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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, May 09, 1901, Image 2

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rJIJ1.I j)'' ~JoHruaI
'U. .1. >1 A V K! 'K>. I,3)I3'tlle.
N TiII';>D~Y
- - ',!' - . -
f,.~j ~. . u. 'IC'
' ', ~i I
1 , (':23.313
ti:t' I: I' " I li~i
Au 33
I' . . . . > 4 (93 (' 1W
lb, N l~l
C N . ',', Lu ui
Kb . i ..z in i I ~-t'1i 'IliCs ' wEb'
I" '.1-'.', ., 1
21' ;~.; :3
I I . : :,~ I~
3! I ~ I
I:::.' V. I:~ I'll
I , ', Lhl'~i;Ll~c32Kb
I :3 ~ 11
I'' iii 11
* , I'
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1' - ' 1-!' Li
3-3' 1,13 lii
I' '''
\ Ii
I l~i)i V.
I -n.:: 1
p 'ci
, I \ c , \
'I' i'i (lit
IL I (II. I .3.
''I' I 'I' his ~'l.
* .' I I' i-I ~
i. t.I:t3'
I . ~
I" v', III .1
\\ ill
I- I lit' 3'!)))
st .1- ii ( , 3 N' L' U
1 . ~- ~.
31 .~ 3 , ~I 3(
I 31 ' 31~3
(r('(1 3 'Ii P ''N 33
N IllIlt .' I -
1 .' ( :i 3'lIj ii :3 1:133
II!: . .~ I 111:31 33. '33
j 3 3: 3 1.:' 'lii I I
iu:'gt . :tni ~ Ia ii II- Ni 8 'C. N
'-1 lilt 1'3~,' NI
(il-Il I Ij.
(I H' I' :i ~, .3 3 Itt' I s I P I
'N U . 'N . in' 3 j tc ci)! ttAi':i I
II a'. A'' tA' 3; I I', IJ34' y(33 3' I 4,2(1
ii K> 1 III
I 13'' It P . ,' U 11:133 Is)!
ILL 31 1 Ii I V. r . I35I'1 iii 0334
88(3' ~' II . 1' .- C' C j' I ~ (io)i Iffi
iiprd in t:ulUi:.g t HtIii.IeIltM ol
'Piiskugoe, A ~ '1'hi''~' j*)~4j3 Itit'c'fii
W'0I'dM '~.cplic':tl LU 0111(4' to V.1311(2 iin&
l)la(3k, claldin :311&1 g3 .'x'ii lip p00
log III. till is wt:1~ 1citv~ well. }
work halt dwi ' jv3 S'13t. 80 13111(31
110 1301)3) C i-i i(3': al th'('Omnjdisli
mont. Uoo:1 V203'k 311 WO )'$ tells
is tic 1lon. A. C. Latimer (1)
oly oppOnu'nf Melallnvt wi
kalvo ill the neXt fight f.r ti
lmI e'.
In I trial at Omnaha, Nob., Ma
d0, Callahain (the acetqIsed kcirnap
pur u ht" w as Su pplsed to be ink
plic ed4. inl the C4 ud.hy v case iam
- elear d-epite thIe. fact ties1t ther
ats a j re ::11 d of conviicillg ev
Kndo- against him. The im40o1
.%a s ::: I : rect r d onl tit linsr ChnoI
Ald % 1n itn all prod4it1y hav :I
t, r; rial stIton. 4IS
re :i ha Is I e t furred i I.1 I.
ornl , inl ('1 v, r 11 . !s w ..s I.-'
w i i L 4 '- v 44 t ai ' \v a yi i 1 ' ( i t
t' llt w ill a d . I( U !
s illeV . Fin. , -n :\lan ; Th <:e
t, r i:\ ad di-ri t c.veS -I all :t- 33
.. ' : bl ,-k it ih na i
'h - ci I, <v , 8 i . ri
du, 4 3 ~3 il.. 8(.1i h v , t I l
<I,'l 1..'4 ti he 1 . fuyi i t y oft h 4 en.4
fti ie it IL I Ii tl he r c n . lamio
4f.J *ini J I . . citiesi a.
