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Mr. E. 13. ]look, of the Augusta Chroi
lion of the memorable encounter betwel
which led to their resignations and the r(
:his State. This article is worthy of peI
scrver of the extraordinary sceino in (alf
I had the pleasure of being present .
-it the debate in (affiey, S. C., be-<
- ween United States Senators Tillma'i
And McLaurin of South Carolina, and
..f witnessing the senisationlal episode i
which resulted in their' joint resiglia
.ion. It wias a perforilalice without, aH
'recedent so far as I know, and one I
- hat could hardly liave occurred anay- I
.vhere else but im South Carolina. It, t
nieans the bringing oin of a bitter an ld
- ensational campaign tIhis summer, andr
*ne that will be very t ryinig oi Senator
\IcLaurin's physical ability, if niot (nm
his Bellsibilities. Ie is evi(iently not
a Well man, though he hats ureat i
nierve force. A three-hours' debate A
hat leaves Senator Tillman perspiring, I
jut ruddy andl eager for more, leavex r
.-enator NeLauirin nervous, ulstrung, f
temporarily collapsed. Tilniman ights i
because he loves it, I ie reoices in
lie storm of battle, inl the biu iisl g of 1
his victim. J) ust as a prize lighter likes t
to see the blood spurt from the face of t
his antagonist, so Ben Tillman likes to C
- cc a sensitive opponent, grow pale or e
1ush, and figuratively writhe under v
his bitter iniiuCido and iji almse. Mc- 11
fLaurin is of finci fibre. lie (oes n1ot1 t
,ove to light, buit he does niot shnia ii.. h
1[0 does n1ot fear to strike a stinging in
Ilow, but lie does it of necessity, ral hi- I
-r than because lie takes pleasi e inl it. \
lrought face to face with diuty he h
Would )ack his position witih his life, s
:.nd never quail for an instanat, but lie ti
would do it under tremendous nervons r
lension, aidi when the strife waUs over
lie would suffer temporary coll:apse
iiot actual prostratioi, but lassitude t.
:Ind exhaustion. The eud of a semsa- w
- ional canvass, full of personilities aid n1
-xcitement, would 1imd MC Latrin n
.,reatly exhausted, depleted inl weighi. t<
'nd strength, if not actually sick; while e
Tillman would be strong as atn OX, and
lit for another moith iof the sae soil.. h
Bloth men are absolutely fearless, but. I
hey differ greatly in fibre anl iemperi- tt
menict. 1
McLaurin is a hanidsome lian (If finie 5
stature, and an easy and at times, ef ti
lective speaker. Ile makes no effort it
at flights of cioquence, butl, is eariest ir
tUd occasionally fervid in speech. li
Chere seems to be something lacking iW
ia the strength of his face, and so in
his speaking ie sieems just to fall short
-of the power that moves men, andil h
carries conviction. Ilie talks well, and P
miounts to a certaiin height of vigor and v
earnestness, but lacks that ringing o
, one or personal magnetism that. makes i
the bliood tingle in the veiis and a veeps I
-in au.hence off its feet. lie is more ti
'rnate than Tillmai, but less forceful. 1)
Ile is more gracious, but less winin g.u
Ile is more arguileltative, 1but1 less 11
conviligiV. Ile is more courteous, r
but doies not get as strong hold on e
ensual acquiain tances or partisan f'
friends, ie is manly and~ fearless, but
lacks that, personal quality that, at- h
taches men to his cause, and proclaims v
the leadler.t
There is a stronig belief prievatlenlt,
that the whole thing is bluff and play
for position, and that the resignations
tyll be declined by the Governor, or
through some other means will not b~e
come effective. 1 do0 not. think there e
is any groundi~ for this. Ihowever uni- e
piremeditatedly or flippantly the gamne
may have been entered upon, it, he- I
came serious enough before the~ finish ,
and Senator Tillnan was delterminedl 1
to force Henator McI aurin to resigni or<
to squarely back down after liaving''
agreed to (10 su before the audlienlce. I
In the matter of the resignlation Till-t
muan was the aggressor all the way
through, lHe began by dleclaring that(
''in the game of politics a man coulO I
come mighty near being a rascal ; and:
when a represenitative refused to standit I
b~y the policies of the party that, electedi
him lie might he calledl a traitor.''
