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Vo. l. PICKENS, S. C., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1894. N. 1.
PhYIqlanQ and Surgeon,
Iffeoe it his redewe Main Street
March 8, 1894.
ff. 0. BownN. L. E. OmLas.
Attorne a Law,
Oct 5, 1898.
D R. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist. Dr.
W. M. N< WOOD, Assistant Office,
98 Main Street, Greenville, S. 0.
Jan. 9,'192. 7
DR. J. P. CARLISLE, Dentist Gre--n
Lville, 8. 0. Office over Addison &
McGee's Drug Store.
Will be at Central the 2nd. week and a
Picken the .rd. week In each month.
August 23rd. 184
Du. Buits
20 years experience. Graduate from first
Schools-under patronage of highest Medi
cal authority, makes and properly adjusts
any style Spectacles. Office over Dr. Ad
dison's Drug Store, Greenville, S. C.
June 2$, 1894.
iry, food, We I iohp table,
Xasley and Pickens, S. C..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages, Buggies. and Saddle Horses, at
reasonable rates.
SO- Your patronage solicited.
Clark & Cooper,
, Dealers in
9 arill a1 ianits monamenti,
TOMBSTONES, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
8. C. Sept. 19, '91.
If you want the finest PICTURES made
In the State, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
11:3 McBee Avenne Greenville, S. C
SW Crayon Portraits a specialty
.April 7-y.
For Rent.
which I want good Tenants.
Oct. 1, 1894.
I Mean You.
I have waited long and patient
ly for what you are duo me.
Please pay me now, don't put it
off until next month.
OR SALE, A good Build
ingLot onGarvin streot, con
tain ng one-half acre. Terms cash.
Oct. 11 JAMEs RAINEs.
Dealei ir.
Watches, Disends & Jewelry,
Oct. 19.-3m
The Record Broke Again !
We will send one box of OUR LEADER
LIVER PILLS, (Twenty-five cents'size,) to
any address, for fifteen cents. Try thems,
none better.
230 Main Street, Columbia,
Missus MVKAY
Has just opened all latest styles of
Spriog aNd Summier ilisey.
At the lowest possible prices.
Main Street, Greenville, S. C.
April 19, 1894.
Fun is the only Illustrated paper publish
ed in South Carolina. It is plumb full of
wit and humor. Sent to your address six
months on'trial fort wenty flve-cents. Send
stamps for ample conpy and club rates.
Address Fean Publishing Co, 230 Main S
0 olumbia S. C.
Am now ready to do all kinds of work n
my line. Insanineous process and finish
ed in latest andtaost popular stylesat low
est prices posibmfor first-class work.
June 24, 1594. Is
We ,T ave ret m-ne~sl fromn t b-- N. rtm.,
MIILL -~ ER. Incloinihg aill ilhe N.e
.- of iih-- Mi .45n
We are 'e - 'ig out inu. i)RlE- 'OOD.
5:2-,, at half-price..
46C.,d St., Meeniniie, tb. C.
A Few Quota~ions.
Many more of equal value.
We gauarantue our goods for
excellency of wear and finish
and above all th ngs we believe
in moderation in price.
34 inch black Henrietta at 15
36 inch black Henrietta at 19
46 inch all wool silk finish at
471 cents.
46 inch Surah Serge at 50
Finer goods at 70, 80 and 90
54 inch all wool Flannel at 60
54 inch all wool Ladies Cl6th
at 60 cents. Former price 80
54 inch Broad Cloth at $1.35.
At 70, 75, 8n, 90 cents and $1
we can show you the Handsom
est black goods ever shown in
this market.
We have received some beau
ties in black, figured and striped
silks, just the thing used so
much for making Capes.
Renember our 121 cents war
ranted fast black seamless la
lies and mens Hose.
Don't forget we sell the best
3orset on the globe for 50 cents.
Buyers of ladies and mens
winter underwear should not
>verlook our stock. We are of
lering some big inducements.
Quite a good assortment of
adies cloaks, more to arrive
The following letter from the
happy holder of a Tontine
Policy, gives a few facts and
figures, in which there is profit
able food for thought:
Mr. W. 3.nDoDna*,r3unr. oc . s. a"'.
the 20th inst. encloin cek fru r200 if
.312 on my life in the Euitable Life'.
