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T .ROBINSO0N, Eolan1.
IasJa lvri T-rJUSDAY.
Iscription One Dollar a Year.
ftod het Sb OsCofe St PIcIkenIt .. (".tai
uand Butler will moot in
1orson Monday and the cam
gn will open in earnest.
enator Alfred H. Colquett, of
>rgia, died from a itroko of par.
sie, at his residence in Washing
i, D. C., on the.26th instant,
)llver and ant-i ilvor men look
a veto of the Bland Bill. Bland
iuoted an saying that he expect
the bill totbe vetoed.
(t was announced hero Saturday
it the Hon. John R. Harrison,
P present State senator from thie
auty, haaU formally announced
uself a Oandidate. for tho demo'
Atic 4omination for secretary -)
ate..-Greenvillo News.
Judge Simonton has decided thai
,e IV& D. railroad must pay itF
zes,'and he orders the receivers
pay out of the funds in their
Vg4p the remainder of the taxes
aphd'*and the coats of the proceed
3eeemat4e few ?veb.s
The Greenyille delegation to the
gislature met Raturday in the
Iiceof Shuman & Dean, all of the
tembers being present except Rop.
isentative Perry. Tho delegation
aind-a unanimous resolution sug.
osting John C. Bailey, editor of
io Greenvillo Democrat, for ap.
ointment to the probato judge
ip of this county.-Oroonville
The Democrata of Columbia were
At only surprised. but indignant,
hem they learied that the negroes
f that city had hold a mass meet
I aed decided to take a ha1lnd in
'city election. Tho Reformers
ti' city hold the baluco of
.w"r in:'the recent primary for
4' ity e0nneil, aud turned the
-iniadr.of the uccessful tick
hendOe the effort of the color(d
other tdgjke chargo of tho city
. feynnt. The notorious JuneC
qAey told a prominent gentic
an of' lumbia' that the niegroeas
anted~to -defeat the Tillmanites
id had cpmne.to him to help themi.
Th' citifenu of Columbia have
>en very bitter, but their prejudi
a were not sufliciently strong to
rwn over the city govornmont to a
incil to be named by the color.
The, econduct of thn (Columia
groop ahows the dangor to which
tnrzaeuenaay load the white
op1e of this State, and should
use all true men to use their in..
zencb'to atop division and strife
.the Democratic ranks. IHaakell
pgins.d.ad, and the talk about
id jibrtyism and the dotormina
on to cruah it out of existence is all
onsense and it is only intended to
ivett the attention of the people
'om the real issuesi in the cam
"bThe speaking by the Reform
wndidates for Governor, in the
:nte4is for the inminationa by the1
.eformers, will amount to nothing
niess the Alliance principles are
iscussed fully and clearly. A sire
ratorical contest is not what is
&eded, as we cannot tell which is
he best man, by merely seeing him
n dress parade. Our people want
o know the why. and whorefores
>f the positions taken by thme can
lidates, even if !they do say that
diey are on the Ocala platform.
rhe day is past f or mere declara
Lins to be enirely satisfactory.
Let them discuss the subjets biul
lY-"--Cotton Plant.
The JoUWAL can heartily en
dorse the above worda, and has al
ready insisted that the candidates
should clearly deofine their posi
tions. on national, as well as stato
iasu.. It is not enough for themi.
.llto aqome up and praiso the
achenmnteof the Reform movo
mnt n IMet attairs; evey flo
fora4er abould be Ibroud of that,
and should be Willing no nyt
make .all possible progress along
~ha line, but should be in~ thorough
sympathy with the people inthi
denmade for relief from the na-.
tional government and abould
show his knowledge end ability t<
mask. his influence . and piositiot
worth something in the contest
This is po time for sentimnt and
poetry, while the people are san
lng from unjust and unequal laws.
for men, but measures must tak
precedence in the solution of the
problems, oonfronting the pooph
of this State...