Then lie (declared that, the manly course
for McLaurin to pursue woul be to
resignl and go before the plel for re
election, thus giving t hem an oppior
tuniity to end~orse his courise by re
electing himi, or' to repudiatec him if.
they believed hais coIurse was undemio
eratic. Theni tu rlng to the atudienice;
''I will understand that, you don't, wanmt
tme if you re-elect Mel Laurin , for if' he
is a Democrat I animnot."
The purpoh1se of TPill man was cealIy
to draw the slihrpet, possible contrast
between his own position and that oif
McLaurinl-by assertioni, if not by
argument. Confident in his own
piopuilarity and~ strength wi t the peo
1)10, he soughit to throw it in1 the scale
against Mcaumrini. If he had niot,
shown by argument, that, Alc1aurln's
p)osition was undemiocratic, lie wvanited
them to undl~erst1~ an ihat, he so conisider
ed1 it,, andl further that, any . endorse-.
ment, of Mcfautrin would b~e a repuldia-l
tion of Tillman. '' If' CAlciirini is
right, Tillman is wron.'' You must
choose between us. South Carolina
ought to have either two Democr'ats
like Tillma'a, or two Rtepubhacans like
Mchaurin, If you want either oiie of
us you dlon't want the other. Me
Laurin ought to resign, andl give you
the chanen to say ini unmiistakable Ian
iele, s giveni tle folloWinhg dlescip
.1n8Senators Tilliman and Alft'Laiur-in,
:siltant, contition of political affairs inl
'usal as com111ng fromt anl imanirtial oh
;uallge ait the polls which one you en
I do nlot lalls to say that tlhse
vere Tillinani's words, ut i itl was
ho. line of his arumitent. It was
troLgtr of the persol qti In lii. I -..
ievinlg t hat the people efolre h11, he
it-ved inl himl he wanted it) impres~.s (m
hemil that they could 1141 consistently
lelieve in AleLaurin, 14m. AcL,:turin,
calized that 'Tiliihnan was t1ro ilt. I ie
rengthll of his pelrsoalm i opularibr
r I.ai t him raI- tha ac. I Ih-m IicaI Iy
rguing the wisdom or illwisd(loma 44
lie polblivs of expm;llsiiont, susieIjt's,
JcKinlley's war policy * \-, e tc., 111 tat
eISIgn,1 and argule (thes(! <Ilneslions- in a
ght forl. (.lice. t le'L'tiirin too)k the
osit ion that, inl an w.f-year wa te
(est tiine too le'hate thesm iie-t ions of
aC t policy. II t! wai realy it) arue
1be liluestiolls onl their meliti b o
he pcpleSII ma let I)'thm decide fort
biimseves frotm thile argomient whthi
r thevy were utndemocratic. Ilewn
d a claim debate marked by S-n
tI.or1 coim-te y. Ill the Ieff t t4) kill
ben elfeelt of Tillhan's demind I o nili
im to resigl h eit! oinllil 4e 111 tt Till
nin had Said( njothing, abot renin
im1self, inl case th. li e endor. S ed
)il(uinl. TI t it wask vt(.ery va-Y ftor
im to) sli with his new Comn) Il ii ws 'iln for
ix )eals inl hisins4ide packetl'and- from)1
ils li hi oof fire a t Aleikinrinl ab411t
I Waurin fekl, that (tlis) wou l bo a
lkin'C shot, W iih th e au iv: Ie, :1l'e
1oubI go far to kilvtil e e.fe ut (f Tid
min's persistent dem ain n1 11111 hi ll
:s-igni. That Tillmnaul wol prpos
I>rsignt h eis Iewly i leiiled six ears'
mois-sion1 was1 inConlcivable(. WnVII
0(elauril hctwed Tilliii w\it n11411
avin Said Ilhe wo4) i ld revs14 n it N4.
