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Vol 4. PICKENS, S. C., THURSDAY JULY 19, 1894- No 29
'Physician and Surgeon,
Utfiee :Lt hi rosilueace Main Stroo.
March 8,'18941
H. 0, IoWEN. - L. E. CuILDRICSS.
BowE1.N & CiILDRE,8
Attorneys at Law,
Pickens, 8. C.
Oct. 5, 1893.
D R. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist, Dr.
W. M. Ncnwoon, Assistant. 0111ce,
883 Main Street, Greenville, S. C.
Jan. 9, '92 y
DR. J. P. CARLISLE, Dentist Greon
yllie, S. C. Olice over Addison &
McGee's Drug Store.
20 years experience. Graduate from first
Schools-under patronage of highest Medi
cal authority, makes and properly adjusts
any style Spectacles. OneI over Dr. Ad
dison's Drug Store, Greenville, 8. C.
June 28, 1894.
0. (G. WELas Orcenville, 8,, C.
M. F. ANsEL,j
(. I. HoLLIN1oswOnTu1, Pickens, S. C.,
Have associated themselves together for
the practice of law in itS various brunehes,
and will give careful attention to all busi,
ness undertaken by them.
Loans an discounts negotiated.
May 1, 1894.
The Exchange Hotel,
0. W. HENDERSON, Proprietor.
Mohern Improvemuents Large Rnoms.
Special attention to ComnmerciaF Travel an
Tourists. Table Fare Unsurpassed.
Fine Climate the year round. Ap. 7, 9'2
J. E. H[A(jOO), a. L. IIORNLEY, Jn
Liveiy, loci, sle I Woags SktasIli,
Easley and Pickens, S. C..
(Opposite Ilotel.)
Carriages, Buggies. and Saddle IIorses, at
reasonable rates.
4i Your patronage solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers in
M'ilb and ruito Monumints,
TOMBSTONES, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
B. C. Sept. 19, '91.
If you want the finest PICTURES made
in the State, go to
Wheeler's Stud' 1,
113 McBee Avenue Greenville, S. C,
gXi Crayon Portraits a specialty
April 7-y.
.Veterinary Surgeon.
Ihaving an experi-nee of fliteen'u years
in treating all diseases of enttle, and
having made the disease of Murrian, iii
all of its forms, at specialty, I offer. my
services. to the public. Will tre~ut cattle
suffering wit~h any ordinary diseacese.
B. P. GilFiIN,
Feb. 1-ly- Pickens', . C.
Dealei irk
WMches, Blamondis & iewelly,
Oct. 19.-3m
]New Store
WE now have for .lnspecti-m the meist
complete lInes of MILLINERY. DRESS
of the Season, selectedi in personl in the
Eastorui Markets.
Misses Rogers,
415 Coffee Street,
Under the Opiera lI onse.
Greenville, S. C., May 3, 1891.
Has just opened all latest stylos of
Spriog andI Sunmmer MiIelY
At the lowest possiblo pricos.
Main Stroot, Groonvillo, S. C.
A pril 19, 1894.
* costsonly $2.00 per 100 squarea fec
Makes a good roof for yoars, and ai;
0ono can put it on1.
GoU -7ELASTic PAINT cost only 6
cents per gad. in bbl. lots, or $4.5
for gal. tubs. Color dark re
Wil stop leaks in tinl or iron roof
andwill last for years. TRY IT.
Send stamps for samples, and ful
39 & 41 West Broadway, NEW YORE
F, B 1s..4-am,
Note the following:
31x16 All Linen Huck 10 cents.
36x18 All Linen Crepe 12j cts.
30x17 All Linen Damask 16 ets.
46v21 All Linen Huck 224 cts.
44x22 All Linen Sateen Dani
ask 25 cents.
Finer goods at correspondingly
low prices.
Cras 1
16 inch All Linen Crash 81
18 inch All Linen Strip Crash
81 cents.
18 inch All Linen Colored
Crash 81 cents.
24 inch All Linen Check and
Stripe, very fine, will go this
week at 19 cents.
Table Damask.
58 inch Fancy Check Damask
25 cents.
48 inch I Bleached Danask 23
58 inch warranted Turkey Red
45 cents.
6o inch -.I Bleached German
Damask, Colored Border (this
week) at 75 eents.
64 ich Bleached Damask 75,
68 inch Bleached Damask 95c.
A big cut has been in Doylios
and Napkins.
SPECIAL-All Lineii Doylics,
Pink, Red and Blue borders at 25
cents a Dozen.
