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The People's Journal.
Local and Personal.
J. P. CJarey went to Sonieca last
-Liberty was woll l)roesented in
Piekens last Saturday.
-A couple of niee -ilk cows for sal
by Ivy M1. Mau!din ..
-The merebantsin town had a very
good trade last Staturday.
--MAij. J. H. Ambler, of Ambler, was
in town the first of the week.
-Tic pensioners for the last few da s
have1 had a re-union ut Pickens.
-A. A. Field, of Ezaloy, is ci-itical'y
ill. 11o is attended by Dr. Gillilanl.
-orn unto Mr. and Ms. Chaim . y T.
H nghes on the 2d iest., a twelve pound
-An lve ii months old Fon of Elddie
Steele died Mt Undauy of Cholera I nfan
-Miss Esio Niimonli, of neir Old
Pickens, is visiting at the home of I. A.
-Deputy Sheritf IDillingham, of An
tersoin, Was in tWnI lasL Monday Oil
-Born on the moreing of J1un1e 4lh
to Mi. tid Mrs. T. T. linghes of hugh
es at 1.on.
-Saminie, the seven year-oldl son of
Mrl.. Lumkin of the Clow Crek xectiol
is Very low.
-J. T. Witt on, of .Elvtrley, was in
town last Moniday and gavo 'rhe Jourild
a suibstanitial C 11.
---rs. lM. A. IlollingsiwotIli and
daughter, Miss Anri, visited friend-; inl
Gratenville last week.
-The 1iplutist churcb has receltly r-i
ceivedh a few iumiprovelenits ill the w.'y 4-f
a few (-oats of palint.
-Mr.. John T. Bogg-, (f Liberly,
visited friends andliS reslIt ives inl tIownl Ile
firit. I art of tI.is week.
-Prestoni NelDanjel re' urncd last Sat.
.tidiy fromni u bert visi, I') )I ifleds and
relatives ill Urevil !o.
--58rs, W. W, White, of And-rson,
Visited it the home of hn Illother, Mrs.
,j no, 1,. T'hornley, thus We. k
--A J'111 thi is r'pot t dl by those niMn
alt i'en deil the al toumn :l Ifinging at W, 11,
jjli.e' 111 the OrAW00V heIWA :.ly
---Miss Melanee Thortiley went t , An.
(elon-it hist Monday wheie s' \\ill spenld
fievolal Week With relatives an1d fins
--.\. C, Heath, of the lit-m of Hea1 h.
EinIe- Morrow Co., ft-i Pickehti lt
Monday for his homo inl North C-rohimna.
-ILudo H dlui s, of Olga, has tro-t
eid hiifsielf to a nijo iew tiuiapgy. Eo
pirebatied it fron lb.th it i3ruce-Mo-rrow
---Ve3 wiSh t-) call atantin to ehange
iht the a-lvertisemenit of Heath .1ranee
!OInfw Cc,, w~hich.l un pubb sh in this
-Tsllt TaC'.ily8:oo lha
toln bee.nito.ni u.i.e n
-Tlhe attention of thlos who expect
to comupete for a scholuirshiip att Rock
Hill is called to an ativertisenment regni d
ing same elsewhiere ini this pap' r.
-Clerk of Court, A. J1. ]Boggs n SnedL
one huniidred penLsions Sit inzy ;th as with
\vhut h:.d pr. v'iously been p'aid orly' left
a balance of ibout sixtyi last Mondh ty.
---The rules of thu Euon Baptist ohnrch
Will be read on S iturdaty before the
four-th Sunday in June at 2:30 p. mn.
All members are regnested to be pres. nt.
- -The Grand Jury committee is exsIm
ining the offlees autt tooks ouf thie conty
ofilcials this week, Thley will also exam
hnt tl.e poorhouse atad othel- county in
-Thiiere, will tbo Chihhvnoi's Diy at
iFlat Rock: chiurb oni the Ii rst Sundiidty ini
d uly. Tlhe re wiill tie soeine good xieua -
ers in the occasion and every body isi
vited to atten..
---J. IR. Hill, of Newiry, passd t hrough
P'ickous oni Moniday3 andIC pid~ TIhes J oiur
na leaaln t and subsntatia ul (UIlI, 11'
was on his way to Tig-rydl where lie
goes to see his sonI.
-Tihere will he an all day sinugintg at
Mix Mile church on the secoih Siuinday
ih s!unie. All loveus of good music i ae
regnelst ed to be pres-nut and biiing thira
sonitg books and1( uinuter.
