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~N o..3 2
'EV.J It~I51 NtT AlUMSY,
" Physician and Surgeon,
Office at his residenceo Mtail Streot.
Maurch 8, 1894
If. 0. IOWn4N. L. E. CIIILIinIs.
Attorneys at Law.,
Pickens, S. C.
Oct. 5. 1893.
DR. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist, Dr.
W. Mt. Nentwoon), Assistanlt. -ie
88 Main Street, Greenvillo, S. C.
Jan. 9, '92 y
DR. J. P. CARLISLE, Dentist OreI,"
Ville, .8. 0111(o over Adtdison &
McGee's Drug Store.
U R. ]YEiIs
F 20 years experience. (radiiate from first,
Schoois--under patronago of highest Meth
cal autfiority, makes and properly adjtists
Inly style Spectacles. Office over )r. Ad
disop's Drug Store, G reenville, S. C.
June 28, 1891.
* J. S. CoTTuA, N,
(. U . (4 )r.s, Greenville, ' C.
M. F. ANsF.,J
T. P. CoTuRAN,
C. L. lIoLwNOswowIen, Pichens, S. C.,
Have lissocilited tiem1sel V's together for
the practiee of law in its various braclhes,
andi will give careful attention to ail busi,
nessm undertaken by them.
Loans and discounts legotiated.
May 1, 1894.
GitEENV1iAE, S. C.
The next session will begin September
26th, 1894. For Catalogues, or for inforna
tioln about the Ciouirses of Study. Mess
Hails, Private 13parding or other detaiIs,
apply to the President.
Jtily 21. C. mANY, 1). 1).
J. i. HAU0O), .1. L. '1IoHNLiY, Jia
L1. C. TilORN1MIJ-Y.
Livery, red Wol & hzchang Shlps
Easley and Pickens, S. C..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages, Buggies. and Saddle Horses, at
reasonable rates.
gAi- Your patronage solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
Decalers in
Ia rble ad oranite Monuments:,
TOMBSTONES, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCiNG, Grcenville,
B. C. Sept. 19, '91.
If you want the finest P'ITURES made
ii the State, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
113 MeJle Avenne Greenville, S. C,
gW Crayon Portrait,s a specialt y
April 7-y.
Veterinary Surgeon.
I Iavinig anl exper'Iience~ of uIItC('n yeOars
ill treaiting li diseases('. of ('lit I0, and14
hi~nlg made40 the1 dlisease of Mtarrian1l, inI
all of its forms1, a. speciailty, I olfferl 1my
servies~ to 11e publ11ic. WVii ll f;at ntle
suffering with anyl or'dinlary diseaseos.
Feb. 1-ly' -. P1ickens', 5. C.
Dealet in
Wgclies, Blamnds & Jewel,
Oct. 19.--3m
New Store
W E nlow have 4 for 1ispe4Cti')m the mo1(st
complete ll'in o11'(f MILLINERY, DRESS
of the1 8ueason,5selec'ted iln peron'1 ml thle
Misses Rogers,
.15 Coffee Sireet.,
Tiins just oponied all latest stylos of
Spring~ and Sim llierMnery
A t t.he lowe~ st possihlo pr0 )1icos.
Main St root, G roonivillJo, S. C.
A pr il 19, 1894.
costsonly '$2.00 per 100 squaro feet
M~akes a1 god r'oof for years, and any
onle caln put it oin.
Gunr -ICAs'rIc PA IN'T cost only 6(
cents per' gal. in bbl. lots, or $.
for -gal. tubs. Color darik ret
W\iI stop) Jeaks in tini or iron roof
andwill last for year's. ''TRY IT.
Sond starnps) for samiples, and ful
49 & 41 West Broadway. NEW YOEE
Feb. 8 189'i ,-6m.
10 cents-Beautiful lot new
Figu red Dimitys, same quality
as sold first of the season at 10
12A cents--Ladies- Seamless
Hose, warranted fast black.
12A cents-We offor the best 36
iich Percale manufactured and
warranted colors.
25i and 50 cents-Tho best val
ue ever offered in men's Sum
mor Weight Undervest.
