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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, May 23, 1901, Image 2

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.-'Th5 People's Journal.
Tr. J. MAULDJN, Enron
. nte red at the Post Office at Pickens at.
aecond-class matter.
rmUiSnAY MAY 23, 1901.
Tho whole nation sympathizes
with Presidont McKinley in the
gloom that overshadows him and
commeis him for the self-denial
and constancy with which lie de
votes himsolf to his sick wife. Fore
going plea8ures loi)g antic'pated
and giving his time almost exclu
sively to Mrs, McKinley's nceds, he
omphasizes to all his country the
first principles of a true man and
Iickens county is progressing.
If this is doubted, take a glance at
the returns of propbrty for taxa
tion for tho past fiical year and
make 1co COmpariSon with tho samo
for ten, five or oven two years ago.
It will be seen that not only is the
county loing something in the way
of manufactures, but the constit
increase in taxable values of real
property and the evident increaso
in the fllount an1' value of person
alitv evidences a growth of popul1
Coln colsistilg <- energtic. thinI
folk who fill every calIog ,l : p.
ply every reasonablo demI. if tI
progressivo citizen'. GAod lop /
make a desi-ahlo c'mImi unit. y io
ehIIace I Iie ri IIket valuo
anl1d 1a(dk. here1,41 a10 ho n '
places in thelonlcon iP . tt
With cni t discus i i
intelligent presevnu ati ,:io n I 1' 114)o I ti
c701al i'e <hig this present y-r
the vrvol m' I er1 in t i 1 e !bl
to col afy, Clitliztd opinlion
touching tie leading issu IeV kif th 1
day I'eetphi-xia"nCies
my be, mt er it 1A a ardi esid
(rtio as i cuaed bt thae futur
wi tem'Care pre osing for in A 11
nteray rfeut fii the ev"lutiin I
eident t ht he timei r. ItlhiAt ,e . v
orneiiit every Ialn hs a h e t
and before comm11it tinghill-t
ny policy he ought to coscen
tiously decide, with aill the leAhts
possil, whether ieis such a poli
Cy a is SCalculated to avhisIl
intorfsts or hold thr thein Ce
The day of im ent in oleg
itimve- cuiladminaes and mus.
rins furhodsy wiln prealil 'ha
sction tha failseh infipretemai
bein the nd rthan.iiel ed
wiethe disrerdior thet 1 rine
stanclos one may ebanc teo inhltv
and unf)2litie 'hu for the dut ofC leg.
itmey o accumliorn. Toou'S' much
inulgenc and ieldin to hed
cratig th ey li v ling ednertil)iopa
wreanel thatnece, lsiy altniola
ovecod. A(hi hi ndulg' e~eintV i.
poit is ac more hda tm full etme
Imrthe en, hann In a11 c miely tond-hi'
enc[y; the latte, fr draws 'iot and
devl4ogriudustry'.h (and t tr'eatlive
thensibeltien tod Olo nd ~enorg.
uc.t Tre obectoom rcetnsit inA
oerg awnfrmaluremr{ t~ wa
thatde to berexped n theorn' pop
or devitelopent ao' himol and
indi. To his kind rof.ecnom IC
expeta and I in. faoickasdd
t for dischionat the allnctihy
ORGia pnANshp .yPrj
ySpeintndent WI . W.mii F.
Radi1g, 1901 fir the V.urpso
Asociaticn. Sup. Bight clled
the meaching wo hrderau eary
deced to effect a temporary or
gaiation, repalroqua progry n
toacen was elcotd tmorary pres.
on Satrda May 25th:Q~8a~r~
May 25, 1901. The above program
will be carried out and we trust a
permanont organization will bo ef
focted. Let overy teacher reinem
ber the date, Saturday May 2Wth,
There being no other busineis3 to
atttend to the association adjourn
2d. . 1. B. Dominick,
Tihe Press Committeo of the Wo
nan's Department of the South
Jarolina later-State and West
[In'la 10Xpositiol, will publish very
tiiortly a mamoth special cdition
f tho Charlestonl News & Couirier.
llhis great newspaper will be a
ihirty-two pago edition and Til
lave a circulation of at least 54,
)00 c.)pies;;wuhfn those are oxhauit
.d, anotlie edition will bt priti te .
