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Vol. 44 ?A~i~ LASS. C., THURS DAY, FEBRUARY1,19F.N7
8OWE~N &.01iii.D11088,
Attornoys at Law
. Pikents," . c.
Oct. 5, 1893.
U11. J. W. NO-WOOD, Dentist, Dr.
IW. M. Nr.nwoon, Assistant. Oflice,
88i Malu Street, Greenville, S. C.
Jan. 9, '92 y
DR. J. P. CARLISiLE, Dentist, Green
Ville, S. (). Ofllco over Alwison&
McGee's Drug Store.
- J~ R. J. I, WIl,IA1S Is 110W ~
nienit~ loc i0: 'd: at l'ickenii, an' Old '
his. Prefetslona:l S'i'vieos to 'lit' peoil" of
T 01
the ltown aild st4nerolindi(tg (")111111.
tico anid "side'nce at the Orillaose
Oct. 26-3m
The Exchange Hotel,
. W. HENDERSON, Proprietor.
bt~~sjij!I In~ U I Q. T.aryp flxmis.
3peolal attelitio to CoinrCifl Travel an
Tourists. Table Fare Unsu rpased.
Fine Climate the year round. Ap. 7, W 2
H. E IAU 01). .1. L. 'iIot14NLlY, Jit
I,, C, 'rToR0las.1y
Liry, Food, SaleIG zoling (SSo
Easley andiPickeis,!S. C..
(Opposite Ilotel.)
Carriages, Buggies, and Saddle Ihorses, at
reasonable rates.
Bgy- Your patronigc solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
D~ealers in
Mad1i ani Granite Moment,
TOXBSTONES, of every description
anl Wrought Iron F-' NCIN(G, G(.reenville,
8. C. Sept. 119, '91.
If you want th linest PiLTUltES made
in the state, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
113 McBee Avennc Greeiville, S. C
SW- Crayon Portraits a specialty
April 7-y.
0 sse's IV ctg"
Has retady for ilspection1.
Latest styles inl
Walking Hats for Ladies
and Children.
Infants Ca>ps an d HIats,
Ali the Noveleti s of the Season.
"All (oods at Cost for :3 days."
Fm-iiih-lmion 15 dAo ten tial whenI
hle p-rper. Cont11e i.lei;.d
If yuwanlt ano'M o eutto
n.T the Carpenter Organ.
Nov 9,93
Dealer in
Oct. 19.--3m
To Buy theo best' DRUGiS, at 'the
lowest prices..
Full-kine of BLANK BOOKS, STA
Closing out our PAII NTS, AT
A full line of ARTIST'S MA.TE.
D. T. BACOT & CO.,
West Green-ville, S. 0.
Oct. 5, 1893.--6m.
$100 Reward
For tho Merchant that gives you
more Goods for your inoney then I
wvill. Just notice the following pi
ces :
Cro-rum ---N uv S-roCK.
Youth's Sulta at $3.74
Do. do .4.75
Do. do .5.50
Men's do 4,75
Do. do 6.50
Do. do 7.00
and up to $15.00.
Coffee 10 pounds to the dollar.
Cotton Qhec.ks. 41 c. bly the bolt.
3-4 Shirting 4 To. " ."
Prints, all stylest, from *f1-2' to 6e.
all colors 7e.
Good Brogno Shdes 76 cen'ti--oth
A lot of shmoe, 8::nl I mid Iirge
No. ut cost1.
Chlildrens ~OiP~ courseshoe 12 eeis
.Jean~s at 18 30, 2 I. an d no) eent S.
Can't be beat at the pritce.
1 will buy your hn it Cotton, Sce(d
Cotton, and~ Cotton Seedi, at market
*prices. Also, dr y or green hildes.
Mr. C. JI. Parkins and. Richard T.
lIallum'n,' are now with me, and will
be glatd to meett their friends.
I~bety S (.O'12 19. 0 1
Spmitli & in
11 IU c d"'. t at
D) ay en .
Telephone N-.) n.
Night calk .-,\ I -,
phone No. :w.
63 and 05Main Su1,<m
T116 B& i .).
S'I'U: s
8AS, 0D On
6 FEET, at
T. U.
Sof pur.
A l1I.
A full Lh -
1t1( S'i-:CT.\
a'(ulI t's r r
As it is now
nlu1 llhi See .
Will' keep a:)71 fu line o i ha;'~ ut.
Then theecie .\T .
full c 1's N line-a.vuytr e 2. und
bt6yfl5 Phy sie PrIiiinnt(.e ae'
-(pond Il day . .