-Theli re'gular- servic -s at Secona w r
huuld last Satuirday andic Stiuna. A :arge'
crowdl wals preCst Stiuiduy. ley. sJ. I.
Fost er, w tht hiis ebiariel Crist;c (earneCst
neCssC pr-eat-hed C XCellOuit sermons.
--Misa Sutt L imcastor, of G inesvil ct,
Flat., whio huas been attendoig scuol iat
the Agnet-.sScott Inistitutte at 1e a t .ir,
Ga., in spendinhg her vacation' at the
hiomell of Mrs. M. A. Iloll; ag-worthi in
--Muried ou Sunday June 2nd at tl.o
residence of the bride's paren'it)3, Mass
Mary E. Loneriy to Mr,. LFrank Moore
gull oif (c-ntral, Rev. P. 5. Little ofleia
ti g. Thir muany frigadi wish for them
tilt.ppy' life,.
~-()t Sundaiy the 19th Il., M Iis-' Leve'y
Jarrteit wats mairrie~d t , Mr. Snow Mste'r,
at the home of Juio. L,. Griavel '', osf Saun
ny Dlale. Juo. A. Riobinsuont, N. P., Cif
1f0ei tedl. We wish the young peopile
a long and happy I fe.
~-Th'le un iou meetinug of the fIrst, dii-.
ion of the Tiweve Mi:.s Ri-ver Ass<:eti.
tien will meeot withi the Nin Fi iork~s Up
tict clint-h on Saturday before the fifth
Sunday in Jutne at 9 ii. m. Program
will be published later.
-Thel old folks alinging at New HIope
church I tat S. day Was a stIccoas, Rev.
Joshan TI. Lei'i notel us ebiaimnI anid
Hfenry Js.1L iis condo~tedC~l l C4e iniginig.
Oni accout~t of oly ai tew Csf it<t fit.
n -rs behuzg p&re.sent no re-ssrgatnization
was peirfeuted, liut the next fIfth Sunday
in this mont was set apart an the day to
ro or'gan'ze, wvhic'h will takhe plucee at
Concord churchb It is hop d that a
largeQ orowdh of both old1 and young~ poo
p ho will ha~ prlostat. and thatt they will
1 ali11 thi n' ~ td mt ow I:r booku.QQ~II 01
-Apply for bonrd at Mrs. Lathem's.
1erm reasonablo.
---Uov. 0. J. Clwland, of Anderson,
will preach at the 1aptit church at thisi
plae nlext , Sanday eveninfg at 8 o'clock.
-Corcmer . 1'F.'arsons w.Is called to
Eatsley Wednestlay morning to hold in
(qn0.t Over tihe r:Uin of E-ir!o Forgit
l011 ho W au WI fnlli I dend in bed at his
bem11e Cal ly tlhat -rig
-Itov. C. L. Mc~hin preached an in
teresting anitd instruetive serimoni to a
large congie(gntiin in tho Meliodist
Church0 1.it Sanaulay night. His text wast
taken from the 1st and 2d versos of the
12th chapter of liebrows.
-Childben's Day will l'o tho next
thmitt Snnmay~ in June at. Twelvo Mile.
Exerc0(ise1 I ein at ;1 ('!ock in tho after.
noo). Addire:<scs will be imado by J. L.
0. Thompson andt others. A 8O the
1chool wi take part, inl the (exerciscs.
Good mu: ic will be hatl.
-The Y. M. ('. A. mccting Inast Sti
i1l:y1 was a coa.pluto tie ess. .ll . C. E.
lobiuson veN - c pp a te ly dti ree. i
the ant~lience. on t(-sub'L, Of tuulIIer
ttlc. 1h p1o rant was4 well V arnge
andil criHe-l out. a I I asenlce of' (he
pror,idiut, anld vc-rs on .1J. T. Tay
Ioi~VU ('~et'LI1 ol) y plenidt'11 I
lor wats elecled It erpo1y1reil t
schoolhos asI( usual, d somne ex
eellet mu ic hist Sun11day ttr onwith
Mc~~~~srali (iilnRn-, Iindmlton, NeO.
so 1111l :\ rph -e in hlit! larl. The
Sinnday sch'oot 0 C al, pl ce is il a 11011
iM--ing contlitioun um r the flient man.
aigieeliilt of its sni" r.itentidnt S. 11.
