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The People's Journal,
Local and Personal.
--W. A. Palmer made a visit to Union
last week.
-Senate - W. T. Bowen lost a valuable
horse last " 'm pneumonia.
-Bor and Mrs. Joe Gil
strap o: 111t, a son.
ter, of Olga, visited
frier a the first part of the
.y Bowen visited at the
home . .A. Bowen the first of this
-Ex-Supervisor M. Hendricks, of
Table Mountain, was in town Monday
on businoss.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Can
troll on the 2(1 inst., two sons. Both are
of good size and are doing well.
-Rev. Thos. H. Modd filled his requ
lar appointment at the Presbyterian
church at 110. n., Sunday.
-Lient Frank G. Mauldin made a
Ebort visit to Atlanta on business the
latter part of last week.
-Messrs. Joe and Forest Keith, of
near Table Monntain, went to Brevard,
N. C., on a pleasure trip last week.
I'-J. F. Bannister. a prominent busi
ness lman of Cateechee was seen peram
bulating on our streets last Tuesday.
-A small party of the young folks in
town had an enjoyable picnic at Bor
ongha' Mill last Thurrday afternoon.
-Willio Ligon, accompanied by his
friend, a Mr. Carter, of Greenville, spent
part of Sunday, 5th inRt.. with the uncle
of the former, Sheriff McDaniel.
-Saturday, 5th inst., was a warm
May day and many of the small school
boys took advantage of the time to go
-I'The Truth," Spartanburg,. .,
says: "Miss Lidie Hagood, of Easley,
is the Ruest of ,Miss Nan Creigler, on
South Church street."
-The infaut child of Hr. and Mrs.
Will H1. Antillony, of Field, died Satur
day night and was'i Iiried in the ceme
tory of Griffin church Sunday.
-Maj. J. H. Ambler was in town the
first part of the week and attended the
meeting of the Y. M. C. A, Sunday
-Rev. RIL. RDagnall, in filling his
regulnIr appointment at Twelve Mile last
Sunday inorning, preached to a large
-The warm days of May are here and
the people, in accord with their usual
custom, are celebrating with big meet
ings and picniicS.
-Mrs. J. J. Lewis went to Pendleton
the litt-r pairt of last week to attend the
inemorial ixercises of the Ladies Memo
rial Association which occurred Satur
-On Sunday afternoon there was a
good rain about the head of Wolf Creek
accompanied by considerable hail, the
damages of which were not very great.
-Vaj. J. H. Ambler is vigiting friends
at Greenwood and Ninety-Six. The
Major w.s born near Ninety-Six and
doubhtless lie wvill gr-eatly enjoy a vioit to
the snenes of his chidhood.
--Messrs. B. F. Freemanl, Ritis Ash
more and( (Guy McFall went seining in
Twelvo Mile River one nlight last week
and caught a nice quantity of fish and
,of Greenville.
hlis mother and
' are glad to say
-elI,.lHe holds a
e.,- ..u oum . Woodside.
-There was a good meeting at Onlen
cy cheh~l on the first Sunday in May.
There was a large crowi present. Rev.
Beck filled his regular appointment with
credit to himself and with satisfaction to
those present.
- -The new mnail route between Pickens
and Libirty has8 been established and
. last Friday. The mail
mns at 8:30 a. ni., and de
This is very convenient
>f both towns.
.0th, George, alias Oliver
Carter, was arrested and lodged in Pick
ens jail by W. V. Holden and L. 0.
Powell. Carter is held on suspicion oi
horse stealing and is believed to be want
ed in Jackson county, Georgia.
-The many friends of Mrs. J. W.
Sutherland, of Knob, are grieved to
knowv that she has been very sick for sev
eral1 days. We are glad to note, hlowever,
thlat thle latesqt news is that she is much
-Henry Williams, of near Olga, spent
last Sunday wvith friends in town after
atteniding thle singing ati Secona. Mr.
Williams is nunety four years old and we
are pleaseod to note that he is in atppar
ent good healh and reasonably active.
--Tile soda1 water fountain of Messrs
Rolt & Thlornley, druggists, is no0w in
full blast and1( all desiring to quen~ch
their t hirst by th is muost delicious nd ro
freshling sammer drink enn now drop in
to theoir elegant establishment and be sup,
-On Saturday May 4th, quite a crowd
of young peop~le from different sections
assaembled at the Glassy Mountain school
house to make merry the oconsionl of a
picnic. Somec of our young friend. im
Pickena littend~ed and are pleased to re
plort that everybody enjoyed themselves.