When yo come t'> cy,.iVe re a 717t t~
Ealey, iS. C ., Feb P. 18.' 1 I
NEWLI1 i? 1ia S $141,> .Mi
-. _ prcjIn,
Sstove have tat
A ac seat
V rT
. to ive y
C :s.r of thle
h n - rateft
illun nwu
h2 po brr l
tfiedh ch
Io, ,n~'l\,il not. a IoMlg
it' ho p os byl(
-: J: hauletl aw
h C V 1 i ly, ! w
ur,.--. Ienou
This ofr i'vs h 5ave talb
- a s,:091 ill ;no ,.his longs
n atfon ae.
.c . t! ~f j O\- B a j
n arrive
n .e1 ' c o m nut2 \*
n e e 6ne.J
h llsi ., ~ aI tha eveh
*oe l w me and'~ bring meil
24 't}ir ha: r.
n . 61 . ~ J e an. 1 it , 1894
* 11rw16Oil p
I U Ot f JEl!
: '' fl(IV ' Ia.- a
.H l ll is.: r
666e 6 Lu fl(. nTi. d in ie
; --.-::*THE.\o
I~ '6. -966 I t\ 9 '6 : I \l E ).'
66, I 6 -'6., 6\V .o
6 !6
(I he\ b . i I not III t h1 I16 Wil )p
.I. ,.''.e ber , I u(. of P o :6 o
th es t. 6lp uien 1114' Ii t Iilt
6lt6to - li<iin, U.:> lip,
.O 31 ('M .I'.61N EI
row i -- ecut
This Space is Reserved for the
new firm of
Who will open at the old stand of
PARK & JONES, 9 Pendleton Street,
o0 or about the 1st of March, with
an entire new stock of
Our Mr. A, J. Jones will leave inl
a few days for New York, Boston,
Philadelphia and Baltimore, for the
. purpose of buying the stock; and at
the greatly reduced price for goods
the coming season, we will he in po.
sition to offer to the trade, goodslat
lower prices than ever shown in this
city; and solicit your patronage.
A. JAr( JOnS,
IENnRY 8. GAisoN.
P. S. -As it will be seen that the
firm of Pail k & Jones has dissolve1, I
do most sincerely thank my friends
a1nd the public in general for theinr
kindness in the past and can truly
prmlise them that after the first of
1n March, I can make it mire to yone
irinterst to deal with ie than evr
before. A. J.veg TJom.-s.
If You Want Anything in
I Gelerl IerchaliS 0.
Dry Goods, Notions,
Boots, Shoes, Cro
ceries, Hardware,
" and a full line
of Farm Sup
I can give youi a low fourei on,
Flour and Farming Imnplements.
r'e JOHN CI. KAY is with iie and will
*be pleasedt to have lus~ frien~ds call oin
Easley, S. C., Feb). 8. 94-ly.
Scosts only $2.00 per 100 squaro feet,
Makeso a good roof for years, and' any.
one Canl put it oin.
GumnEJ.as~'w PAINTr cost only O0
fcenits per' gal. in b~bl. lots, or $t .5(
or 5 gal. tubs. Color (dark red.I
Will stopl leaks ini tinl or iron r(o.>f:
'. anid willI last for years. Tav~ tr.
-nd~ i sti amps for sa imples~ and full
e.pari i llarUS.
39 & 41 WVest, Broadway, NEW YORK
IFe b. 8, 1804.-G m.
Ta':ke y'ouri Cotton Seed to P. 1
Curetonl, in Easley, who will bn;
your C1ottoii Seed and pay the higi
Cash price for it them, ie is buy
ng for the South Carolina Cotton O)
Company Greenville Mill.
e-G-Ot. 54mn
Or you are all worn osit, really gu'vi for nothini
i il it la getneral dehnity,' rry
E' ilcure yot , 1n1 i ive a ~~taptite. S01
SpD, I
.7 .
Monevy "Is aneee:-sit v to effect, set
without respect to cost.
The line of Dres' Goods 1s beauti.
fiu in all grales4 and the stvylS are
Best grades ()f Spring Ginghamis
Outings Calicoes, <bs And Ahirting
A good 'tock of tile cloicest E
broidery, Edings and Fllicing .
r,0 1"
Plaid awd plain Lawns,Nmsk,
Piqie ar.d all such goods a.,re ned.
ed for1 early Spring 'ewing.
11is is your lat chance to get
(Ood, bis'IIiThnable Gods abolu 'V
silughtrlt. L *os no tim o to1m0ke
s..lecutionls. Firt. comt. first choico.
\e regiet to ilae such a havoc ill
prices on accou--nt. of our ('0, neiw h
ioJI:. in 1i1ter,, but ve are ill a deep
cut-We llst. g"t ut 111l tlis is the
oIIyI Ioinl I o th eI I face.
