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1 . '
- - I jiL$
All the choicest fabrics and
weet styles known to the
shion world, are now display
d by
83, Main St. Greenville, S. C.
These garments are the finest specimens of the tai"oring
art and without exception the most tastefully-made good
ever shown in Greenville,
Is it not to your interest to' )w'r N-a y ) a' c )n biii c
style quality and economy? This can be done at
83, Main, 9t, Greenville, S. (.
We are stocked from Cellar
to Garrett with every thiig
known to the Clothing trad,
and at such prices as will- sur
prise even the passer-by.
250 Suits at $6.50 Worth $10.00
350 " " 7.50 " 11.00
250 " " 8.50 " 12.50
175 '- " 12.00 " 16.50
275 " 15.50 20.06
300 " '16.50 " 25.00
A full line of Boys and Childreins Shirts at the sain
.And as for Ov'ercoats, and1 RuJbers. "McLIntosh" CX'ats,
we can compete with the world, in bth styles, colors and
pri ces,
22iiiTHESE GOODS Must be sold at once Regard
less of profit. Be sure to call at 83 Main street, before
83 Main Street,
November, 1-94. GREENVILLE, S. 0
[8uccessor to Blates & Ferguson,]
Carriages, Photons, Surreys,
VEI(LES, of~ all kinlds. H.\RNESS, Robes. SADD)LES.
COLLAR~S, BRIDLE~S, Sole Leathoer, Shoe Uppers,
Shoe Findings, Baby Carriages, Goat Waons,
* Specil Agrc-Clmu Buggy Co's Elegant
Vehicles, Kentucky W a g o n Manufacturing
Co's "Old Hickory, Wagons," the Pope Manu
* facturing Co' Columbia Bicycles.
Largest Bugg W~agog aNd Harnes House im the State.
________________________1reenville, 8. V.
D -4'Etf EB.
Phsicli1and Surgeon,
Office~at his rosidenlco Mainl S1-'treet.
Marcht 8, 1894,
Attorneys at Law
Oct. 5, 1893. C.
D R J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist, Dr.
V. M. Nowoon, Assistant. Office,
881 .Mair Street, Greenville, 8. 0.
jan. 9, '92 y
H1. J. P. CARLISLE, Dentist Green.
D ville, S. C. 011cc over Addison &
Mc0ce's I)rug Store.
Will ho at Central the 2nd. wcok and at
Pickens the 3rd. week in each month.
August 23rd. 1894
DR. YEt s
20 years experience. Graduate from fira
Schools- tunder pat rotnage of' highest Medi.
al nit thority, makes and properly adjust4
any style Spectuele. Off1ee over Dr. Ad
dison's Drug Store, Greenville, S. C.
J un 28, 1891.
1. E0. 111AUo0l), .1. L2. TIIOlNLiEY, .In
L. C. T1o H N 1A.Y.
E.. 'ileu and Pickecns, S. C..
(Oppoitkc Hotel.)
C'arringev. Huggics. and Saddle Horses, al
reasqonable rates.
.;&ZP Your patronage solicited.
ABE l'l.tl.K. (;EO. E. COOPR1
4CiWv & V00per',
Dealers inl
M arblo mid Dranite Monmons,
TO.MB8STONIESJ, of every descriptior
and 'Wrought I1ron F.ENClNG, GAreenville,
8. C. Sept. 19, '91.
PakiL cotograQ9;Icz X amI
If you want the unt, PICTURIES mah
ii. th. '-.te, yo to .
Wheeler's SVludio,
.1.1't Me] ce Aveunle GAreenvillc, 0" C
gefp Crayon Po6ttrits a'~ sieini
April 7-y.
Dcalei ir
Atches, Diemoiids &.Awolry
Oct. 19-3ii
1as just opened all lat'M slylos oi
At I le lo(Wst possible)1 prices.
Main R-hioee, Gr'eeniville, S. C.
A pri l 19, 1894i.
For Rent.
which I w"ant good Tentants.
Oct. 1, 1894.
rneans so much more than'p.
you imnagine-serious a nd '4
fatal diseases result from
trifling ailments neglected. '
~'Don't play with Nature's
greatest gift--health.
If you are fecll: 1
ont of sorts,w wea k
atnd generally e:<
anid can't work,,
I 'g the mostteia.
roit- it,
ters. A few hot- i
ties cutre-benet
It Curesi
Dys-pepsn, KCiney and( LI ver
Nur~algia, Trotublcs,
Contitpation, Bad Blood
Malarin, Ne~rvous ailments
J -Women's complaints.
