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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, June 13, 1901, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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[3y .)o )l
o Wirytt)rOP Greet)
O cop) gli:t, m4i C).
eve4i he 4honh4 n tit i t e'll. I
li ( \\ Ji u 1
~ It4 I I it '
1v t44 t 1 ,
ihet ll r t
1fI'4441 4I 't
tljiIn 14r 444i ' -i ' 1 -
didnthrs i
10i11 out of
Itny 1' 441
Y ur o : s 1
l t il .1
W 4
\ i I
th ..m - n
Ito -1 1 1
( I
il ll u
41it 1
(4')414 ! 4
( tr44 14 4
I:nIl, '
4s.4 h. u
44 n .44
thr ..-1
; ,
- - i. i I 1
41 4. 4 -I4 \4 414 4 1
i t 444 4
(4f4- . I '4 4 4 1
- i44444 \i ' 4h | \
tu44 1:1i l In. T i. Ilt'
IIu n win~ h:
11 4 -1 is li
114 1141 4' 1\ I 1
fr4'4 \\). ..\ 4.
1 4r r :4
1:411 44 4 -- '1
4~e n. , .1.
I l J i.l- -
I u . re I1
14. 414 -4 . -~
11iv. ''44 44 b- fI'O
told.'4 1444't 4a~( F~
thI, '':>a ti ht 44 41 4 4" 1u
1)'1")4 'I' 4) 14' 1. '.1 1... h)4( C
t 44'o4 14' th44li' 4)114 ja~
J I' t l. l' l ' )144 t4l41-1' 4,44 s 4h.14 4t'd ,
nI ''!1 ' I ad 1 been 4sittin ' 14rhap li 114
utes when a y 4ni won4' u 44 h~ a)4 ril l
4elf in he .bar 4su denl I' pi 14 rt1. '
fav her4. 44441 l da as:44 a4-4 (44te .11V44
4) 1ul 4. n ::44 wasi 114 4 444 leh 444444" ('1:)
Int .444'n ? . f I' pe 'unt girl 'I|
"'u4 '--' 4 . 4 dr.14 s4' d and,'4 better!1
drI'4'1444 11,4 -' -4 14 .4 )'sige 4444 .r t)4
I"-a4&'I ant 1 141td 4144 4'.'' her11~ to share o
kl44y 44nn ch.j n 111 44p~t~i' .i "4'1)
tin;:it 44un41 1)11 1 114 4, '444)441
( tIn '444-)! 4n4 fn ,1-)1 44 '4411144
know4"t ail 14ood 1ea f abou4 t 444 . II was444') a4
('Xh 'tl g inan, '~i 4ue 144in Ai not e nunui.
Lctd with 4' l ay 444 1ri4n) 11 1).1 a1jj441l:
11t :1so ls> tihliiyig or pretet')lintg It).
fil its le c' :ti ill sith-, t si(' <'i- hi lin1.
IIl( he jolinli u1. andl waI ntocue
as hevr Iprother. A glance frmin fn-e to
race minte lit- clooit mhe eiiionsiiii.
InI 1n.v' 4\vn iiilli I pirIIl'4 i h i lit' wss
11-r husba:1 . I [e triv < In lit' I 'lI
nhot a lilnsa Ii 1*,](-, )l I it Iine 1 tv
ly felt1 I a i -\ n I v 11.1l.1le la e a
fu 1' le * 44' :t n I I I: I k 111t : . :t iaI I
~'t I '~ '~l14 :ts n li h 44I h si;: 's i ' .4 <'!n I h
p1 I gi i 1 (:! It I4 l4 ,
\ V % I It In I It' l I1lit ti 4v s i t)u't I It, i l
444 \\ 'It4 i i'' ittif' ilt' 1i: ' 1 )'4: < :, 'l i :~ '.1'
N ly 4 ::4. n 'I a1'v. s1it s '-1. 1 11 i1
t I . ' i l - I I.\ n
* 1 1 \\':' 444 l''Ii v -i s \\ ! l
.441' 4 '.444'1 '. I
h'~l felb lui :1 leYb .f
. P
ht- 41 14 14,l 1~ h i s'
Si \
*v' .
