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The People's Journal.'
Local and Personal.
-J. R. ifaynes went to Greenvillo last
But1urdasy and returned Sundty.
bert Laboon, of near Easley, was
a Saturday and Monday.
"d Veterans havo returiined,
their trip to Columbia.
Ay is spending a abort
Furman Universitx.
Tvy M. Mauldin
- week an1d Sp(lnt a
Jrandy went to New.
Orles 'out hern Baptist Conven
Hon la01
-The people on the Greenville side
of the county enjoyed a good rain last
Thursday night.
-Cadets Wayne Mauldin and ]Tom
rnio Boweni, of lemson College, came
home last Friday and returned Sunday.
-Jerre Looper has treate-i himself to
a nice u:ew buggy. le will doubtless
spread himself considorably now.
-Prof. Dominick and wife, of Eal1y,
were in town last Faturday to attlond the
meeting of tile teacher's association.
-Many of our farmes, I-eing up
with their oropai, enio to town inst. Sat
urday to trade and attend to other bii
-The infant child of John Stevenson
was burie.1 at Griffin church burying
ground on last Sauday afternoon.
--J. H. Brown was in town Saturday.
We are always glad to two our Liberty
-The many friends of Miss Prudence
Clayton, near Centra', will regret to
learn that she is in bad health.
-Quite a number of Pickens peolo
took advantago c.f the Special rates onl
the Pickena railroad last Tuesday and at
tended Sparks' ciroms at:. E vy.
-Osaie Hendricks, Ih four-ye'ar o'd
Soi of Ervin llHdricks, of Fie'd, hitl
the misfortuo last Saturday to fall from
a stable loft and get severely injured.
-W. B. Singleton, of Oconeo county, I
was in town last Saturday. Unclo Buck
reports a pltomniing condition among the I
farmers in his section.
-There was an uniunally large crowd
at the May meeting at Six Mile last Stinl
day. Rev. W. C. Seaborn preached an
excellent sermon.
-Rev. R. R. Dngnall tilled his reu
lar appointment in the Methodist chirch
at this place at 11 a. m. Also at 1Slth
lehem Sunday afternoon.
-Married, on Sunday May 12Ih 1901,
at the renidence of .ohn Murphree, by
J. S. Bewen, Notary Public. Mr. E. T.
Caossell to Miss A. E. Murphrco. All of
Piokens county.
-B. F. Robertson, the nassistant chem
ist at Clemson College, visited frieteds
and relatives in this county last Satur
day and Sunday.
-Married, on Sunday May 12th1 '901,
at the residence of Rick H'mdricks by
M. F. Hester, N. P., Mr. Van Griffin to
Miss Anna Evatt. All of Piekens coun
-Rev. 0. J. Copeland, of Anderson,
delivered a sphlendid Cermon1 iln tile Rapl
tint chureh Sunday night to ai large coni
gregaitionl from the text: "What is that
to thee, followv thou me."
-Coroner Parsons was called to Cen
tral last week to hold an inques1Ct <.ver the
body of Richnrd Shirley who w-as found
dead in bed. It is supposed that hleart
diseas~as the cause of Shirley's death.
---Under thle mfanalgemen~t of J. R1.
Haynes, the moving of the residence of
Hion. J. E. Bloggasa was quickly effected.
A new residence in the place of the old
one will soon be in course of construc
-On Thursay tile 10th instant thlere
will be a gamns of base0 ball betwveen the
Pickens and Essley teams. This gameo
promises to be a notable event ini thec
athletic history of these two townls.
-The Pickens Railroad will give apn
elal rates to Eashey on Thun~d 'y 16th
instant so as to accommodate thlose who
wish to attend the base ball game be
tween Easley and Pickens teams. Rate,
40 cent8 round trip.
-Rev. M. P. Mathenv, on his way'
from North Carolina to Greenville to
preachl the dedication seirmon of thil
Buncomube Street Baptist chureb o, atop
ped iln towni to spenld last Friday lund
Saturday with his son, Leslie.
