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Attorneys. at Law,
Pickens, S. C,
Oct. 5, 1898.
D R. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist. Dr.
W. M. N.nwooD, Assistant. Otlico,
883 Main Street, Greenville, S. C.
Jan. 9, '92 y
R. J. P. CARLISLE, Dentist, Green
ville, .S. C. Ottico over Adison &
McGee's Drug Store.
n'o ntly locaintl at Pick-ns un l'Ier
his-Professionll Seirvient.< to) the 104.111 '
tholtownv and smtionsthiog e -' .itt
lice IL d resilence al the (rifi-' I --
'Oct.. 20,-3n
The Exchange Hotel,
-0. W..HENBERSON. Proprietor.
Moern:Imp rweueit 9.-arg- Rnmus.
Special attentdon to Comniercial Travel an
Tourists. 'Table-Fyre Unsurpassed.
Fine Climate the year round. Ap. 7, 11
J. E. H AGoOD, -l1 a.TlR it I
Larey, Toed,. 6a1e zohQIn[e iitalo,
' Easley and;Pickuns, S. C..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages, Buggles. and Saddle Iorses, at
reasonable rates.
8IW Your patronage solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers in
Marble and Granito Monumni,
TOMBSTONES, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
8. 0. Sept. 19, '191.
If you want the. finest PITUlIiCS 111inde
in the State, go to
Wheeler's Stud i,
111 Meee Aveun. Greenville, S. C;
ar Crayon Portraits a spe< ialty
April 7-y.
isses a y
Has ready -fir- insp-e" 'w1.
Latest slyIes i
Walking Hats for Ladies
and Children.
Infantits Caps and11 Hailts,
AlA the Novelvties of thei Season.
"All Goods at Post for 30 itays.'
F9r1nisheill tit) 15 dovs t A. henli
lie plti.er con mect i; igled.
Ifvfl yo4 wN4:a ne o f . ,1. 106-11
i4y the Carpenter Organ
No% P, 93
WAlt'lr 2n
Oc.. 10~.-3mi
To Buy the best D).RUTGS, at thie
Full line of BLANK BOO KS, STA
T1lON ElY an S C I () () L S UP
Closing oult our PAIN S
A full line of ARTIST'S MATE:
D. T. BACOT & CO.,.,
Wecst Greenville, S. 0.
Oct. 5, 1893.--6m.
$100 Reward
F~or the Merchant that tgiyps. y,:n.
more Goods for your1I money)~ the1 I
w~ill. Just notice thle followii ~n
ces :
Cfr.oril!INo---- 1- ST r ~:
Youth's Suit at
D~o. do(
- . 4hion - - -'
1Ooiton9 .1 Cheek4 Ial I b id P
- Geoci I~rogaer.Sho~' lt
er Wyioes in proponr .>
Nos.,.nt~t, s
-Chihronty. u I~ an~
per pair. '.
Jeans at.,l8,.2), a4 an -.t .ttt
d an't he he't at thiIep.(
1 W5ll"bity' votir" Int Utbton Sc
CotIeni, n'nd(1ottoW seed, ~t market
prtices. Also'. drv or i$r(onu iide9..~
lHallum, are now wvith me, arnd n-il
. be glad to meet t.hirii filend.
.J. U. Brown
Tibty . .., nOc. 12. 83
Succesovr to the business of Park il
Jones ieturiis thaiks to the patrons c
the old frin for their kind and liberi
patroniage of the paist three yeais an
now earnestly ask a libiwral s1hare<
their patronag'. in lie flit Ire.
. I have the oli staid. No. i9 Penll
tOn Street, n'Oit d un111 .1\It Ii. 1st, a11
froin now Ili' I h 1-11 :11Imn r, 1r p 4- t,
oilert ( ao t4. ait a .ee ta all w i
hnn diil al.;
ik . .. * . I
is. Ihes I . l , il h in, alJ
wi. le; w. i. I at ; a . 11
lice 1,$IX iLi~o
2nL . b, n. a I : -1- I have
F 3I-anel on1 f cl I i .:n I lte knia
Ias beli p t il , the price. Jea s wil
be Sobl4 ;it act:al miill price.
Cloaks- I i :a 1'.,!-. w vcloa k,, onl hatn,
S(lcaks wioI Lii $6 cach will sell. 1l
$3 each. ...
