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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, May 16, 1901, Image 2

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T. i. MAULI N' .
1rigersil 4t thl. Post Of1ce at Pickens as
Jecond-lass matter.
tn~nsnY M~v16, 1901.
Let those interested in such on.
terprises as aro calculated to build
up Pickens town and Pickens
county, generally, lake note dur
ing this summer of the demand fi r
lodging placeos and use a few fig
ures and some speculative judg
mont with the view of deciding
whether or not an up-to-date hotel
would pay in this section.
If you want to know how much
ycur home town and your section
is estimated in the strides toward
development, just keep your ears
open when away from home. A
section once establishoes a reputa
tion for progressiveness needs only
to lot the world know that there
are advantages and what tliey are
anid active business men with capi
tal seeking investment will surely
If we wero to undertako to
write a book in thi, day of histor
ical novols and amatory romaraes
we would endeavor to temper it a
great deal with matter-of-fact, per
tinent and possible narrativo thtd
would be consistont and measure
up to the standard of truth in the
lives of its characters just as lived
by the supposod actors, The over
drawn exploits of book heroes and
the sickening sentimentalism of
heroines, though sometimes excit
ing and inviting to the desultory
reader, are not factors that contri
bute to the lasting quality of the
present day literature. Modern
novels are lacking in the moral
gbjective and most of them will
perish with the decade-but we aro
not writing a book.
Columbia with accustomed hos
pitality, opened her doors to the
vetrans and sons of votrans. No
old soldier whose career gave him
an opportunity to kncw Columbia
or whose bussiness has beu the
ocesiion of an occasional visit to
that city since the war can resist a
feeling of personal prid..m in the
capital of South Carolina. It wais
well that the veterans once more
hiad the opportunity of enjoymng
the hospitality of the war str icken
city and to note that while the old
freedom and courtesy were
uded to the visitors, there has
.1 from the dlesolation) anid ashes
war a city of commerce and
manufacture and yet a city ot pat
ri tism and refinemenit.
When Uenedict Arneld betrayed
the trust imposed in himn,doceiv'ing
the muan whose con fidence placedl
him in high position, he was only
consumumating the effects of an in.
ordinate ambition and a recklessly
extravagant life. History record
the result. There are Benedic
Arnolds galore today, but their de
feotions are most aliparent in vic
lations of coinlidence and friendi
trusts that are extended throug
the ordinary course of busin~ess ani
social con versations. Some mec
are willing to promise absoluto a
crecy simply to hear a story (hi
does no credit either to the inid
vidual involved or thie one who In
parts (lie information. The indl
vidual who is always anxious
hoar, whether lie really believes4
not, is usually a garrulous chara
ter and is almost invariably inila
ed with a feoling of implortance
being the trusted confidante of'
man with a story-the more slam
derous the story the more inflate
is this kind of man-and undi
this sinister inspiration seeks in
mediately to verify his importan<
by vague and round-about insmi
ations that makes other curious1
inquisitive people begin to as
questions and speculate as to whi
Is really at the bottom of all th
gossip. Legitimate discussion<
actual facts an~d logical conjecturE
as to their results are proper an
generally becoming but with thm
man with a confidence whose ow
estimate of importance and ont
claim to distinction is to be th
recognized author of a bit of in
formation that sets tongues ti
wagginig and gossips to specula
ting is a menance to the people o:
any community. There are muan)
good men who mourn their errori
ad who would make more strenu.
CUB efforts to overcome themi wert
it ntot for the licenseo of ton~gu
that has been exercIse4 by some
In whom they have oon~dpd,where,
he hir fannhaa 1..n 1.......spo
them from an altogothor incorrect
point of viow. While down, they
are being kicked further down,
doopair almost onthralls them,
rechlossness follows a feeling of
bopelessness, former friend.i a
Ceady wtth protostations of allegi
ance doecrt thom unlil thoy arc
reckoned by the majority as excomn
municatod, unideserving of friend
ly assistance but still targets for
hypocritical sympathy-a sympa
thy that disgraces the namo
spurious product moro prlperly
ieasured by t he word contonpt
which is the only nomenclature for
the feeling that ought to exist for
just that kind of peoplO wio ari
outwawardly so solicitous, but in -
wardly selfish and, liko i ho Phari
soo of old, thanking (wod that they
are not as other mni1. Savo ius from
such frionds -we lir1eer to dI I
with enemies openly for th1i n al
least wo are under Io chii1i" thi ti:
to mako concepsions in retcurI, 1"It
designinll-y profl'er-ed a-sy"is11an1ce.
co U R A G E.
