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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, May 16, 1901, Image 4

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AN jjj
I - 'P -212 21 i',1 . It'2 T1103(
uo cahn. i2r. .fu 2'h
142' 22 war. : 1 h2:'i li) w
22 n. 444 '222 I < ' air an
I I . iw 424'at .4i224'
22h. :t . i 4 Is ll S124.'
u : Init ilmr was2 jl
22 ' ' 1 -- 2.' hi :s dul
122ter was S n
2.-r .42 in I i i:
h 1I in -. II
2. -,
22 i i '
$ ' 2b i
b u . 1t
L 21
p - -ar 1 m a
al" 211t
he aina ionnin 2w.w
tin su p i'. s o d . 12222
curre to ha a oto- tha Si 1 at
Lou~a we e g ing o se ara e ali't
n was goin to ivid his pass
21 0 u2t2h r
"Al rih ,'e1bi rn m
Pon hiank .n4re.rig to4l
the hsed "Wltt art f yo r lad12
you g'in to give Loucsy?"
"All of. it"S ijrp id
"All.2 th 2 luire exclalined
turnd a oun , fcin 2irn. 2ie122
"Sh12nI, he \ai slwly, "i ain'22~t no
("W1ouldn't2 2. do wh 4.'t Sin sked.:
"'Causo4 it2222' 21 ain ' right. ii 242 i't j
t12(e to4.1 yourself." oryo i'liii
"ut42 ts jsle to Loui esy, all t
jestlee' Ie do211( he nw.Gdko
The squiro1'2 1ooked puzzled.Il-i 2
"I1 donJ't11' f' understan aot-l un(u,"
IAS '. 5tON TFOtT- 1-'
Satid. "P-roin) what I've heardi, it ain'1t
I your fauttlt tlit thinigs ar1.0 the way tihey
"It Is, Ithtougli. It's all' lly fautilt."
"I enti't s'e low that Is, Sill. I
ain't niever. hearn of, niotIn you've dlo
to vronlg .oleisy."
"ltt I lt ve, sqluire. I've duite Ier t
wrong I'll ntevert forgive tItyself for,
the cruelest, wickeilest wrtong ever aly
Iluil (:..Il o 11 wolliatti."
I'ho t'uire stared in astotalshinett.
. "Why, Sit."' lie said, "*I vann't uinder
ttln(l you. I've lnowed you all your
li'fe, : t I've never yit heiarn of' you doill
it nybodIly wN'rong. t(uch It less I otesy."'
" 'l(u It's So. I halve wAroni geI lier, asq
I say."
"The day I inar11ried heri."
"S iin!"
i I ''It's tIe' truth. stiire. the G o's
tIrut 11. 1 dh1in't nio1 w It then, but I
t knot Iw ItI now. Il 'n'.I bete'' ille, i 10
Sli r : :ty I 1:i1 Y otu it to '' itnade hier inly
The s iuivt shook his head.
I t " he said, "'ow y'ot go
'bo(put int::nkin that 41ut. Menl have been
it il ill wteq i i n n i.ee swlv t e i 'begin
11in of iealntit. alt I aini't tvel before
hearit it lookeid ot as a1 erlit."
"It int nl no criai' wha:r the ian alt
tI' we'titan love e:h (Ith'I'," Sii Ire
Ilied. "an whar I t hey're ekal ever' way
1 stilted togethIer. Iut wv'hrtI. tlentt
thiniII- :in't so it's . crilie. iin t hey
i it so it our1 Stas ."
"l ,it you loved I .ouviesy. Slit"
" (Idid, squire. .ilt I love her ylt, ant
I'll go ont Il 1 1 i- l her till I draw i ly
In lat I Irea I I. I Iow itiucl I ove het' no
bo'lvdy but mnlo knows 'I'lar ain't fio
uAknist- strotig enol.Ih to t0ll."