1 : lok worth $ .) il sell for .1
1 Cloak large size, worth : wil
sell tor $8.
A few cheap Cloaks at half value.
Ill going through the stock .1 faout(
many remnants, all or heise alve beet
mIarkedat a. r:ice niid placed oi ti
remnant counter.
Shocs--I Iave . 1)big Stock of shotu
some of the best iialkes, I leisver's ail.
ister's andl Hes' \*lns Slcs siln j
Faust & Son's ladjis inan insses hoiuv.,
will be sold -it a sawilice ..; I do noi
propose to carry a bese ki i .y long
er. The "Little Giant Scibo S.' 8hi e I,
uequaled loir ciiafort tal <hi-biliy
The ktile has a so beevin pit into t li:
pice Now 1 .i1 (Olapptorunitty to s;av4
inonley for11 yo Itself ii ueed an
Goods I have in Illy store.
To inly Irienis and tilie pai;ic ge
erally I wish ta saiy that I witi .titi
ne tile Div G-ais (i-icess iI. \Vasi
Greenville and 5l.ti keep) inv .-tol
repleniisii d i at aIll it.-S wit lt bhe iew
est and l.tesi GUods ,I the Se.,sat anl
itt Lown.si PriC,.s, at w ' tiost, 1hat T iiia
ietL'eile a iocraii ,an, :1 '.ot Ia [Ait iA
ige I . I!,e lillt o
M:- J 1'. .uoi.f :nlwriv witil
Park &:.Joiis, ai w tii nie :iad
will be gla.l u> see hi, ile ds.
My nii)Lto shIAl h:
P. S.--All tari is iL.
firi of" Pa k & *Jot(s will Ileatse t1il%
eaif Iy' inenii( ts to ine, I ie..d I ht
Gr1 14e vill, ' , t .4 . I
Smuith & Smith.
O ,4 .A 11
I a.x -i~d .Nightl.
- elphon.- \ns. Ill nona .5s
Night rail. will bie iaswerea b ty VTeh
phii ne Noa. 38
S.\l IlFl & '.d I1i
Drugs!I Drugs
La e~ 0' i
-Qotbb b
'This Space is Reserved for the
new firm of
Who will open at the old stand of
PAIn & JoNEs, 9 Pendleton Street,
Oil oi about the 1st of March, with
anl eitire now stook of
Our Mr. A, J. Jones will leave in
few days for New York, Boston,
I'hilat-plaia and Baltimore, for the
l'urpose ot buying the stock; and at
I ho grealy reduced price for goods
Ih (com1tig season, we will be in po
it iot t.- of'er to the trade, goodsl at
lwor prices than ever shown in this
vity; aid solcit your patronage.
P. "s. -As it will be seen that the
firml . Park & Joies has dissolved, I
do 111st meerely thank my friends
a l I lit Ipliubl in general for their
ki.dness inl the past and can truly
p r-uimse then that after the first of
arch. I can mike it more to yonr
uiitnest'i..1 to deal with me than ever
wfot'e- A. JACK JONES.
i/JL iaL S.
I 0 i'h V genult !ie for Loat Manhttlo 0d,
:x wii Vitality, Weakr Memory, P'alpi
. ('n lite hieart, Premature Decay, Latk
4 Imuene, Iuitability of the Married (efr
*tr e ttt inDespontdency, alo of whiolh
w ini toe trail of youthful Errors, Imt
* h-neicm and Excess.
I utirely13 gua~ratete these Pills to (10
4 ot u l ielah for them'--so ,ttrong1 is
- inthemi tha~t you can rtumrt them~l
To'. int .-iduc tes Pills 1 wH sed a
'gn un t: JhoILAn PACCAGE,, whtich Onghit
hI' SO iietnt tom cutre any case of Dleity,
r iV e 200.: encelose tetn two-cent exiJ1pH
I .1 wt ' wit~i your address wvritten .plain-~
.11 1 y~ou will receive thte Pilla by .return
Wit~h the ro.iitive assuramee on tuy part
I that you4 41will niever regret the da~y that you
enline in possess~Xiotl of this prieeless reinediMy,
forcie, extiemls itseolf to the itellectual fa
411l ir, elevatt.ing the emnotions, dispeliling
te bane of lt ife andu restoring its blessing.1
l~Ib-: l the~ :ifolloinig testilmottials~ as to
whet-her I amn curing people or not.
