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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, August 30, 1894, Image 1

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IPE" paX O,
Physician and Surgeon,
Off1co it hk residonen Matin StreM
March 8, 1894.
11. 0. BowuN. L. E. CIHLDnRIs.
Attorneys at Law,
Oct. 5. 1893.
DR. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist, Dr.
W. M. Nonwoon, Assistant. O1ilco,
88 Main Street, Greenvillo, 1. C.
jan. 9, '92 y
R. J. P. CARLISLE, Dentist Gro
Y111e, S. 0. Office over Adison &
McGee's Drug Store.
P 20 years experiencf. Graduate f)rom first
sehoolm-unler patronage of highest Mei
cal authority, makes nill properly adjtsts
any style Spectacles. Oflice over Dr. Ad
dison's Drug Store, Grifenville, S. C.
June 28, 1894.
. . LLs, Greenville, 0.
M. F. ANSEL, e
0. L. IoLLIsoswvoRT, Pickins, S. C.,
Have associated themselves together for
the pritetice of law in its various branches,
and will give careful attention to all busi,
ne.s uilertaken by them.
Loans and discount s negotiated.
May 1, 1894.
Fllrfi.I Uliversityl
The uiixt session will begilu September
26th, 1894. For Catalogues, or for informa
tion about the (ourses of Study. Mess
Haill', Private Boarding or other details,
apply to the President.
July 20. C. MANLY, D. 1).
Liry, laid, Sal & E10Iange Stabhle,
Easley and Pickens, S. C..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages, Buggies. and Saddle Horses, at
reasonable rates.
& Your patrounage solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers in
. Warble all ruitt MOR ents,
TOMBSTONES, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
1. C. Bept. 19, '91.
If you want the finest PICTURES made
in the State, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
113 McBee Aveune Greenville, 8, C.
Ar Crayon Portraits a specialty
A.pril 7-y.
Veterinary Surgeon.
11aving an experience of fif teeni years
in treating all diseases of eat tie, aiil
having miade the disene of Murrian, ini
all of its fo~rs, a specialty, I ofe av
services to the public. WVill tre~a t entlo
nuffering with any ord inary -disen ies.
B. P. GRIF~i'IN.
Feb. 1-1y- ___ PiekenK, S.C..
- Dealei in
' chUes, Diaonds & lewellt,
es e GREENVILLE, S. 0.
Oct. 19.-3m.
New Store
WA E nowv havo for ins pecth-m the most
VVcomplete line of MILLINERY, DRESS
-of the Seasou, selected in person in the
Eastern Markets.
The Record -Broke Again!
Weo will send one boxK. of 01UR 1,HADER
LIVER P'ILLS, ('Thvenity-tive cent~S Hi/li,) to
any address, for- lifteoen cents. Try themi,
, 'noobttr. T. X. L. COMPANY,
230 M~ain Street, Cohunnhia,
lHaS just 01oened all lato'st stylos3 ol
4At the lowest possible prices.
Main Stroot, Groonville, S. C.
April 19, 18~94.
costsonily $2.00 pe 100 -square fe
4Makes 4~ good roof for years, and an:
one can put it on.
GUM ..l$LASTIC PAINT cost only 01
cents per gal. in bbl. lots, or$45
for -gal, tubs. Color dark re<
V Wil atop leaks in tin or iron roof
indwill last for years. TRY IT.
Send stamps for samples, and ful
partetulara. -
49 & -41 West Broadway, NEW YORE
"A8. 1894.--6m.
olmEINVJIi1E, S. C.
Recent inventory of stock
shows too many goods in hand.
immediate reduction necessary.
Seasonable summer goods will
be the sacrifice. The goods are
here as advertised. Pric gjuo
ted tell the tale. Quotations
are few for want of space only.
Colored ground figured Swiss
es, Persian Mulls, Princess
Duck, Figured Satine, Irish
Lawns, Cambries, Light Zephyr
Gingham, goods that have been
12., 15, 20 and - 25 cents all go
at 10 cents.
Pink, Cream, Light Blue and
Nile C rcen, Figured Crepes, re
duced to 163.