The people are paying little at.
tention to -thewrangle among load
erg, an(Nih ofIorts-of. ome to whip
othors -4nto obodionde but will
make their own soloctions ~at ,the
proper time, aid will not lot their
cause bo -harmod to -proioto the
candidacy of any man.
Ventral Dots.
March 19, 1894.
The first day of April, we "will
hold a town election and from the
way the mattor~ looks now it will
be a very quiet eloction.
Mr. Gresham, the popular drum
mor, is resting a spll, ho always
comes to Contral to rest.
Central is on a boom. A joint
stock company organized a Can
ning Factory hero, and over half
of the stock has boon subscribed
in loss than two days. This will
prove a blessing to some of our
people in the way of giving them ia
market for their vogotables.
We have a now barbor now, and
ho is quito an improvement on tho
old ono.
It is whispored around that there
will be a wedding in town this
week, but you can hoar anything
(oither reasonable or unroasonable)
in Central, if you will just liston,
but we don't moan any harm, just
want to talk.
Mr. N. T. Martin is beautifying
his place with fences and shrub
If you want to see pretty girls
come to Central-wo have lots of
thon-or at least they como up
stroot lots of then-or hor-"do
you know which I mean?"
Willie S. Gainos, who has boon
iii Contral America, running an
engine for some time past, died
thero on the 1st of this month.
This is a low to his family, as he
was a favorite, and so with all who
know him.
Mr. Cauble and family will move
back to Central shortly-wo hope
to remain with us this timo.
Everybody in this vicinity has
finti horses now. Lot everybody
come to Central and soe the diiber
OnIce. -C.
A NWhab of num AssefasIna.
To a man who has kept cool and
looked honeath the suirface of
evenits in this Stato for thot past
year, it is becoming lahiner every
day that the Alinneo and the Ro
form Movnment has no greater on
emiy, with moer) insidious power
through his unsernpulousness than
the editor of tho Piedmont Head
light, lie did the Order in Georgia
irreparable damage through his er
ratic ways and was finally repudi
ated by the Allianconmon and 1(1
without a job, when ho was brough t
over here as oditor of tho Register.
His character is such that prin
ciples have no weight with him and
he bonds all his energies serving
the men who happen to be con trol
hing him at a given time. His
protestations of being an Allianoc
man are only from thet tooth out
and miado entirely for effect, as he
hasn't aflilated with the Order for
years and has not paid any duies.
A little watchmg of his course andi
actions will furniish ample proof of
what we sav.
There is hardly a prominent Ro..
:'rimer in the State, except the lit
lo clique who control hinm, who he
ias not maligned andl misrepro
ented through his paper, and in
>ther ways has done everything
oesible to sow the seods of discord
md dissension in omir raniks. lHe
accused Goy. Tfillnian of bribery in
:onnection with the location of the
lirl's Industrial Schoole last Sum
ner. His other attacks have boon
qgually f allacious, but he seems
iot to be deterred by a lack of truth
n his accusations.
WeV count the columns of abmusa, he
dias heaped on us lately a nothing
and have paid but little attoption
to his assaults on our loadlers, but
we are forced to do some,- plain
talking by his attack of the -State
Exchange, which is a tissusj of
falsehood, misjreprosgntto and
intjinuation from hoginningg~.
|Is~ accusation is thait"..boi
Duncan is making undpo p)rtoi-i
goods sold by the Exchanugo; 'and
favors certain companies in order
to do so. The gl~cego is nmaa.
god by nine directors, through
whose hands every cent of money
goes, both in the brokerage collect
ed and in payment of. exponsles.
The gage sells the goods, pays
the brokerage into $hp treasury
wvhence it is paid out hy the tres-.
prer on the President's approval.
ny" it is a malicious falsehood, as
we know of our own knowledge, and
is mado for the sole purpose of cre.
sting dipt~ust.