Mis% Lida lingo d'. elass inl mn
sie p)leased~ thenl~t vis in a ne itail
at Nol 01 ii \'iew Ill)( I\ W\ed. nis
day eveniog wit h M rs. Binlock 1s
hostess. T'e llekmlbqrs.. of the lclss
and 0i. frialnis (I n a l.r Vde
ligh1 ful !u I. 1" 1 hm noeb
wo1*1 ro r1at Iy (.I j iy* d nrrd
It i clsi of 11.( r, i
Mrs- T. J. B wNvti is i isitug inl
Hi-l )mn, Ga.
J1 . J. M!a; t In o( 1.11anta i s guIest
with r-hativ:-S l i t e
l iss L ida I'Ip r ii 1palding the
v(tk in Seni n id( nal.
Mrs. Traxler of Creenvilo was
gul'st with Mrs. W. A. NeA the
ealat ofthiih
1a 1 WC Fr ~~ i r Ji
ath 1 1, d 1-i r
eveni-g 2vo.C'!. (Ok b::c
J -. P . Cur,.- * 11t I - Ikeus
ma n I.w ITK1lIay.
Ii lays Aiy 1.clin is at homen
i. t vi . t i Unr to.
Tu11 e lit. ne-i oene
: c) sin h If. d t .V.: of EaI-, h -yoi
mill -wi:l old !hi ! b B il jm:.tih
S:: 1 " : IA h . . v.:- K il htlat
Cl('P., '0ia Iii pI teirvm .otit ohy
do as lI( whil d~hd in rin .!.
A.toug S hidsi sin r atth.ni
\N'lt. n i d b mb-in je .
of t)bacct -I ' m! lh ith
dut hur :ay til in-e.,s
lla (Itdys lJemt i suro to gol
hard woith h brgi. t yar
The stckhlder of' ]. &leyos l~
milsill hold5 Itheir annua. lmeeting
net riaydLlW.I
cr. Sith hI ivetertotnt
through VtiI. 1.~~g.oihs
7\(Th hugs c r 1 byig havis with (
\\'eI hael~ R a f'i erii. Snaday~.
ho. at) Enon0 ith 11'. ito . !clan-:
naha as1l, l suerlu1.t Wdent,. i
Ml~iss Etl l 1uiacktili and'~ ui.
vis itis thled f.rmr'sn, . \*,I
''et Ihn l- oflielg reis (Ie h ul
visit~ ed is sieo . r. lor nitsof
pu)thisee ionJ I'' It v.'se' 0I~o
viitd is t rsther '. M.el tor.
ter of~ ENo iouvcti hib to \\0
1. Smith no v n t i v. ) Iifi I )1
Eas'r isi oI. (uD. b gitnls
oli his muthsaiz. da -k.ol
Ahvll prn aVre boerby nrotib
Y. M. C, A,
1. Opening exorcises including
devotional servico.
2, Roading minutes last mOting
3. Music.
4. Ton minutes talk by J. H,
5. Music.
G . 1n minties talk oin Bible
I Reading by it. L. Henderson.
7. Music.
8. Collections.
9. General romarks.
10. Announcoment program next
milooting aild fixing plIce.
11. Music.
12. New buiiness.
13. Dbsinission.
[email protected]
Ssaiy "Cnsaunptlon can be cured."
Nature alone won't (o it. It noods
help. Doctors say
"Sco-t's Emdsion
is the best help." But you must
continue its uso even in hot
If you have nt I iie1 it, send for free sauple.
SCoTT & HowN33, Chemists,
409-415 'earI Street. New York.
soc. and $i.co; all druggist.
Coltimliia, S. C., May 25, 1901.
Mr. W. W. F. Brigit
Pickens, S. C.
Dear Sir: Am to the Suimmer
School 'n Pickonu, if we hol. 1one,
it will bo rathe.r late-1 do not
know inysif, yet. I phin1d li ink
tI would be very *unwise to havO the
school while the toachers atre at.
work in the country schools4.
There, will not be a school for
negro teachers tit Pickens, but
there ill I e ono at ('reenvill',
which the te whers'i of your coullY
llny attond, I Iot.
Very truly yours,
John] J, M inhan, II
Stato Supt. E'ducation.
'And gel your hart of theC"yV
AtWwo alt o Vring idj 1ug 1
\thr.ni you have aniythling to rel I
lin I Cwrtain ly whien you ha vo aniiy
thing to Ihiy.
IIt'O weannot waiit on you we will
haveC it done.
IWpP. S.-We Like Fried
Chickens & Eggs !