.All goods iist go If SiaightrtI
pracn move th1?0ierII..'. A Ad money
lItust c+-n1 to 11:J%.e oI -lissol (itull
McAlister- & I3cn tz.
I' . A lI I e n Indl 1., 1 lilt
will obige si.;'v by :i : ;
(.'r, enville, S.
(tei~ic we pei wi ina yeari'li( gi endeu
i-m' i e ve l he~ 'fr~ cutoe rs bnnI ever'
befiore uta IiU s e tiou mae hig; ivl
H awgoo riigdaiy
Lowt& prcs-n al lam 'ol
IWets a in 'o tesadtho
in 1.in thettlor ,a dapo -o a h
-: Oncnt a :udor !
Tuf you have' Cm:.e yur promntl er
Ih-entwit usl otme y Couhs Cdop soe
Thnt ahroeit.'oh <Wh-bop<in Cgetan
shma roby Corsyin pty--ht yi o riva.
hst cure harom you!wllozw~u l
takenIn tluo. or ruly,8 na ur
agoIo ~odakorClut 1
~LOI1 & Go.RR
teedo~uo yu. ~rloT A iR f3
O1.0 ott. i
0 lit'in I Ielmpo'a o' Ch eicf Co nm.l:1d4b
i o)V('M4 1iAIch444y4 .-Spe a
:fr n ii i 44(11 114' this (eve4( 14 ( ne -
(Ite th 11vllin re'o't of Chieof
11h11, o n h o }4( i0i1
lI 1 1'( , 411(1 1till 1' Onido ( llj
1 o~llg )ortU~n v givi thet(
onsabld'side ()f tho killing:"
" li 1I i WOl 1() 14 1 ' t ha > 111 fior
th 1!1 last. two w1 ks by I.) (I i i'rent p I ar
4 a |1d in (lie~ W or Incl4 (1'illu
9 m\' ( in ill 11.1d 3(:l~ is e
1h0114110(\'S 1t, 1 tn- s , Ili We 4il 1l
1( .'ll Ot i il 1 1,(1 We' l ikv
Wlislc y \o l dy Wh1Y W <> lId
biy, opinly dfyingt the 111 nd
SWO11 ingh tIt tioy Wld 11d b<
uirt d , hOul that iV wolr wh
-ttelupte d it woul hito 1i4l( dust.
.I : ii filI .i d (4 1 i l 44 - :lili il I: 1 yI
dan,1cl to Conviet he partles (d
m li I \\ kI %\, Wnv ri . I I t. W:
Wom1lt ,u-illist ti\'o II, if- I'n ild
:hne d in hll nd of the sh4ri'li.
His dll Ity s ill11 l11d Ino alid 1.,l
VOl18tailhkS 'IS R! JWs ntlWe o l
W' r iI W i 114 41 P I d t1l4 Ivh
was bin. Sold Ii't found I (ne
0h1 1r. Wo mot, a party h1o inl
frmil-d Ius that. he( had Just, boug!ht
ir,.In thlen, at, a houlse nlearl by.
i tod us that the whiskoy was4
not4 ait the house4n, but if wvo wouild
1i.) the hou)lls andlgv th in thw
'lli' ?M \ >110 14 i le ni 4 l W< t IW 4 '
: t r , g( (t th .I u
1; % 1! 1 1. 11 1 a 1
il :1 \ : 1 1 1
44ai' I I14 t 44 i r
Vi.j Y.. \' ( 1114 444V, ' i i
Wr, td I
N .i' 11v. % I
It I :v g l - 11. 4 ' I.
e Vil r <> I i
n1 1 .1 1 I I 1
Y \; \ 4 W >ll 14h141 l i1
II 1144 (44444 Itr Id <hni d~t 1444
414( M a l) n W1401 Wi ii ilde ii~
I) rIy19e43 wetue Sh: toi .
. 4r I'd 4.4Ae 4l41 ',' 1 4'44 4' S .W ..n.
p4.1(11. II lower41 d 4 ih ,4 w. to hi
udi'lll( 11444 4 '.44 WI ll.4 1' I \-, I (4 ' 2 <<' 144
4441. 1-I 1e i 4%111 iii I i ll '-. 2. rgi ii
.re the, : one1 in4 4' his right. ha
from him. A. :. .
44mate 4o 4la 4, rin M
.'4'A i l'~ , lI riu ''
G.:0 i is mor in ih.h44.r
wheel4 at.4 th 4p4r41' ( 'i
41 dd 4-l l 414'l 4. 1 > d -
I 2.e\
r':~l of nt11 Ilbl 44 [5 1
SPAR'TANnUnI, Fob. 6.-Spocial
It iii not; only illicit liquor dealers
t hat must, suflf1' in this big coun
t:: but upon tho disastor to the.