ear.-bb * vn l :11A fmclly lespo; i
U.- n m r g calls I or holl- Illh
4d k.hl will b .v rm I f t %i,i!t
t ho e r,' who haV I' ()t 1 4-4i
th-privied of all their. blelongil." u% ii
4!''i 1 :i 'u i ) 4.' i l14433 1,1 e j <i'4 k <
.333 ! '44. 31 33 II 43 u lit !!e il.
r.b h 1i1i t wasIt ' iidacs. TI.
untArte ate Will :f c u s s t~
but d sirt litivo fit s inl tot pr
g -ive. vill s a, .t.('.. , l ar
us..'l f '! u- N i v 4 i ,' Iin b4: -
4.. b4 P er I'lli:,4 - <.: 4 n
un4 s lh3t a i; rnam. ,i . n wi ,n
A1'. \ .I t W l hl ..- th , A
33 .\ - : i nM .3(r11 l. el1. m I'
'al i v .il donht b.. s 1r4 4
3i .l' 113lu 01 it'il lit y .
l4)4 331 X 4lil1343I ,IiCI d . Al:. 14
Th31tal S tunrey v nht w m!
prl~ ~ ~ wa Il..lyaonate liof tM
i u' 111 w aits IIplhr. 4 a : le.4'3 tur
.d. A ha1.!_o crowd wv,- 1,e.l,
atl ihl- awnd1n'e w\as bb ~
uII 4431 r. abous 't ne h 4ur i t'nin~
to li 44'I 1 .. II :h-nt pr ('~33entat . < n
j4i 3', r a434 r, vei b.,l if th, i :E
'u I 333' all ih:.4 on iry to go'.'
I' 3::i l ri' 44in i to I 1
4'. It ii n'4,4 ''ay n i' ht li ti
he' i44t 3bh i44r t atoong3314. If
34.'' 4.i'1 n a14 I3IX'.4'h 1 t333 hi
a l a'n''3 (414n. i14 it'hatbe I proven il
tr osm fit' '4 hv lihe 'g m433i4 : a.1 '
114 i :h.. 4fThisLI fact is 13 of 3 sieti
utrie- s w &~4 il as:11 ofli econoini il
j4 ' ;13 ' a)'"'llt eili asf 13t 3s, i 4
hed~ as 44 ~i lresonableI'14 colu3i3
mt neienr3a\ .3(4( t oa ex eie t
b iihIel i i13 j of, e the oe rm n
a m rk auelilalio.g
\i I lHt la it =r.r
h4)t 44.'.' prpet o o t
ruai1 and I3(i1,IOL m (;ener;
41 tate w l t ha t reva' 1)1.n It beda0
rul(1er at nrarlp* u
rcilardc-d as~i Mil3i i i1nw Cie Ou
other civ r h lt ath,=eit l<in
t'iI UtANTY 81NUtNG (ON.
Tlho) Pickens County Singing
'onvention m1iet at Secona last
iaturday anid Sullidaly and had111 a
rery profitable an(I enijoyai)bl moet
The opening Oxerciso4 Were (,n -
Iloted by N the ( pre-s icIent11, a ,ter
Vib a collmlittoe collsisti.i Ilf
). . Field, W. 11. II. Atiitil, anid
r. . Liooper was al)pointed tO II'.
1 ngo a progriam for the meet m.
l'ie committoo reported' tIint t. ,
to0per should oifuPiizo the clas.
mId conlduct thle singing tenl min
tsafter wihJ .Lfosluov and
\'tthur Ra nipey woO I lead l ifteen
iiinutes each, and then tieo a re
eis for. diinr. The prOidit ap
>Minted a committee to dia't I
n t ut ion', which was submitted
Lt th openig of the afternooni
essi .In j(n adopted as follows:
1S1. This convention shall1 be
;Il1d1.11 the Pickuns County Singing
/onvention and shall be comiposed
f delegations felected or apiointed
y onehl churel, choir or iSunday
cht->l. The num11ber', of IdlegalJS
h-all be three from (.eh church
lrcc froiml each choir 1nd ine.
rill on3Ch Sll(llay Pchool.