WAS[ Goons-Another lot to
arrive this week : bought at Cut
Prices and will be sold at cUT
SLIPPERS-Anything left in
slippers can be bought for very
little money.
[ West End]
June 28th, 1894.
inay look bright enough to-day,
but what guarantee have you
that they will be the same a few
years hence ? Ihow do you know
but that you will be incapacitated
or deprived of your present in
conec by an tunforseen calanmity ?
Ask these samme questions of a
policy holder in the
anid see howv quick he will answer
that lie is protected against muis
fortune ; that lhe is assured of
comfort ini his old1 age; that his
faimily is provided for after his
dleath. fTis is worthy of close
-inivestigatioin. For particulara
W. J. RODDIEV, Manager,
Department of the Carolinas,
, rn Ac~ r w -. 0u
tAn reable o~at a ny Toa
Bol by Drgu~t ornto uy oma~lronOt
Pystenad reommedpit
ha Dss trado-ar':andossed rte 'esdwanoer
Debs sand lai" Astociutes Arrested
AT' SUNaSE'T To-Aloitow Tis NA.
MIvNG w'rn Nimw CREinis-Pato.
EIiAi, Tatoo1s HAs DONII Mucm
OFFlcE Foitcn To PRMoDUcEDEn'E
Chicago, July 10.-The day has
beon quiotor than yesterday and
tho railroads soom to be in bettor
shape than at any time since the
striko became general. - To-mor
row is, howovor, looked forward to
with some approhonsion of trouble.
Slowly but steadily, calmly and
certainly as befits tho suprome
power of a groat nation throughout
all that wide stretch of its domain
where civil-disposod persons are
taking advantage of aln oxcoption
il industrial condition to incite
violence aid b1lood8hed, the Feder
ill govornmont is working to the
accomplishment of that for which
its power was dologatod to ill by
the preservation of order and the
safety of life and property. At
Chicago, ill conjunction with the
Stato and the municipality, it has
already brought poco out of the
condition of war which prevaild
last we'k. At San Francisco, Sa
craltento, Los Angeles and variou:
points in Colorado and Washing
ton where the unruly are creatinj
havoc, it has lot loose the dogs o
war ill tokon of its intention t(
havo peaco oven if it has to fighl
for it.
iln this city, tho military arm;
having accomplished its purpos
the judicial army to-day took u
the orderly course of its dutie
which include the fixing upon tll
guilty parties the measuro of tioi
crimo and the fitting punishmon
thoroto. The first stop in this pro
codure was tho assonibling of th<
Foderal grand jury and the delive
ry of the charge to it by Judgc
Grosseup not to bo turnod aside
from all oxnaustivo enquiry into
tho questions which it has under
taken to pass upon by mere toch
nicalities. The ofrectivrmness of
the charge was oviliced at the out
sot by the brusquenoss with which
it swept aside the plea of privacy
and~ privilogo wich tile Western
U nion Tolograph)1 Company, with a
due regard for the privacy of the
messages of its clients, was forced
to p~ut in when tile jury called for
tile imessagos from President Dobs
to the memlbers of his order whuich
had been transmlittedl over its lines,
The court, 1hold that public safety
was parlaimoun t to p)rivate rigit
and1 so ordered thlat tile dispatchoes
h)0 produlced.
Th'lat it is thie intent ion oif th<
governen C)t not to bei too) lonilf
abloult thei( work in hlandl~Vl washowr
froml the fac(t t hat foot steps of tilE
telegraphl ofhicialIs who brouight
the dlispaJtchlesad sea1 celyl' cease<
to (eho a long tile Corridor leadling
to) the gr'and jury room wh Ien thai
body filed inuto .Judge G rosscupl'I
court and1( anniounced thalt it ha<
found ai truei hill of indictment
Penld inig thle arrest of the per
son thus put uinder' the han1 ot ti
law. his name11 remiaiined locked ih
til h reast of' ihe lordI high execuit ioi
er' and1 the pub11IC~lcws alilowed i
draw~'. its own'l conlu~lsjis from) ali
tihe promelises and1( such prl inminnir
dhatai 1as it had1 at handl~. Tha,
Presidenit D~ebs was the man11, non11
dloubhted, and1( subsnequient dlevelop
mlenIts justified thle surmlise.
