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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, October 11, 1894, Image 1

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8E 11A84
Vol.' .1. f, I V(KENS, 8. (1.~ TrAY -OCTOBER.1 1 8No. 39.
- h ysician and Sq 000
O11t"e at 'is rsdauanS
H1. 0. BowicN. L E Cuin Cs.
Attor neys at Law,
Picke,l 8. ('.
Oct 5, 1893.
IR. J. W. NORWO0D, Dentist. Dr.
I. M. N<,nwoon, Assistant. Office,
881 Main Street, Greenville, S. U.
Jan. 9, '92 y
D It. J. P. CARLISLE, Dentist, ro-0
ville, S. C. 0111co over Addison &
McGee's Drug Store.
3-3er tiaSt,
Vill h at ('entral the 2m. week a ml a
Picken, the 3rd. week in each anoUth.
August 23rd. 1814
20 years experienec. Gradutate from irst
Schools-umdr itronage of highest Mledi
cal authority, maukes and properly adjuiists
any style Sp9ectac(le4. Olice over D r. Ad
dison's Drug Store, Greenville, S. C.
June 28, 1894.
Livery, red, Sale & Zschng[ Stab1es,
Easley and Pickens, S. C..
(Opposite lotel.)
Carriages, Buggics, and Saddle Horses, at
reasonable rates.
- Youtir patronage solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers in
A arbid ano ranite Monumont,
TOMBSTONES, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
S. C. Sept. 19, '91.
If you want the finest PICTURES made
in the State, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
I ti McBee Aveune Oreenville, S. C
AW Crayon Portraits a specialty
April 7-y.
Veterinary Surgeon.
Having an1 experi'ene0 of lifteen yvis
in treating all diseasesi of cattle, ainl
having moiutle the disenis. of Mu r1riani, in
all of its formuns, a spuecialh v, I offer imy
services to 1ho public. Will treat cal. e
suffering with any ordinary diseases.
Feb. 1-1y- Pickviml., s C.
D~ealei ink
WRches, Dimond1s & Juwelry,
Oct. 19.-3m
The Record Broke Again!
\Ve wvill scnd one biox of O)l' It L EA D1I'
L, Ilt. PIL LS, (Twenty-five ients s ize,)t
any addlress, fojr lift eeni cents. Try them.
nono bet ter.
T1. X. L,. (COMlPANY,
23 Ma l in Sitreet, C ohnia
MxJssasE McKAY
19tngan Summer Mliery.
At tho lowestt possib)lo pricos.
Main Stroot, Groonvillo, S. C'.
A pril 19, 189..
Fun is the only Illustrated paper publisht
ed in South Carolina. It is plumb fuill of
wit atto nd huo. Sont Ii to i u~~ mkess six
mfonths onl triail fort wet yI ~i-ets. Send
.Stamips for isamnple copy awd ubi rates.
Add ress Fun 'nldish inmg CO, 200' Main St
o olumbiaJ S. C.
A m n1owt read~y to dlo all! kinds of work nt
my lineW. Inlstaiineous pirocess ando flnishm
.ead in latest andtaost popular stylesat low
.et prices possibmuifor fiIrst-cl ass work.
.June 284, 1894. 1e
.Prof. J. M. LOOPER wilI teaIch Classes in
musie thme (ourse~ ofr Iust ruct ions will ton-.
sist of Voijce Cut Gre Light Sintginig, IPrae
tico of Chnureh andi So uda School Music.
Terms of Tuit ion fort ten ulhmys as fol1lows
Students it the eleimenutary 1lairimonjy.
elhuos, 81.50 each
Auduults not In I [armnony class, 1.001"
Children from 12 t o I5 years oif ag., 75"
Children 12 years awil younmger, 50"
All p~rivate amt ini ati miutatl less.
50ons, 25 "
Notice to Farmers.
Il will be located during the
Cotton season, at the new Mill
Town of Newry on Little River,
prepared to buy all Cotton off'er
.at highest market prices.