- 11
- 4.4
- l 4
. '. a :l '. 44
4 1 4t:iti l it :n
\ '' 4 to ''(t ; it ; 1
\4 1: 4 |4 \ :
b 44' il 44,'n \i it'n a
4 . ':4 I'4 -t4 4 le l
:4ri. 4 . ii.' I ti
lii - '4...I 144 44a ' :4r1
\\.' = nI I 4 44' .. i1 . n
-.. ' l \ l -
a il r , 4.4
4 I 4 b 4 .
4 ,l
4 . ' .. 4. 4
4 ' : .':: ir
4 4. 4, 414 44
4 - 4 ny ar
4 '' 4l - u ti en44
h ' .4 4141 l 4 l:i414 t'lt
4,A? 4,% h 1 .4 itig ' < l it
nirsi ii 'II,.lI l , it 4 it~
si4a1 . ib alt I4' t il
I 'l . :444 i 4:4.: li
brin1 he, h: ai a 4 41 i. n~ 4r 1414.
t'i i I"e'. it 'r 444 4'' 44 aI tt4 tt'1 i t (
in.4.4b lit'. I' a la I . b h 4is4 li4 .t.41ni
<el I1 .\ 11:414h4 in ' .1 4 '': . . 414:4 n1 444
144:! ii lif44 l 444l> In .44 a I ~ a 44 - 14.h 44 hit
\114 I~ l' i hi in~ 444n 11 : 44'! . 'l'ha i tl
iiin . h4' i4 4t i44 4 44n,1 14>r In 4t 'ItInrr
:44 -- 4e ry4 i t.h l444 lic44 .44 4' 't 1 1:<l 4 44in
hi:' -44 I Ih~ 444)1k 144 h Itin 44 444 sl i t.4
hira '1.4'y t l it'. < ' t '4 lo k 444 .\41 e ie
'.\4!r Ii .'' 441it s444 lit tia l'.4ti4 ll intti'ill
\ 4 44in 444) 44re 1.4<>1isin: 14a ijtt ie'Iti, \'IlI
one4. (,f Ihe4) ti it4 Iue : ueiure <devise,'d ft.,
the icot crower1s' exiubit at Buffalo.
Senator Tillnian and Governor A N
McSweeney 1Exchanging Com- tt
p)limenits. IT
in r T'illnSin sent the followilng tiU
reply to Goverior McSwenLy's lII Ilw
relative to the resignation1s. i opells wjK
at llO(w phaiue of the ij estionis involved i
1)y siggestiig thalit the( at itself Iir
inlight take u11p the inatter. Hiis letter is ta
a4.s foII ow : Vwhi
Ti, ~ m I'I(I_,- ) A. C.,, )une li, 1'.0 . Widt
Ilia excelleicy, Miles I. Aiev weeyncy, wv eVr
(olumibia, S UCein
)ear H.ir: I ain in ric eceilt 4If your lets
telegIm in Which y'u Iay ' 1 under- P1,"1
statald t or.0ii 4 M1ea1nurli'i's lett' to be it .
withdrawal ofr his res'iglatinm. a' aI I wi d
have read ih at worthy's conintclaionl tle
in Whicb hie graciouisly consnliIt, It i
you r riu(It41, to hIIl o t to) his commiliS. cirIc
sioll as Uiited States Selatr . and c oi- 1111ia
tillip to sevrve tie State ats h(. ha dne hun
, Illl do ic i
ill tilt m past to the bei-st of hik aliliity.' 'acI
This Ieaves ile one <>d I .hre .!tet Ilttives: iaij
To appeal to the D-Illocratie expecutive P M
connittee' tw take thle mattteor up1 mill Wa13
dterminie what the ibest interetis of tlt! her,
party reqiuire to be donle ; to atppeal to thle
the SCiIute itself to dte-tVI'iIteine t he iet- 41
tioll 18 t( wietlIer it resiigillation 1 ironi if t
0tha body to take P Il'e t. at, slit' flil1itu e L' II
tile is hinding ; or withdraw y on 'il
resigiatill. There are. 11() preedclits , NN
till thissubject, because ill the liuidredi wa
andot twenty live years of our wl-ti(al
life, with 1111m than Ltw hundl rd riu. -
1lato l'is fr nlo tile Seilat.<, It() S natilil lilts
hitherto been willig to c py thltido
despicable attitude nowv atSstunill b y Senl- Sa
au'Mt heLaill i ld forced oil il. 1 14 ,
(.elt tain of olle thlijLg, tha:t thle t:c i jy 1.
