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H. 0. DoWBN. ue E' C"'"sse
Attorneys at Law,
Pickens, S
Oct. 5, 1893.
R. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist. Dr
W. M. NGnwoon, Assistant. Omlce
88 Main Street, Greenville, 8. 0.
Jan. 9, '92 y
R~J.P. OARLISLE, Dentist Gree
ville S. C. Oilce over Adson J
McGee's Drug Store.
D I. J. F. WILLIAMS l now perma
nently located at Ilickenis, ad Offen
lis-Profestdonatl Servle'is to 1 l'eP'# 0:
theiwnmi and surrotundlig coun ltry. Of
le* and residence at tihe Orillti IJouse.
Oct. 2--3m
The Exchange Hotel,
C. W. HENDERGON, Pjcprietor.
Modern Imp rovernent. Large B'noum.
Speelal attention to Commncrcal Travel an
Tourists. Table Fare Unsurpassed.
Fine Climate the year round. Ap. ', 91t
Lilry, Toe, sale & 1o1216 NItAei,
Easley andlPickens,iS. ' ..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages, Buggies, and Saddle Horses, al
reasonable rates.
Wr- Your patronage solicited.
OAlaik & Cooper,
Dcalers In
Put& aud orapito ~M~t
TODBSTONE8, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
S. C. Sept. 19, '91.
If you want the finest PIcTUREs madte
in the state, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
1i McBee Aveune Greenville, S. C
MW Crayon Portraits a specialty
April 7-y.
Hias ready for inspectiOll.
Latest styles in
Walking Hats for Ladies
nnd Children.
Infants Caps and Hats,
All the Noveletics of the Season.
"All Goodi at Cost for 80 days."
Fturnished oi 15 days test Trial when
lie prop er contrnct is signed.
If yont want an organ nf Reputation
Buy the Carpenter Organ.
Nov 9, 93
Dealer in
tchos, Diamonds & leoaIr,
Oct. 19.-3m
To Buy the best DRUGS, at the
lowest prices.
Full line of BLANK BOOKS, STA
Closing out our PA INTS, AT
A full line of ARTIST'S MATE.
D. T. BACOT & CO.,
WestL Greeniville, S. C.
Oct. 5, 1893.--6m.
$100 Reward
For the Merchamut that gives you
more Goods for your mioney then I
will. Just notice the following pri
Chorunro-NEW S'rocKc.
Youth's Suits at *3.74
Do. do 4.75
Do. do 55
Men's (do 4.7f
Do. do 6.5(
Do. .io 7.0(
and uip to *15.00.
Coffee 10 pounds to the dollar.
Cotton Checks 41 c. by the bolt.
3-4 Shirting 41 o. " " "
Prints, all styles, from 4 1-2 to 6e
all colors 7c.
Good Brogan Shocs 75 oents---th,
er Shoes in proportion.
A lot of Shoes, small and larg<
Nos., at cost.
Childrenis course shoes 121 ont4
per pair~.
Jeans at 18, 20, 24 andl 80 cents
Can't bo boat at the prie.
1 will buy your lint Cotton, Seei
Cotton, and Cotton Seed, at markel
prices. Also, dry or green Hides.
Mr. C. H. Parkins and Richard T
Hlallum, are now with me, and wil
be glad to meet their friends.
J. 11. Brown
Tibty .0., te . . 9.
Smith & Smith,
is the Place for
Split Bottom Chairs,
Cribs, Cradles,
Tables, Washstands
Buriea s,
Bedsteads, Mattrasses,
(ofins and Caskets,
D ay and Night.
Telephone Nos. 64 and 18.
Night calls will be ainwered by Tele
phone No. 88.
63 and 65 Main Street, Greenville, S. C.
Drugs! Drugs!
I HAVE on hand at all times a Tull line
A large stock of COUGH SYRUPS that
will cure your Coughs and Colds.
