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Vol. ~ * [~1CKE8, S. C., THURSDAY MARCH 22, 189LNl
-o 4 4 IK N
Ph'Isiclan and Surgosow
Oflie wt hlis Ivesidellco oil Main 6,tr
J 1'. K SltINE, Civil EigI eur and
U. surveyor, Greenville, S. k.
Specl.11 attention given to "Subdivision
of land," Terracing and Estimation of
water power.
Offce 881 Main St. over Felton's Book
Jan. 25, 914--m.
Attorneys at Law
Oct. 5, 1893.
D R. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist, Dr.
W. M. NcWWooD, Assistan*t. 001cc,
881 Main Street, Greenville, 13. 0.
Jan. 9, '92 y
DR 1. J. P. CARLISLE, Dentist, Green
ylle, t. 0. office over Aduison &
McGee's Drug Store.
The Exchange Hotel,
0. W. HENDERSON, Proprietor,
kronern Improvements Large Roons.
Special attention to Commercial Travel an
Tourists. Table Fare Unsurpassed.
Fine Climate the year round. Ap. 7, 9'2
Livery, Foo, Sale & zchang gtabli,
Easley and Pickens,IS. C..
(Opposite Ilotel.)
Carriages, Buggies, and Saddle Horses, at
reasonable rates.
IW" Your patronage solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers In
Marbl and Qrnaito Monumenti,
TOIBSTONES, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
S. ' Sept. 19, '91.
If you want the finest PRTURES mmvle
in the State, go to
Wheeler's Stud',
113 McBAve Acune Ge.nv' iVe, S. C
[email protected] Crayon Porn-ra; s at s''.cialty
April 7-y.
M isses cj
Has 'ndy fr inp ti,
L~est slyes in
Walking Hats for Ladies
an.d Children.
Inifanits Caps and Hats,
All thbe Noveleties of the Season.
"All 'Voods at Cost for 30 days."
'Firnished on 15 days test Trial when
lie proper cont rct is signed.
if you want ani organ of Reputation
Buy the Carpenter Organ.
Nov 9,93
Dealer in
Watcbes, DiaonIens & Jewelry,
Oct. 19.-3m
Many Persons
Are broken down from overwork or household
*** Brown's Iron Bitters
rith sytid igesten, rmovesesr
To Buy the best DRUGS, at the
lowest prices.
Full lhne of BLANK BOOKS, STA.
Closing out our PAINTS, AT
A full line of A RTIST'S MATE.
D. TF. mACOT & CO.,
West Greenville, S. C.
Oct. 5, 1898.--6tn.
costs only $L.00 per 1(1 squ are feet
Makes a good roo f(or years, and anyj
one can put it ont.
Ciur-lrwu I' INT cost ontly (60
cents perl gal. ini bbl. loi.s, or' I..,
for 5-gal. In" ('olo dark~ r.
Send s. tmps for samplIes and full
39 & 41 West Broadway, NEW YORK.
Feb. 8, 1894.-6mn.
Or you are allorn out real ood frnothin
i snrde n .F ng
itWIor n oda t so14
Now in our new Quarters and ready
For Business.
In Iloving we (itl quite ant accui
mulatio of Ide-irable LEMNANTS,
just the thini f.r ('hildren's Dreses.
If you appreciate Bargains ask to sevc
Many 'ines of
Instruction to Salesmen are
sell them---They must make
way for our New Stock.
Also, Stock of TOVEILS, DOY
LIES and NAPKINS;, now on 11uind;
They alike share the cut.
J. D. S-rnAm.:Y n11d my1)self lea1ve
for the NorLh first of the week to
mako Spring purchases, w:.ich will
comprise everything kept in a first.
-,ass Dry Goods I louse. la ny ai>
sence J. T. Anxom will be in charge,
ind be glad to welcoie all.
Very 'I ruly,
A. K. PA RK.
Dry Hoorts aw Sh/o.e,,
No.15, Pe sI., |1" .,1 En*id
Greenville, S. C., March l., 1894.
Smith &S
CREAF I u~ i11ITllA*
Split ottom (hairs,
Cribs, (radlies,
T 'ables. Washstands
Wadi - ( robes,
8edstemb1'g 2u.trasses,
Coflins andil Caskets,
D ay and Night.
Telephone Nos. ;t :uni 38.
Night calls w ill be auswered by Tele
s31 iTII & SMITII,
63 and 65 Main Mr ee, GJreonville, S. C.
Drugs! Drugs!