lf a State ha4 Ill) l nthority to th'i:nC :t A
resituiltteoil tiiat lhas heell teri4ielt)d, i Ii m
I al elli'ally ce'rtaill tihat had l y. 1i I
cellenicy conlined youir action within (e
leral Iillitis that yoltir ap lit es w'.1041 law
bel S3ated inl tile Senatc Wheng thillIt I j ii
net's inl 1I11c u14mber, :uld i hI r I en I ;ca til I *
ui l thc begaishattIr Sh llbd t(' in .h ii
:ll y. Aly chief, re.gle is tbat I :l
Ili N, irM l attill to) ellgg ill w hj~kt lih'
ti4110st i'l w Il will lmisider a vmin I
A er1a btf't by withdrawig. 11 )1 VI 14 1'
ti:e flat i't'~i :etr 111'itr ite 14' h% 1) ii -:4
(I4i iled all) (I it' ile act ill, I l t jillti i1- l It
thwa tedtl b I nItcor' MCI 1 e l, il:u Ill . the
ko, ccPlP4.tiuu 411 ) f hih Vil(:4.1( it' hI' C I 11-k'
iitoursg el iaclflxc tvew ve
lboh Act s lhas her-il >iltihlleI !-I 411nef..
As I have : 4.Vratlv 14aid1, I ha .4! nll 1u 1 4 iV l
t (141)r L wtl , ill i t i'l.4lin ng e x\% 1 111 s i lit
i lilan lil alli tiele i Isi- tI .li 11 MC
to 1 1411 ut :we p thu : it tuti n Ii wt1h41 Ill
dr:lw l y re\g n -Nil if ,tI a f
Pi sit. )111rs1i I p t flly,
lI. I K\l \ N.
11.411114Ilud. Ow'''' I.1111 44
('4)4.ver I .i 4le'w1 't' 111:0 )* th 1'
and :4ays hu will arreplt :uit unlc rlditi,;n:i! aitt:
re1sig lmt 1 . In 'l in T i l1t, if h ' bt I
to resign: ill
C\m , .(., .I ne :>. h
Sit : V itr Ib ti r 44 1.11n :4 Ilat- bn j
rec 6ived .'44t ' hav)nr fully C 'it Ili Wh
I a l i take ('' it i 11.-I it was s IItt n I in
t the heat 4f u"sin ) :141 wi4 o: d.ue th:
44n1sh 4rat4i... I t1111 :11 yiu : ti t in
t Ihl 4ded " tuy 14ut4 al l'yl : 1 o
at 1)(q 4.441' li t 411)4.1 i IIIl 1 11 41
ihat th IGIIvII rnIs orm "el unu v compe li a nw \v I
his441mi is i' n IY atb . r ilethe ln wltt I n
f f h sict14..1 ct i4lice, ' i h hl ::t t lit M1I.
r'41h r it-. My h- purpio.-c inl rt in i'
it th ril gn tljilations w is I > a ashy u 1i1h- Mi
1 1 h St:Alise 1.i1( - 1 ! o l i 4.'' k I V lWu
41 : it 1 114 lw : i lit.-r Vi :U' to .. : l nP i~t 3'.- lii
i tlit e 4.5 ' 10 41ith)' : uit.1 14.1 fom 1' dIll):-n i
1!i.tl the ~inlcih'1 I 4, - tilla is tilt h
44 tlu i ns('t. I I Ilii' 4- tiley 1 . .-llli113 14.1) 114I4
I1 th44 m:4. r t oc I ili hI rth) h (lIP (244' -t' ti4
(liQln~ (Ii i(5 hul eill/n. hit lii.' t14 i n;
Illli 1r(1 . ui n ihic' wi llv 1b4.' "iiin ra('
-4 a jilt .i 'll ('4 he1) I4(4.tn'l e st u ough on:(( Ao r
11n, 114. iIrte ly,"l' an that foril th 4.~i re.'c'4i 11r.