L. b. WiLLIAMs.
Rept. 15).-..
Linenls-Prices way off, anahIltyi
superb. All frosh Iew gools.
Doylie. fromn 25 cents to a Ioz.
Napkins froi 75 cents to,_,j a doz.
Table Da k w '1 hite anl colrlell,
from 25 ce..; to 81. 25 a yar 1.
$310Extra li ne heiuisti tclei l)ovh e.s at
a <lozon.
25 arls extra heavy Shirtint for
A"flwnore h-nlies 121. ceiit I tose
at eits.
Flannel-All wolR(Al Flatinel '1t
122' cents.
1ra heavy all wool l iI Twille 1
o ln el 15 C enll t.
E"xrheavy 11,VAll woolMeinee
l'lannlk] 25 ceents.
-10-4 Whlite Blanlkets, $1 <pu:tihty
fIm G5 cents.
c.Best line of White Flannel inl the
yity at 25 Ier cent, itnderi' ireselnt
val toe.
One lot. of '25; anl :o cents Dress
Goods to close at 21-2and I cents
a yard.
Iest, 51) cent corset on t he globe
eg l1 inl we;t, finilel an i lit to ally
$1. corset inl the narlet Ask to see
75 <l(zen lad1ies' and mien's ten
Cents itinkerchieIfs at 5 cent.
5t <4oze(n adlies aid .MIisses fas t
black salsmin Hllose :at 12.. cents.
A t 5, 7, S anl i cents we offer a
lot of caitoni Flannel that (.ann not. be
Not, ait illlill orta it; itil- 1)e
(oods-We tocteal freely oI all the
g04)(l v'aliics ill iarket aipl ae 1imr;
show ing (uite a goolll.1181 I in lit. of
11e we:'t things ill slape of f; I i v
weaves. Black goods we hank onl.
Ilspet011 this stOek''hefore it ze I msi1".
Don't. forget tat we ha c I lathe
chetapest Sh inl town. A i4t, to
0o1' Store1 ill j rovo to lo t hat oI
price"oil ileil s al ll la i-s' lies
are the lowest.
I-"ENV 1LL, S. C.
profit by the experience of
others. Thlere is anu object
lesson in the followving letter
for those who hesitate to in
vest in life insurance.
Mr. wV. .1. It(ni.:vE , I{Aock 11 ill, S. '.:
1near Sir :-Y otir favor of) it he 1s. Iin
closing new po1 ly I ues been r*eceived,
and4( I wiillmitl prinuiumii (4n receip 411 f4
sei noment.'1 old policy0114. 1 04m very wellI
puleased with th e results of my olther
polley, and44 4nn1. ihank you4 1for your1
ind 1 at111 tent141 ionad intvois shown4 mel.
Yourlls 1truly, N. e. It' IC.
Thius is but one letter of
thlousand~s that can h)e shiown,
all expressinig the same1 saltis
faction. WVrite and get an
explanation of the TPontiine
Policy of the Lie
a policy' that isures yon301
against iniisfor tune ; pr otects
yoiu in1 oldl age, ;lprovides for
y our faunily at your deathi.
W. .J. RODDEY, Matnger,
For the Carolinas, Rock lilit, S. C
*T -
Ant ag:0ab0 - uiare f~riv ON
an .-od. FOR..ACtS8E IWLuN by Li -
Dold 1 Duggist 1og nartsbai.c o00
ladin 00 per nenne F4tmles Hini re un.
h tOug O'~roa niGcjl io v O cou'0WD ,
I Cr04 P.Vll otheogu Tcand Breahth, Ac.
I IS ai n agwree.y, U .sSnDeoCl
All "so's Caarr h emey atearn-.
ed no t hvntve fous h ou in mll
waygo. teprass0ts Shby lDuggs
alyoatiaough awthrlianertl bf
pushledin tCnsmpont. Sno'
wisveyo aovrL. m T)ruLA.Isth
ISept. 20.garne. 5os
Specimen dIca . (srs.