Lt will be sld inl every city, town
an1d village ill this slate, nod by t!he
leadinlg nou s-dcah-rs inl tho I iar
Vitie' both north and south. In od
dition to this, th 1 i iper will :v ()n
saile at both the' Bllffalo and- Chma.
le4ton xp ito - thusexendni
tie iluelnIce of thii grI t Pe r11
tilrough th Itr I m: o! nit c. tire y'. I.
All thie reading e I e -
tribuited hbwy , ,ad r~l i'
what. a1 p Sver su a pulicl
Can Icol', maly of u111r. n
t iited littia y to v nIl .he c a
r a v, it I lie Ur trl- r
i e
wh I.. vw rn h e um s f
the Va e ! ill Iiza eth I .i 'r 4.
-; n \1V indo
I t - 4 . .\n nt is m
s r, r ' .t < ,1.
tienn.th ri ! hi..: an
teh. ar II.i I 4het!. I 0n n
t Choplin.I ('ertrudI . therlft.!n
p w l '.. 111.1 .\ , ( >:- n v.
hvv b'\4 (i y t_1ii i
T11. r w%: ' i.1 ie a e a mh . h !
\t eh:brtd w i-s i0v nl
M t'4 I r (I I \ i -
ii ii 1t i i' .(' 4;): a l.i'. d nb h -
Lai e o I mi: r'eori s C onIit f Cs
ni !a'l h u C :::ir-I les of the N O.
ion a4 Inev, wl ega in
hainfthei'.1P various commliiit tn
Alt ehe ths nlgnfie.?ntl pa
) r W ,Il i I n whic (-eve " .-I .N 2r y u
Xww a n OT 1l f.:" I il n l o !t Ca o
n i ' I h ''': - I i v ill d .u t
."1;1kir: t , tt. nt e. ':
I!i pl (110 i (liis 4'ruidSi \\i C) l l C4
lth e e:i tli :19, ti ting itLt whthin
reA wCih remit: anc for14 .1 ite ,. 14m
r1t.i of c.' I. 11 e.1 . ( a4l e to ((
ite ( li4.. s1 h higlirta \\l i ngton ii'~ ,
l'hairman Phat Comm0l (4)itee,:'
''rs. J. the?' Visoka, hisfinit
h JT'.. l ''.ilItei i T llG .41 tt'
(1114 it t411' % 11ps o ii wa -u it. 11
nlL th- W i Vt f CL. ,ml 1(1 ii i
A ~i) it th- gloii 11hin 1.!4Pn?(
the1 I 1 ar h eni ll ot he just1!4. wha it
ws bore,~iVL-A141
Ai loo I) Iy . ' t liro 0 .: lo nece4i' -
at. V conarsi t grete t'eed' (~Nd
I'i s aul t 44'.l' li t1 e i ) VO teIt Iilv t i
thelliotth ting s L (llt ctilit 11
w - hin thoe ot t cop~he Lam1)
Mu i'dur i 1<.r hv enl jath.~C1l(~
Inter i Ih te d c1elleg t oll l i m(1
b1w wastl~' talking t ao ' aged V :- te
tete in te pohim wh forgte0
ho et.:I01 C he in t ered t11( h08( t, r
Cho'ngtmn wa if, utin toli dgraduntii
1'. ronedo the 1. highst law ei d 1iie
- iandl whor will tou doe "1t
ithe cournisan t eo at Im' 1))oui.
"\\'ha th en" mokd hrn fi
miotlior may I ivo through otcrnity,
may resound thr-ough tito cout8t of
he akiesm O-o tI' e ahts of many
sol roone bthLodhrough
,\N 1f11 E'IN OLD CARZ.
"36j?. U\mVlev wonit nut with Mr.