thiny bi vei cul wirt hy11 it a m1 : il olit. lica
,11 114. hot --tl'rv 4. 1.1:i1 ini his conneh . 'ar
'ietii of tilt (reat and Disas
'ottS Fire inl jacksoniville, Fla.
following si wt .(t (iel. Vaddy
inuP8on, a. br tilt :i distinguished 4
ycr, in Urceensi Or nir ny years,
18c widow fel a; vicimit to the i-urnes
lie recent dc1 i edit fire in l that cliy
he m1 agnitiu tfl th e .l ackso4 In ville
IiII1d apt i, ullit i l i t ta'.
e tiuly it dath h c . 'nected with tI',
elh o din.aily wouhld iaveiti exitedl
uilm-retal -atttentio~n '1u114 enininent,
0 forgottenl or ignoievd inl Ilhe prec
.I o, t:r vi-tal and 1i gent imllrgell
which ti(.e peopl e (of llt city w'' e
vtlled to face, and ftce pomiptly.
hie tragic death ofMr.Tiugsn
ow ()I Gen. W~adbly, Thoini
Plhn for the Aged, wais duly nod
be preSs, togther witil thet patheth
slitances of til e lid ing, ( if (l-u re
"s 1b "ne of tile (til servantw f 1t he
ily. \at mian or wmony thent in
tnie .itilpatuled to itirs whi tbh
r was mr hiat was]le r histiryi
rie I'lll l who knew her itr inl mn.
'< :1.iot00er" were connectuiL wit .
,i on: f' ested t heir int rest, i:lt, ill
pules oiimnd, S() uciwa t ent ei
Vith the, 1 ar1 e and in-arer reul
heo conihl tigration, evelt the( state'nentql
.hewas thle "widow of Genecrad
lnipsion" faiL ed to c2' u s tilblhe ligtcIt
w if ettiisit. And yet ti e time
,wheni tlh ushid (fl this ladlywa
ofd tihe ditinguli e-1 actors lin the
lit' all 1ir < i ll M: atio , a leaLder in!
lgress,, an enl'intlt, diplomlatist and
withi r ()f I bIto k that had Itu1l it to
in Slhaping thet 1-licy of thle United
i t a t, a1 itical I i:1 I nl d C-t liset intit
in muoulding it. Itt r hIlst Iy.
AS Thomp)son waL MiSS CJOrnelVia
es. tihe daugl~ter I! a% promlinent citi
o)f Wiilliington, N C. tier] busimbnd,
1. W addy Tlit tillp o,f wasl a1 U o 1,4 o14f "t
y r or nte (ft he 1 : ne naune at
ketus courtlwwote, thet county site of
kuui u l ty, nze o f thle ex t reItIe
thwestern, 1ilu i dg taounltin
ulties of' SouthIJ1 (4-.(A-3i
IpSton wa b r ini P ickens i i;t ,
tuated at the S-luth Carolinla Collecge
.41-1, practic-d ht-. at, Greenville, 'i.
wa I h : w d t-rator,
WAS nllllllt it tHe IgiSltur if
th Caroflinat mil L)t 18:1" , durini g
troub-l 1us do .' f nullifitc i 1ni 1It
aloaboult that timte appolint-a a
eli geell a0l , of itia, :0 il n i na
imd (if in%'l lt ns e it .liitical elxcueImL enlit5
P apitit I Luna1t i rL th:0 it, ti 3s
tnch W hiJ. , ill! inll -. ~ t 'e e
uher w: 1; w-ti-otlu illu-t 1, Nlleprec
Itiv t s '. el, L eit r ves u it it lI',
lt patl f' t n as ie irl in Ill t .
iltt e nll'k t military at-air:t. Ther t
ph2'--:idl etwlsii t:ents : I lea I
ki1(5in 1nt:- :t0 o nC brl u111h1 hilt , i
til the imp t ntd.te o 1:- ah y
wasll 'ie 411 lile c nIll spi-uti 21 r e.
