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.~~~M - . -E
Vol. 4~,I ____. *PIKES U D 'A-PRIL&,19.N.i
A-.F Phvll n and Surgeon,
Offi a h enneule o0 Mui stree(
Marcb 8, 189c
TE. SIRRJE, Civil Etigi ieer utim
0 durvoyor, Greenville, 8. .
Special attition.given to "Subdivislbi
of Lind," Terracing and Estimation .1
water power.
Ofe 88j Main St. over Fdtons 1o04
Jan. 25, 94-3m.
If. 0. BowuN. L. E. CurLaass
Attorneys at Law,
Oct. 5, 1898.
.W.- NORtWOOD, Dentist, Dr.
- , %W W. M. N< 1W60on, Assistant.- Ome1e,
88 Main t3treet, Greenville, S. C.
an. 9,'92 y
R .P. CARLILE, Dentist, Green.
A8. U. Viteo over tit iioi
ale~i W bJtug'Store
b"l h change Hotel,
C. W. HENDERSON, Proprietor.
M ~orn Improvemeunt T,arg, 1-oms.
"Jal attention to Coiniercial Travrel an
Tourlats. Table Fare Unsurpassed.
Fine Climate the year round. Ap. 7, 9':
LMt, Fik* ii & Mule8n[ tablii,
Basley and Pickens, B. C..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages, Buggles. and Saddle Horses, at
reasonable rates.
W Your patronage soliciLed.
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers In
Matbie al anita Monuments,
TOXESTONES, of every description
and-Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
8. Og Sept. 19, 'U).
If you want the finest PIUTURES made
In the State, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
118 MeBee Avenne Greenville, S. C
g Crayon Portraits a specialty
April 7-y.
. isses
Has ready for inspection.
Latest styles in
Walking Hats for Ladies
and Children.
Infants Caps tuid IHats,
Ah the Noveleties of the Season.
"All Goods at Cost for 30 days."
Furnished on 15 days test. Trial wiein
be projer contract Is signed.
If you want an organ of IVoomation
Buy the Carpenter Organ.
. W. J. B. STILES.
Nov 9,093
Dealer in
Watches, Dimwoids & JIewolr,
Oct. 19.-Bim
To Buy tihe best DRUGS, at the
lowest prices.
Fullklne of BLANK BOOKS, .STA
Closing out our PAlINTS, AT
A full line of ARTIST'S MATE
D. T. BACOT & CO.,
West Greenville, S. C.
Oct. 5, 1893.-6m.
Dry Goods t be so'clii- p
than ever.
Arbuck.? Coftee at 25 ei.
per pound'
You can save money by
buying goods from me.
James E. Brown's,
Cetrl S, C., Nov 30 9d1
People of Pickens:
You will have to bly Some lRY
GOODS AN) SlOES. You wait
to kinuow wiele you will get- the most
br your niilney. A stop at my 8tore.
anl insp..eeioll of IIny Go-Is and Prices
will satisfy yol'i that n1o other -1ous
will give von m1lore for your money
than.I will. liverything you need in
'ry Voolis, Notiuois ond Shoos
Cmn h fu here W iuCES THi
Dress Goo Is fom cheapest to fiai
G(ood Ginghais at 5 cents per yd
Full yard wide Sea islknd. the
best. ever offti ed in this market; for
5 ('ents.
Good Cottoniade, 10, 12i 15, 20
and 2.) cents.
JLsJis For Summer wear, 15, to 35
cents per va;rd.
White Goods, from 5 cents to 35c.
Emn brolderies. Laces, &c., of every
All Cnlicoos (except Simpsons,) 5
Big lot of Men's aind Ladies' Hoes,
Big lot colored Shl-ts, 25 to 50c.
Be.autiful Curtain Sceens, Wiun.
dow Cur1tainls, &c.
Everything that. is needed for Sun
way and Everyday fressing Case can
be fountu here, atnd at . 0 1: T O M
~Shoe s.
My Shov Stock i.s complete. La
die' 6l shoes5, Men's fite Shoes,
Children 's fine Shoes; MIen, Ladies'
and ('hildrenl's Cheap Shoes; Men'.
good hoes for farmtr.'s wear $1 o00.
Ladies good Shcs, 01.00.
V he 2 in Greesi ille stop and let
Is convilice you that we advertite
D)ry ,oovdp <nud Shoca,
Yo. 15, I dle1cton? St., West End,
G I"evlvihle, . C., Ali i. 5, 1894.
Smith oc Smith,
Is tiw Ilace for
Cribs. Cradles,
Bedlstealds, Mattr'asses,
00Rins anid Caskets,
Day and( NIght.
