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p E
Vo i Al 1 A 8. C.., THURSDAY MAY 3, 1894. -
-No 18
. t191%11N.4KtK BY.
Phstelcian and Surgeon,
4 ifflf a his (ido te 0 . Man Stret
Mjpireir 8, 1894.
J' 1 IcIION, Civil Engi .eur and
.a y for. ree iville, S. '
peel ti i..l 1IOn givenl ti, -H'tliv .
of aind," lt-rr.iclt: ittid Estmuat iin of
watie?- pw er.
Office 881 M.d'tiot. over Fcitoti's BoI
Jin. 26, 94-di.
dWEN & ClIILD4..E88,
Attorneys at Law,
Pickensi 8. C.
)Oct. 5. 1893.
R. J. W. NORWOOP, Dentist, Dr.
W Mt. Ni uwoOD, Assistant. Oflico,
88)- 'ain.8treet, Grcenville, S. C.
Jan. 9, '92 y
R. .J. P. CARIBIE- -Dentist Gre--n.
- ville, '$;. 0. Offico over Addion &
McGee'd Drug Store.
The Exchange Hotel,
C. W. HENDERSON. Proprietor.
Maonern Imprenuts TrgE Rooms.
Special attention to Comnacal Travel an
Tourists. Table Fare Unsurpassed. .
Fine Climate the year round. Ap. 7, 9'2
Liveil legi, :al1 & ! Iiuho t11e,
Easley and Pickuns, S. C..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages, Buggles, and Saddle Horses, at
reasonable rates.
gX' Your patronage solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers In
Marble and W hoi mQlme10to,
TOMBSTONES, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
6. C. Sept. 19, '91.
If you want the finest PICTURE18 made
in the State, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
1t3 MlcBee Aveune Greenville, 8. C
ger Crayon Portraits i specialty
April 7-y
Veterinary Surgeon.
Having :n experi nwe of fifteien ye:rs
in trenting all dih-easeis of cattle, a
having Imiaide the disens- o Mirrian,
all of ita forms, a. specialt , I offer my
service- to Iho public. Wi I tic t cat v
siufferin with w.y ordinatry disen 4-.
-1. 1'. GIRIFFIN
Feb. 1-1y' . Pikcen, . C
Furnihed oit 15tys test Trial we
lie prgliaer 'onl c rIet is signel.
Ifyou want i ormi (if emitatation
IBnly the Carpenter Organ.
LOW E-i' PItICE! 4 Oit V Ail.
Nov 9, 93
Dealer in
Y/Mcbes, Dilwoods & JaweIy,
Oct. 19.--m .
To Buy -the b~est DRUGS, at thet
lowest priceR.
Full lhne of BLANK BOOKS, STA
TIONERY and S 0110O 0 L SUP
Closing out our PAINTS, AT1
A full line of ARTIST'S MATE
D. T. BACOT & CO.,
West Grecenville, S. C.
Oct. 5, 1893.-6m.
Dry Good14 tbel l n.Md( c'hep.
than ever.
Arbuckl'.8 Coflee at 25 e(V.
per pound
You can savo money by
buying goods from me.
James E. Brown's,
Central, S C. Nov. 30 9%
Monday morn'ng or SNO'
WHIITIC, A~iJ,.' I es
Loiiiiiale lefaching, snow white 8
cents a yard.
Thouanrrds of' var dsi of Enbroide
ries, , 5, 8, 1 5, 25, :.4l :15 e ' s a
yard. No sili values imhave you ev.
er seen- given..
Come on sinow sahoes, come on foot
or on wheels if you hko. The prices I
have melted way down, but you will
find The Ground Thoroughly Covered
With Bargains.- t
REIGN--We reign as monarch of low i
pries.' i
RE[N-We are check rein on high
RAIN-April showers, (UMBRELLAS).
May flowers
Sounds well in poetry but yon will
need an Umbrella to prevent many
ailments. We have them begining
to-day at Che following prices:
Ladies 24 inch Silk umbrellas,
worth $1.50, for 99 cents,
Mens 28 inch Silk Umbrellas,
worth $2 for $1.25.
You know we never advertise any
thing we do not have, so first come,
first served. We have fifty of each t
Hands and feet nicely clad this week.
Our reputation on Plant's Oxfords
for ladice, aimt the best $3.00 shoe on
top of dirt, for men, will not suffer in
the least by the display made for you
this weck ill our Shoe Department.
Also Foster's Genuine Kid Glo, e,
made. -by old man Foster himself.