bj~t Au Aiestion w:with
r with l ic folh>.viw a lmic th-..e
10 ( tI d Thl m p on V.t,;tkI 1 nt t:)
S ll'u lt ry' at-; A ei iC aii Nlini 'ter, :t ll
th-0, tIt - h a lity ai." inl f,a n I d I
Iti . breo is ryeu h neW iae
i it -.lhh21l1tl it i's, i l > t c
i llt \\ 't :--.' I t t I'l- . litvt ir i
1n, i g tin 1 11.! 1hi- ith' 1 i1
flu 2.11( itli. klait
iwe :p w.. w' hih il h iu a1114 1I
ye.1 Unde creth is1 P:-ja- -.-t21 1 t itin
is411ruic - 83( n nire i:i st l ei' Siil
ile Greantest Revolution iii Farm
ing siiwee the Days of Abraham.
II the Wor1c Work for Alay is the
le.sei nt ion tf .1 1t1 pical, well organized,
Amll furnIl1 in th CeInt ral West, where
etrcIt 14 i, inder notch iIery and good
mh~eetinv worke.d a wondrotts
I viellilti al4, ainI it ijs tIerewIti gvell to
1u1r1 hr1,o tin-ir l ig tn in as,
lt the pro res b iL indt'l ill farining
in this age( of insprovernent :
To( shImvOw he lodern wrgauijzation of*
igrietilture utnder thet- betst cotitlitiolis
In L wel-develop ( c m unilliLy ill (?It(e
If the centn Sate.s, I take the actual
inst1ance of Air. Nltt!well, at fu.rinir whol(
owIls eilhty' 'er -s of 1.a111 a in amakes a
s;peri-c ty of dairying and trulit raising".
A, coulrse he( hir .es a mal aind his wife
by tlht. year ; gives thein a neat, separ
at". tvinint. house, a1114 pays them :;10
;It y ar Ill Cash f'or their services. i\1
e-lectric Car line ru14s past the f'arinl to
t I'n ll4ilk't1 town)l bhoi t fo ll lile1 cs
:Iw.I 1. A ertanl l l-y and inll ilig f" e..
141r 14 rec &hl by this int trolley
t tte.
\A 11 <llock in the horing, whir-, I
whir-'; -sill aliltolilatie vectt'ie altrinl
in tiht- 1, natint hm iuse. Thu hired man
I1V Il Ilp, Vaal hurries to It- big barn.
lit! fe dt 4: 1 and lo ls tlt - 'ow;s ii
Ieans' ut1t11, 1'4he stall . Then the proL -
priet 'r rrivest inl tiie to heilp al, the
Iilking. Bth Inel wadh thei hain
andl put MI Clean1 White dc11- k suits use
only whenl they mnilk.
Illhe II ilk goevs to at nealt.' m1iM 1%i-r l
adjo1ing1 111 4'.l r :4and is fed into a Cen..
1r.1 iu1 crear sparator operated by
.lect.ric power derived from w. troll-y
lin . .\ touch (-nt a eI ver. and thiel t little
111 11" hums m1rrily. A 114st bor4e
you kno I( th-e separator has whirled
all (" th1 w'erenIn Mut f't hie(! fresh m ilk
into4 lil shippin alls -, while the -kiln
milk till warin and appetizing I,__s
readly Fer feeding lto ralves- andig.
T['III- filled cr'eni 4ans are booked ll
a wre anirwhich :,pinls theinl, by
forvi of gravity, dirct i t I tll to. lley4 '
pI 414wn 414 th1e '. on (I. In a fel nIlllln
nivs at troicyt' (.ar com esv along-, with a1
fr( - .,ht .r c 1i-hvd, it lps at the 11,I1
ter .1-1, ta it th , (I 1 1 b ;1ard , and
I I n wh Irl awil-a wit h the I I I 11II to I th'
4reuo ryI 14'. rhe.l 1reiht It', es41 are1 hu11It
a ewretstwhicb are nleet week
Iy) .1 1 t11 - 1 nyty i s arI 111u1nei
hl r in tilh da1441 char14e' . M r.
Iht I is vre l y'' thIe c relul I r wI ih
oI ninlch cre'11 n a1n lie svttlemenlt , a y e4'
Inteo- ve ; en-ek In pay mnent.
