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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, June 06, 1901, Image 4

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t - - --.- * -V ..:.
-i - -- . - - - -
I. .
\ . j11 *
lit -
o uiit-t
slui t t'l
lih ti tl' li '. t tai ilt I
ttit~ 'tit u i ~ n tU1 al
"lil it' b 1' \u {Ch. lt ~ ai
*:'Iztt isia \ lt i x b ii !. I t1
f!" Iw r g tt ii at
Sw hn. bu h. hI ,i
' hE's tllh rz-. 8 ~r
"I* luttse Le doit kiSdu. lathor
w --- w--w
- * ... . .T+ . ..
I4 - h~ r
ii' - . h t 4
- I'.' 1 2 :,
n --
\ t t. '.
I i
I -.
- - I i . u
.21-2 1. 1
- ut that I 1li
2 l':t rI i y flt ..1
t I it: i .x t o :nij t j
u .' e'' fij , t ':'f~
h .-i , 2:in th4:ff
T u b 1..., S~a -:
- - n tha e.nI - i t
et I says h 'e
- -'.p.2l Inayi>
'. i hI'll g t.o. I i
LI I . ' . lIn
~.. '
ir -
I. 1
fall' \.3
' i ' I'
h aI
. lt i i
\ its \l
'iit '.n2n *L b ~ ..LI 2I Ijl
'ij t'N i li 22
*'fIUite lose iitf . he' 12li ii il
1 tuII g l toe I.\ ''s titk
51t see youiiuh t'8u hel 1.m '.ar t f
now you'r 1I t i tie~ d ls-'1 di
P the stri-et, then Nme ni, Inl st ti.ownl.
III a ftw miteitts he'dl go tht-.'u tK
sanu' unoticus .c:ginu. This hte kept 1p
till 11in.llly Sam hiorgan lg
"WhVlat's theo tu~'tter et yu,':p
that you'vt got So resthoss :111 at u e
"'Nothiti. Sani uothliu :it all."' l'ap tv
11ut Sai iran luetw Itetter.
Va 11.n N I'.l NI AS V . %
rivall of n.u oa 11 i mlitl
afte'r S m' re r. rt .e w ;i1
form '' Ler .f t .ai Ii t 11t .:i ot
askt~L :er to 02:o .'l d d iu'dt no
tu he' and w as 3:o:::g to io hilnusel f
0 7 :1" A left 1 :0 re st '~r
S:: : f i't. 'u: : d n t know ,
sa I 4 . ~ ::: tO Bi ~l: of whIt h e
A: " ::sa :Ut:* It would I 0,t
t. 1'.:t if ses d:,lu-t it w ould l'c
e fo,- 8: to to 1 iuk st dMIn I
4.uas t1at l'ap V. 's"1n Was ill
wf xre c and Mas
' .- i: lti:u1:al tidget. lie w' 4as
i .:sx e:s ft 7.ouisa to 0000 and
12.l so 'v n'.tda-t. Theti. to... if sQ~'
e i e w :uteI to 110 the tirst to
t C s S .:t.'s old ue'gs l'o:-s w e:-e
to h,':tr the hitory of .S
t tie four t's of I ts
v :itl th'sy pieI him witII A:tor
Surtil 1:e w' ais forced .. to'tll
t 1l: .1 n .o w :sh l it's ca: ct r
Sd0 :i 1e1 glrio us -a
I:\y. for lie hId f ur i -t
t - 't: In ~t::ty huit'd c nttstt'd i': .
1 .d L. had perfortut d Iu-ore t ha ui
r of ut'1 nt- u N:ilor. I-:t
t utuodest. a In It wa--s t:\ :ug to
hav 4. 1.' streak of tbc s tlh'n :s,
d eveti w 1t ho was drIven t% it he
d ti k, thett k\tr :1 as' 1 li-htly as IOSSi
1p Sa1: pson. tvtwever, was too
f "I .rI l of Si1 to allow 1:1s
to re:: :n unkNown. So. nkt
S t k t., tell the full story 'f how
!i 'ai. salved Tlhoui psont by tr:a velyj
" h::i frou the tield of batthe
In a f shot and shell. Pap tolI
It -01 as Thomps.on hni told it. giving
f ,, tull intol of cred!t. WLen lie
t !.is!:-A. theore, was long slne
du' !: i very t vo y sat with open
, tar:m at S!:I in astonIshnient.
