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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, June 13, 1901, Image 3

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The People's Journal.
Local and Personal.
---o nolice to patronis of clip Hill
-A ppl.y for bolrd at Mrs. Laxtliem'.
Terms reasonable.
i-Boit unto Mr. and Mrs. liobt. Blig
well onJhle 8th1 it-t., it son.
--P. J. Ifanno1, of Picdiont, w." in
.Pickel last Mondaty Oil lusinss..
-Somel coumunientiomi, arI rivinig Lno
atito, will not lppetr fill next. week.
-\s.11. D). Lienhanlt has1. b-een ri
ously ill for the past two or thrle we',
--I. 1'. LItimpkin's yoingi son wo1v
has been quite sick iceently is ieported
-Luko Vern r, of CHenc-i, Va pVI
aimbulating the btreets of out town Wed
-Allis, 10.valine siitlierlitlI 18Ini. n
iJrti. E. Ml. Thomas, of Thlmasvdi!e.
this wttk.
--W. A. Christopher vas re-i.eled
teaer' (f the Latlbem tchool for thl
--Anniv \Aby, tho Iwvo year-ol child
(. \V. M. IIurphriIO", hIas leen gui it' .ieki
for ilit past week.
--Prof. W. A. Christopher, of I'.r;ley,
wasq with friends aind old ne~pimintanlces
here la-t Monday.
--W. T. McFall omies on I& .l thwe
with a ge enil (t1ebang t il' his advertirl
ImlIt. It will interest yon.
---Rev. T. C'. H'olzLaw i ow a
(olr1.env'ilitet1, hvin oltaoidtemp~ty
mnlt in te lumiber bini m .
-M irs. L. J. Trainui r', 1 ne vd ith
latter pi -f tle wik froi n pi' xtnd:d
ito E -slevy and oi f pcit-.
po wer boilerl anndegie A pply I-) .bn
N.W hte , N ris, t . <. io :tl.
--T; e Cro4;loads Habb :hn- o , w
am ghid to state, is inla ising e on.
Iit ion. Geo 0rg, W. Lo -,r i - : ~InI
lot , w. t inI ll 'i im '.\b:aliy ind w
1t11uled f:-in il their s in N\ A i!y
w! i'ti vr. .
- 'i[ . ',Ta l iii e, t (iL l hihlt. th w i
y.fir'e, died erI' i nIl N00r \!11exanderT
.Anl lit' I. u la hiy oE l i'af r a 1 t
- --The two yelr-oil .i:il of i(0n1i l.y . Ih
.of te ar d ber1y, died hist. -\IWlday :,"d
Ws buried at, iethhh i i It It . il '1
ilhe fojllowin~g day.
-The cild ofJhnFdeywov
ev > 1 rousiil l a v, f (!;yI ac ,:a t n
on ie ti fe thi.'ght it i id i dv i l as ral.i l
--hi e attention of thoise vti' ex -
to compete for a scholar.-hip :t3
I ill is c led to a) Istmn l r t I
ing ai neu ei : ewLire il i i pIt1i- r.
--Ealey and Ipielon wl ly
matah gam of ht-4e bAll on the Iae'
diamo tl o ne (xt Frilat lternion I: a' : 1 4.
0 'Clck. We expect soegood 1hiying.
-Th it.my friends . Ti f .t I I
I --nghesa' Io theil ]'it, Il t i SnIit i in will I I I
gievedll3 to knlolwotha n ie in ui e i!
wio l theg. b it h tto t' Cain li d it e i i I b
.i n wase hnied te [muhhh ti hetiI
iiling de tina. Sei ieaves :.evend ci.i
--Co~ Iirgespontl1. ntll cr ibutorsI to i
ca~uiteoUi to'i "Th' Ji~ournl il"- inti
4,teat ofw to anyI indid .I onted woih
-To t ro it ll! be Chlihhenic~'t a atg
"i i a?t lckLo chrch on thiecbsti Humly in'
July, oTti reioi~ wi som iiio'ti spetk
tra enio occasion and iviueyigoyis in-m
~Marr184eiti, at till~n f Rev. C.8 IiiT.m
.-il.r, i Thoi' nihti' e:h 1a.