The readers of The Co'rroio
PLANT understands the working
of the ExIchabfge too well for it
to be necessary for..is, to con
sume space, by going into detail
That institution is recognfzed as
one of the best managed in the
country and has been of -incq4Cu
lablo benefit to the farmera of
the State, by keeping down
prices. The trustee stockhold
ers authorized tho directors,
who are conservative business
men, to invest the fund in the
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank of
this city. Thostock of this bank
is owned principally by farmers
and besides that the Exchange
has five of the nino directors,
making the Pxchange invest.
ment as safe as it is possiblo to
mako it. That bank is now
loaning nearly all its fund* to
Alliancenen and is helping its
own people as much as it can.
Such insinuations as made are of
the greatest injury to the Order
and can only come from a man
who has no sympathy with its
Of course, the animus of the
attack is perfectly plain to evo
ry one. Hon. Htaayarn Wilson
is a candidate for Congress, and
one of the principal owners of
the 11adlight. . Col. Duncan has
also beein mentioned for that
placo, andl hence Gantt wished
to do everytning he can to injure
Col. Duncan, thinking it will
help his man. He doesn't care
a particle about ruining the Ex
chango if lie can elect his man
in the ineantinie.
We shall not say more. We
will ouly warn the Alhiancemen
who read his paper, that they
are nursing a frozen adder, that
will use his poisonous fangs on
them whenever it suits his pur
pose to do so.--Cotton Plant.
Miauy Big Hlbeeela4t.
All the,. Canidots for G7oveu.r and
Cum flrmci SkUottrp at Sprfaiburyq
-Shell n(l MCTALIrbi Tlk und
Ohw Inster Pso 11.4'.H q IReapect(-s to
IilitOr (hntt.
SPA .0nen,.March 24.--Mr.
Ellerbe,',.J. (G. ;Evans, -W. D).
Ernflss md Dr. Popo,,candidates
for govt rnor and Duncan, JiaIf
icy and Stanyarno Wilson, can.
didates for congress from the
4lth dlistrict, spoke here todaLy.
~Shell and McIauren were on
hand. Alter the other speakers
had said their say McLauren
was called on-iand said he wvish
ed to defend his record as a re
former. Whien asked the qjues
tion as ho said ho would support
Tillman, if he stood on a reform
He paid his respects to Editor
GOantt in the most approved style
on account of some recent re
mark of the Piedmont Head
Oaptain Shell followed by
giving an account of his doing
in congress and his connection
with the reform movement.
It was at Lincoln, Ill., that a
religious revival was in progress,
and the evangelist, after a pow
orful sermon on the Christian
duty of dlebt paying, called upon
fll the members of the -congro
gation who pairl their debts to
stand. The congregation rose
almost to a manm. After thoy
were seated, the envangelist
invited those who did not pay
their debts to stand. A solitary
forlorn looking individual rose
to his feet, and explained that
while he found himself in the
category very unwillingly, .he
could not help himself, as he was
the editor and proprietor of the .
local paper, and could not pa~y
up, as thue congregation owed
him their subscription. Such a
flood of moniey as poured into
that office the next morning
had never been known in the
histor-y of the paper..
, seriousi shootig pecourrod in'
Como'r.T9nship,- Anderson Coun- .
ty, on $atturcday, 'the l8th instant,
MiBss Sallie Andorson was rppt,
the pubhid road by'Woodrowv gmp,
boll in a dlruidkon1 condition .andi~
asked t~o soe hnv hom1, Soein'g hjis
conlditoon she promptly rofusod,
whereupon he drew a pistol and.
fired at her three times, one of tho1
halls taking offect in the back of|
the thigh and rangmng through to
ward ih? gNoin. P1, ipaae
Even in great cities careful poeo
ple keeb early hours. "We had
a fine sunise this morning," said
one New, -Yeker. to another.
"Ddyou- .,seqp 4,t" unriset'
said theaf'aop# jan, "why, I'm
alWa9 i b.jbQ4ore sun riMe.