-There'will be an old folks singing at
Newv Hope church on the first Sunday iin
June. Everybody is invited to attend
and br-ing their old and newv song book1
and1 "wET,TJ nrIrLD BASKETs." The sing
ing will begin at 10 a. m. A large crowd
of young as well as old people is looked
for at d a good time is expected.
-Mr. W. TI. McFall went to Atlante
last Thursday and returned Friday
bringing with him his wife and three
ehibiren. Little Ivy MoFall has beer
undergoinlg a few weeks treatment it
the -National Surgical Instituto ani
.soems somewhat improved.
-Cadet Christie Robinison, of Clem
non College, Spent last Saturday ani~
Sunday at home~ and among his friends
Christie is doing wvell at Cleon ani
reports a prospering condition araoni
other Pickens boys at that institution
We are glad to see all of them doini
-ilheigechngat both the Metho
-dit ad resbyteian ehurches, whipl
was dated for Sunday night, did no
*take place. The pastors of the respee
tive churches kindly gave way for thi
lecture b~y A. 0. Knebel, before the Y
*M. C. A., which took place in the Bap
:tint church.
-Apply for board at Mrs. Lathem's.I
rerms reasonable.
-0. H. Alexander represented Pick.
ens at the Spartanburg festival last week.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Moso Sim
mons on the 5th inat., a son.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Marion Ar
nold on the 5th inat., a daughter.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Duff Hud
son on the 5th inst., a daughter.
-A good rain right now would bright
en the countenances of our rural friends
very much at present.
-Last Sunday and Sunday iight Dr.
Earle attended four births and visited
other patients in the country. Who can
beat ill
-Pickens Railroad will give cheap
rates to Easley on Friday 14th to all who
wish to attend Sparks' circus. Hates
40o. round trip.
Coroner Parsons was suminoned to Cen
tral Wednesday to hold an inqest over
the body of a man found dead in I ed
th at morning.
-Regular service and all day singing
at Six Mile next Sunday. This church
never fails to have a large and attentive
congregation at its May meetings.
-From Eaaley there is a daily mail to
the following points: Cedar Rock,
Briggs, Farr's. Clement, Thomasville ,
Dacueville, Looper's, Table Mountain,
Mica, and Maynard.
-Talk about Piokens dcing businoss!
We should sayV she does. Only last Fri.
day one man from the lower part of this
county came to town and bonght from
one store a bill of goods amounting close
to $700.00.
--Mr. Jnrret M. Keith, formerly a
citizen of Greenville city, now of Athens
Ga., came in last Thursday an.] has
been spending a short time among rela
tives and friends here. Mr. Keith is a
cousin of Mr. Foster Keith of this place.
He spent Sunday with his mother Mrs.
Susan Keith, of Oolenoy.
--By the new mail system from Liber
ty to Pickens in the early morning the
Greenvillo Daily News of the same
morning and the Atlanta Journal of the
evening before reaches us almost by
breakfast time. Thanks to onr postias
ter, A. M. Morris, far his efforts in es
tablishing this new service.
-Quite a contingent of Picken conni
ty old veterans are in Columbia this
week at the reunion. We know that
they will enjoy themselves with the re
caption they will receive nid meeting
the r old time coirades who wore the
gray and fought and bled for t lie lost
-All persons owning dogs should
train them better than to run out from
their premises at passers by. If not,
they cannot "kick" if ono or two are
dropped by the roadside from said pims
ers by by a dose of powder and lead. It
gets tiresome sometimes by the pesky curs
running out and disturbing the pn wce
and quietude of pedestrians and travelers
of the public streets and highways. "A
word to the wise is sufflcient."
-The Sunday schools of the North
Pickens circuit will hmve a grand rally
at Bethel church next Ktturdny 11thi
inst. Rev. Dagnall is to address the'peo
ple on the occasion. There will probaly
be other talks made dtiring the day.
Everybody is invited to come and if pas
sible to bring full baskets. A large
crowd is exp~eeted and a good time will
doubtless be lhad. All Snuday schools of
the eireuit will be represenitedl.
All persons are hereby notified
not to hire harbor nor shelter my
son, Joe Jewell a youth of about
17 years, as he has left home with
out any just cause. Any one dis
regarding this notice will be dealt
with according to law.
