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- The-People's JIX 1nal.
- Local and Personal.
-Dr. W. F., Austin will be in
. Liberty 26th and at Central 27th..
- -The family of Joseph- Thonas,
who live uear Olements mill have
A he.naealts..
-Read anuouncement of T. H.
(Doc.) McMalihn for'Cl'i'k 6ft oki.
- inthis isue. -'
--Berif ut6 1r and Mrs. .J.. M..
Ward1 who liye gie town, on the
170 inst., a soU.
--isses Rozella Kay and Grae
McDraniol attended the *Aifgign at
*3t4en.Sunday. '.'
-Col. J. B. Hagood ap1 .apgh
Atter, AisM Queen, of. Giarleton,- ;rc
hkere for the Summer. , ,..',
-rrs' Johu L. Thornley -spent
)atv week with' her mother neaf
- - Pendletou, .vho is very. ill.
,'Art'" PiOkel, who live near
Uiwn hao cotton knee high . gnd .he
hwl squares several weeks ago.
-Read notice of Young Mien
Wanted by the Globe Telegraph
*- college of Lexingtori, Ky., in this.
- --Berry W. McWhorte'r 'is' o'ut
this week as- 'a candidate for the
office of .alitar. Read his an
.--Miss Melaie Thorne.y, after
- -a ple)aant stay with relativ-s. and
frieids in Anderson. returned
bhamme' lst -week.- -
----tiss Anbelbohnson, . one of
elumbia's beautiful -and aootn
pliahed daughters, is It~teneling the
Suumie schoola' Picens.
-Supt. HIghes will lect'aIe.. iu
the cont house Thursday nd, i,.
His Ibtb.10t will be- o'i 'dr ..
- -Just. re;::o;ved a Ii c ':e .
luent of (r.rwo.'d's (g .
f Pnmeio and( extrnets. . {'.: ai~
a free sample at Dr. G. W. r
.-tive ':enIa wo n of
* l1010C0 VOW dOr:; W ill (dir- W
filies and uIwr p4tr i.11
In a few minutes. Ir
h. G. W. Earie.
--Dr. A. J. S. Thomati uieO - "h.
reguIm appointmlnt. in the Thp
tisit ci;uch S'.nd:r. A 1r .
gregatin w:a re eW su i. .,w
sermon .ai deliverm'.
-We aro ir. : k.. o a 10-1
9.44 very ~ rr ia f.:' r Y, b ,
ar* d can @:t y it wa a1 du' o::e .u0
-The &. V'..,2 DMy celebra- I
tion whichi wasi to have taken place
* the aret Bunday iu July at Secona,
- 1iaa beoeu pouponued. It will take
* pmce aumlets ae In the near future.
F.2Pifteen cents wi buy yo':
* ekge of Ikru~It .P~reeervin~g Eiow
diers w.ilch will p'reserve forty
pounds of irult withouit keeping it
- irtight. -- For n,1e by Dr; 0. WV.
L. T. Trayie, Agent Sonthern RI.
P..,. Bling, Oa.,winrites: "Ilcan not
.4f too much in 'rie of One Min.
Ut. Cough Coe i ycase it work
sed likesa charm." The only harm'.
ese remedy thant gives immediate
gfuttu. Ctires coughs, colds, oroup,
bsronmehtie and all throait and lung
Dr.29, Wv.Esr,
* -J. IH. Newton has received a
ltter frota President -Hartzog of
Clotse College statin~g that the
halty of that institution would I
hold a farmors institute with the)
Mile Creek Agricultural club some
titb during the Summer, the date
to be hereafter fixed, which willI
be'announced through the press.
jF. B..Thirkield, Health Inspoc
*ter~ of Oticago, says: "Kod1ol Dys
pepes Cure cannot be recomnmon
* ted too highly. It cured me of so
v-ore dyspepeta." It digesits what yon
*at anid cures indigestion, heart
- burti and' all formas of dyspapsia.
-Acting upon the suggestion of
the State anperintendent, all trs
-te, patrons and friends of educa
tion are invited and requested toI
be present .at the court hous~e on
Pviday, June 29th, at 11 a. mn., 'to
hear addres. relating to - the]
gester .effieenp~y o'f the count ry
schools. C64one, 00.comUo all.*
A 1'.iao Conwe.
