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The Dill'erelnce Between Imii perialisml
and the Goveriilelt rum atled by
Our Itevolutionary iFathers.
Tho sp -(ch of Hon. Wa. J. Bryan in
Columbia s one of the at'est olforts of
this gifteo and accompished leader,
and his c1 a ussion of the Philippine
question merits a careful perusal in
every household. Mr. Bryan spoke as
follows :
I want to speak for a little while
about the Philippine (uestion. It is
not surprising that tile party that
favored- the income tax and favored
bimetallism and oppo3ed industrial
trusts should also stand by the princi
pies upon which this government is
founded and sbould o)poso the conver
sion of a homogenous republic into a
heterogenous empire. I say it is nlot,
strange, but it is strange that the Ie
publican party that thoug ht in 1i-M;
that this country was not big enough
to attend to its own business is now big
enough to attend to the business of
every other country in the World.
Some who are in favor of the Imperial
polLcy -hide behind the doetri ie, or. be
hind the term, expansion biul tlere
is dilference between expansion and
imperialism. 10xpanslon descriues the
extension of the limits o.' a repuli) :
imperialism describe, an empi- e, wh iclh
is a dilfcrent thing from a 1.( pblie -
if you want to know the dilfert nce be
tween a republic antd an tmlpire, let
me state the di ferenb in it few words
We bad 25,000 soldiers in the regular
army in 1696. The Presi.d t,lt a:-kit
for 100,000 in December, 0SiJ, and he
asked for that increr.se two nlionths be
fore there was an uprising in the
Philippine islands. Why did we nc ed
an army four times as great y Be
cause the adminhitration was contem p
lating an imlperiai poliey. What is
the dilference between a republic and
an empire ? Twenty-line thouand
soldiers were enough for a rejubilic of
70,000,000 of people and it takes four
timti.s as many soldiers or 1n empire
with 10,000,000 more. This is the dif
fereneo. Twenty-five thousanti jso:d it rt
for 70,000.000 who govern tnemselv.
but it take' 75,000 it) govern ight
muillons without their coneent. llure
we have a republic, ther - a military
despotism. The 1ag 1. er'e standj fcr
the rights of those wh ) pty the taxt s
and have a voice in the laying of tm in,
and there it stands for the o(ous
doctrine of taxation without re)rcsen
tation-a Governmen without the con
sent of the governed. That is the dif
ference between a rep blie and an t m
pire. Webster has s iu " an empite
embraces a variety in races and a
diversity in governm.At." Our -
pire is to embrace both a variety in
races and a diversity In Government:
for when we gat the Fli pinos-thirty
di flerent races of them--we'll havt
variety (J ract s enough to sati1fy tLhc
most fastidious. ( Laughter. And we
will have a diversity in Govern irlenit.
that 'S suilEicen 10 1o di-tingui:i a re
Public from an empire. We tile a- keo
to have one tariti in this coulilly and
another tariff in arothe r part oI the
empire. If you want to see a stilt
more marked contrast 100 me r.:n ind
you that according to the conltitultion
as amended since the war, no man in
the United States can own another
man ; but we new pay the Sultan of
Sulu for the privilege of ly;ng our tlag
over the Sultan's palace, atrd the slave
who works beneath that flag is not to
I t free, but he is able to buy hiniself
free when le can make enough work
ing for nothing a day to pay for the
market price. (Laughter.)
This is the doctrine that is now
brought to American people by a party
that has lived for 30 years i upon the
the boast of what it did( in regard to'thie
black man. Don't yotu think that is
d iversity in Government ? And yet,
my friends, we are juet commeineing
on an impierial policy, and you can ex
poe. thoat the d illieuities will multiply
as we progrors. What defense do you
hear given of the imperial polIcy y I
have heard three. Feirst: Ther-e is
money In it. Second : That, God Is in
it. The third :That we are in it and
can't get out. (Laughter.) I ventur-e
you never heard any othe ar-gument..
Take a speech or an impierialist, and
you will find that ther-e is not an argu
mfent that does not fall ondler one of
those three heads. ivery Imperialistic
speech contains at, least two of these
arguments. Lot me give you the sub
stance of the most of the speeches.
The imperialist speaker will start out,
-by teilling you1 that Godl did it: that
God opened the dloor and pushed us in
and shut the door. That G;od polited
out the way, and that, we are unader a
r-eligious duty to prosecute a war of
conquest because God directs it,, and
after baving shouldered the whole
thing onto P'rovidence he lowers is
voice and says, " It will pay.' E'ver-y
argument made In favor- of hnplerfalb-ml
is but the elaboration of the speecei
made by Secretary Gage at Salvannlabh
Ga., more than a year ago, in ryhiebi
he said that the Philanthropy and live
per cent. would go band in hand.
-"Philanthropy and five per cL-nt. -"
Trhey have always traveled together in
* wars of conquest. Philanthropy chio
* roforms the conscience and live per~
.cent. tills the pJockets of the conquer-ed.