Te'lephone( Nos. (14 amt 33.
Night calls will be answvered by Tele
phone2( No. 38.
(13 and 65 Main SIteet, Greenville, N. C
Drugs! Drugs!
lITI A lCT'~IIS, PANtY G 0 (O 1) .
A la tock S lLof COCGijUII SX'RUPS8 that
A fult line ot Dennata EVE' GLIASSES
atd 'PX'1TA(il fo~I r yourl eyes5. I will
fit. you upi so1 that it wilt bec a pleasure for
youl to' read.
As it is now lime to go to Gardening
Gardeni Seeds,
WVill keep a ful. line on hand.
Then thr are( 32 PA INTS and OILS ;in
er Physiiel os' P r es'*-riptionus ce~full)
compounde~h I. daly or night.
Wh'Ien V'u '11 0) to 1)l:iasley give mi - iei
C. N. W yu t, 31. 1I.
QulhaI:n', Ole! 'tand1
Itastey , S*. ., Febt . 9. I ,o3. Iv
Veterinary Surgeon.
lvn a ei*xperi nter of fIftee ve rl ti
in a Ire iig till dis.enlses of entt'i', areI
ll of its formlgs. Ii speiuiit , I oiffer 1
5(ervie t. o be public. W'i I io I eat
suIi(Ier3 ing w h aI y ordini .ry. dli'I' eN.
Whb. 1.1lv' PIcknuF. $. (?.
C. M.IcAlister
Dry Goods, Notions,
Our Stock of Now spring Goods i
now arriving daily. All departmont
ar loa-led down with the newest an<
best selections to be found In tI(
great markets.
Tiis dejartieiit lia never been
more complete' Platin and Fanov
Dress Goods in all the New ShadeF
and oloriigs.
Beautiful and ar!istic designs ir
Novelty Dress Goods.
All styles, colorings and weaves
can be ha.1d from this selection of
Dress Goods.
Trimimings of every udoseription,
Silks, Sati r.i, atoires, Velvets, G"imps,
Laces, Ribbons and Braid, all new
and desirable shades.
New White Goods, Laces and Em
broderies, of all kinds.
New I ash Goods in D'cks, Per.
cales, Satines, GinghamuCrepo Moires,
Chambrays and Calicoes, in great
New Mattings, Carpets and Wim
dow Shades.
Ev'rythimg now from top to bot.
toni. In fat this store has lover
beet, better stocked with more new
and desirable Goods than now.
82 00 new Hid Gaurintletta in white
and.colors at, C1 00 per pair. Call
early anl get your sizee.
0. McAlister.
P). :.-Butterick Patterns.
Greenville, S C., Marcli 29, 1894.
Just a Litte Better.
JIt a Little Cheaper.
Juwt these little sometliings maik
this the best place t , buy everythini
kept in ourline.
W e believe we have the largest an<
best assorted stoc', of' Novelty Dresw
Goods kept in Greenville.
You can dress like a Queen for 1(
cents per yard. See our display of
DMcks, Tribet Cloths and Satines at
10 cents pe yord.
Serpentine Cloth, the latest fad oi
eveiig dresses, in all the high colors
ait :) cents 1r yard just Its pretty as
a $2 Silk.
Strange thinrgs are hap:penmng every
lay; one of them is that we hav'e re.
duced our 35 centsa qualhty to 25 cents
The reason for this is we have sold all
of our '25 eenlts quality'. Now is th<
ime to buy a Carpet eheap.
Body' Brussel Carpet 1 l yards lois
for 81 with t rilge thriown in.
TP.pestr'y 1 1 yards long for '75 cents,
Indigo Prints 5 cents per yard
Best Staple Ginghams 5 cents pc-i
A good S cent Challie for 3 (enti
per' yar.
T1he best yard wide Sea Island or
earth for 5 eents per yard and JoneCI
& Garrison made these prices.
This Department has boen selecte
with much care. 'We buy our Shoei
rrm the bedt factories iln the Unitei
States and *keep nuthing but the best
Our ladies Dongola Button Boot foi
$1, our' ladies D~ongo'a Button Blool
for $1 .5( anid our ladies Dongola But
ton1 Boot for *2 cannliot be equaled ir
puce anS fd quality.
See our line of ladies Oxfords ani
yo wvill buyW no other,
u frill li ne of' men's Shoes in all th<
best mlkEs5.
lo arrive this week the best~ Man'
$3 Shoes on top o.f dirt.
Polite attention to all who visit oui
store No trouble to show goods.
Vecry truly,
Siarch 29, Glreeniville, 5. 0.