I HAVE oni hand atL all times( a Iiun line
lof pure DRUGS, CiI.ll Lou. TI
A. large stock of C(1.:0II SYltUP'S that,
will cure your Coutghs aind ( olds.
A full lIne of Djim ata EYlE GLASSES
and BPECTACLEs for your~t eys I will
at you up so that it will bc a pleamre for
you to read.
As it is now tirnecr to go to (Gardening
anme andl( see about,
W~ill keep a futL line ont hand.
Thoen there are PA INTSl tad OILS ;inl
full line---and every ti ng usually found a
a first-clasts Drug Store.
wg'- Phaysicianis' Pries"ri p1 ionts care fll 1y
coopounode:, dlay or. niiht.
\\'heni~ i yo ,un - to Ir h- lv : aiei call.
,,AmI~ Old Statal
Easley, 8. C., FCb. i y
Vrnt <cu a reim~i~~
the puoyn(lotico, g vo res oon
TI 'ici: A LLIANCE4MEN.--B...Iy
request of Alliance inombers I will
bel at tho following places;
C ross Rloads Baptist Church,
Ma ieh the 17th, at 8 o'clock, p. m.,
0:ulN caidlo light.
A Iso, at, Crosswoll school house
nrich tho 24th, at 8 o'colck, p. M.,
In ly candlo light. Hoping to meet
ai Ia I h( alliancomen of those Alli
:iiice. and as many others as are
lriendIly to good government, the
(iseusioll will be confined tosome
of t ho alliancos demands and the
(ep1ressions of agriculture and la
County Lecture.
A ie hereby notified to put
fuur day's work on the public
roads, betwon now and the
17lath of May-they will careful
1:> observo the law in regard to
I efa ii ters and return the names
o)f all defaulters as required by
l v.-.
By order of the Board,
J. J. LEwIS,
Clerk of Board.
Pickeis, March 15, 1894-2t.
M1u, EDro :'')1
YIu iight now throw out
a : hont :110111 fixing for agar
(di Tlie 1, ose bol1 ds should
be - In and attentioln
['' h t Iiat Wehave
jved a finie chance of
II, P4 AI-sr I::s and1( ONIONS,
as .11 as a n.w supply ol
S:-'I)S. Also, Garden HoEs
and Tron1 RAKES. When we
"throw in"' the tools we have
to charge a fraction more for
the Seeds, but they all come
cheap) enough.i
W\Ver have. just Opened a new
lot of Villow Baskets-Lunch
UnI skets-Mar'ket Baskets
Wrk Baskets- Fruit Bas
Relts~--Fancy Baskets----Feed
ainskets- --Hamper Baskets;
I la t Htacks; Satchels ; Trunks;
Valiseas, andI a lot Sf other use
f[jr7ell everybody to come
March 1st, 1894.
Se ood,
Arc well pl;,1:-" i w ih )ast year's truale
anid (coll ectlin. 'I They are in1 a b et ter po
.iti on to~ seriv' I't ir e.4.to tiers than evor
or Is!)I.
Ihen ha we( .r (it;el444 et get(I1Itt
* '1O1 all e~2 211.-II il eTool'
StI.' Voil 2 11111| 8i0i :t -
TCI :inl O 4ai4(
* . thCII 4 nC't, get
4 ~4 4t.~ \U\-bt you do.
Yours Tiruily,
Hag oodl,
& Go.
[For the People's Journal.]
The Results of Georgia Farming.
One hand might, under favora
blo circumstances, cuftivate fiftQen
acres in corn, ton acres in wheat,
and ten acres in cotton. Those aro
the staple crops of the Stato. On
this fifteen acres of corn he will
make on an average ton bushels
per acre, which is equal to 160
bushels of corn, which he will
havo to sell at fifty cents per bu
shel, which is equal in amount to
seventy-five dollars.
On his ton acros in wheat he will
make on an average six bushels
per acre, which is equal to sixty
bushels of wheat-sixty bushels of
wheat at 75 cents per bushel, $46.
On his ten acres of cotton ho
will got 800 lbs. por acre which ho
can sell at2k conts per lb.-300 or
cotton at 2j cents per lb. $7.50 por
acre, $75. We might add ton acres
to plant in oats, which will on an
average yield sonio six to ton bu
slols per acre, say about 40 conts
per bushel, $32. Total $227.00.
Said hand will cost you $8 per
month, and it will take at least ton
months to cultivate said crop and
gather it, which is equal to $80.