T'ouinig thie outlook for thli
hituire, (out side of Clic ago, it mia
he said that to-day's dispatche
wVere hs u nh11S iformi ini tonor tE
had ailreadyl~ beenl rest ored' or thaii
reason at. thIiis writ ing t~o suppo5
the progreiss toward a 'omleite r<
sumlptionl of trPade andl tr'.rific wi
mooet withi alny serious chleCk
the Comling (lays shall1 sucoceed 'at
ot her, In other words, it dlo
not seem p~ossiblhe uitlh all tile fo
ces of lawv and ordler as no0w arra
ed, with tihe leadlor put to h1
own defence at the bar of justic
with their ranks begining to be d
plete by desertions and with t
strain whih they already endured,
that the American Railway Union
can rally its forces for a struggle
which ltust ileeds be long and dis
couraging at least.
Apparen tly, therefore, their only
hope of triumph lies in the aid
which they hope to get from the
union labor outside of their organ
ization. As this is being written
the order for all classes of labor
in Chicago to go oi strike to-nior
row is being promulgated and it. is
expected that that of Grand Mas
ter Workman Sovereign of the
Knights of Labor calling on all
mombers to strike and all who
sylmpathize with the Pullman
strikers all over the country to
conie out with them will quickly
follow. How generally these or
ders will be obeyed is )r'ObIeflemat i
cal to a good extent; their efleet
lasjbeen already discounted hy the
stagnation of business d11111 it IS
known that Home of th< 141igest
headed of the labor leaders thmi
selves believe that action has been
postponed too long to be fully ef
fective. At sunset to-morrow this
nation will probably know whet h
er the situation is One, of crisis or
The plan of tho loaders for to
morrow is to call out first, all organ
ized labor in Chicago and then to
proceed from town to town Iiultil
th Ontiro country is paralyzed
or Pullman gives inl. Tho imme
diato offort 'in Chicago, ift all
trades obey the order to strike,
will bo to throw from 50,000 to
100,000 persons out of miploy
, monit,
F This afternoon E. M. Mulford,
) manager of the Western Union Tel
L egraph.Company, was called hofore
th1 fedoral grand jury to produco
the telegrams sint by President
) Dobs. Io refuscd on tho groul(d
that they wero privile.,ged coimimu
nications. He was notified by
Judge Grosseup to appear with the
tolegrams. He again objected and
roforred tho mattor to the general
attorney of the company. Tho
matter was under long considora
tioni and the company's attorney
sought on overy logal provision at
his command to avoid the process
onl tho samo point mado by Mana
ger Mlulford-that the communi
cations wore privihlgod and inl the
custody of the company as such.
Judgo Grosscup's noticeo was ii
perativo, however, with the word
un less telegrams were produncedl
Manager Mulford would be sent to
jail. Evasion being ilm)possiblo tihe
telegrams were prodluced in court
at3 :30 p. m. The goneral attor
ney was in his oflice in Nowv York
and the consideration between the
Wostern Union officials was all by
REv'xEW~ OF TH'E S'raiiKE Ev'm.:u
Chicago, .July 11.-The ultimate
effect of that appeaOfl issuedl last
night by Grand Master Workmen
Sovereign of the K(nights of Labor
calling onl all Knights throughout
tihe country andl those ill sympla
thy withl them to (juit work, and
thle ordler issued at about tihe same
timle by tile representatives of the
allied labor ill Chicago to (do liko
wise, canot yet b)e cortainlly fore
soon1. All that is definite)ly known
is that tile Kn ighlts of ILabor at all
points hoard from, including niour
ly all of the large centres of pop)u
lation ml thle United States, romaiinl
od1 at work with practical unanim
ity, and ill this city the number of
members of the allied trades who
roemainod at work so ftar outnum
boered those wh.do (quit as to mnake
no appreciable change iln the indus11
trial appearance of tht3 city.
Tho1 loaders, however, say that
,there is nlothing in the situation ta
cause5( theom discouragemnent and~
the publ)1ic, thlrough lack of knowl
edge of the machinery of industri
ial organization, lhas been led to ex
a pect, results which were in contonm
h plation when the strike ordlers
woro'( issued4(. Mr'. Sovereign, foi
instance, points out thait hlis ap
- peal wvas not all order to strike
is thlat in fact 11e has no0 power to or
.der a walk-out; bult thait the per
.sons acquainted with the workinj
Inof thn organzation wVould knos
that in offect it would bo Ohe salm
as an ordor.
