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ubscription One Dollar a Year.
atorod at tho Post-oilic at PickOU, S. C., as
om0i-class matter.
Raidiroad Tax Cases.
Evory weire thero was hailed with
light the nows that Judgo Si
onton had decided tho South Ca
lina Railroad tax caso in favor
tho Stato. Tho poopl will got
om this sourco for State, County
id School taxos, over $200,000, as
is was a test case, and all the
her tax casos will not be prossod
. decision. Tho taxes duo inl
ickons will amount to about $14,
)0, and ovor two-thirds of this
tni will go to the County and
Ahool funds. It is estimated that
applied to that purposo, the coun
tax will bo suliciont to pay all
ist indobtednoss.
Tho campaign is boginning to
pon in oarnost and the candidates
r guborunatorial honors tire avail
1g themselves of the opportunit.y
f addrossing th peoplo at, the
aass-mooti ngs in tho sevoral coun
is, whoro invitat ions havo hen
;ivon them. So fllr the speehos
lavo eoi )Q oll 3 gp;110oral lillos of
>olicios, and no distinct ivo featuro
)r specific issue, 1111 ontored into
ho arguments. It is pleasalt to
onteimplato such l ha'iony amng
'h0 spenker1s, but how aro tho pho'
>lo to judge intoligently, in the so
lection of the mn, w, ho best lunder
tands the wishes, who is mo st
deeply interestod in their wol lII It,
and iio is in lIst sylipltl
with thoei in thi fight i ag mist
tho oppression of cmim-d wealth'
It is truo that. the principlo relief
must come through inat ioinal legis
lation, yet tie h144a1d of tlie Stale
government shou1(l be ill sympat h"
and accord with his people inl (v
ry domand.
CHIIA It1,ESTOx N C, Mar.1 -. Dr.
J. William Stokes., the populist.
who was beaten for Congress f'm
this district by judgo 1ziar at tho
election on Tuesday last, is in the
city with John Gary Evans, the
candidato for governor, nosi nl
lfl It V. 141 ki.. ' etiiig 11ip 1
contest for judlge I zlar's seat. I
wvas not generally known (imt iter
were tallyors at each (if thei poll
during tho (liy in the interest
Dr. Stokes who noted down el
voter and the total i nmber wh<
votdd. W. Hi. Schitloy, tallyer a
tho 4th ward poll1, is sa1id to elain
that thore is a discrepancy of I;
votes between is tally and th~
number of votes in the bIox as re
coived b~y tiht coinmmiissi iioer.
Mr. Schitley was seen and aiske<
what were thle fact of I he irregularii
itios in p)rocinict 2 ward -1. 11
said he was under pledge of s'ecres'
for the present concerning the in
cidents of the election at this pol
but that they were sufhicient in hih
opinioni to throw out the botx. Ib
sid t~hat ini addition to Ithe poll
list being aibseint that the box was
not sealed as requ ired by law,
These reports and the appearance
of John Gary Fvans in this citN
yesterday and cor iin const tatiomu
which were held by him withi W
0-ibbes W haleyv during the day gav<
rise to rumors of a contest browini
It seems to ho cortain that this ini
cident and its bearing on the olce
tion was the subject of the soera'i
consultations but whatever coin
clusions or purpose they have ati
rivedl at has not boon1 dlisclosed.
D)r. Stokes said that lie had uio
yet admitted his defoat or "tlirowi
up the sponge" as had booen state<
by some of the papors. lHe, in fact
thioumght there was still room fo
doubt, Hie had simply refused t<
say anything one way or the otho;
to the ne wspaiper correspondents~
an-'he did inot proposo to acknow.
edge defeat until he knew it to be
a fact. The returns fron Lexing
ton as yet were very ma agre, he
said, amounting only to those re
ceived from four precincts which
gave him a majority of votes.
These precincts wore along the
lines of railroad where Judlgo Iziar
was strongest.
Judge lar'siajority in the dis
trict is from 600t to 700. it is
thought that a scheme is being
hatched to induco' the board of
canvassers to throw out eough
Charleston votes to warathWem
giving the certificate to Stokes.
[Greenville New.