- -WV. 3. Oliver &.CQo., the. v. el
Veaon'f oi ab d es
hy the tBoe'.be O
eneris the bridging and tr.' i
. dw&il amou.: toi~ rt -
is through a nanuitniooA ,o v
thes aounty iAd miuchi rc (~ Ih&&
Ne-t4ee A1ntaazceinn.
* r.A '5cth of ,% at. * a. m *As
0e thm yione'dub aands their sub
itdl'n at~4k 'e.)der as it is very
o. bable tha &Irectors of .the Stato
Miai nisagemay take steps
a M-W# '4cney t', the orgiu
The (ounLy Deoiocraiic Ex0cu
tivo c'>miLtoto of Pickens count)
will meet tit the court be.uso on thi
first Monday in July at 11:30 a. Im
R. U. GAIm.s, (Jhairuwn.
0. R. Dov:, SeF.rotary.
Frons DeverlaY.
Mr. Editor: As I havo notfveel
anything from this snction il 'you
valuable .paper, I will give you f
fawv .do-tel. -..
We havo had plenty rain. Hay.
vesting wheat and figh ting.genera
green:1i the. order of -t o diay.
I- ris. J. Av Norris -haes boon sor
ously ill at her home'neur hero.
Tho Beverloy Gr.anite Conpan;
is w.orking abolat eightydive- baud
now-ende blaot froln 'iXt-i.vo t
ninoty:,times-.a day.'"
. Mr. E. Wilson and Mies Norf
Cosloy..Averea. happily married 01
the night of 'tho 8th - rist.;' by. Rd
T.-F. Nelson. Their man.y frniond
wish them a loig -and prosperouf
life. 'he brido is a daughtor' o
Profi J. -F. LIesley of noar.Epsloy,
. Mrs. B.R.: Maytield of Piedmonm
visited her brother, W. W. Norris
Iast wook.
A Mr. Stephens of Greonvillo i8
running a canning machine at W
D. Waldrop's spring, for the pur
pose of caning tio fruit on Bogge
mountain, has already canned onc
thousand cans of cherries.
You will hear from me again if
this does not find its way to the
waste basket.
Sauaging Assectationu.
The Central township sinigirg
absociation was organiaod June 10,
1900' nd as call d to order by
x. P. Rog'rs, who acted as chair.
mian nid who has done good work
ror'Liborty townshin in theo wVayof
mnusio. ,Th ofollowing h lgra wore
Ie LO :' con. .J!... .J..
J t1he clas and Hal
J .
una Thea'1li ot her leadet...
C Ci L and
- e OFIr treatad to a
h by Prof. t. T alm
( a day of .work
Ir a' dvancemenQmt C
n I The-- next mn * r ll be
with the f Ta''or B"; ., -. , r h
r0Ival in .
Mart~iaal Democrutio Conve~ation
. Kanaa City, Mo., July-4t-h.
On account of that occasion,tj0
Southern Railway will sill round
rip tick ts'from all points on. itt
ines to- Kansa-a City, Mo., an d . re
urn at rate of one first class fare
'or the round trip. 'Tickets will
>e-sold July 1st-anid 2d, with'linual
irnit July 9th, ' 1900. Southern
lailway is :nost direct rouite to
(ansas City, and offers best aobed.
On account of the above occasion
louthern Railway will soil round
rip tickets from all stations on its
ies to Cincinnatti, Oliio and re
urn at rate of one first class fare
or the round trip. Tickets will
)G sold Jutly 10th, 11th and 12th,
vith final return limit July 18th,
For detailed inforination relative
o schedulos, sleoplng car reserva.
ions, e., call on or write any
~gents of the Southern Railway or
ts connections.
8. H. H AI)wic,
Ass't. Gen. Pass. A gent,
A blanta, Ga.
The mnodern and most effective
:ure for constipation and all liver
,roublos-the famous little pills
snown as DeWitt's Little E~arly
lisors. ap12.
)r. (. W. Eairlo.
.0 i N anagonand Io a.:n tt, to
-Er A Y~bHIi' i
t pib uro o orth.
