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- ------ - ~ A.--. sNEawLLA Y
The Men of the Present Fall E
of the Stature of the 0
The literary address ac the
mCIiC(eent of C(onverso College
imade by Dr. S. Ml. Smiith, of' Cohn,
and wis the great evet of .the
DIr. Smith had not reduced his reni
to writing, anad ulid not have evc
outline of tie address oil p er,
the following suiimimiiary will give:
idea of the line of thought pur ullC
The i(peaker began with soi
mark remiiiitcent of a visit ten .
before, when ie caime to deliver
address ait the first colliliencemiei
the college. Congratulating )o.1
town n111d the college on the grea
Valice miade during the ten year
terval, te introduced his address
coniVelsaItioni had inl 'I 111in goilng
af days blefor, when a i thoul
1111 asked the speallker whether 01
Ie thought tle men of the present
ill tile Various callings of Ire IIIlemis
up1) to tle stanch il of tIe t, firimeri
Starting with this <quest ion, the Hp
er said with all uegiu to the 11ll
teitleicy to glorify the pIst at. Ilh<
pellnsei of, the presenut and halvt'in g
dutie refercie to theL i ge I elev
of average intelligence mid ahiit3
felt iieverlhieless constained to
judgmelini t. thia t. the ie -f tl-e pre
inl all depari me nts of* acti 1ty ' ell s
of the stature of tile oldeii tille.'
with here atid there a few exept
tile .'adelrs in polities, pre, lilt
law, aid medicine were not ci
those of the geneirltion passed anid
passing. ''ha t he dominia nce of'
sona'l Influence seemled going-; mlenl
the Matterhor lifting I ie iselvc
beyoid the level plaill ot1 fhinnai1i
Ind c'11ti1hmg on thleir lofty brows
)orning If each new aldvance long
it touced the vale; or standlin
weathuer siginals amion!g the pIki 1
loisticItting the iminiient storm ol
aihhing at VOlliiIL enlii to thosXe
hIad long studie the sky aboif I
suunits. Th:t "114h pre-unmillont i
seeIlCd gr1ov ing fewer I- by ye I
The reIson S f'o r this deiease in
he inailotd. Ailnoll of e ls le w
menlltion first f all, a IregnniiaII I
inereialisin. T ,h e grit n is I iI
tihe coultry was'I tIe thI ele for c'
tolgue: t Ie agiegi to of' iII c re1
wealth Viwas beyond inielligeit,
(muate appre iciation . Wi\eahhLi grow
faSt1 tfiat Itie coliIntr is dominate,1il
its in. !une inv1.1.*1 Ve ry( - de atn
fife and every plimse of activity. 1.
ideals are se ny -mn staniiani ls pr'
wiiichi imu1ist rile out Ihat type of
sonal greatness to wichl re ferienhe
beenl mlade. A 'Supremilely comunliv
people enn niever, be a truily '_reat I
ple. T'he 11.a11 who decilh the en,
his lif'e the nere makim g(h of' moiq-y
make nothing else. Thlis pirit<
verts polities into a oira, makes
ti'iotismi ai matter oif barginn znaiih
prostitt es fhe preiss to lecnliary
vanltag(e, .1nd contailliates even1 inl
pulpit and desceni'tes the saicred 41
of' hun wio minertakes ti speak
Alore thani this: it, instils and e
ValtCes a iii't . of .'uuI6li indtilgenlee
p'erson1al alggralldisement whice
uii real greattliess by tile vry 1<
sinice ilie truest reli gion m.a4l ile
foutuilest philosophy imite ill deela
that he lwho wh'. ie tle grea t
all let him he tihe servant of' ail.
"Ill fates thie land fo hastening if
Whei're wvealt ni meenmui iilateCs andt mei
Tl.he secoind reasoii for thue dfec(liin
such men51 wvas to he tounid ini the
cipiitate lhalste to aer(Omli sh th li
of' life. This leads to the dlisot:
slow, earefult, thorough pr'eparationi
lifCe's work. Nletn are imnpatizent ol
drudgeiry involved ini faithiful I
oughiness. There ulsedl to be a
wheii ai Ilieral euation aoni b1
ultuire w~ere dieemledi essent ial pire
utisites inl all caillinLgs. Thenm tI
ieither the means~ nor thle eisuirt
auch culture. li tiler this dire sI
hiy wer'e comp jelledi to en ter Iif'e
or ill iprepared and1( do the'ir'
utnder thle ci rcumist atnces. W itht hr
coulrage aiiii indontabtzlle enersigy
fought life's battle to victory.