The above telegram is a fair sam.
ie -of the style- usually adapted b2
ho anti writers in giving facta
~1ut allianemnen, Hosvever i
T e .rgretted that Stch is thei
r stomn'1 ,peaking of thoseo wh
er With loom, yet faots aro stub
n thingsk and' can. not be go
aside by ridicule. If Dr. Stokoi
has boon counted out by th<
Oharloston managers, the cortifi
cato should be givon him. Judg<
Izler would certainly not dosiro to
represent the district in Congross
whon Dr. Stokos was.the choico of
tho poople. -An invostigation will
do no harm, and if Judge Izler is
electod, the Roformor will bo will
ing to yiOld'to tho will :of the ma
jority, bit they shou niover con
sent to submit to tythinig bIt a
fair and hoiest count of the votes.
-------N- 0 ADW
Lexington Aetm.
Before the sptiakiig commenetted,
a mass meetling was hold to coll
sidor the Colloton lan~. The me. t -
ing was called to orde r by C. N.
Efird, State Soiiatoir, who exphl ii
od in a fxw I'brief rioiarks that it
Vas called to datorminii whether
tho Loxiligtonl Reformiert'j's wouldI1i
lect a llellir of the Stato to
form Exocuitivo Connuittes, iniai
00l'rd with the Colleton plani. J.
W. )reher wias vlect( chairmaii
and G. 1. Rawls, sec .fld [iPX
C. Mt. E tird( wasv Olelete Loxing~q
tont's m 11iember of the commllittoe
which meets inl Columbia oni April
is ilist ructiols Woro coitallinlo(
in it restolltion to the offoet that it
was the niol's of the mtootiig that
a 1oform convention ho called to
nn(lliatoP RlRo'iCm candidatos for
Governor aid Lieutenant Gover
Ior to ho voted for ini the Autigust
primailry, unless -miml phln ml bv
adopted by whiclh I to sonse of th
peoploo can h)o ascortained at (Ih
priluiry ('oetionl. The plai in
view wis that )1 110111 i ting -i 11c o I
veition ho held, )uItf. onehl person
vo(tinlg inl tho1 prinuary for Rform1
dologatoes to the Stato coivelltin
should placo at tiho head of i ib
ticket tho'ina1110 . his colioe (I
Governor, 1111d e (oIo roceliviln
tho highest iubor of votes i aill
couity shoul( recoivo the suipporl
of the (ologates of thait county it
the Soptolm'hor coivon 101).
Comptrollor 'General Ellerbo wai
introduced with a roferenco to hi
onforcomoit of the tax law.
G ene'ral Ellerho was p g
< of Lington,na
nly of whoso~ faces woro famuiliar i
formed the6i o1pinin o v in h
what the anti paprs had said
but1 tot ats hadi as they piicture
I1 waal'tited to make a ph1nn1 b'uSi
11loss s|10't ell. IP 0 t wa a t f t('ie, a
thtose Itlforem hlim were, anid h,
I a It llrt'Wd4 pi Iili 1il1l, aI wi le-itil I
lo hilud of ittan waltitedl for (Woy
I eI 1( 1o1 luul htonraiReforme sitne
tile start of the Re formt miovo'nf
in 1885. lie htad joine~d tile Ali
and1( ho wats still a supportori of th
AllianloP. Io 1s tood1 flat-footo<0
Hie rovioewod t he history of' th~
Reformi m~ovomoln t, and showed it
netcessity. Hie explained how ut
decr rinig rnle, a fow politicianr
mianaged thte politics of the Stat.
lie then showed htow the Reform
mfovement had brought about r'u
of the people, by tilt p)eopl1, anl
1for the peop)lo. lie reviewed h
conlduct of' the Comptroller Geti>
al's ofhico. H1 o showed ho0w utjm
was the rutlintg of' tile cour'ts on (1
tbatnk cases8. .Hol the s11hIowed 1l
juistico of tile no0w r'aiilroad asses5
bintg ito~ thle Stato TIroasurtv.