S. Jewell
May 6, 1901. w3
"Live town, Mister," was the
answer of a lounger on the passen
get train) platform to a tourist who
looked from one of the Southern's
palatial trains upon the busy
streets of Easley and asked if
something special was not going on
im town.
Miss Bessie Garey a charming
Greenville girl, paid friends and
relatives a mui~ch appreciated v'isit
last week.
Mrs. WV. E. Wiggins and chil
dren are on an extended visit to
Southwest Georgia.
That clever young gentleman Mr-.
John Bowen is at home flr a while|
from Piladelphia.
That redoubtable ci tizen of'
North Carolina, Uncle Josh Crow,
was in town Saturday. Uncle Josh
ays he is the only natural born
Crow of the wingless kind on East
Fork,and when you becomno a stran
ger in that strange land you can
call for him wvith the perfect assur
ance that you will bo dircted
without fail to his shack.
Mr. Frank Davis of th~e Newell
section of Anderson county wvas in
town Saturday. He rep)orts plant
jng nearly finished in that section.
Miss Eva Hagood ain accomplish.
ed lady of Greenville county, visit
ed in Easley recently.
Wil11am Gilreath of Piedmont
was a visitor in our town on a re
cent date.
Messrs. Walker and Marshall of
Piedmont are paying Mr. E. H.
Shanklin a visit at Mountain View
W. W. Briggs of the Southern
railway was in town Monday.
Baptist church Sunday last at 11
a. m. Rev. J. Weston Jliott deliv
ered a powertul sermon from the
text: "I will not let thee go till
thou hast blessed me.'' A t night
in the Methodist church Rov. W.
E. Wiggins preached a strong and
forcible sermon from the text:
"Behold, to obey is better than
sacrfice," etc. These sermons
we'e the first in a series of revival
sermonu to-be delivered from the
Presbyterian church during th is
J. T. Lathem is having the sec
ond floor of the Lathemn building
remodeled to accomodate the
mayor's and magistrate's court.
That popnlar photoahera N
D. Taylor, will aso occu)y a mou
ern and up-to-date studio in the
Lathem building.
The town boys and echool boys
gave an exhibition of their skill in
ball playgig last Vednesday even
ing. With Mr. Jeff Raikin as um
pire, and a number of ladiEs, fair,
as spectators, the town boys play
ed ball and made a score of 64
Again-t 46. The gano waxed fast
and furious anti neair sunset, and
then the town boy" went home,
nearly satisfied.
That gallant citizen, Capt. A. V.
Rudgens, left Monday to atten(
the veterans gathering in Colum
Miss Florence Bowen, an aui
ible and clever young lady, is
nest at the residence of Maj. and
lrs. D. F. Bradleys'.
On rccount of tha protracted
ervices inl the Pres)yterian church
Ihe merchants will clcse at 7 :00
)'clock p. in.
Brother Bils says: "The Psamii
8t says, 'Siroly goodness and iner
,y shall follow me all the days of
ny life' and it is all true for good
ievs and mercy follow some peoplo
imtil they come In sight of the
>ack doors of Hades, and there,
vlenl they comlo in sight of Cerbe
us the ynrd. dogs craunching the
)or.es of falso accusers, mercy does
inve mercy on the dog, and clutch
ng her sister's skirts staggers back
leaveln ward." L. W. I ikspec.
Y. M\A. C. A.,
Prgram May 12th 1901.
1. Opening exercises including
levotional service.
2, Reading minutes last we tin g
3. Music.
4. T,),n inuitites talk on Human
Kindness by Ossie Mauldin.
5. N usic.
6. Ton ii iiintes talk on Indus
,ry by J. E. Kinch.
I. Music.
8. Collectionls.
9. General remarks.
.10. Anounicement program iuxt
neeting and fixinig place.
11. Music.
12. New business.
13, Disiission.
Planting corn and cotton seed is l
.he order of the dy.
Miss Josie Stevenson, of Easloy,
has been visiting relatives in this
section the past week.
Ansel, the fiv.o.or-old Sol of
NMr. and Mrs. E. R. Waldrop is
3ick with pneumn1onia.
Rev. J. W. Shelriff fille( his reg
alari apoointinent at Rtock Springs
the first, Sunday.
John C. Smith has done a fine
01) working the road leaditg from
the Golden Creek bridge to the
Rock QaIrry.
Miss Mlay Couch, of Goorge's
jire k section visi ed friendds near
Bleverlev last week.
Rev W. J1. Spearmfan will preach
it Rounion the second Sunday
3veinig in this m)onith.