- c a bx. Our guaanted
.m ac E. ratiu
u te olm ips a W K.; ..'eg
)dfrth h E I, n '' - nulnt
11.1 bIheldt 11a m3 C21 m0 (i (nL,
ni Fa y~ A al)ub )a
Appoex.re (juro u1m.arahntood.
conwyon o 4 z u1.at~
Wh e i hlar.,hips are vaciL'tNItter
My : O1th. theyi will be aw~rarl to t hose
uakhig tha. htihst Lt"Qr tge t. thl.h ex.
Th'ea oost of n'endlanbo. ocluidintg
loatra, finrnishitd ronin, heat, 1light V nd
Wah~gi~uy$8. 0. per inonth.
Ver furthey lufrmtIon ana A ata,
11nn 1, Hu .S C. -- --
ColpngresS froma th Thir C'11 n;1.tred
1)1 t; Ict i the A ;ict, in-maty :id n i
ahi 'e 01P h.ame1C. A . C. LAriYvR.:n.
For H.ouso of Rei'ram:tatives.
The manyffri.ds of Charles F
.obinson helreby, ann1ouleo) him a
a 'candidaLo for ro-eloetiun to tlh
office of II9US0 of Representative
.'for Ticke s comnty, .-ubje(t to th
-action of the voters in the DM1o
cratic'pri-mary election.
The many friends of Fred. Wit
liams horaby announco him as :
ctndidato for thb oflico of Ilousi
-of -j)epto1intatives' for Pickeid
ounty, sitbject to the action o
tho votOs if- the De-mocratic pri
mary oloction.
5 Th o many frien'ls of Labat
Mauldin hereby ninounco him as I
candidato for".re-eILcion to the of
ice of--HouC of Reinesentalve:
for Pickens coun ty, subject to tho
action of tho vot.ers in the Demo
cratic primary election.
Rev.-T. F. Nelson is horoby an
iounced by his many friond8 as 4
candidato for the oflico of House o
Represontntives for Pickons coun
ty, subject to tho action of thf
voters in tho Democratic primmar
TheI many friemik of IUtn1. W. C. .,IIIl
(11h it er m annonnlie hlim n os a candlm t
for lie 0111ce of House oif epresenlt -tietii
of Pickens cu 1iitv, subject to 0I:1 ntiio0
of the voters in tho Democratic priinwry
For Sherilf.
The0 nanly frienltis of-JoInli W. Thonnua
reimetfi Ily a .1 iionnie hiin as a eannilila
for ' Sheriff of i'ickIens councty, AI1tjec1, It,
me: acvtioni of thle voutw- in the Den-i:t-.ratii
Priiiuary vch-etion.
'Tie many frietis of.ioutz D. (ilstral
hlereby ann11ounce hinm nt.1 .1 valtid lt fom
this office oft . -riff cif Pi.-4c I- r.,wlv, minh
jv-.:t 1II tIIn action lofth' 1,11 -Ov. i e l i.)
enitic l'rimatry Ile(u n
_ L' I I k ' 11
Th6ic many f'rieol' ci . FrViankl
Looper hereby aunounce himn as n
candidate for the ofie o.' I
of Picken- coi;nty subo .
cratic p-.u.r elec ton
The many frienuc of Am T,
Langat :c<
him a .; 2
the~ action of 1.he voters in th
-Deniocra tic primiary cie.ction,
Ther mO.tany fien~ds of . . ~1 . Perriy, tih
old tchceb, hL'r' byv :naiot'u ial a a cara
didate( fi r ie 4iC il ~ li t ofShri f P icken
county, subject to thie aictioni of the v'oter
in the DAeowte pimaryi el'ectio..
Thic mlanly ieds of Wiliam~ J ronde
her~ebyrli tanoun)ce hin : s a cain1dia e' fo
Ul lice-of Shteill of Picken.-s county
suibject to the acctioni of I ho voters In tIu
Demtocratic Pri'infary electicn.
Thei mtiy fr~ind Of James~ A, Coneb
respectfiii an'nIoiince himii as a eonncli.
dite for the ofllee- of StrorifQ' of~ Plckens
counity; uibject to the action of the v'oteri
in the Deimociratic Primary election,
For County Cmi ioner21,
T1he mauny friends of M. P. Rogers
here~by nanouncu hii.: as a ardi
da11te for thle ('filicef Count~y Ce ni.
missiondt' of Picke,~ counitv, a:b
iject~ to tho action of he v'oth n
the Domcocratic ; rimary electiona.