"The'nl It ain't your' I'auilt 'lout what's
hak; II wI IIr ,. S ItIuI. I . oucesy ailt't don y1 oul
, spraglli to his feet anti hieh his
I A'Ih ll , -.till!Iret." ho ;aId. "D~ontl
'Il a O n a o t h in L 'nfouvesy,
,:Iry t w rd. 'eau tht'll hb' htar'd
ht wixt t us It' you dho. ( ',,. I've allt
1 oui. ' l' all I lik~e yoll yit, fn
I want to tl on a likin you, but T won't
It -u t:ilh i 1.'uiesy."
I irt shrui2lii his shlouler
-1 f tunIed iack - to his desk. A littl
cui ly. hi sii'iun'et t Sini. le saId:
"T(-Ill t- whIit V41u wvant Inl this deAlv(
ai I'll .o to work a ui tm:1ke It out."
Intt:t f rIf lyig. SiM d'VrewV ne:rei
to t~lw srquire t. mi plac14ed lhis hat111 on
hois snlo 'ubler'1'.
I :init'ft gone ani tiundh youi nutal. God
know'~s I ic'eer naientni to dlo uio slh a
wantt:t to'tt eius' it' inlire thard feelin's
thall I eaui 11'|. tin spec'~hlly to,
Whenu I feel Ilike Ii nItn't git no frt'inie
ill t t i't h.''
T.Im.o sl'uire stened t i intely
"I In t nu I - t you. i u." e lid
".ni. in' V. ;:ini to d i' lu t ou
- ennt lluti kef li t1 jes Iee 1 y u
way ' ii resIii'. hts l.
\11 yIt t' .j t. f r a l h t"
i bbytI lI. ,.-Isu n .
it ut~ kn.w s'i'-r I . . ..s u u
''i s il. h in :1. iin it l i l' t,
.t t' *l''ii h I 10iw s til I::it I .\
a : u ii.l:I n-w s!i ' o e e ntr
ort 'n'i .ll h 'o ' lens i-vug ta if w
tlw. t In ''i ieb y, ujch ie f l ii ' ut i-r
ti'.i"I -i- #1' ney Iohin a ow ra t~ I
1U( 4'ltlil 'i t i \er In i
ike' 1 I. 111 < l' un , l i-i s
ine 'i\ 11 '. lii ta I lliis u- i i5 ii14, I
- it-o' a~!j jj'.u' t. Pi tt aiI a ni' n
fi'e i i i'. w II ws su'atu : ittt
- I i'tiik i adIi t 111' hlii i i ~tg ~ t i
to gi\t' Id'l' .ii li'I' V. ivi\ 10 tid t
'lith eahell Word Ills leart grew heaier
n(l sachuler, f o' tha11t W:1s the last thing
le wIts ever. to do for I oulsn, an1d wien
It was tiisltie hIs lIfe fitul hers vouli
p Irt, llever to Illeet agn III.
"1 1111 goil away." Ite wr'i1ote, "Jil I'll
lever See .(t 11I lioret Jll (lee 14
litore sint114 Iill Itl waty of your 114Ilg
iless. It Is hitard. erielly lard, blt It Is
best, for I know that I Can't net'ver,
111.1kw you happy, lin Iinebby winln l'n
gole It'll be <ll'erelt. You Iiln't to
blainle for. nothinl, 1Lotteesy. Allt the
bl.ine is inite. WaInt you 11iole ih li4ub
'ri, tin youl couldn't help it, hbut whalt
I <)lne t ubl 'Io ' I helped. I ort to ''
knowed you couldtn't never he happy
with nie. It was like 1traggin it hird
dlown :1n tryinl t) mnake It live with 11
inole., d(Io1n like (he I1ole 1oes. I rIn11i'd
your. lif' by Ill-gill y)t4 to iluarry tile
when I ort to 'a' kItowetd better, hbut I
hope yIln will forgive lit4. all I pray
Ihlat (.hul will 1(14. I've paid the debt
lit Ht store., Jinl I leave what iluonevy I
ha:1 ve. I f' you eived aly ndvice. 'hollt
anyhin, g toh'p Sinpson,. 114-11
he4 glat tip i pii' you. ni I know youl (-Jill
1rus hiin. I,'%.( <litnle the bet-St I 4.1nn1 for
you)1. butl I know (It 'in't niiach. All I
wantil is it) 1111ke you ha ppy, an i I Ilpe
you w ill be4. I 4I't thiiink I 1:1111( y-4ul
f4o4r 14h1 il. for. I don't. Its al111 ly own
1au Ill. '11tI din't know. 1''ar'well.1'
Sli I. placcll hliv deeds on the I ta41ble.