fortunately their success eac ted
quite a while and other men imore
tuniately situiated thani thiey', itii
preted tile iessoin of' thir nol e Ii
thor'ouigii prepaati on and it lieu
coilmon01 to crowil into thle var'iousi
f'essions aout ceiilings b y shiort cuts,
The laws < f mechniesdC tench
that the height, of' any structure I
a conistat. pr~ioport ion) to the lie
of' its base. No shor't eut, ever 1
to aniy dlest intafioni really woit hi ie
aives or toweniig influencei
ne(ss thatit biears the yoke iniit y.
that it inny' we'ar th e cro wn i i
rainge anid telegrap 1hitc spi(eed of' A
icanl Iciiteri'i'se andE e lfort in ouri'
ern days. Th'iere is tno callitg or
nesill lifes that doies not sutffer
mnan under1W thle inflence oif if.
ever teach his high'lest and lost der
A third adelsei ( eleintici us t
found inl thes tendenticy to carryi' sp1
isim to a hiuritfuil extrteime. T1his ui
ilel'tly th da' l~y of' the spr ('ialist.
the oine woin 1by mys grantdrfa
probiabily several tilundrted men ar
gaiged ini its imanuiifacturie(. Of
mneii. onie does nuothintg hut turi.
:SM pivots of a Iviel; another spelisig I
whole life grimlng tle little jewels,
hort third devotes his Whole time to I
Iden making of the hair-spring, ain1(I s)
through the whole. Tle result, it; I
most perfect, timiepiece the Vo!
'( knows. li the case of the raI
father's watch probably one man mat,
thie whole and 4pint, mlonth1s ill <oil
Y it-tle watch iuch inferior, but wh
larks of the watchmaker?
"n Specialism vastly improves te pi
but <let, but it inlinitely dwarts t(e pv
Mille <ducer. All knowletge is now speci
'ized anid the aggregate of the know
r is immeasunably i ncreaseri. Ak ili:
ear spends mointh Scrutinizing anl inse
th, thr >ugh a microcope, ai ,h Y ias nil
it of4) to ile wolIl's knowledge of ite inlset
th( but how narrow becomes tite hiz'
of such a mia1,1!
"" he worbd of scholarship is minm
1)y a bra!er, hut, it is by 120 inIns sio
wNEN that the(. irndividual s3chobair measunl
itl 1i up to the stailard of' tIle fom eri ic . (I
- ocration - mai' vvq ordinlary pjreache:
<laY know 21mny 1)tns unknotyn in IHishi
hel I I ioot's day, but you maki. a diay
4j n ine1 y 1hr-oigh proliv nen1 t mo14)4
uiversities without 1iniui. a schol
Oak- whose lons ai as thick as Li.hl fot)
tral little ling-ei !
The Old einricutiuim of, 'ix lir' (i-l
also professous is I()%%v diviled am141
ti1 1111i lreIl (r nior-v: ever,y < lpartil2
,lhe dividled aind Sub-<dividledl avainl an1
OL! agalin, but I f*eair that such specialisi
sent h 's greatly ,iacrililed the compehe11l
bi iv( ss 1111 the b h tl whiil tin.
out thec (1bl Scholar "1 teres louluIl.
Hills (uc." Specialism to a certaili extel
lit, s 'ool, but there is reas4oni to Fear ti
i o t lnyll he caritl too lar. A o
till 41lhar e.n he beaten so thinl that tiZsu
per- pper ik 'rs beside it; it rmlain
lie b4)l, bu too Jiaphdanouls for <laily u1st
i Th, speaker4 here- 4 urned t14) l hl o 1
1nil el i of isleason i ()It i tf a d il iled hi
the thnille to (ite o1ccasioll by renllrring5 t
what, I l at . 12 e e a L obhdit s ltnc llI
t Ir. 4. une Morris Whiton's :i40 cimln
r i - dI ay b fol'l, i o which 1)1r. Whit(,O
her- all said: " Everv ideal th'at r l thi
wh orbi is either. mInae or ,ali-tionw-I b)
hen-r wo ian." This enltihenot lir. mi
imost, h iartily chilm sed anl la-suli
11p41n the4' young-t wom eni the ifimortane
4 f S4ih hi)h illeals,
Iid i'vt the pnietical mlan sneerl 1f Ill
,-I- will .11 ,illh amd c all it Sentilinent aill
ei BIho rP ANDe- ' aI V1Vg h
ai.In Su h1 matmeriol hre the whir!
nd s bre nh!frin ! u -h n!1-hmlll"
4 e1ts h it 1Oerhlo.