The big value offered in Linen
last week( hold good this.
0 cents-The best men's and
boys Unlaundried Shirt on the
globe for the price.
All Low Quarter Shoes to be
sold at a sacrifice, as I (o not
want to carry any over.
len's Women's and Children's
Shoes sold at lower prices than
ever, to make room for fall
[ est End]
August 2, 1894.
profit by the experience of
others. There is an object
lesson in the following letter
for those who hesitate to in
vest in life insurance.
o nEKNvnIL1,s. C., Aug. 2.3. 1893.
Mr. w. .T. RoDDin ,Rock.n ili, H. C.:
Dear sir :-Ydur favor' of t he 21st, on
closing nvw poliey has -been received,
rand I will rem iL premium on receipt of
set~lemolc40 of 01(d policy. I em v'ery well
pleased with the resul:tts of my other
poiy nd mnuat thmui( you for your
kind atlntin n favors. shown me.
Yours truly, N. C. POE.
This is bult one letter of
thousands that can b~e shownm,
all expressing-the same satis
faction. Write and get an
explanation of the Tontine
Policy of thc
Equitable Life,
a policy that insures you
against misfortune ; protects
you in ;old age ; provides for
your fatnily at your deathm.
W. J. RODDEVY, Manager,
For the Caronna, Rock 1111l, 5. C.
60cts. and
$1.00 flottle.
One cent a dose.
Turis onIIA-r coumr cumarompty cure
Whore all othcrs fall. Coughs Croup lore
Throat, Hoarseness, tWhoopi g Cough and
Asthma. For Consumption it has no rival*
has cured thousands, and will cun vou ii
taken in time. Sold by Druggiats on a guar..
ane.Fra Lame flack or Chest use
avLo(atarr 1 ? 'This remledyl garan.
tood to euro you. P'rlco,0 bote, J eaohroe.
Unn Brown,'s I ron: HIttern.
-]'hysiin; reconmu~ued ii.
All d. lrs kcee, it. 31I.0 pe holil ,. G mot~tIn(
has- In -nnl r and11 212 ed red~i i~ llines on1 wrapper.
Chamberlain's Ego and Shin Ointmuen
sa e tainr for Chronic Sore Eyei
SGranulated Eye ijds;, Soro Nipples, Piles
Eczema, Tfetter, Salt, Rlheum and tSeid ilcad
25 cenuts per box. For salo by druggiste.
For pultting ai hioro ini a fine healthy co:1
dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powdlen
They tone up the siystem, aid digestion, cut
kosofnetio relieve constipation, corre<
kdedisorders and destroy worms, givinl
new life to an old or over worked horse. 2
conta per package, For sale by druggista,
July 80th, 1894.
Mr. Editor: A nine .lays series
of inieetings closed last night at
Mountain Grove Baptist chuiiirch.
Th1 services were coilducted by
the pastor, Rev. J. E. Foster, who
did faithful work for the confe s
sions (f souls, and a revival at the
church and comiiiunity. consid
able inl terest was taken from the
begiuuming to the close, by both
Balptist, and Methodist, anld many
were umade to rejoice in the love
of God and the hope of eternal
bliss boyond the grave. There
Were Six additions to the church,
aind 11a professioni inl Christ. Tfhe
baptizing vill take place oil the
fourth Sunday in August, at .10
o'clock., a. Im. May the result of
this meet ing he a lasting good to
t.e churclh and c( eoiumunitv -at
large, and tlos added be bright
and shiliig lights to the church.
* .
Mesasactail Assoiatlion.
1The 'Twlve Nile singing associ
itln me1vt with Concord Baptist
church, on Saturday aid Sunday,
July 28th anild 29th, a. im.
President, J. L. Thomas open
ed the association 'oil Saturday
Iornilng at 1() o'clock. Mr Wil
le G1ravley offered the opening
pra11yer. T"hen thle presidenIt Saing
for twnty Iinutes.
The condluIctor 1'rof. J. L. Mur
phree thn arraingetd his class and
sang for twenty minutes. Mr. M.