Somne men have li tI tl cou r-ae
none have too much. We refer inore
ospecia Illy to that iuality knoii as
morail courw.go. To 1 > a ti4ng ()n'
knows is right tlougi con eicouI
of a flood of uriteisim n i though
it i'ay aIt timo3 bi not alhloget her
consistent wViL his us'al c mese of
conduct is a s3pcci'S of r m o that
the world,thoug'i so .vt! r -c i
for its Lull w'irth, Will or ii. 1 .
reward. Tdo(o) a thing h it
is right andi not because it p 0om11.
0s of personal reward H th ln
Iiotive. \alany meni d righ t r
two relzons and (nly *wo-the n (
of reward (or the fear of imni.h
men'tt. I I nii <ht'p .roI i v pi m i b
than eithert of tlhee th r.. ults fil
far short of thw posiillies
reekt VOW n ct. I, in: id ualII1 pr,)
motion Or the evasion1 (fth" con2
'1uplile's of N\ r'ing d'':1' Wi 0~r ki 11P
%oly lt re) s fro'n1 w1151( . 'M" (h 'r\
ed'41 ms irtin O rper act 1n. all
effor's of mnif'i wotn .'.b neat e nIl
to a selfis! scramble for pa ional
promlotion. The. m r-ar spirit (Af
latter days has bosn too proIluctive
already of an individualism that is
blinding people to thcir rcspm.si
bilities and dwarfing th gon.r mW;
and chaiitable it stincts ininte teir
being. This is the time w L D ien
of courage (f the i tru stam; are
needed- men whio are ni it aifra idc of
the sneerinug coininefnts of (jlplata*dai i
assoiciates but who are e'lf tre'-I i an
and courageously sttrong to thle
poin11t of seeking toiuiand rens ii ng.
openlyl) II necessary', with an t erranit
friend; bold F nouigh to acknocwledgue
his own faults uand in opposit in tioI
all tho forcos t hat hav'e ca rriedi
dtc'ltion) fac ahnt and brteast
themi. The roward is to thie man
thait overcoimesi. ie usual y mets
with disapointmthut and expeineIC
that try his very soul ,ev'n I hose he
counted amongst his frindcs muyv
Sendeavor to dliscounit his good res
~olutions aind apparsnt efforts l'
.vague allusions andit slurr1 ig ro
.marks-such friendls ai e a way:
W wi us. andh (annct well c toncen~
Ia themsielvest behind a no~iklk ~oi by
(I pocr'isy-but beyondi all t his ih'm
a is a pesoa respoinsibil ity atid i
.- the honiest iimn a c'onsionanetoutc' lt
t it his~ own1 pariit is actdi wiel th
~. anid his recward'c is ai tcertain as hi
~. faith is lasting. 'PTte aissetive ncnth
is~ the winning lmani. Th~le maiinwit
r conv ~ictionls is thce uman i who rch ')
.iresults, lhe muust have I the cvrp
t able to1 stand) up) for whai~t lie hc
a lieves is right he usuallyi is ig
~. heeauise his concl umionms hiave' re
(1 sulted ftrom a seriousi coisitderaitiui
r of all thle piremlises in t he ceavel es
.- argumuent regardling humani conI
.- him.
