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The People's Journal.
-Saturday was quite a dull day
in town.
-W. A. Gresham, of Fort Hill,
visited in Pickens this week.
-Frank E. Cox was on the sick
list last week, but is much im
proved now.
-Mess. B. M. Griflin and Chas.
Bowen went to Greenville on busi
ness last week.
-Mr. Oswell, of James Island ,
S. C., is stopping at H. B. Ion
drick's this week.
-Mr- Vance Sheppard, of Groen
ville county, is visiting friends in
Piekens this week.
-Fred Symmes, of Greenville,
is on a visit to relatives and friends
in Pickens this week.
-Born, unto Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Lawrence, of Anderson Mills,
on the 6th instant, a son.
-Prof. E. F. DuPriest, of Gallo
wa.y, N. C., is teaching a flourish
ing school at Horse Pasture.
-G. Lawrence Walker, Treas
urer of Greenville county, was in
Pickens on business Monday.
-Messrs O. P. Field and L. D.
Stephens, visited relatives and
friends in Elberton, Ga., last week.
-Joseph Kotih, of Table Moun.
tain, of the firm of Keith & Edens
was in Pickens on business Tites
-Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dugan,
of Anderson county, are visiting
Mr. J. Ragsdalo, of near town, this
-Mrs. Isiaih Cox and c:hild, of
Washington, D. C., are on a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. James Cox, of this
-Dr. F. S. Porter and wife, of
this place, visited the former's sis
tor, Mrs. Jno. Brock, of Central,
-A protractod meeting com
menced at Cross Roads Saturday,
conducted by Rev. W. L. Anders.n,
the pastor.
---J. A. Christopher, of Walker
ville, Greenville county, is visit
ing his brother, N. A. Christo
pher thit wook.
-Miss BQssie Grogan, of Geor
gia, and Miss Mary Symmes, of
Greenville, visited Miss Corrio
Bruce last week.
---Miss Fannie Moore, who is
teaching a flourishing school at
Ruhamah, near Liberty, visited
friends in town this week.
--Treasurer Yongblood went to
Easlc,y on business last wveek, and
on his return brought back a now
buggy foil himself andl family.
-Hartwell (Ga) Sun of tho 6th
inst says: Miss Ada Gossett, of
Easley, is visiting the family of
Mr. J. H. Hodges, on Hocwell street.
-Mrs. J. H. Brown, of Liberty,
knows the hotel business and1 the
the guests praises the excellent
fare and elegant rooms in her ho
-The E!asloy W~arehiouse (10
elared a good dividend for the
stockholders this year. There was
$275.00 dividend among them
---Th 'sossion of the United
.tates court in Greenville this
year was unusnally short, the
grand jury only being in session
four da.ys.
-Mess. WV, H. Ambler, of Char
lotte, and Will Gilreath, of
Greenville, are visiting the formors
parenth, Ma.j. Ambler, of A mblers,
this week.
-Rev. J. M. Stewart is ongaggod
in a protracted meeting at Six Mile
Baptist church this woeok, with fine
p)rospects. Large congregations
are a ttonding the services.
-Misses Essie Earle andl liat
t,ie Grady are visiting in Pond leton
this weel~ They will visit rela
tivyes and friends in And)(erson and
Will iamston b)eforo they roturni.
-Mir. Charles Bawcn will thme
1st of September next engage mn
business witin Messrs. Mor~gan &
Bros., of GroeonvilIlI, Charlos isi i
promising young man and( we hoe
speaik for him much success
through life.
-A p)rotract.ed meeting will lhe
gin at the Baptist church at. thmis
pilaco next Saturday nighit the 141hI
inst., condlucted by the pastor, Rev.
A. J. S. TIhomas. lio will be assist
od1 b y R.ev. R. A. Snibloittl, of Marl
boro county.
-JaLnes K. Latl-om and Thomi
as5 Skel ton, of D)acusviIleo, were in
town Tuesday hunting lumber and
shingles. Pickens is getting t) be.
a good lumber and shingle mark
(it as well as a good market for
manyi~ other things.
-One of SheriffT McD)aniel's
horses was severely cut last week
on the log, lie immedir oly se
cured the services of Ben P.~ 3rifllin.