Get nuly th genntine-it htas c.red red
line ont 'I h wr apper. All .il- ers at e sub,
'.tites. a (n I ecelipt of two 2 stanl' t we
w ill :,-it :; r. f T1 en Beautitta Wotd'
O1R OWN C H EB tEAL CO. (Ut\T I',, t.iD.
Ate b~roken down fom 'twork or honschl'O
crehl ron's t- ronet' 2 illiers.
Everything In Readiness
for Cold Weather Wants.
PRICESI Well hore are a few
1j Whito Blankets, 65c.
All wool Red flannel, 124c.
Extra hoavy all wool red twilled
flannel, 15c.
Whiito flannols from 12Ac.Bto,
60c., por yard, guarantood fully
twonty-fiv& por cent, under value.
White Canton flannels at 5, 7, 8,
and 10 cents, that are world beat
JEANS I Here wo are strictly in
it. Good Jeans at 10 cents and
20 conts, at 25 conts we sell you
11he best makos (all wool filling)
of Goorgia ( Toinnessoc goods.
AMns and Ladios plain and rib
bed winter weight under vest, from
25 conts to $2.00.
34 inch Henrietta and Cassi
mero inl b)lack a1nd colors at 15c.,
a yard.
30 inc all wool dress flamiol a
25 cen0ut.
51 inch all wool dress flannel ail
50 conts
25 Yards oxtra heavy Sh irtilg
for $1.00.
21 Yards, yard wide Sea island,
for $1.00.
50 Dozen Childrons Heavy rib
bed hose, at 5 cents, well worth;
124 conts.
Our '' oc stock is just. full of
geod t hhags for Babies, Ch ildron.
Men a(d Women. The best Ladie:
$1.00 Shoes to bo had anywhere.
Mail orders will rceive prompt
attention. Call on us at 15 )oln
dloton Street.
Nov. 8-94. Greenville, S. C.
Jobiors o[ 1|4[8 lli lohnco,
CimENVIuLE, s. c.
Nowv is the time for sowing~
field seeds. When you wvant to~
Crimson Clover' Scedl,
Red Olover Seed,
Kentucky Blue Grass Seeds.
Orchard Crass Seeds,
Silver Ball Onion Seed.
Pompeii Onion Seeds5,
Or any other Seeds, go to
And when you want to buy
Coffee, (Seed-tick, Rio,)
Or anything in the Grocery line
107 Main-st., Greenville
Oct. 18
Docs This
The management of the
Equitable Life Assurance
Society in the Department of
the Carolinas, wishes to sc
cure a fewv Spccial Resident
Agents. TIhose who are fitted
for this work wvill find this
A Rare Opportllity
It is work, however, and those
wh1o'succeed beCst ini it possess
cha racter, mature j udgmnent,
tact, perseverance, and the
respect of their community.
Think this matter over care
fully. T1hgre's an unusual
opdnig for somebody. If it
Sfits you, it will pay you. Fur
- ther information on request.
iW \. J. Roddey, Manager,
Rock H1111. S. C.
' ,%ding Events of a Mdemorablb
Twelve Months.
Failures, Casualties, Crime#, Foreign and
Industrial Happenings, Meteorology,
Political, Social and Sporting
Events Chronologically
Apr.i; O-A6higovenor~ d.T.'M. Mortoun, of
Wyoming, at hyonno.
Apr. 21-Ex-o. W, B. Daniels, of Idaho. at
Tacoma. Wnsh.; aged 70.
Apr. 27-Ex-Gov. N. S. Berry, at Bristol, N.
H.; aged 08.
Apr. 80-U. S. Senator Francis D. Stock
bridgo, of K~alomazoo, Mich., in Chicago; aged
69 .... Ex-Postpiaster general Frank Hatton
aditor of Washington Post; aged 48.
May I0-Coxpgressmuian Robert F. Drattan, at
Princess Agne, Md.
May I-I-Ex-Gov. A. C. HIunt, of Colorado, at.
'unbily town, near Washington; aged 0&
May 10-William 11. Edwards, of Ohio, U. S.
general consul at Berlin.
Juno 4--Ex-Gov. Charles E. Van Zandt, of
Rh ode Island, in Brookline, Mass.
Juno 7-Ex-Gov. Rodman M Price, of Now
,Tersey, Iin Oakland, Cal.
Juno 18-William Walter Phelps, statesman
and diplomat, at En glowood, N. J.
June 20-1Bishop W. Perkins. ex-senator of
Kansas, at Washin ton; aged 63.
June 20-Roar A( iral Williain Greenville
Temple.U.S. N. rotirod atWashington age d70.