It was a full tminute 1 efore any one
s anl even then sote olue uerely
"Wnai, I'll .est be doggoned!"
' Thi broe tlt' spell, and quIckly b
San; ML dhl
"I ' 11.:1 b I- :it you? W ho'd 'n'
ev-r t . ft ifS m a ks doln any I
a.. ' w.4ay4 ais that :" s
1 :lained. ' n St
. usk--ert--I. thl u.'h. W a'n't you. fi
. :a re h, wearily
n- -.. -.. . .. ts
th [
'har :. b
rittl. .:.....a
'I~ vi' b.' uiH
* 'I y I f 'a.ii I c iii .n : - -.
t hat san ii.' 4.- 4 hi I ii:e. II.' :.- r
red\ It In Ii nth .lii 1n;u..'' i I.
S~aa til' t',-ttu lil. Ili''ii' II
*:a r oif tion r.b
li .":4 l i sid. :''y,, ii thnk t ro 'res 1
il Ioat l t i nei n i a.4. '- I
n t t i g w nIl It:. Ii e
I it. la t i you ' I . :, i
ft* bt - u .b t a -eriua
iiil't - I i I '4 ~ tI Ii fre 11
Ii e .. s a ii4t~ 4 i ~ Is t
uI b a
It 4 a-i t i.li I iL bh i -.444
I bt4Is~, hit tit h' 4 i ni b
'I I~ei ie 4:444. ln t td t. 116. '
I. h I it b16 b4
\tani t II'ii.h.i
to H *' Il fll a It i r lil 10ist 1'
Il bb ila'' t ii t44tl h441 M.,I~gt h
44f44'-.hi4n. u' ,1e e
11 I ho i N I I I !v t u
'14 %Wo I !u.I %% 1 . ' I~, Li
1 aft'' l u I I I iI
ir00 1 4t in It h4
VA :As t oo 11une, t. I huIy en
101le!- 11,*,%
.0 %1I -: , . ~ .
dertous h
-it Is 0% "
Then Io - 1 t ,w v. y atil
Md. :1 A 4' 1 n ' t 'l '-1 .:I" t, o 2
S-\'u s : s 1 'st i'4 a '4 . 'j t. :11 h
'd. it u.11 I
41:' moment44 I t Uss i i 1:1.
c1)' it I '4 I4
'\01 :1 l Ier' al 0 .1. 84 1 tri.':L .
"I~~~ ~~ cudyisi
'4 u. h
IVA n tI I
n ru.iung
uhe 14ts uc ': 1:a:. : a14'
I.: s e 'med s: e *-'-(. A %I1 I b
"th. e .S i u e
:av L uC :sno - an':.1 s.u s
"l vv ri v e yl u 1e' eu
htt'I I'\,41'It
'il G l o u - I h1 ! t 1 : 1:
1,r allyth!ng Ii t
"L' . buit f r i .i t. S itIu. I was,
! ekedl."
"Y onWats V N. I
S110 .l Ctt t
Intl dlrewv a.Ie'ta yr!
" I 'k w n . :1. I , ' .." 1, "that I
14 this."
lite thero wort, Wh10 u\at, 1t
4 444 144 i ts! I. I~a I lI ''l a
-h !ty, souine wh~o w\:Ink!:c it wi !I
44. 4 I 't. 1 1 10 \ at ho11 l' it w it
11I ana e n li] . Th14 1 :4I st wer
[M It%"t fo e t thint Sia wt :t r
r :13Ilk t4 41. t r the -1 l:w
rI ' I ' 4 the4 tat4 prisen : '4l1~ i. bu
Z 4 t 4 e - 1 h yT i \' l \-I N1 .
S k~4 t'144': I I Nv I I Is v,
11'Irvu1 li!!!u (t the luippinvss of th is
I. 11 Mor I i. ls r *, - L , 1, ye 4 n4 .
SI '. 1 1 was 11l 11y k.' I I : e. Ind
n-1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n .Wo''j. :t. fI:;-..1,)\\
S h ' r .Tur in ,
Ill, lic' w4i41jITIi1;
"'t .gh t hew. 34 :1. S:: eI was only
. It - h t k hi
"I w ish I ...IlM :1- i j:. I - Ie ut
t.4: I I ii! Sig le rc'e e'n'''e If.>
- 4 14 4 :e e' el el i' 4 I 4
'i'l - ]lj' '~4 ~ ''441' '44 4'.4
441I e 1414i h et c.: 4y 114y. 1. . h 1 .