Thus (h InIl- is di a1114 I t hIi ei
re'la Inl i ' In I its w 1y t) l i. r t I' fo4r
.\l14. l'141 l iX 11 ut 1141 b'IedX'~. She4doe
not Iith " S t " Ihe
"Mil in panA, or with iq"Ining orilhuni
i'-1 the ri: ' 4n. e 11' 4ti ln r a 4i ve
l iX lliik lli' :11 t 4e 41 4 li4 ; :141 l 'i .04
a i try way :4 ev l " 1r414ding t' "
the Iei4'l '11 lilt ;111 , : t1al 'i yst' ire1 is
'tic u 1y tl h 1 :iir:l i. I'uller or
reld ll in':44 v i : . I
Il -.: IIa-cI. (1 4 - : 411 1 I\'t IS t 1-11
:-It' t i ' S h 1 ,1 I t 11 ': il rill ;p -
warni i n1'lt wit 14rIt. 'In, 12wa 4'4wl4l v4444
:411. I t 1l rt11 118 4'1 E l t : . ': .- li 11 h' il i iat een
''1.1-1l ; U ed iso ci'he ir Vigod r
\t wor hi!!, a, inhars wehl. :kcpt
; lu s -up j'ic.ur i1 ; h r f o r bLr n,
h n- .r'lan Mi i nib 1r A. TSn- ine,
Th e is thisx; e eculi ahrw
Viori -ie a Thable fooi
"noclt i d, :0Y1 i- lshaides w
:ilnt it whiden! i tu nn black,
look- dsa ea nle-a si and i-les
Hrut g'aui ly til o lde tco-lr
(rkt :chiood ih> seddino have.o
"hlers hatir > sntp lig, toov.|gg
h $- .00(' on i. llntd :0g1s h-tiz
w k l . i 'h a "c rdl n "'). ItW ienitivi4 or,
For Infants and Phildren.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Saxdmuch more thtani hlf as hecavily
- 1s were farimis ond h1loines anid business
- ih ghoU - the Slate. In qpite
-of phai .orin phlgIes and thle commIIi-s
4 i 1 por t, however, every effort
I steire a hiher tax upon ailroad
properly Is iaikl. 1:ven th ill niis
- og ite tx upon lross recipts from
I fo rl it) live perl cent., Which would
k still l(Iv the niilro4ad1 m1ore lightly
taxed tin thlie ien121ceral public, wa1s dc
Iateid inl the Semate abler it 111 pass
c ed the Asselllly. In c r(der to supply
.. t n led revenue24s Ili I, .42islatulre pass
ed instead :ui act-taxing, ll the dog's
ill tiht, .l iti- f1om(till4 o14 (bree i ( ollars1
r1 ach. Governor Idltette v1as vetoed
t12 lw ll in a i mesaje w hih mus', tom
ieiti its f lo il(he lile f41 the State.
- Thc ta\ mnill sd, hle salys., "mlay
..(1 l. 4estimleld bY the Laegislature at
) 5422eal h1 irde 11 l list-lt, bIt it would
:4q114)1 1hurde brn by hie great mwila
jority of the ple, which arI. already
(u f111* a 11 proportions244 lo (hIse borne
1I\ 41i1. M r (I2evieIwmg the I.4.gisIlIa
42 1ure' 4*424l ej t ion of th hills to1 prevt1'2
liihi. 2u22just taixait 24io of i~I jnal popery
4 wnes by th' 2le jilt ta4xatio of)2 c4 orpora-i
224-lion i h (1nc1ude -II s fI~ ollows: -l'am21
2h22 l ta e121 m( l45ie o le iati on to24 eilua
in taxation441 a sem~iie wh'ichI may1~ be4
h14114rihe :ia< 11 144nel'o rlieve the1 farmi
2424 of in r24eased1 lax upon)2 his really
by21 unpo Ing ai license1 lfe upon02 is
do1." It is worthy ' of' note that11 thle
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We get thei direct fron1
the worlid's best matnufactuir
IfI yoi; Will favo: US with
a look( we can, c ertainily, please
Some very desifable win
ter Shoes still going at yfeat.
ly reducedl prices.
Pride & Patton
Greenville, S. C,
On faurmlrig lands. I1any paIymIOn ts. No'
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