"Dogr4I d Pl'red,'' wrote
the y.4ug. dc4or.I, ln fid 'it iM
possiblq tW. teJy.ou , words of
mouth w*jia.4 .Ihvo b''u onging
for mionthi ..o. sa- $ tongue
ref usos to do the bidding of iny
will when I am'in you r- pre
sgence. Liam under the necCssiy,
therefore. of writiug to tell you
how inexpressibly dear to m
you have becomno and to ask if
you will consent to be my wife
In replyipg pleaso be brief, omit
the discussiou of unipoetant
topios, and w 'rito only on one side
of the sheot,"-Chicago Tribune.
C. McAlister
IDry Goods, Notions,
Our Stobik of New pring Goods is
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This depletment has never been
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Osn This Partionlar Oceasion it Walled to
JDo Its Work.
The crowd had gathered about a horse
and buggy in'the middle of the street.
The hors bad balked.
"Tie at strin: around his ear," said
one of tho bystanders. "It gives him
something elso to think of. I never knew
it to fail."
A string was pioduced and wound
tightly round one of the animal's oars.
It had no effcct.
"3Blinifold hill, " suggested another.
A tendilgo wa's tied over li$ eyes and
an elolot mado to start him.
Samue rsu~Llt.
"B1aclc him,.
"Ho10 wol' t 'k'l, " 1nld the xasqpor
ated owner. --. tried hat."
. V iryb . c- e ort."
" 1-11 s oi
other way..
of the ni
Ho took - h
beasit with it tt - c'd
to have him arre.
Then 1o kicke.- n e
All in vai.
Finsliy a 1ea~e'i:4 ' e
tlCiemanc forc t hs w.y ti Aatg tli
crowl IsIm.d.
"1 have'~ .1 ii . 1::. "
them. tes..a y ... . - aw, or shv
A ioy lm uit a .. i-:,t a,
camo pa--k ;irvi e r- ea.haanm
ful. ij a t : j . ' ' ;''I in
der the hort :a -. .- umath
touch 1 to it.
As the fin i..--.N - r: from it
and tho Pirmke 1ognu it, coni1 :.ht,.ut hit!
legs the hosc'o u:'l:.'t a 1:'.tls. Hie turned
his head, too,- a calm iurvey of the sit
un'ion, and when the .:rjbsmtihe stuft
brirst into a big blaz J he moved forward
about tix feet, in iull possession of his 9
faculties and without any unnecessary
baste, and Stopped againl.
And the elegant huggy was d-naged
$28 worth by the flamea before it oc
curmod to anybody to scatter the blazing
Arid then an old colored man in a fad
ed suit of secondhand clothes and a hat
with half the brim gone went out and
spoke kindly to the high spirited ani
mal, rubbed his nose, patted him on the
neck, climbed into the damaged buggy
snd said, "Git along, sonny."
And the horso moved off at a brisk ,
trot, with head high in the air.-Chi
cago Tribune.
Wanted a Good Foot
Models are an important part of a -
iculptor's need. I doubt whether in this
>articular wo differ from our Greek
redecisors, for we read of choice pies
mle, ich as peacocks, given boy Phidias
o his models, showing how mucli he
-lued them, presumably because it was
is difficult then st now to get good ones.
To tje i model is u business of itself.
mnd when we remenbcr the number of
rut schools Lstre are, oven in London
Mlone, and the many artiets who aro 0n
ti-ely depeudent upeu them. it may ho
re-ilizod whatt a large body they must be.
i im told, from the neighborhood of
nhw. T[be womenj are-, cas a rule, Eng..
i'h icmjl h- 'r. ften 'at tfromi habsies. To I
l:. i a v'a 11l i:r:.n'xd foot ii s-calmos.~ t an im.