21)1. The oficers ofd' ti h, c.nven
ion shiall be at presidoni, vice pros
denlt :nud s(crlevtary, Who s hil .a1
) be iroso..I;and said oflicerS
hal I be elected at t h is meeting and
.111111111y herenlftor froini the Ieni
'I*AS PI1. I1 1
3 rd. Thie president shall prosido
t all Iho meelings and inl him ab
n<-e tL 0 vice-l.r.eidenlI t. lh Sec
t:ry sharll keep I minuto of (ho
rOCediigs of the Convention.
.1 th. Thellu moot ings of the conven
>n shll be i-.1 s-) ai to e birac
In fourt h ahhbath inl A pril anid
i ecoinl Saibb.th inl August of
at'b your.
,)Ih liTh, Convelition shall have
I) exentiv cmini itileo consisling
I' thir) memb.'rs to be applointed
y thli prsdn which Ccmmit
IL Shall ha vo in cbarge tle Ilr
V 1igig i of t poa the order
. aI ? oI I-)
I uiiesi and t he i-elett011 Ofthe
lave (it' ieatings of the convov
(n1, andt( shnll) E-erve until Su0erSS
.1 Ors arie 1appoinltvd.
Gth. Tlns constituti-n may hle
itered r -enoled at any meeting
v a major it y of the me;mbers pres
it. ando vowing.
A fter tho) adoption of thle ab)ove
Dnstitutiin t h onvention pro
11Mde-d to) eh e1-t Oflicers anld ~thle
allowing wile lecLed: Laban
UIldin pretsident, W. T. Bowtn
oce president and C. E Robinson
vecrtary anid treasurer.
The pr.siidenlt. 111pointed(1 t he foi
Owing execlitiIr coiil -iie: J.T.
2)pIler, J.F. .ley 1adl. E". M.
11oh(lg. e orbyM.Vnihr
On till laninth congnvferntionad
or . NI-ius'' and J.l. venl Lght.
inlished Itby~ (tl.J.1.Vuh t
aiedii for on hlurg by d Mr.Vaugh
1 ve audIienIce was' present and the
lhly sp iint. in sigi ng. T1he pastor,
ov Jl. K, Foste ga jpve up his Sat.
rdayii 1.1( and 1 Sunday, preachinlg ser
,ic('s to t he sinoers. After devo.
ionail services con)Iducted~ by th<(
rsidenit, the1 followinig teacherE41
montlueted thie mousic in (the fore
noon :NM. 0. Loor'e, J. F. Lesley
E. AI. Boldinug 1and( J. 1B. Yaughn
11n t he afternoon WV. W. Norrit
a n d 11. Jloiws' sang.
'T' <biysi woro bright and lovely
he smginig uplifting and inspirinj
and1( lhe hiospitIal ity of the Secoun
Til n ven t ion has no h ome anli
a ' (1 tihurch wanut ing thie next meet
~Log w~ i3il nfe with the exOcutivi
tcitmnIii ttee. SecretIa ry.
1)l.1) S()hDl El.s EN PEIENEE
. I\l .\ Austin (iviilla v'oterain 0
wV:! sihk i long tim iut n pite ofr
good1 t d-er's tre'a(lmlent, but wal.
whohydi ciire I by I )r. Ki ng's4 New
l'ry I iom'. On)ily 25c at lbolt 3
lh ) r it3y's dlrug Mor e.
50~ YEARS'
CopyriGHTS &c.
A twone( stning a sket chi nnd dIeseri9 lion mn,~
fluiiv.ly asta'inii fr oiionii rrco whetiiher nai
.enent 41 ion lt prohhy Utetbl o,~0 co4nnunnien.
441nt free'. it n aseney for ttiecurig14 aents.
i'stluit nIf iken i tr 4t a u is & o . receivo
A$Citaticl Jimtrkan.
A hndsomeluut'y iliutrated. weekly. T~nrtxet. 01r.
enin in 1 f 44 any 04 e i ii itli rin. 'iauTem, #3 a
ver : foir mnt haia' $1. Sold by nll newengier.
MUNN & CO~seeroadaY,.Ne York
IT SAVEl D 1118 LEG.
P' A. I )an fort h of L 1 a rage,G0a.
m3fler' d si x month1s from a runinin g
right iii soro oni his log butL writels
hiat lick Ien's A r'n Iia Salvo wihlly
uredC( it inl Iiv day1I3s. F'or ulcers,
viounnds, piles, it's t ho tnest salvo y in
he wori'1ld. .ure guarnteed10( onily 25
ts5 at bolt & Thorniley.
