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____1 _I L S J1OUR AL. 1R A;;
01. 4,--i~1(KlNS, S. C., THURSDAY AUG~UST 16, 189k.N.3
Physiolan and Surgeon,
Ollice at Ji residenco Mai StreotE.
March 8,t 1894.
H. 0. BoWEN. L. E. CiuILnDirss.
Attor neys at Law
Oct. 5. 1893.
DRt. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist. Dr.
W. M. N(awoon, Assistant. 01ile,
88 Main Street, Greenville, S. C.
Jan. 9,'92 y
D R. J. P. CARLISE, Dentist Gron
ville, s. C. Olifco over Addison &
McGee's Drug Store.
F-20 years experience. Graduate from lirst
Schools-under patronage of highest Medi
cal authority, itiakes and properlty adjusts
any style Spectacles. OWice over Dr. Ad
dison's Drug Store, Greenville, S. C.
June 28, 1894.
Gf. t. AFLL., Greenville, S C.
C. L. HoLLINOSWOlRTI, Pickens, S. C.,
Have associated theimselves together for
the practice of law lit its various braniches,
an1d will give careful atteitioln to all blisi,
.ness undertaken by thet.
Loans and discounts negotiated.
May 1, 1894. 1
GREENVl,4lEl, S. C.
The next session will begin Septemiber
26th, 1894. For Cntalogues, or for informna
tion about the Courses of Sttidy. Mess
Halls, Private Boarding or other details,
apily to the President..
. uly '241. C. MANLY, 1). 1).
1. E. IIAGOOD, .. Tb. TI'IORN LIN, .in
Iify, reed, Sale & hQchlnR Sables,
Easley and Pickens, S. C..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages, Buggies. and Saddle Ioses, at
reasonable rates.
|E- Your patronage solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers In
M bll and Qnita Monuments,.
TOMBSTONES, of every deshription
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
8. 0. Sept. 19, '91.
If you want the finest PICTURES made
in the State, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
113 McBee Avenne Greenville, S. C,
A&- Crayon Portraits a specialt y
April 7-y.
Veterinary Surgeon.
IYaving an experience or fit years
ini treaiitiing all diseases of eat tie~, andt~
hatvipg malide the d1isenise of M urrian, in
all of "its formns, a specialty, I oil'er my
aervices to the public. Will treat cattle
suffering with aniy ordlinairy diseai.es.
T'eb. 14y'Paeickes, S. C.
Deale in
Oct. 19.-3m
New Store
W E now have for inspecrtl-m the most
compleate line of MILLINERY, DRESS
of the Season, selected ini person in: thne
Eastern Markets.
The Record Broke Again !
We will send one box of OC II LEA D)ER
L1VEIl PI1 LLS, (Twenty-tive ienls size,) t o
any address, for lifteen cenuts. Try thlemi,
none better.
230) Main Street, Cohnlnbi,
Missus McKAY
H~as just oponod all latest styles of
SPring and Summer Millinery
At the lowest possible prices.
Main Streot, Greonville, S. C.
A pril 19, 1894.
costsonly *2.00 per 100 square feet
Makes a good roof for years, and any
one can put it on.
OGui -ELASTIC PAINT' cost only 00
cents per gal. in bbl. lots, or $4.50
ftr -gal. tubs. Color (lark red
Wil stop leaks 11n tin or iron roofs
andwill last for years. TRy IT.
Send stamps for samuples, and futll
49 & 41 West Broadway, NEW YORK,
Feb, 8 1890L-6m.
- //
10 cen ts-Beautiful lot new
Figured Dinitys, samUo( quality
first of the sea-son at 1i(
con ts.
12.1. cents-Ladies Seamless
Hose, warranted fast black.
12. cents-We offier the best L3
inch Percale manufactured and
warranted colors.
25 and 50 cents-Tlo best val
10, evor offered in 1men's Sumni
auer Weight Undervest.
'h'e big value of'ered inl Linen
ast week hold good this.