k Tlhe 'ondtitioni of iith nera iin Ila
t South is improv ing. 11is impijor
0 tanco as a fatcor in pcolit ies is fu-e
f declininig or rather is h'oginmiig it
a5 be reckoned 1by thle st andaril d of in
i telligence. Thej) miost aidvantcevi co
'9 the race themselves r'eogniz/e i ha
1 the ignornco of their fellow
v makes thoem unfit for the privi leg<
D of suffrage and with !commendabi'
-boldness are advocating the samt
ideas foutnd nessar'y by their whit<
friends to insuto tho best govern
ment possible under existing~ conl
dtitions. Visionary schemes of col
oflization) havO no0 place in tln
thottghtful plans of those tr'uly in
terested in his developmnt-th<'
home of thle southern negro i
Where he now is-"the soittheri
white mian is his best friend; 1h
: E S99BuIses3 all thAiq ai44 wth em
giving ovidenice of his tipIrciatiOli
Ucof- N ortlierfl men of phlilofl
Lilo~pic i ucliiii .) miay conim ti 1
to q1vild thoir. iloney f or his odin
citt~i, 2111A(l obod v )::s R113y ob- I
jectio)u to) it, butt ili( rcfti Ws ) far
havo demln: t ratetd I e fact th1at
who havo be(.n tatigni .1iliig pr1oper
I lies-Iltivo Iijei)~l l'A"lgmt t-jI
rc.llizo tll( stiipiit) 44 co:Nferilig
I- i v Ie;.;v.- 111) ()I t h o. e f t Il ii r I-A "
Whluae Ltlly tIIliIv b) veujoy tliilu
:111d 1%Witl 1li1i St II'Iiii 11lG VL-iil ,'
the y h ave in 1phasz' US Z 1 Li x Pe
(Iio'))c) of S~l0ior't cC quai Iifick tioni
a11 proni( (ief top th1( (,Xvi-ciso of
t h i i g I lp t 8 a if p ol s it e ii V ' I luif
il tis paut iclii.a 0])'a aa~s :Ilia
sti.lit i\t thw d' 1 0 ilA "I th
tIlie cuu:d uxt 8 iii tinlotv of, ill
(i e cmo:hI~ vAive t(tvicec ons.ant I.'H
cuiutllig Iiiiith Cqtlj(. &;L1Ice IM i
:111( ((Si:C vi o heir I. ol %N. . i ms.
I li melI're of' the mv.S are id!e:.ti
l,! h r ji0CoHity (d, mel. i11(el
The southe'i n whito ili with l-lp
d io-s il.r tie ~gc tidii Ft
avlV,1 . Lim lwv giel. \Vlilt is
miost desiial~c i-S thu:I ('VA'' 111M)
Nvhit.) Find blick ve 1.i ; tL
poii;t of upjm'eeiat iii1 of hIk prvivi. I
lcgcs andiu appl'1rill ii '.i4 wh: 11 lie' I
fi11 of,1) S'.:ciity. Once l.riu iglt to f
41ares potI~ 1 i i ity, (it e oStim ne
to).Icu'!r lvi to %\: i'l;{ Ii''~i. I b c i*
it-ett" pif [rI'.-t Lu1(s '.'I 1es.
clliitrv ll i'r in.10 aIuu Warll
(It~m with ' ~) have'-4 11Nid t II a
Mrn~ '-tll l iuwuiiitilt I C Ii ch, or'
gn tI Iv I- n~ S 1i 1; 1 illt i' tsbe
i s ,, I it , p.t ti t-1 1n lc iip I t ". i l .;,"
Iit lwl. Tll uirm1 i .. -e. all I i
eviM! V ' t*-)I(11h Ri I uirl A thuge
4 Il4 l4[ .ill4 (..11 antli
Iil "ild u llt i t'1.t'vei , i cI s'i
ltuNV- o1 1114 i itv -1o I I " it-l v o'S
li" ' 1 si )I. chtu i l (I 111 liii ll
w, i ',8 ' ld 50,, t h
\N t t nphe st 1,1Mr 1.
Strihijiut'. I -Atiil'1teke.k
AAA LA U&LA~kJL V. %)i , i .11a u ? 1 1I
lie jumor orator of tL e day. TIhe
peli doalt with 11ho bad i hips
uId heroim of' s.-uthean sohliere,
nd ple.a with the young g-1(.1J
ion toI gI'ard the I o r o th c -
e(Ilorate dead. 'IIh,- ,p_--ceh wai
Vi-4i receive I.
Quite -I w111 p of the voti ril S
vevt to 11ho family brigg giound
>lt) e Si1 mA tsn (14 .cora te tilh.
: ave o f TaillIy - im -l, n1 for wh n
he eamp is lamel.
1r J. C. Si.b 1 ig b hS.rve t
nuceh credit f6r thet xel nt n. I
,e' i'i wh ell lil.eI *:. I tLe wil lo I
L .. i , '. l illny sil i Wa's thi luiost v
mjoyable n":aSion1 (,f tho Ikinld "hbey I
,al evv. at teideJ.
PtCOple wore prk: r;1t froin ;nlr
01n, Walhal.1, S~enevc A anl Ohel
ur rouin~g townf :Ia 1l 'oun try.
p1 a pattiot'icspr .
a coui'try 'vii ilt lin'r.ori S al.-l ,
C11111i ry witoiti II 1 i I ('Ui is a
olildiry N fi1 il>t, 1:, -.. c.: :( . ' a :l( I
ollnt ry w%* t hollt l1..- -; Ii a ('01ll1- o
ry wiith->ut honor :.?;, Stabilitv.