t I We rmy e ment to bet! pvlel visin
11s :it ilr m r 4if only)Iet' our' ia im
Jin thi l heav11 ill lhe I1 ':n-th, hi J1 a
v i's <111 lre a dImLer, ther Sh all be til
Stirwa f1411r the anatels. '' i tht 1111-1
I 1 "1 4 M 111d clitinh 111 r i vry 141it unn ti
has ls-t i Ie I br nivgl-s to if'lithe e 1i2im
enn BILL ARP AND T1I V1-llTE41A1
P:'- A Great Gathering of Brave met
ati Memphis---The Old Soldier
111 Were tHapp1y.
'l)"' .\2 anta Conske t iinlinl.
or 1F i'wy yalear 4 have passei - theSillcv IiI
.L'' soh lier h l 'in-t h ulie-ld m 1 m il
hli ieels i Ilh fr o se. No such iit
of patriots vvrc eviei see, for. thi
l , was oill a 1101ry mi o Iticin th m lior
fotei hireling, and liev N1oril
r 1- r -i n vilizensof the i out voI. ihn
. isrel with one accond :nd ca t thei
it'' lives: ia i aetin h om o
of- ati aote Stte To 21 42V4l2that2 cla:
1 ar we owe alll the morel~t hoorfo M01it was
degehed 2luI delr to~l'4 4)0er Itn- baon
11411- I t a te to hovi i~ li ithe~ti kin'1lred (a1n2
1444 the pilr othei boir h. Fiory.e
miory oi~ ths tifour11 111 tlong yea (ron1th
m- itlis of2the vlenis who lithered~k il
at'lhe emp~ is~N' renon. A~ts t iroll
Iete~ a340 omun toyge4'ither; an11)
happ- 1241ily,) * Ihr are' hone now:1 to 24 114e
or(11 nakeil them111 aflirid, ii. er
4re1 ah Ira tke4tae'' htllming3 every1 yeii
hl thej('11 mor (lesiderate of 1 he1104 feling
fran iniple of'114 lach othr.s Th
res shlirs 1V)( ii say4 'liil -thos wh foug 1(1
:Ieli~ aga1411ins 41 lt -42or th bravet arei Ith1
be t teinierest. 112 i. I'ji((s 1 121 theyin 1wh
roie sa the bat1tle fromI( afar,: who stol rt
gI s1t~il worryi ovr th reel'igait
2'14or- ll4 ime i goo dotor, and)111i:~ soft w'ar
0r ('22- ded the11411151 s trt of Memphit.is.I110
ame:4 01(1 iats V l he Irapn(il :%at 'yes w
mhl3 I oTha t asI at ealfl prayr sit. ux'
~t~iu I k I*cnsiiI1a ibet t'is yuttd al)II
'I Wlit Us - l Will b iituisinuittii to I
ic chibdren.
> l it is h1111 ti n lul 111tt the N trther
Ili preachers4 atndt teichers :ad edlitmrs welI
Id IlI'rniiug itsaltitatry les n froint 1 hee.
dl. ann al reuion51 s ()f h li Il I (lt
l it 21e. I IIhd I i then a 1ederal soldi
it i 11141 liv'd tll there, it s tills to mve th:1
I woul ay, " t Il b cillit en, thfi s
rIIeIS t I hIaVe11 I )' I IbeC Ir In llud
o- it IeIarnel- . T I Ierv is o lI t up III . Ibatt
I- lIIn i thI Iir fit I .I ' rt y ears1 t Ia
Il- IIn oi lt II lil theI n I I. Illnt. i( itia. W e h I a
'n b ettI viIna ke frienlds w IIt-c ith I a ( p pl
1i 11d iv i Il 1l1 Iior.N ;I ii ( iiIns , I m
T ThIey Il u INv ( I d I n ( i w I ful 1 ):1 1 I
'h aI t hIes \ i S. Th I aI v! t II pa ;
t, 11 I I;. I f I it pen)1 IIl I I (- I I our s )I
( I i e tut l l f Ithe penIsion I to thli i
Iwn oll1ll a bI tiI ax 1, 0 4 III ca tIe thi r It(!
h r4 ; an llthIel y h1,111 too cilu re the rai
I tis : and wtrah tia II till a tiic
Iq for years, buk! they never compljain
l- Thy light back andl dtifnd tihir hIonor
-S hui , like Ohe sils oft . l\milO ll he
1ever 1111 phin. Silrilt t h O y ar ;
'. rat [wp lep~. Th y .sIlfer, ali[ .1n.