0 cents-The best men's ad
)Oys Unhundried Shirt oil the
rlobe for the price.
All LoV Quarter Shoes to be
-old at a sacrifice, as I do not
vant to carry any over.
Alen's Women's and Children' s
3hoes sold at lower prices thaIn
Wver, to make rooin for fill
A. K. P.AlK.
(We,st 1)d
.,It imN VI1,1, E. S. C.
Aug'ust 2, 1894.
L1A- i -fe
Adthereby) insure the comnfort
of toewho are dlepeniding
on y'ou for support. If you-are
alone in the wvorldL insui-e youi
life and forin an endownient
that will comfort and support''
you in after years. At all
ev'ents insure your life. 'What'
is tihe hest formn of insurance?
The Tontine Policy issuedl by the
Equitable Life
It offers advantages to b~e hlad
under no) othicr forin of in
surance, beCsides bcinlg b~ackedl
up b~y tihe richest and strongest
society iln the wvorldl. WVrite
Rt oncee for particulars.
\V. J1. RODDEY, Manager,
Department of tite Carolinas,
An agreeable TAxativoe anli Nimilue ToNTO.
Sold by Iruggksa or sent by mail. 250.,560o.
and $.0 per package. Samples free.
fl The Favorito TOOTU V0WDEB
K NO forthieTeethi andi Breathi,250.
Captain Sweecney, U.S.A.,san Diego,'a1.
says: "Bhiloh's Catarrht lRemed'y Is tho tira$
med icino I2 have over found that wyoui' do moW
any good." li'ro 50 i. Sohul by D~ruggists.
Dottoftgt ta Cough.as theroIs dangerof
its leading toConsum p1 ion. Hnir ou's Coartt
will saoyo a sovoro 1,ung Trouble. Itis~ the
best ConhCuro nide apeedily rollevcV~ ough s
Cronp, vhooping Cou gh and llronchitis, an
i8eokion aguaranteo. 25cts,.
IUje nrwniiron~ n -uIitten
PhaySleuu ureu'ounnenuuIl it.
All d1.-ulers keepu It. S1 .a per holt1. (;eunnino
has trade-nwr -ui uandi ro.ued red Iues on wvruapper.
Chamberlain's Eye and sin Olntmon
Is a certamf curt for Chronic Sore E yes.
Granulated Eye Lids, Soroi Nipl pi P e
Eczeima, Te'tter, Salt Rheum and Heca$qd
25 cents per box. For sale by druggista.
For pultting a horse in ai fine hiealthiy con.
dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders.
They tone up the sy'stem, aid digestionl, cure
loss of appeti te, relheve constipation, correct
kidney dsorders and destroy worms, giving
new liIfe to an old or over worked horse. 25b
nanta ner nankne. For sale by drugginia.
:IlI 4Ps 4)s1e Sidte.
.\ N a-:PS N, S. (C., A . gu T.