J. C . (addwell to Li. home ill tilt?
counitry, wherr' heo F-Iwt th.' lJt
and sattudaly h') molnt to N ity
S-ix 11ud t0 I"ILw c h iid
h~~i fil< It1: e eou'ly days
t'u' r muv to' ()!(I I iv' v islnt .L
[a,~~ ~~ is~ now liFv l ,e411v
#r*:i eli uI!y ho l ]n (4f %vas m
I a ewh :1'e ilni':.1' l om,~
'1 1.4 li ti - It 1.11a tO ll il il
I h i I S. 4 C k.4 z4 k. 01i ;11- .11"d
AP J 0 1 orlh4 (41 ()~ies141 fa
Py Llrp' l.oa 41 ill4 Piclet and144
1 - 1,1 l~i4442? it 'e Vl.ig ("!!.I.
t! 11. .4 w 41 ca roIt 4444-Il 44 4 4 '
d. lit, of 11w~ ( ' 11 611. I 41th 4
I I.
tV ol1 111 .) 1 1 (;C 1 I(' 1 -u! VL .iflC
ti a i , ti-z1 n thew . o' i 41
2)Yut.14. witle I a. a o r". i t w
:1 ee 1' 11 t IA 11. l iIS a;) 0141 .
ivhj] li - w a s n !nOill1 \i1wie.tx
'1l Io.A CONY~t o I' N'U prikON.
Mr. i2 j4"4j.( Id i up a : peril, il
Vur It %III 1.' hwi, I . w il ;4? 1C
troI. jt4 .iw jli4.'' 4 1 ' To!,, 'r. 1C
Maj. ni l e I.. ther Wryiil 2' o.
fis to otet 11V11 1 if4hy l, quesi l)
an ho t e ::21 1.'~n now v.111:1 ais1
vi w.11 1-lv i ng I..'' io . cajj4c lt',)i
in li e e ,,I ti,!: ; 1- 1) fi :4 '1 l1
Of this Succoss thero will bo nto
doubt with a great tuate liko Pennii.
sylvanir )hliinid enterpriso.
The moral elftt f a ropresenta
tivo inc-dy of So th-r1n bupitnes
11011 me ettlg ini :- Wur)tnern city to
exploit tIl) Ici eni - vand j-,'lvan-j.
tages8 of1 their Cei11ca1 readily
be) ap re:ite. O laus is
Vihily interost ed i. : d that intelrest
should he mn1ifl.--.1 thi-o4l11 )
good deleg ti.>:'. ..delphi1, it
will b remi1Ih21e, ii wurkilng
0.arelstly to estat!:2 5 : stcamship
link) hurt, e'xp'ct ia < 1a largo
busliimes wiih the .y. Nt,.w Or
le11n3 shou11ld1 do1 it art.) to 101)
Il .) in .; i N ..- (%:
L )H S I -! NP -1. 11110.
51 1 Austin civil wadoteraii ot
Wine estae, Inod, wy A i'S.., "A y w-ifo
wa- sick n 1--1; tiint in spito ot a
4ood doctor's treathiu, but was
w"*'holIv eie I by I)r. i\n2 s New
L~ife l' ; , mhi,-h wvim volutrs
for b1r henahh." 1 K. -daways do.'
Try I h ilm. 0.11) :.-;0 at. L lt &
Thiorn y's drug soe.
I A.M M Y (%'.'A 0 .\i' ll :lI.
I ami ,hx %I )A relat-e-1 mi-.t-n thalt
-Syniks: the earth twdhiv,
Andi, when I t yion wfI) I ami,
you'! . almot faint :1way,
lt j't V n thIink~ 1i (:Vrt , wndh
I srv you'll t'd,;:r!:;,
am ny \ 2 'w ;2.An
l'P i v i y u n.
I wo:n 1t V., I m . V II \'
ou..1 VP f V '-'
Sho iIL a il-1t. I
er 1 .n t
r pu t w v i s b y -n n
y reit"r 11, 1 A M
1. 1 2 1 1 , .22 i! !1 1~ Z'
* 2 'h an 1.yfa ..
iny m
1 1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I '.S 2 ~ .1o:, ff
MY 2X is lm wqplomuO
M m. w .1 un otr . r
V Id(1.h - y I I Iy- ; h v;'k d,
f 4 W.:41-1 n' - e
ThAs I m.. !.is h r 't
, 11 : .\ It C .