Those Wool .Challies :,t 1:' cnts
are passing'away.
Lace Stripe ScOt-h ZeohiyS w(. h
3.3 cents are moving a a qaick ste t
20 cents a yard.
30 picates J .k .:t
cents.a yarft th:t
Orgaprdies .bi
Zep rv'
out of employment, or in~
a position that you dono
-like? Possibly the solic-:
iting of Life Insurance is
*youi special forte. Many'!
:people have, after trial ,
!been surprised at thei
Sfitness for it. To all such~
!it has proved a most con
Egenial and profitable occu
Spation. The Managementi
jof the
-Equitable Life
in the Department of the
*Caiolinas, desires to add!
*to its force, some agents
aof character and ability.
Write for information.:
W. J. Roddey, manager,:
Rock Hill1, 3. C.
* TAKE -
80ctu.anud 4, *
$1.00 Bottle.
0oecent adoso. -~. *.
Tnrs (InEAT (,
Where aln o1.;. -
Asthma. PM -
ai e . - -
Al e ce oo s '.:.'- -o
Amrn 1m. 154
TV . ..~the Rlches of
1t I am going
i 4, 1 h I do ak: you far
Nf,;, C:-- V rit I tI, t I h it md of the
r, l.1i: ld of h pyrallA,
*99.7 III \\ 9 i. atilt[ ja l.
it . ll- istoiy .f a key, before which
'ast, 1*C1lI9 II traah ss, imivnetrable for
ges, ojenied (liir doors. And when the
Hisrtals wer(eo thrown -wido tle soarchers
aI.'d(1 upon vistas containing riches of
rhIiih their wildest imiaginings had
lever dreamed.
It is not a key of gold, thoaugh its
'aluo is more thani its weight in that
irecions metal, nor is it shaped like a
:ey at all. And tbc wealth it unlooked
i not only for its fhidors, but for all
lat desiro to partako of it, for all pos.
erity, for you and for ine. I speak of the
t)setta stonie, which is now in the Brit
Ah museui.
Many ages ago Ptolomy Epiphenes,
:ilg of Egypt, paid the arrears of - * es
aid other debts of tho priestho6r of
Dgypt, and in thanks and to show their
espect for his consideration the priest
iood, at a synod held in Memphis, passed
decree commemorating it. The decree
vas cut into stone, as that was the mode
if preserving a record of historical
vents. This happened about 195 years
oefore the Christian era.
You must know that the Egyptian
lad a different niodo of writing from
urs. They used hieroglyphics or pioture
vriting, and this, after great research,
ins been discovered to be the written in.
erpretation of sounds.
That a record of Epiphenes' deed
night not be lost the Egyptians had the
teoree written in three different lan.
;uages, the hieroglyphic, the demotic
nd the Greek. This was done as a pre
aution, because, as the country had
nany dialects, a language once in use
vas likely to die out lir time. So by
naking this trilingual copy of the event,
nlh a translation of the other, it was
ikely to be preserved.
Years passed, and the dust of ages
mrhid from view the stone that was des
inel to play so important a part in
browinig a light upon theshadowycon
k-ption )' modern thinkers regarding
h : i ; nl manners and customs
S n -.), w or kw of
v, i 11, 1 he
w.ih the
- altyabout
I; oro than
- -r(Ar drawings.
u. .- l from
* . ] 9 whi-ro i t. wL~,as
nI dre.unl hlow pre
9'~ ~~~ !;9 I 1 ' )~I venrs
1i ('1 word was
a.Dr. V, ;-' inl P-15 lutle
jut tImword Pilemyiiu, al lie it was
hviii ((i.9coverel ilat thi -writing -was
)ieleil m119 noit ideographie, as had
'en suipposcl. But the key had not yet
lone its wori, for, like Alaklin and his
aillp, tlie talisiman had not yO been
Dr). Yonng, continuing his research,
lee'iphered the wvord Berenice among
ho pictorial writings of the frescoes at
Tarnak. But it Is to. Champolion that
nest of the credit is due, for he contin
ied the research unremittingly, and
uialy his lalbors-woro crowned with vie
cry. The translation of the Rosetta
tono was comipletedl-tht is to say, so
ar as the stone Itself Is complete, for
me part of it Is broken off.
- It was-not an easy taskc to conquer,
nut one well worth the attempt, and
ionor wil~l ever redound to the men that
mndertook and sueceeded In opening .iip
he broad field of the literature of the
ast, the fld that glows wvith glorious
leeds and vast achievements, and that
'or ages baffled the wisest.--Philadel
giha Times,
No More Milk.