II) D SO I 1 )D I- F. :' E N ) El I:EN E-:-,.
M MI Altistin Civil v v terall (d1
raS siok n lnmg t1i ii m spite of a
mot <4 el r' t i e, m -: t, bu"t wm.:
rhIlIy cu-: v by I "r. ' N x
,ifo 19!"s, whi.'b I !A N"llecd wo:alere..
or10 - 11 l (1 II. "I -.- : t was <No (
r* ti.m. () ly : at (Ni )
k I n dita 'r:in n Sw
to i let's.
\\ ' da o ( i o t in tt::n c t to' t
a o 11 o,'? Il)o 1 . I t th If tF four 14
il or eId (C w vii I 1 ei ing' -t t 11
Al1) 'ui a h t 1~*, (1)( illk' 1
-ielr, Iohlt~1~ b-or the twehnin t~ri
murl to he < :;ter, o :Mi otm
ne-to Ih cl i p.e day'.' Is b
Ilre nmY gr. in yv inl fee.ling
()r ons -fourt h p lnlper day1) o r
1n" nil ow.fk fou t I : e nts'! I have
level It inthr(I o &i : 'icit i them
o food at thamt 1pr. , <+ PeCiall y
brough tL~e FixZ wintier months1.
V l, I o i s :: a t:- hem th( ) l- N
or lot. pic ) ay, 1,1 71t n pre. e
IIr torite a $lii.t tO Of (at th 'I
alLtee r' rtil p: i -a- sem fi r 10 \
eitA I or pun1l 0d. Thf. - busini as is
1 the sal or dr -,n a thill selling (d
orn (t)oh whi-kv naik r atj 50 ts. .
huI I . I h wh. y I m I
J.kerm it int t h e o ~ lln )f whItis. .1
Y and( Ss h11 in s .:- anivo (? L~.
es ni i pr I hoitda th11 e
Ii .nt of 3 .00. At ton cents a
rink we umtd to I )4y $1 Co s
allnl or $(..I- Ir b u s-i for i
rhat .'as iinadE out of '11 o bush- oft
Many farimet a rte pola ing Car.
14g .e on a small -eale In giving"
wav their hut (t.
T)O ravuCih or deh'iornin.
nIr, RA Wi el it, fmIll v, S in a
f ltrowl with'~ wit l:o';pn , y
lar i) ' wh ic will .icim thir horn.lti
row iing ha l along . I' t. neel<' in f
>th ig ~~ w ict i. Sht'a . h e o
ul : 'u st I nI 10 nt 1of ande over
Init on to the '.l-ek. e tntf l
lingth puast i w'ir f'l Itheir
Iy10.rns are ie'y.et buot--hegin
hLtegatmnl a oro Ad tie ive 01
imnTxs old.s
m~ t a jl jii
Wh 'isi i li it ha the pop'ultio of
lown aa itie is owing stf13
>Vor thNi i d ciiItat of3tl ou ty 1ix it
npriodi ngl Agricolist.l
"cIF~ Ct r a li.no with(0 1 .or o,' Jaysl '
flem iilO y t iroI'ubu. I we har' lyii
\er fei fro hl ne li' hit s lo r ari1;ti
P lin ill lly b ck . i i ita n thinr jf
malt:ks-Arim ran"Ifl
Dit ere bu si botle comp~il ultey .
r ate stomachR liver tio.. atnd? i
teltd byHlC&1only iniy~ 50.
' 1)( } lt' lOul V10 t1t
:lio here?" ats'rked tho
travelor inl a malarial
S!Ctioi. eNot ," replie
tt ntive' "they di.
voo Te only dlie once and
he:,!,iv IraIl one ait thilt sainOC d
0ce.. Not so, thmiough, wilen thexv
IIItd il here. It they trade oniIce
ith s te, e p c0minig, Simply
Inll :. I e ti'eU m h Core iCS
cId het ter Iinices for less muolley.
m10 way with horses. WO have
Ist redelved threo car loads of, (lico
Will have another car froin
endue.- iwxON0I. week-all arodtin(
ineker-.1icks. CoImco aid see themI .
Do Vou wiat ait N. n or vehiicle
r anly kind? If so we cai sa\ve
o I m<Cy. We have trliie car
.);Ms, of of wam, an fivo Of
i.,.: and c rrigons, aill received ince
w lirst dw. of, list January. We
ave cit out tho
)n Hie ooda we aro dotor
lit l( to I n1 1i) our replnzat i i
Slhe I1-;t deaic'rs in tle-talte.