* 2 ', 't i la
. . . w Q? law,
&A 1 i : i n iil oI
.2 Vi !Vx A.n
-r \ t nd n r.. r'ion
C nP (; tin,
i I.I - v i n '- - ( r2dn
hh You em (
1 A l Gh Y. r: 1 yon.A
Head.. -r*n-:ii 2 \.a m S iy -
C.e 2. , \'21. :: , ;:..a -h iH' : lo
L th i 1 i':- ':1'. \' g ; i i-a
out M2'OC inun. -- c1'C! I . :c.i of, the
SkOx''. '-ThUN. hiuw R.VI'ion. '
21 li11: r m ', ils\ 2 iso 1!' ''12' g.
to oh ie r 2 LIk reii nth
--illegh~n 1. 1d"ndkMon
2.O RO N D 'iI ci R. (2S.
D2m'1 m.m nslecio fo aiti
ed .or d 1ri I . \ ;:l u ;- ,
D. l'.tr A., I tan i. C
.12.. 1,2' .. ,.:'
0, P. A., bI 'l'1on, .C
x - 44 2. 1. co Id0
un2 r a i ,?int in thL~esf
.1)'f~ 0 . .0 YE iA nd'
of t ritEus itIN''I.; a
the S thern
Subscrt02 ono Iioi Theriu P lt n it Cord sir oc-anvu
A fridasortab olutrl~ opi )~ion n te ani
sienft12 fr I O ~lde t lenc fori 1 ac oir m , patnts
year s four mont hs, $1. Uod by ail neBwde~lOrS.
UN C. New York
"Do the follrs often
lio here?" askod tho
traveler in a malarial
soction. "No," replioil
the native' 'they dio
Oly 011ce.
Hero. They only die once an
they oly trado onec at tho sam
Places. Not so, though, when the
1ln1 in here. If they trade onc
wVi tl I's they keep coming, simi11
ht1 ' wo give theim. more muIt
1ud botter inules for less money
way w ith horses. Wo haV
Jist "eoived throo car loads of fin
Will haivo anot her car froi
ullee. lle0xt week-all aroilli
Ol ali'erJaels. Ciio 1111(1 2he l(eu
%oil, wallt i g l or vehjik'l
of any kluid? If NNo (I,,a l
S1 1lly0110Y. Wo haavo t htlet k1
I *Idd , of of w:g1olis, antid [ive of I'l
*and carriags all received
th first dnv of last danuary. \\
have eut oUt the
On theso goods, als we alo dotol
m11ined to hoep ull) our renltwiatio
has th lar gest dealers ill the Stat<
We novetr buy ill less th n ica
nnd pay spot casi for (v(ry
linn, ihenco we huy clieaper tha
tho small ic-aler who iiys a fe
iol*s at a ti ime( anmd keops 1theim ui
til they tire c-ld and (lingy. W
own ouMr )-pOsitory, hence we (on1
have to divble proliit. with th
landlord. Wo Carry in stock th
Celebrated Studebaker
Anid the world's justly renowno
o 'IIz. A5; modilum grades N
i-nrry; tll Ch ttanloga?1, O w e! ISho0rt
Tayl.r, Virginia andd Jusse
V'e keep in stock at all tinme
thi rteenI ( <il0,',erent Imakec-;of1'1 I n (
nur Curie.-- amngthemn th
. I ns;. 1: lahau atrn A 11 me0. C0o11
l,)k and take) you'i r choice.
\Wo will not s-)y uich as to oLI]
ne.. \\e have on hand a $15,00
stock:i-mor tohan1 every (leae
ill town cObIiI:'d. ieillim1ber fo
the next thirty (hly S wo will Imak
Frwcial Prices.
G :.x 2u1..:, S. C.
1A n.7,,AuP6511H 1M
Ii e: -iv' .i1i!, , IC i. .
':- !w n: p.
11 i. mi
Ii i. Il
I 11i ! "~~zc Tab r U (1iy lh a
1" y i:L " I li On '1' 1 . m
Feb 2 o To-wn .