-Next Sunday 19th inst., will be
Children's Day at Biethlehem. The11 Sun
day school will meet at 10 o'clock. The
hour for prenchling will bo taken up
with Sunday school talks by able gen
tlemen. Everybody is invited to attend.
..-Mr. 0. RI. Hendricks is now U. R.
Hendricks, lawyer. Rob. palssedt the ex
amination before the state examiners last
Tuesday 7th inst. WVe congratulate Mir.
Hendricks and wish for himi unparalleled
success in his professiior.
--The big meeting at Griffin last Sun
day was a sitess. As usual a large
crowd was5 present and ever'ybody enjo y-I
ed thlemselves. Rev. McDaniel, of.
Greenville, filled his regular appoint
ment with credit to himself and with rat
Iefaction to those present.
-The Pickens base 1)a11 teaml organ
Ized last wee-k with Ernest Folger as
Captain and C. H. Alexanoder as business
manager. The team is taking regular
prie'ie anld under its cfficiet manage
mnent will doubtless prove a formnidablo
foe to the teams in our sister towns.
-On Wednesday May 8th, tlhe stock
holders of the Liberty bank met and or
gtanized as follows: J. Carter, Preside'nt;
W. H. Chapman, vice-presiit; 11. C.
Shirley, cashier. D~irectors: F. B.
Morgan, 3. H. Brown, J. P. Smith, Z.
T. Catlebary, J. N. Morgan andl W. '.'
--Jerremish Looper has succeeded in
seino~ig a nice appropriate tomb for tihe
gra ve of Col. Andy Griffin who was bur-i'
fept Becona several years ngo, This is
the fulfillment of a promise wade by Mr.
Looper to Col, Griffin some timo before
the Uolon el's death, Verily the Lerocs
of the Confederacy, whidher de d or
livinx, will be hlonored and pi operly
cared for,
0, nmg lant
#1.4I ctioniof
the b. In
bl - s alledt
t . Mr.
--Aply for boird at Mvs, Latliinig.
1'ermis reasornab!n.
-MNiss Cloval Griffin o fAmbler wvas inl t
town tho first part of tho week.
-Ci jter Durham isv very low with (
boart disuase.
-Mr. R.Iollingsworlth And daugh"'I
lor, 'Miss Aurim iivo returned from an
"Xten01deid visit to Goorgia and Florida.
-Col. J. E. Iftagood como ly from
01harle 'stonl Mon0day aifternloonl. He wvill
be there a few days34.
-Brn unto Mr. ntd Mrs. P. 11.
-rane on the morning of the 12th inst.
i daughter.
-Somie on1e brok into C. M, irave
cy's smokehouse f lo-w nlights ago and I
marrtied oil laun and Imidiing of meat.
-.V. E. Dickens, of Al ima , will
:pend a few weeks 'with his famiily in
-John (rihiin, coloreid, was kill.1' on
he Elberton Air Line railroad I st Him.
liy. IiS remains W(r0 iittil'i'i3 i i th
Jold Springs burying groind I 'M lay.
--Wo are forced to hol Ippe frml
>rss ia few hoi's thi Week in orler to
uset t, advert isemenit ofI Shi ill a!(. I t I
Van necessary to get tho notice inl this
-At a lueciIig of the patrons of Pra
or school iistrict last- t week the i)ert;i I
rustxtees of Paid district werv re-elet ed:
I'hey tre Mor-'rs. W. L. FEntrekin, Bill y
larreut and Nehln Polding.
-Thriiern will b a taceting at T1 wn
3'rek selool Louso on tunlay May
0151h1 to elect taieber for tihe sumicxinwvr
<ehool. All patrons me iqiiilel to be
reusent. Ity order of the Truste:-s.
-Prof. A. White Singleton, of West
ninster, w-is in lowni a feuw (avs tiI I
veek. Prof. Si:'gleton Was fr i ily a
itizeln of this county :nl a fev :t's
igo ioved to OX'onoo. Wo are glad to e
velcoino our old friends.