A full line of Dinmatit EYE GLASSES
and SPECTACLES for your eyes. I will
fit you up so that it will be a pleasure for
you to read.
As it is now time to go to Gardenig
cnme and see about
Gard en Seeds,
Will keep a fu. line on hand.
Then there aire PAINTS and OILS ;in
fill line---and every thing usually found 11
a first-claiss Drug Store.
Z6- Physicians' Presriptions carefully
comnpounde-1, day or night.
When you come to Easley give me a call.
C. N. Wyatt, M. D.
Quillian's Old Stand
Easley, S. C., Feb. 1), 1P93. ly
Dry Goods tobe sold cheap
than ever.
Arbucklks Coffee at 25 cts.
per pouncl.
You can save money by
buying goods from me.
James E. BrowII 's,
Central. S, C.. Nov 30 93
Aw elpiael& Co.
Are wel piee with last year's trade
and collect ions. Th'iey are In a t 'e(r p0
altion to se'rve .1 heir customuers It an ever
before andI propose to make thinwgs lively
or* 1894.
NewV goods arriving daily..
In stock nowv a lairgo lot of Steel Nails
cheaper I han we ever dreame~d of geu.ing
L~ow piwlcs *oni all Farmt Tlools
antd Su5pples.
We are welling Plowt St'cks anel tharow~
ing hwe the 'for.e aned a glow-bar wouldl
goe with. the nt Iit if lie wams lar ge e 'mugh.
tOetd Oats and Cornw!
If yotw haven't mit.de~ youwr an i ne.
riewneut withs us Comre uP aiwid dc some
theig about it. 'hee ob-bt doe.,, -I get
smaller by 5tayling haway*.-ho.t youl do.
1 ot us hearew from you!
Your's TIruly,
Notice of Final Settlement.
J hereb g~notIce that btiae
18u cont r - .,ko saleaday ine March,
ha to e aiweiw aB ex-cutor
feb. 1, '44t. Executor.
All other stoves have tak
en a back seat.
Call and see our Bargain Cointer, In
Crockery &.e.
134 Maui Street,
GIEiNVILLE, - - . C,
'. I. STA Ib, Manager.
.ii . 25, 9 4-tf.
If You Want Anything
General Merchandise,
Dry Goods, Notions,
Boots, Shoes, Gro
ceries, Hardware, I
and a full line
of Farm Sup
I can give you a low figure on
Floir and Farming Implements.
Joiix C. KAY is with me and will
be pleased to have his frietnds call on
Easley, S. C., Feb. 8. 94-1y.
! The "Pateut-Hoister"Man!
4fr lefore we got "u011r1''- t
-and tIlut mnakes it inecessary for
is to s e tothier fellow!
&Weare going to change!
md wish to say to our friends who are
nidbted to us that we
'omeo along Brother and if you canm't pay
ili your account,
amd give us8 Your note for the balance.
We still offer good Flour, Rice. Sugar,t
Coffee, Lard, Tobaccos. Shioes, &c., &c.,
D~ry Goods, Notions, Jeans, etc., etc.,
to arrfve'.
1'iows, Plowstocks, Swinglctrees, etc.,
to imake a big Cotton Crop.
'1This is the month to plIow~ deep
While Sluggaurds sleep.'"
W~e wanlt to hielpi .ou, s0 comeI andl get
your plows.
Lewis & Son,
February 1st, 1 894-If.
costs only $2.00 Iper 100 square feet
Makes a good roof for yoars, and any'
0one cani putt it ont.
GlUM-Erasrio PAINT eost only~ 00
cents per gal. iln lb. lots, or $4.50
for 5 gal. Itubs. .Color dark red.
Will stop) leaks in tin or iron roofs,
and will last fo' years. TRY rr.
Send staumps for samlples and full
39 & 41 West Broadway, NiEW YORK.
LoeAr, Aowr1s WANTED,.
Fe b. 8, 189 l.-Om.