Tuoctoi O iitev C. 1'Ti ih.'4r inilt- l
itd,( l l f or< d, t.-i. (l41 itC
--W L'. Jein harc'sef to liirspecti
ioig ny of tlhe tut rndim t'utesusof
'-h(at ie livsen 'Dtyith 1 yer.li Eiimr
. denkin beideos beng a't Uod i.i\la irate
Theii. ae of t ibrl 1wieits:
(la nt'e ill tevel h id.eua teeme
gro us on .tarda 15 inst., on-e
manin at, -i' olck p.it , o m i It-,
hoa tohaiotble 01 ."ioses. ''i ma
-enotW pifexanaio n 'u u of at
beirat 9o'c tlockr (A. m. Nabors :01 :tpli
~1had yi July f'verali ad I)a sn jwil
- Nm ic RosonJ, biesmth drie
tolrnpolitive ex:luination to ho 1 4held Jit
12th ito determin p:,n a beneficiry I
reprcsenit Pick.es onty inl 1:( (A
liston)! Colle;te. This is an1 oppor)Itunlit
for mo11 worthy yiniig man which m
hope will rec ive-thc a!ttcnt ion it dcsv:
Johnston, die! nt her hlotm. it Pelv'wr 0
Sat u tlay Ist, ins tt. at tihe ag of I w(d t;
eight years, at r.Las itried at. Piet
lnont. the fo!wn-<a. She was
lavs two chilbren tn d1 Lusantll(u
--WO~ i~rai, wh wn: iloplienteil1 i
:he inu 2e i,f 2Jose&2Ciih iell ey a lut 1W
y0.a n.oa pa to the jiren
etut w iebst-tneud thev iem n<fi
circu-Iit court, re .! hli.-; o ds en l
\! lantty by ip)'':o to t . .n
phrc. . Ic will rcrvc hi two y ears bl
.-i 1i another rul''ntw pbi~ a
ri n re.sp. i i- n-u ' ' isli!nles i
- by r y S. I trt ,
by I1n,''
Clcin - " colLe;;-. Ill r lr fori ill
I& c:.0ito :e~ e I-') ind!ituto at pt-liit,
w;;anitl by lifs" 1, 1i1n ,1-0, 1 v pm
: . lto Pr;.i-! " t n ( ha
than ' J I:'.y i:: 1 o i -r. (
v I c \Na Si'I~
h a I .1at i u I i m .
L Vt Ei F; WI b ;h i
I : 14 1 . I,;I ( -"
id (Vieenvle ti' go Ot w1( .X. I
.\l n C nt!ia ~ d s b .m11- fror
A ivy i (' :W 1 .
AliaVid ,x m~r :nn %ioa Ail
lii'i't'~~~~~ IC II i I Ii-, ' I ( Ii
hannon. f '. 'I -ri . I V):.r '1 i
t o;' . .)22 1. Ii on ;i i r . .n) ill
intW- 1r1:0;terhui ehurh Hundl~a
m r : :.i..;i, p. -I )
t -stii -i:' . i t . n l t - l t (l N i ta
ill:-t M r. . , T\
'I' h ..a Ptie:t 2and2 W i.--t .ull ma
l ! ' tf f i.
Mrl vi'' ut' 11 15 1 . I Iiv r'
.\. \g -' g s ; i g
AirG . in! w; blAn If FIr Ii
visiI:;.r. Wh.. .\.. NVa uday
' 11 m pill -' ie b n n V o Ii.'