Solentiflo Amerloani
Agenoy for
Vor If~vni tio nfreaoo" k Ewrit O
Okldet ret r secu>$n P ''att' lf mei
th uH yanotice given freo of charge in the
titgts ei n, Iol fany e~SntIt oer in the
Electrie Quantity and Tension.
Slectrio quantity and tension-or in.
tensity-are terms based on the assump
tion that electricity is a fluid. Quan
tity is the amount of the fluid that a
body contains as -its charge and the ten
sion or intensity on any point of its sur
face--insulated electricity lies on the
surfade-l the depth, or if the depth
temain the same the density of the fluid
at that point. The quantity has refer
ence to the number of particles electri
lied and the amount of force lodged in
each; the tension has reference simply
to the Inductive force lodged in each.
Particles that are highly electrified
must polarize powerfully the particles
near them, and if powerful enough
cause discharge. Tension or intensity,
therefore, is the power to polarize and
effect discharge. The quantity of elec
tricity passing in a current is estimated
by the power of the current to deflect
the magnetic needle by the chemical de
composition it effects, or by the temper
ature to which it raises a wire of given
thickness and material. The tension or
intensity of the current is the power
which it has to transmit a current
against resistance, such as that offered
by a bad, long or thin conductor. Ten
sion, strictly speaking, is not a property
of the current, butof the battery which
generates the current. -Brooklyn Eagle.
A Bad Blaze In Washington.
WASINoToN, Fob. 2.-At 3 o'clock
Sunday morning, fire was discovered in
the basement of Charles P. Kellogg's
grocery in Masonio temple, corner of F.
and Ninth streets, and before it was
gotten under control, five hours later,
propt of the estimated value of near
y ,00D had been destroyed.
Th1e Spartanu Festival.
Special to the Colutubia Journal.
Spartanburg, S. C., March 26th.
The encampment to be held horo
in July under the management of
the Hampton Guards promises to
b a memorable event aniongSouth
ern ro-unions.
General John B. Gordon, Gener
al Longstroot, General Fitz Lee
and General Wado Hampton have
been invited, and will be prosent.
Ono of the featuros will be a prize
(trill betweon the companies ox
pected to attond and $1,100.00 in
prizos will bo offored.
Thoro will also bo baseball, ten
nis and band contests.
It is expected that a largo at.
tendance will be attracted from all
over tho South but particularly
from this State, North Carolina
and Georgia. The voterans will of
course be the honored guests of the
All tho military organizations of
this and adjoining States are to be
invited. Adjutant and inspector
General Smith of North Carolina,
the commandant of the Citadel
Academy and a prominent milita
ry man from Georgia, will be the
judges in tho compoei tivo drills.
The meetmg of the Stato Teach
ers' Association will be hold in
Spart anburg at the same timo.
Altogether the cccasion will be
one of the g r e a to a t gatherings
which South Carolina has known
in many years. ThIe people of
Spartanburg are working only as
Spartans can to make the affair a
splendid succoss and the prospect
now is that evenm .their anticipa
tions will bo0 surp~assed.
W~isdomi says: "Honesty is the
hest 1policy." Virtue says: "I do
not care whether it is right, or not;
it is right, and troreforo I will bo
Tile, Drain,
'Sewer Pipe,
Stove Flue,
Fire Brick:
Strictly pure White Lead, linl
seed (ii l(n Turpentine, Long.
man & M artiniez pure Ready mixed
Uime, Portlad and Rosendale
(Cemeunts and Plaster Paris.
Churches' implJroved Cold-water
Both white and in tints, the best
Wi'"' our Oflio is at same address, 101,
Wanshington Strceet, bunt we have removed
our Stock to the~ basement, with an en
trauceo onl Laiurens~. Street, about a hnndred
feet from our Offlec at the. rear of the Ware,
house, Please givea us a call or write us
S Respecctfully,
T. 0. COWER & 80W.
GreenvtL e. 8,. . Marah Wa'ela4.
Who made this beauteous world i
Then sent it forward in it's flighi
Foreveomore its course to run,
Around the glorious eentral sun.
Who when it started in its fligb
Revolved it, causing day and nigh
The day for labor with the sun,
The night for rest when work
The Great I Am.
Who, by his will, made all i
A thing of boauty found its birth
Who made the stars that shine i
Who made the moon's soft, silves
Who made the springs, the brooc
the rills,
That trickle down the verdant hilla
Who gave the mighty rivers motioi
Forever moving to the ocean?
The Great I Am.
Who made the fruits, the trees, tb
Who gave the sweet refreshin
Who made the giant forest trees,
Forover rustling in the breeze?
Who made the towering mountair
Until they seemed to touch t1
Then capped them with perpetut
While spring and summer reigne
The Great I Am.
