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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, June 20, 1901, Image 3

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The People's Jourial.
Local antd Persoal.
.\A\RKE-T ll P 'llT. W
1ec eVly b3- the! [ekath, oiilee u
ld I 1(ith ling ....... .......... - -
d h1;9 ............. ........ . . . .. .
................. ...................
1 (en-....................
. . . ........ ..
Y . . . . . s -. i: .. . . n ... . '
-D . '. Al. AC. i WJ. i inH
June 251h id 2G1th.
- -Aplj ly for b!).rl1 at \lr.:I. La nl
Terms si4sonlabbv.
-Io onl the I th in:df. linto) :m1 1,: 1!
Airs.R. 1. OIliver, a 13bin htr.
- iorn unto Alr. :niii Mr:. an. 1lh, '"
Newton oin 1he I1Ith inst., a : n
--A d .r.w .. ti . w : I la
Pienis frio:.l llby an.1d T.c y
-Capt.. J. T. Taylrr p:.CI A.:%C
bilsiness trip hist AMonla *. -ti ' m ..
--Dr. A. J. S. Thnum I!
lir 1ppoinitimleIt.1 at hle !!..i
-.5itW. ILAh" Il YI ~ n wl o, VC
eraldiyq, Inan hlain quite n:- el, .
--) -3 i prevented 114!t'.3- anll P -
enm base Ial I t-inoi3 , : A
Pick ns I ast Fridaly t,; ::4 , n t A I
Weathrwol U 'P= e Wizl an., ',Y , :e
onl a visit to reuhd.ive(! in. hi ! :I.I
--Mis. T. 1.. :du v cii.
Sonea :liv vi:-iin :: it ",
11iggin' gr'anIWd b " he
M~~"~110 HA4J JO*3, bit . 1- 3
poweri boiler adeg:e
A. W hiteni, Nori i: . ( '. 3 -
with 1uraly: is is naiid o 1
W, limry Prine- h1-,
W., T.Ale a1111 th, 101r W -jv ). 1r
,it0eene c:n I'e .tw It. n -. N.
thor( in.
3u1nrtine.o, of A lant : wint i
44, W. Ak. Fc!;;e'r vis ited i hu
.P. Newhery Tou s;lay.
M--liarrict1 l n1, i. -
dence of hiIIt .:. b
.lIythe to r) I. (
Edens", N. 1). li.
-The alttention (4u
to com3lpete for a
][till in calleil tit al :t
ing Sa i e e I- -.1.r t.
-Marr3. ,ie atl 'a
'0 th 1I00I, A li t I n y n
1-'dias Atlissl il m
Al. Ja , r ,
.-Anl gdi iin th
denly3'tI31( onTua . y th a.
--Cpoi t-span31
Jehol. ji.i3t i.3 iet
-.hrof. la li. u. .*
too--Dr. W.1 F13i.)A tiwi 13 II u
July( abut and ~::d.' 1 -a.1'
pleth ake'uc'.. nit'io of
and n3t1 confliethe::; Y - :
ipipoli'iitil gll.I1134 13' 344 1
.-Ttl ) ltd wr ew ! te
1):'hult (Rok el inch~ on the b 3
d1 ul. There' will 1 '. 'H (
.---The n1ewV 343.'3 of CarI i a n
ivhiol for in Iein i ti n iia .
youJ3A will3 fin frui, jur: eui
andilc abou ev1 rth3 iint3
Z'ame. Se' j'I th I. 1:. 3 I
.l"oural.ge , genh.m , loo 4
ato1 pJoit (1.iC h I bd e. h '..
13133 ile C huc V.w f. b
f,)hP 03, llog i3 , I T . - ..33.
the Enish oon feII1ei '''t
iulchu t h o 1ri3li 1)be: -r3. 3ho I, b.3 N
-..C.~ . Al il u ,'l 1 e d, 3. i r .- e b1 a
t3In ony hous oni3*, le11n3(y 1s
will1( 33ohl1 service' therej3~ tin :333n f3 '1 h4
?)'ncy Alit3h13' 1 )di \\
Norris 1 and 33 3 .:nen1 z''.