I am pleased with the results on my policy
seekin Life Insuranco as a safe and reliable
- Yours very truly. . .. w5. PoPE.
Life insurance under the
Tontine Plan of the BQUJITABLB
LIPB is anx investment, not anx
expense. The returns mature
during life, as well~ as after
death. If you are a siniglenman
you owe it to yourself. If you
are are a married man you owe
It to your fataily. The time to
act is now.' Interesting par
ticulara can beh)adby addressing
W. J. R&ODDFIY, Manager,
Department of the carolinas,
rboat* arsenoe, Wh uh.Ce pSr
UsenwnmpIrnh Bitters.~i
Physician recmmndit
Money is a magnet. Put it in
the lands of soE men, and it
will draw the religion out of their
Specimen cases.
-1 II. Clif'ord. New Cassel, Wis., wag
trolibled with Nenralgin and Rhieumatisi
i- stolnch wis disordeed, his Liver
wias aflectecI to an alarnting degree, appe.
' ite fell away, atid ho was terribly re -
#!Il] in liesli ar.l strength. Three bottles
of IKlectric Bitters eured him.
Edward Shepherd Harrisburg, Ill., had
a runting sore on hl leg of eight years
standing. Used three bottles of Electric
liitteris and seven boxes of Butcklen'Is Arn
ea 'alve. and his leg is 0oiund and well.
John Speaker, Catawba. O.,had live large
Pever sores on his leg, doctors said his
was incurable. One bottle Electric Bit
ters and one box Buckler 's Arnica Salve
cnred him entirely. Se ! by Osborne &
Kirksey and W. T. McFall. Pickens.S.C.
The bag in the knees of a man 's
pantaloons isn't always filled with
BucklenM~x Arnlea Salve.
rhel neat Salve in the world for cut
bruises' sores, ulcers, salt rhetun, fever
sores, teiter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and positlhe
ly cures piles, or no pay required. It 1i
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price, 25 cents per box.
For sale by W. T. McFall, Pickens, S. Cs
Jones-Have you heard about
the mean trick I played on my
wife? Brown-Do you mean the
time you married her?
aw weakncss. e rindgestion and
Blliousnes. take
It cures qiklky. ror .ale by exl dealera ir
Mrs. T. S. Hawkins, Chattanoo
ga. Tenn., says: "Shiloh's Vi
talizer 'SAVED MY LIFE.' I
consider it the best remedy for
a debilitated system I ever used."
For dyspepsia, Liver or Kidney
trouble it excels. Price 75 cents.
old by all druggists.
The recent cyclone in Cuba de
stroyed about two hundred lives
and two million dollars worth of
Electric Bitters.
This renedy is becoming so well known
and so popular as to need no special men
tion. All who have used Electriv Bitters
sing the same song of praise. .& purer
medicine does not exist, and it is guaran
teed to do all that is claimed. Electric Bit
ters will cure all diseases of the liver and
kidneys, will remove pimples, boils, salt
rheum and other affections caused by imi
pure blood. Will arive malaria from the
system and prevent as well as cure all ma
larial fevers. For cure of headache, con.
stipation and Indigestion try Electric Bit
ters. Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or
money refunded. Price, 60 cents, and $1.00
per bottle. Sold by W. T McFall, Pick
ens, 8. U.
"A girl's taste differs according
to age. At sixteen she wants a
dude with 'yaller' shoes and a
microscopic mustache ; at twenty,
a chief justice with a pile of tin,
at twenty-five, she'll be satisfied
with a member of Congress; at
thirty a c o u n t r y doctor or a
preacier will do, and at thirty-five
anything that wears pants, from
ani) editor down.
Many P'ersons
Are broken down from overwork or houusehold
cares Brown's Ironi Bitters
rebuilds the system, aids d igestion, removes ex
cs of '' N'mi curse malaria. GJet the genuine.
A South Carolina negro who
awoke one night to find three rab
bits in his bed, has lost his reason,
believing that he was "'conjuired."
A Guaranteed Cure.
