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hrPh',cian ande urgeon,
O)llie, t his I esi d'-.i M 111 . ain'i St reeit,
March 84, 181.f
, J . 11I NE, Civil EglI .eer und
es N v'eyor, GreenvSle, ..
Spml .l at Iention then to "SubdIvisii
of Iand,,'' Tervraciia;i .1anl Esimtion of
water power.
OlileC 881 MaLtinl Si . ovIer Fciton's Book
St- e,
hmu. 25, 9-1--3m.
It. 0. owi.N. L. E. CILaiis.
JOWEN & CI[11.I1I88,
Attorneys at Law,
P'ickens, 8. C.
Oct. 5, 18903.
DR. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist. Dr.
W1. MN. N.- nwoolo, Assistant OtlicU,
881 Main Street, 3reenville, 8. C.
Jan. 9, '02 .y
D 1. J. P. CARLISLE, Blntist, Oe."el
villt., z3. (;. Oflico over Addi.; n IA.
McJee's Drug Store.
11!. WiLA M8 is 110W perma.
nea ly locatwd nt Pi'4kes', mial oieis
hils Profcssioial Serviei.s to thie of
the town and siteoiindisig e"wnitry. Of
1ice and residceIC., at the Grilli l0ionse.
Oct.. 26-3m
The Exchange Hotel,
C. W. HENDERSON, Proprietor.
Special attention t4) Co ralIireN Travel an
Tourists. .'alde ae-Uursed
.Fine Climate the yei rotitd. Ap. 7, 9'2
J. 11. IIAGOOD7 .1. L. 'I1ORNIAY, Jn
L. C. -r T.14 v
Livery, Food, lialo & Exhlnge Stable;,
Easleo. and Pickens,.S. C..
(Opposite I lutel.)
Carriages, lhgies-6'. anl Saddle Hoises, it
Al1;lE CLAlIK. E;Z<. 0 0 1 E'I t.
Clark & Cooper,
1)ealers inl
Marble ani Orait1 M-uni
TOMBSTONES, of evei-y tieseripti
Also. MANTELS, \ \'HtY. VAS
andi Wroug'.0 Iro.. C).i n ni
S. C.o ;-pt 9l., 'W1
it. y a J-i) tIslC ectinn
Lnl:aate : stls i
11i3 m -A e e e rilS.C
Cryo lor::akit.s a sper ty
April -y
H~s ready f r inspe)uC t ion1.
LaItest Styles inl
Walking Hats for Ladles
and Children.
In In Ca %1ps it - Ha 1 ts,
Ali. te Novel. tit s of the Season,
" All (~&1:1:-: atCost for 30 <aiy ,"
Wiy thes Carpen~ter' Organl.
Wt. J, B, 8TTILES.
h3tcheas, DiaIuwds & JealIm
Oct. 19.-3m
To~ Biny the best D11UG~S, at the
Full hne of BLANKi BOOKf'S, STA
TIO[(NERYl and S C II () 0 L SUP
Closing out our PM NTS, AT
A full line of ART I'S~P MA\TE
D. T1. BACOT & Co.,
WYest G-reenville, S. C.
Oct. 5, 1893.-Gm.
Are 1,rOkenl d(wn v:' I . .: .- "V 1r (hc
e~'r(8 --i~ ~.( .9 8nJ1:i4 e
caes bi ul . .ib.i:. *t athS 1( -uit
oneC canl put on.
(GlJ. ELi-i Par -r cost only 60
cents per' gaul. ini bol. lots, or$45
for 5igal. tubs. Color dark red.
WVill stop leaks in tin 0or 'iron roofs,
and( wvill last for y'earvs. ThY r'e.
Scnd stampls for' samples and full
3& 41 Weat, t3oadway, NEW YORR.
- Taor4i-4 A0TN8WN1I
Successor to the business of Paik &
Jones returnis thanks to the patrons of
the old firm for their kind and liberal
patronage of the past three years and
now earnestly ask a liberal share of'
their patronage in the future.