0. Iooper next, led for the
class fifteen nionutes. Mr. Wil
lie Gravely was next put forward
by the coiiittee 11nd led for fif
Luen minutes. Thie presideit then
dissinised the association for ole
hiouri., for refreshmllents and after
partaking of a good dillierand rest
ing UIitil -. Inast 01ne 'clock, the
pe1ople were called to t(e house
and Mr. J. L. Thomas led the
(lass for twenty n,iinutes, ind
then aninounced the next -lusinesh
the iassociation would at teid t(
wou ld be the election of oflicers.
First, called for reading of con
stitution of the Association.
Second, called for cortificatos.
Third, appointed Prof E. M.
Holding and Prof. J. L. Murphroo
reading clorks.
Fourth, appointod Mr. L. D. Ste
phons and M. 0. Loopor tollers of
the election, and resulted in tho
election of the following officors
for tho noxt yoar: Z. H. Smith,
lpresidlent; L. Ri. Dalton, vice pro
Midont ; Prof. J. L. Murphroo, con
dluctor; 0. S. Stewart, secretary.
Mr. Smit'h was thon called to the
chair, and( after some remarks ap
pin ted an executivo committee,
consisting of Mr. F". B. Murphroo,
L~. D). Stephens, Prof.- E. M. Bold
ing' .IThis comipleted the otlicers,
and thie Association was given lifi
toen nminutes recess. A t theoexpi
ration-of the time the peoplo wore
again called to the hiouse. Prof.
,J. L. Murphroo led the class for
twenty minutes; Prof E. M. Bold
ing next led for twenty minutes;
J. LA. Thomas noext leod the class for
fi fteeni minutes. Mr. Smithl, the
pridon~U~t, sang the closing song.
Willie Gravely oflred the closing
pr~ayor. The Association wa then
dismissed unut il half-past 9 o'clock,
Sunday morning.
Sunday mnorninig at the appoint
0(1 time, the Association was oponi
ed by thlt p)rosidetnt in its usua]
form. T1hio conductor then arrang
0(d the class and sang for thirt)
miinuites. The commnii teo handed
inl the p)rogrammo for the mnorumu
lessons. W. F. Tompl1kins was di
rectetd to leadi the class for tifteoin
minutes. J. L. Thomas next lod
the class fit teoon minutes, and at
usual lbe came hilly ilp to the ox.
petat ionis of till .by selecting and
siniging somul(~o vry chico ~ music
Thle Associtioni was g;Oii recesi
for lifteeti minutes. After recesi
the class was led by Robetrt Smill,
tWenty minutes. I, M. Boltdin1
wasM next annuouieto le 1ad fo
tw(,ity inuiitos Prof. E. M. hold
ing next conductedl the class f'o
thirty innutes, in a veriy initerost
lng matinnor. Onio hour and( a hal
was then anniounced hy- the prosi
(lent for dhinner. 'rho visitors wor
not overlooked, and everyb~od
wore partakers of a sumptuious dlir
ner, wvhich the ladies deserve gror
t credit for the' preparation, whic
made this part of the programnr
amoro thnn comnlaten At thn o:
piration of ono .hour and a half
tho poopll were n'gain innited into
the house, The Assixciation was
called to ordor by tho- prosidoit.
Prof. Murphroo, tho courtoous
conductor, then arraingod the class
an1d RaIg twenty minutos. l. 0.
Loopor was noxt dirocted to take
chargo and lod the class twenty
minutes. James G. Soaborn next
conducted tho class for twonty
minutes. Aftor which tho Associ
ation took a rocess of fifteen mii
utos, and thon roturned to the house
again, and the class was lod the ro
mainder of tho sossion by the fol
lowing named loadors: W. F.
Tompkins, twonty unutos; Prof.
E. M. Bolding, twenty minutes;
Willio Gravely and Z..H. Smith.
This completed tho program mo
for tho day. The clasa was com
posed of-oxcellont singers and all
took groat interest, and the result
was fino music.
