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Vol. PICKENS, S. C., THURSDAY JULY 26, 1894.
Physican and Surgeon,
Officeopt his rsdneMi tet
laNtch 8,*1t804
if. 0. BowEN. L. E. CuILn.ss.
BOWEN & Cll1ii,)RESS,
Attorneys at Law
Oct 5, 1893.
DRI. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist, Dr.
W. M. Nnwooo, Assistant. 0111ce,
88 Main Street, Greenville, S. C.
Jan. 9, '93 y
D". J. P. CARLISLE, Dentist Grm-n.
D iA , S. C. 0111co over Addison &
McGec's Drug Store.
20 years experieuie. (;radutat e from first
Schools-under patronage of highest Medi
eal authority, iakes and properly adtjusts
any style Spectacles. Ot1-e oveir Dr. Ad
dison's Drug Store, Gxreenville,.S. C.
Jutne 28, 181)1.
J. S. CoTRunAN,
(. (,-. WEL.rS, C
M. F. ANSET,, Greenville, .
T. P. COTnaAN,
C. L. H1OLwsOSWORru, PiCkeIn, S .
Havy~. associatedl themselves4 together for
the practice of law in its various blranchies,
and will give careful attention to all btusi,
ne.s undertaken by them.
Loans and discounts negotiated.
May 1, 1894.
The Exchange Hotel,
C. W. HENDERSON, Proprietor.
ldonern Iniprovemients. Large Ronoms.
Special attention to Commercial Travel an
Tourists. Tatble Fare Unsurpassed.
Fine Climate the year round. Ap. 7, 9'2
J. E. 11AooI), .. L. THORNIhE-Y, J1
Livery, ho, le & ZzcinRe Stalles,
Easley and Pickens, S. C..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages, Buggies, and Saddle Horses, at
reasonable rates.
Miy Your patronage solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers in
M arble and orafite Monuments,
TOMBSTONES, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
8. C. Sept. 19, '91.
If you want the finest PICTURES made
in the State, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
113 McBee Aveune Greenville, S. C,
A&- Crayon Portraits a specialty
April 7-y.
Veterinary Surgeon.
Hanvinug an experience of flfteenu years
in treating all d iseaes of eai t tie, and
hafvinlg mIade the disease of Minrrian, ini
'all oqf its forms, a specinlty, 1 offeri my
' arvices to flt publlic. Will trmeat cauttle
suffering with anmy ordhitary dliseammes.
Pceb. 1-1y' P'icki'ns, ~.C.
IDealei in&
Oct. 19.-3m
- New Store
W E now have for hinspreti-m the most
comp leteu line o.f ILLINERY. DRESS
of the Season, s('eeced in. person in the
Eastern Mairkets.
Misses Rogers,
-15 Cofflee St reelt,
*Iasi just openod aill laitot stylos of
Spring and Siwmmer Mieror
At the lowest poss5iblo pricos.
* ~ Main Stroot, Groonivillo, S. C.
A pril 19, 1894.
costsonly *2.00 p~er 100 siquaroC feet
Makes a good roof for years, and any
one can put it on).
* *~ GuMi -EuAsTw PAINTr (ost only 0
cenits per gal. in bbl. lots, or $4.50
* ~ for .gal. tubs. Color dark redl
Wit stop leaks in tin or iron roofs
andwill last (or yefgrs., py... rr'.
Send stamlsfoxi s'al'nples9, and full
* 39 & 41 West Broadway, NEW YORK
*, Fob, 8 1894.-1m.
Note the following:
31x16 All Linen Huck 10 cent.
31;x18 All Linen Crepe 12A. ctE
3x 17 All Linen Damask 16 ctE
46v21 All Linen luck 22 cts.
44x22 All Linen Sateen Dam
ask 25 cents:
Finer goods at correspondingl:
low prices.
Crash! .
16 inch All Linen Crash 8
18 inch All Linien Strip Crasl
8.k cents..
18 inch All Linen Colore<
Crash 8.t cents.
24 inch All Linen Check an
Stripe, very fine, will go thi
week at 11. cents.