special: Anld r1son11 knows hmw t
m 'till(. I I t upt i t as '4r (
1(1 UI' -IYOt 4ct ivI a I Id as gc4mI 12tit Il
1-41 .1 < ' ' s I' 111v (40ll ilt V it tit
state. Thvy) cII i t th ani
.4 or( 1 ,t - cII tv. u I t(esole
stl 111i Sli( 1111 11w. To4-da v I 1141
e'r'',00 g in( i who for <Iver liv
b1Im o 4'I 1( rs S111( I 1tedl mil a t liltt'orI
(ual1 rtliid h11v stanidingI to bwa
t IIe Jl1q111 enI I el. of d z a t eIll (I da
T]ItI ' - 12 4 v141 I)I(II 1i( I 4 a1it
Iiat ut i d I tha'it , Ill .1( 14 - i 1114 t1 s
but g d )I 11 n . I crowd. Th41 fe.1r
Wer1* 1*1 iI L t 1)i :11 y 4t s- - l$ th
it'4 I( 11 ( t11 114 v 44 4 I .Y Ii 1.1(
I ll l l- h sp "I kvirs. ( Ij f t > i j
121 Ji'~l211 V I l)~l Ila As 12 11 14 144 v
( h. I aisi I I t Ie f r 1m 11 I' \v . 1
d r f, Ihu .\hly Ilu ih r w
\v1'' a .1(1 4 1144 vi Is4''' ' 1441
t As ine t(li uto ist 1 14 id wai 411, 11
\v121I I wa a ' ' l Iie' fI1m' ' 44111iele1
w il f -.1t aI 1)a I v( 4(l I liiit
ver('c''sS vo I 144' a I il o ii ura
'4i 1 'I 1 a 4 r\vy.I I' n. Il u lI) 1I'
I(rinal canId ida t s we-rq- a ll 1 ( t i-Il
ilt hi -dayv. Thwy art41 1 n1 Ill
ilI Isi S l li 'ii t lii 4 a I Int suh1 1
plumII aIS A~LalerSonI's votewa wr
('apturin5g4 . 1 Th1 cro ws 214 (4414' el '1
ll. Ily. divid'- l h t weI'n IKvanls in<
4'1 ' I Ift I t1(44 h . 1i wo hI tl I 1 14i pwr
Sist.-nl t u rn14' ihers, :Ind 14Is 4 both (i
k2pt up a St1141n y * h r iiiz Itl
cai n-<( I I e c(mnI I v.
T I if' 4 l 'et il W Is I \ i\'i-< 41 ( .
(1iv I l1 l l )I wh"1 12 II) wIl It 1114 r 12
wo r k . it I 4-r 1 h in1t n
aki n a w I I n m t rk 'I k
In i m I o II n \\ h: li oll i l . Il
fact that 1 n lii khour- sh lh
hav n it llz d his rr2 b1fl r
this, :and that h1. h$ i it fr m 1 h
1lak iri l) Il <.t, ll- In sh4-4 l (i4I'll .j{
sub I '( iri pt if i.n( I I s w ilw 1(d 11,
slfi Ii'I Of ( I I askel In 'I l4inell
2 lim o1( I'hlph ' ,-<1 1 J21 (
read his ,p411ch . I- li' m Ili " .r I I
I Y fri-'Ii' l in 1 ' w 'lIe . wI' il\ I'
t'n-qu ntly' I r 1nna- wild . * --D(,I 1ph i
all right.''1 11 ( is s I,-fv hII iIk w lI
C(oIlI. ( " . \W altl n \ 1hin11111n 1 -mh
hi) i 1t n th )ro i tha it h-, wa
> eI ll1 t)k i4 it 1a wy(1e.. F I I wa
Oilt fearful 1u Ill o b si st iv in h i,
(lrl.iziitg hoaid. he wante i tlie<
witII ' 8111 A814I I il lvot n ho14 1)441)14 (4lI(
of14w4 i 11 1 If')I4 414' . I1 141 14) w i 48I T II
lem i t I I al d I -a itl 1 0, 1i I t( *Ill1s
li T ros -11 a Iif ) ( I , a a' Is(1144l 441 i nI I4'
was sa t i ied II hat I i t p 4pl qd o ill I (I
1 If he fool. li waIIs noIt ippis
.(11 I 4 Ij148 I 41 (4 traII 1 (- opa lIl -I
E, 'i " ' Will I 'd . It'll it '. I ) I
ntes iho Iounlibn-r of ollicos
4I If Sp 'lit 111twi l of hiis ttill , ill (1 is.
el uss iI 14o d ip i fy 211( J44'4''IIts re
tiii ij11'l il ) Io I k a11 ( 111 4 p 1r411'\
fill t ilo' (111111 i4111 iof re-opllitig.
ilfSOse wh<l) v()todl sistailwt-d ('<>v
-1'*11 d T illinallt 's [m sitioll, 1 ,1 11 4
wIs Io i I44 nX)iv Its lI :III l-4I
ill olls V ol t'.