11111*111 WAS Ce10orse~d. lhe soilellt imlp|Y
> parry T 1i1m.1's ttai ck 4n 11 imil, a
Ie ' 'I ltrefore w hI I I T hI11l h lricl (ill
I will say it," 1alelurin simply re
>otnied to Ite at Ilc et - I've Io i)l
m 1 he keeps his word.- Hi was Till
anl who puished tilt attak bypiin
It r to his fe t and making the stari
te prd opo sitol, " 11 1 ii e in wri hI
C)w if' you ) will."
It wasup to Ale urin. :\o MIAY(Ir
(14e et ! Woul have If 10 o 21 k i(i' b et
Ipl anyhow, while i"h e T :S aa11n111
it~h six unlserved years bevfore- him
tleringtul to resign1 and let te' i ht iw .te
ow decide betweemiit- 14). 'ild .h
,li il alford o r.1j. et suich at p1 eeltmi
ol0114 . A It g ally ritt I e ilitl '14 , I u) I II
ronpt. rephed)lelt Ag ree.' Illt vet
-hwn Tilma r-polided, "W ll d II Ir:aw\
p lthe resigcateios :ud wi't' igitn I
ight now, it is doubrtilal if 1 Al ui -
)nsiit have th n 1111 hute miml
11r1 MC1rouihli hoep ittilretpineild
is argumentl andci i'hed his pi'' ech144!
rihu aa~in referr121gin to'y1 the signa
i'ns theveraim'i l of the1 o hews liet 1en
(1ifre4d Tagers i tf .) tht there1 wld 4
boeu eporters' 5iablest thoughtseruly
nough of the matterOl toi 10 ake1 'iSLtel h14.
P'll It l wsigeden tha( t T'CiIlman wasIi
iet~er i anes, orli beitvl itha he)M
lui forclie Me l 14) te heank.-is ot
hle rcnclustionui of Aleonaui's speec
gotagain( br1ioughtl 1t1 he iuito up, aheld1
It once.t hisi ing o'r <'ihs havei
hiei' hedih' the resg121(h, (11inatonli
aurin t4) ign. a Me huiln st'pl:tiii
h11( e cni tions that. the enn411 vais Wsould
> iody sholiub lIave a'ipart li sibt Tiui-i
5C imp4 oe) ti oins. ande S ) te i('ledt
Ihpon( MelainCtO to e'e hi'lgr14)ent.
sign. aurinl reira td hi hietio de'er
hell ac2tivte emnpigny l thejel ''lln 1hea(
if the!V lum e ont accountC 112hi1 helth,'
tughnvte ofliTgilla t jlOl im ali wae
Ntov(eme,1 orIsugIested it Wiihe tera
take effiei Setmber it l h.i Tilbnant
prmplsind t ho eiae2 i~e leitnain for 4!(i
September 15thO~l 8and h'en1t' it Wto A1le- i
parL. Once havinig tral)Iwd Nlclauri
into the agreement to resig-n if Tilhlnn
woaJhI, the latter foreed' it to) 1 cotich at
Sion. .f .Melaurini signted, it wopuhlI I
ho vhat W18 most. wat Wne; ifh li 111111 ke .
after haviig agreell to i it cohlt I
be used vith trememlou 11( s Io-(e.( nmilst:
hii, as beiitg arrai4 to surretir his
coisii o), 11141 2ive the pewopie a<
Chance to ive him a vote oat t I
fthlncel, rreU(Tldiate him. Tillmaivi
auivmg donle this ame1h I'fil phaIrty%,i
tthe Ilh-moeicts (OF South1 C arlien't will v1
shwtheir apprecialiol by re-electing.' t
him, at1 au the lin ttne ettin tid 11
(f) I, a rn
The Alel."lurinl view is- thait Till-%
In:1I's offt oi resi t was the merest, I
bhitaitol that he was cmn pletely taketi c
abaek vhei Aiel ,alrin called his htanl.