Whonet 110 h~oamlo Comtipt'olh1
General ho found a lot of' oxci
tions agalint pr1oport y pigoonl hole,
He issued a circuliar to the sherif
to replort on thoseoexecuttionis
once, Hie had hadi rough expor
oncos with banks and railroad
but had nover before had1( to figi
tho women. The sheriff of Rieh
land county had taken 01ne of I
circulars to a lady, who had na
paid taxes for three or four youri
She toldI tho sheriff. that was al
right, just to wait until shto ha<
soon1 tile Comnptrollher General
She sont a nlote to htiml reoquosting1
him to call upon hter. lie did( no1
knlow whtat the nlot() moeant, but hi
called upon01 tho lady. Silo sait
that her father foulghlt ill the wai'
that her mother was a wVidlow andi
that there hlad boon much sicknes
iii tho family and1( she would not
Pay tho tax. General Ellerbo told
her that ho pould not stop tile exo
I cution and~ she would have to pay
the tax. "What" said1 she, "you
r aro tho head of 1ho tax depart
D 1dent and can't stop ll Oxecutiln.
y old Tillmnivite you ?"
t About thi, limo ho owrd a groa t
n noiso and the old hlady bounced in.
) Sho gave him another dose and ho
- becamne 8o SoIrod 0hi0- ho got away
and forgot to g!.et nid until ho wasi
a squa ro oi'. i't ihe iax was paid.
110 then told ( 'r" (1 two Liimwe(teo's
whic u creae (('I nt ' -rimolt,
bhlmo t e '.rmrIfo h
Tufr in 1> m ii
I1~ lo i I viI' I I~ be~, d OI%) i I'a i..
1111how4e W No-td how( uv ( 14)s Imjf 1
tio l l r o i t e .
in l i llinvd Il)\% Id f 1:m 11o
nlir. wbi'i'y. h- rin h.- 1do y.
i u tro -ur pi n i nis ownb las j. .
Ai 1 11. in ' 1' ichal iilf Ii w. ore.
tg. t o e ' 1 linl bank i
lin'tuu ana!Nud rs as nho byil
bv.vn - n u I : IV with11. Tk ro b cs. d
(At this IO.Iii. ' slJneral Ellorho
. nle~ wie: h1m 1) Ito spoak
rgr1 t e d h a1 :1 Il- conuld i ot fi l ish
!is sf 11ie(.
-\'r111p lhet1 av-fr> tool1 CoX
Iinil t o ier tI~llid \\-onld be
Idensad O give n syn \'topsis ()f Iot
p (h , Dr. Thu1(inu'1Crnum (, John
((hn'y Evans, IDr. l'oqw, anld W'. 1),
llvinals, butL ; vt v - not I rooml.
A\11 I lfspch noweg- f goml 'Ind
there was, nothinlg i (ndo' lom
thalt would indicatef' why 4eithir of
that the Candidates would not
make aL oid governlr. ThIlre
aill n thil saimo plat1 f l 11nd ae
willin t1,o sht rve th- ato ill that
Newt herrn reX t be1 t peAiavI . .
go1d ro v:whao . d i -an cbled hrtae
lo-dlv. Adere cIll balel1 t taeek
ago to hea:r thei lniates Itor gem
b 1)overnor :,hio w :>raAilr
d vildutie~s I e! IinI In
atle . x poiH m;ont wasl-~ net i1sied
iwJhn n ryn l'-:u- IS ~'Lha ('11invt,-h
v il :i 11 ' r)ilL ' Il. iill
hi1 i .! v
t endc Il hii. iieii'. .\ 1a Il
Es bl ('11)1ir lWitete ~(V
CIhei1' is Ph enshllie; ilt- o Ir l
a11)1 f a lie sn i' [wI'inn.sl ) a tile
- ll prelininary tooh ~npi -n'
. mo1ini whV1ih is going ab i
.. eeting the e pr'miy 11, i.~l
lse~ farasth sovet thei cit he n
wllanspfieaer wih wil
oi ~to. loonaiblie attis ing hic
withdraw from the race ati the
proper time, and that the who
thing is going to bo narrowed
to a, fight bewoon John Gary
3PvanS and Eillorbo, with the
Cince's in favor of the lattor
gCetting the nomination.