' . .E Vill ' k. 1 I 111 ' V ''V 111III
1 I4s1 14 I t) I441 ZI v~ wM~ I 44* I1
i r 11(1 I 4 I auli l4 'e.4W I lit I I I '
na I1 (1 h it I a I I f Is, )1'I1I:)1 11 (141
4) 4 'll ] fo lr 4111 1 , l l - I4I I 1 '1
( 11 W li 81t1 o1 (r 1 11 Ij'4 a11 14'
S.i li ii' 4 1 1 1)4'll (444 CNV i 11 |H' Ill i i ll 111(1
preljudicl. to gi-t (4ivllie h (Jill n141
nI I i(. IHI l r - l 14 1Ir I v i r I -
W\,(Il' of t ile Illf. 1 r. t's ' ill l" w<
till, unity of tIn- whte i '1p4 1w'
W ill4 i o I l4 '4"m s i I it 144' ( ':4 i''* I 4 -
o ll d l2s sM ill it-- '14l .
Said I hat i)4 hd d Il( I mi' Ill (4 )l11'() 1 .l
pl i ill lit) ' vlar anid lilil
t 14' Ila i 1114 4l4 i 11:1 14 Ill at Ill '
W:lssa (h'll;Itgti4 ' 41 f 4I44l44 14'4'l
i ), 0 . e ' li ll i i' v i(I 4 (Ill
equiv.oally Ita i., h i lbjl i tI
1 ' Il ':(Ii llll (11f 8ill' (1 i44t iia8h
n i hel i' ('1 reill it litc .. llj
lO w A\ ( , t 1 3 . I, .0 1 11 1 'oll -
S iI' I i ,4 4 11 I I I ' I I 1 '. v .
1)4' 14111 et allI( le 444pr lli i ' (1 44(4 swil4|1 i\V
I1 111541al ' 4i1i' iIll' 'i | 114' :i4 .
Id e I(I withwh-awn 4 r4' th' (.'If
mid44 144 ll 444 1!. i' '4 444' :. 11444)4 Him
I144' d i1 " 41'41 I ' 1r 44' '. 1144 I ' I 411141 1!44'
1 I44- I 1m b ,\.1 11I444 44 it w I.1r.aI 1 s I I 1
111' 1 Ii I I i 1f4 . kI 1 4 il l r
I Vl ld - l v1 1( -, ,dI ha I 1wli
4114 141 14 \ I :(I i \ ll I). c, 1 1 1 11'.
II Io 1, - ir t-. i il v iL- (w olr
44 N.~ 41. I 1
W. bu4 hat.w uh n, k ifo
I I Iit ) . Ii4I 'z 11 1404Ii- . ,(( 144 V()m h i I
( \\4814 -14' 111 IIUI 10
h mi n ''i I ti(1 I. i i e a :il Il . Ir
1 i I I It. l 4 I)(,i18 I ili ll'V
lin 11 4) c48 l : a t:111Y 4 1 11 Is
.11 v..a.-;i kii'' I \\'r11'h 1 14 144-I 1I '
nol , el!r 1 ) r . Jil 11 V
Ill' ill I 4 It' (I h I A 1 lo.
n , pro i b 1t 1441 n1ow 1 11it) 1 b g I ll
rtI i t l i d 14(p 1444 I 1 11 4 1Il
Wil4,' ( l .( lO 4v ,i 1.(4 4 hi 1 Iv'
a41 j I 41,144 . II~i 14 11'4)ll (1 114ist l i~i' 1 4' k
IV) 1411 '4'1 'll'11, - ill. ( 1 1B 44 '4-5
wa In huit i eally44f~O1. received 114 144(
1,4''4 lii ' ' a 14allo1 coo1, l1 i W;lH
1144 t rr 14'14414 1 IlS 1414.Id g()VO il W--)4.
e lL S i'l .(rli la( 40 OI liu) h if
I n1'y18 111(T 141 lio i'o erly (ityn fa
i or ll aR1)45 '111 t () f 10ilel~ ))4i
his po'siti4n 44n ih d15J'I.ensai4's.