I'hat havin sertl 't race straighti v
Pit het wi-n'l Tilinai aild Me I inltin l
fhr Ihe 14,n1. term1 , NAveI a iil will be t 11
TFilhnani inl th <debate (n the, peniln t
issutes, ii they enIn keep (teis (1u1t oti
Ihv valtvaiss. Theyv bielieve' that the 41
hoh) persIntaI <itlialnev 40f Tilloaln Iilae a
by IC rtrini, anol 1 he couter Ihm-' b1
th-t if IcLaIurmtti slie at swrillmn Till- I
m1anl stole th1ings of, morei introls-iv
valtt will p lit ii lmll ot ln ti ct that d
Al Imu rini will airry I te war inti a
Afr , :n lfI it w Vill bv wises-t f Or h1imk Io I
cm)niineI I himself Fto( 1 1- p arla entIa ry (<Iis
censiion ()I the. queisilns mn whicb it is
claimteul tiat Mel 1utrini has t'oe over I'
1to the filtiblias. 'i'hey butehveu tha. it
ili a <Iiglilicl, entriaulal l disenlssio4 of I
the isutes McLauttii will htave the best I
11f it ; a i that if Tilimi ani tries his (Oh d
a14u11 (of villiflitio ndo abluse het wIll
find that Alllrinl will not) qu1ail beforeu c
his attacks, but will liit back straibiIt
froin the shoiuher.
It spite (1l all prt( estationis (On the i
part 411 Seiatillr lIe -atiitnt, :and il sjpite 11
O' tlie alsetnce (f all poipt, there are a
ith Kc who (elieve tiat Mlauiti is r1
[I'-itng the work iif the Repilicanl al- I
mIli ist tai i nl il Sot I 'ainlila, antd is I
working_ to) incuilente liepub'.iran h --G
ris .a 11dt1 4 r1 i atcniHn the ph uu). n
h taik li Jim-itilt Ilat Ael,a trin I
ats atc plilislt jut't whlt, lie <h '-ires. i
While his aetmvass inl this o(f yeart', r
11u1 his li d ussion of .'ubs1-i lies a4 f;
it lietr I "h -puihlicam i'snies was gra I itm- t
(OWts all l fphnhu1i 4* ex jiat oll, that C<
i havmi sectuel Tiliiam's resigna- r
iin :iPai a cntest wi ih him tlis3 yeart
Or Il 41lice. he call -,( abte~al sprta- el
I). hilis i"ttitblieaa i se-l a( ever'Y tie - ta
it- conliili.p'tt thtat he lihas iothintg to) it
(e-. II he 1heal t Ti I ttituan ie will Ibe it
ill I iLhtt fot -ix years, ati t' i ht is <dc- Cc
catl h ll a ini stratilo will tatki' la: hi
11 him with a1 Faih i .1rc1 a ! .. . i t-'. . ill
nenit. Such is Ithe art.gumenti (OF those Ill
0i) 1h ,Isl il t i ite lut-lit t-a il N t 4el.:e'i-in Iq
1;j- _(I - ver to the 1I.)1 publicalts inl m
al. if n4t inl 114P. I
-. B .-I.,
1.1c' Ixplains the Reasons for Hisll
Action in Resigning H Scat. W
The f4ollPwin' :nh4r4ss; Iipblis hed
0 , rsyimn .:- Stf nat (Or lIenj n I 1.il11 N.