A WVonderfu1l Dicovery.
Theo last qusarter of a century rcordu
mnany woniderl discoveries inl medlicinie
buit 1no1! neta have accomlnIished miore for
huiuliiy than1 that sterlinig old household
remietdy, Browns' iron hitters. It seemis to
'onitini te very e'lemnenlts of gfood health,
and neither iman, woman or child can take
:it without deriving the greatest benefit.
Urowns' Iron li~tters is sold by all dealers.
IThero is I:o I p1)rsonaw in the
S world, it, ma.-tters not ho(w tr-illit g
an d low lie is in the estimation of
11 iIlow-mn, tat 111 not souo
ulihienco. I11luencle is at qualit ly,
bo -1 unto 1nIt I ) )s(.-e-sml by e'eerv I
i nd ivi d I[al. Th11(11 a1*1 gre -~t,
,iian1 nitul is I i)oIll laders, 80ne <
fillr w1ar, 1oine for politic's, Some ill
m ocietv and riligious Inovements (
and sd. . 111. r all III' arts of pea ce.
Sine l'and inl the4 ways of evil' too
inan114rou1, t o nn n a d yet in)
a th-s , i. I .r I itt11, or 'wront i
Jill,- 1'1 avi' e follow r's. Wien
:1 "l t' (-r : o llli wring wha I
a (r I o f, ( -luwer3 iS 10 b.> 0 pe 111
t ilt whenll n4 !"m!.r.i ght. what a
hlsigtoo (Ihi coM iinu ity hm. ws!c
ht a .Ity1e chg y n I~ vist
tl rt l .-e' in I ihe vvrong dbrm'
!!" :.d dr i h in folvos and Iih..il
- zir ii Ii e r. fl l liiw w1 u0;4) 0111
l n . W a I in tIheq A I Ie
'I 'ln ., lilu . . a l ring 11 u bv i
S ik i1 1 Ir ; ik t it (..118 I. w ay d owni
- the ll tIil it sp nt'is ' t into the a
Ib at i i ()h io. Thiilce It S t1echt 1'
-way a1th0usai'4111ih leaving 41n t
1its ii 6 hiks In r than i humii red Vil o
hg n n('; d I n I d-,;iit.1 (1 cuI'tiv a t1ed
far~s th n Jining the Mli:.Sis- t
Ii it FA I -.1 anv mV1 til. v i
hu111(Irv,]Ili, . I i' t Il it fall1- into) lhe s
orl ij in ' o 1: t. I t is on . '
H' I s 0 6.1w1 (1 (
i in. i A I I nrb I ri, t a t h1 oc 1an C
ui eb~ 1 . i 61nt I' l:. to (iI) ,h ll I
1ar : Im. 'ls aI 'Ilbe I o or .
'. -1. b Hn e i f-u ,ne(. 11. is a a
1.1 .i 10 v le--a oc(,111 I m II and (
intu < 1tess - nI fi:thoml)1)11(-Ss as eter- r
I V.6..
-6 llt6v.
A o linn na catrelbss4 baiigj
Iin,, th.l IA pl (- dli down nTl
the dept: o fg.(1 t h., lie. ing water ai c
that was a , X r.,, i' ww; not all].
.i1k at th,- r tin etr ie i n
11 1Ili ll ir61( 1656k M At C 1 11i
rd IllI.!gr ch r liny r ipl ain th'a
M"da r" ed., thppling Ohw overhbang
Ii. " Em lhs of vond-r u illow ailt
alo- itl. 1 ,1 1 sr v W l of
id( ( r s rn, f1lung i~ ruill iny v ps1
asli6 I . 11; 1 1 ) !Ii l11 o.1 Ui. i . i 1 ,)
- i nlary dlp S 11) n, an 1 d tHat i-4 L1. e,
N il, it i1 1. l1 ; ': It d. e 11e s t hat
n liroa d i lu.st t vl . li'e.-- and a
rurp n t eI i s \V en-In h
po dun, anl in, fl %\ .1 , Iligl bul o e
t11r0 111 W .. 6e 1 i l .> hivea
ie. ho s. pW ltr l 1 nfuneis .