-Sipe'int-dent of e,!neatio in W. W. 3
P. Bright reuI(lests thut thon Wio) are (1o
iced books tor thi r ehikinn dinii
i mier to eile anti go I tii v! r-w s-> 1S
o avoid the( i -con venlience later~l inl thet
vien ! i rough ilad gave an kexin.(
lit Tiie!'diy 114l Ties hiy n1iight. Hom,- '
>f the Pickiens haov: happennid (?) to h:- inll
b at-t towi adil toiik it in, ine'nlidng the
)alloon isceintion (?) wt - o4h- r g:- I (I
)reforimnlilo loll tue boys seemeil t he of C
li0 opinion that it, Wia a stess (as a I
ailure.) Wi.-nm th show wat-; over it a
le) rted. fo' Gr1'eenvilleo, no dotiht, le:iv
ng the town somehlalt ri:.hr and inmulyi f
)oor soulsi poorer by the r vis;t.
--The gatliering of ilte S1innolaty zelool.
if the North 'ickens (irenit hist Satur
:lay at iBithl chnreh was a m4-morale
>."e, Hioin for the good pe'iopleof tInt Cit.
mit. A iia rge cr'owd was plisen t with i
ulen ty to eat. 'ie day was spent with
l eches by chiiheli froi the diimrent
wchools ned by tie folh-wing goiitleme:
Will (Gr':velv, Isan (iravely, I. 1H. Ab.
ircrombie, llev. M. C. WN inci este., J.
[j. 0. '1hilmpoi and Rlev. 11. 11. )ap
nal. BOv. 11. II. Iignall was 1he oratolr
)f the day and everybody enjoye i his
-On S.itirdly i a y I1th, a Im' eting <
>f th te .aciers of Pickenis f nuty was :
lailled for the purpose of organizing a,
Coty Tveachers Association. h im
flianive wvith this call at sm i miunber of
tle teneers met inl the iom-it honu and
perfected a temporary'ui' or'gatiz/.ti on will
Prof. W. E. Decndy as priesiilfn and(
Prof. D~ominie'k as secriry(~i. ( wing ti
he fact that only'~ a few of t ho teneheri'i.
o appopint a tiime and3( arr.imi'e a pmrogram u
or thle next. meet inmg. whtichi will be on
ttin-dayi~i, May 25';hi. All ofl'ithe te.-ehiers
'eqgncst (1 to comin to ti:4 j mneeting to as
'.ist ini perftet ing thle organ izio an i i d in ~
Be-ides I his an in terestin~g pro1griam wi .1
ao carricd out.
Dr. R. Fi. Smith sipenit two days
tor of graceful for ce of charneur he
always seems to he.
J. E. Ja nu s is onIco morei' in Ea sh.-y
orea shxort stny.
Mrs. and AlIiss bioll ingswua:th arc
zucsts at the homen of Dr. Snuiih.
The stockhiolders of the Easley
rot ton mill had a businicss meeting
onu the :31th ir~st.
Mesirs ('a lhoun IHai iis and Ray
mond1( MattIison of Amh-rsi'ont ando
EdLiward Conyvers of GireenvilIle
wero guiesta with WY. M. Hagd"O
Sundia y.
IMisses Ma mie Cla pp and Es>telhi~
Stewart visited in Eagley thIiis
M'iss Luciaj1 Folgerwa visitor
in towvn last week.
Miss Lidia Hatgood took a most
enjoyable trtip to Spartanhburg la~st
John Sta nl'-y car-insipecto'r of' the
Southern railway was ini town yes
W. II. Pickens has suilliu'intly
recovered to be onm the streets yes
The series of mneet ings held in
the P re'sbyteniia nchuiiirch undert i t
pastorshipiI of' that chr ist ly gentlec
menf IBev. TV. IH. Medd, (eln Stun
day night. WithL~ Rev. WX. E. Wig
gmsi and3( J. E. Jamir-s as coaj jutorls
and fellow-workers, Pro. Medd hias
str'iven'l earnestly to elevate thle
standar d o f I lie cross', to a mor'e
exaltead plane. That hie wa1s s
celsfaly, nlon enn dctny; fotr the
Inueting resiu (ltet ini se~ver'aI add(i.
tions to the ch irch's membership.