.- b - t h ( N i .: anI l , ) ., i. ii l i t 1-n ge
'I f411 l away, :1141 il'l waI 1 1terri 1 144r 1' -
Of I'lel a riv 4lii 4rs e ra him.
a runn(1 ig .or on h l f i h y ar
linII I < I n - I hre 1 Ils o f E41 ri
Bliu r I. -,zNlI el I o boxes.- of lin kItn's.- A r
e(. -alve. all1 Ik Iv- is so 13 :i an ,.wul .
-',o4l Speol er, ( Ipwha, (.1, hl live itr11 .
14'v 'ISorv * oil Ilk' Ijeg. flo ors s::I Il his
wa) iv inl'able. inIl. hotI I lletric Bt I
:Ir lielt ne box linekle *' A ru10n 'Sal ve
hnni liiin nlin'iy. S o ! bv ()shor-11
:III,] '~ M a.' III'cs o an
V(Il1! 111111 ksln "le'-d t o lho
,i1 t t welrk d<>ws 11"t lik e ts lhv
ca(lled laz v.
nuels. ' e.S. et~vka s, (1<,.
1,11 tI[ st Sallve ill ile wollU 'Ior v iet
lbrtlise ' ores, Ialvees, sailt 111 11, fever
sores,"2 , cappeldin- iid, cllilbl'in
cor1 , a, I ,A (i n rptions, an1 V t 11i tiitNv.
Il\ . n ' c lvs iles, or no Imy requliredl. It is
g a 14lntv 1 to ! i' 4-i't vatis1 1 in, or
illolleIv refinlldc . Price, '-. ' ' ents lp r box.
'or Sa. it by W. T. Miolill, I l ikils. S. C. s
A iw'ilol call draw '2(0 ti.ils its
0oWI i gh(1lt. S ) can1 mnustard
1)lits b r.
IS - vr , ..-utieto and
ml l :1 n 41 1 45 G 110 ti1 l
1lli 11 l a d1 y l', |I Ill d 11 , j ll
provIA IlnelhI lio-Y.
Mrs. T. ' . Ilawkins,('hnlinnon
ga. Tenn., Snyvs: "Shilll's Vi
talizer 's vl-:) IY IFE.' 1I
c(nsi'. er it the bst rmllheld. f(r
Pm.r <lysp ps , iiver or Eidney
troubl it excels. Price 75 cent..
111i11 4'v(1' ve'l l44d ll111t'y
Il l ' " ll t' I'lIv (-ih4'io (' st' 1' IC' Id
'l II' n i- So we) known
Will : i'i nhn- s t') ne I 111 ,pv( i l a ntn.
1tn. Mit who 111 . I i.sr- Ek ' 8 'iters
Inerlicine does not exist. anI it is uain
(Certi t-) < all that .; clui i. hE eeld ie il* -
I rs 1ill cnrv all lis) ase' 1 lthe iiver ail
kiin(ys, will rein ve p i ( nples, bo Oils. sal
rIhetn ni1 olter nfe1 tion s II t'nse4 l iy im
pure bl-iw. W ill rive( al -ia Iron. thll!
sy.i<mll : 1 :<l pre1velit it' w ll ws nri i ll ma) -
larial fvr. Fori enlre of1 hvatlache, c(on
slipation a:11d in4igs1 ioll ty I i3 le e ic 4lit
I t-es. \l-ntir0 1e: n or
moneyv ru l'i lel. Price. O ii ents. andl :n w.00
per:4 ho)4l. \.'d 44v~ New 'I )ilc.ali Pick
er', 1 01 itl. I \. . l1 1
t C) nlIw } ie 's \vill i' cI 00.
ill (11v' ill 1 l' 'li14 ' s lrvielu t i
Ih i i 4 I 41( I144 '111N IW1.
Are i(Al-n ii i 411 1o I l' . Ill 1 -1-1
Ce Iut '4 ' i- 4 i S - )1 1 1. . th ( n i.