*iH:i i '' engss the beet of the, ow
ny to the~ J .t claning2 in la ''t4 hnt a
ri. ;r' c)wo t.. ma i t heL b: I ca.r,
Athei (for.1 - ILn it un . i; .:
1.4 ,n. ,cuid
hism, a *- -1 tel1 ti > mate'i.l
.iei in arl~*.I \'* Ar I Drmecenna, Ini
cor ito ceptcr thero fornarly stoodl a
111ar which wvac said to mark the rso- '
iree apt t where onr first parent was cro
ted. A few miles out there is an emni
once called the Mountain of A bel, mng
rnaed by some to be the place where the
ret two brotheors offered theft sacirS
cOs, also the spot where the firut mur
at wae committed. The moat interest-.
g spot pointed out, -however. is aboit
ree leagues from the olty, whore am
la ruin is shown which all the orient N
elievo to be the tomb of Cain. The
aditionme respecting this famous spot pe
re known to antedate the Christian era
y several hundred years. Up to thep
ime of Yeepasian the interior of the
omb Is saiul to ha~ve beep lighted and
amed b~y oso of the "ever burning" C
imps so commonly iteed by tho ian. Il
A New Kini or Rasurance. ,
Agent-Ahl, good morning,-Mv Talk
-to-death. I've called to eee you
bout insuring you In my company, i
ant to
Mr. TaIked-to-death--Oh, go ewgyi
don't want any insuranzce. I'mo al
"B~utj elm, you don't understand.
"No, I tell yout I've been oarly
sikod Into my grave by insurtice
gente, and "
'4tia, now ve're talking hicuina
hat's just why you ought to tako a po01.
y in my company."
''What Is your company?"
"Why, it insures you againat being
rikod to death by Insurance agentp''
-Bjoston Traveller.
BlIpur WIV~1le 1ootturnu.
LONDoN, Feob. 26l.--it is roportodi thart
~aez Spenceri Balfour has tbeen turned
vor by tho Argentinle authuorities to the
natody of theo British polico inspector
ho wont to iBaenos Ayres with the~ in
era riomamtus( i.d ' oxtradit on. 1 i
ndortoo.: theA the ispector0 -V] ".
nwhately l.'vti foc .En- 9. &
Statisjtica shlow' that mild wi.'.t.
ucih mnore conulcivo' to heith Ian
~vro OneCs- ~ ~ ho2a
g(W-IN Ck.I E1
Smith &
a. Awe.:
59>mitha e*s
fg"'' A learty welcome to all, wheth
A/l -1 i 4
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.b A
line, Poltl~ialt 80e20a 0|6
emients and PhlatVs Pais. go
ChurAie' improve.! Culd-water
Both white al it titt:S the be8t
1in , n C.
Stock to the f.eM... , wvithi an en
ner'~ on J.:a'eanr. Struc t, about a knilred yO
-, . rearfl of t,)4e W 'r- ta
f. 0
Print , al. sty., fro 41-to e W
colors 70.
r4 lp Vair . j.
Jeansc at pUm i, 24 and (0 cens.
04n't, be 1 bat at th po. b h ot
I'ru~ w ill ylou r n 4Cot to Seed
attond o tton Sh. ee,temarket ,,
AMlo C. SHe Parmal drichd Tge.I
alNu, a r o w n -t, n ni
r espr eee1* ensnri
Jenera Meandi e, t.
1 ilryyCods lNoton, e
Bootsn, !llICt~Soes, Ctmr-t
ris , Hard10W ware it, ,wl
gad a ul ln .'u c
it vo Want A41 ~ one2
enrend 1armig Tmlmients.
rnCA0 ONi wit h ean eil n
ph-me t KEEav hAprina #
E: I JMT C 0
>at P'ri9Oa LU
ar youi are ready to buy or not..
hington Streets, Greenville, 3. C.
I. It'*tuNo I soO.OIUUQl
r, ..
w~il Aver In<
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es8, RM~-made Pants, Shifi
.We bnve somie Jter4ains in.
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IM ELASTIC PAJNT. eo,.st only 0)
te per gal, in bbl. letts, or $4.501
f galz a tubs. Color, dark redi.
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