(Gayly axttir'ed, the thriongs are
awaiting thei appear'anco of the
Rtrei~et pnaad, Of' course a Circus
draws~" ai cr'owd.
TIhtero n ill be a gamn (If I all,
T11hrury n(eI7 I1-xt, a6 ~ 3. a0 P. M.,
be-tween the Pickens and~ E'atsley ~
teamst. TIhe game will he play'ad
oni thle g ron dsm in Ens'ov. A cor'.
dial invitation is~ extendedC to the
pnbllic to attend.
Pi A . I)ani foith oi'f Lt. C'Il range, (na
su ler~ d si x mont ha; fi oma a runninhg
fright uii soro onx his leg buit wiites
that Jiuck len's A r'nice Balv y ~holly
oured It in fhvo days. For' tblers,
Wounihds, piJlos, it.'s the t est salvoi in)
the World, (.ure gularan teed only 2?5
Ot ist oi t. A i o'h -.In
ihiptist chureh Sunday 19th inst.
1. Opening exercives including
levotional s~ervie. r
2, Reading m inutes luI t 11(til g
3. Music.
4. Ton miiutes talk on Ilutei
ierance by Ilon. C. E. Robinson.
5. Music.
6. TOn mintites talk on Bible
teadi)g by R. L. Henderson.
7. M usic.
S. Collections.
9. General remarks.
10. A nnounceeinIt pr-ogram mi xt
10Neting and)(I fixing plaeo.
11. Music.
12. New business.
13. D)st ission.
Tho he'alth of the community is
ood at present.
Fairmers are about through
Iaitig and they visit Norris very
Miss Nora Whitens has returned
ome from tin oxtended visit in At
M ir. il ourtoughs and Walter
elahorn visited at Capt. Whitens
4-A Saturd-.y.
Mr, and Mrs. I. M. Terrill of
lassbur'g. Ala. visitod Capt Whit
i last week.
W. C. B1rock has treated himu
lf to a new buggy, Hurrah for
b n. D. J. Johnsin was quite
ick last week, but he is ablo to be
n our st ree.ts again.
Mr. and Al rs. Robert Owens visit
d Mr. and Mrs- Cook last Sunday.
Lost Boy.
'\1y fither and sister b, th died of
'omiS11 tioni, wv.litts J1. it'. Weath
'wax, of Wyandotte, Alich., and I
'as save-l from tho same frightful
lie only by Dr. King's Now Dis
over'v. An attack of Pneumonia
ft tin obstinate cough and very
0\ovre lung trouble, which an ex.
ellent dctor could not help, but a
>w months' uso of this wonderful
rnedicine made mo as w-ell as ever
Id I gainedI much in weight. ''In
atliblo for coughs, colds and all
Iroat and Iung traublo. Trial bot
le; free. Gutaianteed bottles 50c
nd $1.00 at Bolt & Thornley's.
All poisons are hereby notified
tot to hire harbor nor shelter tmy
ont, Joe Jewell a youth of about
7 years, as he has left home with
>ut any just, catse. Any ono dis
egmrding this notice will be dealt
vith accorr"hntg to law.
S. Jewell'
May G, 1901. 3
Y~our 1'pen-pulsher has the leaCs
iro of 1(eporting faji' farming pros
>eet fui' the Cedar Rock~ers. Cot
on antd corn arie domng exceedinigly
r'oll, atnd wh. at looks promising.
1h. 11.. Williams has the best
tmind of cotton we have noheedC(
ny )where. and hiis wheat is bra
Geo. Ihendricks intends buying
r'ea~per, we have hearid, and from
lie matnner in w~h ich hiis mnigebots
i'e frowningly spying their stumpy
rhleat fields, they, too, expect to
e benefited lby it.