July 4-Ex-Gov. Edwin 11. Winans. of Mibi
ga, near Hamburg; aged 08 yeurs.
July 22-Ex-Gov. Frlork F. Low, of Cal
ifornia, at San FranQ oo: aged 00.
Aug. 1-Joseph Holt, Judge advocato general
of the army, at Washington; aged 87.
Aug. 5-Ex--Gov. Austin W. Blair, of Michi
gan; aged 70.
Aug. 9-Judge Caswell Bennott, chief justice
Kentucky court of appeals, at Hlopkinsvillo.
Aug. 27-Congrossman George 13. Shaw, at
Eau Clair, W is.; aged 40.
Sop. 1.-Gon. Nathaniol P. Hanks, at Wal
than, Mass.; aged 68....Ex-Gov. Samuel J.
Kirkwood, at Iowa City, Ia.; aged 80.
Sop. 5-Ex.-Gov. Gen. Ocorge Stoneman, of
California, at Buffalo, N. Y.
Sep. 27-Launt Thompson, sculptor, at Mid
dletown, N. Y.
Oet. 8--Prof. David Swing, eminont preacher
and theologian, in Chicago; aged 04.
Oct. 7-Oliver Wendell Holmes, famous poet,
essayist, philosopher and scientist, in Boston;
aged 85.... Andrew U. Curtin, war governor of
Pennsylvania, at lollefonto, Pa.; aged 70.
Oat.. 21-Ex-Gov. Josoph Dorsett Uedle, of
Now Jersey, in Now York: ngod W3.
Nov. 13-Congrossnan Myron 13 V'eight, of
Susqauehanna. at Tronton, OUt.: aged -17.
Nov. 10-Robert 0. Wimhdirop, ex-U. S. sen
ator and ex-spoaker of congress, in Boston:
aged 84....Dr. James McCosh, ex-president of
Princeton (N. J.) college; agod 83.
Nov. 0-Judge Isane lowe, at lodileId, S. D.
Nov. 30-h x-Gov. and ex-U. S. Senator
Josupha E. Drown, at Atlanta. Ua.; agod 73.
Dec. '-Ex-Gov. Leon Abbott, of Now Jor
sey, in Jersey City: aged 5?....10x-Gov. Odden
Biowio, of Maryland, at Iowie.
Dem. 15--Robert Louis Stevenson, novelist, in
Samoa; aged 44.
Jan. 9-William Lindsay roclected U. S. son
ator from Kentucky .... Rival senatos organ
ize in Now Jersey.
Jan. 15-Sonato rejected nomination of Wil
liam D. Hornblower, of New York, to be asso
cinto justico in U. S. supremo court vice, Sam
uol lilatc'hford, decoasod.
Jan. 17--Iowa legislature elected John IL
Gear U. S. senator.
Jan. 1--Senator Walthall's (Miss.) resigna
tion announced... .Cornelius N. Mliss elected
president of A merican P'rotective Tariff leaguo
ia session in Now York.
Fob. l-Wilson tariff bill, with the income
tax featnro asso house of reprosentatives
by vote of 20b to 140.
Feb. 7--McCroary resolution condemning
Miniator Stevens and sustaining llawaiian
$olicy of Mr. Cloveland adopted in lower house
of congres b voto of 175 to 57 .... A. J. Mo
Laurin elected U. S. senator from Mississippi.
Feb. U-Battleship Kearsargo wrecoked o1
Rancodor reef in Gulf of Moxico.... Federal
eloctions ropenl bill signed by president.
Feb. 0-Marion Butler, of North Carolina,
elected president of National Farmers' alli
ence. in session in Topeka. Kan.
Feb. 10--U. S. senato rejected nomination of
W. -I. Peckham for associate justice of su
promo court.
Fcb. I0-Sonator Edward D. White, of Louisi
ana, nominated and conlirmed as associato jus
tio of the U. S. supreme court... .Oharlos H.
Luscomb, of Now York, elected prosidatn of
Longue of American Whoolmon 1n session at
Louisville..,. National Woman ?uffrago asso
oiation, in 20th annual sossion in Washington,
reoleotod Susan D. Anthony as president.
Fob. 2'I3-At meeting in New ork, Newspa
por 1iblishers' association elected J. V. Scott,
of Chicago, lpresident).
Feb). 24 - Mrs. Adiai Stovenson reelected
president of D~aughxters of Aniorican Revolu
tion. in aession in Wxashington.
Fob. 2d-Interstato commerce law doided by
Judge G rossoup, of Chicago, Inoperative and of
no v'alue.