:ee' l. j '' .Itie 444'-, '14||4 s \-11: i
'' l :i lil I lee' I rt. 444 i . 144 hic u ei' . 44
l''e t Ce rle' In ie Ijil. 4- I ;ie' on: ||.e cl
II ci - -e t I tie' e I o! ,,j ,* j 4 I I' 14 j4.
14 Jl ele I 44 44 -.\ : i ,1. I ie
'hel r *'Ifie lsilinwn .,.,.444 h-4d44
Ic'\g 4:' liii
-1 ie (li ' ' li '. ' I 14 -i~ccg 44 : el i
144 I i rleet ep'e o o-li
4 - lii ,441' 1 : 4'. il 41 Ile'Il ~ i
144lii, had 4 u h'le4w 44114 I : 0 : na. 4 li 4
44 I A larch li. :444( 1.4 t i441 I II 14 -
GI I 4:- lie | lIl- ' h4414 l el 4ill1 I'4.c3.
Iilon,14 ilbau .la 4.., \44leri c lc'' '4.
.4.e iai, t'i14 14seey heehllcl Ill 414
''444 d '' el 4.lie to thte.' pt'Ic'4..4c. edn I.
It 1!r ' V. s11 oin 11n1iM inVs uitNle
11101 .111d Wll 111 S111 1110 ol.s
- I I Ili I. 0! I .
s oi 1 lollp- titid etinttI ter l, for lie
I, ln wit'. Laws itII .
V ill' e'Ne l.
'l'eIl' Rl.UN10N A' M UM I'll 1
A (trittid Welcomte to thte Cottfeder
at Vetera tis A 1titdred Tiolt'
-mutd Strangers.
I ' tI 'Vulli li l tl re4illi'ill of ti
4'n a tl I onfal rael \' eierans Ia bvi
at t he \ ' noit. one
huntid': 1 ibuti t' V' ., wlf erei a in
1t1t' I t\ \ Il l u 1 11tli t'lliim l liegatti, w hich
i t y I 4)i tli t' It i ' poitir pu lation
I Nit til lhl.
'ic e ltollive".1 itt llhall \Vats the
I 4, 1 tIt I C .1to('10 1 lil il, ( t'I*(% t( 'm. vi tue
desl i t i it' til Iii i'[ts nro\\'l ttr Iitrl
1 -11 I ht'fi41 th I l- le loll r the.4 f tile
iunnene t tof th(lit' (IN riAe . Tl'he
!W:, t (lit' half was : t iins Iof
Oh exte rileiht wolk lo th) Il.
h' ' nid shownl in ll 1 its i llerit.
t i 'll llt liitt was citled to1 -tt elo
I "co. W . t ;IltIltll, htI N ivi llp it,
ht i iilwt l liit i dc liwith a IVI vel Illattle
I. t I ki) (t',e i0a11:t ii rI've white sh Il.
('- 4 ll 4 t at' 4ed 11 - (If , elr Soll I )vis
I .I . W Ill. ' rI'll , ) elig ha olr jn,
Of lit- t-l' '. \'., oferel an ino
\ 1 - i t ,( 4 tivt ' t ill ;4tlonilIa n fI o roilt
Itit lit ;irs ;as thvIV rI v i ;atheret
1 411 l it il hu ilit N 1 ivjlt. t 111 10 I
i It'r N Ie l.tih41' weletlM it' ite
It, t.t 1i t t ll *i t' ' ell It lessee Ie
I I .111 t .i t'l t li 1 11t of till t' 1t,.; I t )iI
I Iit -t -iF) il I I V I it I ll It va r ahn
It a so iat itIiIv 1f hliet
- I t 11 1t 1111l l:tt 1i 1 :1ts1 l4 aw\v a ('l e.
c . ,I t I c I. -rv t I II t 4h , ( ; 1'ove InIII)I.