Kitnd readers, ar'e toe bugs des.
r'oyinig your iiih potatoes? We
oe a remedy, butt fear' it is too
ato to b~e r pplied. It is simp)ly
'pay' cash for your potatoes."''iThe
uei'chants say that the potato bugs
1ainedC their credit sale books
mtd after having ascertained who
>ought plotatoes, trotted off atnd
aid in watt for the intnocent vege
TJhte C'ross Roads Sunday school
las been1 resusciated; it has hiber
Ia ted sevoral muonthus. It has a
,lendit~d retinue of oflicers and
eachers anid ill1 prove a valuable
itijutnct to thie christian society of
Your i hublo scribe attended
lhe vetet'ans re-union at Columbia
ast week, as did mnany other Pick
msi couty3 pceo le, tind enjoyed it
oiin;ly. The vetoeranus cheered
bet r ohd comnmanders with the old
imo "reb~el yell,'' which cannot be
lulitted by any other soldiery.
soon the faithlfulI. patriotic 01(1 fel
lows will be beyond ear'thily ro-un
onis, bitt the jutst God, who de
ricnunces tho wicked, and i'ewa'ds
thie faithful, has a record of the
mnatny, many brave and self-deny.
ing dleds wr'iought by their hands
ad wiill not turn them away, for
Uhey would htave willingly given up
[heir' lives for' their friends, but will
'c-u nite thi.mi where wars nevri
:nolr-st 01' death terrifies. The 1)00
SIe of Columbia, especially the re.
mnion commilitteO and students oj
south Carolina college were very
dndl andt profuse in their atten.
Ion to (he veterans.
We noticed that the farmeris of
Pickotns are as early planting, as
hose of near Colutmb Ia. In fact
he ctrops here are botter, oata ex
eOpted,.than theirs.
Rock Rabbit
Th'e mtagstrates of this county
ro e ic est a to bring their docketi
(oI thte cotuty commllissioner'1
nd the grand jury comimittee for
nxainat ion the fIrst Monday in
Jurte next at Pickens ceurthotisi
L. D. Stephone.
Formn~ Oraii4 Jury,
Mav Il.t
Southern lRailway announce re
duced rates as follows:
To Chicago, Ill., on account of
International Convontion B. Y. P.
1'. of America, Chicago, Ill., July
25th-28th, Fouthernii Railway will
sell round trip tickets to Chicago
and return from all points on its
lines, at rato of, onle first class stan
'Lard fare for the ronid trip. Dates
of sale July 22d, and 2:d and 24th,
final limit July 31st 11101. By de
positing tickets (inl porson) with
Mr. F. C. Donald, Joint Agont at
Chicago, between July 25th and
30th inclusivo and ol payment of
fee of fifty (50) cents at time of
dept sit, all extenlsioll of tihe final
limit lo August 21th will ho gran
tod. 'lhe Joint Agents' oflices will
be locat.d in tihe main terminal
depots at Chicago at which pasen
seigers ai'rive.
To 3ilwaukee, Wis , account
Armua .l %eting, (Grand Lodgo, 13.
P. 0. Elks, 'ahlwaukee, Wis , July
231-2ath, 1901 , Sothern Railway
will sill round trip tickets to Mil
wau k'e, Wis., and return f'rom all
points Oil it's Iles, at rateo o oe
re-gular first. class fare for the
roiunl( tl ip plu $2.00. Datos of
sal.) July 20th, 21st, and 22d, final
limit July 28th, 1901. A fee of
fifty (50) eents will be charged by
Joint Agent at M ilwaukee for vali
dation of roturn portion of tickets.
To Cincinnati, 0., and returli,
accoiint, Int ,.rnatitional Christ ian En
deavor Convention, July (6th-10th,
1 t0 1. Rate of one first class faro
for thei round tip I from all poin ts
On limts of Southern Rail way.
Tickets t. be sold 1 Jly ith, 5th
and (,th, final limit IJuly 1Ith, 1901.
Ily depositinlg iickets (inl pers m1,)
with Joint Ageut at. Cincinnati, on
or beforo Jily 10th, and on pay
ment of fe of fifty (50) cents, anl
cxtension ot final limit will be
j'ermitted to September 1st, 1901..