thIeiI' ll Ith-t I t he notev (- en fully ata ll a11id
It 4#1n 1441) ofl' theiin. Then hiv took ftroini
his pickeit :111 lilt IuoneI n' lib h :11and
pla ied i In 1 littlev hie 44n4 i l t n14til1.
WenVII it u\Is all n4141414, lie Stolid Io. a
Ilile. while. look11ingL :t It, then turnedvi
n \ a y. s:ingill 4)t hiluiself':
"It :in'll . 1 1uch, ;ml kIi ws,. but its
ill 1I 4:44 11n ll. an linl-bh'1v 1.4111vvsy'hl i t
Afte Ib ; 1,(. Walk'd banck :1nd4 forllth
tirl* lh r fime. n'd hi
I 4 2
11m' m h ou W's #( I I-ti Il
h wa n-- 1- 11 i deep though.,It. There
w 44:1. h m we Ilw, lon:P' 44d r' bov
\\:4. n . bu,.It hit, wa'.4 a1r id it
u :Ih 14.t I l't . It was this 1'f, which
hi, was thikin 1t lat he dt
"' . I'll iot 4. it. ' sait.. il'd giv
the worlt e ,ueyonetoe
hu11 I da.44n't 411 it, I d1:4- 't. for4 l'i
44:. at il' 1. 2ve4 way44 to a41 ll hs 1 1. t'I,
ni444 ihat nei.ht give4 her4 s4'leth1in4 54:41
toI renn-4.iter4. N.4 I: 4n't se4' 14.-' 14
11'' to '. p h4'Iis 24un : aini w.4 nt4 444:.
A li1 lIt'll!' 144tt-r 4'4':111 44 4 '['.14n :4441 ,l:4544
I{t'berts. re'turn4I4L (1 .lona4:thanil Tu'r.
ne.r's, 1h.4ard. n '.unm ::i.! .1 n
Blanks' woo.4.444
"l'44kon o' .1 :.Slt - ; p l I-- e u
li - .X 14ind of 1.: ' i. . " t' in '.'juir*
re.lI-. 4hug.
T!,' 4n.4x 4414)r4:4':: .44:,.9 s-: . ini was41
at bullet4 h4.h- t14 hr . h his h14. 4.
A Ml .4:. I el i I ii;:' s
Never.t'4 sin4.' tha:t 43443 .44 which the
Poss4' i. ititge i,h'4 pei. pl:, '''.4'g 44,
lusindns 1 of4444 thew t4ribb4thn44 ini
had happen t''. l. t44:4.\ h 41an 44 inst ion
4f'iv 'uis Illitli 4.. h .t ul [ I g ',il'h.,4 ('444.j
liii 4,11 ar '.l tho4 u444 4., happen.1 tg' .,.
Ise irs a fra 44444t of in lt 4rn . V:4, 4 relativ
rejtI- thats 5''~ in .44tio 441veir i
4ss f'-i4 tl ul i g- Ii SI44 bI\ n utijs ..44
All414 I. ilhere 444ut: 114w thing4' cut '.f Ithe'4
11141.o I verlt alpir. a~iI4441 11441Irdert1'44 to:
i"'4:!4 h t't 1inha4.' SjIth:e 114 n ir t a il un i
rbl'lll att444io 1f4114 - 4'''4oph-~tiI for Iaeay
'tis anII 144''' 4'14't' ey-l'4ll-byn.k 'Pim
litl flin ~e '..4I''as444 1141 144 all thae re-4
tathtin i alottt kIlos 14) -11kot wher
lil414 4 n i i ti 1144a 111141 (in e 41 . (li
t44 114441 'tat . "f)xitemen''. t, had' p.'.4
'.-ared at'v'4 '.4i44kst'st 1re do re or't his414
11144 lIis. 444 a ii iithers~1 44 hn 144 rep ire '..to
tt's 13141k e o h ta e y.T:
1441ons .V (4114 II,-s 44v4ry 1, ne, mani4 , wo.i~4
little war4 ooik1 144 n 1IC o. te lif.144
44a4hered"in ltle kn44 ots ittalk Ci all
murrlt wilie, an tie's been- a no-W'*xxt: 110
to a aeil) f lie's p it ove.r thr.I I.
