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T. C. ROBINSON, Earon.
Subscription One )ollar a Year.
Eutercd at the Pvt-t Ot1l! 'it 'vU$a
iecond-class matter.
"Our anti friends have ex
>ressed themselves on (livers oc
-asions as beingpleised with the
)rospect of an early dissdutio)
)f tho reform movement in thi
state. They base their opinion
on the fact that th'e leaders are
vrangling among themselves for
he best seats in the synagogue.
'his of itself can do no harm and
5 the case in every faction of
very political party. It is the
ign of a healtliy and vigorous
.ondition of the movement, and
hows that there is life and spir.
t in the cause, and a high and
audable ambition in the leaders
o be prominent and useful in
romoting and advancing the
'rogress and accomupilishing the
-urposes of the movement is
ncouraging to the rank and
le and stimulates interest and
We publish the above from our
steemed contemporary, tle
'eople's Journal, so thiat the
'aders of The sentfiwr can enjoy
10 double gratification of
nowing there was yet some
ling to please an anti and at
1e sane time assure theii that
we reform movement is in no
anger. We are glad to know
lis. Ift is tile harlest thing any
irty ever tried to do Yet, to
Iep the outsiders in its own
owd quiet, without throwing
wmll soneth ing. 'l'he antis
ave wrangled e(noug them
'Ives to klnv timlt il notiing,
nly tile biggest wrmgelr gets
le best phi -. conese th
lovenent will continui vigor
ms until every flow in it gets
n office. The pIurp1ose of the
1OvNiliell t an-. being rapidly aCe
amplishied, to)-wit.: (: Gettling
fice 1111d steppiIg 1ro e01 to
nother. But a tel re er told us
ist week tlt tile msov ent
as s ex pensive as it was en
Juragillg to the rank and file,
nd thn, for his ownt part he was
till gnawing a fi le.-S~en tinel.
h0' Sntiniel agree ithj its views
ni thle futuri ie pr'oisime of theo re
tirprisedl, tha11t te Senitinvol wld~~ (
dmnit so muchel. 'The SentL iel
tys that. it is gid that the reformi
lovemnhlt, is ini 1o danl ger, but1
mis t~o have ai very low est imato
fits S mrposes. It qutots a' re..(
>rmfler as8 being dIisait istied o1n le.
)Uml ot thle e.xpenises muiler the
resent maniiagtniet 1of1 State af
As to 1.he' purposes of th reform
ovomlonit thle $entinel should
rely by this Itimhav beencil)O~ bot
r iformned. Thley have been de
ared on the hustings ; they have
'on puiblished~ iln the newspapers;
.ey 1ave boon expressed in legis
tives acts; they are written in
1o hearts of the p~eoplo. The
shievemoents of the Stato govern
.ont under roiorm manalgomnt
'0 iuicontesti ble ov(ideces of the
.Irposos of the reform miovementi I
ot the Sentinel is so unlgenerouls
Sto assert thati.'' "ho) ml~lovmen
ill continuo vigorous unt1 il L'vory
'llov in it gets an ollct', and( thle
urposos of tho mnovementi arim be
ig rapidly alcompilishetd, to-wit:
otting tflico and1( Stepping from
io to another."
If the State governmenlt is ex
91nsivo, are the Reformers responi
ble? Thue con servaltivos havo not
ily failod to co-operato in the ad
'fnistration of State matters, but
we thrown overy obstacle possi
e in thle way of a harmuonius
anagement of public affairs.
Safnson's riddle is still puzzling
(e adversaries of thme dlispensary
stem and the s010ons of the legal
r ofessions. It might have boen
* nest in that reporter, but it'was
io eruel, when he called on Chief
.1uistico Mclvor to explain his~ opini
."i. It took thirty oight pages of
(-h~eely written manuscriptL for him
to rOe2ah his present conclusion and
to coityinee Justice McGowan of
thfe erreetness of the opinion, the
t4 asWould have been endless to
mig anjgordinary newspaper re
poger uinderstand something for
wi ji every lawyer in the State
s R parate and distinct solu
Sfkitd of draw game in
which overy party thinks ho hai
won, but is not fully; satisfiod
about it.- The probitionists and
liquor iion played to ich othor's
hand until thoy paralyzed Gover.
