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Ine 1eople's Journal.
- - --: Is
Local and Perconal. i
-A couple of nieo milk cows for sale
by Ivy M. Mauldin.
---ov. John T. Lowis, ot1 Andorson c
Mil's, was in town oil 16th inst.
-Apply for board at Mrs.-Lathm'ti.
--M'salm Jom P. Griflin had a iness p
of English pi as on Suiday the 12th in3t f
-Magi-t'atO W. L. Jcnkins lhas a few
ne103 Of the post whoat we have son this I
-Mif Fannio Sitton of Baine, S. C.
's visitug at 11ho homo of Mr. W. Hi. t
A ihmore.
-Misses May and Corin O'Doll, of 8(
Romoo{, visited friondsj in ( reonvillo
and Laurons coiinties list week. g
--M1rs. Miior Martin, wvithl her grnnd
daughter, Nlifts Olivia Mehiugh, visited F
relatives in town inst Tliuirsday.
--1ev. *D. P. llearden will preach at
Pleasant I Iill ]Raptist (hurcll on tho seo
ond Sunday in Jutine at 11 a. in. A
-Joll 1). Harria, of Lenderman,
Greonviin county, spent it few days with t
his brother, T. D. Harris. last week.
-Th long wish(d for rain camte last C
Saturday night and has contiinuod at iu- 1,
tervals Eiuee.
-The good rains havo brought bright 0
faces and vhe:;hed hopes to everybody 1
in this part o the eunitry.
-Good Sertoons woro dlivered at C
Cross 11dms church onl last Satirday
and Sui.ndy by the pastor Rev. T. U. a
0olselaw., d
-Sunday~' w:a Communion doy at (
Cross tows 1, anmd thero was a largo con- A
greaHtin, although the weather wvas un
-Threwil nn afernoOl singing li
atl RBAthl:1hem -cho ,Ahus on 11h.1 first Cl
bIim:ty in Jun - e242-m'neing at 2 o'clock. i
Everyb'dy is l:ted utal a god timyo is
expee'd. 0
-MTi'. Lidle uind i aManbr Wil
lio 1:r-ownI of Pi.-l'ons c:)ut* 31v1nr1 visiting
their sh t-r 3:r. lariceo 1L. Craig.
O) )('nIQ Ne ws. 1r
- r.E. 1'. 1 Iarri . of Patherfordton,
N. ( i., i ivni n li:tive:- in Iieckena last
week. Dr. I1 ISii:; een e:I plates locating a
here sooni.
MI. .Tohn P. Gr;flin, who ha for
the past In o wt 1 heeii ii a visit to her
parenI - :, F.;id 0, coAderison cun01 v,
returned hon-i" this- weeki.
--(api. Ivy M. Mankin Vas inivited
to Clemson.: (lhl.e lF0 1'rid-ly to aet Is
onle cf Jt he j-minl the ataldrill con
tetA Of thee C-dot en nisof that inisti
--On Sattird ' 18ih ilstant, tihe
Cros RJl1n ( 12nch inss-vd resoluhItions
to the vIl. I ht o-lndilg mm0bers b
iall bIe datwi fulrtheor deliy S
tinin iS a):0'11t ly n ews. c
-12110) :~ a I of 1 mi wlo cxpN't r
to fompete for a wolarlhip lt Rock I1
lill wvill tind' informi:tjion regarding h1
samne clewer in'4' *' this paper. C
--Tho :1nana';l r.nnhm pienl of fihe9
1Taieod :212 I'.i1 1f:, w'vas held at 11
Odi I' i. lat12 Fiiy. Quite ai num
her f Pi';1: l)I peo'l wenlt and seem to 0
have enjoyr d ia em L v.