Whenever philanthropy gets weary
and rests for a while by the wvayside,
five per cent. goes on and nlevelr feels
lonesome. 1 do not~ mean to say that
the imperiist does not, read his Bible,
,but I do mean to say he is mixed onl
his quotatIons. 1 heard a man who
got, confused about the Parables and
tried to tell of the good Samaritan and
got it mIxed with the parable of the
sower, and as he remernbored It It
read like this :" A man went from
Jerusalemf to Jericho and as ho went
he foli among the thorns and the
thorns sprang up and choked hInm."
is intentios wore good, but his mnem
ory was defective, and so the im
perialists are mixed up on the beauti
tudes. They know there is a promise
to the meek and to the peacomaker-,
and knowing thait we entered the war
as peacemakers, they have been tryIng
to recall that, jpromise, anud tbey have
got it mIxed up) with tile prlomiise to
the mock. They have it like this:.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they
shall inlerit the earth. But that ls
Snot the Bible. "Blessed ar-e the pOace
rnakers, for they shall be called the
V children of G0od ;" Biessed are the
mec k. for th y .htoll inherit the evrt' ,"| 1
a.d if any of VOU IIie acquainted witli I
an imperialI you V will bear me cut in I
the stateme(int, that he dots not show
a meeknees thi t entitles him to claim
that reward pi omised to the mic( k. If
we want to be called pr aceimakers, let
us he eatit lied wit i Goi's reword and
not 0fim1 the ( arth for making peace
b( tweCn people.
Let. m1e inko th,is money argIu ment
that there is morncy iII it.. DO YOU
kiow wL at, that mernim ? Do you re
al ze the low. h vel upon which yeu are
se ttllvg a great quit-ition ? Are you
willing to drag this tuutieon Into the
mile of dollars and cents The man
who pays it will paV IIIust I e pre pa rId
to show : tirst, how much it will ((,St. uis
'd hOw much we will tmike out of it
Who can show It? Who xnoivs the
"o!t of a war of corq.uet., ? Who can
tUlf how much a war of -:vrquet will
cvlo when it is enterdl rI n ? And
S I the ille n who aay it % ;I pay mlkiut
he priepar d to vh.w v, haL it will c t
avd how unm h 1 iake. 1:
mu-t lhe' fr'e Jr t m 1 1s how ruch
liioncey we wil I-pc l mad how many
lives will ot icnt, ard he has got to be I
prepared to) plt a mooney Vaui 1 upon 1
the OldirC's who ill be sacrihiced in
LI e atte ipt to) rt ihe advan tlage
" C colonial loli (y. Who is pre pared
t tell the value of a human life ?I
Who is prek prt (I to say how muci, ti e
orld illav dojt nd uiei one humI: I
ba U W s b )is prar. (d to 1t-y or cl. t
11 ite- the gfeod that Canl be dore I y t
>u 1 human heart, ? Ard .et the man
,ho sa'. it will pay must be prepart d
0 plaecl a value upon head I nd he1 L. <
mperial lt, I dare you p ut a monmy <'
nieupon one American Ioy InI ex- r
-ihange for ori ental trdile. (Great of). I
liktube.) When a bOy Giles for what he I
>elieves to he riglt, hi' motheI i i
rOttufu thatizhe ( an rear a ,on for so
ioble a sacrilice, but what Ainerican
votter warnts to raise boys at so imuch (
I head to c xChange for trade. Oh, t
bat the men who want the Irade
0 uid buy it with the ir own blood and
ot Sacr:lice the blood of other peop ,'s
leo for the purpose of cxploitition.
Trtinendous applauoe.) But I hear I
mu peopile ay that thee islaIIds wil
urnib hhomes for 0u' ::1t-urius jpIIla- I
on. Tbtru a-re ; p<o1l to the I
quare inile there now vnd 20 here.
Lio you think they will fur nis h hom sLa
or Lllr surIplus po,ulat r' tibu. gher.)
Why, my trieinds, if every -ilimnno
vere to ilt to morrow. thu American t
nople Wouhi not go tI:cire to live at:di
oik the lantd. I luLter ) You
:Ouid not g(t 1iI,(Jt0 A mericais to go r
he(re in 10,o(i) years, if they had to i
emali ther er ntly, and link
heir fate with the fate of the inhabi- t
ants. We will -('ndiu more people j
here to work the 1" ipines than we I
Aould (enld to work the tl( if there I
% (r C n i ipi o3. L
Vhiy, L saw in l ime:-age the othc' i
JILy that l the Presidenit was la'kinp
tLout the( reconstruetion of the I'niiip- 1
no islands. The Word had a famil
ar U sound. RHe Con11 stru c t ion. WhlI
Srimr i'ubeir how the I Ilh hican
aity in it be't, dlays recrti' ructed
he white race near at home. you 1.n
mnagin. t-olmething about 1the reconl
t.I'uet.i on of the brown raec about ,.000
iliies away fromn home i:ow. (Great
ipplau- e.)