Takile your Cotton Seed to P. D.
Curetoni, in Easley, who will buy
your Cotton Seed and pay the high
Cash price for it them. IIe is buy..
ng for the Souath Carolina Cotton Oil
Company Greenville Mill.
--Oct. 54m
Or 70ou are an worn out, reall go"'d for nothing
}it i gomiorn (e\~ |1I T1.1try
A WulOure olk nd iva good appetlito. 01
by PH ealersincdiclino.
This Space is Reserved for the
new firm of
0 It
Who will open at the old stand of F
PARK &JONES, 9 Pentdleton Street,
:>n or about the 1st of March, with
in entire new stock of
Our Mr. A, J. Jones wvill leave in
k few days for New York, Boston, si
Pliladelphia and Baltimore, for the B
murpose of buying the stock; and at
he greatly reduced price for goods
lie coming season, we will be in po- i
ition to offer to the trade, goods3 at et
ower prices than ever shown in this m
ity; and solicit your patronage.
P. S. --As it will be seen that the "
irm of Park & -Jones has <lissolved, I a
lo most sincerely thank my friends el
bnd the public in general for their I"
cindness in the past and can truly a
)romuise them that after the first ol 0
ifarch, I can make it more to your
.terest to deal with iue than ever F
>efol-. A. JACK JONEs.
The only genuine cure for Lost Manhood, .
Pxhausted itality, Weak Menory, Palpi- a1
ation of le heart, Premature Deciy, Lack c(
if Confilece, Inability of the Marrimi (ei- u
her sex,) and Despondenicy, acll of whcichi
ollowv iu the trail of youthful Errors, Imi
rudence and Excess.
I positively guarantee theose Pills to do Ip1
verythcing I elimx for them--sc) strong is
icy faith in themi that you can return them
fthey de not help you.
To introduce these Pills I will sencd a
argo ONE IoLLARi P'AcKAGE, which ought n]
o lbe suliientt to cure ancy cse or D~ehiiity,
or 0on1y .20c.: enelose ten two-eent, stampils
n a letter with your address written phiin
r, and you will receive the P'ills "y returnc p
naial. h
With the positivo assurance on my pairt rc
lhnt you will ncever regret tho day thiat youc
acme ini possession of ti s pcriceless remedciy,
vhlose iliuence besides rostorinzg the Vitail 0
orce, extends itself to the litellectaual fat- 8l
ulties, elevating the emiotionis, uilspelling tI
lie baine of life ancd restoring iti bclesscing.f
Reand the ,folloiwinig testimonials as to t
yheother I am31 curing pieople or not. bi
"The trial package of Nervous D~ebility ,
'ills you sent done mce good. I wast troci
cled wvith what I called hleumnatisui in my
highs andi they helpeud me wonderfully.''"T
Hi. M. WVssmcn, WValton, lowa.
"Send mne sonme more of those Pills as
hose you sent me done mue so much good
lint I' thought I would send for more of b
,OHN WVA'rvxrrs, Colliugton, N. C a
"'Findl stamps enclose for two more pack- t
uges of your Nervocis D~ebilhity ills s t those
got of you before dlone mue more good tlhana g
my mnedicine I hauve ever takeni." Ir
En. Finas-roN x, Fredericksburg, 0.
"Rteceived the miedcine, 1 thinik it good ;
vill oirder some iiore.
"'I received your miedici no andl amn very
nuch pleatsedl with it; it has helped mue alI
'enduy. Enclosed fin d money for anothier
cackage."' cl
'1' M. ANicnnsoN, Westville, 0'.