Wo !r, buv ~ty inl less thi n car
aIls all I pIy spot ca-h fir Cv.ady
hing, belne v )i h.,y cheii aper than111
h sm-Iwll do-auer who) bu vs a feow
0 S at t1 ti tuo all- .1 0e)> I hem ili
A th ev nar old ni] dingy. W W
WI) 11n r 1 )ep1 %Vit:O don't
are to divbIC li-i0its With the
11,11in!d. WNIo CaIrv inl st wk the
Celebrated Studebaker
nud the world's, justly renownod
,,1....W E B E R....
Tagons. As medium grades wo
c rry thie (ha I tc anooga, Owienc Tboro,
'aylo.r, Virgicin i ndd Russc elI
We keep inl stock ait all times
h i rt eon d ii ii ncit makes of 1 Riiggics
uld Carring(.s, anll(g theml tho
)*lboek, CocitIid, Tyson an111d
onei; llarlhnur and Aecne. Come
1ok and tako your choice.
Wo will not scy much as to Mir
10i... WX'e Lhave onl hand a $15,000
to,-k-mO1ro than every dealer
11 town 'llcniiel. I4emc'ecllher for
het nxt thir ty dlys wO will make
t:c!hbis in -l i' -r h ': l~ic r Sr i
U m \' 'tlic'i: S. C.
I'. ''il ) l-tT).Y
I~oii ~ n h ' .1 II 1 . l 4-m i,
Fi :: :4':a ,T ,h [l' I I cc. mc.
Iwoh i 4 ' a i i a. mi.
T iri " ;14 " 4 I I . m
" " li a na I. mc
Fifib " Tabc' c 11 :i. mc.
'ri-I. n ei ngc* cinc~ th e-l' i ilcc cle~boel
Fir-t 5cu 1c, P (iek 1 n. c,
K-coa:l " F.ailc.
Thlit. '' (' e v c. l,
'' I-' iis li :i v. ~
Fif* " I i'idyIc cc
i~icicil 1 ,4 I~ 1 c n. m.c
1'ir ii ' 1cev I c c. mc.
44 ~ 7:21 p. mc.
1'.c -IIncim
4' 44 4 ~ 11 a. inc
7:.0cc. m
\VAN''1'~i-I~r~lji' aci a.i mo.
ccc ~tthi I~r\X'cj7:: 1.em.
Thin! Ceuny, id en141 h,. A11n.m
m8elicg Iii ~ i1c p.cm.
'I0., l' vlStr tince ilo 1 fi 'Clitst
cc' tev C4nl I) il l t. 1 Whts liiic
rie' scomptd I' ).N 99s, . MAnt
Fillarte co money gl res wih lou
mtrv andb le t und 5wcts.o m hoursmps
or smpl. D N lseic on. Man
an Dn tlnw icat. sa
HTo Find ut.clhy ni
Fill botle o com oc glaf wthe kid
atr ndle itsan tweys;four hus:ain
sedurient st
eidn ofth kid
ney trouble ; too
7 - frequenct desiro to
- pass it or pain in
"" te back is also
onvncmng proof that the kidneys and blad
.cr are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
ftenc expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
toot. the great kidney remedy fulfills every
,ish icn curincg rheumatism, pain ini the
ack, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
f the urinary passage, it corrects inability
:> hold water and scaiding pain in passing
,or bad effects following use of liquor,
'ine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
ecessity of being compelled to go often
uring thie day, and to get up many times
uring the night. The mild and the extra
rdinaryP effect of Swamp-Root is soon
tai~d tsands the highest for its won..
erful cures of the most distressing cases.
you neced a medicino you should have the
est. Sol by druggists in b0o. and $f. citos.
You may have a sample bottle of this
'onderful discovery
nd a book that tells :
core about it, both sent
bsolutely free by mail,
didress Dr. Kilmer & nrome or swimcp~ioot,
o., Bing~hamton, N. Y. When writing men,
onl readingthis unaaaafri hsnnr
A, . .n A 9I , . A-1 n1 I',. n. Mo NiSON
b. W. 'AIMtIL, .Pickens, S. U
Greenville, S. C.
