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T. 0. ROBINSON, EDoio.
ubscription One Dollar a Yeal
Entered at the POst 1Oic at Pickeras a
cond-class matter.
id you over undertake t
rive a couple of steers that wer<
>)ntintrally trying to pull in Op
osite directions, steers too tha
ou thought a great deal of,
urge, strong, able, fellows that
ou knew had a vast amount of
ood work in them if they could
ily be made to pull together.
rell, this describes our position
Kactly in regard to Cleveland
ud Tillman. We believe they
re both honest, fearless, sensi
Ie men, but they just will not
ork together. They could ac
)niplish a great deal of good
ist at present if they only would,
tit they are hard headed, and as
consequence have about pulled
part and left us all sitting on
teold Democratic wagon before
has crossed the bridge. Cleve.
nd has been yoked in with a lot
Northern money sharks and
to Western populists are trying
capture Tillman. We don't
ink either of those intended
is at the beginning, but it has
en a consequence of not work
g together.
Well, we suppose the rest of us
ill just have to sit still, crack
ir whip and make the best out
it we can. Maybe after
vhile we can yoke up a couple
iat will pull together.-Ensley
"Wo are little afrhali thait it has
-)en so lolng sin1C1 our neighho
rove stevrs ho is not familiar with
11) wish8 an1d V'iews of Iho w( .
at boys. JIis admuiratioi of
.r. Clovoild an1d dlp sea tod lovo
'r "the old D emocratic wo-iin"
likely to 1iko him Io" ight
the progres4 o)f rue reform.
0 S''1llfltlie iil (Q4111' vo1nir
iend 111d flow-,oldier in the
,eat 1ght for poplatiIr riglits, an(l
II thereforo take the liberty to
-unsel himl). It is a hard thing to
vE) u o11ld assoiations and the
aditons of the Olders, but a true
former counts them as naught
-mparfled w it the grand1 possibil
.os of the future. The reform
hunns are advancing anid wyill not.
OpI at Mr. Cleveland's command
id the mon who hositate inl dlOubt
id fear will b ef it bohind. It
a mistake "to sit still, crack thc
uip and makeom 1.hO ot out, of it'
you suggest. Don't be afraid o
tines or allowvs party whips t<
igh ton you from advancing wit:
'a great body of Reformers. Yd
aod have no fours about Governo
liman, ho has ~provon himself
so and safe loader, and is worth
Luther trust and honor. Hie wi:
.t advise his people contraryt
air best interest and wvill contir
to merit their esteem, confidenc
d admiration.
It is amusing to see the twistin'
the whiskey organs, which hai
en insisting that tihe 1)eop]
ght to have prohibition intsto
*the dispensary. The suidd1
nyersion of the whiskey olomorx
*ast have been surp~rismng to 1h
st hopeful prohibitionist, an
o zeal of- the new converts shouil
. va allayed..the fears of tihe mnoi
.ubtful. It did look like the i:
nium was near at hand, when rei
>se editors and saintly clorgy
an were taking counsel togethe
rid the proud State of South Ce
*lina of the alloged dispensar
- iquity. The denunciations frora
eo pulpit were mild as compare<
tihe flaming outburst of hol
>rror and righiteens indignatioi
veom the editorial colums, p~roside<
ever by the latter-day saints ir
'he cause of prohibition. Tho3
e re so thoroughly converted ani
- perfectly consistent, that thiey
>uld not drink even blind-tigei
aiskey from a dispensary bottle.
That decision of the Supreme
Guaiyrt caused a sad spectacle in the
cc ined armies against the Dis
augry, the probitionists saw
w ; hl dismay the treachery of their
4alies and the weapons, once drawn
og dinst a common foe, now turned
atudneit them. The city fathers,
w 20 loved the probitionists and
dr blind tigers so well, are now
gratng license to sell liquors in
l>,rd(to restore peace and happi
~s ai to replenish the city trea
Theirbtionists are not ais-.
dations and have call0d Upon tl
Supremo court to explain its d
oision and let thom know what
its effoct upon the liquor quostio
So far it has been a harvest for tl
saloon keeper and portable ba:
From Liberty.