We authorize our- advertised drug
gist to so Dr. King's New Discovery,
for Consumption, Coughs and Colds
upon this conldition. If ) ou are af
flicted withI a Cough, Cold or any
Lung, Throat or Chest trouble, and
will use this remedy as directed, giv.
ing it a fair trial, and experience no
benefit, you may return the botte and
have your money refunded. We could
not. make this offer did we not know
that Dr. King's New Discovery coultd
be relied on. It never disappoint.
Trial bottles free at W. T. McFall's
store. Large size 50c. and *1.00.
In some of tihe German towns
wvhen a man is convicted of beat
ing his wife he is allowed to go to
his wvork as usual, but his wife
gets his wages and he is locked up
only on Saturday .uighit and ro.
mains in prisonl until the following
Mondlay. The punishment usually
lasts for ton weeks.
It Should Be in Every flousec.
J. B. Wilson, 871 ('lay St., Sharps
burg, Pa., says he will not be with
ont Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds that
it cured for his wife wile was threat
ened with Pneumonia after and at
attack of "La Grippe,'' when various
other remedies and several phlyscians
had clone her no0 good. Robert Bar
ber, of Cooksport, Pa., claims Dr.
Kings New Discovery has (lone him
more good than ainythinig he ever us
ed for Lung Trouble. Nothing like
it ry it. Free Trial Bottles at W.
I'. Niehll, P'ickens, S. C. [Large bot
ties 50c and $100.
Take cheerful views of things
and1( see them in the light of Chris
tian hope). The cloud has a silver
lining; the ramndrops make grass
and flowers grow ; storm and tom
pest purify thle air, anmd n ighlt fades
in theo lighlt of morning. A fter tihe
battle, peace; af ter this brief lhfe,
life nt-ai,
Everything usually kept in a
first-class Dry Goods Store.
Lowness of Price,
Excellence of Service,
And an Earnest Effort
To please you.
Is our aim.
It makes no difference what
others say about Goods, or what
other' get for them-at this store
our aim is centered on one point,
viz: To get the best and sell it
at the PRICE of the CHEAPEST.
We won't be undersold by any
reliable house on Dress Goods,
Trimmings, of all kinds; Velvets,
plain and fancy, in black and
colored; Laces, fast black Hosie
ry, in cotton lisle thread, flucia
lined Marino Cashmere and Silk
and Cotton, in town.
Ladies' all-wool Uunderwear;
the prettiest line of Handker
chiefs is plain embroidered and
silk that you over saw.
Toilet Waters, Cologno, Fine
Soaps, Window Shades, Plushes,
Lace Curtains-and last but not
least, our entire stock of MILLI
have a large stock of Hat Trim
nings, of all kinds, in fine goods,
at your own price.
Now, this is a big assertion,
but none the less true, and we
have the best all-wool Blankets
in town, bought low for cash,
Tariff Off.
Prices last winter fron $5.00 to
$12.00 per pair, Our price now
from $2.90 to $7.50 per pair.
Don't forget this offering in
We are receiving now goods
every day-you will always find
our stock fresh, clean and style
ish, and low-priced.
Oct. 11, 1894.
Aug Low Tariff Prices,
If yu will examine my stock you
will be convinced that I have goods
at REFORM PRICES. Just think
about the prices below.
I Shirting, at 4 cents.
Cotton Checks, at 4j cents.
Good Prints, at 4 cents.
Standard, at 5 cents.
Wool Flannel, from 121 up.
Eiderdown, good qu~ality, 15 cts.
Fashionable colors of Outing, 8 to
10 cents.
Worsted, all colors at 10 cents.
Cashmere, at 17, 22, and 25, cnts.
Bargains in Towels, 18, and 25
inches at 5 cents each.
Table Danmask, at 20, 30, 40, and
50 cents.
Work Shirts, at 20 cents each.
Under " 20 "
Drill Drawers, at 25 cents a pair
Course childrens Shoes, No's. 5 and
6 at 10 cents a pair.
Men's Brogans at 75 cents.
Nice Button Shoe at 90 cents.
A lot of small No's. in Ladies' Shoes
at and b~elow cost.
Bargains in suimmer goods, Lawns
at 3A cents.