Board for said hand at $6 per
month for ten months, $60. Other
expenses such as cost of kooping
one mule, which will take at least
fifty bushels of corn at 50 cents
per bushol, $25. Ono ton of gua
no at $25 per ton, $25. Ono -wa
gon and farm tools, all told, $25
por year, $25. Doctor's bills, $5
per year. Total $2.20.
You soo by deducting the ox
penses from the gross earnings,
you havo $7 with which to provido
your next year's necessarios, such
as food and clothing for tho aver
age family (which is five in hwm
bor.) Is not that a snug lithe
sum of money with which to pro
vido all tho necessaries for a fami
ly twelve months? Any person
knows that such a thing is impos
Bible. We have left out of the
above consideration the schooling
of the children, and preparing hE
family to go to church, paying thE
preacher, &c. That such condi.
tions have obtained, all admit, and
somebody is responsible for said
conditions, the question arises who
is it? Is it the farmers? We an
swor no I Is it tho allianco? We
answor no I Is it tho Knights or
the Grange, or tho laboring people
of the cities? Wo answer no 1 Is
it the failure in old mothor earth
to produce abundant crops? We
answer no I Is it over-prodnction
that causes us to be without b)road
to eat and clothes to wear? If so,
we have the remedy simple and
complete. Lot us consume all we
make, and have a good time. It is
not that, nor none of the above
mentioned causes. It is the ad
verse legislation on the money
question for the last 25 yeairs.
1st. Camne the resumption act,
cutting off ono-half of our money
supply-theni followed the funding
act, making us pay currency con*
tracts in gold, after they had burn
ed up one-half of our greenbacks
and changed our currency con
tracts, that wore not costing us oue
cent, into gold interest boaring
bonds. They were still dissatis.
fled. They had cut off half our
currency money, now they make a
successful stroke at the metalic
money, knocking down one-half ol
it at one stroke by act of '78. Wi
partially recovered from the effoct
of '73 by acts of 1878 and 1890, but
we laboring people seem to b)e dos
tinmod on the silver sub)joct, for na
sooner had Grover Cleveland gol
mn powver thman lie calls in to coun
sol the fatmous dlenionotizor andl
Repu)lbi lia, Johnm Sherman, andl~
w ith i aid ho pushied his hll 1ishi
again anislavos the peoplo. Now~
yo~u-have ani ideoa wh I thinik is t(
blame ini the proises~i O. 11, is the
RepuiiicanJ and Demnocratic par
ties backed by the money powi
of New York that has caused al]
this suffering and distress in the
United States. And now in con.
clusion, mark the prediction.
Th le farming, laboring, and pro
ducing peop~le will never see any
botter timed until the financia
1aws of this country are changed.
RA. E..
Friend R. A. E. should have ad
ded the expeniso of anmothor hand
an no living man can cultivate 2
acros of land oxcept by the gang
plow, or cultivators as used oi the
prairios of th west. Just add
$140 moro exponses to tho above
calculation. Aitncou~sI'.
All these and maniy more
plausible statements are made
the basis of arguments to show
that the great number of dis
contented people that to-day de
mand changes in the present
laws and usages of the country,
are in error and that they
should stop talking politics,
force themselves to bo happy
and contend with bare feet,
empty stomachs and a threaten.
ed mortgage foreclosuro prom is
ing to gobble up the saving of
years of labor, and go happily
vigorously to work with a de
termination to work harder and
longer each (lay.
The opposite sido of the ques
tion is presented by the New 1
Era as followed:
The chief business of our
lawmakers for the past thirty
years has been to make men
wealthy by law.
When the Government repudi
ated its own promise to pay, by
refusing to secept the green
backs in payment for custols,
it made a great many mnen wveal
thy by law.
When it lext. proeceeded to
call in these greenhacks oud is.
sue bonds for tmei, it. iiadle
more men vealtly by law.
Whenl it paidl inldl od
bought w)Ci th green.- bm-k s-- bpr( ic h (
had been purpos,,Iy depreciah-d!
---it made more oen wealtlu by
When it <elar< 1 tha l'onds
whichI had bein u p a;I1le
' a coinl should ho pohl ingld
itnade ore men weiby bny
la .
When it dopt ed the systeum
falsely called " protection to
American industry," antd au
thorized a few mon opolists to
levy on the producers of Ameri
ca a tribute of a billion dollars
a year, it made more men
wealthy by law.
