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su-o sVyma THUSDAY.
cription One Dollar a Year
ntered at the.Post-oficO at Pickens, S. V., a
econd-chass4 tnattOr.
The CottOn Plant last wook, in
reviewing the Wal halla rosolutions,
gav theo alliilcO 111011 of this State
gan11 tiely advice. An oxtract
from this editorial is; published
this wook in the JocRNAl, and We
coroinond it to tho sorious consid
oration of our roadorS. It is an
evijdent fact to iall careful roadors
of reforn papers, that, in the rush
and anxiety for Ofico there is a
vdisposition to ignoro measures and
omit the peoplo to tho support
ofmon,' It is time to pauso and
Aaink,.before the principlos and
(40" dof tho alliance are sacri
ar of ambition. It
is I~t to take everything on
faith, the peoplo are entitled tc
know the vie)ws of candidates for
positiolns of honor and trust, upon
matters of public intorest. If the
alliance men ever expect to accoi
plish iiything, it is t imo to as1sort
their rights and bo firm in their
domands. The nolunients of of
fico and gratification of puglial
ambition, should, not ,.I- allowed
to have procodocilo over. tho prin
iplos of the ordor. It. is a Pater
of vital iiportlnet) to insist from
th beginning that tho domiands of
the order and tho dostinios of your
sevos and childreni aro 11ire pro
violls thall the political sucevss of
anly main, or set of nio. It woild
be considored a gireat, mistake to
intrust your business intte-rests to
a m11 "4hout e(nquiring about
i' ations and integrity,
L he almllost inloxCusaI
and ilntelligent pe)oplt
to coiM iloir present and futuno
welfaro to anybody, without. a
pledge of good fa ith and lovaliy
above things to the1 trust.
It has always 1been the purposti
of the JOURN AL. to uphold the Iuid
of the reform ladelrs, and preserv
harmony in the movemnt. It rt
grets as much as anIyody tl
Ivrilgle a mong leaders andu Iha
usedu its best efforts to adjust the.
dlifferenlCes. We have not mal( di
sidto of i( l a con trs amllong Ih
formiers. Th'le Jorux1NA.u haIs on dI
vers occalsions comm1)ended Sinab t.
Irby for his good services, and hii
failed to rebuke him for unwal
ranted slings at good moni avl
memb11ors of the alliance, hut
(caln not endorso his attituide
wvardis Dr. Stokes. How he cou
rconsidoer aL person0al obl igationi
hisi duty to ath Une and pru J1oi
the principles of the alliance,t
.JoUR~NAI. is not able to dheOver.
'The JoURINAIL does not objet
his working for his canidida
against any~ allianuce man11 in~ t
gubornatorial conitest, bit his dIi
crimination against an alliaui
man01 and( in favor of anl anlti shtoui
be rob)uked, not only by aillian,
1110n but. by all Reformers.
This is campaign year and U
candt~idattes. for. all -offices, fro
United Sttaos4fonator' dlowl, a
Coming out aI).getting thomselv
in position to .strive for their :au
bition. It is time nlow that the A
lianco was also golfing itselfi
shape to enforce its demllandjs. W
are interosted1 in the election of o,
ery officer; because, every oilh
carrios its infhuonco which may 1
used for or against our caus
State and( COunty ofhicors, for ti
reason, should bo required to pledR
themsolves ~juist the sameo as thm
member of the State Logsatur
and the National Congress. It i
true that the member of Congrei
are thle ones directly concerned i
carrymng out our demands and the.