"Thle t tial package of Nervous Debility
P'ills you sent done tmo good. I was trout
ledi wit hi wvhat I enlled Rtheumsatismn in my
t higha atint they htelped meu.wonderfully."'
11. M1. Xumsrn, WVal on, low a.
"Seiltm somte utoe of those illas a4
thoseMi yout si nit. meO dlone me1( ao much good
that I thoughthi I would send Jor more of
.Jtins WV~rrxs, Colliugton, N. C
IFindl statitp etnelosed fortIwo more pack
4g4s of' your Ntervouls Detbilty Pilla ais thoso
I jYi t of 34 y u foret dontte me1 more14 good than
armP micinelt I haivi over taken."'
.IEn. Futius-roxic, lerederiekaburg, 0.
"eeivedt the mettdicine, I thinkc it good;
JIitn' Waxxat, Blroalaundat, Ill.
"I1 r 'eplve your muetdicitnotm ant very
$500 R EWARD
a ill be aid ior aae of.Lost Manhtooh,.
Exhasted M p Vitalhity, We ak Meoiry, P'atl
it441 tn il ii wI l': ent, Prtetmaturi 1I lceny, ILack
'if Eonibilence., Iinabilit~y of the Marriedl of
eithe sx'Mi \, amtii I )tespoldentcy, that I catnnot
not1 M4'li hnit. it 3oui rel'iy wagt~t to get euts'
-I I ii .t. an 'i 19 gua~ratee t4 eture yout.] I
uneb aPt' ticing P'hysician for at great
nany -4 . and du4 itrig miy uxiXyenyco I
.1 . 4I qu jit, P as5 good a5 rteedy,
'' 14' lt. Iai I offoer iere-.-it is
44- t om~ -t :altnai nit remtetdica ever (11..
I wasM a yountger person I
cAh - it>. it 4'terywherl at $1.00) a
444 hart .d air,.Jnly Iilei a fair Itizetd for
11. 1nno-ia 1'racttii'e, I halve no de
enw.:t:.t -h 1, all I enrett for no0w is to
t 4-4 .n4 enjol th 'is life!. NowV~ remiember('
I :t fit' -'11hort timo longer I wihlI sied you
I' i: 11.:e n:P 'A~t'. or"T~ -ruxa Puits If y'ou
"'I: t.4 iP'nii anid sendt to tie
- with 0in t hi\ ' after you1 re444Jve' tii pa
411, I hii 6. h1' ..4 he plemasuro of htearlng
r441il y'4i' ti t~ 'i,
* i4 I i I' e sOer t'ftl ? or do you prefer to
*.'ini a lif4'lon1g stnifere.r?
Elo. m:w' dims i ntP.4 t yout letter, atnd
'tnd' at once' toi
Dr. A. H. Smith,
and you will receive a large Otto Dollair
*Package by returnt mail.
J Doctor Smith is reliable and meiritaq uyip
lie cien. . No . ..i' . tl
The Sestor ,From LouisIana Who Ges
to the Supreme Court Benoh.
WAuWNGTON, Feb. 20.-The appoint
ment of Senator E. D. White as asso
clate justice of the supreme court of the
United States
has settled an
wrangle and an
other difficulty
which has con- '
fronted the two
branches of the
national govern.
ment has been
removed. The
prompt work of
the senate in en.
doruing the a.
tion of Persident
Cleveland is the . . . war,.
beet evidence of this state of affairs; for
immediately upon receiptsof the nomin
ation the senate went into .ateutice sea
sion and his nomination was codfirned.
Bon. E. D. White, who has just been
appointed assooiate justice or the su.
preme court, is an "up country creole,"
as the Louisiana pbrase goes. This
means a native, of the state whose pa. t
rents came from some state "up the I
river," by way of distinction from the I
French and Spanish preoles..
He was born in 1848 on his father's
sugar plantation, In Bayou La Fourche.
His father, Edward Douglas White, was
a native of Tennessee, and a noted man
in his time. In 1820 he was olected to
congress, and in 1884 was elected gover
nor of Louisiana.
After the close of the four years' term
he was returned to congress and re
mained there till 1843. His son, the C
newly appointed justice, was sent, at an F
early age to the academy of Mlt. St.
Mary, Maryland, and having completed
his preparatory course there, entered
Georgetown college, District of Colum
bia, soon after which all his youthful
prospects were broken up -by. the war.