Mr's. J. A. Sheifft who has been
iick fur the past two weeks is im
Mr. .J. A. Stegall and family vis
Lted his brother at Croswoll last
Baturd(ay 0 nd Sun day.
Mr'. S. R. Waldro.p is very sick
>f lagrippe.
Last Saturday whom the (day set
spart to elect tirustees foi' the Re
uion schiool disti'ict res'ulting in)
the appointmnent of WV, J, Boggs, T1.
H. McWhorter and1( Edd1io Farr.
Scver'al of thle Beverleyyltes went
to the singing at Secona last Sun
Messrs. WV. A. and WV. D. Dun
~an and families visited relatives
in this section last Sunday.
Mr'. Harry Lonebunrg has been
on the sick list for several days.
A small showeir of rain fe'll here
last Sundalmy . Whiskers.
FOR Trii 5(COiGASTiAC MON'ini OF APRl. 19(01
Flor'ence tenriciicks 98.
Mattie Bowen 97, Ada Craig 96
Corinne Newvto:1 S0, Brandoni Tay
lor 91,
Bruce Boggs 95, Lola Kennemu
95, Robert Bowen 94, Hovey Earb
91, Frank McFall 91.
Vesta Ash more 94, Gussie Cure
ton 94, Helen Boggs 93, Nelli<
Grandy 92, Willie Mauldin .91
Lula Welborn 91, Lois Newton 90
Elbert Welboi'n 90, Lula Werits 90
Floride Carey 99, Eileen Tayloi
97, Claude Freeman 961, Eva Earlh
94, May Fai'r 91, Kate Hester 92
Dick Freeman 96, Ai'lie Welboirr
96, Ottis Keith 95, John Carey 93
Bossie Mauld in 92.
rIIhD (lA DE.
Hagood Bruce 99, Julius Boggi
97, Lor'ona Taylor 96, Pattie Majoi
94, Grace Prince 92.
r'heron Hester 92, Hattie Kincd
92, Belle Yongue 92.
FiltsT (ORADE.
Irene Jenkine 96, Florida Kindt
95, George Prince 94, Lucia Earle
93, Mary Lewis 93, Ryan Keith
My Jack will be at Liberty unl
til the 15th of ,June.
mna2w4. W. T. IowEn.
Southern iliway announce re
ducod rates ats follows:
To Chicago, Ill., .ncount 4f
International Convont ion B. Y. P1.
U. of America, Chicago, Ill., *Jily
25th-28th, Sout lien' IHa i'w*ay will
sell round trip tickots to eCcg
atn(d return from all points (it its
lineps, at rate of one first class slanl
dard fare for the round trip. hi)a s1
of sale July 22d, and 23d and 2lt h*,
final limit July 31st 1901. lv de.
positing tickets (in pe'rson ) with
Mr. F. C. Donald, Joint. Agent at.
Chicago, hetweein July 25th and
30th inlluItsivo anld onl paymentil of
fee of fifty (50) cents at t-j im( ef
deposit, ain oxtension of the inal
limit to August 2-Ith will I gran
to(. The Joint Agents' oflicos will
be locat( in tho amin terininal
depots at. Chicago at, which paven
sengers arrive.
To Milwaukhee, WiA , aceoimi
Armual leetiig, ( rand. Lodg, B.
P). 0. E4"lks, Mlilwaukeem, Wik , July
2:l-2:ith, 1901, Soithern lia va
will soll round trip tickots to NMlil
wiaua kee, W is., alld retunn from all
points Otl its lep, at riate of o-w
regular first clis far. for ihw
round trip plus $2 00. Da o. nf
sale July 20th, 21st and 22d, fina l
limit .July 28th, 1901. A fet of
fifty (50) cents will be charg. d by
Joint, Agent at Milwaikee for vali
daltionl of retuirn portion ofI tickets.
Rate- to Buffilo via Sou1the1rn
Railway accoui t Pa I - A m )eica 0
Exposit io), effeelivo 1ay is 1-t S-11m.
thorn Railway anno1'inties' 'hioid
trip rates to Blo, N. , ., and
return, account. Pa l-Ameri can E-:x
pos.itioin. Choice 4) rouItt1s vin
Washington, 1). C., (P vi4 Cinc:ia.
nati1, Ohlio.