Ettinatees .Pa'inal Staccess withl
il0o)re(en Iatv L )It timort ha~s beon
succesfu ill ohaiuhing a favorablo
1eport fro")l 11 ju11(diciary commit
(in his bill to Faciliato thio col
t ion of' tate and county and
Ilicipal I xs assossed again.st
T i roadsi and railroad property.N
n the ha:11d" of* tiht) rece ivers.
hiistho hill Mr. La-.timoir inltro
'Ile(d a.. tle instance( of Gornor
:'ilhnanl, andl -ince its i to u to
!!ha p'Irui5(; it witi connliienda
Oo (hi genc.o ho bforo th ) Collmi ttoo.
l'ho committee, after amonding
ho bill by striking out tho first
md third soctions, roported it
mnannously, and docided to givo
t thev right of way under the noxt
mil of that coIlillitteo in tho hous.
l'ho sections strickon out deal with
ho termination of recoivorsliips
md tAho construing of tho words
'citizons and citizon." The text of
Lho bill ats reported to-day is as
"That tho taxs asseoseod by any
Stato, comty or iminicipal autlior
iy against any ra iliroad property
sIiiiI llnot be ClaSsod 11 debts to be
passed u1pon inl tio first instaice
by ity Court, whetheir such rail
road be in the hands of a receiver
or not, but such taxrns shall be col
vec1ablo by the propor authority of
sich' State, county or unui iiicipaility
according to tle assesilOn1t,whehul
cII rai Iroad u ini Ohe hands of a
r1ce'iv er or not, and no Jiudge
S.hall have iny atith1ority I 1rst rain
on1jpin, Or ml anyl wa~y to mterfe-l're
with the oleto ol.f-luc taxes"
in Itm first, inlst1n1cie: Provided,
Tht 1such recelver o r such aI li 1ro(I
corp1oraItion sha. hav th right
r II
I. tatisfied wit l to
th r nnid f1otr.for h
Cent I th t the, important fa
initl th" aemeo the ri o
aorho' tfro, frilrioad nor
\ n'e a hms Of agl . see ers a n
h enIM hfa i'On (l: o.h Mr.w hanmd
ro n I 'I ~in thres ( tIdOn he~llO ron
tli'sosan ar n im en15 ou.(f th)1
.01111ow e" tha oe * man whot~ advotils
thle prdiie of1 true Jlofforhesnin
Democracy,'i (:iho a aonly emocra
uhi's b1 ty.t Tnhme tof thaci
bpto or hiiorig, or which our
routed1g the tories ofha ornmie of
tho samoiu rinciples) ot fthir
toleni ohro hr wo are atwith-pry
or!1( are we11 drift Vig. Whtho all mo i~l
ontS gr'eat aty, are n~owinoune
the'I i sami paty., e ho g11 tact i ha
btI. prni.loinsr yi~ou may t
chan'go' te namoIleg ~rt of t nilea
Than Jand iimesi bu'il~qt not that prin.
111ih', so here w'ioilaro wif ih party
mil some meni oven who cill~ld thmem
wsui Denmerats,1 1111 ilaro knioingly
rii111 1 ignranly dfting awy ntoal
politl b ottoud101) wioth of won1
1111rtl bhstr sottinl u ther ps.
wehmavery oe mustl lw or be
ig~o liical)1 otagon. These'to
whuiof are iaeopto aondut into n
tact with an indignant poplo at
Coino unguarded moinont and findl
thoimsol-v0es Il.li(ld far back oil a
retirod sholf, tho peoplo ar not.
<iS PoSed to tolora to an ovordiuo
liioin t of prosuitinption, just n1oNw
from any sourco.
Spring is upon u1s in earnosWt i
regular old timo May shoWeS, an11d
mc'dury 11p in 1ixtAy or :svenitjies.
Th oaks tro blooininlg and cra)
grFs., corni an1( cotton, ha1s mu111do
i pioir Isurnco abiovot grourim
luxi old peoplo say they lin-e 1107.
,O(il it 0us1. in Mur Imforn. E1
1oill vrop rin rapidly,
bt i hoM - . I iz
O N - I Ti n y , Y a c
u ShilV (i ss l; prItty livoly
i solno qitrtors of tlis iock of
woods. Tlioiro muist. ho allotlor
modorIn korosinio oil barrol blind
Ligor, in soio of tlio briir pitchos,
"not far about lor(. Ihttor platt.
tlio briar pa1tch in corn, boys, and
quit making li-iI roti and wiuk
ilig at tho aiw, you vould liave
botter ialti, -.and n1tro good Sloop
'nights. (..
Aiarch i2th, 1894.
Mr. Editor: Pliaso tiniounco
ily apoilitilboits, which are thus:
At. secoia, first Slitir(lay, at 8
o'clock in tho ov.ning, aud first
Stanlay ait 11 inl theo morniing.