Sparhi mill is1 piled another for
tiho Enoirenc Manufacturing Con
any. II iIo Iresidont Coffin and
uplintendent McGowan were at
the spart aM ill wrock sympathi
ogin with very ono, from Prosi.
n lat. Montgo-mery down, they re.
vd a Im eag, announcing the
tartlin. fact that their big ware
1'usl emOitaillinlg fivo thousand
ha les of Ctoin, wats burning. They
rehaiere a t ize and veib. to Eno
ing till ill(, (iveninig to hear the ro.
lilt ot th fir. Rports aro moa
!T'. It is HIid that. six l1hndrod
- I' mntr or less burned. ItiS
a- known wilihr tl firo is under
c'sit iro)l (r how it started. It is vory
hlkely that. aly lo5s will b fully
p)r- b((..I d.
Thbe FnmendtheNesm r
Mny ii think that newspaper
hlte :ne lperi.4ent dunners. By
way of' ) comparisoll let 11.; SUPp1)1 that
a kii-mer rais'ed 1.000 buishels of wheat
I year and sells this to 1,000 persons in
all parts of the country ti, agreat portion
Of hiem sair'," I will hand you l dol
- a :-!. t n."' The farmor does
vi i a t I 'Ibe sniill :aut say all right.
E a th. Inu w Ihls are gone, but
ha hs nt h ngto shlow for. it and theni
it he' lma01 ooled away his
beh erp,:111. IL, value to himt is
I a t.ini|| lfe d lill'bIes COiso
In b hei c nsy barrlassed inl
b.!!. hIIi:: debtors each
n 'I ,a, traot it w a a small.
b it wohtil nOt help
b! I i Iin d of' business
- o, as the plulisher
b uill 1A tni it? A mtto
it, 1110lc ally one
.. . . V. -I Il 4 E yes.
nv h u. ying down. Sit
b11h light, or so tho
4::;' -ii Ie' left shotilder
*I " hoinlc the I'ght come
I ei b b d, tho s1:110w of the
b ' p..(e il alls on the pa.
t 1 .h1g the line of
I nI.' i'':-g the eye. Veils,
v Iws are iljrl.ious.4
14I' v, IU 1fl11, 1.Q bo % 011
l b11e II the 4o!teast eharest
'It. 'he e e. i hioil hw rested five
ertin m.inu tt. a ftr each h':our'slt" read
in;. 'i'ha' st idy at'mulnsic anid German
iha ol on tithe eves, amid the eyes sho0n1dl
le r,.bt l ml(oe fri eietly and longer
at a t inw wheni engag ed in thiese stud.1
Avohl\~'): facing the lamplight
t udy1I lingt. A hadl stor'anch some
HlS ma !ks fad Iy CV(S. Attend to the
ria.:kels 14' eyes. Whlen the eyes feel
ti4i bathle thiemi with soft water, hot
4r coitl, wXihi(''ver oni trial pr'oves more
comfot alei. Thei ho I wd ater gone(rally
FlesICh I~aing and~ Ut11Il T'emper'.
hi' dep-lorI'Ial e r'esult of' meat eatinig,
a y.s Mibs. Ernest4 Hatt in Thle H~os
fit al, "is the ill temnper' which is said
to~ bwe i throi compld ain England.
Ini less meat eating F'rance urbanity is
thei rle; ini fish anid ric3 eatinig Japean
harsh1 w'ords~i areC unknowvn andi~ an
prova\'ils even' amongli ih'eliichii w4ho
Aud\14 yet inl our' conceilt,
ii na; ns are s'nihug mission.
I Iih il how,~ 1to bjehave. And
I Ii i buii'hl'er the(i r cowsa
:n-u4fo th di iestrutiton
thir' civiliz.ing wor'.i among
til old1 New. I'gland judcgo
* f1 ad-e a gl e rVpe: h by saying:
\l r.--'----,l wish y'ou would tako a
Iiw fealthers fromi the wmng of your im
ltion and1 putc 11 themi in the tail of
-A cit izen of Anhdersonf who was at
eia-d with grippe a shtot time ago,
Ssinailarly ef icted promplt cures in each
i v~we y11hapl using asafoet ida pillsa
li 1 lit birg'.r than a1 b1ltucshot threo
in Itinus a d1ay.--Anderson901 Jorn'inal.
Thi'oasi I. E'arlIe, E~sq., has boon~
tanIl~'h0) ppited Ciorono.r for Andorsoni
Cout'tnty v'icd 11. Ml. WVright~rosigned

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