I have the old stand, No. 9 Penidle
ton Street, rented until March 1st, and
fronm now until that time I propose to
offer Goods at prices that all will ac
knowledge as Bargnins. I have too
maly goods, they must, go beIore j
have to move to other, quatters.
1st. Dress Goods--To sI them, all
vibiter weights will be sold at a sacri
five. These goods are new nothing old
'or shelf--worn.
, End. ,t -118, and FlaI elq-IJ have a
I l t.of these goodm. Red anl White
Flannel must be sold and the knife
has been put im the price. Jeams wil
be sold itt actual mill price.
Cloaks-1 have a few cloaks on hand
3 Cloaks worth $6 each will sell for
$3 each.
1 cloak worth $f) will sell for $5.
1 Oloak large size, worth $12, will
sell for $8.
A few cheap Clonks ait half value.
In going through the stock I found
many remnants, all of these lmve bee'
inarked at a prive and placed oni
remnant counter.
Shoes--I have a big stock of shoes
some of the best makes. lleiser's Ban
inter's and Hess' Mens Shoes and J.
Faust & Son's ladies and misses Shoes
will be sold at a sacrifice as I do not
propose to carry t lese lines alV long
er. The "Little Giant School Shoe is
u nequialed for comfort and durabilit.y.
The knife has a so been put into their
plice. Now is an opporitunity to save
miionley for yo1iself it yOuI need any
Goods I ha ve ill mi1y store.
To moy f'riends and the public gen
crally I wish to sIy t hat I will contint- 1
tIe the Dry Goods bustiness in West
Greenville and shall keep my stoek
replenished at all timies with t he new
'1t and latest, (oo(s of thee SesoI, and I
w e l'r. ;,*I i - t IAt hat I' ma
VI h'i 11ttpa in
. . r , m l with
- . Ill. te ow i l the and
"',"" Im AN IR DEALING."
P. S. kIlI parties owinig thle old.
firm of Pal k & JonEs will please anilce
catly payments to ne, a:; I need the
money. A K PARK.
Greenville, S C , Feb. 23, 1894
Smith & Smith,
Is the Plaec for
Split Bottom Chxa lys,
Cribs, Cr'adle s,
Tables, Washistan~ds
Wardro bes,
Bedsteads, MaLttraIsses,,
Coffins and Caskets;,
* Day arid Night.
Trelephonec Nos. 64 at 3.I
Night calls will be aniswered( by Tee-.
phone No. 38.
* SMITH'i & SMITil,
63 and 65 Main Street, Greent.vile, S. C..
Drugs I Drugs!
I I [AV E on had at aill iimes a tull line
oll pure 1I ' 'SC "I l.\l( .\ts. Tio)
I.E A|| C i . i t' ( oo . s
l'3 a l :: y i .Io ,i -
P. it :hw ce t go to (lardeniing
Thenl~ ier ate P'A N T8 at l 010 ;in
filtl lin e---a it eve'ry thogii utally3 found n
a first-chiss Drug 8torev.
ty-~ Phiysichams' P'rettaipt ilons carefully
W. hen y'ou como Lo EIa''ey give me ai call.
0. N. Wyatt, M. D.
QuIllian's Old Stanid
Easley, S. 0., Feb. 9. 1898. ly
w1~ilenknlt'th-. .Vaulnh. .nigsto an
Ililousnes-: t at"~
It (tureq 9jtdetkly. For inale by all dcalqrvis ir
This Space is Reserved for the
new firm of
Who will open at the old stand of
PARK & JONES, 9 Pendleton Street,
01n or about tLe 1st of March, with
ar entire new stock of
Our frr. A, J. Jones will leave in
1, few days for New York, Boston,
Philadel'hia and lBaltimore, for the
purp1Cs! ot bulying the stock; and At
hLe greatly reduced price for goods'
he coming season. we will be inl pd
iti o to ofter to the trale, goods] at
ower prices than Cer shown inl this
-ity; and soheit your patronage.
lExNRY S. GnasoN.