election should he more careful
looked after than thoso not so d
rectly conceruned, We are force
to depenid on1 their firmness, fidel
ty and energy in working for til
enactmen of our demandls andl om
ery procaution~ should be taken i
making our choice. Weaeo
directly interested in the eltu
of members of the StateIegs
ture because of their priiai
in the election of a United Stat
The election of a successor
Senator Butler is, for obvious r<
sons, the most important of I
- year. The man elected' wm
sent us in the Senate during an
riod that will did, th fa
od9 wethoi we are to have a rul
of the people or the rule of a mzone;
penopoly. As the candidates to
that offlce are vory properly roguir
ed to come before the people anl<o
express their views, the people car
and must apply the yardstick tc
them as well as to Congressmen,
tud not allow them to take any
)quivocal or conditional positions
that will admfit of dodging their re
sponsibility whon olocted. If a
mian is earnost and sincero in his
Advocacy of our diands ho will
havo no roason for not complying
with what we require.-Cotton
In the caso against Nancy Ellon
burg and John Ellonbtrg, for lar
coiiy of' livo stock, the jury roturn
)d a verdiet of "not, guilty," Its to
Nancy Ellenburg. John Ellen burg
%%as, not tried, being iabsit, from
the county on other lbusifloss.
Thomas Moore, whio was tried
for murder, was iacqui tted.
III tilt) CasO l against J .so Crii
shiaw, for trespass, tOhe aipel fromi
the Trial Jtistic, wa-its sustained,
and the judgment. of tie Trial .Jus
tico wias roverhed.
MIonry Pattorson was convict-d
of house-breaikiig 1111d Co1pl)ounIId
larcony, and sentenced to liard lia
bor inl thev pnitientiary fo'(r one
In the Comm uiuion Pleas Court
m1iost of the aseS were cont in tiuted.
ind orderH (f roforence l)passed.
II thwe a.of' Alfred Shrimpton
& SOns agaiist W. M. lHagood &
Co., the jury rendered a veirdict. inl
favor of he defondants. This suit
ws aboit fivo great gross prs 1)
4of plins, anid puIzdevd tht- mallthe
ti ics of the lawyers and jiury on
the first trial ; and was a mattier of
Sla)OV11 tim amon1()Ilg th10 spec tat or's
aIF to the resullt ofl thle asol at this
trial. Till plaiitiffs lmado a ilo
tioin for it neow trial, and Judge
Witherspoonl has thet cas181 un1der
aldv.istemil n1t.
III the cas,, 41f P. .. Jolhnston
agaiiist I . K. Koll-y', tihe Jury gave
a verdict inl favor (if the defend
In thle ase of S. q. Edens against.
Jones, Judtge Withlerspoon do
eided in favor of lit dmr 'nidanit,
mid ordere'd til- Iand to le divided
rIn cast. tf Naniev I ,add agaiinst
Tialt .tlustces jud(gmtft1 , wvas dli
m ~issed.
r --- . ..-- -___
1)Dan Nullian la. Oust Of It.
.- SQUAuIm RA(el Now imErwEEN
d1 8ToKiS ANI' 1I AJR-MR. SUb
i- l) I NV) TIr. iv, l~riIY A 1PROM
hI Isl 01F STUKlS \\'ITHl DRA w AL.
t Speat te na tily Nen
m ('-irA ITsTn\ . M. '. , Mar1. 1tt.
dist. rict has- natrroed~q dotwnt ntov
eto a combat betweeni O)ralaisn
andl puro( denmocracy. I). A. .1
oSullivan, who had entered tji
erace -at the) instigation of' Sena
to Irby, to-day w'ithidrew. 11er
ihisetter to the citizens o
Charleston andl the first cor1
(grossional district.