nor Tillman, and now they Are
wrangling ovor tho gamo. Govor
nor Tilliman is sorono and indiffor
ont, Is the gamo soems to havo been
a jaw-)ono gaie with no stakes in
sight and may tako a difforont
turn, when somothing substantial
and practical is put in issuo to be
It was a fino intellectual contest
on a speculativo question and the
decision has as miuch force of law
as IIn USSaIV Oi evolit ion. It SOomis
that tho proper thing for the anti
dispensary lawyers to have dono
would havo boein to havo abandoned
thleir casos and made iu) aI case oi
tw di-tpiisairyI lawv now in fireo,
and thwn t hey would havo known
where they are at. It is too previ
oni for them to got befoe the
Court. at thi timo and Governior
Tillman's obedienco to the law, as
#I)It ( d I , li e majority of wil
1plff'llo Cm-Il, i.4a il iolls ima
podlilllt to alit bor attack on the
dlispensIary syst('m.
e publish th is week an art
cl from Prof. Rt. Means Davis
of the South C'arolinia Col
leige, w ritten to the Southern
Christian Advocate on "Tle
Free Coinage of Silver," which
to our miind is an excellent cx
position of the subject, and
should be carefully read by the
people, especial ly the Southorn
I low the frec coinago of silver
it the pre'SeItL ratio is expected,
> rather could be expected to
ing prosperity to the South,
which produces no silver: is a
liuestion that puzzles us.-EaTsley
Democra t.
'111 JOURNAL .;as not spaeo to
>Oint, out to its esteemod neighbor
lio ahicio11s of tho Profossor's ar
;umoit1 against tlI freo coniago of
ilvor, but would suggest that our
iglhbor carefully study the sub
oct and hoar argunmts' on the
ithor side, boforo it adopts the
n1ewOs of Priof. Davis.
Tho tariff hill, after many modi.
letions, will Soon1 bo in shap1o foi
a successf u pasg3 through th<
sonate. Thle ipeople havo almos
lost ini terest ini it.i ml will hardly
app1reiato t ho bonohit furnishuo<
b~y the. advocates of tariff reform.
Fr'ossa Liber'ty.
A pril 30th, 1894t.
The farmuors are about dlono( plant
inig, only lack a few short rows.
Cotton andl corn is comning i
with an abundance of grass, if' th
frost did( got as fine cr op as wa
Over soon, t hioro wais plenty ofse
left .to make several more tin
crops. Whoat is growing finelh
boeginning to head out ; oats a r
doing tolerably well, mocre rai
wvould help t ho oats m this seet 101
rust has maide itIs appearance o
the blados of the whoat, som11 sa
they saw rust, on wheat before th
cotld spell in A pil.
T1he forest is ho'gining to l ook
li ttle spring-Ilike aga in. Idus iot)
wais very dry and1( windy' and a it
tle warmier mercury run to 0 Sun
dlay, the wairmost inl 5ome( tnime
'Thie mo)1s, worms and1( inIsI'e
sieem1 to be getting in full time on
what hittle0 corn and1( garden t ruck
was left hy the frost, but muv-h
things will all work out r'ight. in
the final round up.
Mfr. WVood, WVheeler &~ Wilson 's
Sewing Machine Agent of Groon
ville, and family, visited ibilerty
last week, and they got a lilo
crowd together and wont on a fish
ing expedition to Twlv Mile riv
or, and from reports we suppose
they (the fish) had as fino time as
usual, as but few woro htauled
ashore, not one ap)ico round foi
the crowd, and they too small t<
divido, etc.
"Democracy as classifled," b,
W. P. Lanikford, Stone Mountalin
Ga., mn P. P'. P., .Tofforsonian Demo
cracy-the right kind, compose<
(now) mostly of Popubsts.
Conservative Doemocracy-thos
who bolieove the party should carr;
out its p)ledges.
Gold-bug Democracy-those whl
believe in mnonomotaism.
Free-coinage Domnocracy-thos
who favor bi-motalism.