E in b r o i d c r i e s-Although
we've had a big trade in this
lino, we fiird the stocks some
too large and offer for this week
20 per cent off of all already low
All fans over 25 cents now at
plump cost.
Our "Summer Veitilated Cor
set" to close at 38 cents.
Oxford Ties for less than cost.
Bargains in -Ladies Shoes.
Just Recived-Another lot
ladies Fast Black Seamless Hose
12A. conts.
Beautiful lot new Windsor
August 23, 1891.
out of employment, or in
aa positiont thiat you do 11ot i
ilikec? Possibly the solic
C iting of Life Insurance is
iyour special forte. Maniy
l people have, after trial,
- been surprised at their a
: fitness for it. To all suelh i
S it hasl)proved a miost conl
5 genial anti profi table occF:
i pation. The Management~
5 of the
* EquItable Life
- n h Department of the.
5 Carolinas, desires to adda
S to its force, sonic agen t.
i of character and ability.
i 'Write for information. :'
i W. J. Roddey, Manager, y'
a Rock 1Hill, S. C. C
60cta, and
$1.00 Blottlo.
t. Qo cont a doso.
Tars onaIAT coan a
where all others fail Couhs Crou Sor
Throat, Hoarseness, W oConwok
Asthma. For ConsumptIon as no riavnd
has cured thousands, and will on log a
,taken in timo. Sold by D~rup;st o a gur
re,0's CATAAs
tedcueorr ? hi romcd1fa n
Unao Brown's Iron Ilitters.
P'hysteinna recomnmnd it.
All dealera kcop it. Si.00 jser bottle. Gonuiwi
has trade-mark and crossed red Kines on wrapper,
. uiv ( thlat t|I . sisll Mot11
u(sclhi lived :. lig, was that somil
V'~ill ' tna ii ad JidlLrie It lii for
Iis 111% '1 Evs.
A (;firn5511 ('eed ' Cure.
5e aithorize our ad\vertised drug
,;st to se 1)r. King's New I)iseovery,
Cor (oin -1sum1ptions, (ouglhs and Colds,
uion this condition. It you are af
l icted with a Cough, Cold or any
ILng, ''hroat. or Ciest trouble, andl
will use this remedy as directed, giv
ing it a fiair trial, and expieience no
benefit, you may roturn the bottle and'
have your money refunded. We could
not, make this offer did we not know
that Dr. King's New Discovery coald
be reliel on. It never disappoint
Trial bottles free at W. T. Meall's
stor'e. Large size 50c. and1ul "-.1.00.
1"For overy dollar spent ill mllis
sionary work the Unitod St'atos
spends $218 inl li(JLor anld $11.1 in
IElctic IHiter's.
This reinely is becoming so 'well known
and So popilari as to nseed nto special ilel
tion. All who have used Electri' litlers
sing the same song of piise. A purer
tuedlicine does not exist, aind it is guaran
teedi to do all t Imt is chmimsed. Electrsic Bit -
tesS will cur'e ill diseases of the liver and
kil6neys, will reiove pimples, boils. salt
rlelumi and other alfeetions canised by isn.
plure blood(. Will (tive nu5arill fr-soms the
system and prevent as well ais curev sill ma
lariil fevers. For iure ol heachlle, con
tiplation atl indigestion try E'lectric Bil
tes. .'Antire satisfactions guaranteed, or
Imonley refuntlel. Price, 50 cents,'and $1.00
er h)(bot tIe. Sold by -W. T -McFall, Pick -
ns, S.C.
A Germans statistician says that.
his latest disc)ver'y. is I that 3,000
yoanrs hence th:r'to will b10 1 man
to overy 220 womn10.
Mrs. T. 9. IIawkins, Chattanoo
ga, Tenn., says: "Shiloh's Vi
talizer 'SAVEI) MY LIFE.' I
consider it ~ the best remedy for
a debilitatedl system I ever use(L."
For (yspepsia, Liver or Kidney
trouble it excels. Prico 75 cents.
ol( by all druggists.
Make it a rule to always look
Upon the briglit side, and you will
find that, thoro is always a bright
sido upon which to look.!
*15uclenC5% Arniesn ulve.