if you think our' pe'pfle will go 1o
vork under the cqiuator, I wrnt to re
nind you the other nations I ave t led
t. The Netherlaind-, have dominated .
lava 300 Years. There are less than
10 000 people of EurlolpeaIn birth in all I
I ava out of 2.OL 0000( of pt ople. Spain I
-ad Control of the Philippiness fo'
ime coturies, and yet there ale lesz &
'an 10,000 r sident Spaniards out of
'000.000 of people. I-:igland has
leminated, India for 1.ot0 years, and
' e tere are (11,ly 0 001( of 3iitih 1
irth out of :M000,600 of eofle In 1
ndia. This has beenl the experience I
>f other' naltitns andt will1 be our ex-1
>erfence. We will send carpjetbag
overnoris ; wO will senld < Ilicirs and
oldiers, but, my friends, history has
aught its lessons in vain. If one r'ace
an Croes tiho Cocean and~ conquer06 anoth-*
r 'ae and hold it in stbjection with
lut having inctui'red hatred as its re
~ompense forever, it cannot be done,(
nld we might as well face the coindi
ions that will meet us therc. Why,
omel people think that l':g land wenlt 6
o I ndfuiato ed ucate. Let mc tell you
hat aft er 150 years6' of dom11i nation, less
.hon I pet' cent., of th(, women of India
mn r'.ad and write, ard less than 5 peri
:ent. of the tota lO ppulatioin. Somej
inkI she went tli'r to (Christianize. I
he has lieen pr ~eacin g a gon-powdrl 1 i
ospel for li>0t yeai's, and less than I 1
>er' Cent. of the peopl now) 61Wemilbrace
ha Christian religion. Do1 you thirik
ye ai'e going to the l 'hilippino ishumde
e educate and Chriistianize ? Lelt me
ell y'ou that it is tihe (educatedl p)0r
ion of the PI-laiIpp ic islands that,
,s now in revAolt aigainst us. 'I'he
2hrIistiaLn por'tion that is now In
nsuirrecti on, wili our friend s arie
ml~ongst t.he most ignorant of the ieo
11, and1 aimoilnt those wh1o' wor'shlii
fter6 thle fot- 613 (If Mohammodanism.
fyou think that we are going there
~o uipli ft by foice. I want to warn you
~hat w e da."e not educato those oeo
ple, for if we do, they will r'ad tile
Decclaration of I ndeperndence iandi miockI
utS for our in1consietency . (A pphiuse.)
lBut there are some who think t hat
t~his is tile work of the Almtighity, antd
wo mu lst not,1)( underestimate11.1 the force
of a rel Igiouls argoment,. You conince ut
a man thbat it, is his r'eligiousi duty to
do( a tilng, andt ho will do it; conv'im e
himil theit it Is hiis r'el Igiu duty I 1 to gi ve
iup his' money and1( ho will give it up):
u'onvinco hlim that it is hiis r'eligiou~
luty to give up is life andl he wifh
give It uip ; but moro' 1un1fortu nate still.
c)onin ce hm th at it Is his1 relIi giolus
duty to iake another' man's money, andli
he will take it. (Laughter.) Conviince
him that it is lIs religious duty to
take another man's lIfe and he will (10
it. How many lives have been taken,
and how much) money hlas been taken
b~y men whlo hlave declared that God
commanded them to kill somebody 0)'
rob somebod v.
When the Isaoublicans say that this
Is God's work, I am reinC1)fded of a col
11red man who was fond of chicken but
not al!ways minmdful of the command
mnents. lie said when ho0 pr'ayed the
Lord to send him a1 chicken the Lord
seIldoml did it, but when 1he praiyed the
lird to send hIm after the ohicoken he
nearly alwlays got it. (Laughter.)
amir afraid tile IlJpulican party hals
priayed thle Gord to send it after the
the Lord on his ieL!e. lit! ,.ltl - No,
but I am) arxous to be on the 's
side." There ih, It gr( " daiil of dalar
U11ee between tryi to It 1 ind ()tit WhiJch
Is the . LuoI.'s idv and1 In z to brin1g
J, hoviih from h is tinlomuk: to loo!ter utip
your Fide. When I h1 ar man say that
LiS Is Gcfd's %wi!l : whedn I hear a nano
r ing that Od C011mm1111111d a war of
L'crtiu(st, I ft I ijke asking him how bc
R mt:t.w. I f, ( ike mt~ king hili if GOd
I erl (AM munlelatt d it, to himl. If n~e
mys he 0did I wtill. to know the platce
!1d tle Li time hol c Immunillnlented it, and
I will try to provo an alibi for the Al
ii t'hty lord i-how that it woasomohedy
'I .Ic-. I-toughter.) How til we know
.o(d's will C I nnier Ii it '' Promi ifis
wl word, I read in the iHbble thit
vliti ClhriAt visitcd tihe viilgo of S k
niria air( the'y refuisetd to rer:ive himi
it 0 olne of th1ie diseiples wnuted to
all donI li ire frotul lit .V(,n ard Con
umite the pr 0olt, Christ rbuliked themn
old id.i, " Yt know )o; whit mnanoi rl I
>f s pirit ye aire, the Soil of Mlan eoene(
LIto tile world not, to tiietroy m. r's
ivos but to Iave them." And agartin t
IL' IeIf inllO doeLI'iIe of cor(Juei-t Hld
)t(l'd t pihlrle Ihe word of Chriht him.i
elf, Hilie CmIIIt tot to de2-trity ht
0 Ia V C. Nothing hattt aiioz-d e mi orte
Ahn to ht ar iinitUtrs of the 'th-ptt
koimtlng fojr a var of ecot (pliA :it hi
l g has atll.zi.'d mne ml ore thini to le
Vose who have taken onihl me lyt
I.- oath to prt'crh Clrist .Id llm
:rueib(d, shootinig for it polivy tLbat
would mnake thit nattion thje e-xp~utant
>4 1 Irtoe force amonue the I ations of th.
