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1V3nsIUD ZYRn tavasDAY.
Subscription One Dollar a Year.
Etered at the Post-ofCO at Pickens, S. ., as
aecoud-clasS matter.
Gen. Jubal A. Early, died at his
residence, in Lynchburg, Va., ol
Friday night last.
In this issue of tho JoURNAL is
published a portion of Congross
man Latimor's speech on the Bland
soignorage bill, and we regret that
limited space would not allow a
publication of tho whole speech.
We have already givon our ideas
concerning it, made up from re.
ports in the' newspapor, but a po
rtisal of the spoech itsolf incroases
our admiration for the ability, pa
triotism and nobleness of the man,
who represents the third district
in congress. He is true to the
great interests, intrusted to his
keeping, and is invincible in spirit,
%nid the fire of administration
A mass mooting of tho Roform
)rs of Pickens County was hold in
rIhe Court House, on tho 6th in
stant. W. T. Bowen was el
vhairman, and John T. Boggs, So
aretary. On motion, 11. J. John
ston, W. T. O'Doll, and E. S. Grif
fin, were appointed by the (hair, a
committee on resolutions, and
made the following report:
R Eso triICON S.
Whereas, thoro seeis to lio somule
dissatisfaction and wrangling
among the Reformers of this State.
and some loadors are disposed to
complicate the offorts for unity of
action and to obstruct and delay
the exprossion of the will of the
Therefore, bo it Rosolved by the
Reformers of Pickons County, in
mass meoting assembled, that I h_
original cardinal principles of the
Reform movenient are paramn t
to any experimontal meisure or t le
success of any champion.
Resolved, second, That we adopt
the plan known, as the CollotoI
plan, that of electing one delegaite
to meet in Columbia, on thme 4lth oc
April noxt.
Resolved, Third, Th-Iat w fav
i ntruct the dlelegate so ola'etedc
'''1 Voll tion.
to muu...
April next.
Fromt Loopiers.
Fobruary 27, 1894.
Woe are having some bad weoather
this mon th-snow fell hore on the
night ot thme 24th and 25th to the
depth of eight inches on an aver
age, and the thermometer only re
gistered 10 degrees, and I call that
cold. Our people are out killing
rabbits, all that are not down with
the grip--several families are pros
trated with that awful disease.
The [farmors are getting ready
for the next crop of six cents cot
ton, and some are speaking of
planting corn, but I guess the snow
will step them, since our p)oople
have not purchased any guano yet,
but I thmnk from what I can learn
they will use about the same as
last year. Wheat is small but
looks wvell. Oats looked fine bo
fore the snow. With best wishes
for the success of the JOURnAL.
Froms Mile Creek.
Feb. 24, 189d.
There will be a meeting of the
school trustoes of Mile Crook
District, No. 41, at Mile Crook
Church, on Saturday, 10th of
March 1894, at 10 o'clock, a. mn.
All the patrons of this District
are requested to be present, a's there
is businoss of importance to at
tended to. J..L. THoMAs, C. Bi. T.
February 87, 1894.
We are again startled with the
death of another worthy lady, Mrs.
Winefred Winchester, who died of
'heart failure, very suddenly, at J.
M. Wmnohester's, in the 86th year
of her age. She was a kind mother
and a good neighbor, and a mem
ber of the Baptist Church. ir. a. w.,
The' Hon. John B. Richarson, of
Samter, ex-member of congress
fromi that district and one of the
leeders of the democratic party of
this State in 1876, died 27th uit,
He waIs the father-in-law of rail.
road Commissioner D'Arcey IP
Charley Martin, Editor of Eas.
ey Pemocrat, gave use a pleasani
, "REk'OltMy" FMERGElVY.
Columbia Registr:
"Governor, you havo Se0n tlh
call of the Colleton RefornerE
for a mass meeting in that
County on Monday, Alarch 5th,
for the election of a delegatE; to
a Stato convention, and an in
vitation to the other counties to
do likewise. What do you think
of it ?"
The governor answered, afteu
some consideration of the ques
tion: "I feel some reluctance ir
obtruding my views on th
public on a matter which I fully
discussed in an interview short
ly after my return from Wash
ington. There is evident mon1111011.
the people a feeling of restless
ness and anl uncertainty arising
from all this talk aInd a(jvo-cc
of an early convention, If th<
'antis' were making any activ(
move I could un1derstand it, al
see how it woul( be desirible m
n'.cessary to concentrate the re
form vote support of olne leader,
but the advocnte of a con vent ion
to noiniiiate a reform IIcandidate
for governor appear to forget
that such a nomination. without
previous discussion to allow the
people to judge of the fitness of
the various aspirant s, is totally
inconsistent with all our previ
ous profession anid practice",
and must necessarily br(nl
heart-burning an11g tlrrhni
(aes who may. be (t and caus
disgust among their friends.