May 5th, 1894.
The town topic of Liberty no'
is the Cotton Soed Oil Mill. It i
proposed to proceed at once to get
ting things in shape for a fine 0
Mill. Parties desiring to tak
stock in a paying ontorpriso at on
of the best situations (g;eograpli
cally) in the County may got il
shape for businoss, and call arouni
to soe about it in time, beforo allith
stock is taken, as such stock doo
not go begging. Now is the tim
to "striko when the iron is hot."
Liberty was visited with a hast;
showor of hail, wind and rain, Sat
urday ovoning, hail (id considera
ble damago, rain was light. Rail
is still nooded to bring up crops
especially lato planting.
The Liberty Sunday School pic.
nicod at Fort Hill, last Thursday,
A good tino and good-sized crowd
Twvo of tho unebloached Amenri
can engagod in a I ittlo Sunday pas.
time hero, yesterday-rosults, ono
botat with club, the other cut in
tho back of the head, ald was in a
fair way to bload to doath, but Dr.
Sholdon canio to his rescuo. Ou r
local san-hod(1rii struck them for
$4.00 each, and dropped thom out.
Liborly was drnl oil b)y Prof.
lix, of Nortli Carolina (ei said,)
for 10 ceonts ea(1, for a iour rouiil
the worhl, as lie took them aroiunid
in a lectIuro descriptivo of (lie
grand scewiry, btml, sad to say, ho
cali hro finlancial1ly IIMl barrassod
and traipiig, and left. our hotel
propriotor financially (listirbod,
for about t wo day's board, but he
got his mlioney by sending to Col
'a , where tIlm loeturer h1a( walked
be fore ho took b1roakfast, and was
Yestorday vas coimunjion day
at the R aptist. Ch urch. Largo con
gregation il attondance. Rlov. J.
T. McBrido, D. D., will preach horo
noxt Sabbath at 11 o'clock, a. Im.
Wo notico Coxoy has reached
Washington, and further notice
that nlot on 11maln in fifty can giv(
any idea of why Coxoy left a comn
fortalo home and set out on sucl
a march inl the winter, through th
mnounitaiins of Pennsylvania, (ott
Kind reodor, just stop) a momon
and think over the mattr-itmau
be a matter that might concer
you very materially in the nem
~future. Don't forget that corp<
raitionis, trusi 5t 5, comlbjinos, at
boards of trade, etc., memloraliA
: Congress on small matters, n
r anything of much i mportant
a they send dologationis or' go them
solves, as the nature of their inte
l ets demands, and boseige Co
a gross until they get, what they w~a
enacted into law, if it requires be
(dle to do the work-the boodlo1
used it s0011s. D~on't forget th
Coxoy is taking a dlogation
plead the righteous cause of t]
wealth p~rodlucor of the~ nation, bl
g without the boodle, and in cons
(1 quencoi lhe is (dubbed a crank, vaii
to ly following seome insane the~ory,
(1 idlo fancy.
ni Don't forget that Mr. Coxey aui
t his followers are serious, sensib
e anid candid mnon,who are well awai
d of the cause of their trouble, an
d they prop~ose to pr~out what soon
it. to be an entirely foasable plani fi
l- bridging over tihe difliculty by issi
I- ing money direct. to tihe p)oop
-and eorpploying all the unolollyo,
r, making good roads as a means<
getting it in circulation, so thW
y our unomplloyed can got immedco
a - ate relief, and the govornment I
:1 compensated in thle imlprovedl roa<
y Don't forget that Coxey knmov
) thait Congress has only to spot'
I and the work is (lone, as tnoy hm~
i tile only power to issue mouoy, d
' rect or indirect, thloughi the pluto:
I crate are yellmng themselves hoars
that Congress can't issue money
'Oh, no I that won't do, overytin
must have a gold, on bond basil
or it will not be money. We al
mit, it will not be tile money fc
the oppresser, or after his likinj
but it will be a welcome makeshil
of great value to the opprossO(
andlif Congress happens to say on
ounce of copper, iron, lead, or a
piece of yellow, green, brown, o
any ,other 2x4 inches, or any othe
size piece of paper "(as to that) il
worth (or is) one dollar, or we wil
gladly take same in oxohange foi
what our labor producer and noi
destroy.our lungs howling uncon.