P. S. --As it will be seen that the
;rII of Paik & Joles hus dissolved, I
lo mu, st sincerely th'iank my friends
1)I tle public i n general for their
indness inl tthe past. and1 Caln trIuly
>ramlise themie that after. tle first, of
Jar1.-ch, I canl) make it. more to vonrIi
utalrest. to deal with tie thuan ever
'leore. A. Ja'x JONEs.
t100 Reward
For the Merchant that, gives you
more (oods for your money thun I r
will. Just notice the following pri
'Ile :
D1.o. do 4.75
D)o. do 5.50
NMen's do 4.75
Do. do 6.50
Do. ,to 7.00
mnd upl to *15.00.
Coffee 10) pounds to the doilar.
Cotton Checks 4& c. by thie bolt.
3-4 Shiirting 41 c. " u'a
Prints, all styles, fromi 4 1-2 to 6c.
ill colors 7c.
Good Brogan Shoes 75. ents-oth
er Shoes iln proportion.
A lot of Shoes, smial1 and large
N'os., at cost.
Childrens course shloes 12.} cents
Jeanlis at 1 8, 20, 24 and 30 cents.
Can't he boat at the priice.
1 will buy your, lhnt Cot~tonu, Seed
Cotton, and Cottoni seed, 4t muarket
prices. Also, dry or greeni .Hlide..
Mr. C. H . Parkinls and Ilhard T.
Hlatlum, are nowii with - me, and~ will
be glad to meet, their friends.
J1. II. Brownt
Liberty, 8. (1., Oct.. 12, 1 89:i.
If' 'bt V1au. AllthIllI
Geuneral Mel~rchiamd.ise,
Dry Coods, Noto; isi,
En)ts, Shoes, &Cro
( tries, la rdvware,
an' a full i' ne
of Fa:'mn 3u .o
~i cn give you a low herrie on
JersN C. KAy is with me aind will
bei 1lasced to hav'e liis friend.- call on
EIasley, S. C., Feb. 8. 04---1y.
Or you are a U worn out, realir good for r ohu
l wat euro y auiv, gcui appet' ,te, sola4
At the groat Intornational and
Cotton Stato's Exposition, which
is to bo hold at Atlanta next year,
there is likely to be an education
al oxhibit. Why not tho totchors
of this county try to win t prize?
Why not exhibit your school? Do
you not believe that you have the
brightest and best children, and
that you are doing your whole di
ty to them; if not, have you not
missed your calling? How many
model schools will got ready for
the educational exhibit at the
Great Cotton Stato's Exposition
Carpontor's Creok, No. 3.1, will
havo a now school house redy(l for
business by tho first of August.
'lihe Joun al of '(ucationl t ruth
f ullf$. sayB:
'4Wit'h t all tho lomont of pro
gross tho fact romzaiins that tho
school is and must over ho, as it
has OUdays heen,..what the teacher
is. With all the improvoiient in
text-books, advance in methods,
multiplication ot devices, the
school can not he0 botter than the
teacher. There are m1any condi
tions and circuinstances, relations
and forces that may 1111m(k or mar
tho teacher's work, but teiire is
nothing that t canmak the School
a Sucess without a siccossfil
teachor. I t is clear, theOn, that the :
misin of 1 eduntional folors
IS 1I) s tll'' !'.'l t'achi rs in I vt
r d , ouch the llt ia of
your profssioli (omp1aint is
I frequontly mado that. "I havo thir
ty or forty pupils, an( that isi moro
than I can attend to," and it is
frequently too trie for the good of
the pipils. Havo youi stuiidl tho
SCinCe and arts of odlication?
Theory and Practico? School nan
agoent ;. d appliances? if not, it
is 61i10 f,.Y yoi to begin and not
givo it. lip -utii\il you quit tho pro
fossion? Does the .lawyor quit tho
stl(y of law welon ho is a(hitted
to I ho haro? D.oesi the phlysiclin
qulit t)i study of medicine whent
admitted to pr ac ti co? By no
means, if they expect to succeed
or gain emlinencea in their ptroftes
siom. Then wYhy shiould the) teachl
the questious sulbmitte~d tot himi
by~ the Stato Roar~d. Are we per
fetion-do wo knowv it all--if so,
there is no remody for us but to
be turned ofY as having served our
tme a nn appronflftico, uniwoly
to the nole edlinbg, te.achtor.