Who when the world was finishq
"For man alone I all things madc
I give him power at his birth
The brain controls all things
The sea, the fish, the air, the bir
The savage beast, the gentler her<
The brain will teach him to cont:
All things of earth from pole
The Great I Am.
I your God, The Great I Am,
Mado all things for the use of ms
Then praise him with the .mor
ing light,
Praise him every day and nightj
All things were made for you L
Then praise Him not with outwa:
Faith, Hope and Charity alone,
Thieo steps that take US to I
The author of the above poem is I
mother of Mrs.. Dr. Cureton, of this pla
She is 86 years of ago, and has been lii
for three years. Her mind ise as clear a
bright as it was forty years ago. she la
remerrkable lady, this peinig the third ple
she has composed this year.
Tine Devil Red4 Riam.
During one of the roll oal
yesterday Mr. Reed was stan
ing in the rear of the hall of ti
House with his hand upon ti
head of Mr. Kilgore.
"That reminds me of a story
said Mr. Talbert, of South Car
lina, who occupied the seat ne:
to Mr. Kilgore.
"Lot's have it," said tho To;
as mian and the Maine man in
sort of duet.
"Well," said Mr. Talbert,'
sailor landing in a seaport tom
one Sunday thought he wou
go to church. The edifice wi
crowded, but he finally found
place on the pulpit platform, i
rectly underneath the preachi
Tho minister warmed up in I
appeal to the iconverted. 1N
ticing that the sailor was
stranger, he bent over him gras
ed him by the hair of his hes
and impresfsively shouted: i
dear sir, do you know that y,
are going straight to hell?"
"I shouldn't wonder,'' sa
the sailor, looking up. 'I s
the devil has got me by the ba<
of my head.'
"Now," said Mr. Talbert
Mr. Reed. "I don't mean to coi
pare you to the devil-''.
Don'tsay a word,'' Interrui
ed Mr. Reed. '"The story $js t
good to be spoiled by an exp
nation."-- Washington Star.
James R. Trindall, agent of
South Carolina railway at Aik
is reported about S2,000 short
his accounts. Hae in s a to
Evaus im cemmUoassbem With Irby.
.WAnzamTow, D. 0., March 27.
-There is oonsiderable gossip
io in the South Carolino colony
here over the remarkable speech
b? of John Gary Evans at Spartan
burg last Sat u.lay and the reply
to it by Representative McLaurin.
t, The attitude of Mr. McLaurin
t, appears to be the source of
much annoyance to Mr. Evans
is and his friends, for as soon as
the Spartanburg meeting was
over Mr. Evans took the first
train for Washington for the
purpose, it is said, of confer
ring with Senator Irby. The
latter is regarded as the shrewd.
0 est political general in the Till
man camp, and the point has
been reached where Mr. Evans
needs all the advice and counsel
he can get if he hopes to carry
off the gubernatorial nomina
tion. Representative McLaurin
has received numerous congrat
ulations from his friends in
South Carolina for his fearless
e arraignment of Larry Gantt
and those who are in the same
g boat with him. He has also re
ceived numerous suggestions to
come out and make the race for
the governorship against Evand.
* I interviewed Mr. McLaurin on
the subject this afternoon, and
9 he declared that under no cir
cumstances will he become a
j candidate for the governorship.
He finds congressional life very
d congenial and he feels that he
can better serve his constitu
ents here than in the State house.
--The News and Courier.
Tb Me4deal Value of Hot Water.
One of the best renieidies for bil
liousness, dyspepsia, and loss of ap
petite is to be found in the contents
of tho steaming tea-kettle. Many,
like Naaman, will undoubtedly
I turn away from this simple, inox
rol pensive, easily-to-be obtained med
icine with distrust. It would be
exceedingly difficult to induce
them to give it a trial. Tho very
fact that, it is free to all "without
money and without price," ilakos
. it seem of no value to theni; and
- instead of using a medicine that has
been frequently proved to be both
safe and effectual, they profer to go
e. on dosing themselves with doubt
ful and injurious drugs.
rd the testimony of one lady for
whom a goblet of hot water an hour
before eating was prescribed by her
:n physician is to the effect tbat it acts
as a gentle cathartic, p~romotes
he healthy action of the liver and kid
e.. jneys, and, as a natural consoquence
uid cleans the tongue and creates an
e j Another lady, for whom three
jeups of hot water an hotur and a
halt before each meal, and an hour
before retiring, wore prescribed, as
sorts having noted that a little
d' while after drinking it sho finds
ie herself so hungry she can scarcely
he wait the hour and a half that must
elapse before her meal. This lady
,states'that for fifteon years previ.