LO(me f )iw'id an.1~l '' 1 '~ . i b:'a
Ili0 luolly awa. 3 t h,33'. 3'.3' '3 1P 1ii
...-W. Ervi Al- Ii' : W' F.'1413't 344 t
ho e on1lo ~lCr V e I- :t.) - ' atp l
wi', ie oil t t'iiti-oho 1roIos itt
('t & \'io neti 1 Por utilertile d i
tho it dav flo ig .n i atOl Li
A 4-111rel 4 B fll'WI i e, llY~C.I Offig
[ ( ww : 1 1lv -o Ito l'u4 i 1(1
id; c, .L il,.? illt fi il- (1 liite dtIl
Irtil i. r iv (hol * i.1t cohlai Lciel
-C t I N i ii ii .f lull 11. d ie tt Id
Liw. (w (1. 1 :(, ILL c * .k il las lii. ~;I I ptk
!"I i 7 . wl N v-i 111A Nva
Ih,, i; ~ ith l,~o b' li OliLb
ii11, 444
of \ iv, \lric till,
It N%*Il ittilI!
a i. f I0 (w u'.rl LIL a 11; i -
of1np 1114 lo'
I'! ly in I li Col f: ( It i i.L .1 iy 11111
H tW , * Ii,. d i (V..ikL lu I i t)ZI
4i . e 1), i I i'l I t ' fi I w tI
ON1'*. lii il i! o W1'(, g;v)II
co4 4 ili will t l)n iu ,
:;-! pliv lh t bo tio1;. il
4~ I.* ~
L I i f Wh i I.
W . E NA, i !jiII I 1 11iii
-d . M.
\'Il!, 11" %l g ,o uic
J!." I iPi tQ M
W S I Equi lih
W\(w t'4 t i Im. fixur
44k 'o. I 4 . . i.".o
I.: !'ii i ~u o iq
41.4 4 4 th S h z;- i r i. I No4) w~lt'
v, .! r I- hnC- 4.e
r4 \L~i~ i h (oI S ti) LI
No 1 !;,At 1 ( to Iujion ha
Li 1 , i;:V . inur Catid edi
is articlo is it
iect fully in all
D 11i . .3 . touch An a) few Alf
t the most prominent vices thIat C tori
idor this head. Ai
Insminerity is found in 11e e i1, ('
whero the moral t~one is low :i I
it shows itself in till the littlo acvl '
l of everyday life. l''ori ntstane, J0
tako the parents over our c >uitry,
many are not above tellingl ther
children lies. 'Now, "1:s tht$ Itw:
is bout tho tr4 e's inlied, n .i v
* it fany wonder that thkse (hildre
11 gro)w to tte est( if m1-n and 4
t %inenIt with an ut ter disrgarl fr
tru1th? What ii m1or' (lisgutsti!." n
Uan For varents to mako chlibdiren
do littl dirty met(:lltmtes.4 .Inl "ll
they aro eitlir afral or alai d
to do tlhese.c'? ved et itany dk td
this thing. .h
Another 1)r of inincerily is
lo11ttering,., andl it, is ILthomst subtle
of all, Instilling intl(., and poisoniing
the mind inl I iitIIiQr Which nth
ing else can. Few po)p) lar abov . Pa
lhis eit er iving A)r beill" t '. ,'
happy yet dhlid( roeipient 1. It "
is; practic 'd inl - chjreb for thel,
mJinistora wvill complllimtlsnn.
0n114he likes, Who0 inl cOntsrpime,
wit )1 hl deepl flattered bie.an-e >
Itls n )a1 is mentioind f'avorahv.
It is wri ttn: I I od is not IIa e .k
!dI." It seems to" Ile tha"t if tIhe \
ilethrie'n would think (A this mori
there1 Nwuld hll mnore, arn-St wmi-.
ship and Less tickl!e-va:ty i oiur
1a W i : n,-.