Thle manyv fri*:nds of A. Jeff
Welborn hioreby aninotinco himi a
a candidate for the ofhice of Counit
Coinnnissioner of Pickens~ couty~ 3,
sub~ject to the act ion of the voters
in tho Demcratic primi3ary election.
,Tho many friends~ of Jesso R.
Ros'i hereby annonnee huimz as a
candidate for tho oflico of Coun~ity
CJomissioner (of PielkensC e.uiy ,
subiject to th.3 action of1 the' v ors~
inI the Democratic pimar~lly 'elIOuon
Tho manny frie'nds~ oL J. Bird1
Looper heroby annfounhco) him as a
candlidatot for the- ofliceo of County
Comminissioner for Pickens count y
sub1lject to the action of thle voter
intlo eocrLatic primary eleotion.,
Th any friendsi of J1sse .
I uIlida ~hto for theo 'llei cf C.,.ity
Comm1 Y)issioner fore Pick ni caunty,"
Vet to the nelI i -4:v~
hee am oni .' an ;ca ena'~ ~
Ih s oliiden' i e - i ill i Lv , a !bj : . ti
I':Aenas e: ii .ject' to a' ' a ic og
the votera . D ) n ..e-2 uuli.
hereby ia ''uiv'. 'nr- for
thuo optc'i . . . . . . . i' no
cony. uC '! \,e
ha the Demo a ii s. no. ii 41!ioen.
'Tie manyi3 fr'ond.l of .Jiihn ii. I llen'ine:
thia oieo of Co'mtyv I'onal'shnti:er' fr
Pick~eni count y. cmubji'ei t . th Ie: Iii of
thel votere in toe Demoerni C i liiu-y.
Robe~'rt 1 twar t h: annoineid b~c y bihi
iiiiny fienda ni ai Oilanldlat foir thec~ ollee~
of CoitmIssioner, of Pleksai 'o;unty', Mnb.
F.ct to the~ noin of thie vot ers In the
For Treaesuirer. l
The IIn-ly f. ieid-s of 11. D). Garviu he:-e
aut nne himi ni a 'aniddnt for tihe
o h-e .f Con ty Tie'ue for Pickel'
~elnt V, siubjel. to L he alct.ioni of te voters
i ti heI Demoratic WimIvarv electi 'n.
. The iany fritends of Sl;alIul I). Chiapman
l*~*pvcI *1113 111t)(111114-0I 111111 IM it ('Jillithttol
for tho oiliee of Treasurer for Piljkons COnl
ly, attbject. to the action of ti voterl in
-lte 1)entiocratic prituary olectionl.
Th11e m1afy friendi of 0. n1. IAtthin hereby
anniionneicu hdimi as a canldidite fur th wlice
ot Treai.ror for -i'itkoit a noitt.y, blitjoc
to tiht n4etioln of the voters in tih Dieuo.
eratic primary olection.
*The inany friendsi of Arory A. Jone"
heroby atuottWe hitu na a vandidatte for
te ofilee of Trenstir.er of Pickount autanty
Siliject to the action (if tile votersin,1I the
Detic'ratic primaary uleetion.
Tho many friends of Henry W. Farr
V e ctinlly luilotlnveO hint as a (aII&1d1tait.e
for the b'ilee of T'reasttrer of Ickens
ontlilty, subject to the action of ti voteri
in tho De'inoratic primairy election.
I1arvey Kennowur i.4 Iteruby aitnounett
bv his niany frientdt a.4 a ftlitdidate for thm
oilite of Treaiurer oif i'iekens county,
I 0uject, to thi. action of the votere in the
Diemocratic priwary ulection.
-Tho many friends of James M.
Lawrenco hereby announce him as
a candidato for the offico of Treas.
urur of Pickens county, subjoet to
the action of the voters in the
Democratic primary clogtion.
The Many friend.4 of Joseph C. Strib
hiilg herby annoue i aa candidate
for the oflice of Treasurer of Pickes
couinty, silje2t to the action of the votei
in the Demiterntic Primary election.
For Clerk of Court.