A1. Potor'; Crook, tho second Sa.
ulamiy, tit 2 o'clock inl the ovoning,
and o(i tio socond uinday,ti at 11'
o'clock in time morning.
At Rock Springs, the third Sit
urday, at 11 in the morning, id
At C(oriith No. 1, at 8 in the
(uilniig, oil t1ho 8d Stimidy lit (or
inth No.,], lit I1 ill the mo'rining,
uid lit. Ilock Springs, at : inl tim
eveD i ig. I
At Mounai G rvo, 1.1110th 1 Sat
r a il. HIP inV(111itl oi HW
-.I i miund y lIt [ I il i llth(
SIrvicI vill begill pro mpt y t
eteli 11iur.
is at All of brem-.l n:-..0c
Iva'-. ta a pint flli, d (the century
punt. Another kin. of hed is from %
dough of juniper lq1ir r C.. - ar 1.i
ished~ by solno i ' o 1 ;13 1 *. .
otherl; m11inu11a1t.ur10c.,:.% Oi, ei er
Then jiairio 111lia ; H cu. ! h t1
would nzot hto liLaly to en. t t .J
tho) greatt Amelricanm '
IJeanIs, '' iilil gri tV*.
(s, are' uitilim r 1
e t I .t 4 -iso in ta:im 1'ale
--i., by kinling' fimsx algainst the
tree," thmus emmingIi te nuts* to faill out
of thet cones. At the i-ame time aI sweet
gum exudes fromu the bark, servinug the
purpose of sugar. TJhe, s--ul of gourds
laro con)sumefd in tho shal q of liu ish by
Ini addition to all1 thleco thin'gs iho ex
iit refetrred to inl udes~ a jV et pub.11
verized crickcets which rliii' c'aten in t hat
form by the Inidians of Or).1n They
arVo roasted, asx areO hikmwiu...h.ppers
cookedl in am pit, being arranuged in alter'
nalto layerls with hot stones. A fler he
inig thusi prepareli'd they.3 aro drlial aiil
grotmd to powder. They aro0 mixcd with
pIounided acornsR or hierriesi, timhelonr
mado(1 in tisi way bieinig kneaded into
cakes anud dried inI the xsmi.
Tho Assinihboinies 11so a kind of seedl to
stop blee'dinug at tho nose. Among othet
curioux t hinmg used for food aire~1( acrns,
siiuflower seeds, grapo)( siceds, flowers9 (.
cattails, moss from thlE spruvo fir tr'o
and tihe blos'sonms of wilId clover. Thei
exhibit cembraces a1 munbeor ot' miodels
r'epriesenitinig graipo Reedls enormuly en1
lariged. It is acotually possiblo to toll tho
8spCee8 of a grape by tho shapo of tho
seed. Thero is a jar of red willow bark,
whi Inu diamn mix with tobaci(co for thle
sakii of e'oii nmy. T[hi , hIowever0, Is only3
one f[ aI thoiusanid itlaints (hat aro utii
i/Ad in ni imilar in-lhiuin.-Wash~o-inugtoi
A Jamatenc Co',urgotion,.
in pioursi th lac hik portion11of t ho con
gregat ion. It ix comiposedi for (ho most
pnyut of womuen. They arVO gorgeously
arirayed in xi lks and cottonlsof the miost
bow i hhinig brill iaincy, wit hi gobelei bee
hiv~o shapeft d ornaments~i hin thir ars andx1(
twvists oif golId abouiit th< ir-neCks, and all
ar i beain and). i:.lit3 f wu'i tm tent
(duty is to ta1ke 1ff1 [hi 'otA (or fihots.
Sm:all wxoud, r, for' half of h m o ini
thir~ feet so) hlIy, ait any ralto Inyver
contfine( t~lhm.