Vet ornary Surgeon, who rendered
medical aidi to r.he wvounded1 animal.
TIhe horse is doing well.
-Thle protracted meet ing at h
cona clesed last Sunday wit.h th ir
teen accessions to the chrchm.
Six by letter andl seven were hap
tized at ('lemont's pond1( Sunda.y 1
morning. * The services of the
meeting wore weoll attended
throughout and much good wasi
-J. 0. Brock visited at Sonoca
this woek. nc
-See notice of bridge to let in
another columnll. el
-Mr. II. S. Brown, of E.asley,
was in town on business Tuesday. t
-Mr. Lester Boggs, of Liberty,
visited in Pickens last week. y
-Dr. Doyle, of Soneca, is stop- V
ping at Mr. H. B. IIendrick's this
wok. 11
-Miss Bossio McDaniel is vis- \
iting relatives and friends in Green
villo this week. 11
-Road advertisement of Wof- c
ford College, of Spartanburg, in
another column. -1
-Mr. J. NV. Sholor, of Richland, 1
Ocono county, is stopping at, tho cl
hotel do Thornloy this woek.
-Miss Mario Huff'man, of Son- n
Oci, is visiting relatives and ?
friends in Pickens this week. d
-A woman may be as true as n
stool, but then you know some 1
steel is too highly tempered. L
--Rev. T. C. Holsclaw commnoc
ed a protracted meeting at Moun- A
tain Grove church Monday night. e
--T. I. Mooro is hereby an- 10
nouncedl as a Candidato for Cot- i
ton Weigher for Liberty Township. K
-The protraicted meeting at.
Oolonoy church closed Sunday ti
With1 twonty-two accossiois to the t
church. .si'
--Mla,j. J. M. Stowart moved in- ti
to his now dwelling on Main street w
last week. Tho Maj. says ho feels a
at lomo now.
-Iho Eastat.oo section was vis
ited by a severe rain and wind t'
storm lst weec, doing great dam- G
age to the crops. si
-Rov. W. B, Singleton is con
ducting a very intorosting pro- a
tracted meeting at Mount Curmel t
church tIiis week.
-A most onjoyable dance was ri
given It the hotel de Thornloy o
last Wednosday ight. A large o
crowd was )resent and a good 0
time was had throughout. a
-A Mr. Armst'"ong and I Mr. o
Grifin, of (eorgia, wore in town A
Tuesdhy exhibiting a patent bed B
brace. TJhi 1pate n t is at good ono
and every family ought to hlave
0110 . 1 a
-Strayed or stolen, on Thurs- ,)
(lay night. the 5th inst., from Mr. of
James Couch. of Briggs post oflico di
one light hay mule, medium G
weight and alout six years old, The TI
finder will be li'irally rewarded al
by returning saNo to tho above d
addrss. 2t. o
-Mr. A. M. Mlorris started his a
brick machine Tuesdayi~. lie will
mako sev'eralI hunidred thousantd "
b)riek ; we have nuot learned yet d
whether ori' ot lie will uso them v
for buil linlg p)urploses or' put themn o~
on the market. There is a great s
deomand( for birick inow. a
--We call atten tion to the new
advei'tisement of Snider & Ander
son, of Greenville, in atnother col- e
umn. Thley' aro selling bicyclesa
that are guaranteed to be High
Grade and invit' the Pickens
county boys to calli and inspect h
their st,ock of w~hools when in Il
Greenville. t
--T'he blig cow barn at Clemson
col le was st ruck by l ighin g on
the 5thi inst. The building was
two stories high andl fifty feet11
wvido by .100 feet. lon1g. Consider
ble amnoun t of l'odder, oats, hay,
eta., was con sumedi in the flames.
Th'le buildin1 tg was almnost entirelyh
cov'eredl by insurance.
-Mr. MIcC'arl y, an aged a nd a
respoetedi citizen, of Seneca, (lied
Oin the 8thl inst., at. the age of fifty 1
youris. Hie was burtied the (lay of
his dleathi from t he Methodist i
chur ichi at thiatI plo< hi ch llIil he t
wats a imember'. A wit and sov( ~ - TI
eralI chiuld ret nmourni his death .