The danger vlhic soe 111(1
profess to see, if t1here is a free
for-all race in the piilary%, (I
not appear to me1o as greaI nm
those which wvill confront 1 u
should the 11,1a' w(ho 1my get
such nomination nlot mleet thil
eXpectation of the )eopl1 wheo
he begins to canvass."
"You tako it then, that th
candidate for governor will (arl
vass, evel thougl he has n
opposit ion.
'"Whiy, of course. Th1 const
Ilutioni of theG(1110 deorat ic jilar
in1 thtis State offres to mtake
canv ~ass, and shouhi( a cony ve
tion put1 for'wardt a1 man0 who dli
not give satisfaction on th
stlump, somle other reformner, o
un1ojectioniable anti would in
evitably ho brought Out am1
might beat the convention now11
ino. We had better be consit
tent inl our practices adher'e t
pr'mciples and run the one dari
ger r'ather' than stultify on
solves andl at the same time ru
the other risk.
"What, then, (10 you consiidt
the best course to be pursued hi
the reformer?'' was the straigh
question which was asked nex
"The Colleton people have hi
on a scheme to allay tihe unr'es
wich is, perhlaps, as good t
any, with two. additions <
changes. They were in too bi
a hur11ry, and instead of callin
a convention of one from eac
County, the mass meeting of re
formuers in the different counltit
shiouldl simnply meet and elc<
one of their best men, with n
axe to grind) to form a Stal
camnpaign committee. 1h takt
at least three woeks for an
movement among the peoph3 t
get uinder wvay, so as to carr
the whole mass. One half tl:
reformers mn Colleton (10 n<
knowv that a mass meeting
<klled for that county next Moi
day, and not knowing it, the
would resent any radical actio
such as instructing their (doh
gates of ono ~o tihe State convei
tion to calla omninating convoi
tion later/ If it is lhe desire c
the nyses of the reformers t
move in this matter, the pr<
cesses is easy and simlo, buti
must not be too hurried. TJhor
is no need of hurry, anlywa3
and any movement which doc
not come from the people them
selves will create great dissatii
faction and must defeat.
"Ihow, then, shall the thin
be brought about?"
"Well, in my judgment tli
only way in which it can 1:
brought about is for flfteen c
tenty leading men in eac
County to Unite in a call simila
to that of the Colleton leader
for a mass meeting of reformer
at their respective court hous
salesday in .Aprtelo
member of a State roform cam
paign comnmitteo. This can b
l done next Monday in over3
county, and I hope it will b<
dono Thcro are many roasoi
hivy wo should have such a con
Iittee of which I will tell you
presently. A month being given
(uring whicl the people -can dis.
Icuiss the question of conventioll
or no conventionl, the inass
meeting in April, wheni they
olect their reipresentative oin the
State campaign connittee, can
a the same timie decide for or
against a convntion anId in
struct ns to their wishes. If
any shorter time is given the
cbonlunittie woulld not represenlt
tiuly the wishes of the people."'
"\\vll, gvrnor fell 1m what.
this coiuiiitt-e would havo to do?,,
wans asiwd.
"Th list hig, ns ord
11,1wl firn Im , Ito :.)sWV)rPvl
'ild l14 to) sjit at, rest. this ulo es-,
tih ll(<f a r r il i11atilg con-'
V n 1tin, an il t li mt I:1 is din the
tin of1 lhe l si.irn st -1r the vari
-\ ii!Is t ti li ii Wi ! I 14j ) i ir it eoll
if it is <lecid d by thi :1,mn it
Will from ilope a iite 'air and
full - n 1 ci) n 44fair mimla tld, 1 a
re f rn im I:i' ibjt nil d wv( wi
have0ill ed 1 t il iy and ! :iiic>.
