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Vol. 4. . PICKENS, 8. C., THURSDAY APRIL 26, 1894. o.1
Vol. 3, 8*Co7.
tt. D RO T KIRK -EY.
~Phv'ioqn and 8 rgoon,
0 u his ico a i Street.
Bareb 8, 1894.
J E 4IltRiNi, Civil ERegioer and
. bturveyor, Greenville, S. 1.
SpecAl atotntion given to "Subdivainin
of land," Terracing and Estimatioln of
watter 1)0%v or.
4)fle &1 Main St. over Friton's Book
Stol 0.
Jan. 25, 94-3m.
H1. 0. BowRN.. L. EC. OgILDRRS
Attorneys a1 so
00t. 5. 1898.
R. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentfst. Dr.
-I.'W. M1. N(,nwroD, Assistanlt. Office,
8 Main Street, GreenVillet 0- 0.
Jan. 0, '02 y
H. j. p. CARLSLeg, Dentist Gre -n.
Dville &. O.. Office over WAdison&
McGee's g Store.
The Exchange Hotel,
0. W.. HENDERSON, Proprietor.
Meaern Imprnvements T.ar Rnoms
Special attention to Comnacrcia Travel an
Tourists. Table Fare Unsurpassed.
Fine Climate the year round. Ap. 7, 6'2
Livery, 1,Sig i hioael l Ia1e1,
Easley and Pickens, S. C..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carrlages, fluggles. and Saddle Horses, at
reasonable rates.
AW- Your patronage solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers In
MarbIe 'ul ite Monmmatt,
TOMBSTONES, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
S. C. Sept. 19, '01.
If yowa awant the finest PICTURES made
in the Btate, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
113 McBee Aveue Greenville, S. C
g- Crayon Portraits a specialty
April 7-y.
Veterinary Surgeon.
Having an experi nee of fifteen years
in treating all diseases of cattle, an i
haaving made the diseasi of Murrin, I
all of its foris, a specialt- , I offer my
service- to ie public. Wi I tritat cat -e
suffering with any ordinary dis en-e.
Feb. 1-ly- Pickens, -. C.
Furnished on 15 days test Trial when
lie proper contract li signed.
If you want an organ of Repit.ation
Bny the Carpenter Organ.
Nov 9, 93
Dealer in
Wtches, Dialloods & JeweIb,
Oct. 19.-8m
To Buy the best DRU(4S, at the
lowest prices.
Full lhne of BLANK BOOKS, STA
Closing out our PAINTS, AT
A full line of ARTIST'S MATE
D. T. BACOT & CO.,
Wecst Greenville, S. C.
Oct. 5, 1893.-6m.
Dry Goods to be sold cheap
than ever.
Arbuckli's Coffee at 25 ets.
per pound
You can save money by
buyving goods from me.
James E. Brown's,
Central_ 8, 0. No.. 80 93
s PiRIN( -
People of Pickens:
You will have to buy so
to know where you will get I.t
for your money. A s1op0 atI ;.
an inspection of my Goo'is al I' 's
will satisfy you that no othelr h1,I;e
will give you muore for your mnoney
than I will. Everything you iied in
Drq Goods, Notions 11( 8Iiims
Can be found here. g ;PicEs '-m;
Dress Goods fiom cheapest to fi
Good Ginghams at 5 cents per yd.
Full yard wide Sea Island. the
best ever offered in this market for
5 cents.
Good Cottonade, 10, 121 15, 20
and 25 cents.
Jeais for Summer wear, 15, to 35
cents per yard.
White Goods, from 5 cernts to 2.")c.
Enbroideries. Laces, &c., of every
All Calicoes (except Simpsons,) 5
Big lot of Mon's and Ladics' Ilfos,
Big lot colored Shirts, 25 to 50.
Beautiful Curtain Scieens, Win
dow Curtains, &c.
Everything that 1.9 needed fo S6
tay and Everyday Dressing Case v m
be foundl here, and at A 0 T ( l
Sh oes.