NI ri I - W ilh lliis c. ttl I I t.l l ail. welle ttlle
kill)) i 4' t ' 1 i s illCli I t'ill 11In
I N I l ai. 'It'll I It, , v exl pressed I i,4
'. it i!-c 111 v\ I ld ill Il, e 11n "s of
1ih1 et444 it Is 1e taphis. .tl Illig t eil
l 1 l - , h iltb w1 el-t' Ill; ltv tIlo 141 -
i- 1t . 1 ar h 4 p'a 1l 1heiL yint hy1111,1
11 1 11i1 'C'S ;.i 1 .tilit thk it i e o th it!
liftalritt v Tav t ese e l ns of'
I it iI is, w li 1a 11;11 t I op t 'il tihe Stu It II
it II I I 4'14 r, ly IWi1ebI Il it- succ ss ( )f
I I it ;4-1 14' it 11 w asIs 4 . hictl'4u ill 4lI -
" ntr I4 th r t n ;I i Win t it wrk
V I I t Vc, l la44 I '~I I Iert hI rs was et4 t
it wt lepe tAl cheer. 4
I he, h:111 was Ilten turll-e over to
,li . ;! . I)- 1 I1. I ;tl- I ' -Il .1111g li t .nj of
tB oh Iiiitt 'teiras
til il 11- Iill 1)11 4 is 411 'l.t w as -l-r eted
wi: b I hut a ltter chee~kr. Thel Vetima s
ii I. rtill h itmIe1l thR [ e11 ()ll
I thI h 4ilm , a tl it was sonle
Aliillte f his Clear, riaioln Voice
11chl i he ilfo tht' 111un11Lnit uith
which hic was, greetel. Genl. Gortionl
rev-:spoI4n l l the rani-ui s welcome of'
T Y?1.ss , wh - fI r th I e t IirtI le
Wat rt ivig tiht rt ni lnt i fith e
- "uthIIIatchu10!s res coirst tCh
t '4i4l4i II* d i at, 1 4114 1411 . 144h file a llI n(\II,
-\ lei lu I. N1o14 ph114-1 was.41 i l to l itteil
J4I- I VO it'l, w e \141 41J 4 wttit-r v r ch r- l b
tit 4li. IAVt~It, ere fough Mamr.
TI(e Ki(d YoU i:ve Alwaysj r
is ise for oJver 30 years, I
it3111d1 h.
All C(oiatier'eit4s, Iimitatiolis
I'NpIiisel-i s tiat trifle 'i wil
.1ii,s ande Children-ExpIm
What is C
Oaisoria is a lt11rle114ss ilbs
gorie, DIbrops 1111d smootinitg |
cmifiaills ne(ither. Opiltett, DI(
elbstalce. Its slg. is its glu
ti(l sihllys I"everisli1Iess. It
Colie'. II, relieves 'I'eel aisIg
2111d Phititlelley. It, assimai.In
St.oiel nc tai( Iowels, givingp
T'ite (Chlilein's Paniaca-T'it
Bears the
The Kind You Hal
In Use For 0'
pIesen tell in. a few happy wonIs Col
onel llennet II. young, of I ui;ville,
the orator of (he <lay.
sI*AotN I) DA2 Y 'S I'inwI:.1II Nfls.
The weather was perfect in Memphis
011 h seCooCl (ly o1 the reunion. The
Ifloral parale took place in the after-,
11011, and1 every feature plaimed for
tle eutertinment of tle vetenis was
carrieel out. The exerciises in Confed
erate hall were opened by the 8i114g11n
of' tle doxology and( prayer by Rev.
Mr. Biackai'd, of Nlemphis.
Commander Gordon announced the
first thing in order was the offering ol'
The report of the Committee onl
creden tials was called for anl read by
the cairman, .J. (T. (Inise, of Ailbaima.
The total representation of I,359 camps
wNas reiported with n111 1grreg3at atten1
(<3ance of' '2,:;00 de(lega31tes. Texa ha1 111(
(eamps and211( -I 51 delegaltes.
Th'le r'esolut114ins p1repaire 1by3 var1Ii4)it
delegale OSwere paseri uip to tihe com11
mamie~f r, who real~ thetui alo1)in before
paIssing t hem to thie com ni it tee on re
solult ions. Amnong tihose whicht I were
offered the( greaCtetC5 exci~tment was
cauiseti by a1 I esolution)1 p)ro)vi~ing for a1
mo011nen, t- Ii thle mlemiory of' Hohert
1E. Lee'.