TIse nest Salve in the world for cuts
bruise" sores, s1lcers', salt rhseum, feve
tWres, letter, chiapped hands, chilblainl-s
to1rn0s, and all skisn eriptiossi, a positim
lY cures piles, or 1o) piny reituired. It I
gulsninteed to give perfect satisfalction, mo
iluon0ey refllded. Priie, 25 (ents per box.
For sale by w. T Mc'lall, Pickens, S. C.
Ener'gy will (10 anyth ilng that
can be donlo in this world, and no
to a1 its, no0 CII's.'ircumstanices, no p
portuslit'ies will make a man with
out it.
FOR i i' .Ido dl0
" wUnkne.'.- !ahiria, Indigestion and
Bl1iousss-4. I i ke
it cures qiicekly. ir isnie by i dceaiers i
No one should a ttempt to d
mloreO than51 one th ing at a time.
WXhen you have finishod slandering
your ne5 ighbor05s, go and~ say yourI
pr1ayor's; but do~n't attempt bo0th
a t once..
It Should 114l i Ev'eryj Ilouse.
J.1II. Wilson,: OIi lay. St., Sharps
bur'g, Pa., says lie will not be with
ont Drm. King's New~ 1)iscover'y fos'
Cosumpisti on, Cousghs and Cols thati
'it eur ied for' hiis wilte wh'o was threat
oned w .ith Pnieumiionia after(U ansd at
otiher 1emed~ ies and sev'eral phyvscians
had done her no good. 1Rober't lar
her, of Cooksport , l 'a., chumsns Dr~s.
Kings New Dilscover'y has dlone him
msore gooithani aniything hie everi PS
ed for' Lu~ng .Frouble. Not hinisg like'
it Tlrv ii. I'vee Tn'al Bottles at W,
Ti. M'ehll, 1 ~'kdtw,~' S. C. L1 arren''bot
tIes. i,00 antd $10(0R.
Somo cluings rpnliain se'ttled ns
Ahis lfo ii. spite of theogitics. It
is still lew, for' instance, thast thes
1111 allVw10 .factos ill) i ep ii
Aul*A tactye. . .
coamnbined Iro(,K P ALMA1N Oz
1 AvertI~t) 11 IlOWNiSfOn~'
- God. knsowvs what w' .woedl.; wr
onily. k now w"bat we wvould liko t<
hav~e, Thia t. is . why .your11 prayoe
and its aniswerl did( riot, stOoml to fit
l ike a~ bal l ini it socket.
Spelnien01 thises.
I sroubb-eI wsiI b N'eiura:lgia :ssi R hiennsuit ismi
hii- 'stm'lb sn ili~conter'ed, his Iaivei
wsvs :itli'iad l,) ism aslsasniing elegrtee, appe11
iti fitlI aw~ia :tml lhe wai s ibly red
''ed in ile.sh ai al sire'.th . Thrssee, hat Ile
of lisstic liites eure d hsimi.
:5 r'uning~ -sr lin his. leg of i'ight yearsi
landsiiing. I '-( d 's t h i botle.- if I'leetrsi
hitt'sri and1( -ven boxes- of Bucekli'n's Areil
eni 'alve. :ail h1 i'!e i' soisint aind well
.Fev'er .'re(s (on his l'g, aloits isidl bI
wals hsessIilcurab(e. One hai't,1 tIle et rio Ilil
tes aiul onie box iltcklis'., Arie Sa:l v
teursed hhnss enstirely'. Se iv by I isborne s
K~irkstoy and WV. TI. Mc'l"all. P'i'kes,S.(
Somo pooplo hmtvo yet, to lear
that thore is at.wido diifflor'enco h(
twoonm making a businosa of one
rohigion and making au roligion <
nn's bmninnaa.
NSIste of 111' 11 40t-'M-e 'oua I,,g i.,
DIkt;hls Do 1i'hal They (<<(wIFor.
.i'rn :IV.. Tin a ct-na i-ta
for Lieuteanit (incernor-The Jlt
ljuinc em)nt,4e Unnimously Ea
<torsc)l-- Speces from%, Eea as.
* ii~prmnanl E lW. Er1 V
crybody in. Lorr for ihr Koulie(s
aI di, a, Reviular Loren a.it All
Conix~milnr, S. c. August, 17ih.