Table Damask.
58 inch Fancy Click Damasl
25 cents.
48 inch A Bleached Danask 2|
58 inch warranted Turkey Re<
45 cents.
Go inch -.1 Bleached Germai
Damask, Colored Border (thi;
week) at 75 eents.
64 inch Bleached Damask 7
08 inch Bleached Damask 95c
A big cut has been in Doylie
and Napkins.
SrP.:cIAL-All Linen Doyries
Pink, ied and Blue borders at 2
cents a Dozen.
' Wasn Goons-Anothe'r lot t<
arrive this week : bought at Cu
Prices and will be sold ac'V
$SurIi'Es--Anything left ir
slippers can be-bought; for very
little mnoi'by. .
-[ West End]
1 t GEN VI LLME, S. C.
June 28th, 1894.
Sout of emnploymient, or in
5a position th at you do not:
S like ? Possib~ly the solie-5
5 iting of Li fe Insurance is S
jyu special forte. -Many =
S people have, after trial, i
S been surprised at their:
5 fitness for it. To0 all such 5
:it hasprvdamsco
j~ genial andp ofitl ocu-:
lpation., The Management:
Sof thec1
|Equitable Life
jin.thie Deatetof the
5 Carolinas, desires to acdd
: to its force, some agents S
il of character and ability. 5
'I WrVite for information. S
a... Rodde, $.Manager,
W0cts. ana
$1.00 JBottle.
One cent adoo,
whr a otes ji Cough Croup Sor
Asthma. For Consumption ban iv
has cured thousatidsand wilan o
taken in time. Bold biy Dru gle ona gouai
tod to cure yo. _c t
Use lBrowvne Irn hitters.
Pheysicians recommend it.
All dealers kteep It. 81.00 pdir bottle0. Genui
lhas trade-mat'< and crosse~d red Mnes nn wrapper
Textas corrspondene.
Editor of the Journal:
Will you allow m spaco inl your
paper for a fow wor(s. Perhaps,
som11 of our old Carolina frionds
would liko to know something
about this part of Texas. WO can
toll them that .tho land is good
here, very productivo, ospecially in
0h valloys-that is what is called
the Cross-timberod country of Tox
as. Pooplo aro sottlhd very thick
in this part, and wo think somo
good poople here. Farming is dono
very dif'oront here, farmers break
- their land with two-horso turning
plows, plaint their corn and cotton
with cultivators woll. WO muist
toll our friends that this country
for farming wo don't think can be
be excolled. A ian can tako two
horses and tend from 50 to 80 acres
of land. Vegetation grows of' vory
fast, everything looks flattering inl
this part of Texas at this time.
Wo would 1o glad to know somio
thing about politics in old Caroli
ln, and who will ho the next Gov
ornor? Wo think South Carolina
is ill tho lead for Reform; politics
is thn great talk of the day, men
aro fighting for- Reforni, and they
mean to lavo it; the laboring 111on
of Toxas realized a long timo ago
that thoro was something wrong
with the government, and they are
S not satisfied to havo any more
Grover Clovelands forced upon
them for President, and they be
I ievo. that a single gold standard is
tho signature of the cotton produ
3 cer, selling it for loss than 6 cents
por pound, and so can everything
olso the farmer has to sell, will bo
down inl proportion. Toxas is a
good country-sho o w n s over
'7,000,000 hond of cattlo and sho
has millions of acres of land pro
ducing [nothing but grass, wh ich
grow inl groat abundance, and thesO
cattlo food upon the grass, and the
poople of this country know that
i 6 cont cotton will forco them, as
the prico of all products go down
and their demands for nionoy just
the samo, to decroaso the number
of their stock and plow up the
grass which they nowv food upon,
an0d raiso moro cotton at loss prieo,
and wo believo that 6 cont cotton
will ruin every country, and that
it will dispossess the farmer of
this country of his stock and causo
him to havo to plow up his grass
and plant his soil in cotton and
corn, than greator room vill bo
given for the farmer to hear the
cry of ever produlction. T1hbon un
dor this condition of affairs the
farmer will be takent in to the bees
which fill their gum full 'of honey
to meltC down and dirown them
selves with. They are accused of
boing very lazy ini tho sprinig andl
industrious in thle fall. They hoar
the cry of over production, and we
wold he glad to have 80omo one to
. xlplain to us what is the matter.