O)Il'ers his ser'vic(es to the
(Generail l'tihlic for buil
iing puripo.es eit her b y thle
Contract or' the day
work is guafrateed'C whlen
lie supervises the work,
and lie refers to his pat ronts
as toh his quaiien('t tins and(
thor'oughneiss. Alil per'soli~s
deCsirinjg ai rel ia ble cont rac
01r or hn11ier will do well
to se hinii b'eore closinig
I iradle elsewhe~ire.
'Thousands Have Kidney 'Trouble
and Don't Know it.
Hlow To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let It stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
'~'tling indicates an
- - eunhealthy condi
tion of the kId
neys; If It staIns
-your I'nen it Is
evidence of kid
r ~ ney trouble; too
- ,~ frequent desire to
- ~'pass It or pain in
"" the hack Is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that D)r. Kilmer's Swamp'
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfIlls every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, 1iver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects InabIlity
to hold water and scaldIng paIn in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
Wine or beer, antd overcomes that unpleasant
necsstyofbeli compelled to go often
duigteday, and to get up~ many times
during the night, The mIld and the *xtre
ordinary effect of Swam p-R.oot is soon
realized, It stands the highest for its won.
derful cures of the most distresain g cases,
If you needI a medIcine you should have the
beat, Sold by druggists in 80. and Sl, sIzes,
You may have a sample bottle of thiu
wonderful disoovery
and a book that tells
more sbout it, both sent
absolutely free by mal
44dress Dr. Kilmer i # et ep.no
ICo Olnghamnton, N, Y, When writ gmen,
.990 Mlng tIS eneOUs offev is this uane,
Mr. Editor: Mr. and Mrs. R.
M. Terrell have returned froin thii
visit to Bloosburg, Ala. Theyr can
ried with them their nephew, Ar
tit vn Al i 'to.
Mr. and Mrs. Terrell's sons fron
lastonia, N. C., aro visiting at
Captain Whiton's this week.
Robt. Ballentine has roturne(
home from Rockwood, Tenn.
Several of our young people at
tended the all day singing at Six
and-twenty the first Sunday in thij
Whereas application has been
mado to tihe county Board of Edu
cation by written petition asking
for an clection to be held to vote
on i supplomenitary tax for school
purposes inl School Diistrict 23 an(]
the saile hlas bCOn gralted.
helleforo, Ihis is to maitkce
inIow to all ilified eletors in
LIV9ong 110 lia c.ehOo)l District 23
hit ant election will be 10held at
ILong Branitch School house on
.1 u 15th 19 1 to vote on the pio
P- d two mill levy for school-pur.
At said .('election the ibard of
Truttees shall act as managers and
the e:ectiont shall h coluticted .s
PIrovidted by law for general ele.
I ion".
\. C. MIdII- en,)
N. l". MIloo e,
B, ,ar-d of T'rust ee3.
The H s ui ni, 11who lately mar
1d aI slckly rih young "omin), is
ht:1ppy iow for he got Di. King's
New Lif;t ills w hich rest red hir
to ierfe: t he.alth. Infalile for
jaund1(ic., hilious.84,mui, fe
V'ir and4 '.ne anld a I liver a dti
s'en1Iaeb tr''ubles. (I tl bu1teffect.
ive. (Onty 2c at Bolt & 'Torniey's
Ilillig Store.il
.\lethoidig. chmeh~ u d ain ihly the
J'n i inSb)it, 'F .I ( P~u, \,V. I' Sti .t
:Th:d ivty Tolfo ahipt iil and
hhthey Ilnltes lweie as fein*.
IC iiwa s 'vdw, tl gtileu
A. Porter. \'ill Your g, Ffo il I, aan)
Johnson, T. B. OwitenD\ . .mt
1Aa J. F. Ltl'. rsley a1ternssion.
wshn give n for tan h'olur aind
thIrty ni it -ets whrile a smptuois
.evst s srvedh ol the ground.
In t fil'eonoon the following pro
ie-'r 1 lu'ul th music: W . W.
i . Iu culeitt, D. W.
i\I t. 1>1 iI ~I'. T e lip il ans
!. ltehveJ F.a thee land WV , A.
Uidr . N11i aiieeWlr aretngl
liiri it perfor-med wvith efi.
coe. y t at the orgns.