A N .\n 144 -' TO'I T: I>t..!4 4 \T Vt
\ I tT i l f' ill A , 1. '..11
Fello"w 0Cit nns : Anl extl raunhudi ary* t
,11141 1int irx:1 llelvil sitt11 11iO lits ut .
pert'teiIlI art-pin ill this Stat , a itt1l al-,
oun ilt tily4 r1-pibIIle loth i., I feel.
ihatl apoe respec 4'~o'ltifor youi re'i ireslS
ait .N xphiaati o4f4 my i ati m :01 a l ti ..
lives. li It yeais at:o4 by a very ta rge
vote1 you el4etI i)Cm Go4.vernior of lhe
State, otl I w'o yeats aflterwatsa I wVasa
i e-eeteiil by ant o4verwhi'ehningii t inajor.
ity. Itn '!9-1 1 wa's 8eni as outr trepre..
Sentlative itn te Contgress (Pf tihe I'niteel
States asx 44ne oft tie S-enator)s tt Iom
South Carolpimi. .\ fler six yearsx' set
vie inl thait hioily I wats tlast year cho~seni '
wi itit oppotiitio 4 o1 b(le miy ownt sue.
cessori. I wais SW(lil I in(l n Marc -el
lat. for1 the siix year's' term'ti einting ini
1 907. [The inic las htani'iy bcometi( 'Ih y
utponi my) Oaithi ofl (litce( ali y'et. I htaviea
Stin Icl m IIy r'esigni ition1, to) take effeet
'Mep(ttaber I l ext. Aty clleagu~e has
1also tend44eed hits t'esigttati oln, t.4l take
4Ilfeet the sanite date, atti tus there
wvill bie twio v'acanciies to4 be hilled by
aippoitm~ent. of the 4 ;overnori unttil (lie
I j'tIgilatur enn11 elect our' i successotrs ini C
.hmatiiary texl. I de'sire 14) anntounce ie
myi 4'atlidnilaey 14) sueed~ miyseIl, atiti
shalli at-kl you Pto 1.4 liente imy actionl t
by' , yottur i voe itt thle pr' nary w~hicht 4
w.Vill he4 ordered'i hv Itie State D emow-(
erat ie conuitltee4. This is ani 4off year '
inl pohties4, allit hat. Io t4 hewit:O ions thu
A birief r'eview~ of1 iecentI poliititcali
evenltts will be ncestsary' to, .give Ihat ex
I~aturin, wa~s e:tletd ti 1the Siatei aut a
halnenlted Eatle, ife was eleeteid as at
Democrat , stlailinglt.. upo the C i((hicago'
jpIltmo it I. Earl Itty ini ' 11 Senia.
14or Nle1~auin pate comp:i~t~aniy withi his
I iimocratt ii ceagu41i~es int till Sete ,
:a 14 hats xincte voited4 fori and14 1m41voen1ted
everthliung thiat. thle lipubte~lia party
suuntilinig a1 new: SI t 'itovenitionl last
Mlay hiid downit Ithe principles amti polie..
te olfii th atly, attin a1 new Natiiinal
()nvenitioni ait Kantsas City in duty an
niouniedI 1the pinitple's of Demiioerntey
l:ioni, yourtt junior Seniator hiat Ilten 1
as~ though lie' '4 wre enir'ely itilepeindet
of thte peopleh4 who4 eleeled1 hitu, atal hats
fet:I u1r41er ii > obhi:ationst to obIey thir
1i(nta'tie. Wheni tingrss ad'journ'Ied
this State' began at inice ani lative pro
natrami41 of1 this tew lioCtrines wvhieh
1( clainis 1r(0 )Ilnocr'jatit. LII whicil ,
II t.rullDe)nocrats mu1 klow a11 only
INeptiblivanlisinl inl ii ;i, and1 vv ' ti
Ilin h t at .\t: il is, ja which a
Ie vilnoeratic p1 iy 1, nii' at I
1sailte . Ile i lla 'i : lt.l . 1-r..:pv - at
ire ville last N% e k, li wng oit andl
leveloping hlkis w l- i l ok
1;ttns t4 o l'l' 4 '1' ;I . Ill4 14'4ft' 1 ie ri Di
v ith IMAtr. AlcIIe t liin.. ;11 all of his II l.