I i l~ I i 14'l if'. linilr4 ll\ a44) l1z.
Elnuld t It ll , 1)I'l I I1' e '.i
gist tos I)r .~ i's New~ )5' l)i1.cove' y,
fior Con1nopt i, ' on1ghs :444 Cohls-11:
ill 4us e t1'his em ey as.14 direeled, iv-44
1li it14 I ir Ia4 l, l41n le l 4.4 44111 11
(ell11 it, i oli I lav '441 "4'.r ' il bl 'l ii.:n4
ll ~vI v )li' '.ole refin . i e v. lliliz
44hat ). i' New Ii Icovery' <.1\.
be re'ied4o . Invr iapin.
'I'10S oil 1(111 I lId 'gt Ile~ 144(' (1'1l (Il
burg w a., saso e iltotbewlh
('oltunhli:k e itro eotr3
t1vo o('1111)1it t'oo w raigl' Ino r l iv
01' Six lo urS v''sto'I'a y lI'floniloo I
aund (b-ci44l'l n11 to all i Stati.
4'4l4velit it'll, Malilv of) il Ilion
t'rS..4 wore in IIV('r of 'illl a ()l1
VeIltill and plitt ilg olt a t icket
but (I IV wor. oulIvoteOd.
It was (Itl lIrgeS. im'el tin )
tll' e4ill ill itl e ill V 'llr( s. l 1 11o e-Ill
I I I tI '- i1s ev i lI Iposed( 1f (w< m. . v- IIvI
ill, 111 l )ers, l I 141 '(- 14 ' onvi (')Il
grossiml ll istr it, w'i 11't)111 t hl
Stat -a 't'-larg and t it' cha ir n 1111 I
a111d Vic1 chairn 4l4.
a 1al'1111111 \'I St'r 44r1 'silo't I 1 l 1 1
'1111 114 I'11ho l4' 4 (I I rt1 lli' l -I' (h(t
g4.ts n111 I kI id w r th Ill 1" fo4l wingIf
K . 11 . lrnyton I, I ih S ni! 1 -:E. I1I
I -.S, T I'- 11 . dF.l is n, It d Ni N
St itm n . \I i rr M. I( '
Talbert (fl' AI b 'l11le W4 -:. 14 (4 .
kinl (d, Canlenol, .1. C. W h1it( ake r and
% . El . \\aIker idf Wntr \ . '
y 4o44 rs of,4 ' 1 1l 4 -11 4 , . 1 ). . , i t t I f
jo)Ilui :al B. 1". 31i fl S ar'n
lIInlrg. A totil 141 ( 'ld, 4lly-t1w ) 444'
W 4 I 4 1 ) 144 1 (, i1) 14 1 ill iltig I4 ' 11 |
1.4 'pr'si'litI ey '4 eNv.
T lle <lI'l4 1Sh till lw' cil lilig l*
a1 Slat'. conivonti1 io n histe b d n
tilli and1 wils ; I I , .1411 4 l44 )1111..
41l dIa. a vIs ar. Thw do
oi'i lt ro' ll '(d i, lesit till alluv".