WenpI I tut oil Illy hat ani wielnt overx to
Jot's. but Joe's wonneni tol Ie ,e10
Wili't alt hone, but tluat lx''il gone off
to look for. i pig thait'di sirayvl a way.
So I Jest went tinl looked :it (li tcilf,
111.d41c. 11) l i iix .ltii' J 'v waltaed too
litl lor' it, t thell startel back nerlosf
the woods for hxoine1 . Wanl, I'd lalkedtl
a right s1art 1piece all was a-goixi alolig
with ily head sortit dowin, n-tilinkinl
'bont soinethin, when till alt olle I kind.
4x' dlanced ly, an right t l ltie'ore 111e,
not six feet a way, laid lihat dead ian."
"1.01r1. but I het yoi Juipedtil a hol
leied'" S1i1t' on1e exclaimlxed.
'h'orni gave the? speaker a look of
fulixid coterlnlpt.
"I ht I liever," lie replied.. "I iever
tiloveti a Ilchii, nior I never give i
"Wial. I let( you1 was skeered lany
"No, sir, I wa'n't skeered, not 1ary i
grinlxx ixre tha i 11aix tills iteltit'."
"Iid yo tech himli?" Solmehody ask
"'No, I dilt't Itch 11i11, but it wa'nx't
'x':enust, I was afe'ard to. I 'lowell Ileh
by it tixoighlt lie aig'inx the law, .111 I
w:x'xx'i iigge'xrinx oll git lill lito 1xo trouble
eI'xe was, a short 1:11150, after whicb
Soilxe ('ilne sa Iti in prex'yx vtly.
"l'ord. .lesi to thilk of, i felle'r valkini
up (Ill (to a d:t inaxi like that! My
111i. I w'ilin't 'a' doule it for nothini
oil rtlih! I i't I'd '' been scexred,
xill l 'ax' W jxinxlix'l axlx holliel , too, ain I
retIckion I'd iost brolikie -1Illy ieck a-gitill
aw:ty 11 n11 1 h1 xx. 1 .1 i I"
"Indx t4f' gi'raciotis." Iter 'xchlin
l, ' if' thIxaxt hail 'ax' hit'e n 111i ix 111aci4e4 or
.1ib1x ''lhorni. I'dl ':' liex skoervd Iluh
out of1 1xxY Skin, anix I'l i.st ':I' tore the
'arithIx t1) :Ill Kilxockti tiht, bark o etx all
heix i'' s xtxiixtl thia :x gittill oit of
II' 1 li4' I IlI Ixt I tI )m' vx I a'i'i3
rxa oll .Tilxx 'i'lorn didn't Ik ock lie
Ialk Ifll' t t'ret's getting i lilt of thoste
wol was benitix st the b1:I1k s tilt
light It) o lilocedx'ti ff. lI'm that w~as
Soxi-iihing no nx sav ''liori ki'w,
anil Ilw haxl lit) itilen f int'tionilnxg It.