High Tarifl Democracy--comipc
sod of manufazcturors, importeri
jobbers and merchants,'
Low Tariff Demnocracy-thob
who favor tariff for revenue only
Cleveland Democracy-.compos
ed office-holders,- offico-sookors, lit
tie 2x4 lawvers, and littl 1x2om
tors (of which thoro sooms to be
ft considorablo stock on hand,)
John Shorman Domocracy-coi
posod of such JIon as John B. Gor
don and other Georgia (and many
thor) Congrossmen who voted to
repoal tho purchasing clause of tho
Shornian act.
"Gag-rulo Domocracy--compos
0(1 of those who don't bolieve any
party .has any right to exist in
t1ho Smh e1cei)( the Democratic
party -
Modor1,:Doiiforcy-etIwso who
only uso thoirhojuds.jfl' hat-racks.
M oss-'ta'c Je t1mrne~y-+trose
Who voto for party instea(d of prin
)addy Demuocracy-thoso Who
are )(1oi-ats'hdeans daddy was,
i(d who dol't knowV' finy -more
about p'litical Ocononiy flian the
horso they dIrive.
Brow-boat Dono.cracy-t h o s o
whoIP are nothing but, mere tools of
tit bosses, and always respond to
'.'11h) party 11ash-."1.1
Court-houso Domocraey-those
larigiig on .tA$ th-o end of the offico
CuckoO. Danocracy-to. which
we add the "me too's" .who agrees
t-o overy-wish of the- Prosident and
snoix30ooveryptime h(nes sniff
in short miserable cringing sor
vants, with nOdosire only to apo'
thoir superiors.
'1hon conmes a list of liftle 2 for
a nickle Domocrats and such as
thu A tlan ta onstitution and Jour
nal Demociat-Jack-Gordon and
Billy Northern Democrats in this
Stat te-we ad( the Hampton and
Ilaskel Democrats to this depart
ment, and the rule or ruin faction
s1hou111l not bO lost sight of. Thon
tho old Hero worshippors who are
a part and parcel worthy of men
tion inl this classificat ion. We now
go back and bring in the "Rotton
Egg-Domocrats, composed of "gut
tor snipos" Ward hoolors," "ballot
box stuitors, etc. The Populist,
(ho says,) hav( )O1on invited to go
back to th) old party.
We would ho entirely at a loss
to know which wing to join, or
Which door to go in at, had wo any
desiro to roLtur, as thero aro no tiO
of th0m agroed iy ol 0110tig.
rUlo- Aee I -ug;.
Thel( tavo UnJlions of thme Twelve
ion1 Moeting wiith theO Baptist
Church at this place on Sat urday
and Sunday last. Sixteon church
Os wero reopresento(d and some very
interesting alddr0sos made. llov.
A. J1. S. Thomas, of the Baptist
Courier, preached on Friday nlight
to a good congregation. Saturday
at 10 o'clock Rev. J1. L. \ass, Su.
per1intenmdnmt of the Baptist Or
p~hanallg' at Groenwvood, proalched
a very able and1( inpr~gssivo srmn
after ivrhich thet tilo Un~ins wVOro
orgain z(d by3 .tho (detioni of Hlon.
W. Tl. '. howCen, Modera tor, and C
E.L Robmson501, C lerk. Inimied iatly
the Moderator (docinrod.h -Union
su bject., to-imt :..:itt. tho:duty of
t he Baptist byen~stajin-thme Orphan
mageo?'' was taken up and disenssed
at'length by Rov. J. 1t Vass and
Softhers. Afitsr 1hVlkj.a h'cet ion
was taken. for Lhe: Or'phanago;i
amIlount Iinmg to $(U...
Ini the afternioon 11n oppor tuniity
Is'give Dr.1 II Hatchor, of At..
hoa oexplain tht obj~cts andl
wvorks of thle Anwrican Baptist
Pulication Society. D)r. H~atcher
did noft bog inoney, bult is employ..