11,11111.wN41,t to
It h < . I I t ILo' w t a
rV W. by w. itera
n~~sht to ilhInrnI I r I on o tt
A c "' i.iy W-, ,inus (-,1ithlr h'( an
"Do th foll's often
:lio here'?" askeOd tiho
traivelor in a malarial
soctiont. "No," replied
the native' "they di'
oly~ once.7
Horo. 'Ihy only die once an<
they only trado once at th Raie
laices. Not so, though, when the
land in here. If thev trade olc
with uis they keep coining, simply
because we give them more inulei
and btter miules for less money
Sam1110 way withl hor ses. Wo hav<
just recoived throo car loads of fini
Will have another car fron
Tenneissie next. week--all arotimt
el acker-jacks. Cm111e 1111d see th em
Do you want it wgn or vehicl
of any kinid? If so we ean S,V
) oi moneMy. We W i oVI thlirite eI
bolds of of wngons, 1n 1( ivo (if lgt
Elpies anld cH arriagms, aill r..ceived si MT<
Lthe first (lay of h.ist NJanuar. W
have ent out th'
On tliese goods, as we arie deoer
mined to kwop up our11 repultatiot
as the Iilargest (loll lers in tho' Stiate.
WO never buly in less Ih n car
loads aid pay Spot ca-;1 for evory
thi ng, henco u( bu'v cheaper dlial
the sm-ill (eal5.r Who buvs a feu
jobs at a1 ti me)0 :i1I kee1's i I ur:,i i
til they nro old ani dingy. We
oli our I Depository, hence wo don't
have (., divl'zie plroliits wihli the
lanitlord. Wo cirrv in stock lie
Celebrated Studebaker
Anlod the world's ' justly renown, Id
...W E BE R.
Vagoiis. As medium grade. wo
eirry the Chat ta nooga, Owenl sboro,
Taylor, Virginia andd Rtu sselI
Wo keen inl stock ,t ali timles
thirteen different makes of Buiggle
and Carringos, among them thl(
Babcock, Coutlniid, Tyson and
Jones; Barhaur and Acme. Como
look and take your choice.
We will nlot say 1111ch as to Hari'
ness. We have on hand a $1-5,00(
stock--more than every <leale:
in town coibinied. Remlioiber fo:
tle next thirty diys wo will mal
Special Pricos.
Sitib' t1.4 nm ilre h u ier It t
G ~1.:N icl.i, S . C. i
Met shit.h Churc,ev. '1'. 11 la-m
First Suinday~, T welv 3ii , 1 1 a. ii
Pon: " "i 1: 1 a. m
" ~ " 1I-ihblehe m :3i) p. mi
Th'ir.d " (x a , 1 1 H. ii
1F)urith "' Tabherti 1f a. ni
Fifth " Taihw 11 a. 22
Pra rme'ing inth Pikn 3. ethot
I i-t Chrh2 er2.say ng ta
. I'co.
Pr. shy2' I'er ian ' :12 Chu e,e r i. C hi~i'
chil~7:30 p.n
Seciil "i:21~ Si x sl ~v 1 I . 2
~lhibirt v 7:3 p. 22
- lThi rd "i~i:~ 1Centa1' , 11 , II 2
8:1 th ' -Ii l ie rtyIIi 12 82 i . n
"coa ey :3 p.
F'i' hi "222:3 2!'fisi'ey s I| I . ni
Sciit . Ihich, I e. A.iu .f. S ThomaX
Pav .. I'o i 2i~tsr
I'l iiala , ie ens, :u.II 2 iii .
p. m.v 21 II 2.2
choreb2'22Iil1 1 2 p*. Ii
iec ia Sm l ix i e I I :2. i
Salu lay e fre'leu: l cnday Pratii
church 2 p. i
Thiali 1'innlay~Cilllt I'r ter-; , C. . .'
co nd Si2hl' i h ha'I pI:. ii
io rt -uda %'oncord I 4i :13,I. 22
S cn ,i t Saiana at '3( i p .
Petie's rscni Satunc1i11213'X lalsi
11 12y.a 222n.
F(22i Crek fioiiV'-rth (2atf' u aya30 p. n
selley, oitln t . Paul zVitn Pec,
trio cmbch tn Atich 19. W.e t.