Yl oub i o ll also liv t 111011 i.w -
fil welmli whll \\ith thevir I-Idv
frieinds, 'Ind girs alre Io be tt i t
Ahmt tho imatter. TAp eilfct of' 1
this is- obvious,. The wdhl moral
tol is lowered, Ior tiey iC e4m
aIdlelitcd it this way, to Ito the bal
<.f downirighit lying, JI Lw mi~n.i
yountg Ie' ar tl::t inl this e1un
try who would It ( a girl got h, 1n(
of tlhemn if they ( uld ltd it by
b:minth 111 author of a ih .
bO While l i!? A or w1111AII
to Iltter one of the opeste .
. Icee sIllly. mist he int ligit.
Tis i- all t Ii3 Moro 1la'a on t!It
he or sIte should be sinhere., fori 1
sensilo person enn do infiitl ")
mlre il the wly (Af inju1t ing mra
thain a fo. N(
Tilhe Imest d11 estab Itrm Ad inl
sincerity is sham1 m11 t estv. Tike
the cuvering of Shallm 1od stv irom lr
Ilantty 1) -rsoll S and. t will le v a N% I.
mworal skeletonl. Ther, (1r, many:0-)
yoing hh1d.-.s who werilt sh:m1 1m1- I I
esty j1st as often as thy g" in be
e ;pany.),i and let someth ing I
Said out of I ho ordil:r1y am441 i-e
hIow Soon theso pn)lyoI Jhl'r _4.
will he ready to g hme. th'.e-n let T
Ith; S:1m13 thing eO -taid w1111 they
are vwith gil frien1d s ntl they wi
:e tl lifrit to beie lihons.
Suppse we let the above nt I ion
ed 'somethting" bjo abouit ki -sing.wa
an d some 4 of th beati ies (of Coulrse
not ill Pickenis -oly t, ) will be
the mnost in.,ilyIf 14l4mld in a crw 42%
nc to w il be vxe2 ui2,' ;kisi
"Some4 p -(p'e (1h( 't t :4 it
thiny by th-t' ir ri:in 44:ua 14 . as th ee
..tir'l wh))e.> calll I glcy Il'ibo-y he dCa
cause anl older' sister 141id tol hr
Y.oung2 ladlis havn Leon~ knw rt ' . '.
to be ite htighly ot1ned b ias.w
theo 1inj r1)ns etifects ot' tight la *ing.'
It is~ nee~dless 1 > say Ih-it hinst1 of i,
tth enong women:1i whoso~.. tees n. e "
hurt wo0ro cornis. Tinktl of tIm"
ab~omli~iable habit womeni have o.0
kissinig <ach other anl I lth n t attltr hu or<
about the very omi 8 they i:iss. with1 re
theO 1lud.st emailck. In fact,h i
kisinig of gir'ls a:e often21 very ntch~ bei
!ike two itone.- goingi. to.-th r
t in-P are greatt manyti true friel.
Ship al4ang giril, of such'l I uait 1
nout writirg, butn of Ithe h isses o! na
a ts oneachotther tmereoly for a.*
It s i'daly ailusing to sCe thti
2 'ris tak inig aln affec.tionato41 le i've
of <4'iach other whlen startiniig ht >me
f roml ai part'y, it such in1stan1:,es,
t he boysI stn 11I at ound ,Vi t mou;lb
01pen as if waiting for t heir ulthm1,
of ki ss, butt ihair shai~re doesn't
com) . 1' n 2 itf* I boy e r' s- a 1 de'
'sire that1 tho di-h o.f ki5ses hie
.Tis seemsto be h the di!Ylorent'
between'' ba.s and44 girls), with IigirI
. i u i, kiss girl w~ ithf *~ as 4 h 21 4 ?.iC
if' y'e~ta k I is h y a2 all,1 1.i-. he
boyst it is I 11 gir 1he yit canI Cli
antd bjoys no11it atll. Whiich is
miost sinlcore'? Scr'iptor' Miscius an$
happy now4) for hto got Dru. K ing's Tr'
Now L o i fe 'is wh li ch res toried 1her
to per fed: heailth. Infalhle 1 r'
vot al1( aigito and1 al1 liver alid o
stomacht trouibles. (Contclie hutet
tivo. Only 2)e at Bolt & T'hornley's
drutg sttoro.