To Cincinnati, ( a1n1d rturin.
accounlt Internat ional hitinEn.
deavor Convenltion, .! 1ul i;! h-i .01
190 1. ]?ate ot o1n4 first clas a,0%.
for the round trip frmt al pintI
oil lines of Sou1th111rn PI i \w,:ar
Tickets t) be Shld ,u1 :h .
anld I6th, finial hlmit -July I 11b. 191. l
By depositing tickes (il IS )1.1
with J(int Agont, at Cinlljiu i,t n
or beforo .Julv 10th. anid ().n p1)
mont or re) 'of iftmy (50) cn: an
e"xtenlsionl of, final inn1it will b1.
,jermnitted t,) e t m e 11 9 1
account National l:uni.a \
sociat ion Mb eting, .1 11y 7:h. h.
1901. Rate ofa o fint ebt-s f.niq
for t ho r-mil 1 rip, pus:32 0 m. m
hership few, from ll 1 pi.: 1-,
the lin.9es of Soutthni lail;.:v
Tickets to bI w ol .11uly .5t1h, oh an ;o i
1901. y ipjsitin i t -
p~ersont,) w'ith .Joit. .\urnt a l
troit oni (or '.efore .1 ly i:2 ' ; I
110.1, will bo plrmttt1. d.
ttrip rate ofi one( first. (laPOs farte .,
the lines of1 Soui)tnr 11I i! wai.
Tickets to be sild] Alav i th, 1:nhi
and4 16Nth, with finatl limuit ,!une I -t
To Rlichmond, Vai., and1( returni.
acecount. Annual ( oniveti.,ni, N t
tiontal .Travelors5' P rot ect ive .\sso.
11011 of Amerten, Hichtnmnd, \'a
Juno :ki-Sth, 19101. linte 4f onut
Iirst class fate fort thle roumti t1r1
Itromi all poits otn linles of Sou4t hn
Ra~ ilway. T1'ick ets to b e sol . lumil
1st, 2d1 and( 3d, with lintal limit:
'lays from date of saleC.
To0 West Po(int, iss53., and14 rttrr1
herlatnd Pre'sbyvter'ian churchu, Man
I16th-24tIh , 19101. liate of1 one Ir
cla1ss farto f'or thte tlound I rip frti
Railwvay. T.Lickely toi 1.e solO! .l
May 27th, 19101.
- To) New Ort'etnH, Iti., andr
oif oefirst (ehtss fare fort th~ r,.ut
tripfro al pont. ttninn <
Soutttern illway.'ITji. t,
sold( May tht, St h am1301 I 1W
flil innit MayV 20thI 100!. Lv ii
p hositingt ticket s wijth .1oint A 34on
(in liorsonJ,) at- New Orlewt w. en t
biefore May 16th, 19t0I, attd i
ment of fee of fifty (:>41) <(nt ~, 2
extolusi n] of I the final0 limil nu I
Oper itted to ,lne 5)th. 11901.
rterIC, reserva ttins scheduk3 , 1 i 4 -
call on or addr(Iess any atgi'nt of Ih
Southerun Rlway or conntet I I..
NOTI'Cl ' To D) E' H T>l; A\ N I
All pers'.ns having chlma agti
the~ estate of A. B. WilIlitin tt,4
pt)rerl a.ttested, biy ft' It da3'
of Ju ilynx.Thsinbtdt
Vte unde1(rsigne 1 i'
.A pril 25,w v.. Attaini.t rator.
~ Patronst of 'Te .Journall I r,
Doimald, forominan, and (T'1. J, M\ .nt
forth paerfor buhsiness ho in
nnJauary 1, 1901.
AWarm ne
Il s1I r . rn '" <$ ti e .,:
D ress vy o .fn : : . L -;V\ i I \
S.I u : t j t -
Sh s', J , \. m );j in - I'v
bIe sc) hoIt theyV :Ii ave' t
ve OuW. Thnyou w.ill
Want PFIyS
and al inI
I''' i' r i 'V j14. .
fore v II 1ha
corin -
I h.1ve o un
n1-mbe ih: I
i' ii kti iii
Atkis $aw
i A C- C
i -e'
A - 01
i i
T --
4d4411. :'
4) b
y . . -
4141.;. .:, 4. 44
bli b
72 1 . ." , 4
Ic l
W h1 l 'a all1 kinds of, M r.