4T1 l1's 4'' ')14in ill ' Ii''~ 4111 114' 1114' -
T144' 44i[1Il M 41 H11'N 1IlIi ( sn
-'lit' ()It I 1111'C'q Ii l )It Inl liglt s
l lt I ' 4 )1 4111 ' 1 41 4! no lit I i 11 I w,
I l 4'-t 'll1 l' I d i l 'V 44 '1rv C LI
11,in 1)iVt 41riet. 'I' li fth I uand
ilN 11 w)1 ]w '4111 C lI ig |a I v5a1 '
( 414 i t 1 ' 14f4 I I4lli t 1111 I' i' 4 4 I 1
1 .4lh l'4' 111 ': ' I '' > I i 's
ho 1 'm and t ' I ' I 4)-1 4 l 1)4
(elf 'lll I II ' NVI'
1411 AV -1 r11 al few wX'v Nv k
II r 4 114' 1a 4>. I ) 1 ' 11
44 V r1.y r it 11 li )n 1n1 o
OV41, ,V I o; illdit'al w lli \\11 1)I Ir t,
Slo l d i noIt, ai ow1( l tod)<
IHi' 411 c k d v>i II I'4 I lkI'I \ v I4 1I
I e4'' l)44 'l i ll ' 1 1'I(1it. 'l('i(14w
Ill 1 o 1 )4 t I it )I I is 1 a. h . t111.re w%.I4 I
4 110 1,Clif11 I I 'tl I'('SS I N
(I '. T I 1Io I ' i lI ' ) I i (.III I14'111! I
w14! :1 I I r ' it re. r a i f ll lit w\s ald
( If I ll Iifro 4 <> ( f , i a r n1(1 Iol I < l vqd % it
:1 1X i, s ~ Iit, v( Illi I '4 aI w )ll >
'll, 11 ( r 1 ill)1 n41 d1 ( ' r h !it)
I.)v II 1 1di .b1 A fI II. 1 on S . 4in In)tO
Calligtne h wh II poph 14) t14)hl
tit- fight.
Bra'zyton t il ig( 1 )I )IQ ltd4)IIIllF4 thei
action . of thli 14'puhIcIa(ll Stiate
- l~xocu liv'' ('e li~ uttIc ill t'4.'Ilsi hg
11101 1v4 1441 11t0hi act 1(411 w s *1 14 "s 1 .1,e
a mlow Stato E xocutil V4'0111111 it tee
andjl (I t' ounty Cha Iima 4)1 is l o
('l 111 i o I) 1 v I4l~1 Ow ('l 11 t i' t114'
y11114 (4S rightfu l ('11144'4 41 Iga4
t41 , 14 v 111 4 1114't i' 1) ' 114lia~4mI4'
I ll 1114 Iso 1S'1 111111ro t14 ho 1114l 11111emn
InC rerii& ' ( i)~ t iil, l 4 111 IIr o i lt (it'
I ')I.I I n "p nk-1I''1C Nviii{ (4mb-I$041 (d,
til(' lI s( 1 1 ( d, 111. (.111il i teln
vlaillis it. wa., I ".mi h I '1:z* 1 v II
a d t do t -41 til ia oi ),N
p \ liv444a (411 44 IT w 4 14411 I . i' I
It' ii14 (111 wa lI fi ' * y4(1 th(IS. r
-\V1l till undf'4 - l- i _, . ':11"d 'N I'lln I'l's
t ii'w1 l'o-puk ' 4 c.1-,~ 1 4 1a4 t'1Eve
111( 111''.ti. ., -1t C n il
4111 ull I lnilw4 l t 1w ' Sll '1,v(1t iI
(44 I114' 4\J)4 l ' (14'i.I 4ill 1 1..8 t b
it I.~441 I-a v 4 j)-l 1' i1)14 W l o
(I li ( '4 111(1 4 )1 ,I v'~4 Illi~ w - (1 IVsf
14 'a and '4lllw (4.4t.
I a-v --d h'.11t ~ ta ,E-(
( Im 4)( )'4''') S1' illtIlp i i' ,S a It : (114ad)
I Ii -s wI. Ii I a 141 ( . 1 'as blm ,8t )1Il
11w may pill fus 0111']it or1 linii
A C3loIse Bills M1ilgle Ago,1g.
ii ill 's i.:.s Poi'ioN 01---ru t:Ci-r
4:-n v.n . .:vNi.:Lo s
I.o r -P n .lr I.os IIz~ ox
3tIll.1.l ON.
Lit . t le lmk, .\rk, October. --.
ttrrilo vy (VcIlo truck this city at
7:30 t'clock 1his evelling and al
Most. dovaste the busill'ss portionD
iii ti i ity. on i I ) S( S 11
llw11 t > h v oonl killed allt ill
Thli ' ntil t on! P itoI th b uwi..
nloss voell ', htMIllule-il (I tbo , ib
hy :,)d strind., <111 thi-llr, 1(ri
f tl 1. on i I li I tl y ('l-tr lit rtIiJt
al1It 1 t l( o (-1tt Iv ('IIII q.