Superinitendent of Educati .m
Mayfield~ has long boon1 1nus%01 to
adopt somne plan to 1insure the prop.
er promiotin of children in the
public schools1 of the State, The0
frequonit changing of teachors in
countiry schools of ten koops a child
in tho same1 boo0k for years, wh'ion
it, should go 1highor.
l'ho 8 uperinnntlas adop)ted
.a pi~lan which Iho hopes will alter'
hj elt h 1
o what n > Lii the' s.u ar 1)aH ad
van tced ini each of IhIe~ stud1(ios, nam-it)
iwr the page of the book, so that
\Ihero can not ) ho an trouble
A \hon the next t')rml opons) the~
s ahiolor' will take this blank t(
lu-ool with him or hior. If thorc
h as been a chatnge of teachors the
now toacher will haLvo trouiblo ir
\knowing at exactly whtat par of
Shook the schtolarl is onlta tied to comn
nlonce' an~d the grade in which t<
p ut him or her.
The followingis a ptorportion) (
tli h blnk cortificazt:
"This is to certify that
the holder horoof, attonded tho
school, located in district No.
during the sossion ending '
189 , and is proficient in the
several branches as below indicat
ed and entitled to be classified ac
cordingly at the opening of the
noxt sossion11."
The teacher must know the foun
dation on which he attempts to
to build now knowledge, He must
know the condition of the pupil'p
mind. le must know what the pu
pil knows. The pupil's known
must be known to the teacher; it
is only thus that he can go out in
to the unknown. No mat.ter how
skilfully the teacher may talk
about a subject, if the pupil is ig
nioraunt. of that subject the time i#
waste(. Soil10ti 1110 the once
"known" has slipped away. The
first. rule is to soo that there is a
foun dlation.
It may ho safoty asserted that
there cannot he instruction with
out somo dogroo of education.
Yet the truth remains, and ought
to be thoroughly understood, that
the degree of the educational re
suilt of instruction depends mainly
on the method. It may be conced
ed that all teachings, has a certain
educational force, and must all
communicato 80111 result to the
charactor; but of two modes of
teachings the educativo forco ol
1on may bo tildo that. of the oth
(r. r lmstancel, lot two persom
inst ruiet differen t. clzases ill t he
m111' siject say, (he shape of the
onribl: one shal!l . o( treat his; subh
- ev I ' to r1 (ji 1 11) 1n 5 r, 'Ifolrt
iain is n t*v r to g Iv e ll
S m rh lI i wt, 1u1l h;- Mls
rul! i v s iss ill rvenISonI
out ndud t' sui - el for
tal 14orbt would ha' greaitelr, thil
pleasuro more intese, mid conse
quontly the( educantionali re~sult
imeh more, thia in tho other.
For the People'i rott ra .j
Conas at N uiei I oll P ane aain.
This is a diseaso of the lungs,
and is caused by Cho animal being
overheated anid allowod to cool oi
too quick. Sometimos by allow
ing him to stand out ill cold rains
until chilled, hut occasionally a
change of the weather from wari
to cold is sufficient of itself to
bring the disoase.