To D troit, Mi., and return,
account National Educatioll As
sociationi Meeting, July 7th-12th,
1901. Rate of one first class fare
for the round trip, plus $2.00 meni
hership foe, from all points oin
the linies of Southern Raivlay.
Tickets to be sold July 5thI, 6th and
7th, with final limit J)uly 16th,
1901. .11y depositing tickets (in
pcrson,) with Joint Ageilt at )e
troit oil Or before July 12th, and
On paymeut of foe of fifty (50)
cents at time of deposit, extension
of final l himit until September Ist,
190.1, will bo permitted.
Tro Rimond,. Va., and roturn,
account. Annual Conveiintion, Na
tional Travelors' Protective Asso
tion of A merica, R imon d, a., :
.Juno :kl-8tuh, 19101. Bate of oine
first class fare for the round trip
from all poinmt on lin hes of Southern
Railway. Tickets to b~e sold June
1st, 2d and ikd, with final li miit S
(lays from date of' salo.
Tlo We~.st Point, Miss., and1 roturn'i,
account Gieneral Assemibly Cum
berl and Presbyteriana clhuirebi, May'
I 61h-.2-1th, I130 I Ratec of one0 first
c lass fare for t he ronid trmip from
all points on lines of Southern
Railway. Tickets to be sold May
.1th to l'ith1 inclusive, finial limit
May 27th, .19101.
F.or detailed information as to
r'atos, reservatLions scheduldes, etc.,
call on or adreSs any agent of the
Southern Railway or' connections.
W. II, Tiayloe, A. G. P. A,
Atlanta, Ga.
All perisi1ns having claims against
the estate of A. B3. Williamis, de
ceasod, will pleso present the same
properly at tested, by t he 1 st (lay
of .July next. Those ind~ebted to
said estate wiill mnako paymont to
the undersigned.
J. M .I r. : A -r
.April 25,w4. Admliinistrator.
All pat rans of (Gates' school dia.
tict No. 22 are requeste to meet at
Gates' schoolhouse on Saturdayv
May .12 at 2 o'clock for the puiir
pose of electing trustees to ser~ve for
the next two ycars.
J. C. Garrett,
tMy Jack will be at Liberty uin
ilthe 15th of' Juno.
ma2wd. W. TI. Hlow i-:.
WV. WV. Finley,
Second vice-presidon t , S. Ry.:
Thle PresidlentL's specie I train
reached New Orleans promptly onl
time this afternioon, the tIpl has
been absoluitel y flee from acc ident
mishap or delay, each ariival and
depatuir being made(1 accordinig to
the schedule, anid has beeni in ev
ory way notahle. 1 desire to ex
press in behalf of the President
and lis entire party hearty appro
ciation, and to add that the pres
ence of Mr. L. S. Brown who hmas
been constantly attentive and
thoughtful has con tribu ted very
largely to the >li.a sure of the jour'
noy, 6. B. Cortelyoti,
Sec. to the Pres.
TPATENT Good Idgen
THE [email protected]#
A Warm Winter
Is not a good timne to sell
heavy shoes and heavy dry
goods. My pricos on heavy br
Shoes, Jeans, Flannel Out- lo
ings, Worsted and Heavy
Dress Goods of all kinds
for the next 30 days will
be so hot they will have to
Movo Out. Then you will
Want Plows
Plow Stocks, Singlotrees,
and all kinds of plow goods
Botter got my prices be
fore you buy elsewhere.
In a few days you will
want G ardon Soods. Early be
Corn Irish Potatoes, etc.
I have bought tho very It,
best for platiting- Re
member that I sell dr
Atkis Saws fr;
Of aill kinds, and deal in Il
all kinds of Mill and Shin, lit
glo Mill Supplies. Como h
antd see i
A. I. MC)It Ii:i24,
Pickens, S. C
#DIHoio 'Phone No. 24.