Jeans Wool Filling at 17, 19, 24,
Jeans Pants, at 75 erts,
Men's Suits, at $4.00.
'' " " 6.00,
" " "$7.00 up.
And many other things, I can't
mention for lake of space. Come to
see us.
L. Rixm SMITn will b)e w~it~h me, andl
be glad to see, and serve his friends.
W. LEr SAMMONs, Will be with us
to serve you in the Cot ton bus5 ios.
Call and see us, if you want to
trade, that's what we meani.
Liber~ty, F. C.
Sept. 20th, 1894
Citation Notice.
By .. B.Newery sqCotanty of 1'i(ekens.
By .. 11 NeberyEs1 Probante Judge.
wVhereas, E. 1B. Lathemn made snit to, inc
to grant hium Letes of Administration of
the Estate and effeetr. of Mrs. Susan EC. La
thmm deceased.
Thiese are T1herefore to cite and admonish
all aind sir.gunar the kindred and Creditors
o~f thme said Ssan EC. Lathem dOceiased, that
they~ hne and appear before mue, in the Court
of P'robate, to bo held( at Pickens Court
House, S. C. on the 25th day of October next,
after pubhlication~he.reof, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, to show cause, if any they have,
why the said Administration shouold not be
Given under my13 Hand, this 10th day of
October 18914 in the 119 year oif onr IhndeeO~nd
deuce. . B .NE WiIERY, C. C. P.
A Brave Woman.
At the Greenville jail the priso
nors are allowed the freedom of the
hall-ways until the big iron doors
at the ends are to be opened.
Then all prisoners wore ordered
to their cells and the cell doors are
looked on thon simultaneously by
turning a lover outside which
throws bolts running along each
side of the halls.
Monday evening it became
known that Victor Posey, a colored
prisoner who had served a short
term, was to be released yesterday
morning, and Anderson Davis, who
is awaiting trial for assault and
battery, laid a plan for escape.
Ho hung a blanket over the win
dow of the hall-way to make it
dark. Yesterday morning be
tween 8 and 9 Mrs. A. D. Gaillard,
jr., wife .of the jailor, went to the
upper story where the colored pris
onors are kept to release Posey, Mr.
Gaillard boing absent at the time.
She order3d all the mon from the
hall except Posey and then had
Jim Harrison, a colored "trusty"
who is sorving a short sentonco
and who she took up with her,
turn the lover and lock the cell
doors. Davis had lurked in the
dark place at the rear of the hall
and slipped bohmid the stovo in
stead of going to his cell. Posey
passed out and down the steps,
Harrison going with him. As Mrs.
Gaillard was closing tho door to
the hall Davis made a quick rush.
She saw him coming and tried to
get tle heavy outer hasp over the
staple, but lie was too fast. The
door opens inward and Davis seized
the bars and pulled it. open with
all his power.
Mrs. Gaillard is as brave and
nervy a woman as lives. She
swung on to the door and pulled
it shut. Davis is a stout, thick set
fellow and had all 'the advantage
of leverage on his side. He braced
his feet against the inner facing
and tugged desperately. He got
the door half open half a dozen
times, but Mrs. Gaillard pulled it
shut again every time. Each
struggle is marked on her right
are, for she was crowded close up
against the corner of the stone
wall, and whenever she wvas pulled
forward the skin and flesh on that
arm were torn and bruised. It was
not a long struggle, but it was a
ha'rd and desperate one. Mrs.
Gaillard called to her father-in
law, A. D. Gaillard, sr., who was
down stairs, to bring a p)istol.
She says she wvould have used it
and there is no doubt she would
for she has steady eyes in which
there is no suggestion of being
afraid of anything. Mr. Gaillard
hoard the call but did not under
stand what was wanted and went
half-way up the steps before he
knew the pistol was wanted. He is
old and can not move very fast,
andl by the time ho got back with
it the trouble was over. Jim Har
rison, the "trusty" heard the noise
and ran back up the stairs to Mrs.