When it doliated millions of
acres of the best land in the Na
tion to i'ailroad corporation, it
made more nimen wealthy by
When it built ill) the great li
quor interests of the (ouitltry,
it mado mior'e men weal thy 1by
WVhy, the mainm businhess of
our Government--th1e principal
thing for which it has existedl
for the past thirty years-hay
beoen to *make men wealthy by
It Might Hauve IileI4d ie..
A friend of mine has just hand
an experience that thue reforima
tory tract societies ought to get
hoid of. His little J-year-ohl
(laughter became drooping anid
delicate in health about a yea r
ago, andl has so continued,
with only this curious variation
-she has picked upJ wondlerful
ly during the time of each of
his several absences from home.
Feeling keenly conscious t hat
he had no pois'ools ilitunt ions
towardl his olYsprinmg, thle edd ily
of this clircumI1stanhce preyed uip
on his mind. It preyedt to sneh
account that lhe fiina.lly arrived
at the solut ion -hi i fohnero
smoke was k illin- hii; chibl.
H~e kept her with hhim en
dheal, and lho u i
tinme; thme simike I ntr a .
mosph1)lere wnf.,. t I 44 b
dleliente orgaia i/zut
tuited reforn'i 4u
ga to pick op m
Th'le GiovernnatU 4 4
theO businuess (of i og menjit
wealthy by law for thir ty years.
It has succeeded'~( so well thmat 'we
havo two hundriedl thiousandi~
men made wealthmy by lawv and
about sixty mnillion a people more
or loss impoverihed~C( by law.
The need of thme (day is that
the Government shall cean
making a favored few wealthy
by law an'1 protect the mnulti
tudoe in their right to became
wvealthy by indiustry.
- The number of' maruriagus por1
,formed throughout the world each
5 dlny in natimttOl nt 8,R00
'1'ljk N'Ste Io~u h)Uiaot~
('littrlcs~nt, S. (c., hfnrch n._.niTo
)VeV tho railrollids illiIlt, . i t'
't ie cireCit. court to-dnNi %, wle'i
Ilidwo Simoniton filed a l~ ill
11i) MUI'i( litignted railtronl tnx
"I4 .1 ],ist yoar t~hio 11SO,,s iietIt itl1
k-Itl tlio ni' -n d j)ir()I)(.i4y wvati arbi
,rvi Iy ra iM hi' tho boarid or o(ldlil
?.U (iou. '1'lo rai ii ollds reftused to
my (ho taxes ()I (ho" incraed1 ii,
"i'sMil~iit HII11( 4'1ie~i.d the caine into)
ho q. i e ttS esCourllt. 'h*,
14iwover, toll vh' ol (lie 111114,111ii1 44
AiXC.M (11i10 oil tho od i~-J~i'
lii cami'de di( tody asI roiili
)y 1). 11. ('liltillborla iill ii'ceiveV 4l
lit(- -South ('arohlit railway, to tot., t
lie coist itiltji I it~ v o tilt) Il8sq'4sN
'lt ion1. TIhe (c)Il , ill it i-tie'I liv
A Cmollldoidedi tha 1~( ie oh
110 11 A o (ie m li(1trtlie t iltl and
)Utfostl, rocie si to)p ttei Stahl
0115ll 1, iI;iig t , dt)411d aeho
li) ot (if th(nad acto. (iesm
LAi~tit c Pr' i( it iie':i 1,u o v Iet~ar
ill 111iin i\Tako ii ti too4 .11 (m
i10 ll it illit '4 g sp d l v~.1
Ciot iri'' ; n ad Ibu th swrnim~
'r1li-it-v 4I'4'io Ilolt a iillid ilitg.
Aw 1 s411wil , ti r .k .i O wi I l.O.1,
Iil ii ( elilrszi 1)v 11, t;oiel lie.