The following-namod young la
dios presided at the organ: Miss
N a n n i o Murphreo, Miss Ellon
Looper, Miss Dora Thomas, Miss
Alico TompkinB, Mias Nora Smith,
Miss Ormoga Lewis and Miss Arrio
The president returned thanks
to all for exceedingly good order
which had boon observed during
the ontire meeting. And after
singing an appropriato pioco, invi
ted Willio Gravoly to load the As
sociation in prayor. Aftor which
tho Association adjournod to moot
with Milo Croek Baptist Church,
fifth Sunday in September noxt.
Profossors and loadors of music
aro cordially invited by the Asso
ciation to moot with them and
bring such singing such books, &c.
as they may wish.
0. S. STEvART, See'ry.
The Lilrty and Easloy Town
ship Singing Association, mot in
union togother at Z i o n M. E.
Church, on last Saturday and Sun
day, July 28th and 2 9th, 1894, pro
sided M. P. Rodgers president. Af
tor reading a portioi of God's
word-prayer by Bro. Ben Rodgers.
After prayor tho Association en.
gagod in sacrod songs. Bros. W.
W. Norris, J. F. Leslio and A. If.
Lesho lod the Association in a los
son of fiftoen minutos oaoh. Tho
Association adjourned until to
morrow at 10 o'clock.
Assombled togother at the time
appointed Suiday mormng, Prosi
dent M. P. Rodgers presided. Af
ter reading a portionl of God's word
prayor by bro. John Cantroll, pro
ceeded to the( buineilss of thme Asso
ciationi. TIho committeo on pro
granmme prosenited the following
loaders to loadl twenty miinute~s
each : A. HI. Leslio, first lesson,
followed b y bro. U . T. Hlammnonds.
We had the pleasure of listening
to an inter.sting sermon preached
by bro. Hluisen. After the sermon
the Associationm had an intermis
sion of one hour and thirty min
utes for (dinner and other recrea
All went out on the church
grounds to satisfy the inner-man.
I will say that all seemed to enjoy
that part of the service. The good
1)e01)1 of 'Zion community deserves
praiso for their kind hospitality.
After spending the time given for
recreation, re-assembled together
and( engaged in song servico. TPho
comnn itooe oni priI ammo~l present
ed tihe fol low in g leadh(rs: hros. W.
W'. Norris, (A. T1. 1lannnond~s, J1. F.
Leslie, and A. 11. Leslio. This
union of Associations dhisp)os'd of
the subljoet which was hofor'j it,
appoint ing ani executive connni t
tel) to soo after tijmo and p~hlac( to
meet to organize at Countiy conivenm
tion. This commlittei, is alsoi to
formiulatco rules and1 .hy-laws for
the conivention. Tlhoe following
named gentlemen wore appoin tedl
on the comimitte(o: Mossrs. J. 'T.
Childress, ,Jacob Garrett, Hloj. La
ban Mauldin, Capt. J. 11. Bowea
and1( A. 1I. Le~slie, meet together as
- early as possiblo, and got a suita
r' ble place to imoet. Th is call is
- sub ject(ed to the call of the oxecu
f tLive coinnuiittee. I will say to all
-who wer', not in attendance that
0 this union0 of the A ssociations was
y grand'. Thoro, was good ordlor pro.
-servedl throughout the day, and the
,t music was si mply grand. Adjourn'
h' od1 to meet again with the Easley
be Township Singing Association
c. which inocots at Antioch Methodis
E. Church on th6 first 8u11day in
October 1894. A. fl. Lans,
Soec. pro. tom.
JLrxL 28, 1894.
To tho Jouriial: There hts boon
pl1nty rain in this section for the
last throo wooks. Crops look fineo.
Tho siigiig school taught by
Prof. J. M. Loopor. of Mica, 8. C.,
at Fairviow M. E. Church closed
to-day. Tho closing exercises wore
delightful. At 2:30 p. In., the
church was crowdod. Song servi
ces began with "Happy welcomo to
all." After singing sovoral pioces,
Rov. T. F. Nelson and Hon. B. J.
Johnston, made some introductory
romarks. At the close Prof. Loop
or addressed the class and audi
ence, and sung the closing song,
"Gathering Home." Miss Arne
1oldm1g was at the organ, and did
her part well. The class would t
havo sung much better had there
not have boon so much rain, there
was only three cloar days during
the school. UNCLE BEN.