As soon as his ago would admit he en
tered the confederate army, and after
preliminary service west of the river he
was made aid-de-camj of General Boale,
and with that offier was captured at
Port Hudson, July 0, 1863.. This prac
tically ended his military service.
Since the war he has studied and on
gaged in the practice of law. For four
years he was state senator, and in 1877
Governor Nicholls appointed him advo
cate justice of the supreme court of the
state, a place he held nearly three years.
He Is a bachelor, a wealthy man and a
1e Touches Largely Upon the Commerce
of the lawallan Islands.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 20.-The report
prepared by Senator Morgan on the
Hawaiian investigation, not yet made
public, Is an extensive review of the
testimony taken before the foreign
affairs committee, touches . largely
upon the commercial history and value
,of the islands in connection with their
.United States trade.
The policy ot annexation is discussed
at length. It is underqtood that Mr.
Norgan blames neither Willis nor
Stevens. Referring to Steven's action,
it is understood Mr. Morgan agrees he
acted in accordance with traditional cus
tom and under general Instructions is
sued to diplomatic agents placed in po
sition where Stevens found himself.
It Is further understood that Mr. Mor
gan holds by her act in attempting to
overthrow the constitution, the queon
herself incited revolution, and rovolu- I
tion being under way, the people arose I
and put her out of power. So far as I
Willis is concerned, Mr. Morgan behves
he did exactly as directed to do, and
therefore is free from blame, if aiy
blame be attached to his acts.
The authority of the president, It is
understood, ,s not disputed, and no crit
icismi is leveled at the administration
because of its acts based up on the re
port of Mr. Blount.
Will Purvia Will Htave to Await the Sltting
of tho Circuit Court.
JACKSON, Miss., Feb. 20.-The su
preme court has denied the motion of
the attorney general to resentence Will
Purvis the.wvhitecap, who escaped the
death noose b~y the bungling job ot'
Sheriff Magee in Marion county. Tht.
aupremo court stated that it had nothizng
whatever to do wi.th the case, and that
It was a matter for the circuit court.
Purvis cannot be resentenced until the
June term of the circuit court at Co
lumbia, unless Judge Terrell shall sooner
call a special term of court for that pur
pose. dThat impreo grows strohger
every daVhtAhl il Purvis was]
present when Buckley was assassinat~ed,
his father, Ike Purvis, did. the killing,
and'that the White Cap cast lots as to
who should do the blod work.
It is reported that Will Purvis has
made a fuller confession than has been
published and that a great many more
people are implicated as whitecaps In
Marion county than the public had sup.
posed. Will Purvis Is in jail at Hat
.tlesburg. ________
Four aion Killed at a Cook Fight.
.LEoN, Mexico, Feb. 20.-A grand
codaing main was given at the City of
Laspo, near here, when a dispute arose
betwean the owners of two birds pitied
against, each other. Twvo friends of the
men todt up the dispute and the fight
became general, resulting in four men
being atabbed to death and several
others seriously wounded. The riot was
finally enelled by the police, who made
snany tirrests. __
Emled by 3Mexican Brigand.
PicuucA, Mexico, Feb. 20.-Thomas
B. Jirowne, a proninent English mining
snan well known in Mexico, wvas attack
ed by a band of 'brigands while on his
way home. from the Real Del Mondo
mines, In this district. Ho was shloL
through the stomach and died In a short
Disastrotus Fire in Ohica'go.
Cmcio, Feb. 20.-The Immense
tin can anbd Japanned ware factory
of Norton Brothers, occupying half
of the triangular bloqk facing on
Dock and W alter streets, has been
destroyed by tire. It took 28 engines
and two reo boats to conquer the flames
-which wore confined to the four walls of
the factory. Iss, $600,000, and 000
manon and women thrown out of employ
Lfackc of fear does ntot lw1ays
me-lan courag~o. It mayI~ mean a
lnnk of ktonw1n'iiun
r1he Governor of Michigan Takes Some of
Ills Subordinatos to Account.
