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*V-O-L....S..:.. -40
All the e
fnwet tyOl
eoi- Dy
These garments a
-- ad without except
( .er shown .in Greenvil]
Is it not to yourl1 in1
tyle quialityoud econom
We are
to Garrett
knowL to t
n t such
prIse even t
- 5 uits at $CI
* r -3 - ''
260 " " 7
75 '- "12
- 2- - " 15
*0O " ' 16.
A full lifie of B
-Anid as for Ovec<
we can con gete, with t
g riESE GC
less of prolith ~Be sur
* e )3
- annI'
-- unre aooot
4 -~FO -b I0nt.In
Agency fos
iftorniation and freo H adbo k wr
* ~ ~ e~y naton, takon Ottsit.bus Iabr ng
- - - pu ~ tOob gli 00r9dba
Are t rlaen Al*'t 1n .~
* ares' .y) '.~
.Uue Brae - lUtters.
I h ...t.
oreet abEics and
es known to the
d are n4 ..41splays
1klain St. Greenville, S. C.
-0 the finest specimens of the taiorig
ion the most tastefully - -made good
erest to buy where you an combine
y? This can be done at
83, Main, St, Grenvfille, S. G.
tocked from Cellar
with every thing
e Clothiing trade.
prices as will sur
if' passer.by.
.50 Worth $10,00
.50 " 11.00
.50 " 12.50
.00 " 16.50
.50 ' 20:06
50 25.00
oys ,.nd Childrens shirts at the same
ats, and Rubbers. "McIntosh". C(oats,
he~ world, in both styles, colors and
OD3 Must be sold at once Regard
a to call at 83 Main Street, before
83 Main Street,
* e.t I.r.: ~.a un I a -faio
y Kit8EYS R U B~ltC En ey S a oan.) ' t~n
rica~t I
11as r acie his Stno*.cl l~
I a th iget prcs o
In v 's f ig uistre. ~ toI'o
oeri tyes and Larys Goods
apperlM try Centrall8- O
Physician and Sur eon,
*' -liie-it ll r dsnin Str .
Mrh8, 1894
f. 0. Bowi0N. L. E Cn:LDnES,
Attorneys at Law
Pickens. E. C.
oa 5, 1893.
it. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist. Dr.
- W M. N nvoon, Assistant Ofice,
881 -Main Stret, Greenville, S. C.
Jan. 9, '92 y
R.J.P. CARLISLE, Dentist Groen
Lville, S. C. Offie over Addison &
McGee's Drug Store.
Will be at Central the 2nd. week and at
Pickens the 3rd. week in each month.
August 23rd. 1894
20 years experience. Graduate from first
schools--under patronage of highest Mledi
cal authority, iakes and properly adjusts
any style Spectacles. Oflee ovet Dr. Ad
dison's Drug Store, Greenville, S. C.
June 28, 18914.
1. E. II.\OO), .1. 1. THORNLEY, Ja
Livery, reed, Sale I E:change stablel,
. Easley and Pickens, S. C..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages, Buggies, and Saddle Horses, at
- reasonable rates.
4ar Your patronage solicited.
'Clark & Cooper,
Dealers in
M arble and Granite Monuments,
TOMV1 USTONES, of every description
afid Wrought Iron FENCING, Greenville,
S. C. Sept. 19, '01.
If you Want the licst PICTURES 1nad0
in the State, go to
Wheelerls Studio,
I I' Mellee Aveune Greenville, S. C
Z-t Crayon Portraits a specialty
A pril 7-3.
For Rent.
which I want good Tenants.
Oct. 1. 1894.
Dealei it.
Ntchk, Diamoods & Jewelry,
Oct. 19-3m
Has just opeOned all lattesit styles of
Fall and Wlnter iliery.
At the lowest p)ossible prices.
Main Street, Groonville, S. C.
A1pV 19, 1894.
means so much more than
you imagine-serious and1
fatal diseases result frorme
trifling ailments neglctedc.