11 strmatig, aind whe1:1 Sqohiers were, waultv<
Ir for 'lla andi Ohwhlipnsihye
m al, the litel M 11Mti lehre ' sol
all tis ant i-Southern sentiment ilt
i 1ink1 . u il t pr aci r!S at ulI lit 's ste 12 it
.1 There I., nol good ill rubbing' ant ()h
t Sor. Wu ii lon't know whnt nu(' y hapl)
I pn I ll fl I II 1Iy a) I lin tI N it I) (,y it
I! ulIave t : 1ountI1ry. Th ' 11 hl' vete! t vran 11 ;
aItre Yin ou1) t , butIl tillhei- sos-, are tll
d ,i obl I (1wIk. The S Ilih Il 2III
-1 .111u f Ihe fr )nt, -111I i s lit I titi i I IcS 11
b he a great p ower in the .11(1i, : ift %w
2 t ill t a iravatilln., theIli WWI ahti lt
lit is, polssible they nutay gevt lihig at
'4 ii''Ic Ill dn)vi anll i _'U~L2 ith 11111
I- i tvi l wa r antI --1ain aint I Ih ip (I:l
11 ! i r n p r . ' ha '
1what I l- llbt say if I wa%' i ll,
1Thlt-e rt ti alalri l I i . W a I -,I.rs
I ires. -111is. A w ul lIII cabuit ies IIIn it
I an( in the sea, explio ns11: 1 il lllil-s
% ureeck4 4)1 ral1as inlrder -, sujeikics
I r illmerie ;1 111Ill211 1lls of chi l411, ;iIll
worse tham all, herc semts 1 l no
"tOp Ill tlete ho1rili out ra ' 1r1118tl4
'erICC1 Z. '"h1l e1 l is thei l instu i -
Ill inatIln Wels i0t i ts Al ii ur(2 tol'l'21(
I I iIkI t1I (W (d 8 " 121 III 4- 1,- : I iI I i t ( -( : 21- (
it n I liv ill 4ti fty ti lC l tl i si l' gi 8II,_
i I t clist 'I lue tiv l atiotlitilig
th c xpelled fromi WevSI Pomlui IthIf
41l1t' ,o I w Ip ,ta I I ItI - --I )I)lI fr<)il
A d ial.:11i);t a ill I I<lilt- fItlmli I" x.1 '. 1~ i-:11
- eit illi ain i <d treij)Iillv I' i lli !I) !1v '. I Vr --
\V't-1. I~n wa w h I I 1U 11)- ; 1i I
lmf;1, 1'll I that lIt' l ll. ll lt - vc\l' y Ili.-'
-1. Ini n Iji- -chool sundnld himl by Ilh
)!tM . t i l :an tn dlid I lit'- ~ t
-n ,hi)e : d01s i d e )rt. Plti-r: (all I II-I!h
(till till, w :11 i $l\ il; i s Ill 11I1il l I z a
schol: but nor 0 ik the iniz, win uh
liit' 11i';(1< 11iers 11111 i~ k ' d -i~ l
slh e eid )',j1'11'14 r i -i
t~ 11 r e lj Il i 1 :1 i 11 2 k-, i I .:I w
ajI ,-;( Ir ;i ,' wh Ih \ t
is thonm h t this k a lowio U tIln
wkits al lii'lt' 4*1ilill-li' 1l4 ' i4
ste Ini vi l itl \4II ! an n i.-; i
111 till I n a 11' 14i _r l i t; -- , II
Wv waitin d t p hi ' fo l a. he ii i
I ) ili ' k a 111 It n t is ti4 AilI t ill el~ \\*Iw ()
which IlntIer-; IhcIl ravin in . Tlad FI I
Whiat Attor-isey Genieral Bellit:ger
.'Thinks About It.
[ lol'. G. Diu ca Iml ng r Attornley
e I- ; I ral of .- - t t I ar4 ol(, 1 1ina I, ha been1 )i-(
r intei viewed by th. News aini ('oticier
oil the Tillill--elItI'irill sittllatiol,
anlhis expr esi6ons; !mwn that( linle will
Ie riald with I r t I 111111 owplli - i
The Attoivy i;4ntrtI was carcfil to
reIn ittk 01.1t hiv 111 o inll t a siltil t0
"ive all cxtelilh-d criticim of thet Senla
tf-rial ih ,butl lwre is what he( saili
."I (Ito not calre . l hve very. niulch to
r ,ay oil thet- subjt," exph~iinedl Al
are I few thin-i'- I wish It) say v ll dve
r fence. 41 Ohw 1;toverlior's nclima i11 1 ..