Severl 1 Iiohl0is Wiere 1lllU(it t
to illt alppoillf..ilt'it 4f4 a emilltiit
tet' I) waiit (it the , io. liillt't's. A
substitutte offered by Mir. Kflghl ()f
Aleville was alopted. .1 t was
tlit.-t it coilllittee oI*f N4 to Nvait fill
till- lioillles alnd 1llso illvihe (IIll- I
01r1l Ellerhe aild Serettiry '.Tinital
to sliats onl the floor.
The Chlirnail U llipiiitl thle fl -
liowiIIg conunl1itjtee: .1. C. K Iueb fI
Abbvi lIe, J. E. El 1tlie i' d. a Ii o.
D.J Bradhan t Il f iltilare:n1 ion, lo. e,'ll
.ordan of Aiken, W. D). IEvanls 4f
Al trhoro. I. W il slen t h1 a.
\tbre of i h I 1(n l iorit tfi Ilis etili
ii iitt Wert 1)-wer lpp l dl ii> ( tt ti' i
G ovel'lor.
W hlile t ll4 )01111110 Wll i ttlV i
In c onlvenlt i on to4 ok a r'ee(oflf
to'ell i I itt i s.
.(t. l tIrllt I it litl it t h i Ill
ii' ll 1111 16 " l ' tS I l t i l\ ,I t i\ I I
ftd into)ti Ilt l lt l on (1Ili di i .l.
.I- ird ll 1 11 , (1f 1o -i it )I. N\ i (I il'l.
1il(lit Sf (tif t i i tillia ' mli IneIl
side, of him. Ill. was VociferoumsiV
ei.eudt. 11 walked i up on the'
eit Gi t ill ' liti'ii Ily<t lltl t'll In m l
('410o )4, 'is th il II.l Xl 'iV 'rI .Il)] . >
Sou ltit Caolin I. ''o'iii 'lt
MR't . Vlt w -oiV Siln -'-t't'll i.
l t's of tIll llullill i il'jlti 'i l lilll
ASW)'t 11111s ihi l I t T ilto I<t
Shioun S ioi i ilsympaV1W-1ieihnice
of tLH eyeithe heln-ty halt afth
111111d ll 1 till ' lroilli'-l. I'lliltr 'i'
ille ft tkl. 1. (id l gi (it' 'ill- li- i't.
To SyI' that .I Sthink Vl' S1,1n1,S
et)Ilo 11.1d is uti Ra)fl Oli 1'X ritS. I I
() i' hlit i l t go(LS ti ll ( . e ilel
- I A!ir . il I~til .\ V. W (>d' -4,
pi'ljig , to vm l ilfel4l(it'd to
rt )prosvill. nlly t(iliIs (() th1iSs Hlm
woulw ifinndo. quale". Ti- is,
gollill-nell, a. tidbe' snlyillq- 111.0,
tit(<- li 4r 1 )(elliS Ilil(s W.1 t'11 (Il('
lips lloe not, tlld t -lli Su'' 1t
is I-f: Ierii l by r4 uitJv il'r
4 f- 'r, W lv I I . I a t 'lllpi. Its I - j ' n
Ilil ,v I 14- i all 'e I Il ( )f t 11l 1 loilliIlla
lt w W i ell 111t4'1111lv. illi 'e l ii l
Tllere is I IS 11 (1all I1i I1I1a 1loll tilt 'x -
Tho881 Rofor i l'Im'vtnill e i '
pro S i l Ii or f tII Il 1 Nv I Iei vl
11l111 1( (111 f)( . Ilehia ll W11 V l i W,4,1 ',1
1110\Ve'01t0 of the pOp4e amld1 olle
of , its (,1111 411 1.Ii i' i n I be (!44np 4
th i tll(k i t 1 1 i t r Veril,
lINh4 1) w 'l I Ii' 1 1 4e fv I I., I v 4 I
) VtIil I ' i t I I e i I' ii
llI y Wl)l llI .rll( w t II UNl' (4 ) i.