In short, it was perfectly con.
fident that by Saturday next,
after the various local aid dis
trict assenblies had time to meet
and take formal action on the
appeal and to rally their frien is
outside of the order, the result
would show 1 000,000 men idle
as a consequence. The local
strike leaders also claimed that
a little time was the only neces
sary condition to a wallk-out of
the 100,000 m1en whoimi they rep
resent and by Saturday, after
the. various sub-organizations
lal had time to consult togeth
or, the proposed tie i) of busi
ness would be fully as effective
as they had predicte(l. Surface
indications so far, hovever,
don't bear out the claims of
either Sovereign or the Chicago
men. It is not recorded yet,
that any district assemibly of
the Knights of Labor has voted
on the strike.
On the other hand, the Brook
lyn district, which is composed
of railroad men and therefore
naturally supposed to be in
symplnathy with their fellows in
the West, at a meeting to-day
confined their expression of
sympathy to a tender of finai
cial aid, but declined to strike.
locally, several of the orga
lizaitiols, members.of the fed
erated tra(les, have given it to
be understood that they do not
intend to go out. Furthermore,
it is known that there was a
large conservative element in
the representative tra des meet
ing wvhich passed the resolution
having a strike in viow and it is
understood that ohey have been
earnestly at work ever since to
minimize the result of tihit a.
In the meantime continum
improvement in the railromd
situation here and elsiwliere
except at Sacramento and Oak
land, Cal., is noted. At the for
mer place Fed~erial troops wr
landed this morning, but th1<
State militia stationed on till
water front to cover their ]an(
ing Were fired onl from ambush
after the Regulars had mmoved
away and a train which it was
sought to send to San Plrantlisco
under guard of governmeti.
troops was thrown from a tres
tie ando firel into by tie strikei-s,
resulting in the death of one (of
tho engineenei and the woilnd
ing of several soldiers.
The general public as -well as
organizedl labor is looking for
ward with markedl interest to
the meeting of the Executive
Board of the Amecricani F'der
ation of Labor, perhiaps the
most p~owerfl organization of
the kind in the country, inl this
city to-morrow, andl its act ion is
expectedI to have a marked ef
fect on the outcome of the )pre
sont industrial struggle, it is
known that .the position of'
Samuel Gomper's, its presCiden-t,
has been one of opplosit ion to a
symp~athet ic strike of Federa
tion men at this time and that
he looks on the existing situma
tion as critical, ie has invited
the heads of other. labor organ
izations to meet him here at
thalt time andi~ the belief is that
he wvill strenuously advocate
measures to bring the trouble tu
an end.
Thme great railway strike is
practically at an end in Chicago
Trains on all roads are moving.
passenger trainms are alm iosi
without exception on time, am1(
freight traflic is rapidly becom
ing regular.
"TIh~e backbone)11 of I he sirikw
I'gani ofI the ( senmraul M1anag1er
As~sociaitionm, t his aflternloonl,"h
the balckbone11 hats 'nti irelyV disapj
pea'4red. Tlhe blocklle is rie
ant illC.equireget. t ae zi o sheri
of the city~ hiielk ilt o ifs regli It
(Urallmd Tlriink I ii* passi5i 'I S'I
vice IS regulair tuad freighit 4111
subirban11 si-'Ie'- wars5 restIlled I U
day. Thle Wabasilh 1.all toeSal fri-gi
and1( parut ofI its subu11rbtains i lSI
addI~itionl to i'-Io theh thogh 1pas
son)g-gr ser~lvie and( i \th libigal
Con( tal (luoval 111(1nais t hnerchn
icigan VCty.iliii Theguisconsil
cethoal reotmt right. ~~C ii ant s
passem~(l.eJ' h rallis ru it n one l~ i t nii
andither Chicagutou and Norhierng Pii
teif~ ic an o ne i t a l il dayligl411
trains werenm runig oregulary, aI
thoughsilht ev ichas11 not1( ho
regouan adtrout on ticag4o1 an
i the burned bridge at IifHnnnor
v' having bnen rnnalired. On LI
seniger alld freight traflic as1 welI
as yard woik was handled regulary
and t li Ch,*icaigo and Alton report
I'd ill tains oil the entire road
rinnling without interruption.
The Chieago and Eaister'n Illinois
e4xpe-rienceed no troubleo with thle
i'xcep't iin11 of ai de4'inin44i lt ive'cro(wd
at r ai I Th 14 . 14)1 i i ,t ..
11: 1i I 1 0 hmd..( s Iof i I I , m I
tfr'ights to-day Uinnl its through p.e'Ias-t
solvngr* sviceW( waIs 1rgla. T .