Theso part ies areoI lke Poter of old,
thieir1speech bet rays t hem. Somel
of them like to boast Of living iln
such a grandl coun try, and( it, being
the wvealthiost in the wvorld, yet she
can't he inldepenldent enough to
make her own monev. We think
it v'ery st range why some1 (of 0our
host men(1 will sullf'r thomiselvyes led
linl y to the hal11lot box and1( vote
righlt against their own interest.
T1ho time is at hand1( when overy
good citizen of our contry should1(
lay asido( all prejdic andiO01( 'onisid
or the issues of the (lay. What aire
they? -Our conn try is flooded withI
tramps that are out of omploy
mont. T1hie political wvov is as
high as she has over been knoewn;
1m011n're flocking to the great capi..
toi of' our country by the thlousand1s
to stand with oultstotcheod hainds
and boeg for relief, yet Congroess is
unimanaiuble and( turns a deaf oar to
the pleadling of' the peopleo; we be
liovo t here aire SOm~o good men11 in
Congress, and weo)0 eve that South
Carolina has got them, and~ wo
hope relief will como1 yet, and the
lab~oring man11 will again star't up
the ladder of p)rosperi ty.
IL. 1. SINamroN.
- "J h n , sai his*b - tec er- i
yourI ftheri (etin (1o a pi0(c of work(
* Gieor'ge canl (10 it inl ninE (lays, howi
Z long will it, take t hem both to (do
-. it?''
"hydnever' get it (lone,''
saidl Johnny. "'They i sit' dlown
and tell fish stories."
The Niational Teacher's Assocli
To SchIool Commissioner of'
Pickens: According to thel! prom
ise I made to you in -Spartanhurg
I shall write you i few dots ill re
gard to the National Educationial
Association, that. I 111 11n lowat ttend
ing here in Ashury Park, N. J., of
courset it, will bi imIipossiblo for 111
to give you anly aa nlysis of the
papers and address that, have been
deliverod beforeI th is great. body,
but, I shall briefly give you ani ac
couit of the tips, and some im
pressions iade by the master ed
ucators of America. I left South
Carolina oin the 7th instant. A f
ter a1 days travel, part of whicl
was through Virginia's mos)t1 for
tile and historial soil I reaelid
the Nitional Capital where night
Was spen1t . Early on tih ne ext
day the joiriey was resun111i'd lu1d
the next. stop off was at El iziht 11,
N. J. where a very pleaszaniit. night
was spent. Al, 10, 'Wlock i. Ill.
.July, oth, this beautifl sea-side
city was rseched: Ashury l', rk
is distinctly i summi 11e1 rest .
ThorI ire aibout two hun11idi-d hm
tels llereald Tiow 11 illli ftv t Ilclu
si4l(Ii inh1labitallts. In till- wiliter
till; 1111iui(ier will dwilldli to five
( islustlH . It Iet i l I N t p i ea
resqrt. fcr he over worked.T
IVre l4oI ld it Is( 'rI art si f aS111:l
v 111 ex< 'i'll i f.. ThY Imw li' 11:
abi'iofut teoimilig to f a fron amSSiS
sliiri' ( i(l15i15 ) is i c' rea t. iul'a
W lilli i lt. tO)f s1115110i 1 4611 t hi t il
pro'essiOl i11 It iia selo. hle
Nat-ionall Councvil ,%d FEduenltion
was IhIding.ii its
whoen fiarrived. I:bad tit. pha
surel of at tlndinlg w) ()f itis sf-ssions.
The discussions 41f t Ilw greia. m114n1
who guide- the eduilcll iolnla( l elm4'i f'
tr, nat1( ion weei ikingly scholary WI
ailld at nl.