I III(o! y. )I IIII, p -1k v w c ia I
go V ll i t , itI t Itlo il W il l ta kil i
t lilt ( (lot Iwo)Il o)(f 8Nolli Carolina
liaivo spokit I lIt lighl you to (114'
worl41, al I t ako it t intL t11 h )( -
plli of South Carolinla t rough
i eird o1(41d) 11110'1 of I ' 1 11f. 4'!o -
LI-3doS( 0I10 atlllilliStra1tiiull Whichl
has proedil me. Our past ad
minlistr'ation hais Ihooll Cond~uctedl
w 1 tit ability alndi fairl ss li) I
hioul(1 oatistfy thio 1i11>"t lyisierlii
_al, ltuul has iot thcr placo for our
iist01' Str(('S O l' .h | outh| an1d
(, which must (ill'illy t'0ill( in
the dlisenthrlalinllo t (df our peopli,
1 11ll (11(t <>ppr i'mlti , fronll tlit
n ')ol y joWVl' of ie lO ast. I. sloall
11(envor ull liV adminitra lilli to
iiliig bIout this ctillsilliinatioii so)
1evoutly to bo wisi5 f r. .1 SIy
to you ani to the woi ihat th1t'
lI44IOrll l(li1i0Ili.-;(8( ,1,411 sh I I lave
ht. on1o bj4(ect, and that is t he loIp
pin'ess and prosp1rity 1' (Im i'w
plo. This, I amilt sulro, is (Ilwe Son
(vIn ' 10 ( W l'll a' Ill I'll 's 'll
bY t1 h. 144(< 1 1 .11d 41l0 ''1 i i 1 la,
i l is(llu in) IllY Iillilliti 4. rv
'hlor' hIl n on11 ww law. which
las h114, fliidlgh t 11r4'ro 441 lt'l )I 'v
than 1nY )t hr in1 th hit rV (' -
)4Ir leg')islatiin. 111 i the h ,i .
4'"lar i law . i '' ' a '\ ' I It
:11(1'11of i t h~'It ]Ui''II. 11f1 V4ll'Il
sali is thatt' lm1t aWi4 has in
\1'4W O. )1 tlppills'. 4i OI 4 W II
pe-ople, anld ih, voi,' Idf (ho pwIoido
11111lI lil Cair It l (14 l) , lot (1w 141 11 4'
1lwl(e1 s 1 what4 I II Y n i v iy.
(Ch o01 r .) Th) il, I p1. 3 hav. ), . -l1n 4I
) 14 ,1 r 'r1.4i [ '1 1 ) sl l I' 10 , awltI
pe'44 coll, of 4 '4 '1 444444 Whil'' 1(
1"f v, ) r l i it (I,litla h wiV I j sl t )il
)r4111 1 4. 4 I ('I I 'l ('l I t (.11,4
1110414' Id, 11 1'14 la111 I Il I I w i t 1
5nt'115. 01)) i i I)W il l 1 ' I lily14
primo1 f ojct, .i.II I beAlev" I hav.\ I
ioliti ) 1i 1' 11 ' I ito 'i. 11411, l tis
v i-tillsWl l th 11i all(4 '\t h littl'
chilr. n lfit' 1o, I. t Carlin) a.
j Shall I)(t[ a4)o'n4 pt tou'4 ilillo
my pollicy. 'h t. \v I I Iv, lI 'k giv)n
late'r wnI I Shall 14v4 thw 1 l4 a.
C1114'0 Id ' li h po'411 '' i t <'I
8<>1ltlI C arl' ill 1 , a i n I I I I '
say h(,at Wll4b4 j1)) 'i ' an(d h '11l14ly
11ar tI o 4 r1) t. ('1Ij(' s to hw ( S1' ir4l4
andl N) bo olainled by all1 civilized
goVer lIllellt, \.Ii \-)til 11111 4. rt'cit-4)
111)4 i lli 1( a il ( ithll , Calr4i4 ill l, W 1or,
al I t(I o i S all | (' I ' olle -lit i l.