A i jioply no) ,e hut first eliss N
3f y au . ed anvi niig ill ouill
rig it 1 il u with il eigns and( jur
11n1l call gi e tl e lo Nwesti rric<
YourIs for
Wi~li- Hren I
/ ti A . il' ( I o \
:k:w frs :,pingl everis
So hl a N iois 4i sri l in
I.-.K C1 1: 1I . 1 . " r
tI nc ; 'ki'ls I-'rieizals: I
hiii r' 7. :1 ! w it Ih -o. wit
' t4 '.1 :t ';east :i si re o von
S ' :ii ' : I ht ltwest
\ V a'it y l' Silkis in
'Iii2: ' R I'
*> t
A 1-8le ONl gry
-A i f ll vrd l v i
b ~ r ri 'H. !i . lin' Iiforg8
t Ich T-lis vntr anl
1u . C the grneat
It) M D ivii IT 80
'All - --Cllm
i, V, ltI' 11811d is full of
11ee l ' t Stalt' ol
I m Ii l l - i t lt 111( t
A ' I1 l O NJ
A G ;:nHi a111ly d
)r olisalis
Th G u! rilb Ilrd 'Ilie
iI 1. I n ne
2l mi .i I.." ii e180
A 'itl * :n' ex telltntl
h r n in l i l f h i
th ~ ~ II:. or c~yao teSaeos
- M11 Vu l a1il)1l3 c
SI I liti I I Id
\I'.\[li, N11
-ai 1:2 terilgi I<
bI- i. I Irle'flsiliit
I '~i~'I Vit 1
e ~ ry atay baon
1 1 21A .- I I
I ti el l 'Vt' lli s res
- 1 ' -, '. lit! 1d
-\Ctb .UMy$aoN'S Sn
'll in in ne
-I .. W 0a Ci hAno
Ni die oicrl
* .n.tiC at l gho
*,.. i t K ri (21a
You;ion whe
- stne eo'4?ro
ly'eliyv Tnt1
i ;r i ll \ine."1
EI i: 121
D1 t: 011 :
iI l
* 4 -. h Ii li
- - ' ' I'> U : . il 21
(';;:Ij 41 ; Ju \-a111r1
- i11 i';e'
144 I hI II' 'I n ( t , u.
4.. b Ib -p.r'
Ef &CO.
ble ad rardto known to tho trad&,
vorkmen to fimsh tho work.
lino a postal card to our address: will
ices to your home. We buy in car
TE 4 CO.,
e Old Stand,
b 'oughi ,t at the lowest prives, and 1to
approciate yori. past trade :unt t
Is, low prices and lair dalinIgp, [
r I rade. I do not (laii to havo every
ything the average buyer w anats in
:olors n11d black woolen dre-Ss goods
Vash fabrics ill les, calicosmus..
at variety of new colors and styles, at
bofore had such an assoitinen t for so
le bleaching for 5cts. A good Iost.
t m1)o whent you wavnnt shoes. T Sell
warrant . Ladios shoes from $I. to
ye us.
Greenville, S. C.
D 11Y
Given 11cr Experience.
n the beautiful village of Brighton,
and highly respected lady was bort In
war, in Ilebron, Washilngton Co., New
the year of "Tippecanoe and Tyler
Y preserved. and possessing a very re
nileresitig rein i iscIences of her early
NIlIlIgan and the interesting and re
stiriig eveits of whileh she was a wit
In1anifold recollections are more mar
11 aro her experiences in the use of
rs. iurd inherited a tendency aid )re
estructive blood taint wich(!lI has cursed
a mi inarking tihousands(11 more as vie
d from generation to generation, it is
form or another. It may make its ap
In unsightly swelliings in the neck or
Attacking the mucous membrane, it
, or developing in the lungs it may be,
Says: "I was troubled for many years
"Id lmhab would break out in a iiass of
Y neck began to swell and became very
ivas covered with scrofulous eruptions..
Id weakened, and they painied me very
i condition and ily head ached severely
4petite. I had sors also in my cars. I
ried every remedly that had been recomn
I failed. One of the best physicians in
'Ulious conlsumplt ion, as internal aheesses
was toldl of Dr. Johnston, of Detroit, and
)ttle, miore~ as an experiment than any
lid greatly to my agreeable surprise, I
lre I kept on taking it. I took a great
'ed until I became entirely wel'l. All the
I dlisappeared. I gained perfect health.
I scrotla siiuce. or course an 0old lady
it I have hadino remlfarkab~ly goodl health
le'dicine in t he wide0 world, both for
Thlis remarkably interesting old ladly did
1e repenlted( several times, "I believe miy
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Wr F. It )UCmmr & mmO.

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