"Hav ig announced mnyself
candidate for congress to i-epr<
sent the first congressional dig
i- trict I felt that I was not train
in grossing any rights accorde
'4 ?o every citizen. I have a
JH ways asguyed~imy friends that
1- was ppt in the race for the pu:
1 pose of assisting in the electio
n f jfr. Stokes. but on the contra
o ywas assured by some1 frient
'- of Mr. Stokes that he woul
'4 withdraw from the contest. A
tO ter wvasting a reasonle tin~
to allowhim to fulfil that pror
I. ise and feeling satisfied that I
o will not' withdraw, and nt
o wishing to be the cause of an
e diacord or unpleasant feeli
a existing between my friem(
is and supporters as to wvhat in
n motives were, I desire to sta
*r that Mr. Stokes or no other inn
y will ever use mo in any tria'
i.. gular contest of this characti
di when the same is to be col
.struedl into aidmng any perso
e not in sympathy with r y pe
.pie. My regard for hiarmon
n and unanimity among my fe
o lows citizens is of more impo
n tance to me than any benef
1,. from any public office, andi
rn lorder that no further discom
eashall exist arnong my felio
citizens on account of my 'a
to pirations, I hereby announcE
a.. my withdrawvai from the cand
iho dhoy from the first congressio]
tea~ distriotand urge my frien<
pe.. to cast their vote and give the
,ef support to the H~on. J. .F. Izla
8 . The story of Sullivan's rac<
rf for congress is a curious one
r It is understood that Irby seni
for him,, and told him to riu,
I promising that J. W. Stokes,
the alliance candidate, wotild
not enter. Irby appears not to
have bOnd .able to deliver the
goods. Sullivan h is a strong fol
lowing . in .'harleston, as is
proved by the fact that he was
elected at the head of the demo
cratic legislative ticket in spito
of the'fact that he voted for Ir
by against, Hampton for the
United States senate. But with
Stokes in the field ho was un
able to control his vote. Wzlar
will now prolably secura the
electiont by a large majority un
less he is counted out by the
Greenv i ill County hold a mass
meeting of re'ormolrs, Saturday,
a111(1 elect-d .J. T. Alustin, doleogate
to t1 Conventioi, inl Columbia,
which is alled for April 4th. The
meetinig instructed the dolegato to
voto) ag iinst tIe (allin g of a1 CoI
vontion1 to suggest endidates for
anl earlier dato than August 1st.
We Ilvo read the proceodinigs of
ill, m< t ing with much interest and
watch it ho tilt between the loaders.
It seems that the dislpensary crowd
111d Stato llouse crew had the
cards sto(kLd aginst tho alliance
leaders, and1 wol the gaulle without
much troui)le. The alliainco.ihoys
imust be roady for tioi- t t10
County Col * 'vonltionl.
-I Dead in Couti.
UNIoN, Marcli 10.-Spocial: Mr.
Chlarles U. Culp, one of tho most
promiiint aid ablo lawyors of the
Union Bar, died very suddenly to
night. While itting in the har
listening to Judge Molton's speech
inl the Sims aso o falinted. D)oc
tors weroe summiiiionied and h0 was
taken in one of the jilry rooms
whoro ho dlied iii tol uut.s. Nr
Cip was just inl th( prim(o of Ihf(
an1d apparently eljoyig tho les
of heoiIl t b. He1 WAS 0110 of the pil i n
tif1"s attorneys ill the Sims Jone:
Cas1o, Which is now oil tril hw'e
lo hd([ abiIout ni hour hoforo com
plotod his argumet hoforo the j nry
imd it hias bon conllillltod upoi
by ni y persons as one of ti
ablest offorts (if his life. io was i
imupressive speaker and1( was a boii
orator. HeQ was a bout 38 years 014
and has boon practicinig at the Uni
ion Bar sinco his graduation. .11
leadves several brothers and1( a hios
of frioeids to miouirn his uintiml;
dd Court proceodin~gs wvere im
mediately suspended and lovin
hands convodyed (lhe remains to hi
homo. The symipathy of the entir
conununity is with tho familyi
their sad bereavoment.