D)on't play with Nature' S;
greatest gift-health.
Ifv nare feelino: r
out ol sor ts, weak
tand generall~y ex
and cau't wortk,
lg tIiunos reia
t tles cure--henefit
~~I i '1A' .,yfrstr'os *1
r//sh~. a .ud iia
p.leasant to ta.ke,
D, !yrpcpsla, l~ldney and Livcr
.Neinalfa, Troubles,
4ConJstipaition, Bad Blood -
- .ali:., Nervous afirnents
Women 's complaints,
nvr e .unel lt crossed red
~end -t rece,1t of t wo 2c. Stai 1s -e
r~ Vi,.+p bniook-lree.
SHILOH01'S CURE is told on a
guarantee. It cures Iticipient
censumption. it. is the best
Cough Curo. Only one cent a
dose. 25 ets., 50 -cts., and $1.00.
Sold1 by all druggists.*
.Everything In Readiness
for Cold Weather Wants.
PRICES! Woll here are a fow
11 Whito Blankets, 65c.
All wool Red flannel, 12c.
Extra heavy all wool rod twilled
flannel, 15c.
White flannels from 121c., to
50c., por yard, guaranteed fully
twenty-fivc per cent, under valuo.
Whito Canton flaniels at 5, 7, 8,
and 10 conts, tliat are world boat
JEANS! Horo wo are strictly in
it. Good Jeans at 10 vonts and
20 conts, at 25 conts we sell you
the best makes (all wool filling)
of Georgia and Tonnessee goods.
?1hous and Ladiod plain and rih
bed wintor weight under vest, from
5 cents to $2.00.
34 inch Henrietta and Cassi
more in black and col ors at 15c.,
a yard.
36 inch all wool dress flannel at.
25 cents.
54 inch all wool (Iress flannel at
10 conts.
25 Yards extra heavy Shirling,
for $1.00.
21 Yards, yard wide Sea 1shutl,
for $1.00.
50 Dozen Childrinis lIoavy rih
hed Hose, at 5 cents, well Iw or)t h
12V cents.
Our Shoo stock is jist. full (f
good things for Ihibies, C hildren,
Mon nd111)(I Won-n. le bot Li s
$1.00 Shoes to be had anywhere.
Mail orders will reeivo pirompt
a1t.t.oentionl. call 4)1 11S at 1 Pvn
dle0tonu Street.
Nov. 8-9-1. G reivillo, S. C.
Jobbers of Ciff8 find Iobficco,
GumEEvirLT, s. ('.
Nowv is the time for sowing
field seeds. When you want to
Crimson Clover See-d,
Red Clover Seed,
Kentucky Blue Grass Seeds.
Orchard Grass Seeds,
Silver Ball Onion Seed.
Pompeii Onion Seeds,
Or any other Seeds, go to
And when you -want to b~uy
Coffee, (Seed-tick, Rio,)
Or anything in the (Grocery line,
Oct. 18
Does This
1111 You?
The maniagemient of the
Equitable Life Assurance,
Society itn thu D)epartmnent of
the Carolinas, wishers to se
cure a fewv Special Resident
Agents. Those who are fit ted
for this work will find iis
A Rare Opportunity
It iswork, hiowever, andi thiose
whobsucceed best ini it p)ossess
character, mature jutdgmient,
tact, p~erseveran~ce, anid the
respect of their cmuiy
Tihink this matter over care
fully. .Tlhere's atn unusual
opening for somebody. If it
fits you, it will pay yOU. Fur
thier information on request.
W. J. Roddey, Manager,
Rock HulS. C.E
'There is lots of amusing re<
tape about ' the organization of I
General Assembly. The frills am
furbelows aro as few in Soutt
Carolina as in any State, but t<
the uninitiated there seems to b<
tOo many here.
I will give a few samples of thi
rod tapo business for the instrue
tion of the public, the vast iia
jority of which has nover heol ir
either body of South Carlina'j
law-Iaking machine on an open
ing day or on any othe r day.