1ivs. I b:1 apqi I i ts :1 e 1l1v.
iraig.e to 11ak it 11'111h's M1 . it Ih'ast
Ilr(e, 401w.. p,.;tqeS I IM;I|JueY o kvl
'till S ar i.h t11111 .111i hall he1111 a.111
etive cativa,:, 11' FCeChele ln ctti
1. 5IIIh be1 1 th4 11 r1 Illt c ll -11
vIlich wouil v. bq':l his sl'g 14141 Ill
he 4 1e1o r:4 I it I i al try to4 l 1 2n . w4t1 1
IstsIII lI,., 11:441ir I \4 an-441
mIlu t' l 1114:41ac 144 till". 11 111o,~ Ilc
14 w s 1a4"l ti'11111.| If, t 1 l4' 111v 1ll le t),
1/h N p r t-deal pt1o41 1 1 t-, o111 r , Is I.;I ,
iiu'uhl b . I Onwilb 11 U t- p rei' .lI t V;ll ' . i -
vhi ;1gan4 hi . 1 .l' h ill I I I Ie.n1 -
ijpoll I by I thc olipbl i i IIlIl'
l44', :11his 41 i 1ub ea 1.1:ali S , i141 . 114111-1
1114 eaie:4 folow4s ni. (14 44. 11 4'.' .
Iwn th' 4411S it 11 ill p1 , .I ; it, u
wee II to Io rgan 11i /I I 1 p1 ItIval I
Thi4 was th1e1 situ 141 I I p ll lo I 4 .
'ith thil 4pt .ioin ofl, 11:1 u. , Inv l1hnyv
Iluer. the( vireiunli ;uwe , 1,'ol
11, 1 lilt a 111in 4l1 . l the IN ' atinw
i4Ilicritti.. on Il it Ie ;-1a1 : v114 r 4 1 111
itat i i v . I w as 4n )111 hk, 4 .. I i 14111- 1 i4'
hilfo1111rm s ill h I)4)1 tht I O ly 1'I'li4 it 41
Itiventions at Ili h1141 Inime 4 tH (I -
la i t III' lad t ill 11<- :111. st 11 11' tI. ll lI
'li1h 1 v45 I t faI I i 1;111 t I%t . 1 lii -
1lai lat' (b I ll, <1i 111111111 c* ( t' fi' .1111
I y1t Ill r '. Ill-~ I 1 .1 144I- 14 4111 1II N
Wll, 111141 I b Il 1,ll 1:1s1 ih bt I l r .\114 -
14.I .at i ( I cc 11 111411 i i l-(-1)l 1 1 4 1 1 ,4''I1 .%
.t1411 . X1 .I :flat I I '1 11asI (1 tI-A I I ,v I
at 1t1iII, atiIl y 4 wilII1 I n I- ;I I I I w I
w:s i x it s to 14-H. Iviy h i t
111a'(1y anl wh1n v1 I. b a14:I lar.v
ainnher IIf citizen11 (of'h r k 'o l
wvilhuly acc nil . The- r1suilt ol
utt ni1ceing1 , 1.1w well kn w11. l 14.
t4 -L1111-1411-t IIIIy IiILy, 1111 1411:11
ce 4 )t l'a ' w ith Ihe In4 41st Ill f I' i' ..
Ili , .11111 appteal It) thet! li4 ple %0 1 4 1 '
l1u1y4 )II1 h hrl ab e1' and whs 4
uists hiv hall i11-1r.tvell.