- i ,t Slnari s Tillman .14 Nt l v
- I :ilri n. T() be ev plici I refervi part t I icil
s holy to1th li nn111 r1.- that (lwoverino- Nl(
S y neillyttll u41 Ilpon a-vice rectel'iv-e4
aftelh retuir:e lilinti t l ic ninila.
S a i rlal ipo lIs een circat- io. I,
I As a n1iter f1 ' I.I -l til t
- ;v1111111 I Imeal It tis o pinimn ill I
14 Intte. bI fore he I h I cknuItl Ill,
' ld as soon as he rtt nitin l it his <hsk
Ill hedrafted thet conununl~iention (4 the
I Sceinitors thnat lhas entistvl -<, inu1ch cr it.
. Ictis4 l. That he41 wit I t'l allvi ee a-, to
I whIt 1 follow ale rIuriin.
froml the unvet-ilin i hI v i c-n assur--1..
> ty t: i.
. "' y opin:if.lt of h -S i I I. Ill
ini t o It Slent ors I ha;t I It)y , tIt1hi
lrcicM ier theirt artlton iht 1 i ll - ii. t'll
ill'() a1 ('rr0r 01f expreT:-qln. I think
f) ito h averag'e n11n11 there- can bek no
, i- C nci 1 lso thanl ill i the I; N v r
]lilr refit l to aept'IItr , t .l sin tI I Is.
r aI that is h w I c n I(-4t)llt : it , I
i saytIlt ilk'. 1 tiwa; l nf ril lal v inI ilt:
; i. his foritu (1f ex pression). TheI fin- ,
14o14, that I'k rv ,i- 1a11ions were-1 r u rn11
(.i1l'for consieleratimn' whds (to the con
cl ioll that the (;mIecrnior's lIter was
. refili alit lIlt. I t I I t l f ; iviItv it
:t promptekI II Iv to 1 : 1l h weve r, Ih t
t Il resig inat it I Ins lI bI !. arrep)t l vllI .
I I T, :tic n I it hIt to4 Ik wals I bso
ll 1t4y w it h-'aI'. l Ii e I I u I I Ist
c4i-tir With Senatrt illl ila that Ilwt
Gm-ceinlmr inl -k riin ansvetaleil hlis
power. A ri. i,_ n I ;I I -1. h as - was
l In~ i ll i - 1 ie-flynas hin is ja clf.
(111lativ, a nd it Is (,ehIithelr ill.n Ite ( ov
- ilj . IIiti o n''i Il l it h 1 Ntti4ttr
I llnly In Ii is ria. It I i very u -h
like ilht it a town crier. lill Iati :li
ill t e t o pit. T h , m .11 a 1141l lit
- I iIW'ni i't a It I I titio theyof
I seitiunI I, It1, ti l: t l I II - i 1
Itl ld i c Ii !xm t I:f co rs .in
ro Ite! c iz . r i s o b
- - ) a.\,vever1 , until Sepittnll
i thi sca St, :M11 I thenI cma Ill l
Lt !t Iur to! 4 apprmIe of Ik Il
non.i Theresgnaionls we-re placell i
bt. - Ivernor's, pose-ssion for lit- pur1
It) 0' of not iying him :11)I nlot f'M. Ii-.
The ~ ~ lea wh0ero f1* M;ovrl r.
e1 xihinl4, wa\ h s x re in I
ef nile-l that he wa"Is uinider the
re,.o Jil 1 1 lilt thIlk pir ph.di < ilo >care.
r~l a canlipahrol this S1111111-r aind that
h411 I hol that, his views ;m. not
wrong -4. 111 (It11e words, I a igr ) h
hinm, as 1 said ait the otSet, In t the
Governomr tr-anlseernied his authormity ill
<de]il iin to accept thle res-,Ign II tti.m) -.
"-SenaI~tor Alel,1inrinl II h S nuo. .- a
11iktake siinihir to thalt (f Go4vernor~
M\leSweeney inl the aioneiiceQliinit that
lie is n illing to witlulraw IIi Iesig11:1a
(1onI; that is tit abielei by thet opinion l
vCision of 1he Gofvern'r. i this lie
is at. f111til l fitl SCnitr .M4Lkit ini
IIiight SIIy thai lhe inalic this tlechtra
tio Ai iew ill thet ativice givn byil1
Alesvweeneiy as a1 citizen atail tit its thle
chinef ollicer of1 the State.
lth Senatrs Iale a . grave ii-.
loki atl showe'l little wisuliin ill I
signinI1 as tIll- ilil. It is tcar to inly
111nnio Wlal Oih,\ didl it withot telle
1ion. As (lhe expression oes, .4ne
1In .Ia l w h Wh illf allil thet olther, one, call
tiiit. I: -th 4Ihtjius t honorof 41 havnliiy
cal:t. tle bl1f11, I1hat it it it Is an ionor.