A~ e- s in, b the prneddil cur it
Mwir itget wm.jundon~wt
.l'conds Say B.atittr it
W.oiileSa F.m Evar. Se
Mr. t nlior: w The heavy inse
asitaby 'pn le armers are iettn
w~'9oer the blues thoug , nd areap
p1011yin elbowi grae relatirn er-n
faces, thMinnt ing scttIon lndsteplant
iN. cor. ('It "strpems oer hoighe
tthey ever wiee and theil alr
dign wil showman yeast
so ae hiibt th su who ile buen on
Thomas an (. 'hLathom ro home
l'roy cihe Salud Si einary. Wer
donl I't kno whthir thy ftracived
a lshe'i skt'in. lr a 'ow hidetg ol
Ha' ds Cooper and ie ofPied.
iN. A.o i Chispef, or Nrisi
V Iiled h011 wifej an family~ Latur
Jame libut cl h ha benron
tsick l'uict isable ht be1 ot
'~oii h,. mav hildresst oucte
rys 1 ejyble sianotng a.'.Cr
metd 'teI' lirtn udayti afteron
i'ntIhie houl he ateginning ofa
nl.ii es h lining. c he't s oth ling
Ctn' lN t~ ulh- 'aIsoe the ind;imake
.Wae hae: Th man ethaouhat
tnkn it'e nthimelf orices not
o3inte. every fot'< as traea
em~ candtso aThie ntowsnof
hziC iayi are tuhl s igt, and tis
ariels 'y dakyErb. Ltn
AM "i sio ofathe ch-ioa"'(
Skth bi. snae rtesfaousotd1
Ddn't T~camaon and killto ari
ph'iuitsa ig heyaresignod. hi
recakon li thl t1he micter an-a
strpinund et heplu and ;eave
them ai)t hom fre I t wiloube anoe
eoled evr Iy fou years Vthere0
A Warm Winter
Is not a good timo to sell
hoavy shoes aid heavy dry
goods. My pricos on heavy
Shoes, Jeans, Flannel Out
ings, WVorste(d and Heavy
Dress Goods of all kinds a
for the next 30 (lays will
be so hot they will have to
Movo Out. Then You will
Want Plows
Plow Stocks, Singletrees,
and all kinds of plow goods
Bottor got my prices bo
fore you buy elsewhero.
In a few days you will
want Garden Seeds. Early
Corn I rili Potatoes, etc.
I have bou, ght the V(ry
best for planting' Re
miomlber that I sell
Atkis Saws
Of all kinds 111, and deal inl
all kinds of M ill and Shijnii -
a id soe e M ill (o n o
Pickeis, S. C
f"Ifomii 'llo.e N >. 2N .
feb22t f.
Ft-esha:- F16-11
C- I BA!
A "Puncheon" of
"Ye Olde Time"
Muscavada - Molasses.
The same as your Groat Grand
Father liked sr well in his boy
hood (ays, an1d on wlih he niised
his boys to Such good, honest
m'n. If ye u wain stint g
goodl to cat, bring yuur jug.
C.arpels and
1 irness,
Holes, Sweeps G ra in Cradles and
othier Farming Impnlemelnts.
At, prics to sunit the Iimes.
Ev~ery hldy w ho punrchamis goodls
to thei amnount, of 31.00, will ;eevre
McCll's ( Quen of l'shion,, ahad
sonie mgaz'ine two months free of
Bridge Notice.
Th'le Co-mty( Commn llione rs f P'ickens-i
known hih -* the Frema IIi aiii lui~e ero1 g.
Nti8,mb hRiver, ni int :. mn. ont F'rhy thei
2 lth dayv of 31:,y next wit hi thei i' ivhl -go
to Ieject. any aod teil bi,!.
J. A. 1Iiobinson, C lerk.
Packens, $. CX. A pti :1 1, 19m).
We deal in LUMBER
of all kinds,
D)ried and( Dresed Luiber del i v.
ere1o short notice.
Parties wanting Lumber of the
above kind notify us at leas~t ten
da beforehand that the lumber1
mnay be thoroughly dried.1
W, F., HEJNDRIE' & 1bO,
We smi en ,:a o o ho tra.do
nd 4-m1ploy n1oneiv ur
11' yol1 i '(d !atv: 111h t i : -:1. :. wly l
rii i1 111u1 with i i .Is ' n car
'1110 ('il gi\(* I hi I
C A91-: :N
fne-w Ilresh.spriol!
o :111 Pik ll- hrve lIw :1 pri
Tm i n
his prn . u l t
lAi4'. Is., \
r(m the I .
ni i-s .. 1 o 5 4.
14 1 '.' - -1
hiue.t het ii iu ,.
sw I~ elli of in:' ,0
s .d.m.whch..... ......-....
C-liH .1 3, \
" Ti fD.f iC
- .
- --
Soutern: j ' ' L i ca ': 2.u
(*.. .=... ... - u i
'I. . 1
P. .# .

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