Foirso Sn aIy, liilthesda B heace
nryecod. "SZid btcs i tan.p
foriamle. 1).N. oeGe n. Mn
D Notrh Pill.n ( In , llv .I.
I. W. PAltKEIt , S C
Greentville, S. C.
11inyvnes warthPijai k-ItordRb I son,
A 11ornej n.-snaI
Pickons~ C.. II[., ' - SAouthm Cycl 0133
Prat(' ico in all; Courts.. Attend. tJ,,
b111ine.4s promuptly.
jr-Mn10pv to 10oan.
Attornwy at I,\.
Pickens. . 0,
Priactico inl all the Cou I. .
Ofl'ic over Ejarlv'si '8 rug Stm Ip('
Greceiville, S. C.
Offic over1 Addisons Drug Store.
1ly 2- 19 f.
C. I FITZO1 0lt ALP, 11111'IT(OW' 1
*phel. Gre-enville, S'. C. ()flice o%-(
IsidisonI's l)jrng Mt (rel.
All work :-tn:is< o gi sn.tif
I 1m .99 \'
Condevinml Schodlite of Pa -i iwiner Tains.
Northbound. No. 1, No. 3. No. 4. -No. 31.
Daily. Ofly Dblil*y Daily.
Lv. A -tna,(T'T 7 5)In1 32111 1) yI .11 50p
Atianta.I1T 8 S it 1 001 p 1 ':4 p .12 3 a
" Nmreross.. 9 3 . ........ : . i l 1'26 a
" Huford..... 10 0.'in ........ 2 't7 p 1 53 a
("aines.vil ile 10 ;5 it 2 23 ti 3 US p 2 18 a
" un.... 10 .58:1 2 4.5pi a 33p) .2 080
" Cornkelia.... I11 :25 ... .. ... . . .
311. Airy... 11 "141 .......3 p ..
Lv'.T'')Oon... i 5'n 3~311 4 19 3 28 a
Ar. l '2 ion... ... . 1) 30 1 11 "'3a
lav. MIelrtont ... 90. i.
Ilv. W'inintlr. 1:2 :n ........ o p 4 18 a
" be':n. 12 5 p 4 15p 5 t; p. 4 28 a
S eIItral.... 1 4'2p ........ 5 2; p 4 55a
(4" .r uvillo. 2 :S-4 1) 5 22) 10 l >p 0 028
SSIin r'lurg . 3 37 1 4 1:1p 7 071) 7 00a
" Gaffn v... 4 '.41> 43 46 1) 7 4.11> 7 45 a
" lhilbitrg 4 4i p 7 02 p1 7 57 p 8 04 a
" ing's Mt.. 5 1p ........ 8 17p 8 27 a
(" astonia. > 4Pi ........ 8 35p 8 51 a
11HrIt to.. 6 40p 8 181) 9 ItL p 0 50a
Ar. U re'nsm-o 9 :-5 11 10 471) 11 44 p1 12 23 p
At-. Dutin 11.].... B 5'V a 3 51 i 2 2' p
Ar. Uakligh.. .. 5 30 h ajt 8 23 p -
Ar. Danvilile . . 11 25 11 53I P1 12 51n I8 P
Ar. Norfolk.... 8 3 i 8 3Wa 8 30 i.
Ar. Itiehmond.. 0 O i 0 00 a 3 00 a 0 25-p.
Ar. W'hington. ........ 0 4-2it 7 35 850
l'nore. iR ........ 8 W0# 0 15 1t 35n
P'h.'delphin. ......... 10 15 a11 3. 2 Ma
Newlorkc . ....... 12 4;m 2 U31) 6 2aa
I -et 8a x-.
Southbound. No .-5 No. 37. No. I L :3 .
Dailiy. Daily. Daily. Dily.