- If mlee mIlt laws wad d~lohire
etillst 1. JI t at -i <ll m ise to '.li..g
1151 1 4i Ii5L 4 4 il' 4e 1 'll) \ il)
h ) 1w salkingI. ao ut s (') tin l t i
I ..1 44))ol se o-1,1nid 41( (f i
hoe wa s Huil ch1re at) th)Cn
alsnd ofhst.dspo
w1a4. i d for I .al q h 1 a ) .
l ('ga ti sp k le saie ta it
he r1 5v ery (d, pI wh h e llwiali stiI) .
tho wSwnatI'rship- w-It' -nlo s - ahon
his of times risk1 d ( h is i i " rid
eI f I 1'1 \. 1 iv(((IaII 1 nw w ) 1 , ii) t la 144
i .'l Si ta l 54.111 Wit inull .I ish
4'1 It'.' 11)4 Il'l p Ii (I t C 4 1 4.'aIhhI d.
willd hav ' l('111v54' ireferred danth I nw tig
114 abus1 l) i'apI n him m414 hi
family :N beor h gT hEP w t i
4')1as 4' 4H4li 4Q4lIlt idoenI <>glif t 1)41[l 1
1111r11 t n s-na k I i1 a id t it
was his ty soth Stailt, fras
r1wkin h at, 1l)l'w kIi'i' l i l 1'"11I)
ca1 i r .1e tipiv24. i llt I n (v ,
idntiy t h (mslf with a y, wath
'i t4 e tati',l n l hi' lh l wa is
lia s (4, tiln i , 14(i 1in . Oi) rid
( al andl 4rap i ally: destibt tlo8 1
h1 wI d wby ha he (14t1h h) w hv,-n
H li e ah(''j to )' 1 )Iu ll- il 1 1d wmi
11)4" 4I O'e it' as lost1 vl'4) Ow I1l4 ih,
(wit 'llt II ,- 'it'dwil l s a n i t a nyt
Ili., d1'4 to,)11 th14141111(l'd
e lli' sv 11 1 Io4. wlit : IlI aaInt) 4 lih
1il itd', sI 11 '41 Ii ,s -11 1 4' ll
IaId l'u ih Co e al Alli, a
and 'ls > ndlto a .u .I a vI s
hI l ,uul4 I I Iu n ) I1 . '11t4 1wII
rl e 11 on11 (4 ( feders111 ou, who \\uld
nota4 144- i t w11 I I,)it a( ll 411 . mo 1
11 til)) a1)41 41d Ia' ( 'n11 -d. 11hev
4111' 11 o -u ti 11."1 I
W als. ho an d hil :i pai 1ni .111.
'Il :11( M 14)i I..' 1144 Ca:~ 1.) 141 +
alld a o'lfi" a I t o filil leida ilrvi,
T111he l)tire crow si)mg)' d t ie1)) l44on
I 4) I I-I a I, 1I4 t ' I II4III441I \4 1.144.' .s 1, 111
C4w1 II 14 ) a hid'd .mIN(' i( ll)
wI 41) (tai C ivill)' r i. Til' 114\
4s t iht. 11t 4 wli ll luil the
Ailt 1, hl 11d'. I 1,1t (w4l igl it' d II!
w4n1 ii a'lld, l i tl l' i l 11)1(I
kept tie A llflin i . o t o "I b)4') hi rid'
I ll lylld . s 1 lit il, 1 C gI,
Ivero i cll olfl11o lost 6 ovn.w i')jnV.
:Nol lthal of oit1'..l- t 5iu 1ddah- g)1'l in
the eni ea 16l ld primary y )u (4) ll h It
oatrer wita h :OIl pray Oml if
"form m I all sure.s' , 111d(1 to pph.
dipnay he en11h-d wit hoproi'
an1' . 1 hI h Iluit It r p.ni
peo p l. . 114 on a v IIr I I ur.