It was ten iniiiites to 12o'clocl
yestorday when Gen. J. W. Gray,
Clerk of the H1ou1se of, Representa.
tives, appeared onl Iho iost.rumi of
the House dre.sed in a flowing
silk gown, it clistom started ill tih
(Iy s of our. forfaI'lltheIr and kept
up: Gteneral (Iay rapped on the
Speaker's desk vith the gavel and
cailed t he House to order. ThI
Iembers at once gave aittent-iot
to the words of tle Clerk. Imme.
diately a1 liotioni was maitde that
ion. F. It. (hary of Abbeville b<
selected as Speaker pro term
Clerk (Gray put. this motion and
Mr'. (bgary was declared elected
Ilie was "scted Ift 1o1 the chiair ill
th, mst rInal t'atnne. i lg
matil, ait long sit(.mAining, Water.
b~lit ti aiI. was read to him
whielh lie subscribwd to by i iioo
of tlie head ad a rI'essure of 1
right hald (mn a ithlel. 'Ile nex
step ii 1114 - 1 lluse w as to swoar it
the new members according to tii
roll prepared by the Clork. Th<
oll is the same 1 )Iblishe0d Sun
day in the Registeir. The mein
hvIrs wer sworn inl by counties
each delegation step)ping forwar<
and touching a Bible in answer t
the oath read to them.
Over in thle Senate the proceed
ings were somewhati similar, excepl
that the Clerk did not call the
body to order. This duty wai
performed by Dr. 'Pimnmerman
Pre'sidlent pro temn., the next Lieu
tenant, (Governtor. Dr. Timmer.
man has to wear' a black silk gowr
tiimmed1C wi th slices of' blue. Th4
D~octor doesM not cut a juldicil
figure attir'ed in tis kind of
ecstumie, and1( why such a costunu
was ever ad~opted( 1 (don't kniow
It looks something like that worr
by L4i Hiung Chang, the deposei
Crown't Prince, or' Pr'ime Ministei
oif Cina. All it nteeds to be thor.
ouighly3 Chiinese is a little yellow
with a requiremuent that~ the pre.
siding otlier wear ia peacock feath,
Aniot her di ffterence be'twleenl thE
Sinate and1( Hlousei is thait prayei
wvas ofler'ed in, the Senate, Rev
Mr. I ialock , t nhI bintd proneber o:
I( Igefield(, ausk ing D iv inte bilessinagi
upoti the body.
The old1 Clerk of thle Senate, Dri
Pope)(, and1( lbendittg Clerk Ca:
Cau ghmttiani were'. in t heir' seats. 11
was a fariewellI sertv ic'e wiithI their
lbut I hey wVerie oilan lito do(0 iheil
last daiy's work.
l)r'. 'htTimermanti ejxtendtehd eor
(lial greet in gs to the Sonator an< i l
htoped' thait the sess1in wld~ll1 h.1
pl(asantt 0on4 int ev'ery resect.. Thii
Sente( will now come to, or'der, he
sidi ttc an( Ii trfilk his seti, grap~j
hp(d his gowni arioundi his legs an<
lot' buisiniess. The( niew Senator's
wa'tthedt' all thiis iith deep'j inlt(i.
Sentator1 fr'omt ~Ii Chal(eston, kept hi
black 'yes oun t lie pr'esidiing office1
near'ly all the timue. It was th<
first timon he had seeni Dr. Timmer
man and1( he apIpear'ed to be sizin1
up that inilviduafl for all he wva
All the newly elected Senator
wer'e swVorn int, stan~dinig in acr
ele in front of tho p)residmng office
and having the oath administerei
h~y Dri. Pope. The oath is th
usual 0one that they will suppor
the Constitution. TIhe~y also hav
to take an nath that the ha
not fought or taken, part in any
duels since the dueling law was
passed in 1882. The Bible was
pas'sed .around by the Sergeant-at
Arms. Some of the honorable
Senators probably knew iio eof
the outside of that. Bible thain.f
the inside. This, however, is be
causethey have not had tino to
read thie Scriptures.