ion of t .1 Tweb ' lite Iver11 AssIoci -
tio w 1 ~ill m;1 e'.t II ithte NitI:e F'or1ks Bap- p
$i j chr e n I(1 S;a trda befor ic- t ho lifthl n
Sut11bly ini .Jun ' at 9 a. mn. Program O
--ickens0 encn .in111ly be'lat of being f
the~fi8C grae iu1mber are i n th le upper
pairt of South Car('ohna 1:. Walgons arec
great loads1 ofit ph1ink and1 sh ingles, takiing
them ti o l he ik 11itdi{m in collrsie of coni
f.trueliCou) and~ to the depot to be shipped
to various paris of the~ co)untry,
-Lient. Franlik G. Mauldin, of the U. d
S. army, wid return1 ini a day e:r two to
his1 post ait N)wp)ort, R. I., after a vusit
of sover'l weeks among r. atives in Pick
en18. L ieut .i auin has beon promnoted
and will reciv is 12 comissl)Rion as cap ~
taini inl a few ay. ieo is a son1 of the
]ato Joab) Manldin, of Pickrs. -OGreen
villo Mon tiner.i
.-.Ciaig Re th an1 1onneilO to our r'ad
thisi 1pa1.r nal thlum :all o h- m11. T.hiey
are3 rie4' e gen:N :21.n, r121 g~ht as~ a string ni
poilled tamt, m1 (.e1m 1-) d1eomled on to
fuilfi every shatemeint they miake. G4o
.-At Ch1msn Coli(l1 e 2( 1last F~ril .y. af
ternoioni thii iix endat compr1.nlies' hadu a
'ompe.t'tit ive ird!. T' th su.HcessLfuil
to i:~i ea;H a g hi m1ed1.. All the S
(Cadet C(apt aim J. (. D eew rthi, of Wiil '
hiamitnh .C
-Peau li!! '.x .E(1,1Goldeni
Creek 22nd1 i'*e. 1rAk is :p5t ollChrches C
thazt ehm ' il n21 ioth~ ;im~lday iln My.
Thecro vt ill he012 an 1 day siinginug at H 1mo
plaee onI 512mo1 Munday.11, mand eve'irybody is
inivited (4) comell; tIPec ially prloft'ssora of a1
miic. Ijl < I(erybhody ce iand brin~g 1u
weoll filled basiikts. * e
---Thoumgh it wais 1 raiing, thle peopl)e in
the] BethIilem n sect iou enijo. ed a great ij
timo laist Sund~2 .y at tht. o)hnreth on thin I
ably large crowdi was4 'menit' to listenu to
the ex(1t1t tallai n:iade by:, Ml r. R. N.
Ma1ry~ Newvton, R1 v. R. .1. Damgminil and J
son1, of t10Nte ilt21, was2 the~ orattor. of
lie day andI by his fi ore: ful 1and ~ I bionght-I
Jul speech deeply interested thme hiearera.
--A happy we~hiing fook: placo' at Liht
01r1y onl Suinday morning thle 19:th inst. at
10 :301 o'clock(, at t iho2 resieno oIf the ofi- t
cliat ing ntariiy pub1! ia ? Mr.W. I. McYhor a
ter', in whiich MI1r. Caltoni Suithieilanid and
Mliss1 Lunla. Suther land, were unitod'.
Mr'. fSutherland is a citizenl of .the'
Tabl1,o Rock i3ectio lO~(f thisa county ~
whmero the happy couple will make their
hiome. The br11ide is IhIo beautiful tind I
cdmniraiblo daughtertu of Mir. Samuel Suth
olanlid andil was1 a rOleiet of Alabama,
and~ wa'fs ;imintg a visit to Mr, Mc~Vhor
tot's fam;ily : t Lis idy wh'ere the marri
npge took! phire. Wo join thoir nmauy
speak for' Mle. tad Mrs. Buttherland much y
hippiness; along the pathway of life,
My Jack will ha at Liberty un, v
g1l tho J1th of Jutno,
pm2WAWt r6 #9QW~e
P A. I)anforth of LaGrange,Ga.t
utffered six months from a runog
right il soro on his log but writes
hat Bucklen's Arnico Salvo whol ly
ured it in five days. For ulcers,
rounds, inlos, it's the best salvo in
be world. Cure guaranteed only 25
ts at. Bolt & Tloriley.