Oil till, IM ienstatlli li- gr:1'
association Clit. TIhe ar a in.
twveen five( an1d six thousanldtah
11r8s P1sInt re(1I) ly pr'seni ng over lv
Stalto inl thel Union adohrcu
tries, uod pro~ably two .or ( three
tho11und were kept, awaly by the
St'rikce in Chiengo. Theil aissocia-.
tionl is V0ery AblyV pided~(I( 1ve by
Dr. Al1ert G . 1111n', S1p1. of'
Schools inl Chicago Ill. All class
('S of inst itiliis aire 11* eOpreselltid
from the killdii-girtI1 to till'
largest, 1illive(rsit-ivs. Papers 1111d
lddressi's hIivi' be'Inl diliveri'4ed up
4)11 e~very 1)1lase4 of schl1 wvork a111d
courl1es of stuidv'. I ~'aviiig alalle0
teache'rs of' P'icklIis C<>21111ty 1 i e
gilr to1 4 a few of' t.he f'ea i'es 1111ut
are't com1para'tlively new to lihe ed
('eators ofoItt. 'lie 1l~'0)10the S geir
ente1 VI that draingkI vocab'.l muiii,
situat51ion1. If' wo0 do 542 we' cannolt
('st imate theii beeilts that11 will lie
weordlst of1)r. 1li1i. "Thll whoIe111'
ro5 ll tilH taill'd nolt I1'1li mil.
'I'l('re are unmi,lly 1rIinen1t ill
like Dr. G'. 8 t a1111 v huh1 of
Woreh'st *r, \lass. , and1( 1 r. I2. .
Whiiti' of C.fVlevehI.l Ohiio.. wh~o
a l al i ng II tl'I'd~ iei lii jIll ('uci >res
81f011ur lpoilillriy1111 lit t I're P1j1i
ifn branch1 101 of ch5ibl (1tudv S. It
numbes (If il!rtinms 11l(1 hete lit. efll
gyd iofII the resses thtor sy
(Ihoogil. Ther11was. Evein ofy
knocs toig I in niatany b>f are ipa
(fto ~e some at.udy' ang is n
in e halIiCl n s not alred one .I
amlilple of otIler States.
N6w just a word ini regard to
dri-wiig tlie expressio lol hu light
with the hand. Its deiiantds a1re
imperative anl if thle teachers tdoh
not study up on it, they %till Ib(e
le ft. bh ind t lw pro-C11Ss-ion. I t is
not diflicult .I ( aIlI i seiun. a set
of drawing booluks aid i mnual
an1(d pract ifie. Any teaclitr (ani
learn with .1 cIlass. Get mou(dels
from nalture, from hok, and inl
V\'TrY ei. v llielt pitte.
.TI I(- (.l4s(. v(oIrnwe ct ion hot weven
d ralwing, anid miuluai i tl anI indus
.trial training is alipparent, a'nd
dnawing" inl our publie school.s will
-lid pupils 'who expwet to) attenld
SIiI institutions as Chemson as
well ils il lifi'. Of eclul's Onere
ar. e it her f<-ah tres 4f t his assmtei:1.
jut1 t hat I inight write aboulilt but
thlse Still luost pr ssin Ig jist li w.
I mlaY Jlve somelthIing fullrt her. late Ir.
Thll alssociatiOn clses (t-nighit, I
shall Iheave lhen- to-mourirow fori
Nvw York. A fter tIo <livs t hrE
I expet tio lit tindi a Siumiier Ntr
matIlchoo1 at (Glie 's leills. N. .1.
Ill etint'llisi ii, I wish I., .M 'v it
ew thIlligs firtler. abmllt III,- jPot I
ph, kipll r. I w s I iclk w ill1
r plisil allid 1.neri'. ''ei v
it austihul bii 'nes :uul fort ill
u I ll ik t 2>illedillarms ihu h ut
an iii 1 ia I
his wh eiv s Iet iin. I did nit kinow
- bt firt I vould
lit111 , lv 1111 t.stilt t l-i111.