Gaililard's assistance. Meanwhile
Bur t, the jailer's little son-a chip
of the old blood evidently, had
gathered and loaded his parlor ri
flie and stationed himself on the
stairs with the injunction to his
mother to "lot him come" and
Steve Howard had sung out from
the window down stairs . to* John
Forrest, a United States prisoner
in the yard, who had improvised a
clb and stationed himself at the
lower door. So there was not the
slightest chance for Davis to es
cape. He had got one leg through
the door, but Mrs. Gaillard and
Harrison together pulled the door
so hard on it that he presently
weakened and sullenly bogged to
be allowed to retnrn to his cell.
They let him go, then, a sore, mad
and disheartened jail bird, with
his scheme for liberty spoiled.
Mrs. Gaillard was going about
her household work as usual yes
terday evening with her injured
arm wrapped in bandages and her
nerves unshaken. And her hus
band was the maddest - man this
side of Columbia and the proudest
man anywhare.-.mnAd beanan his.
wife had boon hurt, and proul ho.
cause she and the boy had shown
such undaunted pluck.--Groonvillo
A Greenville Fire.
Monday last a short timo beforo
12 o'clock noon, the harsh, ruigged
fire alarm sounded and the (u iot
city was stirred from conter, the
court house, to circumferenco, that
is, the outlines of the corporato
limits. The fire brigade headed
for West street, now known as
Highland avonue. A h u n d r e d
voices called "central" and soon
the telephono messago went over
the wires that tho sash and blind
factory of Gower & Dillard was
burning. Tho mill is located at
the corner of Echols stroot and
Highland avenue.
The firemen were prompt in ro
sponding to the call and a stream
of citizens followed tho machines.
With the destruction of the mill,
office and dry kiln, the flames leap
od across the street or alley and
attacked the tonoment houses ad
joining, and four h o u s es were
quickly destroyod.-G r o o n v ile
Gov. Tillman moans to enforce
the dispensary law as long as he
is at the head of affairs in South
Carolina. The law requires him
to do so and he will discharge his
duties no matter how much the
whiskey organs may protest and
the liquor men resist the oflicers.
No friend of morality and so
brioty can afford to countenance
any resistance to the law. The
civil authorities must be sustained
and the iniquitous blind tigers put
If the law is not all that is d
sired by its friends it can be a
mended as its defects appear.
But it will never be stricken from
the statute books until it has had
a fair trial -and ths people are
made to respect authority.
Gov. Tillman will accomplish
two things in enforcing the law.
He will teach respect for authority
and aid the cause of temperance
too.-Abbeville Medium.
. The Sotathern Mortgage.
WAsHINGTON, Oct. 17.-A Kiiox
vylo, Tenn., special says: The
first consolidated mortgage deed
of the Southern Railway Company
was filed hero yestorday. It, in
cludes all road bed, buildings and
equip)ments of the roadl ini Virginia,
North Carolina, South Carolina,
Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and1(
District of Columbia. Thme muort
gage is for $120,000,000 in favor.
of the Central Trust Company of
Now York. Gold bonds to run
one hundred years at five pmor cenmt.
were to be issued. The mortgage
will be registoredl in 176 counities,
through which the road runs. It
contains over fifty thousand word1s
and D~eputy Register J. L. Fauilk
nor will require two weeks to copy
it. No mortgage for as largo
amount was over before made ini
Mr. W. C. Mauldin, of High Falls,
Oconee County, has sold one thou
sand pounds of tobacco to the 0
halga Tobacco Company for 10 cts.
por pound. This lot was raised on
one and one-half acres of land.
When one hundred dollars can he
made from so small a patch of to
bacco, it beats king cotton even in
its palmiest days.
A subscriber wrote to the Oditor
of a county paper, asking what thme
weather in the next month would
be like. Here is the reply: Trho
weather noxt month will be very
like your subscription bill. Atfter
a little pondering tihe inquirer re
collected that his bill was unnot
tied, and so ho at Onlco sent a pos
tal order.
The British government has be
gun to export -ung women to
Western Austraia for wivos for
the settlers there. Those who wish
to go are sent free of expense.
Georgia has a female mail ear
rier who is only twenty-two years
old. She makes a forty-mile route
three times a week on her pony,
and manages a large farm as wvell.