TL'he ox ain~ationi foir teacho'r's
cetililes ofnjilitie~to t c
cas county3, will be hiold tit P icIkens
on Fr'iday, .Jun te 2 18(4 190 I. The om)
examination will bei at 9 o'cloc~k
a. mn. Qunestions wil bo furnisheod
fby the Stato Board.1 ly order1 ofi
-oh~n J. McMluuI, Statle S3uiprin,~
a LendoM of A'Uucation.
W, WV. F. JBright,
00, Sutpt, of' Et. (c
119)..\LSIlIIl' .\NI N I. \ :
A 1 .\
1,1, -
i I. I(
\ \ 1'l'i'\
11, 111 o
ti Ii I
\ N,
b -
Q i
(1I {
\\. Ch b
All li- s nt - It ,
t tto b -i
lit w. II. 'tb
)T - ..
I )
How To 'I~ t
\t *
- t.
:*ri U c n f ' - ---
n'.' c:-:- .9/9.. 2 J,.it -
r ou- V -i
c - I
S -
!r-I Dr 9n
I. ti 1-un n. t. *
II 1'" 1
C 29 99e
l~jt~ 9 99~ - .I I
AI t 1 - i
CO.\lIE A N) Dsi: S.
T T ug/
I n aS ti mem)tI (IIl to sell
heav 1h-4 ani. I. v y ( ry
o'. ll A y pi ic(.s Oil liCavy
Shu , l -us,1.!an e O(u t.
imy, ~ III( WHse atleavy
b r the ,ext :,0 days will
so 14 ( h, tL : w!, ' hav to
S ve ()i It. The il you \\ill
:Want Mow~s
a . I al ki s (d Io'm. 01
or .L'','Il ly prS IcIs I '
u v 1 b:yI) . e. hi-re.
II I I ,, tiy., y will
(raIri- h l'otatoo, ec.
o e tha r 1
:0 ;i' . .111d dca! inl
M 1 I 1 l ""hil ..
b lil I uppi s ( Im
I II i j)~ -. 'I
j ' 1 -i ("
1 Q
II 4
r -v
n ni
1 t i:; l dit .~
- f ! I -l( 'i & UI ()
III 11 I' ! nn I a i4
\) or p:r f h I
nIb i :s tha4
-.I i
( 4 n'.40
U ' n h*' ~ ~t
I'" ' \ 41n u
Is n lt.
a I ] Pu* l I* r i ih.
nu be~5 re .stohi : a~
asoh s uaifca ions n
I d ifn a'I rliae conrac
11or or) bib Elhrlil! do well
10o & lse hint beforej e~lingI)'
\~. \~n I ii:
i ruhiY
i v~
~i LW I
~ I I
W~&~ ~
~ rI'i i .x I .
'ii I ~i I I 114 144\. 4'~' j. II
Iii 1
4 t
~.2 (~<>4
4) ~:- s~..
~ ~(S V'~'~K
4) \~\ ~
~) N
.1 N
"IL'** / s
-A. *.. ~
I,. -
~ Q.~ ~'s1L'
49~ ~~L~;' 44 4
* ) I)
(~~~2O ~ V.
~92 (;~;.'
~ ~C it ~II L
1.'' '~
5 *. .. .
*r~ ~.
J I ~. II ' i'
~, (~j) (7~a
I f:ii *~ H 1) I ho tiado
I '1 C.
fly ill CQV
a., .~ *1';.
I 'i
Li i I Ii
* . 4)
* I,
* r .?
v * I ': ;;~~
* ' * '1
w\ ; *.
\~4 ~
~I I
I . . 4.,
''I . 'Ac..,
a (U
Ilk *

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