arth. I rvniembWer thant wien the air
m:unecmient, cale that the Chibl was
> rn, it erme not to widi:rs in hat t
u rayE, ut t the she hedlltIs who Oipt
heir flecks by nigt, and it was not a
'll to 11rm11 : it n P.s " Pac o') cambh.
cod will towa Irl mnt ." Th'lat was the(
intine of ithe Natzarenle, and the dvc.
I inle. ofc.uies1itit ClInnot lii its foinda
'on in lioy Writ under the iw ois
ien,-latiool. I with eve'ry Chrithtiani
night ra.d l sermuon dceliver-d by a
111 1111fd BrnI t, linet)i ,.t N. Y.
le took fur his t(cxt thle 0-cetat
e'crbe'tI~ he -cne wilre Chi.-i. wn
ofore l'Date, and Pliite r:aid un1to
j I m, " K noweth ThnI rot thVIt hav.
ower. to reewOr put Thent, dI at( .
I nd tak i:g tlat, text the I in -t- r t on
rateu force and 11 ve. I',lat reir
nt ing for-e, and be-hird him wmU
:Ur ndt behlind Cwvaar w.as the lIt!
taakn pgovernment, and behlind thie N, I
iun ovtlrnit ut legions (if ltn-. I
"Ire !iatei-O, he'lle-s and11 0-01nC, preckh
Sr th gospel of !ove, stod Ciist.
hey nailt d Llim to the cro;4 arid
husn that, :-tcd around mispked ;aln
--r d , and :,aid " ie is dead," but the
ninhster poir tL how fron that 1 1y on
ottE poweQr of (C:ar wen.- t. 11nd tdL. po;L:'
4 ChriSt ine d : 1:ointeCd Ou1t how,
1 afew Cen I'tr.isc3 th0 i lomani tgotvern
ni "t wna gone and its legions fo-rot
e-in. whil ht nzIn- of Ci-ist lived
ith teach pa sinig yeatr uintil mnillions
:ow talk I.Lat nam with revei ne
poll their lips. A ndti hn, the mniter
aid that in thi volion W av Kihit
nd Ghr iiSt standl 'ICte to ficet : 1t1
night and right, Pre engagedt in 1ead1 y
or 114t., ind I hat as wt. decid' thi
'hilippine utcstion we djehide tI na
oil'., place aiong the nation's of the
arth. Shall it ,tand before the worid
,. i l'ilate taLyinY. " I have poeIi to
Wicase thee or tIi power to Iut thee to
eth ?" tie shail it by Is holy exain
lIC ri-C a1311 by rising d1r.w - all menii unto
L Y What is to I oitr untlion's idtace
helieve this mliinister spokec tll.-. Lrulth:
bhlieve that today lightan darknl ezst
ro Meeting upon this -ontirjcnt! and t
-s we t-ettle this question we shall do
ide wheuther1 thh, nation shIall go onl
nd on a light unto all the word, or
ink down to the levCI Of thW emnires
hat have gione2 down i.u death. It :.
eCause0 id ehve thatt the( diestiny3 ot
bis n~ ation hanitgs upion the decisiont of
un ii ty to cry3 out agalist the 11olleiy otf
01nt iest, itboitghitll I he li1)1bbeants
ay~ that we d~arec not discui2- tis sub1
liet while the wari is inl !lrogre'i-.
a~y th l~ 'res idenlt can not i conver. the1
epIublic into an c mp~re : I say that
;ongrecss catnnot chainge tbe formn of
'overniment or the deisttiny oif Lb na
ion ;that, the tdestiny of tis natIon
ests in thie hands of the Ame113rican
Itople,2 tand tbat uni)til they spea1k no0
n10 enn say that wte have'. adopted the
tOlicy of tI; e I mir ofIi l the ol winrId
J. you thiirst for the glitry of (mirelit
wouldt. not. tradet tha: glory oft lihis I1
mblic1 foir t te ghiry tof 1U i Lihe. emiire.'
hat hlave" risen and32 falleni -'inc1 tim
egan. (Cheers.)