The many friends of J. M. Stewar here
hy annonineo him a canalidates for ro-oloc.
t ion to the otive' of Clerk of Court of Pick.
E11s conity, subject, to the action of %he
voters in the Democratie primary election
Tho fionds of A. John Bogga,
believing in rotation of offic.j hre
by announce him as a catdidate
for the office of Clork of Court for
Pickois County, subiect to the no.
tion of the voters in the Demo.
cratic primary election.
John D1. Edehs is hereby announ
c -d by his many 'frionds ai a candi.
hk e for the oiceo of Clerk of Court
Pcn Poun ty, 1ubject to the
:'m of th votei in the Demo
*i iO , as a eamlidiato
b- f Coturt, if Pickens
' he A-lin 1of t be voters
ive pri:wary eluetion.
UFr A1ii"iir.
i s res--pectfully annonn
ly ii :ay tric ivt as aniItidate for
r etion ti the ofice of Auditor of
Plckens couity, sbjeet to the action of
thie voters in the Democratic prhimary elec
Tho many fricnds of N. A. Chris-,
topher hereby announice him as a
WandidAe fI' the oic0 of Auditor
of Pic.k-Lens c:.y subject to the
n of 1V , voterB in the Demo.
,rr.ic prim'1 election,
>enay uedsi of F V. O'J)ell hecre,
nun1ornieu hun. 1d a~ iennidie'niu ftut the
o.00e of Andh o'' ofE Piocens couoty, enb.
.i::t to lhe action of thue votere in the
Thi'e Iind of De~ W. Ne:Whorter'
hereby annlonnWc Ihhni ast a cand(~iate for
- i Moh-e tf Auditor of Piekens coentv,
8 shi,'c~t to the action of the voters in tihe
F'or .Counity Supervisor.
T he mnyj ficnads <r20. P. Fild hereb~y
annonne'ce hima as a casalklato for the ofiee
oif C ounty Supervisor for.Picee county
snbljct; to the action of -the voteis int the
DeC~incratjic Ptiimarty election.
'The many friondan of L. D). (Flnd.) Ste.
phonls curchy annotunhice him a a CanI--.
dlato for t he oflice' of Suporvisor of Piok
ets county, subject to thec netton of the
v'oter'. in the Demotcratic primtiary,
T'Ih many felends of Jl. i. Giarrett bere.
Lby annlolunice him us a eundiduatex for ihe
4 leo of m eorvisor' of Pickens county,
ntidejct to the nttoii of -the voters In the
nuoeratlc pi iniary eetion.
For Corpui~r.
1The many fiendst of len, F.
P .rsons re-pectfully announoe hiim
as5 n. can'1it for the ofhico of
Cor(oer' of P'ickens county, aubject
to the ac tion of' th)0 voters in the
D)emocratic p)rimary'.
J. WV. Ilunoter i he~rebyt annonneed by
his :mni frienlds as a entucldato for the
nllien of Cooner' of Pickensg oulnty, atnb
Joi't to I ho c e if the voters i the
Dem)eni't ie P'rimar~y electiion.
,Jesse .J. Chanidler ii hereby jannonneed
byv hi- aniy friends als a caiate for the
tIlleo of ('oroner of Pickens county, snb.
je'ct to( :tact ionI of the voters Ia the
The1 manyil friend1< of W. A. F.arhe
byr ~'Ii unnonei~ him a c ~ddato te
oiiit(of coron of 1tli~ieken forny lkeu.
j(tl , ru to t action i of the 'ote i s
iile oraicnprimar election.e tizi
Tho may fronadsz of W. W. F. reuht
he t> anon:e im as~ a cadte f~iior
re-electon to teAoflic of aouty Suer-.
intedentof Eucail fo fr Ple
a 'nt, ub-e t at h' ill f the vaotersi
in heemorai Primary etioLino
Th mn find' of.. J . M. Cren-tl3'
''eodtfDulephi Cnurce din as
too f." I ihas w.fhat yoSuperitfndt
tn ~t mcl -o blesih Dt
-r .~.IX K e .J \l l ee
Voi tne r.d-ni of Edientiln did
Hodihi. t-Doifl tl ati prdmtry.