('( to circulato Baptist literature'
a miong Baplt ist 1peop)10that ar uin..
abl)1 to buy it. Any Baptist Min
ister canlh get tracts from this pub
iishing house on1 application, on1
any su~bject;h 110visbos, andl in anIy
quanit ity, to circulate among the
people. An olportumy. was .also
givvon Rey. A. J. S. Th'lomas to say
a few words for the Baptist Courier.
lie oIform to send the Courier from
nowv 'till the 1st day of January
next, to aniy 0110 for $1.00, and the
pop1lo apmprociatedl his talk and
ofoer, for ho added1 about twenty
now subscribers to his lhst. This
paper should bo in every Baptist
homo in this County, and thoe poo.
ple will do well1 to take advantage
of the liberal offer.
Saturday night wams d(lotd to
Sthe discussion of State Missions,
and1 seom very mnterestmng talks
wore made by Rev. J. T1. Lewis, D~r.
T. M. Bailey, Rev. WV. C. Soaborn
-and Rev. B. Iholder.
Sunday moring, at 10 o'clock,
Rev. A. J. S. Thomas made an ox..
collont~address op Sabbath Schools,
holding the closo attention of the
peoplo for about one hour. After
this Dr. Bailey preached a very
fine sermon on living sacrifices.
The contributions for State Mis
sions, amounted to $8.12.
The meoting was a very intor
esting and profitable one, and wai
enjoyed by all who attonded.
A lawyer gives this advice: "Ad
ditions to rented promises, wher
made by the tonant should novoi
be fastoned witli iils, but screws
The reason for this l1os in the fac1
that should he wish to move away
and take with hilu tho boards ani
lumber composing tho improve
Uomonts he has mide, ho can simpl)
dkaiv out the serows- and take th
planks. If ho fastens thom witI
nails, however, ho can remnov
nothing, and tho iiprovemeni
becomes the landlords property."
J. S. COTunRAx,
G. G'. ' Greenville, S( C.
T. P. CtHItAN,
C.' L. ILOLLINoSWOnTit, Picketns, S. 0.
Have associattid themselves tiogether foi
the practice of law lit its various branches
and will give careful attontibn to all busi
ness 1undertaken by themi.
Lones ainl liscountsi negotiated.
May 1, 1894.
New Store
WE now hive !or inspectin te. ios
compglete line of MLLINERY, DRE81
of the Sasonu selected in person in th
Eanstern Mfarkof&.
Aisses Rogles,
45 Coffee Street,
Under the Opera House.
Greenville, S.-O., May 3, 18.i.
M~sa McHAT
Hats just opened all latest stylos o:
Srito and Summer Millimer
At the lowest possible pricos.
Main Stroet, Greenville, S. C.
April 19, 1894-.
Citation Notice.
Couiity of Pickens.
By J. R. Niewnanv, Estinire, Probate Judg<
Wherona, Richabrd LIrookins made suit I
me, to grant. hini Letters of Administratio
of the Estate of and uffects of Wiley BMos1
Ivy, d1eceas. 44
Tihese atre Thercfore to cite and admouh
all andl singtilar the khdred and credito1
of tha s Naid Wiley Moseley, deccased, thi
they he and pil ar before me, in the Coun
of 1'rolate. to be hield at Pickena Con
Iioise, S. C., lin the Ith day of May nex
after puhil ation ieretif, at 11 o'clock in tl
foreniniii, it) show E-im4e, if any they har
why the said A diini.tration should not I
Given under Imy Ilanal, this 28th day
April 181)4 In theI 117th year Of our ind
May.~ 5.------- J.. P. 1. C.
iias received lhi' Stock. of
Best Styles and Latest Pal
erns--Come and See Them,
I pay the highest prices for
A ndm will sell you (Goods inm exchange at tI
loiweist flgure.
ltemmembem.r that I kep everything lin ti
hne of
Grocerioc and Dry Goods.
J. E. Br'own,
May' 5. Central, 8. C.
Sheriffs Sale.
The State of SoUti Caroling,
CoNwrY OF. P~icKaNs.
W. H. Price, Plintiff,
Jeremiah Powell, Defendant.
B3y virtue of an execution lodged
in nmy ollice, .tn the above stated case,
I have, through my special deputy, D.