'l'l'xi i 'liil x hxal t) go out to "ISIIn
llank S' wood., ando ,how win-re the
bodt.l h:aill e t'ixittal aixl explain lix
tlxtatil just how it h:al lain. lit. hadl
to show tiht exact ititiion of th liead,
the I' fit ait (lxthe is axixt] describe in
full tHw prtcis' atiltl' of the whole
.ler t'i t I hlit ilt to slow just how
hoe1 hal inmoltx lxe thdiscovery aii1 how'
I' haitd actx'd a xxi w INIt h hall lxoe axnid
evirythinxg axbiouti it. All tlis I did by
gaili thlrough on ixfl i'sll (f his Move
l110 1 :1 1-- :1 .l c o s til 11
lix' llaxst'l a sti kI acro'tss t'he at h
where, \ielvin lunot fallen to represti
tilthei orpse'. h I ,eati hllt went a littlax' y
(tff ax1li. tixn-iix. wnaked 11a viSlowly.
with il Il-:1 tiwxn. iust axs It' had
x'n 'aIlkin l hat x ilijng. At a xir
I in [- int h e lit, ai ed his beati. ii is t'vt'as
rll ti - II stit'k. an h' stoplitil short
in his trat's. l-'r a tauinult' or so lxe
stoid fit'Ier, lin 1g xal xx itx stiik,
Ihxea slO si un 'alked bY it tin1 his way
toot nel vill:tige.
-\If lh se t. a..in s the curisixx crowil
laninx1 g iaxrl f'xrwar -I x t i ltw
111<- 1' lit-- s ixx o stftbx li i -ali.ti i x'jn sxxi l-d
T~xwi, hiavinig abl-s-i lihe laist par-'
Tih- itf inifsirinatixn .liinx 'Thorsni po~axxsse
iar xlina such-l iihinls a' a 'Thorsii titubl not
s'xllaxfx. Sain .\li'ieant str-ttd it Iiy
"'I wondserlt \ whar i-I- lii'ellirtaItitdone
I ii' isill ix w"j a when'l ite ftrt-l thex shott.''
Ti- tv'rlosti lssikted aroundfix in
wa'r-l itf whlatc netlt he cosbtlx'rx'd a
like lysii ihi-' axasa t'in o ar axtlhee were on
t i :' i i~tf ut- h azard ig a re ly, ut'i
"Thuri~'s isily slis' lilxt.'' hie sal,
"whar th' x fx'illt'r t a:i x'hat'lithe shooin
('tilhi 'a l~i f'. stisiti. aai'xrito x may
wvaxy'I ofl!siii i itilut.
"Wh~la's- thfatt'.''" soihx-ftly axskx'd.
"ilittd that lh.r trex'e whxar Pap
Saxit-stn kilild ft' six ilutirl's Is''
''ie a-tlxiirrels. .fasoni lttiber'ts,'"
ril.-: xi ih ' wvas slit.''
It waxs a ials faxct, bt in ft' x.
it. thai wa i!.' tirs ani tat' n iini' e Ox
':x Sa axa n took f a y ix 'xrt in ftla i lk
'htx dlay. lit'. th' ''rn-Itl si ~fs ie illaae,'
' firsI ali ' ay*- s t 'is 'i tll 'pi . n
'an i 't, 'he ol fi r it of' hiabit isf tif
ri 'n .1in slit < s ax ny 511-at lijin lxi i 'tas
'aarln-,. ls ' -: stinna:
"'I' indii thatx'' tr x whnari 'a Saxmplsiin
Thfeni 1t hI i- a st iik, fto reipt'x'i'nt a
jauna, iif - .t'iix t tb'hir l thii lxxe' lnt
demi an'x'I aaiiie .1ixsi hI th le xiuiiit'rt'r
('aixie alontg diwn sthy ixxii:11thI lht gxai hxat
itttin fthrust xoxu t ia ftn' x'atxal '-hut Iired'o.
livi'rybodyl~ sa tandas re'i'lyf :axlmxittxed
th wh-detrn ii'' af t 'lx's contix'cluitnsx, antd
ta sl' Ih s' lit ' fi ifitii'l it aaxsli't t
oitht l th fat theyxx' hadl for'txn't thlaxt --amexx
allew~ liter w itret
eonxc'lusioni th ltinntli t hey arr''ived~ on
thle grouxndii. Ihs hx' is ~ t belongeud to
thaxt e'lnss of readyi3 lIal's wh'io aubouinxd in
e'very' x'xilxmfxnifty, thaxt large faily~h of
"'I toldx youht so."'