D~o yott want Li to be aworld power
>hl ye of lil~tl iaith, this nattiion has5
enawoldi pow~er fr mtore than a
h;isI liipulic I as been1301 thei miost 1potent
nihiuiencet~ in ll the 111 wa(atd ;fiol moreP
han11 teln d~ecade's this lI 'publ)iU, waithi
tat a great army, withiot, a grealt
azvy, has (done mforo2 to moiiuld thle
lestiny oif the hutmani race 1than1 ai lt
thler nattionis waih Lb hir 'I armie is alnd
avies tandi doctr-ines ut force. Thl1is nat
ic n ha Is bee n a lIIght unto all the worl-d.
Iou tll meil. thiiat I ami)31 letiing th e
ause5( of the l'tihl~pino&? (.h, iny friend-,
aim ileatd ing the( cause-O of se. eni-y i
tons oif peole . I ami ll ntil Io muchi eoni
erined ablouit t~leetfliit olf ourt policy on
0-ned( aboti, the -fleet, tf our po(licy onl
ml eolv Vt : and I amn not willing LI) is
-tamoe I ht-e diespoitism11 in thel United
Mte. ( Aplausii2e ) I tam no0t willinmg
1h1re: ttf Asia, beicauisie I do not want
ltuit idoctrin to- i he tranisplanited~ (In
'Ililod of the. han itUIi aill reach the
'Ieat. I am11 noti willing toi ph:-.nt.-iunder
Whe AmieriJcan 1I tttn thie fort (lft Unti
My fr-iendi-, if th. y tel you1 it will
pay I want youh tt a-ki them what, it
thbat has giv-et tt thi ntation1 it-s great
c~f the eartit ? What I.' l2 we taI-ike in
rturn~-i fior it ? Ti.- m.t a (f wIf ov
Itrnme~tnt iO th tdei . t om~inatd
this nation andtil tI >1 i f rom
1)the(r nliLat-. Wten it .' itt tie
IeopJle. of CubaII lirt an.:t ;.u 121t1
to be free, atnd wnien ,2 - m
200,000 volunte.,-- ret-pani a 2 nei
andl the son og .h1- Cjontf'. iir.1 i.:l Lndte
sotn of tiithn (Ie... t t.c . t 3 : v..
P' t il t 'hibIile califerelle held I ll
(-1lun1ihin 'In the( 12th (f .11anutary, 1900i, 1 (
: iiIpted i t tol' li lI
t i ed. T h':ti .lt~ i I- I I t I I
lt I i u ).Sinit , .. lloy , K !
I. ilt , W . (tl t li' m ii and e , t
:lilt hi ttity are 4 pointed 3
toU,(IC. l10ae : nhr tt(w pe1Ople of i
: ! ini bi efor Ie r,: l 1.t1 pt li for an I
p i l i ' . i/ it n ()f thit e l. I ii -it \%
is fr to: oinng ainlpaign.
In .we !:iw' with theab 've, we It ub- h:
nii 't i h iw ig addres uu:i L11lie i
iTsi . i l- .~ 1: pI ll ' -1 1 ( I itti 'I t
'i It Pr obioiti r is of the stlate arit .
1nc 1ur 4w ' ! 1 a m k e an1 t he vr an ea
t \i sol i. 1 1 r at suplem tt 11 ti
tll- lit. I I II aho it o oI thel im1i3 1
kn- u t : IN. -h lf tihI i''n Ilt' t h r.
li~ i -' F " 1:1n \(:Inv ea s tu'( mlenl :id wo
liw-t "r1 )illa h..ve toiiled earnecstly
t i) tl al t : ut 1 n of the( lit "u tr
tr:il . ;Ind r! 1 i 1itfIy.in 11g Iprogreircss was hu -
lt' It' ii1t mily in hliallish 11- 1the li
14 a I Ioo :11nt a trritory w%.it hout
it' t te d a townst :ui citit, but ther
:ti 1i'i4h Ii Il c o ishled in ti ",W
'it .hini this InunbI er (if saloons her'eC
:l! I Iwr-, :Ili also in ecuring control
It t I I rIe.i s r i It iv eis 111 1 ii
11' 1II' I iil i t i t S I' t .n \i' t I ii: 1'1.