W.~r Hopkins, levied upon, and will
sell to tho highest bidder, before the
(:ourat Hfouse door, on Saleaday in
May next, the following Real Estate,
to-wit :
All that piece, pa)r cel, or tract of
lanad, situate in the County and State
tforesaid, in Eastatee Township, on
the wvaters of Rocky Bottom Creek,
aldjoining lands of the said Jeremiah
Powell and- others, and being the
land boulght'by hilm fi'om W. R. Prioce
containing lifty (50) acres inore 0r
less. Levied on arnd sold to satisfy
the said execution.
Tierms, Cuosh--purchaser to pay foi
pape rs.
April 12, 1894. 8 . . C.
or you avrl ea1 omit, realh go 4for nothipg
flnowN'S iRnx 3le LTRUs.
It willure,o , ami o a gooapter. sola
costs only *2.00 per1 100 squlare fee
Maikes a goodl roof for years, and an;
one0 enn put it onl.
Guai-Eti~a-rr PAINT cost onily 6
Cenlts per gal, in b, lots~, or $4.51
for 5-gal. tubs. Color (lark red
WVill stop leaks in tiln or iron roofi
and will last for years. TRY IT.
Send stamps for samples and ful
39 & 41 West Broadway, NE3W YORI
There is no item in Dry Goods, No
tions, ("arpets, Mattings and
Window Shades omitted.
All the New Weaves and Fancies.
All the Dainty Now Colorings and
l Shapings in all grades of material are
well shown and displayed over our
counters. Our "Young bien" take
special pains and pleasure on forming
up and combining the goods with
trimmings- thus giving customers an
idea of how goods look made up.
Full stock of all lines comprised in
this stock. Including new lines of
Hosiery, Mens', Ladies and Childrens.
All grades in Fast Black, from 8 cents
to 75 per pair in Cotton and higher in
Silk Goods.
We have part of a lbt of newly im
ported Hemstitched and Embroidered
1landkerchiefs in all grades, Linen
Handkerchiefs, 10 cents each, to the
very fine Linen Cambric, Materials,
Sheer and fine, Dream like.
Corsets in tII the Leading
Thompson's "Rt. & ." $1.
Warner's 6'333" 94 cents.
Roth & Go.dschmitt's "I, & G."
94 cents.
75 cents Carolina at 50 cents.
50 certts Warner,s at 40 cents.
Nursing Corsets-all numbers at $1.
Embroideries and Laces.
If real handsome goods in sets are
F needed in exclusive styles, we are
headquarters. Of course we have an
end'ess variety of all the cheap and 4
medium grades from 2 cents per yard
up. I
Table Damask in some of the most
beautiful designs-this seasons pat I
72 inches Bleached Damask 50 to 75
. 72 inch Moire effect $1.25.
o Unbleached Damask from 25 to 75
n cents.
65 ich Unbleached Damask, 85
i cents grade, 65 cents.
r Full line Towels and "rash. Cot.
rt ton Towels 31 cent; Linen Crash 7
rt cents.
1 Brown Linens and Linen Drills
Apron Checks, Butcher's Linen and
tronting Linens, Sheetings and Pil.
low Casings.
Another case Indigo Calicoes at 5
20 pieces 10 cent Per cales, 82 inch.
0s, at 7 cents.
M~ens' 50 cents Scarfs at 25 cents.
M~ens' flannel Overshirts at 221.cts.
15 cents Linen Collnrs at 9 cents.
Unlaundried White Shurts 47 cents.
This Shirt is made of llarkcr Bleach,
fine Linen front,w eli made and fin
.ished regular 65 cents.
C. McAlister.
P. S.--Butterick Patterns.
Greenville, 8. C., April 19, 1894.
You might now say to the]
good Phoike that it's abouit
time to begin wear ing LEA'n'H.
PLOUQI[ STocKa and BacK
BANDS. In these we have
something new, and probably
the best on earth-and they
will be fashionable this Spring.
We also have a nice lot of
Broa~,brim HATs, Palm Fans S
and Guano Horns, Milk Buck
ets, Strainers and Churns, Bas- I
kets, of all sizes, shapes, col
ors and prices-a lot of niee ,~
Honiey and Hams. 0
Don't fail to look in our tr
Furniture R o o m s--Therets 11
solnething there you need, ei.
ther in Furniture or Stoves.