Fresh :-: From
A "Puncheon" of
"Ye Olde Time"
Muscavada - Molasses. r<
The same as youir G ront. Grand II
Father liked so well in his boy- a
hood days, and on which ho raitsed
his boys to such good, honest
men. If you want something u
good to eat,, bring your jug.
coming each wook. hi
Doni't lail to soo our line of n
J"1urn1 itre,
Carpets and
Rugs. 8(
Doublo Foot Plows, ni
H arness,
H-oes, Swoops G rain Cradles and
other Farming I mplemlents,
I will aplly to J. B. Newbory
Probato J1udgo for Pickons county,
onl the 9th (lay of May 1901 for a
final settlement of the estato of B.
F. McKenzio, deconsed and ask to
1)0 dlismissed as admininistrator.
WV. C. McKenzie,
A pr. 11, 1901. 41. A dm 'r.
A ntice lin 1)f( Spring Millinery 1
At pi ces to .unit the times.
Evermy Inady who ( purch asos goods.
toe the amunt i of $ I.00, willI receive
McCall's Queen of F1ash, a hand
some) mnagaz.ine two months free of
-Tr. C. Robinson st ill has charge
of the subscription and account
books of Journal. We cannot say
ust how much longor he will keep
Bridge Notice.
'i'he~~ Count y 41 Commisliom-r' of P'ickens~
anid Gre nii~lle~ 0 co ities 01 tI: re1Ipt'e
sentatives w ill let to thle tow~est respomial.
ble biddler, tihe buildIhg of ft newv bridlge
k nowvn as thme Freeman Brige ars
Saida River, at 10 a. mi. 0on Fiday1 the
24th daty of May necxt with thbe prittlige
to ivject any and all bida.
L, D). Stephens,9 Sup'r,
-J. A. Rtoblason Olock,
Vlakiens.~ V . Apnril 1,8. 190.
Wo handle all kinds of Marble and G
id employ none but first class workmen t
If you need anything in our line a post
ing a man with Designs and prices to yo
ts and can give the lowest prices.
Yours for trade,
At the Same 01
Of new fresh spring goods, bolight at
s(old at tho lowesl prico.
To my Pickens Frien.ids: I apprecia<
this spring, and with good goods, low p
qpe to get at least a sbare of your trade. I i
ing, buit 1 have got neatly everything th<
3y goods and shoos at the lowest prices.
A large variety of silks in colors and
>m the cheapest to the finest. Wash fabrit
is, lawns, dimitios etc., in a great variety
ices from 13cts. up
Whito goods-I have never bofore had
te price. A good full yard wide bleachi
lies hoso for 5cts. Don't forgot me wh<
thing but good shoes that I can warrant.
men's tho samo. Come and see us.
West Ent],
Johnston's Sar
A Grand Old Lady Gives Hger F
Mrs. Thankful Orilla Hurd lives in the beat
lvingston Co., Mich. This venerable and highly
.e year 1812, the year of the great war, in Hol
ark. She came to Michigan In 1840. the year c
0." All her faculties are excellently preserved
ntive memory, her mind is full of interesting 1
e, of the early days of the State of Michigan
arkable people she has met, and the stirring evi
!ss. But nothing in her varind and manifold 1
ilous and worthy of attention than are her
sposition to scrofula, that terribly destructive b
id is cursing the lives of thousands and markir
ius of the death angel. Transmitted from gen
iund lu neary every family in one form or an
%arance in dreadful running sores, in unsightl
>Itre, or in eruptions of varied forms. Attackin
ay be known as catarrh in the head, or develoj
id often is, the prime cause of consumption.