There)ar1 Iome n ro s m. io
IS t illi is li rt k .l -I I
P iht -p i Inn Iu p s m
tisnwrk. 'l'h..y 1n toi fte wh1i
I I I I 'htr - I m- I
t'l 'U ll Pa ill 1-1 il i-e l II N I..i I Ia..
1 v.'s tit il - 1 u ress -t i I I
1 :1/1 1* 1i k4-tI IIr,f\I IS I I I I~ I ~ S. I I I
B Ir If Ih p n . "uliar uo m I'V41'
(in l ' Cll in'- s s'b l it it'll thf. It is
light aftr t'Yule f1od aWil
'"'iml Spinungled IBi.1"r had failed
(sy to Excusep ulom th ught(f
tis vim is sh rt. - .. H. M.
Ashury Ptark N, J1. Jy1 h II .
H~e Jaasays mn Nomke o0f If is 111Pli Ii
.r e al Enemties.
theares gilang hays fhr tna..
ii~toi l'knlingte tinne durpreg
Jte speecars. Neayt rly emoia
(ientlorernloi te ia.e lt
trwl tor 'ls c meti uo.
al nw ellt. Thuy 1 7. ntbl
Specil ;Newspatter correspond
lenshd o ahutles for atl e'
htay toherpu withsom itof
gthe spealke Thei rao for.
'Ihisil was the sew fieackersU
buwereiawa and xitodld Forsev
the peishgang hs fomuk l~ fit,
moWe nullig ~m drn
mani' to-day.e Ith same riha
caraw all te ('hrtera ooi
avll b herttr'hly do nt bh
erdl withoanythe exgept whai
evernewate ayhv
logedinl al lanidae' lehe overO
cnigh.on other wohrdstoi a
tiniigoo tldeal like milking Oatcow.
kh icks the trime racr frm,
Abkut thei always oitt.lecream
tieo bkit te creamlo wich
theii~ tenis shov1 erloutfor.ile
sire tay.~ Ita fresueich, and1
cn' voliferchurned foi r good
reidy bfo thoe voAtugust pi'i
oarn s.aeens
H Rlt GO S AH E.V~
G4eneral Ellorbo ledOtel tro
be allowed tiei for a personal
explanation. lb lreal from the
Lauronisvllo Herald, which, he
said, wvas E4vans' organi, some
thing about the treachery of
the Sli -Me Lau rinl-u H I I e r h c
crow'd. A f' Or reading tI I is cII
eral l-illyrbel said :
"Follow citizenls, I havi. lived
in "Southli Carolila all iny liflt antd
I was nhover blfore c havdl with
treachery. While I ai not a
fighter 110 mian) will da- conie
to iny face and say I inn a irai
tor. I have been a l"i , rilr
fIom the time Tillinal nlidltl his
first speech at; liiu net tsville
until now I have beell his ier
s o n a 1, political ain s t) c i a I
friel(d. I ask him if' e has ver
doubted mny lo~yalty to (1he Iluve
lment. 1 take it that nO ian
who cIar g(-S IanohIerI w- I
treachery will Ilo so uniile.ss he
has the proof. I challenge anly
nman to produce proof that I
have een treaehlt olls. 1 la ve
been mIisrepresenlted by, (hullit,
in the l'iedinoutI I n li t. It
s4aid that I was inl favr of a
Snap shot tonventiol. I w islI
tio State here, aund inl fthe lir*
seice of (Governor Tillman, that
before anythlinmg was said almout
at convention I went to TiHn1111111
as the rec(ogna ized le(ader', and
1sked his advioe and his views.
lIe tohl mue le was in fIavor (df
:mealy: 'Conventlionl, bult, aniter
ward ellu,11icl his Ilnil.