NIrI. MclCarly was1 wlI kniown mi
this county'. c<
-Mr'. L. R. Durhami~ i returnmed at
from Texas Siudav whler'e lie had hi
bein on ia visit. of about1 a mon1th1 I si
to r'elatIives andn fienidS. Mr. Durii- st
the lower p'ar't of' that state and
says t he~ lr'nwr's are busy picking
a11( nd ma'ket ing co(t ton, .lie says h
the out cirohp is gonod. ?ir u. Duri- h
ham says Te hxas doelsni't agree wit.h
him and1( oldl SouthI Carolina is the I
-Mr 1. *Bans and 5 11 a lady of i
L,ibertly, v'isited fri'''ds nioirth of o<
l'ickenls SunidayN and.( on th'ir' io- d1
andl( rani awa thii Irowing thie occut- w
pant) s omut and1( teaingli. Ithe huggy 1.1
0(d sovero' inljur ides, bumt I r. Ila:rnes bi
wals driivi ng a li very t urinou t bo
l ong in g to M essrs. Gaint t IIlros. N
-School willI openi n'xt Monday 19
hat all the clild ron be on hand(Io
prompilt ly and1( that as manyi~ of the o:
par'ents as canii, come with them a
amid se'e thle scool00 st art off. Lojt I
*e' oyh pu1)1 .t Ihirl shouilder' to th d(
whueol and .let. us have a school of p
'-yhichi we will 1 be prioudCl. Those Ih
sco ol conuId not do better t hail il
move lo town to got. thie benef'it of a
ho uiion rm at.es. Hchool ittr- a
ists hav laV Iuggedi for' some1 tim 1)0
bori' bult we fool confidenit under01 (1
the management (If Prof. Darga.n t
we will have a large and prosper- i
ano schnol.
-It is not a sin to be brilliant
r a virtuo to be stupid.
-Road Superintondont of Edu
rtion notices in this issue.
-Road what F. II. Carter, of
ort Hill, has to say in his advor
sonont this week.
-Mr. J. M. Padgot, of Groon
illo, is sponding awhile with Mr.
7. F. Blassingame, this woek.
-W. N. Gantt is hereby an
ounced a candidate for Cotton
Nigher for Liberty Township.
-A loose tongue can breed
iore mischief in one hour than
a b cured in a thousand years.
-Rev. W. M. harden preashed
very interosting sermon to a
irge congregation in the Metho
ist church Sunday night.
--Rev. W. M. Harden will com
ionco a protracted meeting at
wolvo Mile church on next Fri
ay at 11 o'clock a. m., and the
ight series will be at 8:30 p. im.
o will be assieted by the Rev. L.
-Mlossrs. Henry Grady, Rufus
shniore, Preston McDaniel, Lu
us Earle, George D. Cureton,
uy McFall and Jesse Jennings
ft monday for an extended
thing and hunting expedition on
eoweo and White Water.
-The County Teachers Associa
on met in the court house Satur
ty, but, the attendance was very
nall and but little businoss was
ansacted. The next meeting
ill be held hero; lot all teachers
,tend and make this organization
-l an article published last
eek, relative to catching Bob
rillin were two mistakes. It
iould have been Bunk Griffin
id ho was not run from here to
ard's mill, but was captured in
house near there and no resis
nce was made by him.
-Tihe Southern Railway will
im an excirsion to Richmond Va.,
t August 12th, 13th and 14th.
no fare for the round trip will
ily be charged. Tickets on sale
any station in South Carolina
the Southern lt' ilway, Seaboard
ir Lmlle and Atlantic Coast Line.
ard can bo had from $1.00 to
?.0() per day.
-Ju(lge Samuel McGowan died
his residence in Abbeville on
t inta01nt, at the advanced age
7. years. lie leaves three chil
"en, Mrs. W. C. Benett, W. 0. Mc
owan andl Miss Lucia McGowan.
he old soldiers romember him
id will receivo the news of his
:ath with sorrow. The lawyers
the state have lost a true triend
id a genial companion.