Nows is scarce but I will try and
ive your many readers a few dots
roml this Vicinity.
Fairmers are abou brough plant
ig and sono had to plant corn
Some farmers havo comweicod
> work their crops over.
Small grain looks w 11 in some
actions .
The health of the comnimuiiity is
>nerally good.
Messrs E. C. Bowio and Henry,
indlay have tvLreatcd tlienselvcs
>a new buggy each.
Mr1. adMrs. J-. L. Thomas Of
'ickens Visited their daughter Mr's.
T. Wincister last week.
E. C. owic wn-ilt ol a i ness
lip to Greelville last, week.
Tho writor was l'reseint, at the
bildron's d(y at Moiit liothel
tst Saturday. It wouild have been
treat tl aniy one to hv beC en
iCro. Tho speakers v eril teil
[onorabulo edit( r of Th Pickn
entini, Rev. 'R. R. Dag.naI 1, Rev.
.McCain anld othersi includlingi_
number of SiIiday -chiool clil
ren. Temusic was g'and IOh
Jr0(d )y the school aiid choir with
T. Wii-clinster as le.aderI' and
[rs. A. T. Wi ncleser at the or
.n. The good and kin-lhearted
dies of that section deserve mui rch
'edit, and Ithaill!' fir p'-aix?8
oilifil a rI.alL.t that all fe. d
1 allOut iou. _he ehIl anlu d
rgan el iele!ly n & ia tedI by ili(!
ounig ladies or the school.
Rev. B. F. Muirphruo tillo:d2 his
glrappointnient at Anti-)Ch
optist church lirt S"3'aturiaily 1n1d
undaly. The Lord's Suippe:r v . 1
lministerca in le prsonee (r a
1r4e Co1'iegation Ti.- srmo:: l'.*
in pastor was grand.
UMzA".:1 Nut.
sTrEAl" .
M\1r. A. N. Stono a we:ll kn1onvi
aid proimineniteith'..ni of our s.
oil diej-d at his hom- r-'ea- ()li
ickels ():n th ih inst. after
bout lw'o mlon Ihl ' 2. H1ig. I Ie
vs a fill(, m1anl ;"ndwe th u h
3' everyLoidy whokn'w him. M:'.
tonle lea .t ,--S a go : wif 1) n 8 svn
lifldrenl to Inourn-1 hiji d-ath, lIi
Ml(ains were lid i re-t on. th
6th~ inst-. a, S--ix Milo L ), w re hto
as moaly rolative.s and fam ..
hisi dfalkthllbed 11e Statet h -
lmic'i ted at wli wis ready to Itol
is God. That is the wadya
Light to be.
'T'he cropI' mi our' C'O c a O nro su
Whleat crp0s arePc looking fino in
iaces, but it will just t . ke one
ore good rain to imako i t like i
right to h)a.
~Somno of the faia-a. are wiing
)1' rain. buit boy1s 1ook out gr'as is
>mning j ust [the sameil.
Y. M. C, A,,
Baptist church Sundilay 20th inst.
t 8 p. in'
1. Open ing exerCcss inicluding
evotional service.
2, Reanding miinutes hut IIn meii g
8. M4iusic.
4. TIen iniutes talk on Itemi
erance by Honu. C. IE, Rlbinson.
5. Music.
tending bly R. L. Hienderein.
7. Music.4
8. Collet'iriui.
9. ('GCnie al ' 1eiari .4
beet ing anid f'ixinrg p~lce.
i1. 3u. je.
12. New businmess.
A .V iN.\loN.
T11ii xaiii llons fo1 r t2 e ni ' r
f vacantl s21b. 21r.-hp ini Wu I-- hn;t
'e'.lege anid f(or the ' ino1'-n
IAw stud(Ieni willv.j be I . 1
ounity Courit Loue eu l'bhv
uly 1l2ih ., at 9 A. 2.
Appli:canats ni:urst not be iess
inn fif teen years of aig.
When scholar':;hips are vacat.iedl
[ter' Juuly 12th. they will be a
airded to thoso~ mauk ing! t hie ihigh
at average ait th i is 1xan: nat.