Therl Fahsley TPownshipSign
AAsochi'aion11 miet with Ih 1R1
Spring Baptist., on Sun da~y, .M arP
4th, 1894, President S. M. Cox, pr
sideAl. After reading 24th chalj
or 'of Matthow, Prayer by A. I
Loslio-tlhn proceeded to tihe ht
siness of the Association. Fir
Sbusiness was to elect' a Secrotai
appointed a commiit tee on prograi
1The following gentlemen we're al
poinited: T. T. Barton, Charh
Davis, L. K. Koelloy. The emnumi
tee presenited tho following loa
ers : Prof. J1, F. Lesloy, 10 minnto
A. H. Leslie, 10 mimi..tossandi Pr(
M. B. Brjissoy, of Groopvililg,. I
an in.terestig lesson. H:1. us
'Keiffer's.Journal. At te oexpir
-tion..o.f Bro. Br issoy's lesson, a
iterIissioni for one hou'r atnd thi
ty minutes for dinner and oth
recreations. After spending t
.0 time given for recess, re-assembi
Sand engagod in song servico. 1
0comm~littoo onl progr~aml prosen~t
>the following loaders to lead
Sminultes eachi-first lesont4l Was Ib
Sby M. ii. Urissoy. A rt or Bro. Bri
sov's less(on tihe Rov. R. W'. Nels<
addre(I~ssodl tile .Association~ (n Il
implhortanico of Sundaluy School
Bro. Nolsoni's address'5 was gran
it wasfl hot h inst ruct ive an~tid an11ima
in1g. A flor the addr1ss of'5 Ur
Nelson A. It. Llio load a lss
1of 10 minutes, follhowed by .
SLeslie, C. H. Norris, C. 1R. Kiu
and Bro. RI. W. Nolson. I will si:
to those who wioro nlot inl atton<
anice, thlat it w~as niot as5 largE)
usual, hut considlerinig the scarc
nenss of hooks, thie music was sir
dply grand.
~The Association aidj ourned1
moot again at George's Crook Bw
tist on first Sunday in June 18941
1Respectfully submitted,
A. J. Lesux.
r Lord Rosenbury succec<
r, Gladstone as Prime Ministor<
I Frea Libever.
March 12th, 1894.
Miss Lizzio Boggs has roturned
to Pozer.
Mr. Goorge Moore, of West UniOI,
is visiting his brother, T. I. Moore.
Another trial beforo Justice
Stewart to-day. Two ubloacliod
Amoribai'. "shefollow," woro up
for tryig to imitato the Corbit &
Mitcholl drinma. JaIme s Thompson
also tried the Corbit act on Tom
Mays, and brought him down the
third round with a rock, and still
tho pouch troos aro blooming, 1
zairds crumbinig, and things seom
to bo putting on Spring style, in
earnost. Some of the farmers got
in six days ploughing last week.
Guano business is still lively.
Soiobody botter look out, or cot
ton will bo up to 5 or 6 cents next
This section was visited by a
heavy electric storm last night
the thunder was liko a mid hum
mor night, the rain was not very
heavy hero.
Cottoh seed are still coming to
this markot.
And "after the ball is over"
after this Congress adjourns-after
anothor election-A view of elec
tion returns will show that the poo
pl have acted-and followers of
Grover, the fat, will be asking daz
ed and bewildered "Where am I
at? "San joso Tribune."
After the hogs have waliowod in
piostitution and e rn.o-a eter the
fetterstaro fastened on the country
foi a timel--aftor our dudo silver
coins aro knocked into a cocked
hat-then the mon who want dol
lars will wonder '"where they are
a t."-"Yankeo Nation." C.
request of Alliance mombers I will
be at tho followiig phicos;
Cross Roads Baptist Church,
March the 17th, at 8 o'clock, p. mn.,
oairly candlo light.
Als,,. ti C)sswell shool liuse
Mlarcl tll' 2.1hh. at o'colek. p). im..
all i h allu' ; I f t m . i
d selislill \V11; u i~l-t < st11
of t1w allit : VIllulldl.l anld tl
deplressin o', agwI-1ri It (.re ald a..