$500 R EW A RD a
vill lie paid for a 'caiso of host Alanihiod, 01
cat iont of the I leart, P'reat u~are I letany, IL:wak
if Considcence, [nability of the Alarrie'd oif
ither sex, and Despcondency, thati I canniot,
Now after reading thue abhove~ if yiiu ha~ve l
my doubtcis abouit im cir lay imediinle do o1
aot send(, bu'at if you really13 wvant to git liii
ad I enn andai will gianitee ii cutre you1.1 I
imye been ac Practicing P'hysician for ac greal
nany years5 .am1 duitn tg may expierience I
iever camne acerosi qiit a s goo'rd cacaremudy,
or Nervous Debilty ais I other here --it. is
mei of the miocst,~O valble icc r imd'.ie , ve dis
covered andt if I wacs a y''unager personi 14r
votuld advertise it everywhere at $1.00 a sc
"nekage but getthig well alonig in yeacrs t,
md hv10 already mcadle a falir sized foir
un nmy medical practice, I lave mno dea
ire now to get rich, all I cnre for ncow is toc,
en how mnn people I can eure, som that ai
lhcy may enjoy tisa lIfe. Nowv raemmbaer
lhat for a short tune longer I will sendl youc
)N IbARoE P'AcKAOE OF THIRRR I'cr~ys if yenu~
vill wrap u > two dlicns anud Mscnd to riet
vithlin tent clays aifter y'ou receive thais ca
per, I hope to have the pleasure of hear cag b
fromi oucc at conce, wo
With I lie succeessfual? or do you prefer tom
remnadin a lifeluang suifferer? ot
Eniclose twio dimiccs inc your letter, and s
sendi at once to
Dr. A. H. Smith,
Imd you will receive a large Onco Dollar
Package by returni miail.
Doctor Smcith is reliablde and merits pih
ou havo asked mo to writo you a poem
Alack, what a task you have sot
)r a slavo, who is weak, but so willing
To bring to you all ho can get
rom the floild of his fancy and feeling
And lay it down hero at your foot,
shamed of the tributo he offers,
liecauso It is so Incomplete.
ad you loaned mo your oyos with their
Ihad you leaned mo your cheok with its glow,
ad you loaned mu your brow with its sweet
Had you loaned imo your brow with its snow,
ad you loaned me your voice with its music,
Had you loaned mo your hand with ittfolasp,
ad you loanod mu your heart with its prom.
What a poem would be in mny graspi
at all these treasures of beauty,
Of hopo and afrection and thought,
Ito some other poet's p0om,
I fear me, aro already wrought,
nd I tako ulp my lien with doubting
To writo a responso to your call,
)r thu bricks I am making aro strawloss
I can't write a poom-that's all.
--Dotroit Free Press.
FIrst Public Concerts.
Public concerts owe their direct on
uragement to John Banister, who had
on fame by his playing on the violin,
id who succeeded the celebrated Balt
r as leader of Charles 11's band of 24
olins. Pepys, in an entry in his dairy
r February, 1667, tells us the court gos
p of the day-"how the king's viallin
mister is mad that the king hath a
cenclman come to be chief of some
trt of the king's musi(ue."
It was rumored that lie was dismissed
om tho royal service for saying English
olins were better than tho French, a
atoinent which was no doitbt regarded
heretical, opposed as it was to the prc
Liling court view as to the superiority
Franco inl all questions of tasto, and
pecially with regard to imusic.
Banister's concerts at thu close of the
,ar 1672 were advertised in the London
azetto as follows: "These are to givo
)tico that at Mr. John Banister's houso
ow called tho Musick School), over
,ainst the Georgo Tavern in Whito Fry
S, the present Monday will bo inusick
rformned by excellent masters, begin
ng precisely at 4 of tho clock in thu
ternoon, and every afternoon for the
iture precisely at the sanio hour."
Four years later on wo read again:
At tho Academy inl Littl i Lincoln's hn
ields will begii thoe first part of the
arley of Istrinnents, composed by Mr.
An Banister." 'le admxissioin Was at
Lis timeo as a rule a 'hilling, and these
>ncerts seem to have been held pretty
gularly down to with lin t short tiie of
anister's dehath, which took place inl
i7U.-Chambih ers' Journal.