TI1.\T .-,''N P.\Y CA l'('
"I ailn h rg d fellow. cit izenIs.
with having lield a Siutlay e:,i
( u s it t -Spa rtanhu )Ir, af.1Ite4 r tIlw
uent ing tlmre. Now, thw Cw-is
are Il se: Alter t' uit in' a
feowt Ifts rinilail'<l over inl S par
tainhrg. It was a rainy 41av
sol (aptino Shell, t-n ra .le
1.aurin.I <'ido tn ' N a l i l \
al l t I I . lwe'it I I Iit4in 111 i a - I er
1)14 hlu l a ta 4l. Thle 0mi tlo 'Il
11hu0 (' '110l hid. IM I Itic th'j
tam ell Was litentionedl~i ile It
for Governo111 a)nd wlo (1dv illA
discussed was Oiw * ip Vsa
Sll vl ..1md At(leOI lrin. inI aInw
to a direct qulest ic o f (4 <<>
IN ons, both said that at t It, I
would Support anil. wrk fo)i
Tillman for Ohe ('iitI State.
songl. The 1 fact , 1tI Is 1 :-1 f 'Ip
tain toll was In spilirtanhilr 1.t
work 11 i a t' I il l ' ( sellern 1 .\1 -
I Il'ill folr (i nverl I l
'Il la ve Ii'll sl ailt re I al'1l
ileisr'g'esell te 1m :11 1 sics ;l.11i
itC has8 bee sa tae fo (a the
"Nmow, f llw men zess.n
goingu ti~ ll yo son(''iI 1hg
ver Iy amch dislikn.g aniii
in tow abl out whse ( snllaw
Sall.Y ans eet illy if stv<a'y
Allan1 ah~ltkifVi lieorl laders,
h~o el' r glmt tillii ilntoll (1111
they askedloylu to nlluItk the I li[ht
j \oned'i inl the) riusot.. I wil on
soilrliui, th iEulit 1l io l14)ill 11
oi ti' .~l 'rood farIn I' ilhlid I l Is i n
In110 81oveloTl'.1)ns~~ ia
wIlluisst lav a iga l y er fri Uv
eirn~d orib ly llads t 'eo~V1
fArheur this ('111ti Gena Iii lier1)1
tttoesi supin g you Th
questionin was seerani rione re
(- ewa I MA orbo fid
ti ispw~i fj t- on haigO the V 'ar
Iiie- l~ov(1Iiini, tto a. JLawyor's
~ 'v in-, I. 14d) not think th'Oy
to 'ulowed everything.
limyur havil
:dlm int l.- w 't'. % drawv fromu
1'' oil~e S ls oil ly $22,
ait),~~ 11 ~~ i hs was just and
-w' I. I h ii1 lb xi road~ a p)ar
avra~h huh I Mi1I'Ilsvilt) Ilor
ito. tw~ttu~ ia(hil 110 (El
i-rb ~ a ~t iii'spartfnliblur
In-il~~~~" i l i l-n "IdiltVoc.ato of
lil\Y IIn IiIhIlsnit~wD w ifoL'eed
tiG i1(. [a. ( 'd U ni tll l~.
f i' .trt mn ho' tizeits, It will
Ow I 'mi(i .plltus o. ii'
,v th1i i ,i O lts- wiet~ t h ( to
a Ibo,' sIl min 'i~\ i l
IIIl.I l lIti h ll (pIt'l of~( till)
sn;Plill1 Hlit itvtisii(114) ony
1' elIw Illmm i.k a 1111d ~ It~ t i-.
,--I 11m pil.'-l her i I is ipatlicr,
-I v thi 1 I 11 t' 11. 'wa \i l wt J Ii-'ovuia Iii ti
* -I iii 4%ri. had ii l fntd b the
I l l': : 11 l ii y lls,'ihig *
, im, Imt ) tit l iii o'iitl
Ill ii -lull tVifl I'.' w i Illie
Irv 1 -, l 4,1 1111( it i llI 111:11w ith".
-1VI I --tI I I, i' 'O)'otI - lm tried
I foii \ iit utiJe l. sUtekItig
I l ti i i' l~i 'O't 11 1 111(1r.
:mv liii' 0~'))()11
-r 1, \V011 \111i outI t t y Hill j l)(1os
I11,1 1(l)1( b) ill' lilloy Giseti a
iii ' I li,, t)p e (I) ndUC
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