.folli. IIt. .\l ILLI1u.
j)1presen!tmentsI 14o the L'nited F' 4
V Courit to-tlyi the gramind jury naiuk
2 ta that thiere shouh1l be a Govermn
H mon'it pr'isoi ihe tSouth00 lern States,
Le Th'ey roommilllendedl theI Goven
1)1mont pro)pert y nearU1 August a, Ga,
as a suit able site'. All Govern moni
pr'isonmers have niow to be carried tc
g Columnbus. Ohio. The grand jury
y II bought the men01 iakan there from
hi :ii 8~ out.hi su0 Itured fm'rm the seve.
>ity of the climate) citing instancei
>- of thn suffering of many pr'isonori
1. s)'nt there. The roccommndan~Itior
j- is looked uplon with favor hero.
. Fvorybody knowvs that it is har(
,enough for a hachelor to hold r
baby, b)ut it is said to be simplc
torturei whoni it is the bab)
of tihe girl who jilted hinr
heartlessly only throo years he
"I Four," said the p)ostag0 stami
*whenm it found iself fastened to
l-ove-lo'tter, 'that I'm not stickint
-to facts.".
" i) e Drain,
; Sewer Pipe,
Stove Flue,
'(I Fire Brick:
10 Str ictly pure' Wnite Lead) ILin
'd seed 011 and Turpentine, L~on!
man & Martiniez pure licaidy mnixed1
liPA N S
Y4 JDothj whilte :untl in tints, the best
)INGS, &C.
~. ~~Tour Ofllco Is 'at samie addIress, 10
WVashfington Street, but we have remiove
our Stock to the basement, with an ei
trance't on Laure Street, about a hnndre
feet fromi our Ofilee at the rear of the 'War,
house, Please give us a call or writo us
s Reapjetfulhly,I
T, 0, BOWER & SON.
Now in our new Quarters and read3
For Business.
In moving we find (1ulle an accu.
mulation of deijable GEMNANTS,
just the thing for Children's Dresses.
If you appreciato Bnrgains ask to s, c
Many lines of
Stillle Dress W a,
a:woAas*e (*..
Instruction to Salesmen are
sell them-.They must make
way for our New Stock.
Also, Stock of TOW ELS, DOY
LIES and NAPKINS, now on hand
They alike share the cut.
J. D. STRADLEY and myself leav
for the Nor th first of the week U
make Spring purchases, which wil
comprise everythirng kept in a firsi
class )ry Geods House. In my at
sence J. 'T'. AiRNOID will be it) charg(
and be glad to welcome all.
Very I rlily,
Diry lioodt, andi Shoes,
No. 15, Peartletoin St., We,1t En<(
G reenville, . C., March 1., 1894
PIt 7 L1,IR
You mIigh now1(m th1 row (ml
a i hint, ab it ( r 111
den. Th'le l )oos 1 bo:n, s shn
he naihk-d 4n,11 n attentha~l
ealled to the f'act Itha we hovn
just reveed a ine bcii ilW o
I A I1 I I OI10 -A1ii1 N I ) N
''thr)W ill'' thO tools W .' ILax
to chrarge a fraction more''( if
the Seedsi, but they all coui
chleap) enough.i
We9T ha Zve juist opened ai Li1ov
lot of Willow Bauskets --I iuel
Baskets-Ma~rket .1Bask ets
Work Baskets-Fruit Bas
Baskets---Hamper 1Taskets
Hat Racks; Satchels; Trunke1d(
Valises, and~ a lot uf other use
fuil articles.
[1j||FTell ever ylbody to comn
arundU1( and~ see~ us.
March 1st, 1894.
alllctIC~ iomII. TheIi a:< in a. b (4e p1
siin to erQve' their ei 1. m -i, neni
before~ ami propoise (io ii.1e th I ' livel
I or 10..
S in .'lock now :i ir; i: of S.teel Nail
chepertha weeve dr.uuiii' ''I go I Ii
liire *ellitig l'Iowi Ni:eks un-1 thrioW
i Iitie lise m ny o w-oyw!
gwihathgooidfews an co
Fet OtBadCruce
Ifyu ae' &nGe oron.u:
Overcoat Sa
We have a larger I
than -we want at
year, anld have t
nIle of :.h(lem over
thu RWI) L,4ICT
themli today. Che
ever seen the sa;11C
i you wilt one.