'PTe resolion was1 re1 (cieiel withi
miar'kedl disfavor. The netws was spr1ear(l
over thie streetst4 ant1i there was1 a1 tush
01f veferanis to) the r'eunion1 hall1.
Cries of "'Noi, No!"'314 a '1nthTibe it !''
rang thou1gh1 te hail. No action31 was
Itaken, anil4 thle res0olton wa sent4. to I(
the comiinttee.
Thle r'eport oif the comminittee onl ('onl
fedetinte mlemon'als wats reatrl lby Chir-t'
iluanl C. A. EI'vans, of' (eorgial. 'The
repfort, sho wed a ttal of ea1sh mI ha31114
of'XI $8,'2tJ; herice are 881 ,:i )7 ill gootl
collIectabile su1bscipt iions ; a 341I tr is
an1 athlitionial 24ll,)U( st ill <lue f'rom
Chariiles Br'o1ihvay ftouss, of Neow York;
o)1ther iftems br inog thie total1 '35h resoes of
the orgamIIizat11i onl31113 at the present 1 ime
M'228,l 70.
A\11' ppemical lo the repior't was31 a resol u
Lion thait thle membertL'1s of thle 1men11u13a1
comm111itte(e( be on ce to1 meet. withIiln
nlinety (<lays ini liihmIorni, Va., to
ma31ke final a1rrangemen101its forII the~ liying
oif th Icorner111('stone1( of' theo lhitte Abbey(33
whIieho is to be( the( great (0i Cof'elrate
memor11il'. Thereprwa t u(141th'lopte14~i1'
31n1l the( 13(11 resOnin 1131se0 .
a1 par1tial repor(ilt. as5 folloiws:
Congress of' thle I llmtoil St ate's he re
sp ectI i fuly recq ueste04 to 11m2ke sulflicientI
fedlerate <1(331( iln 11he (3eme1teries of' lhe
Thei( 14er(Otu(I resolui t in mo14v('l tha1t1
Iiumk's he( exltetlle~l to ( 'onlgress andl
I.', Ihe I'resitlenlt of the11314 l'ntl tt:s
for t lie flssalge o f thie ar(t , approItvel
for' the( re-int(I'ermeniof the (iClolrte
<ll ill the NationaiI''ll'emtery at1
A sterotal4 clau11se askt'il lhat, whlen
('ver a1 ret'prestM for' 11he <deadiof any
'0 ifeilerate Statle be m1ole( by~ an1y StIde
ori orgainz~eti n11101 3ioil55ss1e'ttonl 1hey
hie resticedli 1114 the car of' their nat11ive
gles withou11t 'lehale0314 :n il ih a1 cheerti.
As his1 gav'el fell anni~otingi. tilt
llinally come11( whenn fora' as well as
flimi are15l~t reml(ly to pay3 tribute( to t'
vaultir of Ite men'I of fte 80outh."
I Jen. A . I'. Stewe'arll offleret a rtesolui
11(4m asking that. all mlemberuIs of' lie
liInileil Confeilerantt V'ceeran 'elh
g3I vt, $i1(for thet pulrpiose oif ('ret'tog ai
WhownY~ by I tim tlurmg the( walr. TihteI
asII "lm (how," Ili rom Illilsln ati - l' o'(
mtaglati, and wlhich has beci
Is borno t11 signature of
Us b(eti ma1d undr( his per
tmpervisioin sinlce its iuflfncy.
110 oli to) deceive yolt ink this.
11,1 Ju1d st-s--gool " atre bunt
mind clienianger tie Ilealth of
'int'e ( agrinist Experimkent.
fittite for Castor Oil, Pare
4yrsales. It is Plbeasanut. It
>r1-liMe 1101 otiler Narcotic
rintee. It 4lestroys Vorausr
e.111reS Dinelacea1(m anmi Xwinti
ProllbleS, 4-1cles Coastipation
tes (1hie Food, r'egilates tihe
lienit hy -t ti natttral slep.
B Mother's Fr14ient.
Signature of
te Always Bought
ier 30 Years.
that purpose be sent him.