Mar. 7--Newton C. lBlanch'ird ap~pointed U. ..
senator from Louisianma, vico Ju~dgo \Vhite ro
Mari. 8-D~aniol (Coughlin acquittedl of charge
of compllicity in (Cronin murder in Chicago.
A pr. 2-Patrick Wxaish. of Augusta, Ga., ap
pointed to succeed the into Senator Colquitt...
I 1ouse o f noerosentatives seated John J. O'Neil
from St. Louis in place of Charles F. Joy....
City election in Spring 11il1, Ifan., gave all
municipal efilces to women.
Apr. 4-Efort to pass seigniorage over pras
idcnt's voto failed in the house by a vote of 11d
to li4.... Mr. IHiliborn (rep., Cal.) unseated as
mombor of congress in favor of Mr. English
Apr. 5--Massachusetts senato defeated house
bill for woman suffrage....tGov. Tiliman pro
elnimed South Carol inn insurrection at an
Apr. 14--Madeline Pollard awarded $15,000 in
damago suit against Congressman W. C. P.
Ilrcekinridge, at Washington.
Apr. i9-Ex-Coy. J. TI. J arvis appointed a
U. S. senator to succeed the late Senatot
Vanco, fromi North Carolina.
A pr. 30.-Con. hloraco Porter reelected pres
ident of Sons of the Revolution in annual con
gress at Washington.
May 2--Gon. Jacob Cox chosen to succeed ox,
President Harrison as commander of t he Loypl
Le'gionx in session at Cincinnati.... Grand Coun
cil of the American Protoctivo association met
at Des Moines, Ia.
May 5-John Patton, Jr.,* of Grand Rapids,
Mich.? appointed U. S. senator to suCceed the
lato F. II. Stockbridge.
May 8-Maji. Con. O. 0. Howard ected pres
ident of National Tomporan ce society.
May l-P'. J. O'Connor elected presidlent of
National Order of ibojrnians at Omaha..,
Sirs. Chanrics IHenrotin1 of Chiengo, olootod
president. of G.eiorai I'.edoration of VWomon's
clui is at Pil adel phiam.
May i-ion Caifory reelected to tho U. S.
senate from Lt.uislana.
May 2'2--Panm-Americanx ilmotal;Ifo associa
ilon, representln:r United States, South and
Central America and Moxico, met in Washing
May 23--Gov. Northon, of Georgia, olceted
president of Americana iiialtist Educational so
ciety in session at Saratoga. N. Y.
May 25-Amxorieanm Cong ress of Liberal Rtol
gious Socaotie-i organxizod in Chicago, with Roev.
Hi. Wx. Tihomas as president.
Jun;.e 8- -Robert lionner, of New York, re
clected piesidont of Scotch-Irish society at
Des Moinos, In.
June li-C. Wx. Ilazzard, of Monongahola, Pa.
chosen regent by supreme council of the lRoya i
Juno '". -Ex-Gov. George P. Wetmore abeot
ed by Rhode Island legislature to U. S. sonate.
June 13-A. C. Loring, of Minnesota, elected
p resident of National Association of Millers, at
Chic ago.
Juno 2i-Gon. A. S. Webb, of New York,
elected president of the Army of the Potomac,
at Concord, N. II.
June 2'--John A. Loo, of St. Louis, elected
president of Commercial Travelers' Protective
association, at Milwaukee.
Juno 27-W. W. T1raco, of Illinois. eleeotd
president of National IRepublican league, at
July il-Tariff bill pasae4 the senate as
amended by vote of 84 to 89.... Prcndorga'st,
mnurderer of Carter 11. Ifarrison, found sane
and sentenced to be executed....Midwinter
fair at Sanx Francisco closed; total attendance
since oponing, 2i.1-10.0
July 5S-Albert A. Stanley, of Anna Arbor1
Mich., elected president of the muisio teacheras
national convention in New York.
July 17-Uhll allowing Utah statehood signed
by the president.
Aug. 8-Rev. J. M. Cleary. of Minneapolis,
electetd president of Catholie Total AbstinOence
union at St. Paul.
Aug. 8-Reopublie of flawaii formally resog
nizedl by the Un ited States.
Aug. 13-lHouse of representatives agreed to
the Wilson tariff bill as amnentded by the senat.'
Aug. 23-Col. William E. Ilun dy, of Ohio,
eleetetlcommranderinchief of Sons of Veterans
at Davenport, In.
Aug. 21 --Tariff bill became a law without
pres ident's signature.