L euwis Dennis, Sarem Ind., foy:
more o d than antini ver,1ine an
Bowk" tdil s whatu o o u fa ynd
cant nthelp btl~tO n tur e d spei
cVsa thy rinutgo is Drplendid
Nea l. Pno'ta ills. Te adtro
Dowls~ )aOt of rder.~u Ifyu
Only 250- at
ubfboto the Pania~ .?~~,ea,
Buy The Best
Iron King.
Wheeler - and
wv ilson Sewing
ISWach ines.
Chattanooga Plows,'
Black Hawk Corn Shellors,
Boot drain Cradles,
Fruit Jars and Sugar.
bWoveu Wire Cota and 1ed Springs
and all kind of Houmokeeping
A largo lot of Corn and Peas.
-verything. Come and soo m.
Tv. i. . . Fall.
L'hnow hae e bad idtb~ lle
Dry GVl oos, N o-uvll~
*swih e andlb adose
ilCls rothing
Wthat o ha e ea adthy , l
0inse, Greenvillefi to cal.o
Mpr. Wil Lopro9D.svl
Mchies nds, c~c8
EW'Como ne comole,
20t Mawinestt orenilalwe, o.nC
apr1wtfl9.a *lLI~f
athsCLockr, 8ewin.
Mac :-hngs and Gcypces
'paioddne w e parto rde for ; d
ujainme Al p~lairs ~tI warr n
A big lot of Moson Fruit Jars, quarts and M,:Of I
por dosen.
Somo bargains in Shirtings aid Cott - - t c
AP"'Big lot of Cotton Hoes and n,,-- -.
(radlee, Grams Hooks, Cow Chains, 81h(.4 1. all ki1.
Tinware, Valley Tin, Harnese, Saddlet .t Ii
of Ladios Trimmed and Uitrimmed -!Tv
the couuty.
02WShoes, Shirts, Clothing, Ipatt -
1,000 Busbels of Corn i r sale.
Yours TrulL',
}olger and Tho.:.le
Doalors in General ferchandiso.
Uickens, Siouth Carolina.
And it's easy enough to do so
now, thnt we have an eleg it
Fountain and can serve you wvith
C> ."jrE StO><1l. OXf 2Vr . k3g'
(an't be 'surpassed, Ahvavs 1fresh n rc
liable, An insually ic lieii o I
Soaps jIIt reci l. \\- b c.
And of courso2 leml in STWi.T1ON .1:-<
Us if you don't wan't to 'buy anyth n We w . b .l' d,
Yours very triuly,
Freeman Block. e c, ,
I usually takce stock about middle of F.i
rednoo stock as mJuch as poss8Ile beti ~L.
do this, for it does not pay me to e -. -
for tho next 80 days I will otffor *'. .
prices oni all wVintor goods. T- - r.
Luilty of the sonson to buy -
-an eli, Jeans, Underwe
heavy Shoes at miuch
ha you will buy u*
Call at my store au~ Y
prove t-o you thast
pay you to buy
G~reat - Slaughiter ae-o
Thin dress GAoods.
All 85 and 40~c tigured French Organidies cut to 20c a yarid . All
25, 20 and 18e Lawns aro now 16c. All 15 a~ d 12e Lawns luc. 10
plecos 86 inch whi to Organdio, regular 25c goods, n'ow 15e). 830 and .10
onch whbite Lawns, sheer and( fine, wouldl be cheap at 1~ to :?5c, our
p)ric 8A, 10 anid 1 2(c. 50 pieces Lawvns and ChabUies on)ie 5 K. Per
.aales 64, 8 aind 10c, Madras Ginghams only lce.
EmCnbroideries and LaIe~ chea:p anid pr'ly.
en~cienuos Lac(s only 10i ed I-' a d.u -n
broideries 5 to 15ec in great varioy,
merChocks, 5 and( 0 conta.
lGihirings, 5 to 8 con is.
G.F'Cottonados, 10 to l'2 C, J'a . - ('hea~p,
on tho corner of Main and Cioffee altt h~ uenvdjio, S3. (., ix thle
place for you to buy your Spring and Sununer goods.
C~flig line of WVomon's, Chiildron's* and Mein', Stoc Ofordo
50c to $1,.00. Baby's Shoed Mo', 35o and b(;e.
Baby's Slippers 50c.
Patent Loather and V'iei, they aro Beauties.
One Irdea.',T

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