'l- Sueiat illy 1111 11:18 1. r1sp 1n ible
to thet! p i .l'I'e 1 :nid 1aly r p i l e
legal1 ligaiti n . I h1 ill , I' I tan
other pic. phe lhb, 1hat ther. was 11nmre
pers 1111anI insit iN hll e Owi4I e m Illt tll a
hi.-lt conception Ilf dility.
"A 4 1ral 4inj s ti de h s biil i bIt.
tie(, :1fuct ttlii h it I;tls Ill 11111pirn-\
with seInator T 111111lia . It has iven
;1it 1t t II(1 'l li e 'oveII r la.i 4t ;mIl
th~tt i th %%rilntin O w r s vnotteml
liv w Iillil ii lwin. ly tri -;t1i4 Ii4 lii; fl .
thoritly atildrfs too areept) tilt-ill lit
rderl I tillitict tu4lS T 1111 :111d
ii l.i ri t o 1 li t il 'it lolI I l Sk111 oner,14
I i ll tha1t Ivelie Ow (4t ivi-dtil' wo1 |11
.aIl l 11. Tillmn , w0 . hli turn wanh1ii
apO inl. .\e w'11) y Y 1 ll M llt, t11 h
hrturil will then appitis ut1n-le,
A -n lTill an, to his 1h4 alli ye. i\ling
withuins rtor was a sit~itinei that
theb wi , n. 1111 '1t S na r illi lla I flt
Ow4 1 v11e411 411I wI). 'ti' Ta li till :ll
I\ li ( 411111111. l w is i l v 1 I l i 'I, .11(
Ii 4I4ply 1 11 f111 Ihe I lsch i. This is
a rn ij tc l paries IeM1n.1rn4
(-t ai I aan g.J ll at lvw nrl th
. I N M l 1 * 1ii 'l il li ' ;11.111 i li |
11 Ilv 114141 l I l it 11 14-clii' 411- 1 4 11 l
tA bI114 1it-lit l t - 11 h- 4ile ro % ';Io ned
'1I 4' h ll Iilh 141,14 41 It o ccIl? I
hi1ins1 e [. lh e l '11 iteI l .1 ta ., St I mal
neIx I 'i111 e 1. lit! replicl h , -1 ll, had1
I1 i t I tft te lle l, 1 1 114iv. Ili -tI i
litI' k II; It (- tll(4' (' l ill I411 wI I I l e I ll
1451i u18 IlokIs lt li ly hathe at la i Xtt l e Ale
m tt rin't i .t
An E1tiinenlt 1r fen chI PhIyI N1Si c i iat11
Colilnects A ppemL-Iteiti." Witlh t hiS
H a bit.
'11jw w )p t t 'g I11 1' ;01411(51 11141'1
Ta ihe eitii lti:'ou tr i nori
I ill the 'g 1. 1 , -li ;t i l 1
111 kIt i I i n 1 pl .11( a i 111111 :Ili I l b 11r 1
l'h t Ihe i ll vat Itii0 111114 iI I ! S
o1pillil l 1 11 y W - tilli t 4 1111 I
It vgi I114>.l I-.r V4g I' I gI il 11. 4 !] I 4)r
. \ ill liter t ()I Ir'tIk e e p4 -.11 1 (1.4a.
;a up; IlI h( filire Ihc i rvi 1ch ac1.14)1 i
Il which h ti. 14al il this :- 1)4, i.
l 'li. is 1ha 4 tilai- liIo 1ii (1, I
twiely icIi v I.I4 I i ti li is 1 IIb
lin4 IY i vr i , Ia y ihtt i II' se l i m-it 1
ll IIlly eni. 1 55 It l v. 4 1v t' i 1 111 at , ii
In I e 11i /4 , :it. I lll I i I 1111 o1 it 'I, lit -
alls t -i. I I lble t il 1it'aiut 4 l Sf4
I 0l11e h hlt th.i its le 11 t" 11I . h 1
Pls 1 It 1aving I Mlotiopoly of
tile Govcrnment Deposits.
I W\ hing.'in dispath S. thaI .J.
I ~ ~ ~ ~ il ifwut3 rgn
hal1, (i hit 1 Ii l :'tat which bal
erlailill, IIIi
r .t lyA .-'(1111. tit
l'9l j33 hi-vl3~ 1 . t to lil' Ii 111t 333: 19:
thI'Ie wa39y3s for thil' nu193 "hk. w339' h k
f ronm t e oeno-t - Th
nales tof Ithose ics wat 1! 1, k
secret rot tihe. ni wi t, but it lifaihter
sh ii l th1:t. A I r. A rd ;a I I9 I.