Whilo Ite inxter'ested crowd wasfl still
talkinog a stranxger'x appeared'x amotng
thxin., It waxs Mxr. Walte'. No one therei'
knewtt hix ox'. ioixo of the.- ad ev..r
ed tall ih h i eye . ti itiir
lugly on imn. .u l n'l :'nn .
he uslk c:
"\hi t 's thei' ilititin 14 al til Itex
There wsaionnayslte.eu
111g wbichl (:\Vl'* 1,11W liittleil4 llN- v'yvs "ll
Ji'n Tiort i. T 'ha t wIrthy. It I l I vtnll
Ing what wIs expect! I'f hima. stepped
fo Iward anll at11d it turn
"Wh. y, tran r, :eist t yo l lidyou rn'"
"ilea11 l what?" wait aki j.
"\Why, Lordt . 'hout liteut tirtlr."
The stranger shook his Ilenl a lo
eri surpriseal.
"MIurder!" ht. exctltaiel. "Why, hllive
youl been ha'VIn~g :n inur1der here?"
"Moy hili , l'< sSo! I'd 'lowed ev
er'hotly kit ) 4 'hole t It before tils.
A\1 .lotu itttti't hi iei woti of it'"
"llow a hoil I whent I just arrivedtlln
"Oh,. you Jest now, come, (Iit( you?"
"Just this ioinetit. I passeti throligh
her t ae Ilays aIgo nal eligngedl
board w\.liith Mr. .lenkiNs. Teln I whnt
oil own' tihe, coundtry lint ll Just n tofw
get t'ing bImi-. I lt a bout this i notrder.
Who witas it tat wa:s killel?"
"It v.'s t ita 'el' tutled Melvin,
Tho lil ia listw en-ec i.
"tO oI f 7t 1' e aiti e itis I [ lres iite"
"Noeli w a Stralger. Ile'd Onily
beei iere n few weeks. -Stopped over
to .loathall 'I'tl Turner's al Cllited i he,
was :t-prospectinl for mlitternl."
"Ohi , that's t 'In, ill h "
"Yes. Didl youl knlow WII'"
"No, I dlitin't knlow Mlr. Mlelvin, but
teht tlay I Iisse through here I st op
pe at lr. Tirnter's, anti I remtntber
hi nglititeijt 1hin Siak of hit'ti. So tit's
thie 111:1n that was killedl?"
"hi lat's thl Il lai."
"Well, well! DO0 You knlow allythinig
of the pt' rticuhrs of thle hnure.er?"
"'lhen Th'lotu etubrneet! the opportuni
ty for whit l hil hin wastiiting tl
proccet-ei to repea"t thle Story he hamd
been tellinig :'el (laey. lie even wiet
throtgiht1 tlt panitottilh e (if his l scov
ery ot thle holy. iot foriethig to show
how ethtitly he li viietit it anlt how
~trls l h hi as11 it oll I by It i i is1
way It ye stile. To ll this Waite lis
teitil with sttint 'Ily tihti greatest of
littirest, i ldt. 'l erts was -
c''ragt. Iby tt t to tietis nstrate for
his ineillt just hoiw Ihe niiul-erer miiust
have. firedi tie, It' :ii Shot fromi he 8e.1i
Iter of thel blig tree.
H' ally cone ha.11 ht'n observinig the
StrLtnger's fice Ciosely. i' mIt aive
ioticel thIt it le.aine quite pale is Ja.
Sntil prlocwiet with his lixpl'a ton,
bit .ason ia chlinit ti verybotly's
'tIt ti t t t ti i nelt' Wi no one
"What ,do you thin':" Jason askel
whenl he 11:14 flinihil . "Dll't you
about it.11 The.
b'lev \l'anr t trushr':"
\Va.I"gve a1 lillite start.
"E-:h':"-1h. ext-lainnul~. "OhI, yes. very
illoly y pillare righti: yes- . Ver'y likely."
"BIonIaII 14) be." .lsonl said. ".\ili't no
other. waIY it culld '%' hworry te
"1 '40s ha ' - o, \ ait :ah itteil.