My Shoe Stock is vcoiplete. I a
dies' fine Shoes, Men's ini Sh-A
Children's fine Shoes; Men, 1,alies'
and Childrei's Cheap S hocs; Me-."
good hoes for farmer's wear $I' I
Ladies good Shoes, $1.00.
When in Groon' lle "top and t
us COnvince you that -V( ad't w
Dry Goods a nd Show-,,
No. 15, Pendleton St., 1 i/L-, (1
G reenville, -. C., A prii 5, 1894.
semamon [email protected] g ass *ss .aaam na":-?
out of employment, or
a position that you do l1.
ilike? Possibly the sol i
Iiting of Life Insuranicei
Syour special forte. Many
Speople have, after trial,
Sbeen surprised at their
Sfitness for it. To all suchI
it has proved a most con
Igenial and profitable occu
Spation. The Management
jof the
IEquitable Life ~
Sin the Department of the:i
ICarolinas, desires to add i
ito its force, some agents:j
of character and ability.:
iWrite for information. :
jW. J. Roddey, ma'nuager,
Roc Hi , 0
Au agreabl raative and ~Nzvin Tomry.
Sold by Dggists or sont bynall. 250..50c.
and-1$O per paekage. Samples freo.
OThe Favorite TO0TU 90WDES
for the Tooth and U~roath,250s.
Vaptain Sweoney, U.S.A., San Di~ei Cal.,
stys"Shiloh's catarrh R~emedCy 1s ho 1lmitI
anedoinelIhavoeover found that would do mo
any good." PrIco 50 cta. Sold by Druggist'.
here fi. Fr Conaum pInthi~
no hs credthousands, ant wil cOn
oohf n intimo. Price250tu,, Cjots., Si'.
Sclentifle Ameoric...
Agency for
- * OAVWrva
'U~I'~~8" Tandtbook writo I-,
IOb nSie giv aroo oj0,e~
man shtoul& e w~JIeDhu i urnp .2 .
S:iAe Fupervision bver PA.
It.- National and comunaTI&
S~ing (Carried on by Es.
r n7 thc var ious go-crrmortA
le, mL a conserv'ative.
dne-third tflth forest
i-:a l Colitrol 010 thenu1nage.
1r sixth which belongs to
0.al public institutiom:,
i 1 > these Communit-ies are
- aniiploy expert forester.- am1
m ihiit their working planis to the
i' a' lit. for apprOval, thus preveit,
1 . jilVO vident ani(d wasteful m1ethols.
Tla otier half of the forest property,
mi t' hands of private owners, is inan
ed imostly without. interference, al
tiouagh ipon methodsi similar to those
iploy(d by thu government, and by
I r:J ii forestors, who receive their edu
:.l t iln ii o of the oight higher and sov
oral lower schools of forestry which the
var inus governments have established.
'eio sevearal states differ In their laws
reganiling forest property. Of the pri
vaito flarests 70 per cent are without any
co::trol witevor, while 80 per cent are
suijecit to supervision, so far as clearing
ai devastat ion are concerned.
Th t omeiicy on the part of the gov
ermnnent has been rather toward persua
ive mea~sires. Thus in addition to buy
inig ip or acquiring by exchange and ro
forest ing vaste lands-some 000,000
acres have been so reforested during the
likst 25years-the govermnent gives as
sistance to private owners in reforesting
their wa-te land. During the last 10
yoari; $:0041 was granted in this way.
II Aii:tria, by a htw adopted in 1852,
n)(t aily ',a the stato forests-i-opris
in I :in 80 per cent of the total
for t ar'a-r::tionally managed, and
i b emnt-of the0 communal for
e - '10 per cent--officially sut
r ' it private owners-holding
a b ct-aro prevented from
I i their forest property to the
'I djioiiers. No clearing for
; u a1" n be made without
!th h"i dw4.istrict rauthorities,
r u' ; t ainl appxcal to a
l eA, who adjusts tho
a ut forest must be rel
r .ld within livo years.