T ho ' 1, (, h 11 4 Il Suchll I ill" I-; a IlI 4I '
il) till.- li'14,t 1 ' j)Iil t1a 1 l t'lI
Si1lls. Our }1 ril4i4ll b i4 1.1 1 t i t (l
1 j1 I r4ly I<)r illt W lIIto1c4'4: j I% -; 11111A
r.11lle and( t ho 11ill I ( ' i ( y 11111 ", su'llW
11144' 41 1l .14 ll), I, 11 14.121 I Sy (14' ol I4\
} i ) ) C 11) 1 i1t1'..t 1,11is 11 ' ol1),
'l at a4 r 14i' l) rill'li t < ho11 -
f('unl I .)4'4' il 14' 114> 4)'l jit' 1 l 4445 | 1 4)1
] )ll4' i O d4'I) ' ; 1.11. I <1 l j4 4W1 I4
litioW?' 4444) la Ie Vi) '(i fir (Illi 411. I\
Cip)4l.. ) ' t'iin o l opp)ui1i4n hint
South1, Ca I'4roilu 1 -lly to'; ihe prin
(ll( 'i'all, O 'El i ll l'i44 )14 r4411444 ll
II0 pIlli1''j) 4'S \v> ':l ) i g1i 451 liii>'
1)J(4110 .41 ') 1 4I(-541(1 >lllhtr>l ist l l44i'Y1
4)141 \ ' 14 ll i (1 ~I.'~ J S4el lii illV
as 0 1 4)4(rill hl i' 51'']'45Il ' 1ir
( h'ar'rs .\4l 1in1e 1 )4: 4 prn ilV
4*4)5()) Wil. hId 111 ,|111 OPIy, )( 'l '10
a Cul turaei lICtO(1ph.. (('h ee.)
1('a (llus't P1'VlI 1, I h ea~ i t hey (
uisro llf 'll rcm 11~ til i I loioiu
conbiatonofth Hout 'an"
ilNi Vll t
1418$ III' 41 1 1~' 11 . Y I~ 41 1111ii
t I~ I I 11 -1 ''11 !, I ll'tg '14, \.,I \
\II!Xt ( 'V4 1I4 I t 1H 4 'I- i I S i)it 4 11 41
1 i.C_ I( I 8$4' O 'I .ok ; I 11411 I I441 144'I
14 1 1' I"11 111 t I - I 11. 'ls .-i jI I Il
8441SS ll,!S 1w i I ll 1 4 i w, 1 111 1 14'
)414 11'. 1411'110. V 4.5 441'41'. 111'.,
I I 441 411 4 "I I (4 1 d11 W1 1
44114o illl' 1.1. (I'll -U r 14 but1 ('h4111
hav. s.'( 1 I< 11I \ hI lt I h '11 .
d i'-, . ll' Wit,'VIr, t'. 4111 - , l it -
tipp m w' lt l ... a1114 Ill. *4 v4 zkliii It144
are . s-I 41414 I III': I I 44.'k lot
Il 4ur lit 1MIi Ti
wh l I : s1 <)l' W C lilt,hi' h0110 ' II d
1S4 411 o \\ (f l' 4114'~t V 41 -11 lrI :14! 1 .
lilt441 il l' a(I m ll <1P4 )ti
I- 4 [ 1411' t1hlat "I'' 1 l4'f ill
II II'41 III I f S Illi Cal l' t i s IS
1-4 1 1n) .' p 1 1()I ' : ItI * l(.'4 c1. 1 la .',
NI' ( 1 ) i W 0 11 4lrd als 11 Ill 11)1
i1 It I 1441. ' 4 I. I IlI 11' ' '1 '-1 ,
a.' I 4 '41'". )" ~ l'- r l1
W oI 1 i V I' f I I . 1 | I'4 .1
I ~)l 1(~ )1' fill\4441 . 11 - l. -d I 4 I
YI Vl'41"4' 414: i' 'hI ft I 11 lt 410
Iit 1.1 t 11 v, 41 1 i4.'n4 1411' 11a 11 i.1
li lit i IIl 14 4 ) t I I il', Ii II \14h I
IV l ul I I4:1 I I|4 ' 1 . ' v le d 4 li
1 ''jij~ it'< 11-14 ' V11 \' I' \ 1
I kiloW~I wN ar t\
t 'I ho at ~ 141 1 I m d.! I I I, I I I 11441
Ill, I 1 11 1'4 1 i 1 - N
1 :i' i t 1 d-i) 14111 II I 11111 41' 4
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