'I i ' 'I e s it t ing er ance reform il in
cit I :uit ap'plicatinl I tIo till regulal I y
I('l't itit e it t ho t r iti s ,if t lie i I ilocriti:
p I: y i i ontri tfi h" elti o It m ch i n
tthe stat c 1or a separte h is ini
wNhich Ito Vote Ifo Ir against rir ihi
-.1n, 14 this privile ''e wat enlitelld itt
I rimar ' etion "tf Y. , resd' ing
in : i ov r- hlinid nim .i t iity for the le
1'il 1rohiit t o i' t! t he liu r t a lie. a :1
alon ith' t'ii4 reult thi wat s ItaUinei
a lir m it y ofint his theltiwer h I
I vu I It n' or an)I' I wI 1 ' it I ii' ' i I ict
'f te I pvlop I, h" !f- Th s i
f* t c oweVeI, andII i i ti L ,I tad w s I
srubstitd the disp nsar la hor lite f
re uliation :unit control tif the 11e:1lb-, ani
iinipotation that was reengniad :w con
trarv to' thi n ith lithe l e and in
dilvet co' m li4 t w% it t heii ir atI rtainld
veldict. Thus" the d spnaybgnit,
enreerII as" a :-Iupplanterl, undit has uneh-id
seven yeais Ql uinanav recure, inirkeulA
by bloody and 0iy1vulse: Ionth
Thu present (-ulition l 4 he I lv i i r al
business ennil har dy bel sa !4 1w be ails
facetory tip it singt v inttelitid j-il ll-l ill I
the( StatLe. Wilk-n the, i bTCenary law\
'was ftr I a1(ople.1, thlluw :111is lif 'Iur' hano I
It -1 eov(ple hopei d for, ,110 (i . ex r ted mu11ch I.o
toni it. They were~v told th-it lte r
Strictve 10atures. tot tie law],I\ wwul hv a
entorced b-y slOber s t t oiliial , wh14, I
not haivillI4 any liiniial i nterest al
,munu ti'n of lilutir aind litk Ihe d Iisp n
al y systen a~l t pi n I t n tI 1ro ib I
I ion)II !Il The dip ) sry had bee in p
ration butt a shor t iime bef ore the( iree-d
11of 4)4 o h bein i t)o an f s ite 1 lf :uin ,.e
highi ilh'ials, aond piressuire was brougwht
sales The annual sahiry patid u, 4)111110
of c4niton, and he( was Livenl tip under
!-tainll Outt Isk dilAspnsar muIIst he proit
able to the state tir it woutlt he closed
and hrmself1 dismlissed fromn thll seviCe.
Th Itc aleI s i it veced, at onceII I ai an icv c In
Vrn e TA ,II ) ilthI by 11111n1t h 4 vcr -since :s
that0 to)-day Ilhe tate i , :,elling lit arlya
room0sW in thiri pahn11iest days.
And how cndit he (otherwist. Thec
upi'.tt for Ill inlk i,- (the salune anldev r
hli 'drunce tip the ,alc (1f liqwier hIta beeil
Iwept atway, The. d (s i t Lihe dh!,p) .
,,Iwl thnat will buy*i, N4, knot wl dge ofith- ,,
pu ch Wer n Ces Ary. no( ilInliiry as, t,) I
and the straitus of " Yankco Iitodh, "
and of " D.xie" w(re m1i1ngled iln til
foldi of the Stalr Spin e.Id 1bentr..
('temendons applaus.i) Anti there
boyt wero wiling' 'o lve up thir
livcs in order to mak- good the dcliar
at.ion that the peoph- of Cubha. ire oni
of right, ought to be ree. You canm
draw the lines betweeni the r ilo it,
the Cubans and the rights of the I P.
pitics. Tel me 0h !'ilipio is ina
bio of St f-governtim it ? \V hat i mi
ialist would eay thati God Ilade the i
pilos anti left them" for. tt:olusarvik of
yev(t'as, 1111 pht f,, in1 tii I 1anna fou nd
theni and took tlci up in his pio (!
I ive arms. (Che 'rs ant lau htit r)
Y it it-k ilc what. to do ? i .ty tIe:t
Ithe I". a tipinoi ais we ip-olili ed to ir -
tle Cubas. We taid to the Cuba :
'We light not for land], hut for iihbr v.
I[-; us es say to t l iehe it l\sV
naive driven th.e Spanhard Out, ,t;,tot up
an be free." Tlen Lilly to iim \% v orI:
Fiands <lT." And al-ow tat r puH
to ]Ive and work out. its ie. l'n, and
ee' inore riepil.c oin (.ii': i.( t 1
Irun (Che( r,..) I hAJitve i as i? b
is the Amt; rian way out, and whei
Li My tel me this nation Muust t \i
its it fluience over foieign ii o . I
t 11 thei that it Inust exert :ts. i
!luence', but I war t It to exeit )k I I :r
a i. t Icratingr inlueine, and .K ;it; ir
liOWW" that 10 exert~d at Wh UWrWO'
i t ' t um mt r I was tr ei.it-.t,
, pia an lt Id i let as yon'.nIeL 11. %wr
war wrougtit up in this city. I li
'201e frot heri over into A h itn. .l
c-ere a thoiille 1itis ioutih (,,,, r. .
CotIiv aid 100 iles frotit ;t v- ILi .
%% mi I u tian, I;e had establ]is Ii ;d i . r
11e :ty it 11 ce"o for etne' fMi thr e yart
ai when I he returned hbo bi..
bill two Iiys of laiVo birth, and! p -
A t h m in a stchool int is tr
nhenl the.y are- etiucated the(--y ark. tu;)
hatck 1( l hlp him i n his vork. I en
1)' , nowk )k)t V,1 w h it I hlave etij.) ( (1 a cn.
v rt-btiori with a it litore than I k
vfled nlly Con;v'l'-atioll Wit.h thbu bo-V.