-Sev3ral of the State convicts
ho are working on Superinten
rent Neal's farm at Old Pickens
ill e hlow Itasley came to Pick
is last week and Tuesday after
tingles. They wore in charge of
comipetentt guardl; and th6 shing
~s were puritchasedl of Mr. J. McD.
r'uco. Pickons is getting to be a
ap)ital shinugle mark'et as well as
good miarket for most anything
-Mrs. RI. R. Childs died aLt her
nine near Cateechee, on the 3id
st. She had been sick for some
me and her (deathi was not utnex
eted. She was about 40 years
d and and a consistent membor'
the Baptist church. Her re
ains were interred the (lay fol
wing at the Camp Creek church.
husband and1( fiv-e children anud
any relatives and friends mourn
3r dleatIh.
-A bout 1:30 o'clock Tuesdlay
orninug, Central was visiteod by
iother fire. A dIwel ling belong
g to Mlr. W. HI. Hester was total
doestroyed by fire. T1he house was
mccu pied, the fire was of incen
ary or'igini. The lOSS to Mr. Hes
1 is abtI0l $900. No insurance.
lie town counlcilI anid citizens of
mat place have mtado up a purse
the amount of' $150G for p)roof to
miivie't the per'son or peonsii who
t firio t. thle bu ild(1ing. Tfhey
ivo asked Governor Ellerhe to
11)1p1enmentI the a bovo aind activo
(ps shoculd( be takeni on the mat
*r at onico.
-Frank 1 lolcom b, who lives
bith his son, Blorriy HIolcomb, on
is place, th ree miles cast of Ens.
y w~ill have a reunion of his chil
'ont ont Fr'iday, 13thI inst. He
is si xteen clhildlren-tn sons011 amnd
x dautmgters, all living and mar
od(. Over 100 personts ar e expet
I to a ttiond-ch mIldren, grantdch il
'en alldmu!fourut.ein great grnd(chil
'cin. Ml rn. IIlulcomnb has been mar
cd throoie timues. H1is last wvife,
ho is li vinig, was the widIow of
mei ato' .J(ohn Gi(ossott, of near
asloy. Mrli. JIolcombi will cole
rate hiis 80th lbirmt hy ntoxt April
)th.-Anderson Intell igencer.
-- A rep)resenithtive of the Joua
AI in compajnny wi th Misses
uthl Stowart, Emma Finney,
[at tio Hester andl Elmor Folger,
N 1asley, had the llasure of
ljoying the hospitality of Mr.
ud 'ulirs. ,Jerremuiah Looper on the
3)th inst. W lhen wc arrivd, the
iner hell rang andl to our suir
rise, a long table was heavily
iden with all the good eatables
cart could wish. Mr. Looper is
ihis soventty-fiftht yeor and is
s halo and hearty as ever. We
r'n under01 many ob)ligat ions to
htem for thmo ki ndnuoss shown uts
urinog our short stay, but hope in
ho inear future to have the pleas1
re of' enjoying such another' oc
-On Friday night last.. t.h,
mill of Mr. J. S. Murphreo, of neai
town was ontored and some cori
stolon. The next morning tho
discovered that sone one had beor
stealing corn and began to makF
a search for the thief. They track.
ed him to town and told Sherifl
McDaniel, Magistrate Jenkins and
others of the robbory. The magis
trate immeldiately got on his horst
and started in pursuit. The thief
was tracked to the house of Mac.
Hunter, colored, whore the corn
was found, but Mac. had taken leg
bail. The posso, with the magis.
teato Jenlrins in the lod, made
things hot for him. lie was run
nearly all (lay whent the chase was
abandomed until another time.
)eatla of Mial Norsi Iendricks.
Another flowor plucked in her
youth and beauty. Our friend,
Nora Hendricks, breathod her last
on the morning of August 5th at
tho home of her uncle, Mr. Bennet
Hill, of Old Pickens. She was
taken sick with brain fever and
only lived five days. She was the
oldr~st daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
). E. Hendricks and was loved by
all who know hor. The remains
were interred from Griffin church,
of which she was a momber.
The funeral services were conduc
ted by Rev. B. Holder.
When the relentless hanld of
death invaded tho family circle
and takes from it so beloved a
member, words of human sym
pathy can do but little to assuage
the grief of the survivors. We
can assure the stricken ones that
in fulfillmont of the christain
faith you shall be re-united in the
paradise of God.
"''hou art gone (lear Nora
t'o a better 1om1o 1,then this,
There to live wit,h your heavenly Father
In never ending bliss."