Aug. 28-lioth houses of congress adjourned
Sep. .-i-Urban A. Woeodbury (rop.) elected
governor of Vxermnont by 20000 mnaiorlt..
notp.- w-ri. ni. vi aven reoaeceuu tve aU.
Mfaino by 87,000 majority.
Sep.-l3-Col. Thomas 0. Lrwler. of Iock
ford, Ill, eoted commander in chief of O. A.
I. at ittsburgh.... Daughters of Veterans
elected ir. Ellen M. Walkor. of Worecster,
Mass., as president.... Wonmni's lieit' Corp%,
auxiliary to G- A. I., elooted Mrs. imuma IL
Wallaco. of Ciongo,- as president.
Sop. 18-John W. Stobbins, of MarVland,
eleoted gran 3i1re of soveroigm grand lodge
of odd follows at Chattanoogn. TVnn.
Sep. 79-Frank P. Snrgent eleded grand
master of Blr9therhood of Loconiotivo lIgL
neors, at Harrisburg.
Sop, 21-0 IL Blakely, of Chicago, eloote4
president of the United Typothotn. &t Phila
Sep. 22-William 0. Owens doolared the
demo ratio nominae for congress from Ash
land Ky.) district.
ep. 2--Charlos Owens of Now York, eleot
edprosdent of United brotherhood of Car
pontors and Joiners. at Indianapolis.
Oct. 4-Society of the Army of the Tonnessee
elected Got). Gronvillo Mt. Dodge, of Iowa, in
abnual session at Council luffs In
Oct. 0-Grand United Order el Od Follows,
in annual oonyontion in Doston, olooted James
Neodham, of Philadelph ia, grand inaster.
Oct. 11.-J. J. Shorta I of Chicago, reoleoted
president of American l1umano socioty, in sos
Stol at Evanevillo, Ind... J. J. P. Odell, of Chi
oaso elooto1 prosident of American Bankers'
asp Iirlon, n esslonl at Intimoro.
o. Elootion returns gave republican ma
foriti0s in Now York, Now Jersoy. (onnecti
oubt, Massachusetts, Now lampshiro, 11ho(o
Island, Dolaware, Pennsylvania, North )ako
W ,South Dakota, California. Minne.sota
oming Colorado, Utah, Illinois. Indiana,
Ohio. tMician, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kunsus'
Vest Virginia. Washing ton, Idaho Montatm,
Iowa. Nobraska elooted a fusion l'pop.-(deim .)'
governor, i4islissippl, South Carolint, cn
tueky, Te, Florida, Alabama, Loulsianma
and Georgia went democratic.... Wonmn suf
frago amendment defeated in Wansal by 31,175
Nov. --o . IRussell A. Alger, of Detroit,
Mich., o ecto in Pittsburgh president of the
Nationol Va f association.
Now V-Hrig. Gon. McCook appointed major
goneral in U. S. army to succeed G(en. lloward,
Nov. 14-Cotton growers orgniiiied at. MonTit
g0mory Ala.,anational assocattion for protve
tion of their Intorost.
Nov. 20-Frances 11. Willarui reelect(ed
dont of National Woman's (hristian1 mpr4
4Nco union in 21st annual stlssiqiii I 1(1, ,(uit0.,
...Jaimcs U. Sovereign roulcil iencral
,2?ster workInan of Knightis of 1.al'or iII sesI
8lon at Now Orleans.
Nov. 27-John '1. Morg:it (deim.) r( elected to
U. S. senato from Alabama.
Dee. 8-Nutional conforonen for good city
government mot at MiInneapolia.
Dcc. 11--Lower house of congre!. passed a
bill s ending the interstate cotumoree no to
permit of railroad pooling by voto tof 166 to I 10
....Chief Justico Dale, of ti1e supretoc court of
Oklhhoma, decided colored children iu.st be -
allowed to attend white schools .... Ex.-Gov.
''illman oleoted United States senator from
South Carolina.
Dc. 13-National Civil Sorvice fleform
loaguc in session in Chicago re-elect(ed Carl
Shurz a president.
Doo, 17-John Meioride elected tt Denver
president of American Federation of Labor.
Indianapolis was chosen as head(luiarters.
Jan. E8-John 8 Johinson. of Minnon polIs, l.it
-millo tiating record at Mladison, . IL.; tine,
Jan. 25-InprIzo (ght at J.acksonville. Fla.,
Corbett, of California, knocked out Mitchiell, of
Inglan, in third round.
Jan. 27-John 1S. Johnson brolk world's -
mile skating record at Cloveland, 0.; time,
1:10 1-5.