.it stioti, prac t l in r t ins i nu
t ll ai>t l it o ( n. a go is ji l t
1labl)I (. T'Il total propep rtyh)S \\s wilIl
probiably he half1 at million dollarI.
Th cych 11l4o w\*.till M 11 a it illd | t'iv
Sol'ri fic ra ii tiill 1-11 a d I ho st og kg
\NI Ii'4. It t nrii- f od i I I I t I q I I I I Ig
pidii Ill(1' t ttl bullv ih-e
ieb w i rl v d , 4 t o d -4ug n
lit 'Pt'k d w red siete
y wat or .
th ( wil sl'l rckl si o h iht wo I )iII
i'a tw e I i Iic ll stll ds o ( ilt it II iII
it t ho w\esl4,grn pIIrt of (Ili city, wvi b
farful (lre , dost roying i hll d inl
1Ig t-C )I r )It, I I t daw 11 E a s a
;111(1 Shops, un11r<>1)ofinIg thll Ill ainI
ell builing and d mil olish ing thill
wIr don's offi 8 v lii. vral o f tih
tialVic t wvro so' ly jiitj iiiiu -d I
ono1 of wittilln i i ii tli(t'l lit 14r
wards. )tt \w . I -tow l i I ig I I I( i IS
istruck th tli Mat rhilok, irnrf
Sipri I an cI i : II d srot II, t t l ly I r ok
i I I tIho thi rd , w llr .\ maln
naI d a till was fatill v iljusltI
TI'llo Tilil's iilding, corneor C(n1. -
ltro nil L 'xlclbiunt' 1S1n-ots, was tni -
ro)f1 d uld andt part of tilh, fllou dh
a1WOay. A t min I mad 2d strI- t -%h
t(id (O Sivral adjaocent buI~iWlings
wIO pil d up1) inl :I ilond scribabl
was done to proprty in Marh,0, on
and (()oimmere street(s. Nea rly
overy buliding inl that district, wa.->
unr111(oofd and man11y ar1,4 tot alIly
lho lar throv-Storv 1:11ijldilig. 'it
11l11rkot, anld C"(u nbhorbul, lOCCUpied
by theo 1. Hf. McCarthy Compimy,
is a total wreck, as is also4 the t w
story bulilding~ (In iho o)pposito cmr
nor,1 vcuidb Alax ElkJis as at
saloon. T e thInrd s tolIry of I t I I
4hl Demling" lionso was lown ot
and tho sevralI stories ujigjir jit
won, flooI.dl bY water anld 1i Illd
filled with t ~ill.f , l c ri i e
JII ly 1, l001, in gold coil of tho
rt w- por cent per coin, and a.
so to) authori. th oxocition and
dq'liv r ofta mortage or deed of
trust upol parts o thf riroad
11114 propor.1t ls ()f Ohe formelr E4ast
Illilssikee. Virginia and (loorgia
Ixii I Ir)atd ComPilnIIyN to secutr' bond v
for tihe princeipal sum of $f,5300,
000, piahle September 1, 1938,
*arinig interes I. at a rato not ox
einlag5 pr cntper annumiil
principal and initerost payable il1
-olid c)in. Of tit $ l20,000,000 is
I1l' of irst conlustiidated fives $78,
7Iss.n) .2,13 v ill I b h i, reserved to tako
up1) tht lluitsanlliiing miiortgage aid
"qin n tn i dblgaxiins ; $21,m l)_,.
' ,27 ,M7 ii t-ltdinirg $j'),(O0,000, for
nllw colistr111(i oill, Will boIso m
aind $20,000,00 will bo reserved for
1n41w constsruction after the Ist, of
Janatiltrv, i, blu not ioro tiani
$2,4(6,)(10 will bn ISSue'd duiring
aI on yea r. Thor woiro $100,
(tl0000, qd f Ii Inmn amd $i50,t00,
x(), 4f prsflrred Stock reprosent
[.(I at Owl lueet ilg.