:-il mouitain sides clear
11nani d ollyeulliig of the
n-y. a-o, where liberty of
VIL%1P, aty rigdits and strong ob
- X ilvetDtnt interference had
la a , uIll p IIIheld, a complete reac.
a.c m mmMe 15 yeirs ago, which le
, --, giving the stato con
11ri v\ frest property as in Aus
. -w adopted in Italy in 1881
f agr iculture, in co-op
tI o department of publii
('onlultation with the for
e of the province and thl
noVi2rIS, iS to deIsignlato til
h for public reasons musl
tundr governmental con
- t reforestation and fo
tlin borrow money at
the State Soil Cre(dit
d. a414(epartmiiitt cont
;--ithe of the cost of re
I11upon coniditiont that the worki
rd ~ling~ to its plants and within
th specified by thle government.
I' R~ussia until lately liberty to cut,
bn v, destroy and devastate wasB unre
Itriied but ini 1888 a comprehensivc
ani~l1 we)llnsidored law cut off, so fat
ati.:an bf dono (110on paper, this liberty
of v 111lalismn. For autocratic Rtussiai
this latw is rallher timiid and is in the na
tute of a compllromniso between commnu
nal1 a aid private iterests, in which much
'if not all depends on the good will of
tihe priivafto ownier.
A federal lawv was adopted in Switzer
1:and iln 18761 which gives the federation
coniroi oIver the forests of the mountain
reialn embmracinig eight entire cantons
and11 par 'ts of seven others, or over 1,000,.
(000 aicres; of forest. The federation itself
doe4s not own any forest land, and the
(anahtonsH hardly 100,000 acres, somowhtat
over .1 per cent of tile forest area, two*
Itirds (' wvhichm isi held ini communal
ownerlship and1( the rest by private ownt
1The federal authorities have supervi.
s ionl ova.rt all catoal~i, communlal and(
priiv'a tiafrests, so far as they are "pro.
tel eet e foret , "hbut the executionl of the
law ri ts wit ht the catonal authoritics
11114r ih' insipectiont of federal officers.
Ii 1 Fraum not 1 only (does tihe state muan
ila' I a own foreast property, onle-nila
of II&' for>t area, in approved manne~r,
andi' r vi1:5 the manaligemen~lt of for
et' nIal:hg (,in omunities and othei
pnIb n' t Ii' itions,4 double) tile area o1
'at a a, ill a miannuer simnilar to-th<
re" ofl ) foests( in Germany, but il
cu a 1 iaa roIl') overl' i' e lar'go area of
tar' . by foridd(inig aniy cleari
pi( i '' I Ii hii elhocoint of the foreal
2(a it if a io:1 --Cent ury Mtagainio.
A (.rat sche.w
hhlo hias aL great scheme or
H uig up~ aL book thlat is bonnil
I anld bo popular with the Ia
i. it?''
i asf, chapter of 20 different
I' ' '' ) I mat ter where it's opened,
a of tile book. "--Chi.
rait allo ge~ttinmg on1 with
Did youa speak with her
I '1 i haw didh it como14 out?
I - a . I said( to himl, "'Mr.
AV W. t a .udllauhghiterl." Sa 3Eid 110
a" a I> 1.;Na't ' t alk about sonmc
Lady- FTio you an~y c(olecy?
From Loopers.
April 14, 1894.
Please announce that thero will
be a public meeting hold at Peters
Crook, April 28th, at 2 p. in., in
accordanco with instructions of
the President of the National F.
A. & I. U., it being a memorial sor
vice hold in honor of our late Pro
eideit, Col. L. 19. Polk. The fol
lowing speakors havo boon invited:
lion. W'. T. O'Doll, Houn. C. H.
Cairpontor, and Hon. J. M. Whit
miro. Tho public are also invited
to attond. W. R. JoNEs,
Soc. Peters Crook F. A.