Thltorne, pre' ide'1nt ()I I t he .\ m I r k,9-333
TrIu3 s ( 'o.. are lim vin, sp'iri'.v .
ittioitsly enough-l, thet, biulk will itot
have a irt cvyilalization, thlis blo ire
fixed at( nly .2- 1,000,000 --a ulos-t Il
si. ililiva'all ;ilittill. co 1liparu3 ti O we
tota13l depo39sits whicb are expected. ( )nIe
hundI(re-d shurcs of Mtock, at , 810,000 a
9share, will be issuIed to 100 of the
larestb~t ks in the cmInlrly. It. will
bet neccceialy I'm a h:ank to be a shiare
199 'r' li iit ilt'W~ itill tti tityi 33 i rci'!'
ItI Imkv dcposit s w%-tith it.
Thev ba lt i ank proposes to pay
I- , w * 9i 1 . nITer-SI I3 alI 11 d (ep sitx1s,
wi99:91 l 3-' I 'I-l r 9o9 he. I Ie 9 1'('83.ltt
923e ;'3Il by 0i3lks in New York
whv ' ch ' ;. delu' itors fI' ('hi
1 " anl( olther (out i-towni hanks.
Th 11' :94r 91 1 t - r4 (0, the ch 1 4,1 11. art
c 1) 11 vi II -c ( II It lit \1:3 39 \ v Vi II bv9 91913'
it) pay 9 ' :i l:1:ti'll tot ' y 9,1
thanl 111J .h3binks her a29'. b139',Iv ilt199
l11It'lit wll le
Wii hv(-111 | ; i i l-r l 4 vx
19. t1s9 lt3l.rs i lIt 'ill(T 1W ill II - I' 11,11
1h 114 1i'e i c 1 \ 31 it k e 11.0
iroh -
;\ (, .2Il ' 3. - II'-1s1 .
N I I It l I I \ I I 9:I I91lt 1 4 )1 "11
191: c: 1: 1 4 9.1 ill 11 !,( I I3 I )~ 1; 11 1%S
p Ill' i f I I rt 'l to w i l-, I
l Itral; . ' I-9 I%%t , Ill ! 1 1 1 v I
w it It II I - I I I I v i ll , 1,11 t93 I II
:l.1, : ;39 jl ' it - 11 1i - * I
w9l333 ;t ; 11. ,1 ,-11 '11
w l I i I II t ' i'9 Iv93 4 1 t - I - 3
it t 9 14 14, 1 1
-3:3t. 1 u9-9 h2 1
It t
r 1 . lo9
399II'. 3 '
etlv l I. 3''l .l l iji l. d, 33 !,-1 l i |1j 1:33,:
lil'' il- j93 .91 31:9 1il3 [|l'19'..,1' 9%Igi . ie
\\ l 1'9 il lill'., --I i3:3 '' 13 1 '-9. 9 93 4 ) ill\ 191
.'r t'1;L 33919' ' t I p t- 9 i , .- I.: l9 ,193 -
w3 l l93 It '3 -t'Illt-t-t33l339ve 3il ' ; . ' 3j9 11;:(
ii.- [ 9"n'! w19Jil 9i c''. 3399 1 l 9 3ifidtl '39:33e3
t13:133 3 i j93le:elli3. (if 99a93 -.. jj i j
9 'N' r331 3333:191 139il:.1l 3ll Iagy :9f 399 13
I ljebit ed , i j929i' .33 '9'333'| i .;l . 3 ita I)'igi..
999r:9ti9, wh1919b conh11 bte .h-p19'inted9 upon)3
39) 9'33319 il-i ()Verw't9':9'3i:.- j39we9 s if it
!! II ; '13c93l ('9'. N"':39 I .tr ,3 i3~ f isi 'i~tf
w993391I tt l ':tj far ll 3r' 9il:llet-' 93939 113i:1f (-III:
1b3' S".3939I 33Iit l ( li ilal 1"'lt I iris s ;93l1
'33n3\' '':il l 931 :) ;lleillie .1.99 ''133 1c1 199'
('1b19y 39:3339399' I'l93it-il '.3,. 't i'. ',i3'
froi1 ils Vaul'9131.Y,' a33s ) lg 9.c or i
al~ls '1'193 :lli ilali r |( ')(1l .919)33:9(13
1n33r11ti9us 13f f919s forlti~ inen ui.' ani..)3
unds l'ersons13.' with weak399':9 sto3319achs
the39 1pulped' in39-1 9:at3n this dllicult311y
is reinoved'9'9. Tlins 3s 3'993ninen3 IxpI.9(3
93n9:e, ;u391 . i333upporIt'ed by~ the( heat~1 au
11horili19993 33333nutrio. We'( don3't (lat
9'non3.'h beans33. II heans33: are9 parb'1Oiled~
then well393 9siirred,' the3 grete portion' 391
1139' s13y ( it359Ins wh9l3 113(1 331sg1113C:,
in39 ''outh had3(9 taken:1 lo the9 re9''taurant,33
hael3 ordered9:9 1:very'thin3e oni the 33393nu
e'xceptj birad :0391 buiuter, when' 93he.