"There is no more milk in the world, "
laid ani old gourmet as he sat at his
Luncheon at the Manhattan club. . "It has
goene, and not even a bubble of regret
seems to mark the spot where it sank
nut of sight. .Milk, the earliest staff of
all generatioiis, is now a thing unknown
in polite circles. 'It's all cream now. It
does not maztter whether I dine here or
in Texas -'or In California, everywhere
tile waiters ask: 'Will you take cream
In your coffee?' and 'Will you have
cream hot or cold?' Tihe good old staple,
milk, is no longeor called by name. Even
Iin Chiengoe the~y cail it cream. Milk -Is
tabcnl. T1 1h1t gonie out of existence
with t .7 v 'urd I 'womian, 'the word 'un
(dort ak<".,' Iha wtord 'dtess' and a lot of
ot he.r 1 '. erms:. -Now it's alwaya
creamu).1' '. funeral director and gown
wher< e. o ven in Chicago. And
. ocfteni pl~o blui andl(
n1:9 rved as; c>.., 1
* To the
ieis wh'dich
-\ Willi ims of
o491 the is
1 ll.';', hea';ving lake
Wear yourh1 learing like your watch
ini a l rivate poclket, and( (do not pull it
0tit and strike it merely to show that
you have one. If you are asked what
o'clock it is, tell it, but do not proolaim
it hourly and unasked liko a watcinan.
A bed of roses whore the sunlight falls;
A glinipe of puirpole grnpe5 on southward
And far, white'Thuril through the leaves of
A. se'ro of rct Vfne ye :v: nty cn'>
A sin-lo tu.t Ina!) th ide be vh
A shining lizard dartirZ out of rech:
,1a rah f v;od i I.; oug a cui I It
A htholigIl. 44 lIeake, .ilp svt t.,.) o 1r
8i t.4-11. '
A dial where ii" poitited shadow creeip
F.'romu hour it) hour of eniso: a day t liat keeps
Its beauty through the night; a night that
With dev aid stars-a hush-a world that
'leeps -Detroit Free Press.
ited Men of Guiana.
There are still "red men" In Guiana,
according to Mr. Smith Dolacour's re
port-descendants of the inhabitants at
the time of its discovery. They are ap
parently of three or more separate ori
The oldest inhabitants are believed to
be the Warraus, who lead a semiamphib
ious life, without agriculture and rath
er as fishers than as hunters. Where
these people came from is not known,
Of more certain origin are the second
set, the Arawacks, who were driven
southward from the West Indian is
lands. After them came a whole series
of Carib tribes, who were also forced
southward from the West Indies. Just
before the advent of the Europeans the
last of the Carib tribes made its appear
ance, and its people were known as the
"True Caribs."
In life and surroundings there is no
great difference between any of the ex
isting tribes. They live in small family
groups, the mutual relations of the mem
bers being admirably regulated by &
very decided though unwritten code.
They pass perfectly simple lives, the
happiness of which seems to be enhanced
by the inevitable collisions with other
tribes,. A sufeiciency of fooA'so procured
by hunting and fishing and O.primitive
kind of agriculture. Their houses, adds
Mr. Smith Dollcour, are of the simplest,
but exactly what is required, and the
furniture is usually a hammock. Cloth
ing is "a question for the future."
London News.
Skins of Pruit.
The skins of fruit should iiy(Vr b
eaten, not. because 1 hey are iiot pahttoable
or d ige:-i il or a unh althy in them
eh M, but (onI aeunte i if tUe ()ger ar1
ing ;'rum mrbewihhavepntr
04d int t tle coveriig lf tilefruit. Every
hLliad ilthticed that' at tiies a sli..lt
scI:tch will renta con siderablo sore
on I ho itimnani btidIy. It is generally as.
erihed to an11 unheaulthiy colditiol of t.he
blood, but a close microscopical extuni
nation Nvill show that it is due to the
presence of microbes thus introduce4
into the'system. So with an apple, a
peach, a pear or a grape. The fruit may
be perfectly somiul and healthy, but on
thn skin or 'covering may ho microbes,
which, introdilucd into the hu1man1 sys
tem, will ihreed disease. Tihs germs arc
not uIc()OniM-n; neither :re they ualways
preseut. It; is possiblo to eatt this covet -
ing wit honi, irijury, but thtie dangr is
sneh that il. is best nt to incur the rli*.