A nice lot of new SPRING -
DRESS GOODS, already in.
Call in and see us.
r W. T. McFALL.
SApril 1st, 1894.
I bereby give notice that will I apply b
t4 JT B. N ewbery, Judge, of Probate, n
'for Pickens County, S. C., on Sales. II
d (ay in May 1894, for leave to make a b
linal settlement of the Estate af Da
vid G. Hlumbert, depeased, and ask a
to be dismissed as administraitor.
-3. M. STEWAIRT, 0. 0. P.*
April 12, 1894..-4t. Adr.i
.SELLs rul)
Smith & ]
sots* tho
~mixtla :1
' A hearty welcome to all, wiether
Main and Washi
March 22, 1894.
Sheet Met
We carry at all times, a stock of di
kc., and are prepared to do all kin
IEPAIRING, from putting a bottom
)ut and out elaborate articles and v(
Our prices are always as low as c
rood work. Don't have work of thi
)r Galvanized Iron until you come to
Opposite ME
When you want a COOKING S'10v
0LMO, and LIBERTY, and come to
For sle inPicke u8rb al . K v K .
nie, Drain,
Sewer Pipe,
Stove Flue,
Fire Brick:
Strictly pure WVnIte Lead, 1,in. To i
eod 0il and( Tuarpentine,, Long that
an & Martinez pure Ready mixed ours
PAINT S. Ije:t
mie, Porteod and Boseodole We
Imenlts and Plaster' Pmis.
'Ohurches' improved Cold-water -. E
Both white and in tints, the best i
49" our Onico is at saine address, 10I,
~ashington Street, but wo have remnoved
ir Stock to the basemuent, with an en
ance on Laurens Street, about a hunndred
et fromn our Omco at the roar of the Waro
>use, Please give us a call or write us
Respectfully, A
T. 0. BOWER & 8ON.
Greenville, S. C., March 15,*1894.
A GuarantecaI cure. ~ ~Corr
We asithorize our advertised drug- Oi
ist to Be Dr. King's New Discover,
>r Consumption, Coughs andl ColdsDo
pon this condition. If y ou are af- h
ioted with a Cough, Cold Or anyfot
ung, Throat or Chest trouble, andi fo
'ill tte this remedy as directed, gi
ag it a fair trial, and experience o Con
enefit, you may return the bottie andlCo
ave your money refunded. We could If
ol make this offer did we not knowfo
iat Dr. King's New Discovery Coul o
rolied on, It 9oVer diap int.
rial bottles free at W. T. A cFall's aexre
oreLagesize 500. and *1.00. fort
K li liREENVILLi.,
LE, -
you are ready to buy or ot.
ngkon. trets, (reenville, . C.
AMd Ilraon*
iferent sizes and e sw o Ihto
1s of Sheet Metal Work-aandI
in a Coffee Pot to nakig
ssels in the above metals.
xn be made consistent.. with
kind.done,- nor. buy-Goppet
see us.
nsion House; Greenvillei-S. C.
E renmember the IRON KING,
~ee them. May 5.
55 y 75i cefn Wfor a ai ore SibE
a ere is' nothung t soi but olid
then ~r in r fr14e eN4o. e gar
alI te .GS STOCKI(aio i~n
ery 7othelr partetinr fStOe
wist scoete We ar wonnaprang
or Trad0.
ore os neverii leave.11 us
ieinny Sour, el.Wegu
Hllve rcie the ST nTOC
mssionsii th 7th ay wok
,or Theprbs o h
SHouse.o Bds woii e rece dived~
ratey os r lallt e ns,.ah n
, or , rn tp , .fr.l
agoo. Bd, ilas eroif
ilbe reeived by c tme asoute
missionor'stl thay t decid uon.a
,issorarev the rig o h old
t n andse al illds. eeie
ratisfacoryl bide lnos, raceiaed
se buldnoarboe the hrnSos n ousl
bik soldR il thesoghes hiddo
it hu ntieal the fDcmer
prmoedysucr tie as tseurt
i3 Puircha se r e th igtt
B ay ordro ar bid.
di nil 2.. 1stofDe4m

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