? i i' I hsei'g ~ r Tlv I
h'si ng , *') illrlingtni and Quinev
in1111 41 ed sIever I freIight aund st( k 1
litii s t)- hi y and its pas rke r ItI'd
slibi e4bai t n)iis wen' a1tnim itns.
It tie Pittsh lirg, Vort \I\' Il
ralnd hiI al ill passengeriins
rani rfaly tnd 1*-o thits w are
nove moe feel, ie lan Illandle
novedih fr4)qI)eely ani'repted
its patssengri'5 S0t110 tli lierupted
ulni tin1(3' hiengo, ( ilwaukee ald
St, l'aul halled I-n'ua n m.
hier4 f)eighl., passnger and siu
hi(-hauIi irains. The 1,a11w .Jhon,
ainil' i4bii SouthvIer aninouncted
(iha111 m 1wil4g t4 th 1 Toled. stIri k , it
lu2ud su1sp14n ded ilm1v n'.eptI I iol nm <l
W estern <' il in'e t ol S at plristh a i 4
ariht:nd liv. stoc-k.
Daps 1111d Asso-n1tes A Orested.4
rnhicag4, duly\ 10.-.lugenIo V.
D4.bs, presidnt4 ()f the o eia
Iailwly 'llioll (1,m). \\'. 1b1 ard, t
vice pre sideNIt.; Sylvester Kihor,
Secira , : M. \W. grand J. S.
.lnvrla w 144 aill indiewd this af
torilmHil lhy tho grailld Jury fuor (-(It
spiracy tv it erere w it 11t11
Ilnited States ma11ilIs. D)vhs was I
are1stvd at thie( I'4'lland 1)4lt ai t 5 t.
'clock ibl( et41 i r II, I'lichs 11 ] ll l
1 11alfh ur4111 1 5 h iatr.1 Th i wr tlhi rfo i
1111 a11s IelievIe d to h 11111t r ar- I
revst. Baill was fixed at 1(),000 inl
aCh (.aIs(,. 'I'he' p is fino I
11r'om $10,) 1 to $1 t,00). s
1141 he41 4 14' 411I14 4ei t hisww41
Phalk i l l 44'11of el lfs sn i e' PutienI'y
14n.. .\TT lNInANC-E. A Nn 1) 1 -<-i
"i.\ I Ov 'e rn . \ -I -l 'r's i e.
l m.., '.s GN el IAIll li e' (' IN
vFN iNT4)S 'ci.S No.m \ Eil
Thw State l i lrm I-cutiv.,
l i llilit 1i1e' it vestii'<ai at inill
ili' S 'in ie Illlhler, (Thair l-1
Iee h pr'e sli din , jilb I'ull aiten d
The '41111'ir (11 I iIeI' -.,i I l.kI'i e d
1) . v I hi(. ii 5 I i I ile e 'e pis e i f)ie41
is iI l'd te lii e' b li i 'e' Irail uahfe(
b I l l ed i t i' i cht m ise in
I111 ' ee s t l111 id l c>1) t Iie i I s gi il i
'|Illietec Io'e'ii is t'e ilIhi'4 ss ind
ri 'lle l i li' Ii\1 .
1111)lf s 44is14 (i' lilm-n t icn\eI ts that
Is, I w i l r e l It we A Iglie'st ( i1el'
<[e'l4'e'il(l le'<'e'i, wa l i cedi' by
Ill the'iel' el 11(1ibe'lll>the 4I'n.
ikn itn l'eind Iofe'sIJ tcc'h genea
I Irie' rv 4114see'1101'0 waI s I a i i ni st i11 a-114
t ii I 'e ritig et' e l e d '11 tigs tiluh
~l l4' 'ir ll I s lie'ia'e i i ti e15 lli-'
- 14( li h-ed'j ii ic sI l i i Iposs essi '
of l Ie'-0 iarg Iluents, 4pro edn conlie
('olir kili g ae rtu li' ilt l. i'el . i'
- Flie d le l c'is thl i the le' iet5it
Iati'r ii ><i' h t il a l ia
I'v ' liuli itte('id11'e jM' ti 1 lo the
sobgressIotrs in1 (.11vi~ery fonty.ov
r. h'tlu ii l . n i, S C, 43
S t in ol i11' ee': ii~t, b.), 11 1
2 'Il11iiil oletc 44il ie'e it y <l f (4)1>
Imbia Mon, the 1t day of Juy
gut 91, hbediency to hol of*
j tic wa foloui ft'esay ooa
Idie das L. t f. rhe lub m(eetings$ and
both housegp. of the General Assem
1. That county conventions
aforesaid be composed of delegates
lecbted by the various Reform
[Ahlbs inl the ('o1mty, each club to
Vld one dlegate at( large and one o
Iegh forrU 1 "very twonty-five
u1'r or IinajOity fraction
n'r~f-Intho(se counities where
i-rle are n) dist iit, 1 leformi mm
14rs ()If I'lach (Club1 s iall be called
the OXcu'l t iNi Rtforil committee
nan t 1o 1t at the usual place of
me ting a t d1-( ( legates ats
a1r0in to 1 thecount~y conivenl
ton 'ovided, That in the (it
is 4df ChaltonStm aal Co(0lmbia,
thie numbr of eform cluhs and
pOlling pr"cilets shal1l be. left to
the di iseret ioi. of t he com1miittee
man21si 4)1o Said coun'ties. For4 the
murpos f Said election thel clubs
iforestaid shall be elled to m(eet.