-Si. Louis ]1.Dispathl.
Jacik Tarl 's .'Whemie.
fanty ye:rs ago :m Englishman vim
ployed an honuest tar who had quit. the
sea as a gardener. Jaok had no sooiner
entered his service than he found hii
self much annoyed by a dog who night
ly invaded the garden. One morning the
sailor reached the garden before the dog
had left and made him captive. As soon
as lie had seized the animal, Jaok de
liberately took a spade, cut off the (log's
tail and set him at liberty. Shortly after
the owner entered the garden and in
quired if the dog still annoyed the gar
dener, "He'll never trouble us agalin, "
replied Jack, "I caught him this morn
ing, unshippod his rudder and set him
off before the wind, and hang me If he
will be able to steer his way back. "
E.xchange, _____
Poilteness of Swedes.
"The unfailing politeness of the
Swedes is a constant source of wonder
and astonishment to visitors," said
George C. Trumon of New York. "They
have a large assortment of bows and
courtesies according to the ago and sex
of those who are thus recognized, but
the lifting of the hat is so universal that
it seems to be going all the time. Even
the butcher's boy In meeting the baker's
assistant, Instead of passing him with a
careless 'hell' or giving him a friend
ly buffet, as an American lad might do,
doffs his hat tohim with elaborate cour
tesy. "-St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
In the heart of London is a publio
newsroom without a librarian or any
one to look after the papers. They are
chained and padlocked so they cannot
be carried off. Little dangage Is done,
and the room is usually q~let and or,
derly. ________
Mtissonri $rowa 219,00,000 bushils
of corn, 80,000,000 of oats, 20,000,0)30
of wheat and 18,000,000 pcoud' (.f i,
bacco. Thel lead product hm ce
1 00,000d,000 panndU7 Iu ai n.g .sI
andI the zinc has equ:Jecd 1 ?,500 t<
' Mary 'l C "vy of I
dojI 11 ie.t to Li ha(rei~~e ib
ding. She was mieiid te oliher 2ay to
JTolm Perry, and the ceremiony occupied
exaotly 2% seconds by the watch.
The Eigyptians moved great masses of
stone without the aid of machines.
Large blocks were drawn up inclined
p1 ant s of eairth or s ine. Someotimes~ 500
meni were required to draw one blh
int) its prtoper piosit ionl.
Ciharlot te, comiplatiinig of boar-ding
school, said: "'The wvorst of all was
niot hing to) tat bet ween mieals. W'hyv,
aunt h-, from hn-aiklfast to dinner you j u.t
had to starve!'
New Zea(landlt hals set apart two is
;ands on wvhiich hunting and trapp~ing
are forbidden.
Us Drown's Iron Bitter.
Physichuu rcommendit.
All dealers keep It. 81.00) per bottle. Genuino
ftra R~ trae-a'J re e Me nwapr
Cezey'u Awmy.
If the armies are permittd by
the cowardice of the Governors of
th 0 t atos they have to pass through
to reach Washington, it is not clear
what they mean to do. Most of
ilhz trin ha-e no other notion
. v t i i.r to Washington.
That is an e1id in itself, like get.
tmg iiu ti kingdom of heaven or
into public offico, and what they
shll I do when they have got in
10s not yet agitate them. Their
loaders say that they will demand
that. they shall be put out at work.
A,bona fido offer of work would un
doubtedly disperso an "arny" as
soon as anythmig but grapeshot;
I)ut that is not tho point. T'he
Govornmont cannot find work for
hom without borrowing tho mo.
noy. Tho tramp leaders attribute
the misfortunes of their followers
to the fact that the Government
pays interest on the money it bor
rows, and in this the representa
lives of the tramps in the House
-Ind in the Senate, like Allen and
Poffor, agroo. "Death to intorest
on hon(S" is the motto of Coxoy's
army. Tho proposition is, then,
hat the Govornment shall mako
vork for thoso men by the issue of
)onds that are repudiated in ad.
vance of thoir issuo of bonds that
are repudiated in advance of their
issue, and that are never'ess expect
ed to attract the "capitalists"
whom the tramps and the tramp
leaders'and tramp representativos
and the tramp Sonators agroo inl
(olouncing. The only Voices that
has thus far been emphatically
raisod in Congress against the pes
iif(rous Imoison'se is that one of
S c'jnair I Ilawley. I1is action is the
mre creditabh. to hii hoauso(113 he
.; an x partisan and ox
troi1) pIrotectionist, and is there
forP11 umd0r the sImeo temptantion to
which st imany ll1oputblicans and
Protectionist have yielded to mag
nify the tramps and to contend
that they are tramping int conso.