Feb. 8-Johnson lowered skating record for
920 yards at Mo troul; tino, 208-5 s3-eonds.
Apr. 10-Oponing Ian)os of sCason played by
Na onal Leano ball clubs.
May 16-Peterson and (Anudaur won 3-milo
teulling race for professionals at Austin, 'ex.
May 17-Gaudaur boat Pctorson in profos
onal regatta at Austin, Tox., goinp the t.hroo
ri'es in l9:025... .0corge Griflith:. of Lon-lon,
Oninpletod trip around Lho world in 6-1 days, i
hours, 20 min tea.
May 20-Lasker beat Steinit'. in lies!s imatch
at Montreal for world's ohnmpionship.
Juno 18-E. V. Minor, of India 'i , bro1 o
world's 10-mile bicyclo recor .. . ouilsvillo.
making the run in 20:154
uno 15-Van Wagonor lowered record for 12
m Ic nandlcap upcyole road race, going the dis
tanoo In 82:18 at Lockport, N. Y.
June 21-Arthur Zimmerman, the American
rider. won international bicycle race at Flor
once, Italy.
June 28-Roy El Santa Anita, owned by
"Lucky" Baldwin, of San Franc iseo,won Amer
loan derby at (hica go, in 2:88.
Juno 80-Harry Mling walced 723 miles from
Now Orleans to St. Louis in 11 days 6 hours.
Ju 4-At Paterson, N. J., Fred Royvo low
ered -mile bicycle record to 29 secoids.
July 14-In trial trIp at Iloston cruiser
Minneapolis broke all records, mnaking 1.3.05
knots aht hour.
July 17-J. J. Corwin rodo oil bicycle from
New York to Chicago in -S6 days.
July 21-John F. Warner, who left Chicago
January 28, to oircumscribo the globe without
r dollar to pay his way, accomplisod this in
Iela than aix mon ths.
July 27-In free-for-all pace at Cloveland, 0..
Robert J. imado now record, nIII averago of filvo
heats being made iu '2:07%.
Julyr 28-At iorne, Eng., Shortul boit
worl' record for 24-hour rido, aniaking4 -60
mniles, 000 yards.
July 81--Carl Noel, of Chieago, won tennis
pham pionshi p of the northwcst, at Lake Min
Aug. 10-Titus and Cabanno lowered mile
bigyclo record at Minneapolis to I:: 4-5,
Aug. 11-Ia mateb rice at Paris, Linton rode
50 miles on bleycle in 1:58:59.
Aug. 18-Whirligig lowe red race reocrds for
8-year-old paeo ra to 2:10 at Torre I inuto, lnd.
Aug. 15--W. I.Stimal and F.re~d C. 'Tnhlrman
lowered (00-m lo bioycle reeold Oliuffalr, to
Erie) to 15 hours 20 mlinutos.
Aug. 10-Titus lowe red eompetltive bIcycle
reeord for 1 mile to 2:10 8-5; for a miles, to 12: 19.
Aug. 17--Steamor Cam pania camoe fromk
Liverpool to New York inI 6 days 93 hours 29
Aug.81-Steamer Campania lowered east
ward record trom~ New~ York to Quecetown to
5 days 10 hours 47m miutas.
Sop. 8-At Palmer Miass., Allon Atkins,
agod 12. lowered world's record for bicycle rid
ing backwards half-mile0 to 2: l33.
So . 7-At Springfield, Moss., Titus lowered
5-mife bicylo record to 10:51 18-5.
Sop. 18-At Terre Ihaute. Ind., lFantasy law..
ered record for 4-year-old mares, teotti; ng il
SkQ. 14-At Terre Haute, Ind(., John It.
Gentry put stallion record to 2:03% in a race
..Steamer Now 'York reached Sandy Iliook
from Southampton in 6days 7hourn ::ominutes0.
. Sep. 15-Gorge Case won theo tenniul chamt
pioanship of Iowa, Missouri, lnsas' and No
aeska, defeating J. WV. iekwlth at Kansas~G
Bey. 17--World's 5-mn ie compelt i tL ve road~ rac
lag record lowered at Chlicago. to '):30. .. .At
Pittsburgh 11. C1. Tyler lowered bieyelo mnilo
record on one-qularter muile traek t o :3:03.
Sep. 20--At Galosburg, Ill , D)iree tly lowered
2-year-old record to 2:07,i.
Sep. 28-In race at San JToso, Cal.. Abdell low..
ered yearling trotting recordi to 2:23.
Sop. 80--Nineteenth season of National l3ase
ball I onguno ended with Haltimore at the hea~d
..At 'hill icotlho, 0., Flying Jinb loweredt
world's mile pacing record to 1 :59%, with a
sunnling mate.