Lv. N.Y., PI.1. 12 a 4 p........ p
"Ph'delphin. 5 n 6 5 ........ii 1)
" 1ltllitnore.. 6 22 a 9 2-p........8 27p
m4t311 1~ 1 ........'36
liA. Itivil'ttttotI 12 0111 0 1 5O 1 pI 0)
Lv. Nomk. j :;5) it .;l Iw 7 4-3p 7 401P
Lv. Daivill.. . . 5 .391 .5 51"'11 4N 101 4 N. 131
L It 1 00 2 1 2 at 2 30ly
Lv ~ ro.,iio'cm ' pj ...... '6 5 p
Lv . Wa-h't.n . p! 2; n . .....111. 8 55 p
Lv. Ii n n .. It 9 i 00I 1 i1 1p 1 2 a0
Lv. Norfolk. 11 5 3m 7i -l' i 7~ 42 y 7 30 p
L tv. Danili.. 52 -'IS 11 51 5m n 3 30 a) 3 9 a
" ^'ltht............ ..5p 00 101 10a)
Lv. Drham. 4 43iI 3;u2 30a 230a1
Ar.Charlot.. 92i 45 It: 01,a 1 2 80a
Lv.Gatoa..... 43......... :sI 12 4 51
"v liing'sti......I091) ...... 1: p0 2a
"r Iimt''Imrt). 13 23 al~ 11 .......1..6 10 20 a
" Grenvih 183a1' 30 lp 8 rop11 25 a0
" Utra1011.... ...........7 4013.1
" T 'llo ....l~ ........ 2 311 7 8 : 1 '1 24 P
Lv 'iritt m .. . . . 6 iif. I II (2) i1 1
- Ar lE'erto. 1 53 n6 o .:: p . . ..632
- AIr . A iry.. . ~.L' ...... .; TRo 1 50~ x p
"ALua.......J' 4 18a,13 1.1p 58 91p :!30p
Beotwoon L'ula an~d Athons.
Ex. No. 13. STATIIONS. No. N2. Ex.
8 I51m II U) atTj v. ..lt 1n. Ar' 13 5a in 7 35 p
I. 8 51 p 11 4I a-" Mayvsville - 10 It 6 59,9
. 91313 Oh ' ' 01 :t I.mon '" i 9 :4 a 6, 2n1p
103 00p3 1:2 50 jm.Ar. Atens .Lvl uos Sn iop
* Nit loste ~ottntijotio tnade at, I ,u~ia witiih
' (A"n nIt.s~j'k 3AP" p. CI 024 "M"tna. "N" ight(.
.bot womn Norflk'O {iim 1t and Ha itmr.
N ms. 372itad 111-'"\VaIshintgt and11)1 I'mutlhwest
po1i1wdm O-m'luively omf finetst Pullmantt itti >:n1en11)t
of Ites t des~ign,. th1roagh betiweeno N mw York
laimtween Newv Yorkc itnd Nmw (2r'ennis, .viaI
so1 bmevw'eet Nowa \mrtk an1i lMemt>is, fia \va.;h
Pulunan1:11 I .ibrrty oblm2ervaI)tion2 1 ars bet wvoon Ma
emot and2 New~ Yolk. Diriin1 ear I serve~l' till
Greensbo,11 m ro andc iih aleitt. No m'mnmeh serv'1'ico- ont
this It-ain. Thelsmei irins will stop t lGaine
ville., Luttl:i. Tm i.(ic.oaI'm1 (e-e.alffney andti 1. n'k+
burg (ItlyI ito take, (n attl let ((If I'aw .ngers111 for
fromo (4rm-entvillbot1 1u)nhin aiiil bp itanug
Nos. 311 a(111 :1-"A tfata~i nnel N'sw York' IJ:x
prs. e t rain het 3w3 en'1 A I Han11 i ia arl t "r
C 1(ot1m. iim''.-lin'.I ilt (Charlom~i with tr2aso(f
ilehmpintg m'ars hof wmmitn (Nhalm t o111i New Y'rk,
-lCharbm 3 ittlIn Rl.iinmmii tand Norflkl. I.m'avi'
itng Xa!-IhingIon ml) ndmays,)m Wmei. I n- Is It 't'
Fidays2I't 21 touit; sh~mI.in ('ar2 will b'e lmlerat1i.ml
otn thtii trn t111Ihroughl i''rin Wahns on..l toI .m 2ni
Frant'em'se * witt m'hantgm'. (mjim'.tin n11 t.
Gr( bri't-li 1mo wthl s..mr. fmtrU I-igh. No)
and ( rl otte.i34 Ammtmle flmsi an1.1 ,emt 1)1! 1i
tnh ne' nnaaos o ea atbog
110ol3id .1 itIw Wahmington ii New I lirbtno1,.