.\ r11. .!p -: t' Lii lein . I <l o ill
(t'a.n~ ia t i-i ~iip i e o rid t
sl .i m n: .21,e t nt .. 1 - . t 2
pint 121: ('kS 1W IN," 1)0 Wi'
. :ti 0 Ivani10ii.
AL s i l (': iii a o iia I l'. id
'I i 1.I.' ix
*. i .t -2' li Il i( . . i Iib oiw
hIn i' Vu.1 11) - C it b th wv u-i
L!on 'I:iw - Jt, r Dily i -: bulro n
in i ve y eo.3t.
Y. M. 04 A.,
. Opoing exercikes itidading
.devotional ser-vice.
2, Rlf ad ing iinutes latst metii~g
3. Mu8sic.
4. Ton minutes talk by E. F.
5. Music.
S. Ton minutes talk by T. J.
i. fauldin.
l7. usic.
V 8. Collections.
9. General ronlarlks.
10. Announemei;nt, pj))gramll i._t
33 nuting and fixing plc
.12. New busiess.
I 3 I bsin3 i2sjin,
ThI ( ill' 1i i lt or3 1)cher'
i tho Ifre pI ubli schl 04 of l'ick
ens 3 ounty, woill I hld 1. P'iek
ol Fr iday, .-lIe '1st, Pi0 . 1T m4
exaImum nt ionl Will beg in a;Jo'lc
*~ a in iouls wi bo farinshed.
by th t loird. B y oiideor of
Johnl J..le\a .., tae S p r -
tendenIt or .Jsin
. . V. Bright,
Co. itt. (df Ed.
1-'at rons Mf tip IzII School: - t
I ill !e u111winit to1,% ()(1]d Looks
i 0ho publlicr hC l s('(4 310ter' Juiv ist
nial( as.' paren3t" ar3e some3(time1s (are
ss aboutprovNiding neesar
I43 )I LII A 131':' !: I I ill'(1130343(
be :: 'or t r lildr:, th tr s
ts and hvarran ged for the
n turntay-y (;tht J(i ait, one
('(lock . ml. B rinI lg' aIl \ou' old
booIks 11:1 are wort.h exanguin
aml bo preA to gt, -, complete
outfit of book; It . c h .i very
cheap ad the ci1ld mst have
IJomebe the timl and place;
yJ uly 0h m o'e b .k : eowe.
chiureb, 1:. E. M iller,
011 I'N oP0IT. S 1 .: \ TE !
r u tin ile Iedn( oilt regiolis
Wh ZIere the a i i 'oo l at 3ight,
You'll see tht.. 1ace of an 11ancient
liut, 11ith mullstachef mniserabfly
i10 foll)'S till) f a f(arm
h'llo' h' takeli ~s :4o1 c a ionlu trip
huL s' -1uIgoi s :a11 31r r r( each for
thWir g"n
When 133they ;ze on that white
frolty lip!
Whew134)erh he writes for tie) Va",
\ ili a t14mrish he sigh .3 I Iv4. n.
lt i Kitte."
11L1 ra'b its ale' 111 w'4 hen the
silky white halir
('13)S 131ti3 lig (hr1:ugh spa in
to 13igh ! I
l.n o'.ato h u yes, i~iII they're11 ia nu
I ley Oncei~ ill et i ipl aiih a 1 lte.
arn a rjt ho
cton pat:h.
But friend, can you blamo the poor1
If1 his: ('ysight is j o1t0. (quilto ro
3. i1 e thI'(3l1it to0 alight 03n th.2 same
Bllf.ll, whi-l: a3 raUzor hnd been!1
-I wvas wrong3, but3 pa: 3don a faul t;
s MyI mi.ta3k4) I lateri ha1vo s3 n;
1 thou1.gh3t,
1-331, the back ground's to b )lame
1' ilh g11 een!
- Un3t2 I hlope when41 I dio and you113'1
stan3d sound3( and1( cry,
Not 3 a trace ofI whichi mustachoe
Ilock hlibbit.