Last week a railroad train was
held up in Vik-gimia, near Quan ti
00, and the express robbed of $180,
000. Quantico is about twenty
five miles from Washingtn. e'
DeaMIh to the Deadly Trolley.
Tho trolley wire must go.
11he convoition of the -Street
Railway Association which meets
in Atlanta to-day will no doubt
sdt0111 its donth knol 1.
A now inviutionl has just sprung
imto 0existencie which will revo
iltioniize the entire system of pro
Polling cars by olectricity. It is
somothing that has never been
thought of hol'ore, and it comes
fresli from tho hands of the inven
tor. with millions to back it, and
1n0 stock for salEo. Next to tho ap
plication of oloctrielty as a pro
pelling agont, this new contrivance
is one of the most important in
voltions of the ago.
1R is a devico for operating sur
face and elovatod cars by an un
dorground and olectric system in
dopendent of tho storago hattery
or trolloy wiro.
The system was rocently invent
od by Mr. James F. McLaughlin,
of Philadelphia, and a model has
hoon sent to Atlanta for its first
exhibition hoforo tho Street Rail
way Association now inl session in
this city. Mr. Georgo Lodge, of
Phila(elphia, the genoral inaa
ger of the syndicato contr'olling
the patent., has the model in charge
at the Kimball IHoIuse.
Tih( now invention, which has
sprung into the olectrical world
like a brilliant imotoor, is yet with
out a namo, 118 it has just left the
h1and(ls of the i nven tor: but that it
haw como to stay is a fIt that im
prossos itself at a glance. it is a
paragon of simnplicity. Its appli
cation' requires no chango in pow
or house, dynaios or motors on
Tho equipmient , weight is aboutlOO
poun1ds, and is hiolted luidoineath
the bottom of the car. The ad
juniiict aitt ach ment is a conduit fas
tonoid to tho top of th sloopei's in
the centro of the roadhods, and to
do this a sipaIco of only .eightoon
inches in which has to 1o oxcava
ted. The coniduit onco down tho
onarrow spceI is ropaved, leaving
nothing to bo soon but a flat and
levol strip ono inch wide running
along the top of the conduit paral
li with tho tracks and oven with
the stroot. Thoro is no slot or
(ooniing, the stimp being coiposed
of a series of flat iron rails, separ
ate(l at, illtorvals b)y non-conduct
ing Imateria ls.
This is the entiro equipment.
'rio cuirr'ont of electricity is trans
mitt'd f'romi the power house to
the car thirough the condluctor' inl
the conduit;, and any rates of speed
f rem thme lowest mnedIium to ninety
mlilels l a nour canh ho obtaimod at
will. There is nothling to b)reak
or' get out of' orer'l'; the cars will
run b~ackwarid or forward, around
sharpl'j cur1ves and~ acr'oss intersect
ing tracks and1( cond~uits. Snow or
ice has811 no ffect o1u the operating
capacity of the~ system, and it is
impossibI)le for al car to b)o derailed
or thrown fr'om the track. The
aplianlc(o combhines all the e
moneits of traction, and propols up
and down an inclino as smuoothly
and easily as on a level stretch.
The great virtue claimed f'or file
system is ab~solulto safety.' The
current of elctrIIic'ity is und(er por-~
fect conitro' l. Th~ cond~uctor in
the condluit1 is so in1 sullatod and
isolaited that it is impossible 'for
any of the electr'ici ty whatever to
oscapoS. 'The curronE 1 L only biecomnes
an active force' when there is a
con tact betw~een thle attachment
fastened und1(er tihe car and the
condluit, and this co'n be applied
or remloved at the will of the me
Indleed this attachment, which
is at p)rosent called the "controll
or," is the oplerativo secret of the
systom. Without the "controller"
enough electricity could not be ox
tr'actedI from the conduit to tickle
on10's ton~gue. With all the cur
r'ont dlosires for propelling -and
lighting puirposos is obtained.
It is attracting widespread inter
est, and leading electricians are
conlfidenit in) tho belief that the
inivontion willI revolutionize the
system of operating street cars,
and meet with ~ready adoption
throughout the country.--Augusta
Chronicle of October the 10thi7
Carrier pigeons wvore in use among
the Greeks as long ago as the
Olympian games.

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