Jhudgo Brewer of the Supromo
Court, is much givon to saying
quaint and humorous things in his
aftor-dinnor speeches. Tho othor
ovoning at Washingten, in addross
ing a club, he took occasion to op
poso woman's suffrage as a remedy
for tho abuses in municipal gov
ornmont. He said it meant giving
ovory wife two votes instead of ono
as at present; for, though his ju
risdiction as a member of tho Su
promo Court extended from ocean
to ocoan, and gulf to the lakes, yet
it sometimes failed to take in tho
Browor household. Now, if women
aro so masterful, is not all this a
good roason for giving thon the
Time Darkey avid his Check.
"Ono of the incidents of the boom
at Chattanooga, which happened
to fall under my immediate obsor
vation, interested me greatly," sa id
a Toninossoonn. "A negro thoro
had come into the ownership of a
small pioco of real estate worth,
whein ho got it., about $100. Dur
ing tho boom this property becamo
very desirable, and could probably
have )001n bought for a few hun
dred dollars had the would-bo pur
chaser not scarod the darkey by
offering him several thousand, but
a deal was finally closed for $10,
000, and tho nogro went to the
hank with a check to got the money.
t "How do you want it? asked the
"Gib it to me in silber."
Tho cashier began to pilo up the
sacks of silver and the negro's cyos
grow bigger and bigger. Finally
he could stand it no longer.
"Stop, boss," he said, "gib me a
diollahi and a half and keop do res'
for me1."
From Ihe Ealey Democrat of April 20th,
Tle protractod meetng is still
m progress at the Meothod is t
church. Tihe pastor, Rev. Hutson,
has beeon assisted this week by the
Rev. Dunlap, of Piedmont. Ow
ing to the busy season, we suppose
the attention has been small.
Messrs. Reuben F1olger, Robert
La thorm and George Hendricks left
Easly on Monday last, bound for
Lexington, Ky., whore they expect
to enter a business college. We
wvishu them much success.
The Alliance is on a boom all
over the State, and the most on
couraging reports reach us. Now
members are new being enrolled
b)y the hundred and disbanded
lodgos reorganized.
It is reported that Mr. W. HI.
Addington is building a house and
will shortly start in operation a
government distillery at the old1
Berry mill lplace, in the "Sugar
Town" neighborhood, six miles
east ofEasley. Mr. Lowell K(. Koel
Icy, it is said, will be the store
keeper and guagor.
An election for Intendant and
four Wardens for tho town of Eas
Iey, to serve the ensuing year was
beh!1 on Monday last, and resulted
as lollows: W'. A. Clyde was r'e
eh-e('ted Inltendlanlt wvithout opposi
I ion .M\essrs. V. EV. H-udgens, B. F.
McElrath, J. M. Rampoy and J. M.
B1 a r r, were elOotedI W ar d ens.
There wore only 54 votes polled.
A ll the above named WVardens
were re-elected except Mr. J. M.
Barr. Having served last year,
thet 1p001)1 have been so well satis
fied with their management of
aff airs thsy concluded to give
them anther term.
The following good advice we
wo find in the Anderson Intolligon
"Every laborer is worthy of huis
hire. Pay all hired help prompt
ly so they will cheerfully and wil
lindy (10 your bidding. Nobody
who works for wages should be
for.ced to earn themn a second time
by repeated asking for their pay.
Prc~nmpt settlement makes warm
frienda and wilhna ha~unaa.
Bill Talks About Politics.
Atlanta Constitution.
Old Dr. Abornathy, or some1 oth.
or doctor, said that he was tho
best physician who amused tho
pationt until naturo restored him.
Our law makers at Washington
have boon practicing on the people
that way for about a your, and I
verily boliovo tho patiot in gotting
woll. They havo fooled u1s with
bread pills and swootoiod water
11ad fed u1s onl hop and promisos
uitil the reaction has come, and
now wo don't caro a darn whether
t-hoy do anything or not. As Cobe
siys, "It's all optionary with m11o."