N. I1.
Card of TIhasakN.
We take I hi method to tlink the good
peoIde of O(ld Pickens for their kinmhiess
diuring the sicknesm and death of onar be
loved daughter, Nora. May God's rich -
est b lessinas b 0fall (hetll
Mr. andi Mrs. D. E, liendricks,
oan Relief Cures Sick--eadlache,
Neuralgia, Cramps, Cholera Morbus
Diarrhoa, &c. 25 ceuts for large bottle.
For sale by Freeman & Iendricki, Pick.
ens, S. C.
Tr1atid 1Iisfrict Alffintce.
The next annual meeting of the
3d District Alliance will bo hold
at Anderson, S. C., on Friday, Au
gust 13 inst., at 8 o'clock p. in.
John C. Watkins, Secretary.
Wir;llR Not$^e,
Notice is hereby given to all pnrsons thal
I will not be responmsib,le for any debts con.
tracted by my wife, Nancy IIallum,s, as sht
has left me without cause or provovation.
j:.xw4. Nero Italhuns.
JIAR. H, CARLISLE, Pr'eshlent
Conris In Ma themaalle's, Geolog.1
Chemistry, PhIysics, Laini, Eniglish
Grteek, MNetaphysics, P'olitical EconiOmyI
Geraitn, French anmd Istory. New
Gymnazsinm ii.
TJhe Wofford Fitting School
is conduIIcted in a hantIds9ii omeiin-stoir
brick building~ beatilfinf1ly lociated noni
thme ciollege. Thie Iloadl-imaster', A. M.4
SO0N' IuR [1EE, and the Matron, Jive in
the buildinig. bonid for entalo rne.
in12w0. Secretary o i Faenhly.
Pickens High School.
T1he next sossion begins August
16th and will continue four and a
hif months.
Torimns of tuition $1.00, $1.50
and $2.00 por~ month. Payabilo
month ly.
The lowest rates ever taught at
Students from abroad will find
it to their interest to attend.
Board can be had at reasonable
rates. ..
For further informiantion, ad
J. F. D)ARGAN. Principal,
aug597. Pickens, S. C.
Wanted-An ie n
D)ry GAoods, NotIins, Car
Lat Week's Salo was successfuli
Onrt overloat- of stock has been very
paritmnut is in good Runni rng Tirim.
mnakmig others every htouri of the
Bargains this week as last.
We are gettuig in New Stock, t<
sales of the Big Jlobbing Housdes Nor
New Lawnrs, New Mitts, New \
Damask. New Towels, New UJnderw~
Table Oil Cloth.
----THEI N
"Aberdeen'' I'laid Shuiirtings (n(
at 10, 12) andi 15i cets.
New Guaz.e an1d Anigoi'a Flanne
22 yards 40 inch (fine) Sea Isla
You cani simpiy (in many lines
lr andi Fifty Ceunts worth of goods
P. S.-Buttorick Patterns.
Home 'Phonne 93. Bell 'Phnnii
Mr. Editor:
Turnip Seeds
are now in demand and we have a fresh
supply, and we also have a few Summer
Goods to close out mighty cheap.
A large lot of niee Valises ar.d Satchels
and T1runaks.
Good Saddles and Harness, Collars,
ilalters and Pads.
Everything in Furniture. The best
stock we have ever had and more com
Noine better and none cheaper.
Almost every hotae kept 18 at certain
seasons trorblel with BE't BUGS. We
have i remedy that will down 'em now.
t'okonous and won't stain. Try a bottle
sprinkle it among clothiug for moths.
Everything usually needed about a
home can be found here.
W. T. .M'Fall.
I have now in stock a complete
Assortment of the
'Water Pad'
The1 "CHEAPEST," the
in the Maet.
of all kinds, and at pi ices to
suit the times. Come and see
G.W. Ear,le.
Pick,-ns, S. C.
jl /-97m3.
-- OF--.
We are determined to make them
the best of all. Goont i Shirting at
4 cents per yard. Beat Prints at 4i
to 5 cents. Cottonades Irom 8 to 15
cents and other goods proportionally
8 lbs. Good Coffee for $1.00.
Flour from $4.50 to $5.00 per bar.
rel. We want your trade and will
(10 0our best to p)lease you.