Sn'Mrross.-The symptoins are
not always the same in every par
ticular, sonic cases commence by
the animal rolling for some1 hours
as w'.ith colic-others dischargo
front the 1nos0 large quanitities of
saliva of a white andl frothy ap
poaranco, but the following symp
toms always present. After the
dlisonso has progressed for some
hours the hlead will be drooped,
the ears will protrude to tihe right
andl left, the pulse wvill be feeble,
but will run as high as sixty or
seventy per minute, the animlll
will walk awkward andl sometimes
staggor-, the foot and ears will be
very cold, the blreathing will bo0
Ihurried, the pationlt will stand with
his fore feet wid"' apart, and as the
disease advances they becom- more)
so, ho will stand~ 0on his feet as long
as he is able, and when he can no
ionger- do so, will sink, after which
hi soo dios. Trho horse some
Ltimes lies down in this disease, hut
will soon rise to his feet. T1horo is
ginnuing. Pmnuimonia often termi
(ldttes uin ontin io the lungs
wih e oundb becmlred wit ti(
itds cor-s~e ithit. \\'herttie, ofi
-ton ki ila th Vhio ii withi :o
ty-fourmptin. er ih lungs. ofterc
areathupnd aination be rungs
ll ahe thun ai(el illed witurd
matter, Acu'to ne-lumonia wile tror
itsckn chet with a dotioo
tonbkccin th ho so th nma cw
hy-or hours. the pluse ofe suo
ed ad, beair caing hfile aigl
hearit fbloif the' pulo re sotron~
irregular, do not blood, but drench
with four ounces of opsom salts in
one pint pf water, batho with the
tobacco every six hours and keep
blankot on the horso, and in good
stablles. Preparo tho following:
Tako equal parts of gentian and
ginger, boil until the strength is
all out, strain and givo ono half of
this tea every six hours, bathe foot
and logs twice oich day, rubbing
dry and rub thom well with warni
cloths-each time this bathing
should be with hot and strong salt
water. Give the horso anything
he will eat but dry corn, bran
mashes aro best-give him from
fifteon to twonty drops tincture of
aconito in a little wator, morning,
noon, and night for two days-lot
him have all the fresh water he
will drink. W. A. DILwORTn.
Westininster, S. C.
Tillanan's Trap Neeas to taave
Caught Thie FIe.s.
(or.UM BIA, March G.-Special:
Well, the State campaign of
189-1 has opened now inl dearid
eainest. The Abbevville meet
ing,- the Colletoni meeting annd
lie Nurioni Ilmeetilig hav all h1een
hel. Nwer' e n
il b hIh11, l n riday , I al he
Laun-n li arg'iigton and r
idea imeetings. IEve ry nmu11a \m ho
is mixed up in the pIhities oit
(11 is niowV cl111ering up mit,
the balnd ugl. There is1 ai bi
scufl oing om Ior svats, oni11
it w%'ill be very interestin.I (o
watch the4 ru1111plis alog 111vhe
road. '1 h14 peo;i'le ha v all by , N
this till(e seen wiat was .smild
and don at the Abbivilh- me't..
ing. All the opponents,, of ie
Irby faction were ceuoilly
watching that meeting. Il an
cordance with what was pub
lished in tis corIsponidene
yesterday a glance at Johnu
Gary Eva ns' speech shows that
although he would not prlomlise
the Governor to do0 as he wished,
he did take the course the GJov
ernor wanted him to take.
The Alliance "Reform" lead
ora seem to be very well satis
fied with thle handwriting on
the wall as developed at tis Ab..
beville meeting, for this morn
ing the big leaders on that sidld
gathered in private offices to
hold a conference. TIheo confer
ence began about noon and did
not adjourn till about 3 o'clock
this afternoon. There were about
a dlozen men present. Among
them were Leader Bowden and
Comuptroller General Ellerboe the
Alliance "Reform" candidat4
for Governor, the mart who it ii
said is at present leading thi
race for Governor. It has beet
impossible to see any of thenr
to-day to ascertain their opin
ions of the Abboville meeting
I did however, see one (of tht
most imnport~tn t leaders this af
ternl(oon. He( said thle meeC(tingl
,jiinvlL [iromi t he pul hished8 aeO
mediatli fter Iho Ajbhes a'
meeting scems to indiente I hai
this faction has caulsdd to dela
matters nowv, an d f rom I b b
time on the fight will bie puishe<
with all ossible energy. &.
Sdoubt thmey weret. busy to-da'
Imaking all preparaions t<
strike wvhile the iron is hot.