Ihisinoss is resuming its natural
channels. Tho whools of industry
iro turning. Retronchmiient and
reform at homo have offocted moro
Liin silvor bills or tariff legisla
tion. Advorsity has taught u1s all
i lesson, anld now another good
:rop will sot the country all right.
Tho pooplo havo boon fooled with
the idea that Congross could givo
roliof. The averago American citi
r.on is a simplo minded, credulous
3rcature. I-o knows no more
Fibout this silvor quostion than I
do, and I don't know whether I
know anything or not. How
should I know, when my teachors
till diffor so widely, and ono man
tolls m) one thing an(1 another
says it's not so? It is amulining to
road th intel-viows with reproson
tativo meni ini Atlanta. -Somo of
thom1 went to school withi my boys
-some of thmil don't, know what
soigniorago means, but all of them
are liko Jack Buiinishy-they "Ilave3
anl opilnon as is an opin ionl." ISOmle
says Cloveland is i great states
manl ad some0 says h1e is a fool and
somo say ho is a knavo, ald ha
sold out to the goldbugs and will
Illako enough by this voto to retirt
as a millionairo. I was up at San.
ford the other daily and a man tolk
m0 conidntially that another mm
told him that h0 had just comn
irom Washington and it was norv
tod thoro that Grover went, a-fis
ing at Egg harbor and got on
bider and throw'd some of th
eggs at his frionds. I doii't believ
that-do you? But about politic
-my opiinion is that the peopl
attach too much importanco t
thlefm. There aro mon aroui
Clear Wator talking politics whil
tieir wives aro at homo sowing fo
a living and supporting tho fami
ly. That is the way everywhort
Tile lazy discontented men are ly
inig around waiting for relief whil<
the plie-faced wife is doing all ti
work. The love of office seems ta
be a passion with a arochiss o
p)0op)1. They b~roodl over It an<
schl~lem for it and hanker after it
1t does look like a great man wh<t
is worthly of hlighl officers wouk(
naturally be retiring and modest
and not be everlasting setting uf
his claims-his claims-his sor~vi.
cos to thle party. 'Thl wild rush for
tho succession before Sonat or CoL.
qiltV was buried wais d isgraicefutl,
It was like some of them At lantal
lawyers who hoear of a railroad1
wreck and~ rush wildly tho anld
importune the injured man for theC
case wilet the surge~on is sotting~
his brokon limb, or they ofher
their servicos to the bereaved wid
owV hofotre hier husbanitd is- bluriod,
Those aroe not. fan icis-lhey are
facts, and1( it 35is a ign) ,(f fatIIllng
froma graico wlhen thto p)op)l( allow
such 1il gs t) be done( w ithlout, re
huko(4-wi thouit scorn and Coin.
tomp 1t.
Tholr. aro en11 in o1vry State
whio, like old Bob Leo inl ihe armyi
are1 fh)V abovethe spiit of detract(iona
Such ai main I thoughtI was (Gener
ali Evans, and that is wihy I1 wanted1
11111 for Gov(ernor, and( 1 amt] sorry
that ho tever agroodl to take tihE
stumpj andi h) halwked at by thec
poh1 ticianis. Thoer) wa1s 1n0 necessity
for it. Every little jack-a-nmape
whot is sidowi ping airoundit to get
the orthographly of a lit (1( office
will jump1 upi a) (down) and say l'ml
for this, or I'm for that, when if he
would go to work he could earn
morel~ honest money thlan he will
ever get waiting for office.
But the issue is upon the conptry
The old parties will be torn asun.
dler anld new alignments made and~
mayft be thlat will break up tile soilid
South and the almost solid North
and bring about a newv era lik<
Lihere was in the parties whenWhig
and Democrats divided tihe pleople
There are thousands of good Demo,
crats down South who favor a pro
tective tariff and they wvill turn t<
a party that will give it. There ii
to be a new deal of the cards-a
new mnova on thn cblhrd.w Tr4
old issues havo )oon11 brushlo( l)
and worked (vor until they aro
threadbaro. Mr Clovdhind may be
right, but ho is not. w ith i t ho party
-cortainly not wit th pairty iii
Georgia, for our people say 'they
want imori silve. uid ii inco'ii
tax and the noimoval (i' the 10 pwr
cent. tax on State hiIks.