LANSING, Feb. 21.-Drafts of Indict
nents are, it is reliably reported, being
)reparod by the prosecution for subiu.s
ion to tho grand jury against Secretary 1
if State Jochim, late Treasurer Ham
)litzer an(d Land Commissioner Berry
,ollectivoly, for making a false record of I
rotes on the salary amondment of 1893
knother is against Attornoy Gonoral El:
is for forging cortifleates of returus
'rom Gogobio county on tho salary
unendionts. All of the catses grow out
)f tho alleged raising of the election ro
urns to show th passage of amend
nonts to the constitution increasing sal
Governor Rich, who has had the cases
ofore him for somo time, has decided to
saue an order for the removal of tho ac
mused officials. When those officors
lualify they will at onco commence quo
varranto proceedings against the pros
nt incumbents, who will bo orderoa to
how by what authority they hold their
licoe after the governor's removals.
Lhey will show their cortificates of eloc.
ion, and the appointees their appoint
nent to fill tho vacancy. This will
nako the issue to which the arguments
f counsel before the court will be ad
ono Advice Furnimhed the Committee f
as to Hlov to ltaito ROvenuo.
WASHIINOTON, Feb. 21.-The ways and
means comnittoo has preserved a spo
ial bunch of papers containing romark
ble propositions from peoplo in various
arts of the country as tho means for
teeting the governmont doliciency. One
if these urges a tax of $10 each on each
Paseball or football club in the country,
nd an additional $100 for every game
if baseball or football played.
Another proposition is that a reduction
if 10 per cent bo mado on all salaries to
,overiont officials over $10,000, the re
Luction to continue until the hard times
ro over. Another reformer proposes a
teavy intornal revenuo tax to bo placed
in revolvers, pistols, dirks, daggers and
ither weapons used in comnitting bodily
Various plans for protecting working
nen have been suggested, one of these
)eing a tax of $100 on every inmigrant
:oming to this country to work.
lenator Gorman Has Estrangod Ilmsolf.
ANNAPOLIS, Md., Fo. 21.-Reports as
o the strained relations betwoon Presi
Lent Cleveland and Sonator (orman, on
iccount of the latter's voto against Peck
iai, havo produced a pIrolound impres
ion in Annapolis. A largo numbe-r of
nemnbers of both houses of the general -
tsombly are applicaiti for fodoral
>ffices..and they havo been relying upon
.Ir. Gorman's supposed powerful in
luonco with the president to make their
3alling and election sure. Reports of
decided differonces havo reached Annap.
ohs, and the candidates for places are
beginning to ask thomselves " 1whoro they
are at?"
Took Anthinoiy for Bismutht.
MONTREAL, Feb. 21.-The young wift
Df Dr. F. R. England, a prominent phy
ilcian, has been killed by a clerk's mis
,ake. An order was telephoned to a
Irug storo for bismuth, but being out of.
;he drug, it was filled by a wholesale
iouse, whero a man of many years' ox
)erienco sent antinony by mistalce. The
)owder looked so much liko bismuth
hat Mrs. England took iho antimony.
Clark IHowell Preforred.
NEW iTORKc, Fob. 21.-At a meeting
>f the executive committee of the inter
iational League of Press clubs, held
lore, Mr. Clark [Howell was elected first
rice president to fill the vacancy caused
Jy the death of George WV. Childs. 'rho
,xecut'vo committee discussed the comi
ng international conlvtion to be held
n Atlanta aind mado(1 somo1 arrangements
n regard to the convention.
Christenedi tho Przosi utent's D~aughter.
WASHINGTON, Fob. 21 .-The p~rosi
lent's younger daughter was christened
ether Cleveland ini the blue p~arlor of
he White House, by Rev. Dr. Sunder
and. The president, Mrs. Cleveland,
ifrs. Porrino, Dr. Bryant andl a very
ow intimate friends of the family wo'ro
resenlt. Mrs. Porrine loft for Buffalo
ifter the ceremony.
Puck's Editor De'ad.
Naw Yong, Fob. 21.-Jloseph Kop
iler, the caricaturist, the editor and
,art proprietor of the comic journal,
Puckc, ha just (lied at his residence, 27
ast Seventy-ninthi street, ini the fifty
ixth year of his ago. Tfho immediate
,ause of doath was heart failure, result
ng from a complication of lung and
pinal troubles.
Ho0w the Stuidenat Was lilled.
CAMnnmaxO, Mass., Feb. 21.-The re
uit of the autopisy on the body of A. H.
LEider, the Harvard studlent who was
~atally injured in a friendly boxing coni
eat last weekc, shiows that (doath was
Iausedl by a hemorrhage firom a ruptur
d blood vessel at the base of the brain.