I W iit ll Fl~.I i5 lii1 I4iiiu
t i bdo I o i-.,- t
t he 'l'o:al, 1 hu t i i ion I f n mi
nat.ion he left to b . t id I qli
i t I rI in as I it. p1 . i i ll
bnt is ~v Icnmli'it til lut outrg
1 1 Vil~hfl~
of lIf' ti-l~ ii ualiit hll, llid iecgui
"Wici ir la v an y 1 ecimir
L 4nwr or ut io r ta t hos1
"ti t icr 1 11, i w V ar v g i inai
desirte to lc tb dtociI i.i je l'Ng
i t 111i ( t h v' w i inu 1 a'v
~' '\v i sol (ivi I~ ~ I It
LI loke iiht f witeI mit as the
.ulegisl -y. e? hv''o ig tt
S rlw;i I ral cc t in d i n i teI
d niirathic' la iy f rci n. n el
v c , ICnitYi .ve 1 i e
ma ust V Itb"
rilp'r. . n
0 nts thiSnir'el pary. NI b r 21o~4 r
u?' 'r singH h is , 11r niig tj( s e m tl
wi the priprity, orgiz''' 'e omd, wiii
of the partyis ViI aga ii t n tle~ r. p
"Doree you hn i t li kelyi ha t ign
antish wis ll ganit anh put ou
i hre is thu't it.wl harmomn
no g o tfr oerolo.tae"
desp'rt iifor li to(~C cen ioli t ha le
osur e;ll andlte whiskey ring s
r ailsronds will furnt'iish aelarg em
et "Why dor yw i they weptit~o
Smof their p inipao. igt) nd th
it "fThewhsy people beetiie.,t1c~(an
t, theyl want to a th cald iins.r
tsila -othe ihon wi -I. e iI ol
0 oon'~ i in ity hi tpwil piilnmc
0 d ofct payingasc taxis asuut thel
vn io jutIhc saw fit."to I dii
"Wrhat abuty nalitio is---i(
r ~o balanc ofl th irogin mhe couio
t conmain?" r os~c o h
son aod tho ani(wlee hecntin
o may aho necer."
it~ "Yo thn moe2 ilb s
3 tho rog~flar nio1izd*oQkMPraiirios?,
"I thlink rmQojb't(,tiii ivouil bo
0111180, asB J liivo. aaid, thoir $19111
will b6 forf' og'jhttuo. 1 don'.
think, aft jj1j9 ooic "of 1890,
thoin wold buwjv1NInIg ttj tiy a..rbp
Otitioii of Iak1iJ on o
eourso,;Iua. o Asy uow (.0 ignoro tho
their lfigh-t at tjio Noveiall'or olo0
(~~ion) ld Uya ..m fo z olli t
* ~ ~ t .4*L~*f
iu.'t Siniday wok-was tho stormy
Sunday of *thul asn Lih tho
firs shw h~ith is. will tor. *bLt .wvus
aregular N liz.Sfi
lnd.11loot *4bpini1y o but.
..twvoidy-four kour, AJ10 .IpUOV.. AI
4)v4ry, little craIc ii tho waaa.
roof.-O .Itsf.'hoisw. LUd-4 ,L ui or'
*fid I 6A ho~ ~hp.-O- on vori head coil
I I g; n110rt) 0#(lj;.VO Q'1 46OlI by, thi.
gepoirfuii r is ~ plol-,
14. of' sniow lxer4o)yot, I-thougli Marchi
i. oy ut. uotIqloobtl~~fiooking
tho TIe~ tp~u~h~ o itsualt
N%,)i * -11 o L .86 fL140olig. 68i .last Kill
8011 /
Hllol1y"% 1iebl'jucki n~ - cidmitally
hi-c-ag , uqI.l iA~c I 11) toCto;Oi
o11t 1).th* vtof the gpp
uiu , mltini .put.y ptotyr thor
plIt e I 1lig NSilV *4V0P ivfoz, g,)111p
-n lie Ii einui to a altt ..
sit v-gtmaii fin bo thu or o
1,114 pvm-h-i 1Vi4, o lio 1 511 - ICota )pe b
(1110 "'TkW Ii - t fzil llow1 cost0
Is' I'l vi l. pofit sth o ih
1)1 Ii I y ) 1148. ltatt i~~rihg
S ill-yt.. has4 b"I)eil on ntho odc~ Co
hj-. davit 11 s~; u trare NoCCIITJIC4 fo
il- 1yIItk)alll to u n b.
i~ i l h40 Mit t( hig, oabo.g.Cot.a
1)010 i lotU-Ig. t full blow ct ido
.xrai o inWh
.1o41 coinago valuo of silvor, that
silvor wont rapidly up in price,
and that nlion it was known that
stich coin wa's to ho troated only as
a.iodified Uform of tho bullion, it
stopped going up,- and gradually
ic'linlod ntiitil -at theond of the fis
6al'yoar, when the compulsory
coaidgo consod.