But after all, tihe miin who will
work diligently and entdi~d to his
OWl) busiae \\ || .. | It i. C1
silvor hc needs. I a x iir iin x tani if
ornotaritY, mid I. wo'Tit have to
borrow moiv I'r'u n i IM t 1 'uks
or any other bI a . T n I ii jill v
father imiay nillict i iim bim. 11'
n~obody olSo. 1111n1k.,m on- ." too
think how Ie, is ailie..d thel
SaIn(s by the lat N% iIt rv lt rv .ts tu1t
havo dostroy(d the fruit :1i'I tIto
crops, but wo can't hlp th it b* v
logislat(.ionl. Hn..e Arm..'
Not It ('1111411111..
Senator Vance, of Nort h (a r
olina, tells the followin1mg at his
Own expenso:
In one of his capiatigns for
tho governorship lie was riding
along a country ronl, whenm he
mt a venerable da rkey a rv aye(d
in Sunday [lothes. It waS
'Vance's habit to taMlk to evervy
body lie met in theso- e-le t ihineer
ing tours.
"Well, 1ucle," le' said,
'you'-ro sIruced u pi migih il t Ii his
morning. Going to chnireh'
''Yes, sah. vii< to church.
"I bet I know vI-mt in-c
you belong to--Bapt ist"'
''No, sar; I can' su vI a
"Methodist, t honm
'No, sah: I ain't i) erodis
"Well, sur'el y, IyI.' 4! 114) t Mn
4(No, sad: I's Irl t m: dat's
what I is,."
" ;AndI you bekli in I! the I
doctrines of thA ilrinn
''Yos, sah.''
''Well now, IIh,. hd.Wb
I trine of (lection. I' y ,
3 icv(3 it a tan is m iaetlI to lI
saved ie will be saved, 8nal
elected to be dannme 1w will 1)
0 "Oh, yes, boss; <1il m, Iyitlh.
0 'It is' ch? Well, t ake m11 ,'n
8 An I lected to bo e s:ved e
o elected to be danmed'
: The old inali scratche(I li
I head, his roligions cony)viction
j struggling witii his desire to b
r polite, but pressed for n) an1)
- swer, replied: 4\VeIr, telI yoi
.what, Marso Zeb, I hiave bieen
- libbini n dis world for' n igh on
years andl I niever. yet hmearp
Stell of any man being eleen
onless he was a cambda t le.
r Equally as a piolit ir(ia n and m
a Presbyterian, s-ena~itoi Vanet
appreciated1 this (dilat
Osa3y at Prkmger.
''Hoe is 0111y a. printer.' Sneh
wvas the snoering reun81irk Iof ai
loador' in a circle of arist'oernecy
-the cod fish qual11ityv. W lhe wa~s
the Earl of Stanhopc? Il was~
only a priint(r. \Vhint wvete
Prince Edward \V illimui aml(
Prince Napoleon ? Proud Ii e cll
themselves prIinlters. The' 1pr1
sent czar of Russia, 1 lie crown
prince of Russia and the Duike
of PBattenbur'g are }e .rinter's, andl
the emnpoir of Clinnm~m work s in a
Wmilliami C'axton, ti' he Ioihr of'
English l iteratnitre, wa a I rac1i
cal printer. Wh a~ . ..
Morris, N. I.N *, mils
Gale, Charles n.
.ine t(' arl or, If1?
1er (olfax? 'ri.i i }ll and
minigs, liret IIlo* mu0 (ii
ters, ais wVere ArtiIiiin \\ ardl,
Petroleum \V. Nasbyv anid St
Lovingood. Seniator I'Ilumbh was
a pr'inter, and so is James S.
llogg of T1exes, and the leader
of science and philosophy in
his (lay made it his boast thai
he was a printer.