Oct. 4--Fly ing Jib pacedl a milo at. Chilli
cothe, 0., withl runnln'; mate in 1:o5.
Oct. 5--William Ninon's Inare Quirt ran at
Valiojo, Cal two fastest heats 0on record, thlo
first in0:47 , second in 0:47%.
Oet. 8-orh and dlecidling gaine of lthe
Sovbn of th Temple cup~ series between Now
Y ork and ~altimore baseball clul x Well by
N w York
Oct. 1i--eort J. won a pacIng race froan
Joe Patchot\ at S ioux City. Ia., in thlroo hleats,
making the lnst, one in 2:03%i.
Oct. 12--Online broke world's recordl for
4-car-olds, pacing an exhibition mile at Sioux1
I .1--nMors stake for 2-year-olds at
Nashviill, Tenn., Imnpotyous trotl ed two heats
in :5%. equaling world a race record.
Oct. 17--At Hamilton, Onit., Dicyclist David
son lowered record for the quarter to 0:80.
Oct. 10-At Waltham. anss., Tyler oult the
2-mile standing start bicycle record to 4:03.
Oct. 28-Cylist Searncs redo from .c g o
New York in 0 day y hours 0tminutes. t
Oct. 2-~-Al bert fG. Harding, cyclist, rode 103
31n110s at St. fiotis in 4:374-5....On straight
course at hluffalo, N. Y., John H. Johnson todeo
mile on bicycle in11:85 2-5.
Oct. 26--'unarderesteamship Lucaninerossed
the Atlantico in 6 days 7 hours anid 23 mInutes.
Noy. I-World's rcordl lowered at Sail Jose,
Cal., by Senator L.. trottin four miles in 10:12.
Nov 2-At Chillicothe, 0John S. Johnson,
oyliel , rode the one-thir mile ian 0: 82 2-5, a
iiow world's rooord.
Nov. 6--At Chi Illicothe, 0., Cyclist Johnson
rode-standing atart-a one-third mile in 0:89,
and a one-halt mIle in 0:55 1-6. now records.
Nov. 15--Joe Patchen paced a mlilo onl balf
mile track at San AntonIo, TexO., inl 2:03; noCw
Nov. 10-George lelinman, champIon Amen
( can wing shot, dofeated in Chioago by Dr.
Carver. .At Louisville, Jolla S. Johnsoan low
erod world's bic ycle record for milo--stanlding
star t--to 1:63
Nov. 21--Wheoolman Johnson lowered thd
record at Loulisvilie. IKy., of mile -flyixng stars
-to 1:47 3-5.. ..Spocf al train over t he Pennsyl
vania rend covered 121' milos in 101 minutes.
Nov. 24--At Lou Isville, IKy., John S. Johnson
cut 2-mile biecco reord to 8:01 4-6,...Yale
. ea in 6-years' series of Yale-Iliarvard foot
.ball games at Springfield, Mass., 12 to 4.
'Nov. 27,7o.Jhn Penseyyors, oyolistA rode un
naced wile at Buffalo. N. Y., In I .h -5.
The EngUsh Labor Advooate Does
116t Spare Words.
Mavy Society Womein Hoard Ills Addy
In PhlItadelphia-.e Will Shortly
Return to England and Then
Tell About America.
PHILADELPIA, Pa., .1anuary l.-Jnc
Burns, the English parliamentary labor
leader, addressed a crowded audience
at assooiation hall yesterday evening,
upon labor and sociological questions.
A number of well known mnci and
women of Philadelphia, who are inter
ested in the social and labor problems
of the country wero upon the platform,
abiici among then being Bishop Whit
%ker, of the Episcopal diocese of east
!rn Pennsylvania. There was a strong
eaven of socialism in the audience and
this was evidenced by loud and long
aipplause that, followed when Mr. Burns
referrel to himself as a socialist.
In is address, Mr. Burns freely eriti
isd Ainerican institutions and scored
those wdho have taken objections to his
)I( wts incllued to bear down rather
hlard onl the newsapuprs and was bitter
in his attacks tipoin the capitalists and
in is deiounciation of whait he termed
110 also sc)ored the Is" of litbor saWv
inic inchines and gloomiiilv predicted
that as i restlt of then growing wealth
of tihe ricl and the inlcreas:ing power of
the Capitalists thit witin1 twenty-live
years Ihi, couitry wvouild be in a state,
comnpared to which i tle IFreneh revoli
tion was but a shaow anid the French
commune the bLs;Cless fabric of a dream.
lian11dit 11111 Coolk W1ill stm,, 11 a Captive of
hI Io Cv) rn naie1nt.