But' tho groatest decliio took
placo lator whon -all the coin and
bfllion in tiro Treasury and, in
fact in the country, was mado a
rtug Upon tho market by tho Se
erotur wy (if- thoTreatsury ostatblishing
as tho rulo of tho Governmont that
al lthe logal-tontdor coin Troasury
notes iis'uod* lor:- the purchaso of
ilvor undor :this act would be ro
doemod,: whlen presented, in gold
f'Iis.madg ill this coin and bul
-lion wortl1(5ss an d svlt 0he pricos
jo the boftoma. Now, sir, I wish
to servo notice upon the gentleonio
of th opposition that this old
gamo of ."lads I winl, tails you
loso" has gwle far wnouigh ; you
-can 1nt hold this silver in the
Treasury to secure these notes and
then redeii hem lwn presented
:ii gold. .1 ftor one will not ask the
.Polel (f this nation to subllmit to
such a pal pablo imposition. They
wore issue(d for th purchase of sil
*vor am4 shoul( be' redloedmled in sily
or as this bill proved, and the gain
or soign.iorngo arising from the
coining Shou-ld not (ly ho coinied
but it s'houlld h paid into th
Treasury for ust11) in m ting cur
reint expenses as1 rquired1hy this
These facts shoul(1 ho anll am11ph1
answer to tlhose w- ho fear that gold
will go to a pre'lIinum. 'l'Iv sh
that the prese nt, (isparity inl the
Commiliod ity pric' of gold 11n1 :.ilve'r
has been caused, ir.41. bY Ieard
ing (le silver Iit ovirui'tion in
order to destroy it: Coin lagvlu
and, secon1d, by ;rn Ing ami.
ficial deiand kr yei to redbem
theso bills issied for silver pu
chasos, and that had tII siI vi
been utsed fr rempt oi r s4h!
to imeot expelss 1n) I Such d:) ar1ity
wou11ld have existed( to-iii.
The sam111 iilu'nc,' miad (lass o4f
reprlesentatives thatl have Ine ;mei~ -
cossfuil inl perpet4' uat ing >' 1 ti.
lawvs upon01 thll staitum I.
3poverishinog t h. n; d
richin ag t e v w are I '(C l IIy
,take the' plieo (41 bond1(S which fall
-- (duo in' I oni 43 whichi the tnational
bank are, based'4, that~ thi'so no0w
the'reby perpi' 'Iliat C ihe nwnacling
pow'er of this infan1110us mlonlopoly
to tho'd(lst-ruetion of)1 the massos1100( of
-the y(' Iol, a1nd1 the ('v(ntl 1 over
th rowv of 1'emli'iani formiii go
ornm1Ilent1. [ l,44ud apphlaius( onl thle
-lDomnocratic sido0.]
HBDIo Re Alr, 0M[ IN!
And1( PLOW IS, PLIOW'S.TOtggs,
81 N(G IA '-T !H l'j1, &c.
li re mi our1 ne0w biing, cornler
of Min and( Anni Street, and we
wanit to Itrad~e wi.h you.
A Specialty.
When in Pickens comno in and
tr'ade with
March 8th,
The subscriber request his patrons,
and all friends of thie cause of cdui
cation, in this community, and the
.surrounding neighborhood, to meet at
the school house at 10 o'clock, A. M.
on Saturday 17th instant.
The object of this meeting, is to
take somq action mn regard to build
i1g.M*'schjool houso.
.*J. O'-TA NTNr
Overcoat Sa
We havea largerni
than We Want at
year, and have d(
none of tliem over.
them today. Choe
lever Seen the'same g
it you N% an t one.
January, 4, 1894.
C- MceAlister
Purchased the Stock of
'Dry Goods, Notions,
As the stock was large it necessitates
the "raising of much nIoney"
to ply for one half of so
large a stock.
W10 thereforo ropose to sell goods
UNDER OnINARY COST until we shall
have raised enough "Coin'" to settle
the inpai.1 balance.
Since the 1st of January, On account
of the depleted condition of stock, we
filled up Ill the breaks with new
stock fresh from the world's great
The stock at present is in perfect
slmpe,superior by Car, in extent, va
inety and c-mnpleteness to others in
upper South Cardina.