)therwise Linder was in excellent conx
Czech Anarchists on Trial.
VIENNA, Fob. 21I.-Fourteon Czech
mnarchists, who were arre'sted in Sop
ember last on charges of high treason
md manufacturing explosives have booni
placed on trial hero. TIhe accused aro0
being tried before a jury.
The P'rincess Colonnia's D)Ivorceo.
NEWv YOnx, Feb). 2 1.- T1hero 1has been
a rumor to the effect, that P~rinicess Ce
Lonna, dlaughter of .John W. Mackay,
had loft for Dakoln to secure a dlivor'ce.
Airn, Mackay doniod0( the story.
Thme ielnningtoun ini heblrin~g Sea.
GhaRA LTA B, Feb. 21 .--T.iho United
States stoamor Bennington sailed hence
for Boehring Sea, whore she will do
guard duity' under thme priiions- of the
Blohrip'g Boa tribunal of arbitration.
Chiris Evans Captusred.
VisIALIA, Cal., Feb. 21.-Evans, the
outlaw, and his companion, Morro'l, sur
renld~ieed to )fficers atid ai posso which
surrounded Evans' house at nioon.
A prdet manlh doen'?t, tellI overy'
thing hio knows o~'vrt imo he opons~
his meihti
You will discover what a number
>f things you can do without when
ou have no money to got them.
The man who. is waiting to be
iappy will next year at this time
>o waiting still.
There are peoplo who sems to
oso all their religion the minuto
phoy can't have their own way.
The chief socrot of comfort lies
n not suffering trifles to vex us,
Lmd in cultivating our undergrow th
)f small pleasure.
We find plonty of poople who
lon't averago well; they know too
nuch for one man, and not quite
mough for two.
No Japanese is ovor guilty of
woaring, for the simplo reason
Ihat oaths are unknown to the
rapaniese language.
An Illinois man has boon amus
ng himsolf lately by advertising
in infalliblo cure for drunkonnoss
'or ono dollar, and send in roply
)roscription ; "Drink nothing but
Some ono praising public schools
o Charles Lamb, said: / "All our
)ost mon woro public school mon.
4ook at our poets. Thore's Byron:
10 was a Harrow boy." "Yes,"
ntorruptod Lamb, "and there's
lurns; he was a plough boy."
It is just as important for overy
arniar, large or small, to koop
>ooks and know how he stands, aS
t is for the niercliant, banker or
nanufacturor to do so. A fow
iavO been successful by head work
iono, but the other plan is prefer
Ropresontative Latimor, of South
Jarolina, mado his maiden speech
in the Houso Thursday. To those
raliliar with Mr. Latimuer's poli
Lical caroor, tho occasion was one
)f considorable moiieit. Mr. Lut
imor is a life-long Democrat. 110
could but for his declination, hnvu
occupied the position of liedteonant
govornor of his Stato, but as a
mattor of fact, ho nover hold an
offico until elected to Congress. In
his brief campaign lio mado only
tivo or six specehos, and this fact,
inl connection with is non1-partic
ipation in public affairs, lod to the
oxpressioll of ia fear by the South
Carolina papors that lie could not.
reprosont his district intelligently
or satisfactorily 'n Congress. Con
soquontly his maiden speech ill the
Ihouso yesterday was listened to
withl more than usual attenltionl by
the South Carolina delegates
iln particular and tihe Southern
mnembers in general. It was an
aible, lucid and carefully prepared
argument to show that if the So
crotary of the Treasury had not
publicly announced his decision to
rodoocm (.he silver certificates ini
g~old, silver would not have beon
p~laced on the level of a conmmodlit.y
and( fallen in value. Mr. Latimer
touched upon other 1phasos of his
mubject, but this was the main
point of his argument. At the
onclusioni of his speech he was
poersonally comlimnlltod by Rep
rosontativo Bryan, of Nebraska;
Kilgoro, of Texas, andl other well
known memb11011ers, w ho comm3111nted
a11pon the effort as one of the strong
3t which had boonl delivered duir
ing debato.-Washington Post.
Thae Mills Conmaing Seuila.