0- ous to the time when she began
Ka drinking hot water, she had rare
ly known what it was to fool hun
K- gry or to relish her food. She had
at *ao observed that when away from
home where she could not obtain
'a hot water before meals, her appe
Stite departed in spite of the fact
Id that various delicacies to tempt it
u wore provided for her. She also
a testifies to the efficacy of hot wa
Ii* ter as a cleanser of the system as a
>r-* cure and prevention of gravel and
0- bimilr disease., and to its favora
' beaction upon all the digostive
a organs. In common with another
P* experimimeonter, she futrhor affirms
4 that it is decidedly stimulating;
7y that after drinking~ it one feels de
)Ulcidodly refreshed and strengthen
Id| Others have provett hot water to
se be an effectual remedy for sick
sk headache and pain in the stomach
or bowels, caused by indigestion.
to Judging from this array of ovi
"' dence would it not be as well for
our bodies, arnd bettor for our pock
d' etbooks, if we patronizo the tea.
** kettle more and the doctor less?
la- Chwistian-at- Work.
TunE is already a host of candi
the; dates to succeed Senator Colquitt
en, Governor Northern, who has th
inapitigpwr is said to fav(
>nthHo.Ptik Walph, of Augui
i ta ditor of the Ohroniole- an.t M
No Move Dispensary Money For
Darlington is the next city to
have the wrath of the ; State
board of control upon its head.
They say that from reports re
ceiv.:d from that place they are
advisod that the dispensary law
is not only not being enforced
but is actually being obstructed.
Thereforo until she does bettor
the money due her will be with
The following is the letter of
Gov. Tillmon on the subject:
aayor and City Council, Dar
lington, S. C.
It has been apparent to iis for
sometime that the city authori
ties and the police of Darlington
were making no effort to sup
p'rss the illicit sale of liquor as
required under the dispenslry
law, We have waited patiently
hoping for a chango of policy
on your part. But as there are
no indieations of any purpose
to do more than you are doing,
and as we are informed by the
constables that the poliCo are ob
structing rather than assisting
them, notice is hereby given
that after the first (lay of April
no part of the proceedc of the
dispensary will be paid to the
city until the State board be
comes satisfied that your police
are enforcing the law. Very
Gov. and Chain. Board
Cleveland HS ]Rflhe1iuaie Gouid.
WAINOToN, I). C., March 26.
-The Star prints the following'
in tonight's issue.
"Out of consideration for the'
president's well known autipa
thy to publications about his
health the Sctar has so far re
frained from ising inforntioni
on that supject that has been in
its possession for several da ys.
The matter has now becomis
well known, however, that tliei r
is no longer any necessity for
keeping it secret. The fact i.s
that ever since his ireturn from
his expedition against the water
fowl abiding in the Dismal
Swanp and the sounds of Nort h
Carolina the president has been
badly crippled with a painful at
tack of rheumatic gout.
"'His right foot and anklo are
swollen to twice their nornml
size, and he moves about with
difficulty. H~e has stuck brave
ly to his work, howvever, aind
hais beenl ini his oflice every day
transacting buinessc~ as usual.
lHe uses the elevator' constantl
in going dlown stairs to his
mneals, but has been compelled
to abandon his tri-weekly a fter
noon receptions t'o the public,
although for the present, be
cause of his inability to walk
around to and1 from a thn' ensi
room wvithout aggravtug his
"Hie is undergoing a severe
dietary regimen, and his phay
sician predicts that he will be
all right again in a short I ime."
-New York W~orld.
''Dear me,'" hr whiisp~ered, ''do
you think if I married you your
father wouIld for'giv uels?" "I:'m
sure lie would, dear," she assortod,
softly. "And wouIld ho givo us a
house of our own ?" "I know he'
wou1l, dearest." And wvould ~ hie
give us enough to live beafutiful
on ?" "I'm sure of it, Harry."
"And wVouldl ho take me into the
firm?" Cortainly he wvould."
"And lot me run the businoss to
suit myself ?" "Of course ho wvould,
darling." She snuggled to h is bo
somn, but ho put her asido coldly,
"I can never marry,"' he said,
"Your father is two willing to
get you off his hands."
"Who'd or believed it!" ~x..
claimed Mrs. Grames, as she oeor.
-god from the cellar with a scuttle
of ooal; "when lie was a-courting
me, John used to thmnk my fan was
too heavy for mo to carry, and al
-ways insistedl on carrying, it, liim
-self. And now he dlon't think a
0 big hod o'coal is too much of a load
*r for me to lug up stairs. Matrimo
'ny does chainge a un's iMens won.
* terfu.

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