Ho ttod mew hlow te native chief haditi
received hii, hitti taken care of hit
.d how, wilt 1t Iw wa'Is aiout to lcave,
to biring th-e mntive boys back i-re to
b) - , ucat :1. ( i of thei of royal fatmt
1 y), hw cohl mle how th1t, chlef hlau
tie It~hin. to .t ahn e to brin to ttlw
-.% l,.- to il it-. w
a- biteinmd lo nd I~ was. toi~ iie illd
wft h it lh ' I had !t llm writ e it (or1
for itto . LTh ttz' eic. age : "Go tll
te f o f tttle lwI it mi' counli trt
itntj y chI.ie -.wt l (If i t bs he wit R
;kllb g: vc US Lh. i v ir ew reti njilj ;%11(
:how te iow to haetmlic wi-e rn pc.
tI r '. kik ot it i I. iik -"w t.) n: i.
asi y havet~ he mf '(nn prtltte iflti, btti
yh hi! --it h ti- e t' lin p o
Ice atv li vted 1t!Atifre .i ra whitie eai
wa t lilard of : it1t w- tihe--t .-a omit
f I o t w n h fuit wo nf h e M r !-.
w a t orI oI, t idrt 1 ' iS o .f y ie :i y u . -kI
ilit t it t. r' tw re tr ftlr.
t uried e ore it , if YOU com e to ti ach,
U)o hplp. t .o befrit d, tht I-n w t u r ;
but if you comni t t k t otr anuts e it
Sr iroy our ftmluit i , wk. .;i ! li ght w o u
until the hist oie of lui <iiet and is
alit i l 1y Out fu thl'S. (o i-he s i.) That,I
o 3e imedal that came from far (in
ftien to the whit- ma, I a Lnd.
M Y fiendt , ifw1l lb t LOt ift 11pi ti
human race, ytha . av iot to dto it by
hovte : youl cannot), (14 it, by your gre.at,
arnitet rltl~ Liii; plillt-, taidt Wi. 1,.t
i"Ot Ih! Iov:OV influence of On! South
iarlAin It i t hI. iLoi: love Lo c,' i -
L hita t fart 01 fr ini th to'l inel- of
ivilaton : Iold ratherl tru--t 0h.%
i~ lbn di:.tuneu of One --vat 'c olti an
hA , ohan the uphi)ting ir aIit ne of all
th!)e ,reat 10 arm-ulie 1 ein t to tte1.leh th.11.
to ine "iionf cforitat al \h\A tiu:-t
inlerior t:opl. . ( Apph l 1Ai ) \ nd J.: I
talketi with that oIt Lis Itmio ght
.. .n e li- e Ile wi' u .n In I ..-h
lift h te f l riit ,o the Arican--i
way ' 01c Itin' ti~h:..- diiiLia 111t clni n
(:I'ttubnly inl :irtlwuita ofit-bo.t
theyi: nt't hte, I riteli.-ig t helau
peopiles ofi tt- or int. Li I iaw the Li n
great and1 Lim i ural to ioIf ld'
progrIs and, therefore, I am not il
ig-- tha'at thsnto ha..tpdw
fe. intid it niry lhe y'our' h1 d that shl
rive t e t"tent 1ltil" tcough th eht(
Ithe llonster tai t is now :etuaily Vat
ti uil' ll' l gi i it te.
W e' lippel (o to'( 'hristbru ienitlierit"
rthe State. Shartil tho 1sev whot pread
le vosp l u ntr thle li-l andt spear
atinst ligtor sellig . Heie the Mjthst
ith a scourge driving tit the molne
igietI'ers from thie ieIple, overthrowill
le tables ai io ritig out their iloney
oti bear him cry, "Wou unito srl
)i lhtrisets, hypocrites; ye ser peti
Sgelseratio of vipers, lowV cantt yuse
Ipe tie <utli tion of hiell ." anti vo
ill ee that lie did not seem to have
rt (fit, .1.by pam by ei'iziship, nr- If
v,. beeun rfrii of offen<inMg noains
v proprieties of life. Rfemeinbjer that
is liuior st l itsing ant lituor-drink in
the ie. greaI it hatery of hlH, Inaunet
ietly by it ! evi hi usel', aItI is sliell
g the chun 1h (1f Christ, shlying yout
othi'rs :ilt tioi u'i yitt, afind yoi t itant
w'atehine-' oI th walls of .ii a t
11 t I lout wI t 1Iith wtt in o th s
ul you A t-ist ats l Ii is t' lh(!