"lt whawst aht o then r
t, co you goink':"
crw ybout You an'ti tihnr.oiwon
in1 tO ll thia aelig. Y o,
w are alsliv to your1 l wor. th
tSrleep alls, and youha ar
"I<on'th know." o .snervo."uai't
"Nh.ati inoe hs toabe hd n e -
Forhn: a fifty iyehs it haot un
tn-eed." tn u heds
"'uragld, givieni.' rae hto
theayi ti ovewon.ked, wan d rn
ber'here. g hereshyeinslee
oi thie d1erehsshed. rijre
appr.orahe look don aeth
grounl:d ncresll, whjyers I99sai
"t eedrwrd of the aall."n~
br wthsl fold thefreothe
sarsaarilabout bo.Th
SIOabite l rush, the
A- e-/ P worryai thec
tio Aexhs arstion.
il.Thy curgo bou
nes. Yo ctan'tthrow
offtito isui fe'lmein. You
areuti-lt a h slar tt your work.
S iit l e y fair ad you mare
tWhattt i cIs IIIto beodne?
Foimitir fifty7 yas it haser
1been 'litngupthe dis
Jun. overwork ed, anad
pty the'ti ot dep rss.
appiahe J.C Tit. Inwll Mage
'or Infants and Children.
ie Kind You Have
Always Bought
ears the
For Over
Thirty Years
eat the band. - lhiladelphia Record.
" Yes,"' said tle portly mian who has
eeni telling a long story, "lthe man
vho saved iy daughter's life Was a
rue hero. We will never forget him."
lThen you are not A mericans'?"
No. How did you guess ?"1
" By tile fact that you never forge t
hero." Washington Star.
1 Brethrell,'' said a man in mect.
ng, " so many si iti-ri are dying I very
lay I lIve Coie to tle conurttision that
iell is full."11 U sat down, wlien an
>ld deacon in the A meni corner raised
lie hymn , There's a place Ieserved
or you, brther--a l ace reserved fr4ii
ou!" --Allanta Cothitution.
lie- -,"I r I was so hateful to von,
thy did you accept all my preselits zo
lthe .'lust like a nI Can't scee
he difference b t h w eeni thi! liy,
oiu silly.'"
"Tonuniy, howv do you like your new
"Shie isn't new ; she is secondC-Iha td .
Mr. G;oolihnan -WhyW di'lon't you(i take
hie pledge, my good fellow~ ?
Jaggsby--eceause -rure3 are too
inuy other things to ake--Deniver
"Ilowv is yourt Shakespeare Club
oiming on, Nancy?'"
"'(Oh, we have to p)ostpone it nearly
very tune because somebody wants to
ive a cuchue party."--ChIcago 1e
iMr8. C'olubia Ileigh~s---Antd you
idni't order himu from the house whein
e stole four kisses?
Miriam--IIowv could I ? IIe ex.
lained that lie was a kleptomanine!
rooklynu Iagle.
For Infants and Children,
he Kind You Have Always Dought
Bors the
)ur Spafng Linies Of
Lre now being opened up,
nd we find them prettier
nd better thani we had even
oped for.
We get them direct from
le world's best mfanlufactur
If you will favo.'us with
look we can certainly please
Some very desifrable wiln
r Shoes still going at rieat
reduced prices.
'ride & Patton
Greenville, S. C,
- *-~ '(iOTON0116&,
Decathi Dust is not for sale by you r
or, we wIll upon01 reeinPt of 2.) cenili
yon (ho largn nanlagn imy mail .19
Aegetable Preparatiotfrb As
silating~ te Foodt anileg Lila
ing the Stoinachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion.Cheerfu
ness and Resl.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mieral.
Nw fl/uiM k'cEL PI R
/x..IWrnna A
vorvAed Salt - -
tXe e.d
A pefeel lenedy for Constipa
lion, Sourt Slotnach,Diarrhoca
ness and Loss ov SLEEP
Fac Siilc Sitgnature or
N EW YORK. _____
sail: "n1ot . 1a. o 1 1f :1! blon" ,
There wa :S as pause. Then .1111n
Thorn sIpoke, salyiti. si-Iiulinly:
"I wvoiteri wali Sin lRanks Is."