Tl rep tt of the .Jefferson Davis
l emnorial Association was then read
by Mrs. N. i. laindolph, of Iichmond,
Va. Thle financial report of t 1 amso
eiation shoved a1 total of cash in hand
of k32,672. with outstanding subscrip
tions of :i10,727. Mrs. Rlandolph
made aln uri'geit apweal for more
At the afternoon session the report
of the historical cominiti was sub
niitted and after reading war unani
niously alopted. The report stated
that tl. chief . aild probably only, ll
pediment to ihe preparation and re
ception of a history impartially deal
ing' with both sides of the war is pre
A resoltifon from the committee on
resol ution14s was presenited to the con
vention and i14opteid, "T'I'iat neither
lie general commambng nor the de
partfmen t or division comll~ianders, nor
an y itlicials of thItis associatio-1, nor
'ouri host' sthllI hav Vth ie right tto inlvite
any one tol a (1 ( 'Oinfede rate veteran re
union1144 lther thlian (lon fedecrates, and(
his rig tall rest alone with tihe del
egates in CoilvenItionll aisemibledl
"ucih rteuinis11 to lbe iheltd only~ at
pominits in those Stat es whtich furnmshed
bodies of t rops to thle (Conifederate
Gen. 1441hn 1. Godo t1tltwas re'-Celcd
tontunamitler oif the order w ihouit oppo
lth announliceet .tIlth Iiat. fori one year
long'er hie wouh1l4 preIsidIe over the work
ofl thte orgait itloln was toucing. 'Thle
obl4 sohtliers sprangit' to fteir feet and
chtere Ith Ile gente ral withi fr'anttic enl
('r'iy. D elegates citlimbd uponi their
ebatiris, milie Ithe buiihlintg ring witht
lthei r shotts and fille th le air wvit h their
wavintg balts as they appilaudted ihim
algainI 11uni agalin. It was a mmu lte or
two before thte generai could master
htis emotio ull1flicxitlby to express his
thanks for the1 honor11 aiwar:ded to him,
andt to expressQ his giratitudie for the ex
pressionts of1 &goodI will with which his
re-election11 htad beena r'ecived.
Withi i the 11same unaimi ty thte re0
election fol lowed of Lieuit.-G en. WV. L.
(abel, of tihe tranis-Aisuissippi depart
mntt; Lieut.-Geni. S. I). Lee, of the
tarmy) of TLeitnessee', and ILientt.-Gen.
Wmde llampjtoni1, of t he army of' North
Geneiiral Ihnnltptonl wias not) albe to
11n41, teefore , (;en erial G ordon0 sploke
" I stand hiere ini his name to tell
1'ou 11hat no Conf ederat e veteran was
ever ' tue 1'1to I the ause that you imI l
ii his wvanintg years his hteart turns to
>f time, it his namie 1Ilthank you for
he renewial of ('41niid eniec in t hat &(reat,
'euMth Caroaliian, Wamte I lImpton."'
Severai I~l rslutions olf. inr impor 110
anlce were adopted1C4 amid the ciamle thte
:)Intest for I the next mleeting' pla1ce.
Iii'r. k iafte 1 abeI( ury ,of' I )alias , the
lugteri of' Geeral C'abel, X extiee a
rom1 Itafllas. Sihe bore ai metssage
rom11 Governor1411 Say'erIs uing It"hat, the
(lnvet'lion)1 selectt Ialllas a1s its ntext
ct'iniZg phiact. Nir's. Curry was fol
*f I .ou1isv ille, wlo inot. o'jly' extended
nt invita!tiloln fr'om thIat, city b ut inmsist -
reveit'ed ti I .inlsv'ill e fromu appeinlg
iher fbest anld grealt ly liitit th Ile ent
iut iIlSnisvi'lle another oppfortunlity t)
nftertaini it.
I nsftintly tthetre were eiets of "'1)aI
si'" andi thetso br'ouight, tthIotuisille4
Ivo'4'attes to1 their feet wvitlh shtouts for
t.t city.
General'tt Gordont~l raipped1 for oirder,
ift. i was nt. hleeded. Aln cf'ort, to
sletLli ithieet ing placel by viva voce
lte failed, andi it wa'is ncessarly to1 vote
Genealt'i Younlmg tihetn mlovedI that [he
litte fi laal1ia bo made unanimouis,
Tlwolnty-t.wol nowii hoteill havei beent
'l~Ofetoi In Nw liYor'lk ait tin aggregate
at of 010.000)Ot..

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