stitutionn.1 imprantiable p atenl
i0 typod wails of the money sharke
o- of the Cloveland, John Shorman
is & Co. tribe.
U. Don't forgot that Coxoy has as
io much right to go and present his
r- caso boforo Congress as any other
man, or sot of mon-if not, why
not. C.
Musical Association at Praters
Thy Creek.
Tho Twolve Milo Musical Asso
ciation mot at Prators Creek
Church, on Sunday, April 29th.
The Prosident heing absent, the
Vice Presidont, Mr. J. 0. Seaborn
took chargo of the Association and
maiaged tho same, in his polito
and easy vay.
Rev. W. C. Seaborn offorod the
S openiiing prayor. Tho conductor,
Prof. J. L. Murphroo, was thon di
ructed to tako charge and arrango
the class. As usual in his gifted
stylo, he soon had the class in good
shapo ind all in their proper pla
cos, and led the class for twenty
minutos, selecting and singing very
choico iliusic.
Mr. R. M. Bolding was next in
trod ucod by tio Presidon t from the
programmo, and led the class for
fiftoon minutos.
Mr. Marcus 0. Looper took
charge of the class for fiftoon min
The noxt announcement from
the programiie was that Rev. V.
C. Soaborn would make an address
for the Association, which lie did
iii his usual pleasing and instruc
tive manner.
At 12 o'clock, the Prosident an
nounced that the Association could
coisider themsolves dismissedI un
til 1 o'clock for refreshments.
Promptly at 1 o'clock, the Pro
sideit called the Association to
gther again. Prof. Murphroo ar
ranged the class in the best of or
der which was easily discovered by
tie 11110 mu11lSic Which was rOndered
during the aftornoon. Mr. W. F.
Tompkins sung the first lesson for
fiftoon minutos.
Prof. Elford Mt. Polding next
lod the class for twenty miniutos,
solocting and singing some good
Prof. J. C. Garrett was announc
ed to tako chargo and lead for 20
minutes, which ho did in a very
excellont manner. The class was
thOn givon twenty minutes recess.
At the expiration of the time all
returned promptly to the house,
and was led by Z. G. Smith for
twenty nminutes.
Mr. C. Eugene Thomas next led
the class for fifteen minutes, and
ihis sual captivating manner,
sung some excellent music.
Mr . Eugeno Thomas and Mis
dt sos Nanio i Murph iree, Alice Tomp)
lkins aind Nova Smnith presidled al
the organ with great tact.Th
l'Prosident announced, a ftor Prof J
V . Mlur phroe sang the closing song
rthe Associationi would be led in
Li- prayer by Rev. Wi. 0. Mauldin.
t.This closed the pr1ogranmme of ai
Spleasant and successful (lays sing.
iing. The Presidont returned his
Sthanks to all for thoir good bhl
to vio which was fully duo.
The next meeting of the AssociD
tion will ho heldl the fifth Sunday
.in Juily and Saturday before. Al
. which time the election for ofhi.
rcers will take place oni Saturday,
Each Sunday school and others ne
cIprovidled by the Constitution is re
quesited to scnd full delegation tc
*represent them.
Artice 1st. Of Constitution pro.