quonce of the Wilson bill. There
is probably no fear that anything
serious would result if the "armies'
reac hed Washington, but would
fi \e-kle b a national disgrace if
w re allowed to reach it. So
. "I 1 O th i have traversed
Nor York. (vornor Flowers may
be trusted to porforiam his duty in
such a case, but tho Governors of
thu States alruady traversod havo
disgraeofilly failed to do their dii
ty, or tho armi1s would long aIgo
hav) beenI dlispersedl andl taken to
tramiping inconspijcuouls detach
mionits.--New~ York Timos.
Thle Tar'irr Bill May nie P'amed
By May idS,
Washington, April' 24.-[Spe
cial.}--The Democrats in the Son
ato are getting together on the
tariff and there seems to be no
longer aniy fear that the Repub
licans can defeat the measure or
so much as recommit the bill.
Senator Blackburn, a member of
the Steering Committee, said to
your correspojndent to-day:
"Beginning with tomorrow the
steering committee will insist
each (lay for the day to be fixed
for the vote. This will be done
until the country fully realizes
where the delay comes from.
The odium for any delay after
two of such methods will soon
be shifted to the shoulders
where it belongs. For myself
I believe the bill will pass the
Senate by May 15. Yes, it will
pass the income ta~x mi d al.'
This seen e a very saininet
y'ou wiiind every Deortin
tor Hill or Senator Murphy will
vote against the bill and does
not think that Senator Smith
will play his game through as
now indlicated.
Tu o of 'dhe worst things in the
aI or1I: Tho see a young boy smoke,
andm~ ii bvar t he old man swear.
There is one thing a woman can
nee o--sho can't make a man
Stell wvho'ro ho has boon.
Mloro is accomphshod by doing
each day's work faithfully than by
crowvdinig two days' work intio n
Confdence isestoreea.
.To restore confidence the na
tionai banking system was es
tablished in 1863. To restore
confidence silver was demoneti
zed in 1873. To restore confi
dence, more than three hundred
million in currency was called
in and destroyed under the re
sumption act. To restore confi
dence, the Sherman act or 1890
was substituted for 'the Bland
act of 1878. Ti restore confi
dence, Cleveland Wias elected
President in 189:2. 'o) restore
Confideice, a s-ecial wstiol of
Coi)gress 'as calld to repeal
tho Shermani purchain: act of
1890. To re;(or' cofiidenee,
Secretary (trlisle paid ont -gold
on silver col iraelts. To :-estore
confidence. tlie aLlministration
issued fifty million interest bear
ing bonds in thes: piping times
of peace. To restore confidene,
the Presidento rejected tho Seig
niorage bill, and now declares
in his Vto0 ( m gs, 1tha.1t conl
fidence inl Cr aboluto! o-enieV
is to sn-h ml e ut Ued.
and faith inll lip si~ to;
adhere 10 sot .oth
ods is so far
duce the mo: encoua&in.:
suits, bo th ait t n nd ab1)r(,, ."
And to manitiiii thiofhlene,'
Cleveland sa.s Imore gold bonds
must be wsne.
Now let us feel grateful to
Comlmodoren '1elhind and Ca p.
Slieritan for~i .t ;liil ' ihe old
ship of, slatl, o g n! s
succ'ss fu !: .. * j
natioiml -st::ene' d ,
goldlbg aul- bl-h
"faitli" ill oilt oii i i m i h
ods together wilh ani 'in ,li
treasury i- about all that is I
us after th is eventutui I ,voya...!.
And as there is no (uorui pie
sent in our pockets, antd as thm
sergeant-at-arms has not beer
able to arrest Congressmen (1
dollars enough to make a quo
rum, adjournment is now in or
der--Grenville (omnty(V. C) Ye
Bumines Is Bleing ige'sunsaiU nt 1114
Old Stand.
Columbia, S. C., April M4.--Car
loads of whiskey are being re
ceived here and saloons opening
as under the former regimtile.
Beer is fn ttp at 1 h1 p"la s at
of nmew~ '-aloonat a :hen1 itplenn: t)'td.
N~o effort sofr to -(op ihemi hias
bunsiness. Th - prtb 'it st
threaten t~o Itke a hlutnol and
have arr-ests mtad' to test wlth1
em- prohiiUltin e.bds. So far ,
however, no0 warrantl i s have bee~n
sworn out. itL is understood that
the Supremte Coutrt is an xious to
give a speedy~ hearing to a test
case if any v ne ean be brought
hofore it.