Th'io cost of attendance, incluid
g boaird, furn ished room, heat,
ght anid washing, is . 9.0 per'
F~or frither infI..rinmt ion and a~
ohnson, R->ck l11!H, 8. .
Mr.I Ed >itr I)' . w ill givec you a
3(1 at this lace arnd have a bre~
T1ho [armers'' ner i isL piaeo are
uishinug t he hioei and il iow~s to keep~j
headc of Mr'. Gr ieeni.
1H, U. Boweni, W\. C. Ihrock and
te V. J. T. D)o1 bon hav th~*Ile ci tam.
ion whioat oif t hijs 5eCin1.
ears, died oin thle 7th inst.,an
as buried tlhe (lay fol low ing. .HeI
?aves a wife and three chiildrea' to
And the farmors were needing it
very bad too.
I. N. Cook and wife aro visiting
elativos noar Gireoinville this wCOCk.
Joo Brook, son of W. C. Brock,
:i.s troatod himself to a bicycle.
Sunday School Boy.
'My father and sister both lied of
Jonsumption,'' waitos J. T. Wath
rwax, of Vyandotto, Mich., and I
vas t:aved from tho samo frightful
ite only by Dr. King's Now Di8
-overy. An attack of Pneumonia
eft an obisinato cough and very
;overo lung trouble, which an ex
e'lkIIlt douctor Coul(l not help, but a
Inv nie'Iths' uso of this wonderfu I
nedjicine matte m1o as well as (v:,r
md I gaineid- much in weight. ''In
0 lible for coughis, CoI(l tnd :111
hroLat and lung traiublo. Trial bot
ties free. Gua anteed bottles 0c
nid .OU at Bolt & Thornley's.
.\ll p-Isols aro hlereby notified
lot to ikro harbor nor shelter my
(M, doe .Jowell a youth of about
7,year;, Is he has left home with
>u,. any jiuit cause. Any 01o dis
oaliig ihis notice will bo dealt
vih 11eording to law.
S. Jewoll
ay G., 190.1. w-3
The i'istr'at''s of this CCmty
I r. -IA'st e d bt bing their dockets
l ore i t coulity comillissioners
1d the gneid jury Conlittec for
m:Onination I thle fir'st Mwndlay inl
Ulie Rnext.. at Pickens cour'thueti1e
L. ID. Stephieus.
Bu Apers isor;
M. If I(ndr.i ck .
Fkoman Grand J urv.
May 1G. (d
Ti.c pien-e ,hich I said I woulid
oli s ab is on and it is this,
hat we have boen 't1runnling two
uhlivntura djuring the. past wveok.
Tho spring crop looks nice
1r3, cotton, weeds iaid burrs all
'I .'01mo patch.
We have oyiv a small cotton
m. ih aOwut, frIty acres this year,
thout -.Ix!y hilas year.
Wil pihi n p i ieed Somr) rail.
a f nl ::t iall, for if cor
r d is t' h i l (only Sll v V-w 'll have
0 u iratn |i!e t'he l zsioni l is or
,W-by like th poulor prod.igal !
11 dsuch,
ut a t ,sh!.y f111d ef fat yeair
ib I' !yo lers who liavo P,
t1 - la'trg gr''y enigle a few
ill.I :. 4 l:s i, 10 ets two'
Two n.ln we-~ e dr~ownl iln Red IRiv.
(Tx. I: t w.k. -ohIe hwa a
f w chiUs yet. lie says they stick
I . v I. r'I hat p)laly(d out but we
iav.. 1'imi! a 1nico. cool spr'ing nier
lfr.--wi'.n1 one-hlf mile.
I will not hec at tho Memphi.,
'Cullntin, miy corip demflandS lmy at
ent!ii n. Thle'e is, hiowev'er, 1b)
TOnd! 'i.. lit a. f great gathering, let
is all 1.c ready.