In fact, th~ousandls of th<
most brilliant minds in thiu
country are to bo found toiling
in the publishing houses of larg<
cition and towns. It is not eve
ry one that can be a printer
brains are absolutely necessary
Vance Laid to Rest.
AsumEVLL, April 18.-At the
hour of noon the remains of the
late Senator Zebulon B. Vance
wero being deposited in their
last resting place overlooking
the beautiful French Broad rlvei
in this "land of the sky;' a fit
ting spot for the last repose df
the great man . The funeral
train arrived just after dawn
from Raleigh with the commit
[ees of both houses of congress.
Tlhe governor, and other officers
of the state and three cars of
distinguished friends of the
de.ad senator.
Not.vitlitanding the late hour
:n which the train passed Hick
ory, large crowvds pr-essed into
the funeral car and deianded to
see the remains.
The deionstration in Ashville
was the greatest of the occasion.
The body was placed in the
First Presbytorian church at 8
o-Clock, and from that hour un
til 11:30, thousands of people
from his native county-Bun
cqmnbe-passed by to take a last
look. An immenso crowd of
confederate veterans, followed
by a different fraternal organ
izations, the Ashville Light In
fantry and Bingham School
cadets fled I)y.
iMirs. Vanco spent half an hour
in privato with her dead hus
land, and asked that she be the
inst one to see his face.
T11he pirocession wasthen form.
;e( reaching almost from the
church to the cemetery-a dis
Uonce of' two miles. The crowd
hat marched out to the come
L'ry is estinated at 10,000.
Friday will be observed here
As iM'iorial (Iay for the whole
oa ct, ald IaI imflmelse throng is
Thex jlackberry
1114 4 1. I1ibII3
Speaking of the harii done in
the onltry arilold Rtleigh by
t freezes hhe1 Ners 1nd Oh
1eonnCluded with the an
nowement that the "black -
berri1s are not killed.'" That's
une )easoi why we tic to the
r blackherries. It is rarely if ever
killed. It is one of the few
11 plants which knows whIen it is
tUe to start up business and,
iiever takes any chances on the
- weatIer. in this respect it can
give tI ground-hog five 11n the
game and beat himii. And the
blacklierry will be ini this year
for the other berries are
squelched, the apples, peaches,
et1(, are, none comnatibus, andi the
i ufril led, iuairifiedl, plain mat
t''r of fact blackberry will be
muonarch of all it surveys and~
will be in the swim when the
shiin~~lg timue comes, although
it will go inl dry. From the
present outlook the blackberry
t his year will command some of
(lie re'spect its virtues and( stay
ing qualiities entitle it to.--WiI
intgton [N. C.] Star.
en i anforgive, bult I canuvr
fo rget !"' a sort of forgivoness, let.
io, tell you, that isn't worth the
na mo. It is base coin ; and when -
ever you feel in that way towards
anybod~y, you may as well take a
lonug br1eath, and think seriously
rotforo you sny the "Forgive us our
I respassos" in the Lords Prayer.- ~
\ a rgoi re i Sangstor.
WVhen a w'oman cannoti reform a
numa his salvation is impossible. '
Whleno shet ('alnnot destroy him his
I rucI ion1 is not, possible.
It f l1hire ho 01n0 thing of which I
nmdeep ly and unalterably convin
'ed, it is iat only in proportion '
:1- we aire sincere towards the Lord .
niur (Wd shall we ho also sincere ,
one. towarlds another.
A 1 the constables in the - tate<
e~xcepst those involved in the Dar:
lington tragody, are on ditty a at
somfO p~oint, anidigro trying to lsd;'
cover illicit wvhiskoy. s
Judgo Frazor has decided that
the hawvkors' and pedlors' act pass .
('d by the Legislature last winter K
is constitutional. An appeal will
bo taken from the decision. .
A large number of negroos ave
- rogisterod in York Coun '
,other counties t r
county clubs.

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