N(Y''ICE O' ( FIN A b SETTiI--:
t We il l fply\ to J1. B. Neiwber'y
l'r ,bl.:te Juid-;e of Picekens5 co0un1iv
for iale lametgo te'hed 11ta to1
of . .1K. ChuI ildres, ~t d. eim0d(, on
the 12t day~ lso July.O' 9 1,1dCas
Ito Le3( disied1 14(whniist r31aor.
(I (C~lll h1(' Chas.33 Chi34 ((. re0~ 3
31Juneli~ 1 l 31.4 I A~~ to 1ra.
"ii o lidagher had to al-0111
mo3'st ftl21 attac of1'11 whoopIing
fou gh9 d bociis writ 33Mr(.
W. K. lviland,3~ tof ArmnkN...
33d,~3 we savd er life2n with Dr.
who 11had Costofn y0 and an ad
va he d stageO lsosd this welia..
perfetfywel. D. spea'o hoa
C01,13 , OF
ICharlestci; S-. C. l-'utuli
CI 5.
C(lihmicn, Physicl . :1 (1. an iologic
I411 'ora torieWs; t )bsec tory; laibr
I Ad' 1-1,000 volI nie's an[ 1 1(t h link
.\l m n of N:i tur ll4 inl tl
South. 1. A., 1- . , d .
e r: oli:red.
Tuition, ' 1-it p 5ya~ in Ii w i
st: lm 1 1. : at in e oil .1 41i:4
notor.y can b. ,illi at'1
iy ta1 C .- u - f 1'- haite amd tl
Crunt, 1Ii . r iu, i. . (o 1. iV
Ia l II..v, it II ci W3 1 C14(
are 1 e-) ii ;a Nompt i ibI ( I W ,ri ,
enn ll ..yi b Sl ht'ar'iC . whi n 4'41
)8(50 t .a tl .S i;.i a examl311C nlt 1'
Will I ' eh i.0 ''.. o jKj- l M y K
tills ib th - ( t 'ilni ppiul'tigi
viat iflI "I4Q I I lJ1! %i lu
teml~.-r ', C o. .r C aal
athlr 11, -r t n !unhioph Pr. 'e.
(I l'.\ Itl ONI' INStT
i -' ii I -s ' 1 ! l i ititIe's i l h ht I .
1i a lhai d b f e,.unti,
th !,ni u k r 1,or l':e instr -tion It
fi lectr will bw arranp
, el1) pr.
Sent to tho'se inl aIt tndainceth rt
sults of th 1 - tl recnt iI eI. ti
i li th.eior tit al 1: (l pra tien
(,'rieuillute and as 1,11r IS sib
ma ethe, sull-jO I I th:-Ous -vd mewi
the '*pec i I( ds d th. localit
whirP thin instituitu is h.bI l.
All exin ses (df ( th.. IW m ling- i
he mewt by thw c la The c_,m
inunlity inl whichI the institute
h li .is x e tdt rvd u
a'obge plI''e forz tI 3paingl~lI to4
Cti it ( i-li ilvpv ! .1 I id
t :> d t iracle iha! I "-dl vi ah
i h aiS l 1l it, :S-A il the c 4i
e s" if Il I :-:it t h y d a lo
1subjict a vd. thih they ,Ir iln st i:
I 'ii ste.)I*, H)l wl,,'h 1 11y lhave(11
vucicfui Ixp Iri:,.
For any pae t:)-.eur ouis
tu1te it, w'ill b, t1r n v f lr at l
fit loewien to Fin-!iOuth e
'eirion in in t Le S ilnt i " it uat
Ihlaul july I 4
'r. rio
ili'. blstitwot m- i ho da~v d&si:0 Ib
the coIIlliif'ity, as diiIf.-nWa
Th in l l of the it
titiie , ut th1 mi nsh e of It
e01111n1uni6ty wviH Ill ,: Vernt a ; .
as pra"cticale.