.'iva d in Ein te 'k n . l.vIeIno,
Fir' 'unia , 1 !u N * n'' . n
,' ' 1'al~v7;8( p. i
1W coi " En--y1 a. ii
'* '' ' v 7:;8o p. ni
, " Estr p
"I4I' " nse 73 p
Fi! a F~eyI 1 21.n
ird ( mo Iy, 11,e2 *s, 1i r .
01' 1-itnljl .. l). N. Paou!, zi'n. Piar
I24' l::i ' l S Antioch,2 * ih-v. W.,
s' 1ii a~l;v 22 . o~' I 10tin ~o -
:la~liI I Zhl ui'4 'il I. .
'1'w 110 '~' 'ie k Ii chO reb2 - l
CCII112 zg l 'nsz~ heal..
al. n
O ichNgl "'iir 7n I2e'or~ch fi(ia
menel ti :nh o iiy ta 'hteuu
etc.,net cos. itla &h sae a.<, l~~cane trd
hfor allple.i' 1D.1 N.1 Rome, Gen Ma
Decatur. Il, apI13 lm
L. W. PAltKtIOt, Pickens, S.
(Irconvillo, 8. C.
Hayiesiworth,Parker & RbIAison
A Itowneys-at-Law
Plekeni C. I., - - South Carolina
Practico' in all Courts. Attend to all
buminless pronmptly. ti.
t?""lonov to loan.
Attorney at Law.
( Pickens. S. C,
e Practico in all the Court.
Y Oflico ovor Earle's I)rug Storc
G renville, S. C.
Onico ovor Add isons )rug Store
1 p-1091 r.
c (. l.' rzu;1:l1Tt l 0T C, R.,ono
- \! it olk !1*onno1%killee to give vti-4-m
(\Caiaos-l shedulc of iua.u;:or Tratas.
PIiib;:eet J-11. 2; (thl.
VCR. Exp r. 1!,1.1, f
- Aor thbound. No. 1J 3. N. . N o. ;:4. N o. 3.1
1:atily. I)aily. 1;.iiy Daily
1.v. A thnntl't'T 7 6ia 1.!1 12 "*; , 11 ;-i3)
A.nar 8 (lDa I (;t. I --In U 125
I '
h 'er . :....... .4,p ". 2 IL
" old. 19 in .a
a .... . i .. 45 p.M
1 i nea.... 11 2 . a
" :A. A r . 1- :
. - -' . 3 p 7 4p
h:.-i.bug .: a 7 0 7 5Vp
i:u- 0a . 4 IS
11 0 '. -- 0 4. i 18 P a p u
A r. ! i. I I.
A~ ~ ~ r. JQ4 w... 1-1 7.
Ar. i a',.hn 1 A OJ 43 u c,
' A .VI [vile 5 I
A r. N .. -.:....
AaL 61 0 a)
C Iuaa- . *'a
-I '. j. ....... 1 1:>n
A it I- I * 0 1 t. .> 0 p
N t . - 1 5 : : ) "a z . 5 !
lv. ('ura:". 2u bV ) !i~~ it
l' --' ---- --- --2
v . Nr t -ea 7 4 0 p
a 1.:2 a
auni. l. 1 a ... ( . 5I1 a
a k Ir 3)-r li
..it.;t1 la aa 220a
bungita . 1-.. : al al lt :a b
ta i n h 13 16' i .' - 1 1. a
Alain~tjoia .3 . p -to ap h3 U
nhastve -ui~a to
8 : LY . lrJo.. -g
I Na .. . o . N 1'
iie~10 a aa V .' u1Ia 32 2-5>
'-m1 l. ..t 5 0: aa .. . . . 'oa 1 ;
Ar tlnalTa c oa ''ittp al I "4~ V5 1,l
|-i U oa LlaanaAhoe
"A' No 1 a-*p ai 'M -a ,,n.----ht
lac '_ .aiD~ ~ao aa :'~~ a y 3 s1. a
hia( ,.10 a N A r a .t, . ae s.I.