I. S. Lar'k.
A it r the revinl, a circuls alnd
iir' :n , i-nn me liately aft a
k :' m . .... itx .Ea. stome
an1 . The71l bail gamie
sa nI n e, it molvi(d that tired
ii n. 111i g ickl. The circus'~
'he a wa gr'aze~ 1.Ver by
everd veane-'. n fact thero
Liik-muh' 11 over the groiud.
o l 31 ien ' . ii.lA of this
.n \' . ft .h N -lill (3 '
hlit ulh~ i it; they didn'tt
u' knlw t'Ihe tr'ick-mles woro
I'' t) 'rifiirnl, Unti tlley got
o kickingr ml.d biting at each ofth
rl' I repr'eent h.Iir1 in tis game10
ndio it wasic onily lby the greatest ef
(ort tiut Endsry was1 alhl( to finish1
le gamefl( at few points nhioad. IThe
>leasanil t hin s-'hI he remhilm-J
It,0 I' ( \ol Iasat o ne:WfS ful'got
H.i ni Jr. E. It.gs wasuin Ion.i
vith.Mrs. . H.~~ w'iks cllsr
I~ev .l.E .a.1me \upli d thec
I. ( ' undy to .pe1. pleasantr
vord t~e ne1.goF thiry 1901y fernd.
I P. O . (ii.P coaloIg wams askalte
1i~t. Hotel untain View, Strda
Mr. anid Mrs. M. F. Ansol of
Grootivillo wtis inl this section Mon
ll(V. W. J. Shorif' fillod. hIk reg
ular alpointient at1 Mt. Airy, An
der6on cunty on the socoid Siun
Mr. and MrW, W. W. Norris vis
sted relatives in Piodmont last
Saturday ani Sunday.
hev. J, W. Spearmai 'teaehed a
finio termon to a large congreg a
tion it Rut.111on last Suinday.
II eury imeburig has had the
simllpox but is, wo aro pleas.d to
eP(ort, aholl well again.
lost of the farmens are through
pulnti ig an(d some bavO coingene.
ed to worc o\ver.
The cherry Crop (n tle Boggs
rood is a ltmost a failutrel this year.
Will Norris is seriously ill at 1i1
holle ill Liberty.
l\lr.J1 Jano li oter is still
scriously ill at the lhome of her son
T. iI. i\lWhorlter.
Soveral of th1; Ile\verleyites went
to I he show at E:tsloy last Tuesday.
Etr!e. K-'iiloinlore has the finmSt
fildd (Af wh.at weave szeen.
N . 1. U. Davis is sick with
-). Smith and family visited
G . E'* m h10 . Monday.
Th Io ..tiimin school house has
been furn:h4ed with soine new
Vh iLkers.
S Il .))1IS .VT IllS PAST.
''I reenll now with horror," says
Mail Carrier ihirnett Mannlii of Lo
van na, (., my t-.breo years st fforing
from kidney troublo. I was hardly
over fr:o from dull achos or acento
pails in my back. To stoop or lift
mail sacks malde mo glroaln. I felt
tired,worn oit,a)Out ready to givo
ip, whenai I hwani 1 use Electric
l'itt-rs, bult six hottles Complotely
cured iimo andit made me fol! like P
nMw m:n11, ' 'I'hey're nu.rivaeted to
regu late stoia ch livor, kidne.y anid
bowels. lrfect satisfaction guiaran
teod by Bol &Thorle y. On my 50c.
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know It.
How To Vind Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
tling indicates an
unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
neys; if it stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid
ncy trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain In
the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of crder.
wThat to Do.
There 13 comfort in the knowledge so
often expre~zed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Ro->t, the Zreat kidney remedy fulfills every
wleh in c-.;ring rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidrey3, livcr. bladder and every part
of the unlnary passage. It corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pain In passing
It, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
ncc::sity of being compelled to go often
duri ng the day, and to get up many times
durimg thc night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root Is soon
reahized. It stands the highest for its won
derful curcs of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and $1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonder fJu discovcry '^
and a book that tells ,ae ee
more about it. both sent Nf .$2!' " ,U .
absoiutely free by mal, "" "it'
address Dr. Khimer & rromno or swvampfnoot.