Observationl Cuoltivated.
A novel method of cultivating the fac
lty of observatioi in children has been
itroduced by a teacher in an up town
indergarten. Sho tells her pupils that
io i about to have a call from some
no who will remaii only thr& minutes;
liat no o)o iist directly stare at him,
iut that the pupil who gives the best de
criptioi of him iafter his departure will
eceive a prize. The other day hor father,
Grand Army voteran in uniform, per
>rmied thu part of caller, amid some of
1o personal descriptions after lie had
owed himself out denotod unusually
uick and accurato attention to detail.
no boy had counted all his buttons anld
xvo the number correctly, another no
ced an alost invisible scar on his face,
id various others gavo details of tl.
>lor and shap of his beard, hair an I
aiform. Thu one who received the prize
as a little girl, who declared ho had
mn explressionl on his face. "-Philadol
mma Record.
Grip anud Camiphorated Oil.
During grip days ca1mphorted oil doe's
uch good. It will often entirely dismi
ito synmptomns of anm infliuensa cold, to
hiich persons1 who have had grip seemi
~culiarly liable. R~ub across the fore
ad over and between the eyes. It is a
lief, too, for the p)ains in the legs,
hichl remain long after the attack is
rer. Rub wvitht it arounid the nuscles
id knee joints, over and under. For
als trouble, or for an exhausted condi
on following overwork, take one-halfC
iy rum, one-fourth water and the rest
>irits of ammnonia, and rub the b~ody~
ell all over, particularly the legs an'd(
ut, and arms and hands.--Now York
A Costly Ton of Coal.
On Jan, 10, 1780, 13 men01 brought a
agoni with a toin of coal from Lough
rough ini Leicestorshiro, to Lonldon, as
presenit to the then Prince of Wales.
flhon they wero emphtiedl intoS the cellar,
to clerk of tihe collars gave them 4
ineas, and as soonl as the prince was
formed of it his highness sent themi 20'
.iineas and ordered thenm a pot of beer
ach muan. They performed their journey,
hich is 111 miles, in ii datys, and drew
io coal all tho wvay without any relief.
London Tit-Blits.
The law requires .Albany saloons to
ose at a certain hour. Trho excuse of
1o violator, charged with keeping open1
1 night, was that his brother hatd gomnn
it of town, taking the keys with himu,
id ho could not lock lip.
Tihe h)00 i an ail isiic upholsterer. It
nosa its niest wvith the leaves of flowers,
ways chioosinig such as have bright col
's.* They are invariabhly cut ini circles
exact that no' compyass would make
tern mnoro true.
Figuaring It (lit.
A sichoohnaster had1( been~ severely cor
clting one of his boys and finished by
Lyinig: "Now sit downi and writo a let
r to your parents telling them how
uch you are taught hero and how lit
o you profit therefrom. I should b)0
uhamed to tell them." The boy cried a
)od deal and then wrote:
DEAIa Fxrnanm-I sn very stupid, though
ore in mnore to ho0 learnt hoe than anywheore.
vice two's four-fouir boys go to 0110 bed--six
d1e make one attic, and four attics make one
Ill ventilated and ap~pointed sleping dormi
ry, Ono round of bread and butter makes
,o breakfast, and every tea makes its own
"This time," said the master, "we wvill
-r-overlook your conduct, and you
sedn't send thlat note." (lIe had been
verlooking. )-London Tiit-Bi ts.
Gxod's sidlo is novor' Eho whiskoy
From Liberty.
Fobruary 12, 1894.
Heavy rain last night, ploughing
is stopped for a few moro days.
Mrs. W. L. Boggs has boon dim
ployed to teach a subscription
school, the public term having ox
)ired for this Spring. She has a
fine school.
Preaching hero at 11 o'clock, a.