- 1,. & N. ht I m .,111 i mmoipo '] imf ('Itm3oneho
. betweent New Yorkl' atnd Nemw 1)-ta. via At.
Nms. II and! 3 --.'olid 1l(en1 I tin between
Nor'm1fo t'r I tl,l P'oiN'r ('0.l-tlir.
Ke.41tnl,2 at1 tOn ion1 i nCd m itlabove st'thdlo
par'Itil rly I the 2 Iinurt lin o11f t rinio Nos. 31
, nitd M, 1 Isi 11hat Nm I. 37 and0 22 111 11100ind nnOX.
olusive Plnan 10tralin i, withtout, cmoneih sor'vi'o.
rThird( V. P. & (4on. Mgr. (. l'ss Age it.
W. H. "'A Y.Lot'. 31aOKS( MOW+(A N,
-.A- (.. P. 4A33i P1. AAt)lotn
SC/u alrFd aslte flo
11d(1 -'.ls12Qngers', vi z:
N0.I...---Daly texcep SuInnay-..No. 1()
In Down I)IIVI. Mixe Tra1'I in It cad Up'
0*( hk Lv 111i'kens Al' 2.55 pml
.35l il Al' lI(a.l Lv 2.15~ pn11
I te!2l I ') wnI l't.m! IengerM~lI Servce ti UpJ
-l 0) | i I ,v' lt. kt n12 A r' 0-40 1)m3
4-113113pm I jme lets.Iev 0.00 1)m1
Nm l-O eltl.eswith MrI. Jty, No1.
I o. 12 coPniItets wit Ih Ir. liv. No 1.
- o. I I (| lonnets~ withI Sr'. Ily. No 34..2
r';li:i-'will Stop to lake on or let off~
pl2(anlgri a1. thle followilng cr'ossin:
l'ergus. m i , lPison and0l~ 3 Mau NhldI'sL
J. T. TIAYLOR, Gen, 'Mgr'
.ruTr, I h4 B. nnOrO -re..don-1
--For Spr'c Trade -
We have aceived
Ane lie~mi 13oy '
~ti us naeh and a
nice ie "of'
XA4 el '? lTO IIATS
from 10Its to 25t5.
See or ilit' of TO W E I.s from
10c, to :30 a pair. A new line of
SU, ),.E I M111 R TS froim 50e to $1
each. We have the lIes to thin
tl Ibig Crop o collon that is being
plnlted. I4tememuiber, we always
keep a full stor',. ald colmit onl the
<ia lity amd 1 lribes being right.
Respect I'll y,
Craig Bros.
Inow bhave, ti ho best relected
stock- of
FU lS,
EEICome one0 comol all.
120 Minii stet, Gr eenv iie, S. 0.
----DEA L ER I:
Sash, D~oors, Blinds,
Ceiling, and Weather board
ing, Moulding, of all
kinds. Leather and
Rubber Belting
With all kinds of
Alsvo EngmL i ml IICIOiner IOil a
e'lsew hero.
Pickuns S. C.
Oflo andi Wairehions1 nlonr ;T.
Theiy (lurt danndruaff, hir~ ~ alng,
hellaache, (31s., yet tostsx theI samife
ai an oriniary combil--Dr. White's
Electric Combt. 'The onlly patented
com mii l thlo world.t PeopleI t, every -
where 1 it hasit boen in jtroduced1, ar1e
w ild with dtel ighat. Youl simIlply
ctob you r ha ir each day aniid t he
comb1 (00 doe 1he rest. Tis1 ~'l wonde
ful combI is simpIIly un0brealkablo and
s mado(1 5o that it is absoilutely
jimpossb5lJe to break cr cut t.ho
ha fir1. Sold1 ont a wr jiIt guairan-.
Leo to give porfectL sat isfactiont in
7)no. Ladies r- ro 0. (.ounts hizo
35e. Live meln antd womien wnated
averywhiereo (0iniod co this arl
ticlei. -Sells ont sigh t. 7gentIs areC
wildl with sUucss. ~(St o want ad
10 this paperP.) Add ress D. N.
RO QE, Genei al Manager, D~ocatur,.
[Il. 4--11-.01 1my.

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