January, 4, 1894.
O. MceAlister
rurchased the Stock of
Dry Goods, Notions,
Froi M \liTI & BENTZ.
As the stock was large it necessitates
the "reising of much mone''
to pay for (ne half of so
large a stock.
We therefore propose to sell goods
UNI:n OIoINAIY Cos-r initil we shall
have raised enou2h "Coin'' to settle
the uimi.d balance.
Sine the 1st of J.t amnary, On account
of the depleted LOlditiom Of stock, we
filled up nll the breaks with new
stock fresh from the world's great
The stock at, prosent is in perfect
shape, superior by far, in extent, va
iety and completenes to others in
upper South Carilina.
Our friends and customers !.,now
that we earellhy avoi(d senmsational
advertising, aindI tit we have always
onl hand tle god(s aIvertised.
We assure our customers that we
ha~ve a
But Bargains do not h(Ist always; so
"th1e early bird, I he e:a ly wVorm.
We have th.. - y tst Inmdigo Cali
coes at 5 ((nts, I'- ii h ( <ton Diapl
er -18 c nts; 27 cv i I- T' I il (l 'loth,
I8 cents: 10i cent a :n1N lIb-eh
8 1-2 cents; 21 .s- S L a; ;;
a yard; 2 1 : ut - n n! .Inel
I' it T '- i
hora nd Io is3 .. a 1. .- I
38 eents.
- We tr:- n.ey nh i te money
mnet he i rai.-ed. TIo get the
ui:ney) we~ are gZhul to
sell limnitedl quanii.
tities at 111oss.
P..-utteriek Pasterns.
GrenvileS.C., March 1, 1894.
Uere We AWe, 0OM[ lI!
We are in our new building, corly4
of Main and Ann Street, adj we
want to trade with you.
A Speciauhy,
trade with
'The subloer'br r . ei t Ks pitron3
and i Iljjrend: of ii V..... (IIIed.
on Satun: 1i a I7:h: b .11
Thec "I et of :. no-e.iing, 1s t<
fake sein - aan ni no.rd to bu ild
Iiing ai nIw school1hi e ..
FnIOR Til en .-s1,4a
weaO~iC5.lkt nes. al:a, Indigestion and
1I, euren guliekly. For sale b~y all deal020 Ig
annatninal -:Ut the eonuinn
fie for c(Iash,
Ilumbor of Ov01corts
this seasO1 of tle
letermill d (() carr.Iy
(Coine )d look at
Ri prices. maade ont
por than you have
goods. .Brmii CAS1
F. W. POE &c
AiYEveiything mar
plain lfiguies and oni
Weaeoffering the(
ing G oo ds as SPEcAYt
GATN-S, an1d iho. sal
continue throug1,1hout t0;
Mien 's good Business Suits
$7.50, $10. Better Suits a
$18.50, 815.00. Our best
$18 to $25.
Boy's Long Pants S:
18 to 18 Years.
8. i00, 81.00, 7.u , $10.0(
Childs Knee Suits,
7 <. '4.<.
t olit .riie* .
Shirts, Collars. & 4
Neckwear, Rubber g
Mackintoshes, Umbr
Trunks, and Traveling
Satisfaction guarante
money' return11ed
F. W. POE &
Solentiflo Arne
Agonoy for
the :ublle bye anote oc ivent frco ofchr
Intries . -i~r~~
0LOC as
An a cableo Laxative and Nany T
Sol byJrugglsta or sont by mail.P
and $1.00 per package. Samples froo.
KO NOfor te etad Zropsl:.
Vaptaln Sweeney, U.S.A.,San Di:' (>
Be "Shtloh's Vatarrh Itemiody is Ot
Tfm6 QaA ~OGILOOl uwm,
no ebseue hgsn~. o

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