-vA. N N.\n I, ( o.\, October 2.-A
sini'int ((I the Mlorning News f'roml
Wayve-r, sss ss: CAl .ions return..
J ( t'1Ni1lIht Crimin \altertowni
where h ilt beh t iinvestigation of
ilit- (onviets imutiny. This morn
ig li had ti ec 0tivits, 0n1 by
'il brigh witltiut the camip to
him a it) to ill all he put malny
111wsf111115 as to tii- v.- s I.. j Which
If'd (tf flit 11111il1iny. .dE111 of the
V"ly (omiet\ tl( him thoir talo
w. ali oiily on of, 1 tbom col
pdailm-d (df cruel treahmont. Thiw
n.Tlw- gonen(I.l complatint maido
by he conviets was hat they had14
l wn eting very littlo food ex
Cpt hrl ini icnt con. 111-y wanut
J d v111a14san comphainetd that
it4ilt hatd 1wel giveli theil. .
Wh1en1 they had heoon Oxamilnod
C( l. .lnes nndo them come where
he4 ,eublt talk to them. He told
thim that they had forftoild thoir
lives accoirding t) law; that wheln
eon victs aro guilty of' mutiny tho
law says that they shall bo shot ;
"bt," said he, " shall, howevor.
plinisli teach of you.'" Ho thon
rditried Idn1 1th convicts takon
to the cotretion romin ind flogged.
I4 re hl is ( ordtr was oxiented tho
coniviets began to pleadl for mefrcy,
and prnilUsted to go to wvork and
ni.~ee hit gil ity of mnit iny~ again.
AirP. loints thon toldl them that
if they wouli d apjologizo toi their
new hse- aml'l promi~isoto fo bod)(i
lit iaiil li faitfu to hjim horeaf..
tr ht wouiild pardi1ni tlhom anid not
lvI tit.'m 1iinishe'd. Tho con
1iets apolohgizedl vry) ininnoily to
th At.i .J'ii-s anid their boss and
it, I tt'clock] they went to work.
llnus tends the convicots striko.
I non OIn. ( ! .--Thle Secrt ariy
tr Stafte forL Itit'rigni Affairs, the
Iar'ltlfl' Kimb'erly', has been in
'01nnunienitjin with the I nd in
bt'ing nuiuilo to concenitratof Engl isht
and(1 iidian troops ini reaidinitss Lto
proconde( hurthe Eii'ast. II is added.
Ithat thie sanietion of' ft Caiot
>rit snioui I ith sat imuors aire enir.
rittI there ini rt'gartd to oxtensiv'o
ii a v al I prepa ra tionS. Vai'ous
headits tof depar~iin'liits at the dock
vt rds liai! a (etIllfetrence this inorn
iog at w I ichI th olitnP11n1 of OfliCOrR
a ti aken inii rt'erd as to Limo thlo
Sin reaPl~djiness to put to sea. Tho
lespasth adds1((1 thai t the training
sqinlrn's departure for the Wost
Jinns has b)OonI p)ostponod from
*etiuirday niexl to WOdlnesday wook.,
inl if' ne('ossar'y theo ernise of the
.ltjiadri'li will be abandQnod and
iitn oni btard tho training ships
w i 11I be tr'ansf errod I to ships
wh ich w'il bo shortly c<$mmuissijon
L nid on, Oct. 3.-The Sun learns,
it says, that. a portion of tho Brit
ish Channel Iloot will be ordered
to Gibraltar in ordor to remnforco
the British Mod itorranoan squad,
Tlhe cotton ~iOp canI bo fairly os,
timiatod no0w. Not more thanw three
fourth of a crop can bo. realized,
T1ho presont low price is Causing
all of us to fool rathor blup,

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