Spc-aking of her case, Mrs. Iurd says: "I w
ith a bad skin disease. My arms and limbs wo
ires, discharging yellow matter. My neck beg,
isightly in appearance. My body was covered
y eyes were also greatly inflamed and weakene
uch. My blood was in a very bad condition i
frequent intervals, and I had no appetite. I 1
as in a miserable condUlinn, I had tried every re
ended, nnd doctor after doctor had failed. Oi
ec state told me I must die of scrofulous consu
cre beginning to form. I at length was told of)I
s famous Sarsaparilla. I tried a bottle, more
ing else, as I lad no faith in It, and greatly
'gan to grow be'tter. You can te sure I kept o
any bottles. IBut I steadily improved until I be
res healed up all the bad symptoms disappeare
id I have never been troubledl with serofula si
83 years is not a young woman, but I have hi
nece then, and I firmly believe that JOIINSTOP
entest blood purifter and the best medicine in t
rof ula and as a spring medicine." This remark
>t lok to be more than sixty, and she repeated
IkcKrsxa.JL~w :Dmi.Um O~s~amT
For Sale 1
April 1st
We Will add to our Large
31ass lfllinory Department uncde:
Tiorbott of Baltimore, who has had
and thoroughly competent.
LADIES, why not have
the latest fashion when you c
about the same cost? We wi
lete line of Ready Trimmed I'
yannot be dupicated.
Dry G~oods shoes
Ourm butyer is now in the Northern
erge stores. New goods have already begii
te Jargor and1( iimrecompilete than ever. A
lete-H-a rdIwareP, Ftarin g i mlemeniftsi o
arrows, Dis~e Plows, Cultivators, Hay Rlak<
JI'y 3ou arie ini need of a Wagon or 13
Ice canm save you mtoney. We haveut spac<
in the crowds8-come to the Big Store. II
l'e ileatlh, Bruce,
s. B LMannm
Offer hi8er'vices to the
General Public for build
ing purposes either by the
Contract or the day
work is guaranlteed when
he nupervises the Work, 1)ried
and( lie recfers to hifllpaitronls
as to his~ quallificationis antd Part
thloroughittess. All per'sois above
desiring a reliable contrac. days b
tot or builder will do well ""nay b
to se himu before c1longW
trae elsewhere.
WILL 1E. Wild :,
e CO.
ranito known -to the t .uk
c flish the work.
;al card to our address will
ur home. We buy in ca r
C o.,
d Stand,
the lowest prices, and
your past trade and wa
ices and fair dealings,
lo not claim to have evei
average buyer wants
black woolen dress goo
-s i, percales, calicoes,mi
of new colors and styles,
such an assortment for
ig for 5ets. A good 10
)11 you want shoes. I s
Ladies shoes from $1.
k. K. PARK,
Greenville, S. C.
itiful village of Brightoff.
respected lady was born i
>ron, Washington Co., New,
>f "Tippecanoe and Tyler
, and possessing a very re
-eminiscences of her earlX
and tho interesting and re
ants of which she was a wit
-ecollections are more mar
experiences in the use of
berited a tendency and pre-.
lood taint which has cursed
ig thousands more as vie
eration to generation, It I0
yther. It may make its ap
Ly swellings in the neck om
g the mucous membrane, 14
ing in the lungs it may. be4
as troubled for many yeard
)uld break out in a mass of
.n to swell and became very
with scrofulous eruptions..,
d, and they pained me veryl
Lnd my head ached severely
ad sores also in my ears. I
>medy that had been recoin
e of the best physicians lin
option, as internal abeessen
)r. Johnston, of Detroit, and
is an experiment than any
to my agreeable surprise, I
n taking it. I took a great
~came entirely well. Allte
d. I gained perfect health.
nce. Of course an old ladu
ad remarkably good healt
he wide world, both tozq
ably interesting old lady did
several times, 'I believe EDlI
>y Dr. G. W.EARLE.
Establishment a First
e' Supervision of Miss
five years' experience
your hats made It
an have it done at
II also carry a comn
lats at prices that
niarkets bulying for our fly
a1 to arrive. Our stock wil6
11 our U)cpartments are com
f all kinds, such as Disc
as, Mowers, etc.
uggy see us b~efore you buy
to quotec you prices, but
spect our stock and get our
Morrow co.
eaders of Low Prices,
We deal in LUYMBER
of all kinds,
and D~ressed Luinber deliye
cred on short notice.
les wantting Lutuber of the
kind notify us at leaet teu
oforehand that the 1timbeg
thoroughly dried,
E', HE~nmralJ & a

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