M., and at Now Union Chapol, 3,
p. i., by Rev. J. T. McBrido, D. D.,
yestorday. Church Directory for
1894: Rev. L. T. Woldon, pastor at
Baptist Church, overy 1st Sabbath,
it 11, a. im., and Saturday before.
Presbyterian Church, Rov. J. T.
McBrido, D. D., every 2d Sabbath,
at 11, a. i., and at Now Union, two
miles east of Liborty, tho samo day
at 3, p. Im.
Married, at the residenco of W.
H. Chapman, Mr. J. R. Chapman,
)f Contral, to Miss Julia Calahan;
Rev. J. T. McBrido, ofliciating.
4uito a numbor of the brido and
3room's friends and relativea woro
n attondanco.
Miss Lizzio Boggs, of Polzor, is
iisiting rolativos in town.
Last wook was guano wook horo,
is toro wero sovoral car loads ro
!oivod for tho allianco andothers,
tround in this section. Slahtown
,ots four car loads-still Che alli
inco is nighty doad, did'nt you
Some omisary of som warm cli
it 1, or somno other aniial, COM
mitod Colsidorblo(dpredations i1
Lown, Satulrdly night, by citting
>Prn severalI sacks ol acid on tho
:lopot, plitforim. "1Oh, would'nt I
liko to catch him," is the senti
men0'it. on this sibijet.
T'he colo'red li)ethod iss and I p..
(ist, (.4 ngregawtions a to b) 1'0 piot hp illg
up 1 goo(d n10W churebCl hiinS
here. C1.
TInx M11rehiner y Clogged.
It has just bn. dliscovorod that the
passago of thw (onttiy governiniiit
hill has put the tax mnachinery of
tho0) Stato in a had Iix. The fact is
thiat this machinellry may13 L~o ren..
dored useless.
Glovernor nillman and tlle St a to
oflicialH nI ill have to tal;o )rompi1t
an( Vigorous meausu res to savO Iots
of trouble, and oven 0lhen it my
not be avoided.
Tio peculiar position in which
Lho State has hoon placod was dis
aoveredl by ai proinen ih1t I lawyer,
aind there is no4 doubt that lie is
The fullowmng contradictory por..
Lion of the county govornmcent bill
Loll the story of the situation cro
ited by tho hungling of somebody:
"Soc.56. T1ha~t the Governor shall
aippoin t uponi the recoinmmendation
)f the Senator andl mimbor of the
House of Ropresentaitivoes from the
respective counties, thiroo discreet
froholdlers in) each townlshipJ in the
aoveral coiuntios of the State, who
shalI be knowni as the Boardl of
townsh ip Comnmissioniers, whose
termi of oflicesh all be cotorminal
with that of the Governor by whom
4uch Commissioner shall have boon
appointed, and until their successor
are appointed and( qualified. In
raso of a vacancy or in the case of
the refusal of any person so appoin
tod1 to serve as such Coimmnissionor,
tihe Governor shallI fill the snme as
horoinbeforo prov ided : Prvov ided.
That nio peron')7 shall b e required to
servo mnore thian 0onco in every four i
years ;and111 aidl Com isioner1'i shall,
during thlo term of hisa ofhico, ho
exompjt from all roadh11( and jury
"'Sec. G1. Thait all the duitie.',
powiers and privilogos no0w thol
sorsi) are hereby -IVOlied. ) li
"He. 7. Thn all tihI duIE (t Ies, pow
'HrS, and1( priivilegos now devolved
') the County Board of Equaiz a
Lion 1)0, and1( the same11 are horeby,
iovolvedl upon the County'It'ard of
Conmmissionors, and( saidl Board
)f Eq1ual ization is hereby ab ol ish
od. Andt the imember~i of said Boar11d
whilo performing the duties nowv
(evolved upon01 the County Board
of Equal iza ti on, shiall1 receive the
same componisationl as such Boards
now receive.