The . etr r.; i
t l wil b i a C p'ms a;I on .\p I
12 It. Vin ryh- . I I a t i
"()f an proointhatoe bri~' nd
dly hre trightf'r lly," wri ls .
h det is coubf 't heal.thwedr'n
ften exrese hat ol.wl hu tmc P.
Rootntil Area kadne enrly uirl;r(VC
Wher' In faur iblreforin Cusn14 Cin
brck, id..yl, livri, Sddrand Ieenr p
of th Piary 52se. t iorrt & Thori
to I N~ Talor l cl'in pain.-: In -'.,i
It .rbd fet Nrllo ing ise of.t Iiqu
wioreger ad forcohes tatanpiona
necessitydtsoif beigcmeld go at
durin th (la, and Co get uman. tm
duinpteplant :UTheml nd>thbe let
ordinar effcthoflahns re Ivah
reartled to han ma n the hihbtfr Itsw
derfu cvuref at.~ thit dxantrein.a
Yoe mays hav a tuacboeo incu
wndebrlduisher ro-m he
andht a~ boktashng tls .90
mor aot ibh. sn I I
aaleaddress Pr.iic &tm o. Dwm.fl]
J ohnmon,e liill . Y he wrtngm
Thouangds Have Kd rou blfe I 13pp
A 7 e1~ow 1'r Find Otit. le
ftion ofJthe kit
1A Warm Winter
1. Is not a good timo to sell
si heavy shoces and heatvy dry
1' goods. iMly pricos onl heavy
- Shoes, Jeans, Flannel Out
ings, Worsted and Ieavy
Dress Goods of ill kinds
afor the next 30 days will
bg So hot ticy will have to
Is Move Out. ilThen You will
0 Want Plows
y Plow Stocks, Sintglot rees,
1:ui1 alI kinds of plow goods
Potter getl mly piees. h1
fore you buy elswhere.
III i few d1a)'s you will
e want G ardan Seeds. Early
Corn 1rih 'otatoes, etc.
I have bouIfg !ht the vwry
betfor planlting" Ro
n tuler that I se.l
Atkis Saws
N'itall hin;ds, and dleal in
-ll kiida 0f bil ial Shiln
gl "Mill supi Como
A - l. M >1TildI
y )ick Is, S. C
Ka i 11ine 'Nlasix N .. 1.
R S.J~ L A T E'.
very~u) ' halv w ii prel-ses goods
to th SntaIu I o '4 , wj . wj eli-ive
eCi all'. uen f F s i, a
C om I'.Ie:- 11!a 1 i ) tug m n1 thsfre of
( We de al inl i\llrl)
of. ".I l.) IkinS.&B
Dre : threeKLme dlv
W. . *i ND ICK & IO.
a .:: i 'ieela ba :i os1 i b i CI Ig
O- I ve(10. Sirt and 3 ote things1l
s have it done.
1- WP.S.--We Like Fried
Chickens & Eggs !
Ig purp1tjo.'es. (ithIier by43 the
-Contract or the (lay
4.he supervises the work,
1 and~( lhe refers to his put rons5
asto his3 (<ialificat ions and
thorouughness. A II lpersonls
desirjiig a reliabile traic.
r tr er builder will do wceH
to go him~ bef~oe osing
tade(J else$where.C
-V. I r [Ir
li tIIut fh hm'sl pr~ M i(o.
TJo i I 'i: NI Ii. I t..,:
Iit 1 11 I Ii .114 Ith A:: Ii
i I
Wi,. Wa\Yrrj
nwn tI1 G h th. \\u&t'i
* ( -
*I -
't'i I
It \'' \
t -0
* 1
\i . (-et?
S i II
~ - - ,
it I
ho Utr~sL a '1r
vi ,
' i
-. il . . *
1) 6 * ' I
.': imsL ( K~ . .
iii -
- ( . -
A. (e. .... A h. bt'- I

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