Tiheo action of two 1lainlg cot t(n
mtanuifacturing concerns in Massa
chusetts iln app)lyin1g for permis11
sioni to increase thei r cap'ital in or
dIr to ostab1lish Southern b.raniches
.Jouirnal Comm nerco to commeni)t as5
"~Nowv that the D~wight' company
hais joinIOd process5ioni inl that di
rectioni, it will niot p)roblably b~e
long before wo hear of other mills
miak ing similar application, as it is
untquest ionably the fact, owing to
natural coniditions, tha t coarse
g~oods can be mad(o cheaper ini theO
South than hero. It has been ovi
donilt for some timo by some of our
shrowd and far-seeing co(tton) man
uifact urers that so oner or later th is
class of goods8 wold( hlave( to be rol
ogatod to our Southern mills, and
that tho mills of the North would
hav'o to confino themselves to the
prod(uIc ion of fine goods whe the
sk illed l abor which they possessed
could be moro profitable employed
andl tile finest of product rathe1
thlan weight wVas the conitrolling
Pubite Opagoj
UnanmiousIy Prisues .#Ike W'
AND DiNN OAR' nyie
A18o the United States 'ast Mal
If a man had gone down tiol.
1ey of Virginia,^across North
lina, South Carolina and into e
gin, twenty years ago, and written
aV faithful description of the long
journey, and were to make the
same short journey, now and write
of it again, it could be said of his
two descriptions that never before
had tho lifetimo of one generation
covered a greator chango---chango
mn every way, change of everything.
For the Piedmont Air-Line, un
der which designation the Rich
mond and Danville is popularly
known, is at once the cause and
to a great degree, the index of one
of the most remarkable chapters
in the growth of the United States.
It loads through, and to, a ra
pidly developed section of the
country; it has made accessible
the most attractive mountain range
of the continent; it has unlocked
a wealth of minerals; it has open
ed the greatest variety of valuable
timbers on the continent; it tra
verses tho fields that yield the far.
mors as much cash por acre as any
other fields in the union; it loads
to more placos that restore health
and repay the lover of scenery
than any other railway system.
There is perhaps no groat rail
road system in the United States
whoso development gives a bottor
illustration of the recent indubtrial
growth ot the country. It is thor
oughly equippod, from roadbed to
rolling stock, with hundreds of of.
liciont omployos and officials,
whoso politonoss and courtesy are
unexcellod; its schedules and train
servico aro marvels to those unfa
miliar with this great line, and the
northorn, southorn or western tour
ist, hoalth or pleasuro-seekor are
al1ike astonished and gratified.
'T'ho Wash i ngt.n and south-west
"rl Veistilmled limited train, oper
ited by th) Richmond and Dan
ville between Now York, Philadol
phia, Bal timnoro, W n and
Atlaina, MonIgoIory, irming
ham, Memphis and Now Orleans,
is one (I tho mastor-piecos of rail
road construction and operation.
This train is composed ontirely of
Pnllmans, including buffet and di
ning cars.
And this great route also oper
ates the UnitedI States fast mail
service between New York, Wash
ington and the east and Atlanta
and all the south and west, the
award having boon madlo by the
governmont on account of the su
periority of this great thorough
far.-Atlanta Constitution, Feb.
8,th 1&894.
WVooDRUFF', Fob. 19.-This after
noon Grover Parsons, son of Dr.
S. B. Parsons, was holding a horse
that had just been taken out of a
wvagon and had the gears still on.
The horso became frightened and
ran. In some way the little boy's
legs became tangled mn the chain
and he was dragged a distance of
over two hundred yards, and was
killed, IHo wats a bright boy, nine
years of ago.
T1ho person was5 comlimentinig
I ho tailor on some mending wvhich
ho0 had done) for him, In the
course of (lie conversation ho, how
''ver ineauit iously obsecrvd: "'Wheni
I wvan ta good coat, I go to London.
Tlhey make them there," Before
leaving the shop1 he inquired, "By
the way, do you attend my church?"
"No," replied the tailor. When I
want to hear a good sermon, I go
upl to London. They p)reach them
Judge Brawloy has decided that
C. P. Barrot and thoso charged
with him for conspiracy, must
give nowv bonds before Clerk Sea
brook by Friday next or go to jail.
All the cases will be heard in
Charleston at the April term.
Some one sent to Luther to know
whether it was lawful to use warm
wvater in baptism. Luthor replied:
"Toll the blockhead that water,
warm or cold, is water.
No man will over be celebrated
for his piety whose religion is all
in his head..

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