4'rli d i i le r to vet III. "th i i lesiitt
6' s :t!!vlley oif I Ill- I )evvi l .
kight the lit' ln-iol' o'oh il 41n Ill lit
Itap ill ti Si '."tat - ; let ti I lt'ays gil
Wiing iti i tIh valleys :fiul 1tht1 gti li i
c bosopI' litil very t(icam lii til til
'iluui: h(ttias silitit ne trite vvet I
>wk ail crnr evely erarek find ce
v Ill thet hollnes :rnl iveirts of otti ise$
v. "Thlen "1hall thet v-:rt -1 vieldi he
1: ~ ' Bu t I',1 111111 ii
eretis ; :rd t ~ i ev li ou . w Go
W. C. TI I \ 1 N
. 11 11 M w r,
.tl'uiti\tit- L-r
>II fnu':rntl, w flet out 1,011 inquirie.
i ,in a n l
l-ctangz t he. classce to responti to Lt(n
it, w its particillar'to Wttilda
iry ou li v wo I ' t Ir. T(I
ilrt. A 1 1 li ri-hi -L were given I
Il; I o or1.11,ty to xpress Olh il
nI II t- ).)t 1)( -0 t!Il C r i tAt
lut t . Mtofilt ilis e ei e
VI'I uswcre :-clecftid as fo! ows- :
1 1111:4 --- A\ V, in .1 (if Arilf_ ie ()L ou(t,
i'-I I'lik T i li t 'lac ' t ttt I- L il t z-1111
ti ; i l Ii 'i
i * ' ! v ht, in
Ii t tl I 1 'j lk t Vltl' ~ l ill a
- ' Th f h ' inli
itu wr i ni t hilt par
I p1nw.', ava :ve niti theit t
. . in iTv ' n -l , r i 3ti l til l(tI
lit Il i i ' ' t i l it t w it li-i
he . tlh, - f~ -' -.i ail t'.1 \". l ,- w ' , it )
rt :tI u t. :l Ihouiui
helv iy fcc!,!. w ani, l i I!(, ht I
%%':n 'yrth-: o e ilt e t
Jw o i t ,Nti), M I
\ . 1 : I it t LVIl I n I n T
ia o .vay wu t I L Ih I . f.\ t t in.
I l vu r th t 1.4t I It 111 n t i kn owiro
)-'hfly o lf--nt! I l t ih I t er I ,c th
na!! o n < yOw h w.k IIy - ra ide d .Y pitt i til.
11. be -sr iIIol i a ai , Il luvet
lia~ ra idi roui' ith t" Thll re.
al ucheuting :t'ilmlt t ! dTh -
it and .alill tra o, htit it hw lc-il 1,b
- A n I It i. )II'f 1.n ) -ro Vtlh IliS m).lLIt, -i
I, s Iunk-ts b: no ain l r n I I t aitI.e
Iut mnw - h l|-." W . I 1 1.1 tt, Iof ii
i n - an' i , Ala . . Iha! t I an " o h'll0 t aI
is the name
of a valu.
4 able illustrat
e d pamnphlet
which should
bC il the hands
of every)' planter who
raises Cotton. The
book is sent .
9 N. m \ Sk't., NrW York.
Rcad y to Sul Ve you 1ow ill
(it0 Easley 1ranch Sto'e
\witl ally tlinly you Want
ill )ry (Joods and Sl|)10.
\\c Oel' 1 Some
Specials This Week.
E tt lrills in rem nants at 5 - 'e.
All inen Towels 10c, regular '11c
All (Cot.Lon Towe 10- , hig as a
Childrien's kibbed 11ose to, worth
Cotton Check Cheviots and Sh'eeting
at loVet prices.
Will open up this Week Mln's Color
cd Shirts, two coll ar and oneo pallr
cnt 1s, will i tel at :0c, wiorth T5c any
whuere in aGreenva~ille.
Will open up new line if Calicoevt,
Blevach ing, Dress G;oodo, Towels8, Soucks
ind Ilmany other L.ools too nuamaer-tCus to
m- nl ItiIn. Caull an1d SuO theIl.
IAlso Mea's and dies' -hots to
arrivc thiis week.
(aIll ofti . \\' ' Will IIILVe. nletw gOOd
to show you every week. 'WO Intend
kcildwa ouar stock up-to'iate.
Whlen in Green vile cal and see os
in our( envll toe
R. L. R. Bentz,
I l 'Iy li l
i, Mh uini num.I I bre'sthNopot
\ityfornotone bn does of men
I i foot Weari i Iii'at speiaupies is
precileut slad qu seal iIy. I
Vor afxr tiae dlealing.
Pmmi & PA'IT'CN,
106 S. Main Street,
INPT I's door ablovot
lui pSCOmbll & RItsells'.
-One of tihe most remarkable ox
iamh- o)(5f mu n ici pal ow nership in Lbh
United States is shown by the town re
- Ilortst of Indinbutrg, Ind. Incandescent
t lectrie lights aore furnished to real
-(d nces for 15 cents a month and to bust
n'fees houses for 20 cents a month for
stixteen candlie power lights. Water
worka ar ~lso op5.)(ierate~d at an annual
chargei~ of $1 to each consumee and a
complete and perfect telephone ex
~,chaonfr it maintained with a monthly
rental of 501 cents.

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