e' "A" ' n. . '' 'aT'' 3. m, "' non n. t.a
bewe~ Nofaa t 1'nv'.aimore
- nn-1 A' au a- T.-- '' mnae
3~.,- '.' o T a '! i al' m.- <>r , '
- 'a wc'." uh: . :'.; o -hi-a aa a a. a--h
*.'I .:1, - I m 1 l- i a,: '- '.u
-.um n 1 -v " ::3 n uh3we -I '' .o
ianea. ' aut 'J. 'P in8c. b . .u- la -a a
4''. a i I 3 h. N a a., t h ',, .a a
tia i ' .ea .. t.al.. ..<inf1 -, ''am .at,
- ' talI a a .'i a~Tt y..* , 3.r
1'........i..::aa a I h..pt
- - ' . ' I ]aa'. .
- i ,' na :.,'1;.ya
I. a a l'ei'' .in.
I. 3 a .' . at 8arem, a, '3\e .Yi
a- n'. n-! to m a .r.<a a -
n' * m. a-' .i'ta foa ua' a i-,
-a n1 ' niaI i in a' '-:',ri
a at ina n .~ y .3:\; ' .I
- g. - .s. 6 . ...,1 K.'a lom:,-t o' ee hat.
........u... ,........ :::... ..aa a ,1 a '. t. a
- J!: a- :. 4 '' 1 ' ir'.-i ty r, . om -: e 'aale .'a
lata a nda a .:' ar c sy an ' ''' 'an.
- i';. .:u a. a- ahra. D nngen.-a'rv
New'11 aan ' -al dmonitain h sween l
Richoa a:ad andOa A Ih tla t. (C'"a, eonnteolon aS
E Ijaai all t ont [at is entlo.! 3 aboave sa.hedute
path ;'mi y I th innuguerati on oft traia Noa. 19
al:4, at s.,. 1 lat 2'os. Si andi US nro maaado an ox.
olusivet Pu lhuan. 3 ratn, withoutt acah uorvlco'
.- . A.,.. A CU A~d gg
it iadir ' - t b, I 'a, 11981.
.Oan on1a tfillr Feb- IsI then followa
f4 ii e Sc-d*le will be run~ o'ver the !'ick~ett
II. L~ ,a fo thea p)lupse Ed Iting yl. bIg'
' No.a 9 1)11ly except Smut31ly '-No. 1 (
- J tOa Lv P'icketas Ar ..55 pmo
1 ani31) Ar' l~nsIe.V Lv 2.15 pmit
. 1)e r)- Daily ex'Npt gttdav. N.I
. Itaad I oawn a eger3 ~I Stervi ICCft'1 I
- 4 pin1 Ar3 It let' Lv ('.t0 ;am
. 10 conneeatL< witht Sr iw- Na ..0-.
No. I) Qonna wit SI'. Itt-, No 1:2.
No. 12. connacats ni ii ha Sr. In-. No 1 .
No. 11. conecatsl ith St. fl3y. No 3 I.
Trinvill stop> to take on3 or let ofi
t8asegert' it thte fol lowhig er'ossinga:
e'rgalson 's, Parsaon' an3d MAlanidlin's
J. T,. TiAYLOU, Uon.ti,
JULIUS E. B3QOta eprtimit
--For Spring Tra de
We have just received
A nice line of Men and Boy's
From 25ets to 75ets each and a
nice line of
from 10ts to 2.5cts.
Sec our line of TOWELS from
1()( to:)0( a pair. A new line of
- SUMMER S1IIIRTS from 50C to $1.
each. We have the hoes to thin
(lie big crop of col ton that is being
phiited. Remember, we always
keep a full store, and count on the
(imality and prices being right.
Craig Bros.,
C .2EAT- 0A4CAiN
T now avo tho best sElected
,dook of
CLIAl! ING, &c.
120 M1a'in sti reet, C reenville, S. 0,
ap r12t 19.
Sasi Deavn Elinds, .Flooring,
Colig and We oatherboard
ing, Moulding, of all
kinds. Loether and
iRubbx r Baltiesg
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Tlhey cure (idndruff, hair falhnmg,
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Elect ric Comb.l, The only patentedI
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mn this paper.) Addlress D). N,
RlOBE, Goneral Manner, Decatur.

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