(vides that this Association shall
be0 compi1osod of ministers of the
gosp)el, sulporinltendants of Sun
1'ors of singing societies and dole
gates chosnen by such churches,
sabbathI schools, singing schools
and siniginig societies as may chooso
to he represen ted at the rate of
throe male oiembrs and throoe fo
ma11los oaIchi.
k~ "Due notico wYil bo1) giveni through
the paIpors by the E~xecutfive Comn
mit(toe, of Li me and place. of the
next meeting of thme Tlwelvo Milo
Singing Association.
JAMSs G. SmEAnous, v. P.
gMr. John Gedes dlied at his
'homo on Main street Sunday
r night after several months ill
ness. Ho was a native Scotch
man. Ho first settled in Charles
ton, but during the war moved
up the country and locatedl at
Cherokeo Ford near Gaffaey.
After the war he came hero and
r .engaged in the marble business.
-Spartanburg Herald, May 1.
.He that taketh away his neigh
bors living slayeth him; and ho
that defraudeth, the laborer of
his hire is a blood shedder. Eccl,
by announced as a Candidate fo
County Treasuror, subject to th
action of tho peoplo in the Prima
ry election.
J. T. YOUNGBLOOD is horob.
annoncteed for re-nomination as i
candidato for County Troatsurer
subjoct to the action of the pOopli
in the Primary election.
by announced as o Candidate foi
School Commissionor, subject t(
the action of the peoplo in tho Pri.
mary olection.
M. F. HESTER is hereby an
nounced as a candidate for Pro
bate Judge, subject to the action
of the people in the Primary elec
E. F. LOOPER is hereby an
nouncod as a Candidate for Coun
ty Supervisor, subject to the ac
tion of the people in the Primary
Some towns propose to issue
iquor licenses as they did in old
imes. They favor the liquor traf
ic provided they can got a revenue
rom it. They agree with the Su
>reme Court that itis all wrong for
country mai to soll whiskey. It
s very demoralizing and entirely
inconstitutional for him to do
uch a thing, but the town saloon
s a necessary and reputable insti
ution. It, is an awful thing for
he State-to engave in the liquor
)usiness and :take the money there
s in it to aid.in paying taxes but
t town has an "inherent inalenable,
md God given right" to receive a
profit from harrooms. It is repre
heinsiblo for the honest farmer to
have his taxes lightoned by dispen
sary money but entirely decent for
the towns to receive profits from
G reenvillo proposes to license bar.
roois notwithstanding the Su.
promeCourt has dcclared that thore
is no authority in law to do an3
such thing. We presume the cit3
will attempt to got somo1 revenu4
from the saloonis andi thus becomt
a partner in thme whiskey buIsiness
The county of Greonville in al
propability will got nothing. Il
is just aB we have said from thi
first, the towns have been strug
ling to got b)ack the old grog-she]
system. So anxious is Groenvill,
that she proposes to demand a Ii
conso from a man who engages ii
a lawful business as the Suprem
Court has dleclared1 the whiske
tar'affis to bo.-Abbcville Mediun
For some time past the State ha
exhaustedI the resources of th
English language in pointing ou
to its roadoers its abhorrence o
spuies gonorally and what it calleo
"Tillman spies," in particulai
Last woek Gov. Tillman attended
the vetorans' reunion at Birming
ham and the State has the auda
city to boast of having wired a pa
per in Birmingham to wvatch hin
anid rep~ort his every movement
Now one kind of a spy is just ail
mloani a "cue~s" as another andl it ii
now in ordoer for tihe State to take
to itself all the vile epithets it ham
boon heaping en the Dispensar
consta blos.--Cotton Plant.
Poeusionors will please call at the
Clerk's Oflice and got $22.00 fo]
the year 1894.
J. M. S'rwArr, C. C. P.
Citation Notice.
Tuxim STATa o1r Sou'rn CAROLINA,
.Couunty ofl Pickens,
Uy J1. B. Niwnian'y EsoquinR PRonATE JUDGI
Whuereas4, .J. M; Stewart mado0 suilt to mec
to grant htim Le~tters of Adminiistration witi
the will anneuixed, of the Estate of an effect.
of1 I. 8. Porter d1'eee.