II ay uoieswor th, Larker' & R bilnson,
Aid ornaey-aRt-.Lann'
I'Iekens U. i[., - - South Carollina
1'ractice in ill Courts. Attend to till
biisiness4 pr'onptly. ti.
[."'M onov to loan.
Attorney at Law.
Pickens.S., 0,
Pract ice in all the Courts.
O(lict over Earlo's Drug Storo.
Greenville, S. C.
00flcl, over Addisols Drug sktore.
C. FITZ(,14.R AT LD, Il1IfTO IZ,
**pher, Greenlvillel, S. U. Ollice o%-e,.
A <hl.i *on'. I )rug 81 o.
All work .'ranis'ted (o give zati-Tar
Condo~ned lo tule( olasmnn.-eor Trahln.
In 1'''c1 J.'ni.!.Eth, 14J5 .
Northbo.,l. iNo. P . No.3'. No ;;.. o. 3S.
D)aily.-j Daily - inily Unily.
Lv. A t "t'a f 'T. i~ ~21'I
" 0A1anta~l -- 1 -!t'-1
Al 40141 0:1 1 U 26
1'ld U2 1;7p 1) 1 5
( o~t~ 1 4' 2 '253 p UGS 2 1 a
" ;4 .1 2 4N5 .. u :1 ua
"Pi l ut'n. .,
" 1. A -. N4 .
" ('ort-e~pa.. .
N,4 -.1 1g4 1 4 0 ~' 7 P .1'1.
.. E:1,t 1, 4 1- p
5 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . 22 Ie ',' S 1
4r -
.A..rN '4'4 8g 4 n .1. a 8l ) 7N'1 r
" . n g .......
" u ol . . 4) 4 1 IS p v 41
'1 iiIl )U, 4' ) 11 -H l1 .
~~~'. ~ ~ ~ . :.5. 1a .. 12 5 4 .i'1 ;:i p
1,1. I4'I)fol4'44 8' JU it! bI u :W .1 ..54 ' I ...
Ar. Gre'r:,r '
.A r. IDurh'Iam4 ....,. ~ ,)* :
8 :. I n 1001 1 -1: 1251
S 1'il~m d ,O i. I. I L( ! N 1 l. a
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Iso d w0:-:. N M York' ii I- ,his, s'i Wah
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l . 1 "OnlIQ:n -ts n~Il : .; fn y. ' -n .r e
n:I- I')mI Warin en Oa ( 14-01. Ial fOr aneol
from( lg4e'rP vl~et t u nia J and ispartanbu g-:
Crg -.m'. ::t : 1 r. ou& 11( m 1( lt
--For Spring Trade -"
We have just received
A nice line of Men Boy's
From 25 et.s te and a
nice line of
from1 100ets to .
Seeour line of TOWELS from
10(c to 30c a pair. A new line of
SU MlMEt S-lI RTS from 50c to $1.
each. We have the hoes to thin
ihe big (op of cot toni that is being
phintcd. Remember, we always
keep a full store, and count on the
<juulity nud prie(s being right.
P espectfully,
Crai Bros.
j j"T N lI-1,G
T now 'have the best selected
'dock ot
C.OFIllNG, &c.
E WCome oneC como all,
120 M:'in street, Greenville, S. C.
apr 121.fl 9.
Sash.-, Deors, Blinds, Flooring,
Ceiling, and Weatherboard
ing, Mbulding, of all
kinds. Leather and
[Rubber' Eclting
With all kinds of
Als o En rgm o and Cylnoder Oil at
E In.s"'d Oil, IBothi Raw and
b ,il fo rr painting, and Whiite
L'od ofI hest Quality.
Give us a trial before buying
Pickens~ S. C.
Offien and Warehouse near De
Thycure dandruiff, hair falhing,
honida' lie, rts'., yet coists the sa1me
as an ord iia ry comb--Dr. W hit e's
Elec(tric Com b. Tihe only pat~ented
comb I in the wor'1ild. People, every
w here it has been introduced, are
wild( with delight. You simply
comb y'our hiri each day and the
combt does thec rest. This wonder-.
Iul conib is simply nobreakable and
is made so that it is absolutely
imipoi.sible to break o~r cut the
huair. Sold1 on a writton guiaranl
Iceo t o gi vt pil %*a t saltifactio'n h
"ve rXy part ironl 'Rond( sitamps; for
one0. Ladliu' Get s'4
%ec. Live '" wanted
everywher." "1s arw
ticle. Se er
wild wit' .t
mn this pay~.A
ROSE, Gener'a

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