pla fll 11t (" 1~ 1 1i~ a a I SIt
:'lvv1' uIm~dSJ)S I() jheiii' Ihr 'it -is
''QUId lS0, Ifb (hoe~ w1Iasp lwi4 hI "i
pill b i 114) 1 -: r.l t \X 111-1 11a
aItnd $I 1)p~ulds nit. ti up we
ut u'e 811 ft aehiihwae,
(haLo tOfd otiiedten pht ta
f-l iitm iw d*N, -41 il the lI npd rn11i
titih A.IviiI f iii' ii'iiil , .4 ! on
TisI ri\' Weittd ', q1 (tl'S f
1.1 tct-lie li a tic we.0 :Si i l
()It pirmiiiiui city11r. nato ells
b)11S.fii1 poor l Y(f ilHl1 w-It(
Inl was r id l"' toi say ce pope
t1 i zig, it' Who NvsI~id 10 t
]()\%_, ) to illr 30 1 i i 1 1
wlut~rihttl hei noei h ;mstill vI r,
-iviitd if*h uilids Jitilig 111( vi
to ltiih 'eIlat the"A hous, li
11ook oes )lot t cfid ti pii 0
The f131 fill Wvi, I'utsqe by
the .0nre.-te
Vashiingtonl, March 15.--At 2
o'clock Mr. Harris rminindod the
(a) of th1o unjanimous agroomont
by which a voto is to be taken at
that hour on tho flual pagstgo of
the Bland oigniorage bill and de
mati'(d tho voto be taken. The
vouas and nays wero1 ordored and
Aho bill passod. Yous, 44 ; nays 81.
Wahntn MaitrchI 15).-The
hous1i ('t4iitteo on agridulture
ha"s hgun consideration of tho
sur" u m1ad and by unnimous
cons-ut. ts conshhration proceed
'41k 9'( w it (''l44r11j(11' it ~44c'
rub. Uule ths rle(ho momasro
Itoi(op t 1o) i an ndm ut. TIm (,is
ulsio) is very 0rns h i-li..
n10 1 iEt hi ,ting to .ir-.ct (lf 1,i
n111d rport it 114sn a)'m : i l
to thel house-.
The nat at :1.0 r. - ~ II at I.
wi1 11ht. O i-at io o f thI ul
I I I. v V nI
i ' 0 k1 11 1 tI IIt
teave- them sch ool, Iam10llh) louseIS, at.
: Iook I I pd ud civII
I I I inC I I nI ou) t r m
thbe(a wh o rdnne fi'
cis o
A dCo
TM ud wni
,w Mrarshlall Houso
the dlay at f ter the ordinance of se
The' Mai T
\\ 4 a, March 1I.\-oi igar
ii: 0 ,, utinnattui hl. Ir.a
u ' 4. (a: 344m1 .t n pr , id ,'' ai3
h V 110- 1 .' wis i t bo incr'A 4Ie(.M
n th $e ha d fts n txo i
11."; In n i 6> .5 por 1.01 "(d w por'.
Ie dc~ i II hi' se'nao Lar'iffr bill. N r.
Krohn, 03' ineinant i, pr.)i1d
. \hOn, I. wasB at h)oy," ;2. j (I <3 41
nuil, "'we had1( a1 5he1i:411 r wlm'1V
ha an41d way1 o4f ea .1m; h.4
n13 t44 y3ur iB 1k3. The4 I't o
w llill yIf i i nf134 m no 2ig4 {
"' hI b i 4 ) I ~ to) myself 3, "1hI4'rn
IS .h44 i int 1 ln \\ 1o( I 1 ni33 l Ii
wla31f4-' Ilii tl < 1 if I 4'''. )in I
loo4k 441 i his boo4k I'll (oll. It mY:'
not long~ before~ * saw Jo4' h444l. '4
his bok and 1 immelid iatly in..
foro- thei m1.(iI ater. '.33 3,.4
"'I was31 caugb(~l , i and 14' nev r t-iih
('d f'or idle4 boys.- aga'3in."
hav'443 '11' 3Il ( 4(lIi14' '4ul 4 wit J h th
'1h3 rP i :i 44 '24t 'd, rol ing1
by th n iho11( holie
t i : u1e iLut
b b..I hats1, to
n b: 2(44y ;.;rnmflbles,
I"'. .4V ' I~a this that
hn n ' P4a. ~ ti:it'
A Republican Poet IManer
M uur FT enn.4. -Davio
H~alo, a 1U ubl i4.:'l 4,sotmI)ast 44r at
.\,ihniiui.at '1ion, waRs arro'5ted1 by
the F~oderalI authoi-s 1to1-daly on a
chargo of con1spiracy', to defra.lud thIio
Goveri'nmnt and1 ombl~Z'ozi)ont
1 Iale's mod(1o ol. opera3'~tionsi wasi1 to
('4)llect.t $1001 fi'om th4' p')stofli '4. d1~
pal'ti1ont for 14nt1 onlI the bujbling
ocuib he p ost(1 liO dic $wh.ile
pocketed the balanco 4%> The~
SGovernumunt haa~ notilled libl's
bondsmnc that, they will ha4 held.1
responsible for tho total amount1111
1bOzz ledurlIting thefur'ear

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