Sam .\Iorgan starteil anal tuet pile.
1a11) Saintgsoti walkelt away, teaningi
heavily onl his ennev, inurtnuinilg:
"It's cOme itt last! Oh. mly Lord. it's
cole! I was afeared of it al1 the time.
Porit Sim! Pore Sim!"
"IlOW'S this for intellectual Boston?
"llow's what?"
" in an ti(ue 81101) there advertises
its stock thus: 'Any Old Thing,'
Chicago Ihecord-lleraid.
I don't see how you enan he so des
perately in love with a gir! whoimi you
have known such a short time.'
''Of coirse you dhon 't. But I've been
loving that girl ali Imty lifCe before I miet
hier."'---etroit. Free Priess.
Towne-J under~tandlt its hard to get
a cook to go to the sublurbis.
Subbs1)- Ilard~I, noth ing! Why, man,
we've had 3:> at our house ini the past
year.-T1own Topics, t
Clergyman (after being rescued from r
slnlpvreek)-M r. Smith, did I really 'j
appel)ar scaredl wheni wc thought all
would be lost?
Mr. Snuthi-I can't say I hat you were<
scared, but for a muan whlo htas bJen
triniig to go to lleaven all thiese years
.Jou appeared most rel uctantI t~o accept, i
t he oppiv.rt uuity. -litai per's iazatr.
T]hte Wife-If this scandal in the
famtily is going to make any ditterence t
mI our1 social p)ositionl it wvilIl be moreI
thani I can hear.
Chjiago Millionaire-D~on't let that [
worry 30ou a bilt. If it does we'll move I
to New York.-l larper's Biazar.
Ilewvit t--Are you a believer in vac
Cmtat ion1?
JIewett--Most certainly; it kept my
dlaught er from playing the p)ino for1
nearly a week.-Town Topics.
"My loy tells me lhe is getting
much valuable information at college,''i
said the prottd father; "~ I hope he
won't fort et cyerything wihen lie comes -
'' I hol.t not, si," said the pro)fes-(
sor; " he's borrowed e2 from me al
readly.'"-Yonuker's Statesman.
"' Appearances are dleceitfutl,'' an
niounceed Mrs. Beechwood.
"'lnt, not so deceitful as disappear
antces,'' addited Mr. hBeechwood.- P'itts
burg Chronicle-Telegrph
He-What month is it in which it is
unlucky to be married?a
She-Goodness me! What a poor I
memory you have, my dlear.--T'it-Jiits.
Cook (severely)-Y'es, ma'am ! I'm
going. And I can't give you a recomn-t
mtendlation with the ladies of my pro
fetsion. Though I will be sayij hte
Mr. Sharpe is a gintleman secondl to
M rs. Shiarpe (meekly)-Thanks,a
Bridger. Pe'riaps that, will dlo.--IIar-a
pert's JBazar.,
F~redh--I hail a fall last night which
rende~lredI me unconascions for several
Ed-You dlon't mean it! Where did J
you fall?
Frcd-I fell asleep.I
Mrs. Birown--They tell me they
have got a inewv minisler at the corner.
What was the muatter with Mr. Spouter?
Wiasn't ite sound in the faith?
Miss Smith-Oh, yes, for aught I
know; butt the new preacher plays g~olf
like an angel-Boston Transcript.
''Tmmy-Tell nme a story, Uncl.
Uncle--A story! But I dlon't know ;4
what to tell a story about.
Tommny-O, tell me a story aboutt it
little boy who had a good uncle who
gave him 10 cents.---duanap~olis Sun,
.Mr. Newcome-8o y'ou're glad~ your
sister's got me for her st eady compa nty,
. Johnny-Yep. TIommy Brlown~'s If
Bistcr's got steady compjany', an' T1omi- (lea!
my works him paid-,m. sn

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