'.y a n,
hitate aforesaid, on heade waters a
r, Rice's4 Creek, adjoiingi lands of F
ad F. Lesle'y, 0. L. HIollin~gs~worth, M. 11
SNeo~vtor and~ others, counteaiing lift y
;,five (55) uacra', more or less.
TaMus-One half cash, balant.e 01
a ;roclit of twelve months, seenured b,
by a bond of thme purlchiaser, aind
mortgage of the preises. Pulrehn
ser tco pay for papers and fpr record
ing the samle.
.lani. 11. Clerk of Couri
Family Groceries
it ANb
G en eral Merchlanidise.
rE hav fl~Just r'ceivred our STOCK
OF GOODS for the present
t~ 50eason, whieb wo offer at the lowest
p frices possible.
We keep constantly on hand a
good sit pply of
D RY 00 D S,
Also, FARMERS' TOOLS, and every
hing needed for Farming purposes.
Eias'y, S. 0.
All other stoves have tak
en a back seat,
Call and see our. Bargain Counter, in
Crockery &.
131 Main Street,
T. I. STALL, Manager.
Jan. 25, 91-tf.
Don't You Forget
When you come to town and need any
Of any kind, to call at my Store and look
around, and thei note iy prices, and I am
sure you .will See oeth i ng that you need,
and if you will only allow me a little profit
I feel sure I will he able to acconunod-tte
yoIu-.-hn:I evenz should you not need any
Goods 1 would be ghtd to see all of my
friends, end have a little chat with them
it would cost vou nothing-besides I keep
some excellent Oider, which you will find
vety refreshing these DnY dines. I have
not only Groceries but ke'1, every thing
else the farmer need:..
And I beg leave to Pay to my triends
from the county, that If you hare any
C()hickenls, Hutter, Eggs, oinney, or alny
thing else. to dispose if, I will alIways give
you the highest market prices for them.
Doma'L fo get the Iltce-- I can always be
found at lIluuter & Ilawtl.orne's old stand.
W. C. Bramlett.
July (1. 1898.
Tak aore oto Swn.t
OItUsl-: ue proven them. i u
.g l he b-'S n i.:iiT Cte oiue a toeGi
Quein fosDSton
of.ifeAsr1- i ntuCa
. nyourd itto ?ee to P.Ca you
affrdeton do with, o illb
yorotornnS andJpay, the9ig.
eash pr: -o it hem Ile ins buy
ngtaten outh Carouin oton o
Comptany Grenicy l'te MlitleLi.
-Osrct. 54m t. evecn
cotneThe~Oiyhereut r
Quel stsfator dionaril
cofn Lif e ssurac isnoity an
thyoutffor itm i"sur ane you
-aaffod tofd ithout life ?"uan
Mcr.WJ ronespectflly, S. RC.
tten bove ether ios btone f
fereed frtlmnto may matuied
TnEqplc h ~uitable Life
Asuanc woty. th ave con
vicinge pofceto the doturl.an
Fontinull pthpoiclar Thereslsar
highly Ratifactory anaerti,
Dcpommento the aoityand
Thne Tonaine gsyte insuane aspe
prietyad byit, wo eronarde bsi
thae ao profitabre geinrace.
Ynhdll oursee ly during tarc
oThele abonth lette is fobur onl
shelected rom an rceve
Ifrom h apypoic thes tin thenx
It'das ae orl d oe wsepa con-o
or thfull a rth olars"reos
Dear tmoe.to h aons
C-Xone .
Money is a neceesity to effect set.
dlement and all these goods must go
without respect to cost.
The line of DresE Goods is betuti.
ful in all grades and the ,styles are
Best grades of Spring Gingharae
Outin g Calicoes, dress and hli-tieg
Percafes. - .
A good ritoek of the ehoicest Bai.
broidery, Edgings and Flounoings.
Plaid and pl)ain LawnsNainsools,
Pique ard all.euch goodAs as are need.
ed for early Spring Sewing.
This is your last oh'ance to M
good, fashionable Goods absolutel1
slaughtered. Lose no time te tiinJ
selections. First come first elsoice,
We regret to make such.. a havio ir
prices on account of oixr, good. .eigh
bors in trade, but wo.are in a deepl
cut-We must gut out and this is the
only road to the surface.
All goods must go if Slaughtere'
prices can move things. And money
must. come to make our dissolti.tion
McAlister & Benti.
P. S.-All persons indebted-t.... .kq
will oblige us by settling at onoe.
Gre-enville, 8. C.'
January, 4, 1894
Ac wel pV' Iileasedt withi ad year i' t~ado
ai col-c: loni. They are hn a better pu.
r i ion to se'rve . theiremnt CbIBhan ~ar
be.fon-':,i 3)nd propose~I tlo ' ethg4 lively
fi-r 1894.
New goads ant ivitng d.dtly!
Ini itock nowv a large lot of Xtael .iii!
chentpe'r tant weI ever drenmode( vi getting~
h gin tie re , and1 ai lo-bo itt '44
g with 1.e Intlit. If t he we ~.s ue CU
FoCed Oats tand Corti!
li yOt have't nui.de, yourt an-ells te'
Si;met wit h usL~ come C upl and) jtdo ,
thil-t bt:f b l it. li. The '4ebt dyg,.n'ige t
J.et us heart f. out you!
Yoltrs Tiruly,
Hag ood,
~The "Patent-Holster'lao!
Left before we got "urn' '
-nd thait m takes it meeear.y ft
ius to i ut tother fe'.lowl .
t&"e re going to'ha~ng. I
nnd wilh t say to our friends who a
indehted to us t at we
Come aong Brother mund if you ca,'t pi
all your* necounit,
and give us your note for the. bala
We stilt offer good Finur, Rice/FugimA
Coffee, Lard. To(bncos shoe~ts, &C, ,at
D~ry (oods, Nitions, Ju-ns, 'ete'.',oe
to arrtive..,
P lows, Plo~wstocks,. Swingletret's, e(.
to makte a big (ottoni Crop..
'rThis is thme motnthito, ,uiVw d'eep
.While HI is gards sleep.'
We watnts to help i on, so coime and g
your pilows.
Lewis & Son,
Februen t-., l89nat.

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