B eattie.
1)ets anlld Window Shiades,
so far as moving stock is concerned.
much lieduced, and now every Do
We have Many Bargains yet, and are
dlay, so Purchiasors may find( as Good
>O, every day, bought at thme clearing
th to sell cheap, cheap.
Vash Goods, Newv Gloves, New Table
ear, Newv Notions, Now Hosiery, New
west styles for mnen's summer Shirts)
is (infants wear) 25 to 50 cents.
nmd for $1.00.
r>f goods) got here this~ week, One Dol
or One Dollar,
R. L.R.
Prices that speak for themselve*
The ladies say that our line of
therefore it goes that they must be.
Organdies at 15 cents, Organdies
Organdies at 371 ceuts. All Organdi
i M IM
The piettiest line over shown in
ever from 8 cents to 15 cente. For 15
Dimity worth 25 cents.
This stock is complete with all ti
domestic, from the cheapest to the fine
A Few Special Pri
A 75c. black Henrietta for 50c.
A 65o. black figured Jacquard for
A 60c. black figured Etamine for
A 20c. Gents HS Linen landker
chief for 10.
1 doz. ladies fine bleached vest,
worth $1.00, for 60c.
3 spools cotton for 10c.
4x7 Smyrna rugs $1.75, worth
And thousands of other bargains
Call and see our stock and get pr
Now Storw,
NEW- -
YES, everything new and stylish
my store at Calhoun, Pickens County,
When the trading public of tli
GOODS, I invite you all to visit my
A look will convince you that th
stock comprises the latest styles in
I will make a specialty of Shoes
styles for Men. Women and Children
tractivn, at the lowest possible figure
My p)resenlt line of foregoing go<
demand every day. The prnce indue
my goods are attractive.
I am determined to be " L-ea
locality and serve you politely and at
Doyle Buiding.
mar 18-97m8.
*&'P. 8.--A car load of No. 1
Sprin.g Dr
GriLadies and Misses
Ladies ""
Children's and Inl
New lot Men 's Cio
Pickens County.'si
Wesave you dlollars in si
others are blowing and1( sweating aht
of pins and there is no point to the
To remindl you that as each year
is still trying to grow more vigorous
methods, earnestly desiring to benefit
obtainable for as little money as will <
dollar for (dollar.
I have used extra care in buying
that I can give the best values for the
In Woolen Dress Goods, I have nr
at prices from 15 cents to $1.00 a yar<
I give my best attention to Black
that on this line, there is nothing~ in l
My collection of Organdies, Gren<
Staple Articles are kept in amnph
season. Good heavy Cotton Checks r
at 5 cents. The best line of Cottonad
My Shoe Business is unquestLione
only good ones. (I let the other fde
every defective shoe.
WVhen you want anything in a sa
nearer supp)lying your wants than an3
Trade with Park for Cash
and then you will soon have OC
;. Our Prices always the lowest.
)rgandies are the prettiest in town
at 25 cents, Organdies at 80 cents,
3s 10 per cent. lower than others ask
3heenville and at prices lower than
cents we give you a real French
3 newest weaves, both foreign and
st, with trimuings to match.
3os for This Week.
lx7 Smyrna rugs $2.89, worth
Art Squares frn,m $5.00 up.
I box, three cakes, Buttermilk
Soap, 4; cents.
13 yards Fruit of the Loom Bleach
23 ya1ds Sea Island for $1.
8 valcls Blouse Linen for $1.
Clark's Spool Cotton 20c. dozen.
Best Apron Gingham Sc. a yard.
too n merous to mention.
New Goods,
as well aS duralI)1e, w'ill be found.in
S. C.
1i localit"y are in need of first class
store and exanne miy stock and
s Advertisement in no lumIbug. My
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Timotihy Hay, at $1 a hundred.
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IHats and Sailors.
Black " T1an Oxfords.
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least money oflered anywhere.
any of tihe newest weaves and colors,
D)ress Goods and unhesitatongly say
C up)-ctrfly that will surpass me.
dmns, Lawns and Swisses is a
supply at all times without regard to
t 4 cents. Good yard wide Bleachiing
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duiring 1897. It w ill s.ave y ou money,
msh for your actual needs.
West End.

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