Clerk Pope called the roll ind
the Senators answered. Then
Senator John R. Harrison was
nominated for and unaniiouslV
elected to the position of President
pro tem., to act as presiding ofli
cer in the absence of the Lituten
ant Governor.
President Timmerman annoin
4 ced that the first business would
be the election of a Clerk. There
upon ensued some mild sparring,
a few of the Senators wanting the
election put off until to-day. The
presiding officer ruled that he did
not consider the Senate, organized
for business until a Clerk and
other officers had been elected.
The election for a Clerk was
then gone into. Mesers. Hemp
hill, Sligh and McKeown were
placed in nomination.
McKeown was deserted on the
second ballot. Gen. Homph ill
was declared to have been elected
and stepped forward and took thel
ath of office. Thereupon Dr.
Pope stepped down and out.
For Sergeant-at-Arms the nom
ineos were J. C. Elliott. the pres
ent incumbent, and J. E. Smith
of Newberry. Mr. Elliott was re
elected by a vote of 29 to 7.
For Reading Clerk the itmni
nees wore R. L. (inter of .\ilo 1,
1. H. Stewart and N. Kh. Pr.r'i.
'Those candidatos wero givoi a 1-t
by13 being made torad five inni
each. After this trial the Sont
elected Mr. Stewart to the posit t I
he receiving 28 votes, Gunter .
and Perry 4.
At this point the loud and amy
thing but mellow voice ot Cal
Caughman was heard for t he last
time. He arose and read a roso
lution introduced authorizing the
President'to make the same nuim
ber and character of appoin moii ts
to minor officers as at the last,
session. Then Caughmainm got
down off the stage and inean(ered
into blissful space and away from
the delightful and delicious pw.
cincts of jobdom.
Dr. Timimermian announced the(
following appointnients: .Jour
nal Clerk, Jesse T. (Ganti.; luill
Clerk, E. A. Perry; Doorkeeper,
Thomas Whipple ; Assistant Door
keeper, J. R. Boyles; Gallery
Doorkeeper, Marion Dorne; P'ages,
Edward Daniel and CIaldwehl
Smith ; Postal Clerk, Edward
Jenkins. These officers were sworn
.in and the Senate was considered
fully organized f e'iiness.
A committee 'ointedl to
wait on Governo. ' ad1( tell,
him the Senate was te .- re
coive communications froin him.
This is the way the Senate, was
organized. The way it wans (10ne
mn the House is told elsewhere.
The remaider of the Senate bus
iness was brief but there was a
senatorial turn to it at the last.
The committee which waited on
Governor Tillman toturned and in
formed the Senate that the Gover..
nor would communicate with hue
Senate tt--day.
.The Seuate was ready to ad journ
until to-dlay, bnut Senator Moweg
had1( something to say before~ ii.
(quit business. Hie arose and( ini
tr'odulced a peOtitionn signed by li r.
Samplson Pope.
This peOtitioin sets forth thai I|
recein t election for Ghovennw
an illegal and fraudulunf. rueud
ini violatioin of the Constituiione
of this State aundo of the ('uited
e, States.
The petition next chau;ie' man..
agers of the election with ah hunds
of frands, even to taking Pope
ballot. out of boxes and suhstitut
* ing Evans ballots in their places.
Superyisor of registration are also
a charged with fraud, and the in
. dictment includes mighty ne'ar
i everybody in the State except those
j wl'o voted for Pope.
6 John L. M. Irby, Governor
t Tillmian, Senator John Gary Evans
e and the Countr Democratic Exe
e outive Committees are chargel
with LOinw parties of fraude
Governor Tillhengeharged with
backiiig uop tie alleged frauds by
the us0 ooffilers'if the iaw.
Dr. Pope molt s0old dcare
that had it not been '1.6 de he
would havo gotten there 11oji
i1d would have been the next
ernoir. Dr. Pope says ho
.ready to prove those frands.