Our friends and Customrnc-s !,now
that we careluhly avoid sensational
advert1in4, and that we have always
on L:Indl the goods alvertised.
We as.Ie our customers that we
have a
But ia-gainos do not last always; so
athe.' enrly blirdl, the ear ly' waorm."
We h1.1ve thle veybest Indligo Cali
coes aIt cents, 18 i nehr Cot.ton Dial,
er 18 cents; 25 cents Table Oil Cloth,
1" eents; 10 cent 30 inch Blieuching.
8 1-2 cents; 21 vards Sea Island; 36
nel.iM wile, $s1.00, well worth 7 cents
N 11 I]; 12 1 2 VeI:t Caiton Fhinel
Il.en; 4 spools Comt's Cot t n N) ients
R " $'ilk 8 ' eent; 2 li ton
I tole Twin'ts i'r 5 eetsM; 75i cenIts Cor
sels no) cents ; 50 cents Corsets 40 ets.;
1t0 cenit, lnst Black, Ladies' lose 8
A11 SI ock ing slanigbileredi.
lI rosseI Carpets at cost.
o''io (il C (lothsi at cost.
WN ir.dosv Shades on the best Iharts
horn an1d Empire Spri ng Ilioller, at
->8 centIs.
\We owe money, and the hmoney
nmstr be raised. To' get t be
money we are gladl to
sell limited quan
Lities at u loss.
C. McAlister.
Gre ienvihle, S C., Mhdl cl , 18094.
New Goods
W\uhih u1i'l certainily go (ci-ap for the
Casih. It will be to your initejest to
see my GoodsC1 and get prices.
A goodl luay and ONE-iHoSE
W vaix, w ill be sold at a bargamn.
A lot (f SIll RTVS to be sold at a
sacrilice, from 25 cents to 73 cents.
Of all k(indsi, alIways oni harnd, willI
be .iold at the smrallest priofit.
& Call early, and1( call ofton, and
see if I hav'n't,. got somet hi ng you
WV. U. Biramlett.
j ~si Il N- Civ.(il En .e'r amt
IVSIe i i i m n ie .,-N bli.o
O )llce 88j 'JEin St . over 1F ;tot,' hiouk a
.1n. 95 *, 91-dn.
.......... .---.-'p--m -I
If 0ou11'aillt Auilyiuil1 3
bl eneral Merchandise,
Dry Goods, Notions,
Boots, Shoes, Cro
ceries, Hardware,
and a full line
of Farm Sup
*I can give you a 'low figure on
Flour and Farminig Implements.
'JOHN C. KAY is withi me and will
be pleased to have his frien~da call ona
e for Cash.
muuber of overcorits
this season of tle
ttermin< d . to catrry
Come and look at
R prices made on
-er thtan you have
oods. BrIng OASu
Greenvillo, IA
F. W. POE c K
Wii-Ever3thing maiked
1l)in 0gures and only ('N
Pr 1cex,
-Wl'Oe Offering tlie fo]l
ing G oods as SPrECIAL B.
GA INS, and ltha. sale
continue throughout the
M1fena'cs good3, Busin ess Snits, a
$7.50, $10. Better Suits at *1
813.50, $15.00. Our best Suli
.18 to $25.
Boy's Long Pants Suit
13 to 18 Years.
L.00, $4.00, 67.00, $10.00 $1
Child-s Knee Suits,
150. $1 . C S,S1. 0, s2 (0, .) 0
'o r everybody, at all p'ri<.s.
LUnd erwear, Ncsiery,Cro
shirts, Collars- & Cu
Nlockwear, Rubber goc~.
rruntks, an~d Traveling a.
lno'ey r eturnled.
F. W. POE & C:
i,*ts onaly 8 '.00 per 100) squa- e
Iaikes a good roof for yoars, e r
ne ennl put, it onl.
G uMr-Er.As-ric P'AINT cost On
ants per gal. in bbl. lots, 0
>r 5-garl. tubs. Color dat
/ill stop leaks in tin or iror
nd wvill last for years. 'Tay F
Send stamps for samples aiAf
articula rs.
) &c 41 West Broadway, NEW Yo( :
Lo A r. AoF:ar \.;,s W ENJi.
Feb. 8, 1894I.-m.
*1.00) Botm
One cent a dos.
!rO o ter ai u gha crou,
kathma. For Cosmption ibn o;iv.
LOued thuad no ilO~ o

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