T1hese are therefore to eite and ad1.konial
all anud singuliar the kindred atnd Creditor
of theo saidt 11. S. Porter de.%ensed, that they
be aind nippeatr before mie, in t he Court o
Probate, t o) be hld att Pickens Court House
8.0C., on t he 25th day of Mfay neCxt, after pub
lintion htereoif, at elevent o'clock in the
forenoon, to show)1% cause5, if anyt) oneI have,
why the said1 Administration shonld not be
Givenu tufler miy hand this 5th day of
May I N9.-, in the 11Nth yeatr of our Indhe
May~ Io-st J. p'. p,.g
Citation Notice.
Tutu: STA TS Or SouTu CAntLNA,
County of Pickens.
By J. Ti. Nswn.nuy, Esquire, Probate Judge.
WVhereas, Itichard Broekins made suit to
me, to grant huiuu Letters of Administration
of the Estate of andit effects of WViley Mose.
i.ey, deceased.
The'se aoro TIherefore to cite and adinonish
they be and appear boeo me, in the Court
of Probnte, to be held at Pickens Court
Ihouse, 8. C., on the 18th day of May next,
after publication hereof, at 110o'clock in the
forenoon, to show cause, if any they have,
whly the said Admninistration should not be
(Given under my Hland, this 28th day of
April 1894 in the 118th year of our inde
pondonna. .1r n. uNIWnunJL
There is no item in Dry Goods, No
tions, Carpets, Mattings and
Window Shades omitted.
All the New Weaves and Fanoies
All the Dainty New Colorings an<
Shapings in all grades of material arc
well shown and displayed over ow
counters. Our "Young Men" take
special pains and pleasure on forming
up and combining the goods witt
trimmings- thus giving customers an
idea of how goods look made up.
Full stock of all lines comprised in
this stock. Including new lines of
Hosiery, hIens', Ladies and Childrens.
All grades in Fast Black, from 8 cents
to 75 per pair in Cotton and highei in
Silk Goods.
We have part of a lot of newly im
ported Hemstitohed and Embroidered
Ilandkerchiefs in all grades, Linen
Handkerchiefs, 10 cents each, to the
very fine Linen Cambric Materials,
Sheer and fine, Dream like.
Corsets In all the Leading
Thompson's "R. & H." $1.
Warner's 033" 94 cents.
Roth & Goldschmitt's "R. & G."
94 cents.
75 cents Carolina at 50 cents.
50 cents Warner,s at 40 cents.
Nursing Corsets all numbers at $1.
Embroideries and Laces.
If real handsome goods in sets are
needed in exclusive styles, we are
headquarters. Of course we have an
end'ess variety of all the cheap and
medium grades from 2 cents per yard
Table Damask in some of the most
beautiful designs-this seasons pat
72 inches Bleached Damask 50 to 75
72 inch Moire effect $1.25.
Unbleached Damask from 25 to 75
65 inch Unbleached Damask, 85
cents grade, 65 cents.
Full line Towels and Crash. Cot
ton Towels 31 cent; Linen Crash 7
Brown Linens and Linen Drills
Apron Checks, Butcher's Linen anc
tronting Linens, Sheetings and Pil
low Casings.
Another case Indigo Calicoes at 5
20 pieces 10 cent e'rcales, 32 inch.
es, at 7 cents.
1ens' 50 cents Scarfs at 25 cents.
Menis' flannel Overshirts at 224j ets,
15 cents Linen Collars at 9 cents.
Unlaiundried White Shirts 47 cents,
This Shirt is made of lBarkcr Bleach
fine Linen front,w eli made and fin.
ished regular 65 cents.
C. McAlister.
- P. S.--Butterick Patterns.