A Sensaitional In Ahein. C
"Dear Sir: I hereby notify you 1
that any opening of the Dispensa- t
ry at this placo, oxcept for the sale t
of boer and wine, will bo a viola- i
tion of the ordianco of this city.
In caso of its oponing for tiht sul ,i
of vineous !iquors only I siall ox
pectyou first to procure a license V
from the clerk of the city coun
This lettor was servod upon Mr.
Georgo on Saturdlay, and that
oflicial sent it on to Governor
Tillman and asked for instrue- 1
tions. lio says, however, that, un
loss instructed othorwiso by the
Governor the dispensary wvill opein
on time Weduesday mornting, and
h0 will not take out a i icen so.
The mayor says if lho does h will
bo arroste( and (fined tho aie as
any ofhor violator of the ordiance
of tho city.
A short whilo) after tho doeclara
bon by the Supreme Court that
the disponsary law was unconsti
tLItiOlal thO city Counil of AikOn
passed an ordianco liconsiing the
salo of boor and wino. Under this
ordinanco threo liceiisos hav hooii
grantod, and boor and wino is dai
ly disponsod ill this city to thomo
who applyr for it. Tho mayor ba
ses his action on the uniconstitu
tionality of the dispensary law.
HoI says the dlispensary cannot I
sell liquors, and that to soil vine-.
eus liquors a license must first be
obitainod. The conflict will lbe
watched with interest.
Thac Desd Lock oni fle Tariff.
CoMPLETE FiAItuaIE oir Tax1 CoN
Washington, July 30--Special:
To-day's conference on tho tariff
bill was fruitless. It appears that
the President not only "has the
Sonate on his hands," but ho also
"has the House to contendl with."
Speaker Crisp, Representativos
Catchings, McMillin, and the oth
er Domnocratic leaders mn the
House, take issue with the Presi
dent on the sugar question, and
they refuse to accept his sugges
tions on the subject of free raw
material, which ho applies simply
to coal and Iron Spoaker (Crisp
dons not belieOvo the P'resident
should ulndortalko to dlictalt' to Con
gross the li nes upon11 whichi a ta ri '
b ill1 shall be) conlstructedl, 1nor does'
he approve of the act ion of~ thme
leaders in the Senate iln iginring
the Democrats in1 thme H ouis' and1
coniferring wVitih thei P resident Ioni
the subject.
Speaker Crisp hols that revenue
bills much undelr thme Constitutionm
hmavo th1ei1r origjin in) thme Ihons,
and hoe conit(nds thamt flhe l''ader iln
the SonaIto) miight haJIve mad(o( great
.Ir pro)gross and1 1ICl lnoutr loss 135
(delay had1 11) they coferred with the~
Democrats of the~ I louse ins5tead of
applIyinlg to the Prosidlent for sug
gestion andl concessions. Four
fifths of the Domnocrats in the
House are in favor of changing the
sugar schedulo and accepting a
duty on coal and iron.
It is interestinlg to note the
suppressed a n x i e V y prevailing
among tho Republicans of the
Houso and Sonato for fear thatthe
House D~emocrats will yield to the
8oSnate; Representative Burrows.
>f Michigan, who stands noxt to
LoIm Reod am on'o of tho leadors of
lie Hous, who is also a 'utombor
f tih conifrencocommitte, be,
11110 quiiot xcito(l to-day when it
eas suggested that, th) Iouso
uight yield to the Seonato. He1
ays ho catinnot bolhovo that tho
)omocrats in the Hoiso will show
he whito feather at this stage of
he game and allow thoisolvos to
* branded as cowards through
ut tho political, world. In tho
ourse of his somowhat excitable
tatonionts ho unconsciously voiced
he real sentiment of the Republi
an leaders in both housos of Con
,ress. He says that tho Ropubli
ans do not want to soo the Sonato
traft of tho tariff bill passed, as it
s too conservative for Republican
tItack in the coming campaign,
nd that while it undoubtedly is
he hottor bill for the busiiess in
orests of the country, it is novor
heloss in th1i lino of protoction
id inl direct conflict with the so
allod principlos of the Deniocrat
- party. "Nio want tHi( Domio
rats," continued Mr. Birrw)Ns,
to carry out their original iulan
nd pass the Wilson bill. Not, ia
rll will be started and not a fur
aco will be lighted as a rosult of
ho Wilson bill, and we can go to
ho country and domonstrato tho
ncoipotoncy of tho Democratic
irtyV to successhllly d11m1iistir
hto busiloss of thw Gqover'l Inent."