H e I ric 11 1 h 1 it 11 l st I\
Otyi 4 h11 ' I W ial alt' lei Int' top chI1 . d
It! .1114 h "Ss 114 he -111 aelp . d0 interfere1
: riace with w hich 1 b1;141 114 c-114-11r
III wias "asfely 1-nsconct-l in1 IllN
r* .- ix\ vv y Ia - a ld boll 1.1)1hill. i1n 1 l .
it entibi well al"iOr to 1.1 v- elow a nb
moral ethict fo a eher which I wasi
Iw illing- it) 1,4 1llow I in -!f. I -aw 1114.
11) l rllnit\. tI pr IIipa . the hilt lle ;
Icv 1 1the thmul wait lifemll n114n111
i I I f1,11r4e l o r s -igli if hit woul I, iuol
Il I'( sIllt . \4tl kl14)w . I aItteil Irch i - C: .
lisel it i., 11-ue, butl I have alwa.y " acivi
mill iluipuist, mlal n- . pubbed Ilia in I
ill allirill with Ilte :,acrednes of-S ( :111
ith Ith it al11 1 m Ill pul es h ve been.1
> Serve t hel bet- till v : s 10 11f v h I people(
hll have. hInI redl me.I I hiad vr
llporIttlilt y to wvi.!h I the, (1-co livence S
I !,'(- mu i I tI w ithai-m 4chsereilit, buhil
f t h .11 '1n14 :- ill Ie I h : u 11 Illy IluyI
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l t t s ( off I I i t i ' t 'I it, all
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ur le -- lli. l il ;e )1 1 , W h I
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To) j)r(dtIc( the Cbest results
in fruit, vCgetable or grain, the
firler ued mu"ist contain
Cnmp hi Potash. For partic
r I our np)I1e)hcts. We
lIT\ \ lI\V 'I3
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Ilw bv'hwr( I Il'l- ( d *
lh n ite06"re t if t in-v ple 1f to
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h it( , tit-ir .eace, 111peit1y a I m a.
ie ssI respelfIll d clitlf it) accept
y t hi i4i1t till ('- b t )t return
thenm herinvith. I have the honlor to
br respectu I ll ly,
Ml. BI. AleSwE.;A.Xi,
( "overtior.
T 1 14t11. . T 1i . S. 8., and
'in. .1no. L. AlcIrIin, U. S. i.
,vrInolr McSweeney received a
Ithe Kinally Hvters alad telegt
tigighims [o Settlje thie 1111ltter (likl
;14 arrept their remigilati-tig, and
I li i Wti g himiml, to Involve tue
diti ;( il ld vtin I c resary
nfo r . l -l \i rote Governor
\ IeI t I he rIn iots Were
not l lk- ;mall. u il Septelinber
rlat~ ot iccit.rrdm, to law and
uthe ors-. bes wer not the
14elil IIe ' 'll, ;i ll t his way ie
being~~ III, caien- tee npaignl would
Iwf r thiove tol bII behil after SepIte-U
ill! dK \v~~e 9 e~ic itioes
l Ore i- an itein that f raers will e
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Pg frdu e &ri dPvtonh
r ill e 111 4C-0* tl
tail win fars: in h-t lwr1,-, 1898,
7,(1n p.,nlai of car corn wU re husked
:m91 stoAf d l I cribl conist ru ted to
inake 4 thc storage, ct'nd~itions- Intrinal1.
In1 111w lirst 11hr4-4 tuonthsl thle loss was
1"1111114k, Ir ! pur cent. F r thle
ll-1 thr1-1- 1iuts the loss was 3(00
iin "r- .- li-rl cvn .; fo hll e fihl third
II. or. 114-. cent., anld forI thle
ki-1 lihree natlth4 P.111 pominns, ilr 2 .5-7
I ' a c t T ma a e loSS was 1 430
pouid- , tir lnti' rge ti c 2 1 pecr enlltt.
For Infaits and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
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S it t of Itl( t f.;t t ij 41
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