Greenville, S C., A pril 19, 1894.
t -OF
Now, as the warnm day. are
coming on, the good Phoiks
will naturally begin to think
about lighter' Clothing, Hats
and Shoes. We might sug
gest that, as our Stock is gen
erally full, that this wonid 'be
as good a place to buy as any.
We have a nice line of Cot
tonades, Cheeks, Yarns, Sheet
ings, Tickings, White Goods
and Trimmings. A lot of
new Stoves and House-keeping
Good Flour, Whieat Bran,
Corn and Peas.
Iron, Steel, Nails and a good
Jine of Building and Wagon
Grauin Cradles and Mow
Bladles. Look at 'em "never
breaKte Stove Vessels.
Does your B ug gy need
painting? Then paint it your.
self att our Store for ONE~
May 1st, 1894.
all persons holding Policies in the above~
named Association who give their notes,
and they are due,.w~Ill please call at the
C lerk's office at Piokenh and settle for the
same, as the General Agent desires to settle
with the Local Agents.
aw- INT (*111u
Smith &
f.Tn.1.t. eft
g" A hearty welcome to all, whe1
Main and W
March 22, 1894.
Sheet Me
We carry at all times, a stock o
&c., and are prepared to do all I
REPAIRING, from putting a bott
out and out elaborate articles anc
Our prices are always as low ai
good work. Don't have work of 1
or Galvanized Iron until you com<
When youi want a COOKING S'I
ELMO, and LIBERTY, and come
TeDa n a~ldann~joc
Stov FlueooIo.~ga
Fire B rik: unam
AN P niRE wLAY.rIirs
Sticly orae Wite L eads.C, yin-IRS
sedTil DanupninLn
eer n Pper ars
hrhS'tmoved olue, te
Fir Bick:
Both wit and Tino tint, Longes
Washingosrtbut wed haero vdl
raCemoLensset a boutlar hundred
fCh ro urhs mrovted reardofteWr
ohoe whasie una an winte best
T.~h 0.8 GWERD 8[I0N.
DreED L.U.,MBR 1M,'L894
Weaatoz our 1I atised drug- 1a
Wgshito Se. King' wew Divscovey
four tockumtoebmntoighs a eods
trne hion ditioen . Stret abou areaf
Lfng, hro our cet troubfte, arnd
hoseillse i ed us dalrirete givs
Tav you moerd. We ould
noe makethi or dried drot kno
gtato Dr. King's Ne Discoveryul
bforele Con.tineve Coigsaon. od
Trian bttls freadti. IT.O hoall's
siotdwithga Cough 50oiad or.00.
LugTrat or.x Ch,'nfest oube and
i A itafirtil and xine n o 'I'
so .,,t
out zpaioos* in
,her you are ready to buy or not.
7h s- Bristow.
ashington Streets, Greenville, S. C,
,ed Iron,
tal Work.
f different sizes and weighis of
rinds of Sheet Metal Work and
om in a Coffee Pot to making
I vessels in the above metals.
i can be made consistent with
;his kind done, nor buy Copper
, to see us.
Mansion House. Greenville, S. C.
OVE remiember the IRON KING,
to sec them. May 5.
owrnGon oauioranas of her ex ncaue
may 'iupin or inaty Ca ho c~arried i
6 a 5 et for a5 y ni p pair iha3 oSHOwES
tc~ urs f or 1.00. e oey ai y l
Ther inthr. rit ng bute odlid buk et si
Eey'DI h T~e epartmntou Store
heodyr ons fovr eav uar s. O
h Y ou er h s, lna aro
Evrotpe'sJ Calcei urla tor
o, vauae.o o are n u
New Custoes con. sdal n
hegodunever louvei usn.
hWey Nws, &Cuir
heoeepyNes adCaor, ya
'h Weekly News & ouriri
monh (wthot Premiums5
Sond for sample copies and cfrcntare..
Address. THIE WRKLY .WAT MW & -

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