'The views above gi iven shov htowv
olmplicated tit tiriff situiioi is
o-nIiglt. Tlhe .louisi' ami 0'enolate
ppeaI- to Ie as w.idIe apart as Ilwy
Mav0 OVer been1. 11nal thOPw idn
Lt-gs Ohw JIiuse 14) stad lkl irlyl\'
)y h'.is siggsttionus inl tle WilsnI'
etter. Fuirther- conerce may
iing abuit anl am~icabloI adju1st
Ietit, but such a result is Iot. inl
iight nlow. Il. NI. 1..
The4 War In the Orient.
Kow SIulNoi.
S IAxu1.I, JuIly80.-The fol.low
ing is the latest, Cline-Sjo vtertsion4' (A'
thie sinking of the troopj shlip Kon
Shung. when (ie Kow Simg
waas (ovrliauilId by lim Japaiwntise
ruiser fIl lattler sint. a. boat.
tlonig-sideI lhe ntsport with a1
irize (rOW to 00onvey' 11wr CO -Japanll.
Ilic Japaeiise boarded the Ko w
ishung and ordered her commiand
,apt. Glasworthy, ant Entiglishninot
o proceed to Japan . Caipt. (Hias
vorthy refumsed to1 obefy the o~rder
uld the .Japaniese withdrew to re
ort to) the commnander of their
ruisor. Later thoy opened fire
po)0n the transport, usig miachiiii
~uns mounted ini theO ip ofI 01 he
Fapanose ship). Trhis fir'e was so)
roll diroc'ted0( that it soon~ cleaLred
he Kow Shuttng's ducksi. Trho crti -
iir thten dlischlarged two torpodoes
Lt the tranisport, sinking her and(
Lrowninig nearly all of abIout, l wo
,housanid souls1 onl bioard.
ormoreily (1h0 viceroy's aido-do
samnp, and1( a numbell)r oif othor for
>igni oflicors aire amion~g thoso5 kil ledi
>y the fi ro from thie tops of ill
Why Chaina haas not Dclatred W ar.
Bhanghai, July 30.-It is under
atood that China will not formally
dclaro war until the vessols andl
abiroad shall have beeni gut s:afy
into Chlinoeso ports. 11he ias
pots Mooe 10o) and( Toonanii, whtichi
the Chins fearedi ' I 1: had~. be (ap
Saty~ torpedoes(14 were*~ seu t he I'
Th'e fortfy-onei sur vivorPs of theu
Kow Sht iig dlisastir, wlii > weire
Loll ai story3 dIi l'rintg in aI fVw (d4
til s from~ prOvious accoutl ol
*Jtpatnso began thet attack, thie)
say, the K ow 81hun g b oro~ away foi
safety. l'Th Jaitpanese war-shi
dr1ove her inito at bayt so shaillov
that the' Cinos 100captalin hovo th
r'athter than run thme risk of runninj
algro0und. Soveral Japaneso of
ficors then camne aboard to sayjthe
they wvoro ordered to sink the shi
and tq offer to take off the Chinoi
offi's and. crew. The Chine,
captain' declined the olter. Tri
Japanese repeated it, but the cai
tain persiste4 in his refusal BE
to considor it. Tho Japaneso thent
loft the ship which wont down
bUit A fmw 11Imomots after being
struck with a torpodo. Tho sur
vivors, who are al most exclusiv-.
ly Coolios, confirm the report that.
not an officor was savod.
A Climnese OWticIal Account.