Accompanying the petition
a concurrent resolutions tha
Pope be hoinid.. before each
tf thO Gonoral Assembly an t
ho havo power to summon witgehs -
os to prove h is allogations; ilA
p)ondiingsaid Conitests . the return.
for (ovornor shall not''b opene
and tabulated.
The potition and th [email protected],
rosolution will go to the Commit
too on Priviloges and EtectIonie
when it IS ajp)oiltod.
'Ile oto iws1'olited 110 to 1i
favor of (ionral Gray and e ws
declarod electo(. 0w
Fo>r Sergoai t-a t-Arnm, ti)e pres.
ut incumbent, Mr. Stansell, was
)pposOd by Messrs. MeCarley and
Bullock. Thie voto ro4oluted:
Stansoll 90, lh3iiloek 30, McCarley
At tlis po)inlt a I mossonger was
a1nn1ounIIce( froim1 t he honorable
Seuaito. 'h is n-senlgeir wasGork
lemiphuil , who) slbtt to the
Hfouse fhn.t, lh Sen vas orga
1iizedl and rly fq hIqNkoss.
The' ll~ oue 'or'etd with' its
leelions. ning Cl.rk Witho0rs,
a mos elliien(< lb Nr, w s re-Ooct
- t i " i s two
T. < cr~i lC.( Tho
- - Tt'dnisl. and Rov. L.
nTh- li llot re
aha : ilin~in :1 1, Car-roll :37,
i nga n I :;0. T he second ballot
te~uI'i': Tllinghust 25, Carrol
68. \\'i)1;Ae 3o. Cro
Spali ono made(t thle follow.
imn aP')(11tlloits, at, the sfe
timui statitig that the remainder
(f the ositions would be filled to4
day: Assistuit Clork, S. W. Vance;
Journimal C(!ark, W. W. Rice'; Bill
Clerk T. C. Ihamor; Keeper of the
Speaker'-Room~, Jame0 W. Gray;
Doorkeepe~rs, .T. 1-. Withierspoon,
Potor San'ders, Hugh W. Taylor.
A concurronti isolution was in
tro(uced in the Ho use and passed
fixing Friday, Novonmber 30, et
noon, for thon -olection of a. Suipei
iintendI(n t a nd two DIr'eqtr's of
the Ponijtentiary, and'( f'oi 'Je~.dkg'
of tiro 'Ihi rd1 and Eiighth Cirmits.
Tfijus resolutioni will likely be'
pas~sod b~y thi' Senatot andi these ime.
portant 'lo(!tions will ta'ke. place
onI Friday.
On Thursdaiy I ho members' of
the Hlouise and Soumafe, 'or a 'is
number of them, will y toL
ill on~ a speOcil ta
vititationi of this city
the wo~rk wvhich hps J'f
the Woman's Coller
is Thanksgiving Du'
a holiday with both ai
durig thi
tioi? of tie s,
>irs to mm
of thuis..k' *9u ' 1
dulcted. It la -n- ro
pared an1 ld the authori
lative 0. R. 1),
younllI g melolbor fi'>m'OconeSI
'lTh ffahliryroduction bil
v v passedl by 11ho last Loie'Jt1\
-s not txo intod ,efocti'nt~l)n.
~ 895 and it. is said tl1a t
inw b L mtroducodl'
b~ ill1 whichl maid(1.thos~e Qh
' two b)odjOS willd boot
Iia t6( day'. Th11 toaturoj o
~iJl~ V~njg ,o
vilbe read in Both lius~
A mong thlo bills to be introdned~I
is1 onuaking it a misdeldeanor
for a imaia.to gdt dru 'k' I theY
offendor ca'unot >ay **i41
ho is to go to jai .for t~4 ~
Anothor bill .mak' ~
pay $200 to the, wndo' 1i
or- legal .represejnttlyv~~
whIlo has boon1 ml1ur40%~;
county. It is hio dt)~4
stop matr
companies .$50 for
thmouli'a'blo to damnages.
SRegistor, N ov. 28.

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