it l I 11i bildy of Aigust, 1894.
\t suich mleetin~g no Ilmmber shiall
maiiit [i e e-xcep. sit suci as v'ot ed
')mr til 1i' itf tl deih'gates in the
\ugust priniYry of 1892, and 1l
>thers who will pledge themselves
0 ibide by and support te tOicket
uggested hby the State Reforimi
n4)Vnti of) 18d4.
4. That all Roform candidates
or Stato Oflicos including Rail
O(d Comill issionors Shall Publicly
l1)oulce tlirV candidacy and
1111111 file with the chairman of the
ftto Reform c(m0mittoo a plodgo
o abido by and to support tho
1o111inoos of Said convoitionl.
hat said pledge sh1all be filed as
iforosaid on or boforo the 25th (lay
>f July, 1894. No vote for any
'adidat slithall be coultOd ill the
"tato conventitni who has -not
mllied 'with. tho foregoing re
Lili I1'111041lit
5. That ithe thReformors attonding
he various chilh mileetings called
by till comimitte oi the I Ith day
oif August, 1 894, be requestod to
xprs P" t1ir choice) by ballot for
('4overnor and Lieuitenantt GAovor
nr1 of this Statf, 1and that tie
clirmii iiiani of the delegltion of' tho
club to the county convention bo
required to mako roturn of said
choic to the county convolition to
hI1 held oi the I3hit. ialy of A ugust,
I 89..
7. hat. inl hioldinig tio oloctioln
inl each l1ormn club provided for,
1) tako plalc on the it th day of
A ugust, 1 91, (aI club is to pro
vide numagers for lKolding said
The4 0111 comtto adopted the fol
4ow ing resoluion: )1
Resol1ved(, TJhait this comm~fittoo
suiggsat, 14o 1114 counity Reform con
venitions to4 h)4 hold1(' on1 the 13th
:lay' of1 Auguist, 1894f, whlen thecy
>loct d(loga tos to thio Staitoi ovon
Lioni, toi also instruct sid dole
gates whiether' or niot to vote for
.ionnnait ing of a fulil sot of State
>)licors incdludling tho ofic(o of Rail
road1( Comm111issionors'.
Th'is~ comm~littOO take p)0lesuo in
comm nid ing to tho conlsiderationl
of the' poople of the State, the ad
dress~f issuod( by3 thoe )ciatl commifit
too 0on theo 4th day of A pril, 1894.
11. A. iDEAL,
LA)t'1S A PPLT4~,
sp~ecial Comnmittoo.
fnd~hignanltll Cust.01mr-say, when
you sold mo14 thlat horse you told
m11 thait~ h10 had1 as much sense as a
muan hand. 1 find( that the women
around111( th( hoius can't manago
himi at all . Doalr-Well, that
not)1 onIly pr'ov'e that ho has as
1much1 senso5 as a1 man11, but that he
h as even more.
If' th1e seasonis continue from
now oin Anidorsoni County bids
fair' 1to ma1k') a spindid crop of
corn and~ cotton. From wvhat wo
cian gaithor trolm our exchanges the
pr'ospeicts is good all over our
Soultho(ru counlty.
She was a lawyer's daughter, but
110 kissed her. "Sir," she exclaim
ed, "how dare you I Don't you
know I can have you indicted for
larceny?" "All right," he replied,
"if you do, I'll havo you charged
wvith receiving stolen property?*
A clockmaker is tho only one
who can wind up his business af
fairs and. have them continue to

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