I asked Governor Tillman t<
day what ho hadI to say abou
the Abheville meeting. He sta
a ed that ho had no time to ree
gthe account of the meeting
. eand consequently was n
p n onition~ to exnress an oni:
ion. The Governor is, ats usual,
remaining quiet, sawing wood
and saying nothing. The (olfe.
ton ida suggested in his "inter
viow call" for the Convention
scoms to bo taking Well, and
no douibt the Alliance fac.
tion will hiafvo ia iiioaber of the
conniiittue froin abnost every A
connty. For a week or so now
everytlling' will bo devoted to
the manipulation of the Colloton
idra mecting aid the making of
prepara tiolis for holding the
Con vention.
No doubt in the moantime
each of the candidates for Gov
ernor wil got down to hard, en
ergy work in their own interest,
for there is hardly one of them
I judge who does not fully real
ize it now that the Convention
will norninate the Reform 'ticket
for State officers. Whethert his
nomination will result in send.
ing two Reform candidates be
fore the people in the general
election or in the primaay re
mains to be seen. Evans in case
Ellerbee gets the nomination for
Governor may abide by the de
cision of the Convention and go
in against Attorney General
Buchanan for that office. It is
understood, too, that a good
many of the other candidates
who are out for Governor have
an eye oi some other place on
the ticket. Of course cach of
them would liko to head it, but
they knov only one of them can
and it is a job that a good many
of tihem a re lookinig after.
Mr. TF;dal's manifesto, pub.
lished inl l Nws and Courier
ihis mornIUIIing, has Ori~tedl, conl
h-ral ~ ~ Il :'k mnghopoliti
(s of4l bh shl~ nand they do
-o l:now. what to think
riine it is that they
.b: olbuut it.
\\'....rV., 1) C., Mfarch 6.
esi hi : e IrOw ajigamst tho Ad
lioin iMe llo)us to-daly
fil :1 3 i'n' pr-ivileigo. W ith
a. fa a 1 b l' npl r h411 the10 Com1
int ili tl l ivri:l\ 1 a lirs t o support
him h intr ium tda r oluionil do
(elring h i apI11o1ittmint of
Naval Cn(l3t broevkwIy by tho soc
retary' of thle Navm y ani d chaiirginig
himi to e 14 'ith district of South
Cairolin wasihot, auSW 11011 ithoity of
lawl. Air. St rait explained to the
l1ins e 1ciricumiistaco IlCSurll
r'ounin~ g Ite casHo andt show'ed that
hte hais hadu a longthy correspond
onco0 with Soei'otary llorbert on the
sub ljoet,.
As is~ well knownx Mr'. Strait fail
0(d to) namo11 a endoIt from his die
trict, clainig thiit he was not dui
ly noi(tified by the deplartmlont
Socrotar'y H-orbort, thor'oupo n ap
po)iinted young Brockwa'ly, who is a
resident of Alabama. Mr. Strait
argued that his rights as ai rep~ro
senativo of the 5th district of South
Carolina had been invaded by the
Secretary of the Navy. Represen
stive Cummnings, chairman of the
naval committee, and Mr. Bank
head, of Alabama, took sides with
out opposition. The decision of
the Ulouso is not intended as a re
flection upjon Soerotarry Herbert
bni t it was to emphasize the fact that
- theso nava':l cadeiships belong to
the) Cong essional districts and not
Ito the iiviidual Ropresoniativos.
The reCs' 'lut Si siply declaros~ that
Brouckway vs apin~~i tmont was void,
hut Iurl b1r logishi inti will bo noc.
I . N ori'is, thle firist. pri'( I
* All lineo, isIn-r to1 c3 (onsu4lt
I:~ O414.5 jI iv In'i I 4>11 I he 1oli11 --
r('tjion as to his iio nil, hnt it is
Icommilite oft the Alliance.
T Ihe lIon. Johnm C'. Ilinskoll is at
theL Miotropol5litanl ('n roufol to New~
-D York. illo r~eorts uimttlrs quiet in
- livol iest campllla ignI Iih is summnor' tho
t. Col. Jae 111 4I. Orr', of GroonlloI,
)-has hoon bor (oerldays. It isl
notha improbablo that lie is initor'ot
is ing himiiself in theo( iroon vi11o post
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