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer in thIs paper.
31" A~! g-t y-our lrt of the-Y~i~f
kept ini General Store-s.
Whenl yotu havn any'Ihing to) sell
amnd (Cer t ily wh!eni yout haUVO any
thimg to Ihiny.
If we e:t nnot wVait on yon nmie will
hi-io it <lone.
M S.-We Like Fried
Chicke's & Eggs !
S. .B Mann
Offers his services to thle
G enerali Pul't ic for build
ing putrpo.ses either by the
Conitract or the day
work is guiarauftC.ed wheni
he sulpervisesi the work,
an id he~ reers to hiis pat rous.
as to his~ (Jlificationis anid
thtorougness. All persons
desiring a relia le contratc.
tor or' bumilde~r will (do well
t o 80 him lye hforE~ (Alodpg
tra~ d einwhere.
A Warm Winter
Is not a good timo to sell
hoavy shoes and heavy dry
goods. My pricos on heavy I
3Shoos, Jeans, Flannel Out
ings, Worsted and Heavy
Dress Goods of all kinds
for the next 30 days will
)e so hot they will have to
Movo Out. Then you will
Want Plows
Plow Stocks, Singlotrees,
ind all kinds of plow goods
Bottor got my prices bo
'ore you buy elsewhere.
In a few days you will
vant G ardon Soeds. Early
Corn Irish Potatoes, etc.
[ have bought tho very
best. for planiting- Re
nember that I sell
ktkis Saws
Of all kinds, and doal in
Ill kinds of Mill and Shin
glo Mill Supplies. Como
lid Soo
Pickens, S. 0
*9Tomno 'Phone No. 2-1.
Firesh :-: From
A "Puncheon" of
"Ye Olde Time"
Muscavada - Molasses.
The same as your G reat, Grand
Father hiked so well in his boy
1100d days, and Oil whic ho raised
his boys to auch good, honesf
men. If you wvant somethiin
rood to eat, bring Your jug.
cunming each wvoek.
Don't, fail to )soo ourV line of
S tov'es,
Carpets and
Doublo F'oot P'lows,
Ihoes, Swoops G rain Cradles and
other Farmiing lmplemuents.
Ai niceIm ~ln of pring Millin uery
At prices to) suit the times.
Every lad~y who( purchasos good1s
to (ho amount of $1.00, ill reuceive
McCall's Quneon of Fashimon, a h~and
somlo magamzine two months freo of
Bridge Notice.
Th'Ie Co-int v , (onI~uni.-i~loer of !'iekens
.sttive V~will let, 1 1 ihe lowest rep~jonI
ble bh!dlder, I he bulllinmg (If a newv bridge
knownvI ni4 tIe FIIirma Btridlge aicross
Saludal River, at, 10 ai. im. on l'rklany tbh)
2 Ith riayL of Mayv next< with the0 privilege
LA. D). Stephensii, Sljy 'r.
J1. A . R ~ob in-on,, Cler..
Pienis, S. C. A pill 18, 1901..
Wedeal in LUTMBER
of all kinds,
D~ried antd D resse~d Lumber deliv
ered ou short notice,
Parties wanting Lumber of the
ab)ove kind notify us at least ten
days beforehand that the lumber
mnay be thoroughly dried.
W llM RII &, vm
1V'o hanlenil [II cillI'd of, A arbhie !m
IndI Gflploy 11011C but. ~itrst cillus wvorkillf
If you lleed l) intllng ill oi* fiml aI
)ring a 11111 with Ii1 oyigns 1111(1 IIices to
ots and canl gi\e tle lt)W024 p ricos.
Young roi' trall0
Adrfie.u( O
Of XVwI'l'I Al'L .Nh(
)l 0 T Illiy Flicl, 8)
lope to "o-ct aL lt . 4' v
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'f i':. .'',n4I 44n, of Detroit, and1(
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Vehad i' renarkably good healthi
tri.)S 1.\t.\ PA RILLIA is tho
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y t de~i !1ires, 11

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