Mo111 ill111 t( do 411'h 1 ll (41t I114 I 1114-()
lila 4 ' ils( 4 I e 1i llyr (111 l((l'
.o.is mrul i t io win (
re'il~i it,: Thn-h
Ilil114' 4I i' IN d I A T 11% 1 I I way to Staye
ill-lidin w as (<A y(t( y' IA)vI .II()I
no'Nt vaaltil-ll'dl c ll
<didato s Cor till' I .-e !iSh at I 'lr M
11 144 Sl i i I(I a ll lik 1 11 I I) lt i I I
vot fI)r. I cb I Iilaz4f ',
was aR lItiheI y flull 1 hlf it llii
lion ( 1 d 6fat hII im it 44 I-111-d
the b(oys to keep th uveir )
thl sat isft l 4 e1 i>i li wn
hi sp ._c A.e( Olit. ill . 'az~ (4,
y ir b\ liviligi ala d. prinarv.
- 1 callwt 4 111n all thols41 w1n,
11%ill 6) fi(t bwx h im ilb) a
114.W apad , id Will, Wiallb(' hjiml
their .pAtil OI'w hot:a
of1 (t crowdl, necompanlild with a
slrii Si t' 1111 il1s.
411 1)' < 'Zl 1(1 1 4li'4' liii. 14 .S'
l iet ad-11 1 4r b l 1 '
N'v i lb at lua lf-pa:4t li 'oh|k
\\'. ~A K.'
Tlt' 1145 4411 1.1 1-tital(' ill9 e
.11t lh 4 Ne 't) ( ;;A
T 1 I' I 4'~ l. 1.:.\ .: I l 14\ t i \.x i l 111: P -'
Sl -:N T T() >DhI ) T k- iW isi: . :0
' 1... .\-\I) 1 1 Il.\ 'S 1 I -' 1 11 '1
Sl I IN I I siN T Il I1-: l 1|-:4 "T .
Io St I.. 1! , I -ii I.lS (1 )', I it o,
'h t of 11 m A111eI atve.
(Ii llhu i'e I h qi'o l rli'y l a I Ie
r ,'l ( ,' l l l In' ; lI i l I ;11 ( i!l ~ il.
Il(g1th0r bdy ('haeirnaly lginn of
at ("all p i sheI I Ie Iays Iag 11. ,\ *V,.t1 , in
W hiqe l l W 'n ' sl- far(i I l.- ' e -,' I II
for p n. A e i- .r- t Iwa b I
ab I bv sinennsm~e(,as
attcntyio tin th'' fi i h th pla
1- 1 .1 A v. -
it'lls tn i i t )e h p , ( i
hal rilleil * v l it '1 141 y1 1 ill
ri tIlniks 111. 4.,111111i01"'.
nh il b ' 'l l i'cl q-it:( w r At a s AI'
ill e~ e lio ill ilex(,1 )*O - re il I I'i's -
s: I s 1'.1 I , i i -II, 111( 1 i i ll w mit (I lef
10I11 fill Such jart jell 1 s ns W4 MIlij
In nIA g lilt) f,- erruer,11'Is II1 1-.en 11r
-h' l Iv <'- l r i I Sl ,-r : nI I l ;A, nild b )l
.\b 1-silh --w . (1 \ho Ill. )II W l
" 11 rly opposed to anything
" I'" kiii ( and was heard to.' say
at i i' onluion "that if we do so
nw hlie pfIplo will think that we
a r f set of' b b8ith id Jackassos.
I ' uphlaided by the inein
nl- " i Were .l'greed with him.
Jih IyeN f 1' Fairfiel(d, offered
"iei* ' rslu in (cl'aring for a
ei-a rmr.He miade a
r< % sp'e'h in favor' of the same
lmeru zfr nitietber cf the
i ii I t ea ta k thio hlo)rand spoke
r .1 : flagit 1, tiho resolutions.