MscoCat;Es, 1. T., .ainary .-Somms
hlennett, a deputy mnarshal, came into
Muscogev, at 4 o'clock yesterday after
noon and i formed marshal Me~Vbster
that lie hind Mil1 Cook, Jim French and
foi other membiers of the gang lo
cated. elinnett says he slept with
French last night, in the old fort at
Fort Gibson. Biepliett, had been with
French and Cook in inid around Fort
(ibson for several days. Last evening
six marshals departed for the locality
in which Bennett left the bandits.
Marsharli MeAlIster has men stationed
on the railroad to report to Fort Gibson
at once. Yestertday Cherokee 1ill shot
his Irt. hier-in-law' seven times, killing
hium instant ly. 11111 says his brother
in-law has attempted his life several
A Stomamr Wrecked.
Sr. .JonN's, N. F., ,lanuary 1.-The
Blritish steamer lienismaf, Captain Gun
dry, when a few hours out from Pilleys
IsInud, enroute for New. York with a
cargo of iron pyrites, was loh, near
Bonavista lust Saturday morning. The
aecident. was catused by a deviation of
the compasses. The steamer struck on
the rocks (luring iitense fog and be
caie a total wreck. The crew saved
themselves by taking to the boats, but
lost. all their e W(ets.
Attempt to nunt a Town.
CoI..IMu's. 0., January I.-Tlhe peo
)le of Brighliton, ()., are greatly excited
over it soies f a tttempd1ts to bun the
townt. Each Iinou coal oil has been
uiseiI i'(I rel by he ii:neindaies. Last
ntighit I. N. Marshtul's stiore was desitroyed
and ai eii'ionse (Onflaigraitiona was narriow
Ily aiverted. Neveral d Inettives are at
wvork, hut Ithe( l)~perpetrators anmd the mo
tive areN st~iI i m steriest.
The o thernx'u 1-ho;u' at Huaoxyllle.
K x x 01.:.T.:.:. ..;:n2 Vy 1.-Ch n
inig \l. I'. -m .c --:i .- f the
&miither'io .ch,. i. u in te .': and ill
beiniiL tutlay Ih!'e cn Onl of thme shops)
GeorgI'ia ci2Iai. i*.. \\ hna coipicted,
the shopi wi It a'e cou a'' 75,000, and
Tar i.1ur ar With G(ertaany.
Ik ::. .1 annar11iy I.-''tc - he l l tbrg
corr.",! il(dent iisiiilly inc:.'r'ad froim
Wi~utam sienhof the prhii
Iirig warii hit wveeni (:xr:any aint th.'
i: aited States:-. The Vons..ischec Z/eitung
remi~arksN that Gerrnym tenn wini no
laurtels in a tarm~Il wa- wiui A mierica.
er'. Tu'ratt Ii, a nd six oh' hiis comnrades,
werie sentena.'iiced ii live moniiithis imnpris
(omnncit. each6. 1Their fiendsl' in the
cout romte ic ci ii~tc hei *ili.inget and shiont
S' ran arerect';ee ae
ksiix vi.i.i:, 'leant., .lantiary i.-Gos'n
eral ~h Manag ~iud m ha 0.1 iis appioited1 C.
A .'I .. ~;.2n':.i pa .acger axgent
of t: Mli:.phc:.. iind a.hlarlestLon rail
riohd, hma.h, '' rt a s n.Memaphxis, to sute
'Tl.) 6, .o wri.ies a P'rotest.
dressedci to V t iin Ia no of moderate
prIotest aigains~t the Hunimgariain religious
buills recently signed by the Emperor.
lIeI will takhe no f-urthxer steps.
Will Dilsmiss theo Governor.
i~os Pox, .Ianuary l.--T'he Daily News I~
correspi~ond~ent In Vienna says: GJen
eral Orsel~hki, governor of Wiln, Rus
sia, will be dismissed. anid Baron
Modem willl nuecoeed him.
Lordl ChurchIll Imtprvung.
LONnON, Januxary I .-Lord Ra mdolph
Churchill was reported last night a a
gaining .Arength. Unless' special cause
aiet no more bulletins will be issued
before tomnorr'ow.
Polhitica in Far Away Italy.
Roe, January 1.--The dissolution of
the chamlbers has been postponed. The
general election will take place pr oba
bly in April.
Remlfombear that you can got 1.1"
1lfmo andl Farm ndl thn Pnnnin'a

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