"Sec. 8. Tfhat the County Super..
visor., together with the chairmen
of the Townsv~hip Boards of Comn
misesioners in the everal ts,.p,
appointed by the oveinori
constitute the County Bord
Commissioners, of ' whidh sh
Board the County Supervisor shall
be chairman.
Section 6, as is seen abolishes
rownsbhip Boards' of Assessors,
md Section 7 abolisheq, County
Board of Equalization." The sao.
Aons plainly indicate tho inire
Hate abolishing of these offces,
md placo the duties upon Town.
ihip Boards of Commissioners
md County Board of Commission
Th inconsistonecy of this is that
the first section of the law provides
that a C:mInty Supervisor shall be
elocted at the regular election in
Novombor and that'.ho shall be'gin
his duties on tho 1st of January,
1895. This'is kpecifically fixed in
tho bill.
As'the matter stands, the bill
abolishes Township Boards of
Equalization, and does not pro
video for any organization to do
lio work of those Boards.
If Governor Tillman were to
-ake the view that it was the inten
ion of tho bill for the immediate
tppointmont of Township and
Donity Boards of Commissioners,
these Boards could not .' do'any
Lying .ecause the County Supervi
sor is to ho the chairman of the
County lioard and ho cannot be
appointed as tho others but must
ho vlocted ait tho"Novomber elec
tion.''his knockq up any project
for tho i mmedi ato apointiont of
those Boards. Thoro would b0 a
(loubt. 118 to the logality of the
Couity B1oa rd'. .wit.hout tho"chair
imi n being present. Appointnionts
of Towniisliip Boards have to be
inulo onl romo illnIiwidations of the
<h-lgatLioi of he respectivo coun
ti ii la' Legislaturo.
Thev lin i ioni of tho Logislatnre,
,IS vryb1(y knows, v'as for the
Ill to go l1i. Afoct on the 1st of
.1u1u:11y, 1895, and foi t,.Town
hiii- uid Couity Boards of Equal:
zat i0in to cotimiUo their work until
thei. If Oh matter wore taken to
the Stupriemo Court there is not
i1much d11ub. )it tha t the decision
wouil( be iii favor of tho present
tax maelinery continuing. The
coir rt. woulihl Conist ruo the Act as the
Logisiatiro intended it should op
'h'e opilioni of the gentlomanu
who discovorod the "break" is that
G overnor Tillmnan and the Comp
trollor General cannot do any
thing but continue tihe present
mnach in ory, and lot common sense
have the preference over techni
cal itfies.
This is th'e situation. From a
technical p~oinit of viow there are
neither Boards of Assessors nor
Bloards of Commlfissioners.-Colum-u
bia Register.
Attorney General Buchanan has
rendered a decision in reference to
tile county government, wherein it
was thought there was a provision
which would disarrange the whole
tax machinery. Mr. Buchanan re
views the different sections, and
concludes that "in his judgment
tile offices of county hoard of corn
isi ioners and( county supervisor
do nlot come into effect until after
the next gonoral olectionl, until
which time the present machinery
of coun Ity governmuon t continues."
CfCoinumbia Journal.
Johnli TI. Woodhull, of New Jer
sey, bequeathed his fortune of $20,.
000 to loiiry George for the dis
sonuniatioin of "Progress and Pov
orty." Ilis heirs contested the
will and aifter years of litigation it
huas been sustained1 by thie courts.
Meaniwhilo the costs of litigation
hauvo reduced the estate to $200.00
and thei widow Wmoodhull has died
in almshouso.
We wvant to see the Dispensary
lawv enforced to the letter, in ci
tion, town and counties, without
discrimination for or against any
section. The people can then de
cide0 for themselves whether it is a
good or bad law. By all means,
lot tile law be strictly enforced.
[Anderson Intelligoncer.
Januaury has given promise of
improvement in the mercantile and
financial world for 1894. Tlhe
gain is slight, but quito onough t'
call for thanks and renewed cou

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