PX'KIN, July 30.-Tho following
is the Chinese official version of:.
the ongagenient which recently
took place botween the Chinese
and Japanese fleets: The colli
sion between Japanese and Chi
nese ships occurred in Princo
Jerome Gulf, in the inlot on
which Ashai is situated The Ja
panese attacked the Chinese ves
sels which voro escorting the
second and smaller division of
troops dispatched from Taku to
reinforco the Chinose army at
Thle Japanso 01)0od fire. The
Cihmese wvere under strict orders
iot to fire unless they were at
tacked, or the landing of the
Chinese troops' vas opposed.
The result of t lie uetion was that
onC .1 apaiiese ironclad was dis
abled by the Chinese battle ship
Chen Yue..
l'h Iow Shting, which was
sunk Iby the Japanese, was a
charter.( trai sort flying the
Britisir flag. No news has been
received here of the loss of the
Chinese war shil) Tsao Kiang,
said to liave been captured by
the Japllelso. Tlie Chinese and
.1a pallese inii sters remain at
their posts.
Test imlaasas Wf NSmile Parties who
IIiaise. Parlmatasecl olirgamas frot
A at meic a' il -os. & C6o., G.ireen
v ille. S. C'..
Loiiias, S. C., March 29, 1894,
I-S rs Al'xaniider 1ros& Co., t
GrenvileS. C.
)ir Sirs: Th1 Organ bought of
Pu last No Vemfl1i(r 1111 givln oi
tit'o sIttistalttion, and comn0s'up ful
I VIA '' (u r 1IL(foflndion1'.
\Vould advise thoso wishing topur
chase, either Organs, Pianos or
Sow i ng M ach 1ini I s to I by of you, 'as
you will guaraunte nd1111 mak)o good
aI)y nuiio or instrumont sold
by you.
YourVs truly,
JonN. M. CLAvDY.
Groonvillo, S. C., April 2, 1894.
Aloxandor Bros. & Co.,
GntIlmn: I- am pleased to be
able to stato that the Kranich &
Baieb PiaN.1 wilicl I havo known
for several years, is first class ill
'vory detail of its conistruictioll,
and( stands(l iuusually weoll ini tune.
P1ano( Tunoir, CAol umbhia, S. C.
Alexander bros. & Co.,
Glreenville, S. C. j
Cont ien I I ike ploasur'o in
say intg to the' pubhiei genecrally that
the Sowing Machiniio hought of you
somel two yeurs iago has givon por
feet satisfaction, is all1 that was
claimned to hb.. If .1 was to buy
aga in wol haI Iivo niothIiing but tihe
A\dv aneio.
Presb yteriani Collego.
WeT arle using a 1K rainichi & Bach
P'iano1 purIchaisd (of1 A lexandeor
Bros ( & Co., and1( ar hi gly pIlnsodl
wlith it.
,l. I. McKINxoN,
I'rosiden Chaicora Collogo,
Greenil~ilo, S. C.
Hlodg.s. 8. ('., April 3, 1894.
.\lessrs. A\Iexandehr 13ros. & Oo.,
Genu hilemin It, affords me much
p~ileasurI to say to you that .the
I'iam1 bht~I of you I1ebr)ua~ry 27,
Vl)I 13has given (n tira satisfaction.
.\ s', the Sewing Machmlao bought
4)l you .Iuna 7t hi. 1 890. I can con
scient iouisly recomnnid any one
lthikinag of butyinag anything in
yourI line toi you. WVishing you
1n-h I suIccess$ in tho( future, Ir
11min1 yours. truly,
.\ miysterious pool is located.
near. Brooksvillo, Fla. A stream
of wvate~r flows into it and dis
appears in a whirlpool in the
center. A log thrown into it,
wviil circlo the pool many times, N
gradually drawing closer to
the center when is sinks out of
If you are out oil wori a clean ~
tface, blacked shoes, and a nose
without a blosom will be a better
introduction than a dliamond stud,
or a goldwatch chain. .
0 Hoe that can f63st upon andt er a
-misery, vexatioir or dieuppokt
1a ment han a ost bhealthy sou1,

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