Poor or wanting ini proper prido In
dec'd mulst be' thalt woman who cannoit
1rais0 a pair of boots 01' shi'n fir 81unday3
uis()! It means agony, yon may i nciv l e,
to keep pinche'd up ini stif lt her au pair
of feet used to fr'io, un ltranun led move
mfenit, hut it has to ho botrne, andl it is
borne--for a few miutes. It is 1man..
aged thus: On the r'oad~ to (lhurc'h a 11 aIt
is luado at about 2(00 yartds ' di: tanen~ I
from the billding for IhIo pulrt so ofi Iut
tinlg 011 t1hoots or shors', wi ch hav i'
bieen hithr hueroleUld inthe hiands. (Church
is then hobbiled intoi and1 t bo botl: or
athoes takenl oift, to ho1 I: I ag i ot on ais
lhe servicee drawsiv: to (eIlow:. Chulrg-h li
t hen hobble ou (it (if, andi' it a respcta
bIl' (distanci(O fromi it thlo insxtrumients of
Iortiiro airo again got rid of, not to bo( .
put on again for ai week.--AIl the Year
t1E 'j
a L601'I'
4RA* iN (.-1&
JEiiraci.th. etc
IO'06 A hcarty welcome to all, wl
Main and
March 22, 189 1.
Co. McAlister
Pur11chas ed the Stock of
Dry Coods, Notions,
As the stook was large it necessitate
the "raising of iteh money''
to pay or ife- ha I of so
large a stock.
Wo there1-ore prolpose to sell gooFh
UsN.n ORIx.RuY Cosr 1uti we shall
hlave rai ed enlough1 "Co~in'' to settle
thle uli i bahuic"e.
S!licL thle Is! of*l.unary, on accouint
of ti he dletedl coult ltion of stock, we
filhl up ll I Ih b eak! with new
stck fr-chI frm th. wor's groaf
' 1 ;it l d n is in) perkeet
il~,. uperior byv no-, ill exteni, va
iitv and e mpill tczn.s to otheris in)
Ou frielndL :1, cstoI merstII n%11ow\
LI. ve carclullv aviti sensatinal
llverzisl.i, aild halt, we hi ve always
n hanud t . he '(ood adv -pli:.e'l.
\ assure our oius ooir;; that, we
have a
-A 1AM t
n' he 'i I I- h e
dlol Twic foi 5cents;, 75 cent- (''.:
-ets 50 Vcnts ;50 cents Corsets -10 ets.
10 cents Fasvt Black, 1Ladies ~Ilose
All1 Stocking slatugh ter('l.
] rursel Carpets att co.
Floor ()il Clot hs~ at, et
WV'indow Shadeis on the best Umrs
bo(rn) anal Empnirue Spnrng ollher, at
38 cents.
Wei" owit mfoney, anid the mfonov
must he raised. Tlo ~et tihe
monauey we are glad to
Sell himit ed quan C
t ities at i: loss5.
0. McAlister,
P. S.--Buttecrick Pasterns.
Greuville, B3. C., March 1, 1894.
Tile, Drain,
Sewery Pipe,
Stove Flue,
Fire Brick:
Strictly3 pure Wniite Lead, Li n
Red Oil andIFF Turpeuil iei, Long.
mian) i& Mari'tne ure CC Ready m~ ied
lHoth whlite' and in tinits, thme b~est
d'( u Oen i e I iis a. M ne :1ld, ss 119,1,
oStI~o ock to c lh, lI'r a a, ndgetitnn n
Iaee O L are ns y. tfret s alo t a d ari
nosedlcano it I uo g a n o rw teu
E ILL0a. C
IB r al*lsto>-,:
vvcui io a
lather you are ready to buy or n
iL d'_/ gf
Washington Streets, Greenville,
F. W. POEc
AW'E very thing
plain figures and
We 're offering
iG Gods asSear
(4 \MNS, and tIl. sale
co(tiue t1ro0hot the
Me' good imness 8uit
$7.60O, No. I f :- Suits at
$1: .50, )! . IOur best 81
C. tAo S:15.
750. . 2 i- IS -i- $ .0
(9 v~ero)a
For' e r'y body, at all prIices.
Underwear, Mosicry,Cle
Shirts, Collar9. & ci
Neckwear', Rubber go.
Trunks, and Tra.
etisfactioni g
mnoney retunedc
F. W. POE & C
New Goods
W inc wI .iiil : tinly3 go (1 heap for
:ar h. It will be to your interest
A\ good1 ihi .(ay and On)x:-1Io;
WA ;o\ will be .old1 ait a bar~goIn.
A lotofI 1 S IR.TS to be sohil a
bo sold1 at the smn.
a& Call early,...
see if I havn't got sometug
W. V. Bramxlt t
Murch 1.~ 18R..'

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