Tusen( A b . . .*-1
er, a formier r.
of a friond ftr'' th n
01ld Bill Tom.1)nl Well, his (cas(
illustrat(es the contdit io ofl affai huirs.
It cameit around e the enud of t
yeaur. anrd l hoh EJ.1 ''?(
wht will you (do?'
"Wh~at wvill I (do?" quetriedl Tom.u
"Why, then you'll work for me1,
don't you see, and( get all your cat-.
tb back again.' "--Now York Hor
In the opinion of many Sena.
tor Vance was the greatest wil
the Senate has known since th<
war. He enlivened the cloak
room with enough good storie
to make a book. Ganiality char
acterized his private life, an
he had ahaiost no enemiot
There are colonies of Carolin
children whoi boar his namo i
token of the esteen in whic
their fathers hohl( im.fl
Comer Talka F86*44.
Nmw YoRK, April 26.--Mr.
Jacob 8. Coxey was shown a
co)Y of the proclamation issued
by the difltrict commissioners of
Wash ilgton, warning the Indus
tIal army againat invading the
capital, and, having peiused it
carefully, he said:
"My onswor to it is this: "The
wicked fleeth when no mai
"Vill You heed thol proclam
ationy "
"Emphatically no."
"If the police arrest yourself
and army, what then?''
"Let them dare," snapped the
general, his eyes flashing.
"'Will you desist from en.
couraging other industrial ar
Mies from storming the capi
"On the contrary, I shall re
double my efforts to bring every
unemployed mai, women and
child to Washington.'
"\\ill not the fear of possible
blo(odslhed deter you?'
I do nor court a resort to
i but we will demand our
even if it takes physical
si rngt h to prevail. I shall not
commit myself to that, but will
repea t, my declaration to bring
congress to terms by besieging
Washington until justice is
Wiat if the unemployed
stmrve in the streets of Wash
'I ii' stench from their ashes
congressional relief."
intknded' in all seri
\n rswill be
i hii i ttw, if' necessa
dr'ss t tohe members of the Poo
ple;' I vilustrial league, at 50 East
i Tenti Street, whero he had been
invited by Davis Rosseau, of the
state colinnittee of' the People's
party. A bou t 500 Populists
Avre1 pr'esent to hear the goner
al, many of them being wo
TI'I4 P'is-e'idesag Ueg4Ad g4 Ac.
VAsm(-4rON, April 25.-Soine
of the Democratic senators are
urging Mir. Cleveland to issue a
proclmnation r)'Ohibiting Coxey
and his followers from entering
W\ash ington as a organized
troolp. I t has been p)Ointed out to
himn that undher circumstances
somewhat similar Preosident .
Grant issuo'.i such~J a proclamn
ationi, and that it i~s his duty at
hIisutimie to see that a demon.
stirat i'n of this sort ugainst con
gross is not p)eri'ntted. It was
rep oted among those interest
ed in the mattor' that the procla.
mnation wouldl be issued, but, at
the samei time, somle distinguish.
ed members of the party are ad
vt isgh president against it.
1t s ndestodthat MrGiroman
ineue of those urging that the
pro bhnanlation- be0 issuedI.
.\ n 'xcI~hnge remarI~iks that enco
n ( !aaust . 'vermy man shoul
I' IIH bandhit fori~ unii onio I
al iman is a cand~lida to his heart be
(orn fll i ed with the.1 milk of hu
ma kii indne'ss, whiichi makes himu
.';' s dooply intorested in your
ariP, ini the health of your famn
dv in the progress your twin
a re mahking in cutting teeth,
a :ohmi~tarily wish every
ndida to and that elections
I very time the moon
-r:hody were a candi
happy world we wouild
I 'a Iri glhid that the candi.
b u~ 'AioonDli he with use. Treat
themi kin.dly and( give themn all the
Olhcourlagrnment you cani.
DEINVERm, April 25.--In a speech
hoforno 4,000 peoople at the cloiseum
Glovernor Waito declared the com
mioniweaile's nowv on their way to
WVashington honest and upright
unem~iployed1 men' oxorcising a
privilege any citizen has a right to.
Their cause is just, and thef
should be0 aided instoad of hin..
derod. "Woe' I called upon to'
orer out the militia against thoen,"
a h said, "I probably .would do SO,
h hut it wvould be only the commis.
sary department,

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