\\ luu, ie tuerit' of' their remarks
r otili oiIY bo ijudged from
II"' "'N )I." n ' 1 tle Ifaces of the
m1wnhk-rS who 1 oinlionI onl' the
idwa. kntowi. As a substi
tih u ,411 f 11r Mr, v-los's moition Dr. J.
\ilm. Skeinrdcdthe fol
Wreas this committeo re
-ogniZes thlat the P11111 adopted
n .\pril aml- reitorated in July
it it per'ect, but after full con
*ideralt ion for all interest, pre
ereneo, cilCumstances and con
litioins that (ofrlfonit the Reform
movemntient, it is the best that we
have been able to deviso; if faith..
fully (arr1ied out, the plan vWill
Vnintass the object in view
twi ' ho committee was organ.,
izedl-)namlv, antd nomination
fa em lidlate for Governor who
4Iml be the choice of the Re
]11 I''i 'S.
lI slived, TIat we deem it in
\l'ditti; itnd unwiso to aban
lit th' plan already agreed up
'Tlh substitute was adopted, it
is uit(lerstood, by a very dicided
iaj ri ry.
\ long d (iscuiss ion, patrticipa
(,d in by nearly all present, on
t'sned up)on1Vti various propositions
t, adopt additional rules, and
to explllin thte meaning of cor
tain ioiibtful terittms contained
in tit1 plant. The debMo took a
wide ranige an-1 covered every
tm of' iiiijortanio concerning
ih' liefoin Party. Chairman
Sligh', Colonel Norris, Dr. Stokes,
Messr's. Kir'kland, W. Gibbes
WItaley, E fi r d1, McLaurin,
\butili, Otts, Evans, Elliott,
T homta , A p p i t, Patterson,
eal, D113'lr, DuBoso, Stalvey
mtl in f'act every member of the
',ittniittee spoke zat soine length
rot the subject with more or
less warmth and earnestness.
II. I'. IE'i4'me% '93ni1 Cars'lie' i
IW'. IK'ith is a colored man, who
'tlLn:g4 d( itn carry ing the mails
,vr about thle stato of P'ickensg or
na iii' ua 'ti ry a d jatcoutt thoroto.
\ jh i''fore last, Ihe was at tho
ir'- I ine dlepot. and( r'ostod his wea
y)1 bone in ott' of the( comflortablo
'nt s iniI1 t'he(receptioni r'uoms.
It wats a pleast~li e vening and
It'. 4'ool bro'I'E:4 oi tly fannod htis
'-h"'ks, whichl wiot'o somowhatiuf heat
'41 by'~ ret'l~ed'1t a ppl icatioens of' corn
had)1 or' goodu~, anho drm 1Iopplod into
a sweet shunbar~t. hnfortutnatoly
hiis body, preavetedt'( a full and free
ra p~ in i4'n and(1 fthe r'esulIt was a so
r'i' of eulia and'111( suggestive
-nt'r"" whi'Ih pro" duiced a disagree
I '" ila~tir'sb in t timo dOlio4
n ' I'ai a |4(1i'>l inmn. s~ in du
t\y bo'undt, lthe policomantt dolicato
ly10hook himu, politoly suggesting
hat th' whlo world loved music,
.itt pr'ferr iniOl 4 take that special
vylo iin briokein (1sos.
IW'o dlid not atpproeciato tho idea
>f beinig w''ll shtakoidhoforo taken,
untii at no upl-ontdod himiself and
't oiutsidoe r o tomf.
A !. wold l have been well with
t he son a mbulistic musician had ho
neout and said nothing; but he
Ihainged htis tune and in a rich ba
rat bnt' voico oponed a song, the rey
Ira in of wh ichi was:
"'mn bodund~ to shoot the man
what's a bothorn of mf
The policeman gathered Roe and
landVbd hitin in the station house.
lHe had an improved .gun in his .
pocket.--Groenvillo Newvs, Aug. 8*
"There are na fluo nge"si
the fresh) young nean oith e.idi
gayot. $N,".sid te date
y~ith atir dMeM . ' ghtful~ne~p
"Is~p ope there- a

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