1333e tott 9 the9 youn933t 393133 and9 said
"1)9o you9 k'3ow%', 1iiio not 31n33 1,t
11hirty9 99333" in his ve J99 t ::ond . nn9hm
feebly9, :1391 inquired:39
9' 93993. 1119 93993 | 3 lf
13I tli l1n-r9 ij,j .1 t I''o l 9' et9n' l 31332
Itlit e 313r9 'a 13131 -ul .33933 1
t ha3 39l 9 w it th ir l :I "la - 19 - nit
31 3 ig 933 319': l.'. 3:le 1h 3l '13 91 339 33,
139 .3'' 3h3 nI..913t '3 I. '"39!9'3 I'l'
rt:3 . p3, I' 139 h -'2 . , in39 3
- \" No
- rown
-'Ol0h/ Pot
'Ush and your
t ' i your
\Il be
44- vit4ho* it
I apa--. Ic hant1u't proposed yet, has
She -No; but he will the fiist time
IC "31't interrupted.--l'ick.
Sayli the sage Boston IIerald: " With
Ihe gardn making season at hand, the
he State of' the 7Ui1n Can11 enjoy
Wel. I at least we'd he glad to have
einitic it.--('h- vehIu PlaiI Inin Dealer.
" rieS. S, his 4aighter looks liko
iim. )hl ym ever see her?"'
" No. :wl I never watil to see her if
he lo li rig."-Cleveland
niaher, have yu av rind els?
I -r -\\' b1;r-, 4 ,4 r4 , o l they
1 t -CVis 1d ihh- 1, h' n ti ed. __ I Slic's
V ek!y..
114 ' it (' )J r 11i, . ,1'
" 1, it :m 1 ar
-' at
I . I il. I ii.
-- .1 h to .
m t r t i t -h h t .'t m
lb-. .lr..\rin.t m - . . h 8u ),al
Tai ker. I is th .tie iu.: tha
1N i ci kn M w tht.A I have three
itle .Ii te T 4 a i - i.i~ 0.
elares, the141 t414 Fem liii ruist NIs lc
o1 dectision1.''
"'Tlott's right,"' replied the cynie,
" ind of youi iveni'I dfeidedI whlethier
knjow' tshe usedi to say I here wasn't
ano<i 4 nI m:4 lik( him1 ini theo world."'
toilLn t hat the4re wa9."--'-l'~iadlC
Jimm141 y Me al)ut wasl tryin ' to leil
me1 1that 51mo4k ii' is mij'ous4.
Tunno - We, it ight he f yer'
:e iino I kete - yer.--lI'uick.
Authri . ami trleOhl.d with insom
iia. I lie awake at night hour after
hour11, Ihiniking about, my literary work.
liendl --IIow very sily! Why don1't
you1 get uip l) an r'ead some) of it'?--( as
gow I )aily Times.
lirowni--'l'hat's a handsome4441 44mbr)e4l.
la you' ve got the4re, H om14.'i C
lhrownV1-A-/hout wha:t does4' it co)st to
carry'~ anl 1ihnbrella like tht
lRobiinsoni 1:tern1al vigdiance.-Tt
I-'-ierly ,1,ad --Wa i.4that,11 you i tter
I saiw '44o i wi t ySI rday, IJohnnly?
.JohnloI 5 (IL4d 4;) - ho I look like a
fiho wh5tVlo'il wast ic s inn 44 onl sis3ters?
J~awyer .\s~4'p4) you huIahand dlied ini
Uie-tali youl i'l, of coursie, get a
Widow5 -.14h, 111hope4 to get1 my' fouirilh.
114 was41 m4 y thui, you1 kuow',.-ll rook
14t4rfaili -s- l'ui-y1, st 'p ptilligg
(4)n ' h iing . to) it. Th, ea1'.4 pu4iing
it. - l it laits.
4e .mi' . m ."
. re>'-- Chogeo n e ,d 11. l.i

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